Strange White Lump

by Bianca

I had a strange white lump on the palm of my left hand (that I noticed after cleaning my house one day).

For about two weeks I picked at it and nothing happened, and I assumed it might have been a wart or something. Then I noticed a tiny white spec which I pulled off with tweezers. When I did this it felt like it was moving and then there were two lumps!

At this point I reasoned that it had just spread from me poking at it, but a few hours later the two lumps had become one again... also the white spec attached itself to another finger.

In the shower it was very prominent, and very white, then I woke up in the morning and it was gone. But now I have a crawling sensation mainly on my face and hands, and scalp, and itchy (but not a biting feeling.

I don't have any rashes but I have little white things that poke up from the skin and lumps on my temples that weren't there the day before.

Doctors think I'm crazy. The only person who believes me is my Husband because he witnessed it. What is it? And what do I do? Can you help me?


Hi Bianca,

I'm sorry to hear you are being pestered by something so frustrating. Parasites can be very much like your description of the strange white lump.

I'm afraid I can't tell you exactly what form of parasite it may be (there are SO many that even researchers and scientists can't identify them all).

There is a chance that the original strange white lump and the itching and bumps you're experiencing now are unrelated. Have you made any changes recently in your diet or in chemicals you've been exposed to? Cleaning solutions, laundry powder, etc.? Anything?

The reason I ask is because our bodies can react strongly to various chemicals much like they react to parasite infections. I just wanted to make sure you've considered an allergic reaction as a possibility.

Doctors can be funny. If they don't know what the problem is they just dismiss you. They certainly have a hard time admitting they don't know everything about everything! It's a real shame!

Having said all of that, it does sound like you may have picked up a parasite
somewhere (quite easily done) and it's traveling around in your system. It may have entered via your hand, but that also may just be where it first showed itself.

My suggestion for you would be to cleanse your system thoroughly with Herbal Fiberblend since it has about 17 different anti-parasitic and anti-fungal herbs in it. It comes in a powdered form and is available in Australia.

It would be a good idea for both you and your husband to do a full 3 month cleanse. Parasites can be very persistent and are often passed back and forth between family members. Treating the whole family is always the wisest option.

The good thing is you'll both probably benefit in other ways, too. I like a yearly cleanse myself just to help keep my immune system strong and my digestive tract healthy and functioning in top form.

The other suggestion I would make is that you start taking a couple of capsules of Florafood each day, too. These are good, friendly bacteria that help fight off the bad guys. Your hubby may not need this, but you definitely do.

If your finances will stretch to it, I would also recommend that you add some whole food supplement powders to your diet to boost your nutritional intake. The more natural, good quality vitamins and minerals your body gets, the stronger it is and the more able it is to fight off infections, disease, parasites, etc. That's really common sense but isn't very "common" these days. :)

The whole food supplements I prefer and use are the Garden Trio. It's three separate whole food powders made from freshly juiced carrots, beetroot, and barley grass. They've been around for years and are really excellent.

The only other recommendation I would make would be Para 90 and that's only if the Herbal Fiberblend alone doesn't do the job. The Australian office doesn't carry Para 90, but we can order it in from New Zealand if it becomes necessary (the shipping is ridiculous, so I usually save that as a last resort).

If you are able to give the Herbal Fiberblend, Florafood, and Garden Trio a try, I do believe you'll be feeling much better again soon.

Please let me know if I can be of further help.
To your good health!

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Sep 30, 2009
Strange White lumps
by: Anonymous

I too have these strange little red dots with a white pustule in the middle. Some times they are in a chain, and sometimes individual.
I have tweesed the little white pustule which is kind of rubbery.
They itch and appear to lay dormite for a while then return. They also may pop up when my hands are sweety. The Doctors look at it and do not respond. Also, my chest and abdomin break out into the red pimple like dots about every 1-1/2 months like clock work.

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