Swine Flu Pandemic

Truth or Lie?

swine flu pandemic

How serious is the Swine Flu Pandemic? 
Is that a question that you've asked yourself? 

I suspect most of us have wondered about the severity of the situation, particularly if we have kids, elderly parents, or a loved one in a weakened state of health.

From all the research I have done on the subject of the swine flu epidemic, it appears to me that this H1N1 virus is no more dangerous than any of the other seasonal flu viruses we have to deal with year after year.

Every flu season we seem to have to fight against a different strain of virus. Like many parasites, viruses build up a resistance against antivirals and vaccines, etc. I read an article in a mainstream newspaper last year that emphasized in my mind the absurdity of the so-called vaccines created to fight these influenza strains.

The article was "warning" people that the current flu strain going around was, in fact, completely resistant to the then current flu vaccine. Unbelievably, the article concluded by encouraging everyone to go ahead and get the flu shot anyway. How bizarre is that?

In whose best interest was it for people to get an influenza vaccination that was completely useless against the flu virus strain they were most likely to encounter? Certainly not the individuals getting the flu shot.

The only conclusion I could reasonably come to is that there was still plenty of money to be made on those ineffective vaccine stores and 'someone' didn't want that money to go begging. Any guesses who? I find that kind of behavior unconscionable. 

Number of Swine Flu Cases/Swine Flu Deaths

This current swine flu pandemic is being predicted with an amazing amount of doom and gloom. Sadly, there have been almost 2000 deaths worldwide attributed to the swine flu virus. It's hard to say whether or not they were all indeed the result of the H1N1 flu or from something else entirely.

Putting things in perspective, the US CDC reports that each year over 30,000 people die from the seasonal flu viruses in the United States alone. They are sad statistics, but knowing this reality helps us to avoid falling for hype and rhetoric. It gives us the ability to think more clearly and not be rushed into poor decisions based on panic and fear. 

Unfortunately, even the number of swine flu cases reported is not verifiable. From what I've read, in some countries (including the UK), the flu is being diagnosed over the telephone. 

The only way to really know for sure if a person has the swine flu is by lab testing. Because of that, there's really no way of knowing how many of the reported swine flu cases are genuine swine flu infections and how many are from a different strain of virus or symptoms of some other underlying illness entirely. 

If you're interested in the most recent numbers of this swine flu pandemic, particularly relating to swine flu deaths and swine flu cases, check our swine flu info. updates. We'll try to keep you posted with monthly updates on the latest swine flu news. Otherwise, you can go directly to the CDC and sift through their details.

Prepare Yourself For The Swine Flu Pandemic

A pandemic is simply a virus that spreads through a population. No matter what name you want to give to a virus, swine flu, novel H1N1, whatever, it's quite likely that it will be spread through the population because of the ease that parasites are passed.

So, although "swine flu pandemic" sounds like a really scary phrase, it's no worse than saying "the flu bug is going around."

You can take simple precautions to help minimize your risk of catching this year's flu bug. Some people will turn to the swine flu vaccine, but I prefer to take a different approach. Instead of injecting the virus into my system (along with the other dangerous ingredients they've concocted this year), I prefer to strengthen my immune system so that it has a naturally strong defense.

What do I think is the best way to deal with the swine flu pandemic? The usual preventive measures apply:

  • Wash your hands often, particularly if you've been in public places.

  • Cover your nose and mouth when sneezing and coughing. Throw tissues away immediately after use.

  • Try to avoid contact with others who are infected with the virus.

  • Take additional supplements to keep your immune system strong and your body naturally resistant...

    Good friendly bacteria - Florafood

    Antioxidants - Proancynol 2000

    Vitamin D - available at Puritan's Pride

    Garlic as an antiviral and natural antibiotic - crush and eat raw garlic or use odor free Bear Paw Garlic

These are just some of the basic common sense steps you can take to reduce your chances of being caught up in the swine flu pandemic. They will also shorten the lifespan of your symptoms should you find it's too late and you've already got the bug.

To your good health

Let's Talk About The Swine Flu!

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You can ask questions or share with others what you have found to work or not work in your quest for prevention, precautions or even a home remedy.

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