Tiny Black Specks On My Skin

by Georgia MB
(Benson, AZ)

For over a year now I keep seeing or finding tiny tiny black specks on my skin. Sometimes I get a stinging feeling so I go to scratch it or see what bit me. I find a tiny black speck on my skin.

Now I'm noticing them on my scalp. They itch a lot. I see these black specks next to sores on my skin and I don't know how I got the sore.

I get them under my nails after itching my head or skin. I see them on my face and arms. Get them all over. My newborn has them on her scalp and in her diaper at times.

Its buggin me out..I show people but all they see is a tiny black thing. No one knows.

Hi Georgia,

Have you been to see a doctor about these tiny black specks on your skin? You may have better luck visiting a doctor skilled in natural medicine as they often seem to be more knowledgeable and open minded in the area of various parasites, etc.

Have you noticed any mold growing in your house anywhere?

I don't know what the black specks are, but if you are getting sores, etc., I'm guessing there is an internal problem.

You may want to try an intestinal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90 to help get rid of any internal parasites or fungal overgrowth.

I'd also suggest that you get some organic raw apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's) and use it in your bath water or directly on your skin as a rinse. You may find that helpful.

I could also suggest some nutritional supplements for immune support if you are interested. Just let me know.

I hope you are able to get rid of this soon and that your darling baby doesn't get any further symptoms.

To your good health!

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Feb 26, 2022
Had 3 Yrs ago Back
by: Vic

I lived on a tenth floor apartment and the roof was infested with bats, I was treated 3 months with ivermectin, albenzole, and crotamizine. I finally got a sample sent it to UK extension agency came back bat ticks. I thought they were gone they are so tiny took pickures and the larva looks like some kind of worm, took lots of pictures also they have cocoon and also have pictures you can blow them up. Water makes them hatch. My prior Dr moved and finding a Dr who takes this serious is almost impossible, I went as far as shaving my head on social media, I had beautiful long blonde hair to my hips after doing this on social Meade you could see the worms in the sink. I saved the hair. I also have done a lot of experiments as my dog also caught what ever this is. I fianally found something that kills them. Iran arthritis cream called Voltram, put it on wet. I looked at ingredients in this cream and it had ammonia, so went to store got lemon ammonia and mint candy oil at bath time I put cup of ammonia and few drops of oil. Amen it is killing them. So now I wash my clots with borax and amonnia, I also wash my dishes with it and scrub my floors with it, gave my dog a bath in my left over water and it also killed what was on my dog. It’s a dis race that Drs make you feel crazy we know are own body also not all people are on drugs and that’s what they also associate this with. And I certainly am not on drugs as I hate drugs. I’m telling you all to do this as I had another person who had this and she is doing what I told her and it’s also killing them on her. Good luck give it a try promise they will die.

Dec 25, 2021
hi NEW
by: stelar

Drink 1/4 of a teaspoon for man , and 1/8 of a teaspoon for woman
Borax... which has boron
and it helps to kill them

This website i read about it ...


Dec 12, 2021
by: Lauren

when I originally found this post, my eyes filled with tears because I finally found people who were suffering from the same thing that I was. After five years, here are the biggest things that helped me:

- took ivermectin a couple times over the years
- SALT -Put trying on your carpet because it dries up parasites
- I put vasoline on my skin covered with diatomaceous earth then covered with dressing
-i use diatomaceous earth as a save all. I drank it when I felt like nothing was working, put on my skin when I was itchy and around my house when I just got pissed.

These are the things that have given me my life back after going to at Thomas and getting eaten alive by sand flies 5 years ago. I will say, when it gets really bad ivermectin and pinworm medicine are the only things that will luck it out. I'm so sorry that anyone else had to go through this cause I know how much it sucks but I had to pass along my knowledge. If you do nothing else, put salt on your carpet and stay away from sugar!

Keep fighting <3

Nov 17, 2021

It is helpful to know that the dr.s mo is to diagnose you as pschyco. After two years of being infected with whatever the hell parasite it is I am starting to feel desperate, My scalp is bleeding and hair dramatically thinned. My arm looks like it has cancer the welts bleed an itchy puss that leaves your skin like a burn victims. The worms burrow through your skin tearing you up and secondary infections one after thew other as I catch them every time something nasty touches the open sores and welts on my arm that have been there two years since being bitten by a dog that was obviously infested with parasites It is know at the point of doing permenent damage to my body, my bicep is wastedthese and shoulder,my foot is mangled with bugs and I have constant headaches and joint pain, Yet the dr says there is nothing wrong with me and will not even look at my injurys

Jun 18, 2021
Tiny specs
by: Jason Williams

Mine are gold red and black some silver glitter like also got some spots that have sand like stuff and spots that have sharp prickly that hurt like a cluster of splinters I have no clue what's going on people think I lost my mind maybe I have need help please


Jun 12, 2021
The truth
by: Marco

This is a biotech reffered to as morgellons the U.S dropped it in Vietnam and couldnt control it forever now its everywhere and uses parasites to breed in us but its a mimic of the parasites and its transparent which i can prove I got rid of my .bad syptoms but I'm working on the archmeba which is what I call it cuz its a microbe called archea domain crossed with a toxic mold which we all know wad created in a lab but yea its no good if u have questions or want pics or vids just ask

May 21, 2021
Black specks
by: Charlie

You might look into the possibility of mites. In particular, bird mites.

These critters will get under the skin n lay eggs that will hatch n vacate. Humans are not their primary host, but they will still use us.

A dermatologist is best to see, as doctors rarely concern themselves with something they can't see or grasp.

A body cleanse is always best. Aswell, there are a few Sea Salt soaps that will help drive them out of infected areas.

Best of luck,

Apr 11, 2021
This is Morgellons, don't bother with doctors, they won't help you. NEW
by: C

I went through this after staying in a hostel while travelling. I felt the pillow on my bed must have been infected because by the morning I felt burning on my scalp. It began subtle, and within a month, my hair began falling out. I had salt and pepper granules coming out of my skin. I tried 17 treatments of permethrin cream. No change. I tried exterminators. No change. I tired everything I could think of. 19 doctors. Two of which were infectious disease specialists. No help. I was sleeping on a plastic sheet and waking to my own shape in "sand" like particles each morning, beneath me. I began to contemplate suicide. It was brutal. I would watch the grains pop back into my finger as I examined them. Coconut oil helped a little.
The only thing that seemed to help and slow it down was (food grade) DIATOMACEOUS EARTH. I drank it 3 times a day mixed in water. And the intense infection slowed down to almost nothing. I did this for over 3 months.
No sugar.
No alcohol.
No yeast.
That is how I maintain this condition. I have not had the fibres yet, It's been 5 years since I acquired this manufactured parasite. Meat and sugar feed it the most, avoid those at all costs.

Good luck.
I wish we didn't have to deal with this man made nanotechnology infesting our bodies, but here we all are.

Feb 16, 2021
Oil treatment NEW
by: Big Red

When you itch instead of scratching keep a bottle of liquid coconut oil or similar. Rub it in to skin and massage it for a few minutes. This will bring it to the surface when you can dispose of it ( for modelling sufferers )

Dec 31, 2020
Tiny black bugs
by: Melony

I have Morgellons, I've been dealing with black tiny bugs, so many died on my floors it looked like black carpeting.This is a parasite, it gets in intestines and other organs. I had A-Fib and liver cramps at the same time...went to ER and only got treated for symptoms not the problem, even though I begged for Ivermectin for parasites. One door closes another opens took Green black walnut hulls, wormwood and clove. In 24 hours these things were dying and calling off of me. They were teeny black flies and white larvae and a thin white skinny worm. I'm so happy because I'd tried everything and it just made a biofim over the top of my skin. Must use all three things together...start small doses I had hertzheimer reaction. I feel like I found a miracle it's supposed to kill the Lyme spirolchete too. Peace to all.

Sep 29, 2020
Some kind of mite NEW
by: Jaye


What is being described is something we are dealing work right now.

The exterminator was useless. Thought I was crazy, but didn’t even inspect the outside.

I caught several bowls full of these tiny black bugs and find them on my dog daily when I wash her along with red bites in a pattern and sores.

Have to call the doctor as they are coming of if me as well.
Been told it’s all in my head as well.

There are weird flaky white things that come off as well near the sores along with the bugs.

Good advice with the Eucalyptus in the car!
Thank you.

Jun 19, 2020
Bird or Rodent Mites NEW
by: Hilary

Treat your house and outside with insecticide Permethrin. Vacuum daily, change bedding daily. Vacuum and mop everyday. Wash clothes in hot water- I let them soak in the washer for 10 minutes--then went thru the cycle. Wash with rough wash cloth several times a day. Shake out your clothes in the sink to see if you see the black specks. Then--Ask your doctor for Permethrin Cream 5%. Use is for your scalp also. Use a lice comb afterwards.

Good luck, this helped me.

May 27, 2020
I agree w Greg NEW
by: Edie

I have had the specs and itching starting over 2 years ago.
I am convinced mine started with mold I accidentally drank from a soda can I thought was mine while at a wet moldy hoarder house. My black and white specs, sometimes seed like things were in my back... but bringing them to doctor’s did not find anything but fiber when tested. My symptoms moved to digestive system and are affecting my mind. Short term memory loss, headaches. have felt movement and lumps in my muscles.
I have been tested for everything... the only thing that came up was Candida Antibodies high. My infectious disease doctor at Kaiser thinks I am crazy, but put me on Voriconazole for 12 weeks. I had to beg for more after 4 weeks. Symptoms much better, but I am not cured. She won’t write another prescription. I believe I will die from this. It is systemic... but undetectable. DON’T wait. Get an antibody check for Candida before it goes systemic.. I am too late.
Good luck and yes Pray!.

May 08, 2020
You;re are not aione in this world NEW
by: Ron Robert

I've been dealing with this for many years decades even. Please avoid using any harsh substances there is no benefit. You will only harm yourself!!!

The best you can do is support you own immune system. Nothing eliminates these micro organisms. It is very likely they have been living in the flesh on this earth since the beginning. Perhaps even before man kind existed here.

One thing I do know is that there is a circle of life. Every organism sustains itself by consuming another for sustenance. Perhaps the only predictor that these little creatures have is another parasite that also lives within us. Hopefully a less irritating one.

viruses submicroscopic. They are completely unseen by human eyes. They live by entering a single cell making it their host. I suspect the reason for so many variations that researchers are finding with the Corona Virus is because it can use microscopic parasites as a host to love longer and migrate over great distances. It the medical Community discovers this then you can be sure that resourced will be applied and a solution will be found for what ails us.

Apr 05, 2020
Pepper like specks NEW
by: Cynthia

I developed bites staring in my legs that worked up my body. Pinchy bites that bled profusely when scratched. Fine lines came off these bites and I knew I had Davies, but it didnt present like Davies, doctors were hesitant to treat me correctly for months. Finally I got a dermatologist to give me permethrin. I had two sores in my left calf with a thick scaly line connecting them. One day after I treated myself with permethrin I looked down at my leg and saw my "line" turned white with peppery black specks all along the path. I tried to wipe them off with my hand but they didnt budge, like they were under the skin. I wish I had taken a picture of it because later that day the white and pepper specks were gone and I never saw them again. I told my derm he thought I was crazy.

Feb 02, 2020
black specks that bre into skin. NEW
by: Lori & Ken Morin

We have been dealing with these specks that are very small. when you scratch it off it bleeds pfofusely. My legs arms along with husbands are scared from this matter. We have been to two dermatologist and they could not find the cure. Gave us ointment which did not help. My husband skin is sensitive and they bother him worse. We thought possible dust mites. even went as far as thinking we both had Lyme desease. No. We are at our wits end. When I brought the specks into dermatologist she stated ' It was skin) we went back a second time same thing some oitments and that was it. I now believe it could be internal but not sure. These black speck actually leave indentation in skin. We have tried every cream, ointment, cotiszone, triple antibiotic still having problem. What do we do?

Jan 04, 2020
Sporotrichosis NEW
by: Winnie

This exact word for word thing happened to me as well and I think it is worth looking into sporotrichosis as a potential cause. Mine began as yours did with specs, but then it developed into something sinister and so the treatments are similiar. SSKI (saturated solution of potassium iodide) is used in both sporotrichosis and morgellons. Are morgellons and sporotrichosis related I wonder?

Nov 16, 2019
what may help NEW
by: Busy Lady

I had a very similar problem and for 9 years went to 10 different doctors no answer. Then I saw someone had used a shampoo called Nizoral OTC as a body wash and suddenly the sores started to heal and new ones not appearing. I also put a kleenex wet with Eucalyptus oil on the floor of my car and that seemed to decrease the problem.

I do see a glitter type specks on my dashboard, so I replenish the Kleenex often in the car.

That shampoo is for fungal but it is working so far for me and I am, grateful.

Oct 17, 2019
tiny stones NEW
by: lee

i had for years these stones appearing on top of the bed sheets, even brand new ones. at first i thought it was the bed itself but changing to brand new beds, Sealy brand, i threw out all my bed sheets to 3 new bed sheets. i thought that was it because i've always used the lint roller to check but after 3 days they started showing up. these tiny stones also eats threw underwears to the skin that bites into the skin. i have collected 3 years of saving them in a bottle. i think it is also what causes ears inside feel like itching effect. i brought these examples all to BEDBUG people who told me they don't know what their. i wish i could send these that i still have to tell me. i think these bed sheets are made in an other country and are filthy.

Sep 30, 2019
CDC isn't acknowledging this.
by: Nina

Don't know where your info came from, but the CDC funded Kaiser to do a study on Morgellons some years back, which was a joke. Kaiser decided it was all delusional. That was such a waste of money! It would have been great if Mayo Clinic would have researched it. Prayer is the answer, by the Grace of GOD, that's how you will get rid of it. One thing that helped me at first was Evercare sticky rollers, works great even on the face! But GOD is the answer.

Sep 25, 2019
Re:Pam M
by: Debbie from Pa.

Hi Pam, I know all to well about this. Please read some of our posts,mine go back from 2015 to present. Try some of the things Bobby an I tried,it may help. This thing is horrible and No Drs.know what it is! They will say your basically crazy! So far the CDC finally acknowledges it is a disease but nothing has been done about it as of yet! I have been in touch with a researcher in Texas,their trying to find a cure but so far was givin some things to try,their in my posts.I have terrible scars on my face,bitingblack mites on my scalp,fibers especially on my face and in the sores. I do take an antifungal-Terbinafine my family Dr. gave me, he does help me just does'nt know what is either.It's the Specialists and Dermatologists that say you have psychological parasitoses. This is so hard to fathom,my worst nightmare! For me prayer helps me get through this alot! Here is my gmail, jndwill.deb@gmail.com. or call me,717-439-0743 let message,I will get back to you. God Bless

Aug 28, 2019
White points and black dots
by: Pam M.

We have been going thru this for a year and a half. My husband and me I have it the worse.we found out our apartment was swimming in mold growing up the walls of all the rooms hundreds of small strange looking mushrooms with looked like tiny polin all over the top. Started with black dots then white puffy stuff then a sort of coating over our skin then it looked like a powdery mist coming out of our skin. We knew we were crazy but it keeps getting worse. I gained weight suddenly without eating and what is suppose to be fat feels strange even weirder everytime I take a shower I suddenly instantly get bigger. People around me see it to they also see the strange stuff on my skin it's destroying my skin causing deep crackers in my face with what seems like mold coming out of it and coming out of all the thin spots on my skin (stretch marks are the worst) my immune system is so low I'm fatigued all the time red wells that can itch bad but if I touch them this strange hard to see shiny pinkish stuff spreads out of the whelps feels like ants walking on my skin my husband to. There's so much more. Help please help!!

Aug 15, 2019
I know What this is
by: Greg

Ive been reading a few of your stories and I believe I know what these things are, Ive been expericing this for a few months, The black secks are white lint are one phase of the life cycle of the candida fungus, I have noticed a spidery from as well It looks like a black dot too but has hairlike appendages a, this is the same fungus reponsible for thrush,candiosis a host of other ailmentsa including insanity man body, My nightmare began with thrush, the sensation of movement and invisible ting and crawling on me almost broke sanity, I reserched thrush and its c auseds , and As best as i can tell it began with a bactrin pill a 2 penicilin, im not going to revisit that apacolypse if i did there would be chapters of talk about fungal motility,emotions and intelligence. My soultion is this throw everything you got at them your weapons are apple cider vinegar, probiotics lots and lots of yogurt, tea tree oil, cocout oil, Here is ny antifungal lotion recipe 16 oz any lotio better smeling the better mix in ea tree oil and cocnut oil, Now thats pretty potent by itself , But for my case i needed the exra killing power of tolfanate crea, miconazol cream and clotimazole mix all of them toghthere boom Instan death for fungi My recipe for Shammposs / body wash is similar I used selinium sulfide mixed wih OTC etoconazole shampoo I put in a coule tubes of Terbifine with this to, You will need to shower NOT bath and after shower get the hottest blowdryer arooundreally go over your entire body this really really devastes he colonys onyour skin. Keep hea6t on each colony as long as you can stand it, Next up diet no sugar no bread no gluten fast if you can Drink plenty of green tea Orange juice eat lots of yogurt last but not least you need to get you hands on a Diflucan or ketoconqazole prescription the mote the better keepm this up untill you have poisoned or burnt all the yeast from your body < one more hing you are contagios take precautions

Aug 15, 2019
by: Debbie from Pa.

Hello everyone...I've been suffering with this for 5yrs.now. I've posted alot on this site over the years trying everything I could think of to fight this.Baking soda in bath/shower helps.Right now these black things are in my scalp biting me,I feel them crawling all the time.Not sure why my hair hasn't fallen out from everything I tried...lol.This has taken over my life it seems. Bobby K...still trying to get ahold of you.Has anyone out their found something that can help us? Where is everyone? There for awhile we were all posting like crazy!!! Now it's just here an their.What happened to All of you? Bobby here's my gmail...maybe this will work.jndwill.deb@gmail.com God Bless He's the only one getting me through all this!

Feb 22, 2019
Same symptoms
by: Faye

Hello, me and my children are experiencing the same issue with tiny black spots that causes irritating rashes that itch like crazy. Then later they turn into larva and worms. I can feel them all over me. This has been a nightmare and I'm losing my mind trying to figure out to cure us. We've been to doctor and dermatologists. I have tried essential oils and dewormer, ivermectin, and everything. If you know anyone who can help, my email address is fnicole32.fs@gmail.com or phone number 903-363-3408. Thank you and God Bless you!

Dec 30, 2018
Black specks/ Debbie here is my e-mail. Any better?
by: Bobby

I live in the Chicago area so I guess I am lucky to be in a colder environment so I have never even seen a Tick here...but, I went on vacation as a youngster to Tennessee area wher my parents were from and Mom was from Arkansas. Well, we got back and after a few days I kept itching under my armpit and another place. I looked in the bathroom mirror after I felt a bump and there wer these small bumps...I think 3 in total. I had never dealt with anything like this so I got tweezers and clamped on to one and stretched my skin about half an inch beore it BURST and blood burst and I didn't have a clue. I cleaned with peroxide ,alcohol what ener I could find. Day or so later after it being sore as heck I noticed a black speck. I told my Sister and Mom and Dad And found I had tried the wrong way to get em out. I have heard a couple versions on how, but finaly got the head out which is what the black dot it had left was...not sure how we did but got em out. Now your Pup needs maybe some antibiotics and if you can afford I would call Vet back and tell him the whole ordeal...no need to be ashamed it wasn't your fault. I don't know much of ticks except they can carry disease. I and some others are dealing with some Parasite type glittery,black/white/thing that is really putting us through it and they are elusive and dr's write you off as loony, but I did manage to catch 4 of them but by the time I get to dr I am sure they will be dried out and hard to tell what they are. BUT take care of you and your pet as I do know Ticks carry disease

Dec 30, 2018
Black specs
by: Dee in MD

First my little chihuahua ran off and came back a few hours later. 3 days later I noticed fat deer ticks rolling off of him. I picked up 68 of them the fittest day and about 40 the next day and then about 20 the third day. I think he had more that rolled off I didn’t catch so next year when the eggs hatch is going to be scary🤡. I did have 3 bite me and pulled them out of my skin. I have pictures of ticks. Doc gave me nothing but lyme rest, it was negative. Then my dog had black spots on his butt hole and the hair around it. I gave him a heart worm pill active ingredient ivermectin. He stopped itching in 2 days looked clear and a patch of hair started growing back where he had a small bald spot around his tail. He stopped biting his legs etc. so that’s when the changed the vacuum cleaner bag and decided to clean up his sleeping area. I had noticed a couple fleas and wanted all of it gone. I had used diatomaceous clay on all his bedding and carpet. So while vac-Ing it up I noticed gtit i. My mouth so I turned around and there was a cloud coming out of the vacuum! I opened it and found an inch size hole in my vac bag and dust was everywhere and all over me! It was after all this that I started noticing black specks, they would just show up and I’d itch.

Dec 17, 2018
Black specks/ Debbie here is my e-mail. Any better?
by: Bobby

Debbie have you made any progress or still the same? I have never ran into anything like this.No one knows, No product or meds that cure and make a person miserable. I am putting my e-mail in again,thought I did but I saw post you couldn't get in touch.Here it is again.https://www.allaboutparasites.com/tiny-black-specks-on-my-skin.html#comments.

Dec 16, 2018
I have Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever plus+...
by: Elizabeth Bass, El Lago, Texas

Things my camera pics up in hair and scalp. Tiny black specks among other things.

HISTORY: Recently (September 2018) I had lab work and other tests done. The outcome was that I had Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever for 20+ years. I know exactly what year I had the fever. It was the winter of 1991. I thought I had a really bad case of the flu, but that did not check out so my doctor at the time did a Lyme test, but it came back negative. We never figured out what it was.

Now, 27 years later it turns out I have had Lyme Desease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

In May 2016 I started having some sort of bugs/parasites start showing up in my hair that I could see with the use of a camera using flash turned on...on that was a MUST. I lost hair about the size of a womans palm in the upper back part of my head. Went to several dermatologist (9) and GPs and Internists (12 ALTOGETHER) to no avail. The last PA for a dermatologist said I probably have "Parasitic Psychosis." None of these doctors would even look at even one of my pictures. (Except for one in Tyler, TX. I believe if I hadnt moved to South Houston (Kemah, Seabrook, Galveston Texas) area she might have continued until she found an answer.

After I moved here I started over again with Dermatologists to no avail. Same answers.

After 1991 I heard of a doctor in Houston who specialized in Fibromyalgua and Chronic Fatigue, and other diseases. I began driving 4.5 hrs one way to see her (Patricia Salvato, M.D., Internist.) The name of her practice is Diversified Medical Practice. I had forgotten about her, then remenbered and started going back after I moved here in March 2018. She is the one who tested me and found Lyme DIsease and RMSF. She said labs have come a long way since 1991.

I have lots and lots of pictures if you are interested. She was very interested. My address: 4011 NASA PKWY, #405, El Lago, TX 77586-6239, 903-522-1511 (texting is okay), basslakeview@gmail.com.

Is there a page on here I can post pictures?

Jul 29, 2018
Black and sparkling specks
by: Baz in Germany

There is one condition involving specks in and on the skin commonly called Morgellons. It is not recognised by the medical community. Some claim to have it but are really suffering from some other skin issues or even psychological problems. There some poor folk though who really, genuinely have it. It is this genuine group that is given the "run around" by doctors and who need to be careful where they seek help. In most places they will not receive any.

Those with Morgellons can have small coloured fibres pushing out through their skin or see tiny specks in their skin which often reach the surface and then rub off. They have many colours - red, blue, black and even sparkling glitter. Yes, it IS true. This can be accompanied by intense itching and crawling sensations.

There's growing evidence it can come as a co-infection along with Borrelia after being bitten by a tick and that the disease itself has some similarities with certain diseases in cattle etc.

Treatment? Not sure if it really can be cured but it can certainly be held back. First stop should be having tests for Lyme related diseases. This means various kinds of medication including, of-course, antibiotics...but the usual 3 week course of Doxycycline will not stop this one! Seek out what they call a "Lyme literate doctor". All are in private practice unfortunately. Do not expect your local doctor or even a dermatologist to help. They will hinder you. With them, the next stop after that would be the shrink.

As I said, some imagine this issue and have psychiatric problems but quite a few really do have these very obvious physical signs. If you are in the latter category you will need to fight hard. Google Lyme disease doctors first. Talk to one in your area. The chances are they will know about it and have treated patients.

Jul 26, 2018
Have any of you been ckd for lyme??
by: Charlotte burris

What you’re talking about is commonly found with people that have Lyme disease and morgellons. It is a very difficult disease to control and treat effectively. I might would go get tested and see if that is what’s going on because the sooner you find it the better like you’ll have putting it in remission

Jun 22, 2018
In so much pain
by: Erica

Like you all I have been to a dermatologist about this. I also have a plethora of other health issues. This started getting bad, VERY BAD, a month ago. Dr told me to stop picking and take an antibiotic. It is ALL OVER my face chest and breasts. I can’t even wear a bra. When I take a sports bra off the scabs come off as well. I’ve been using himilayan salt, raw apple cider vinegar with water and lemon essential oil, aloe Vera with witch hazel tea tree and peppermint oil. I feel like a human with mange and I’ve even been asked if I have a problem with meth. It’s so disheartening. I did go today for cold laser therapy on my back and my therapist also did it on some of my sores. 6 hours later the mites started coming out and most of the itching has stopped. After a salt scrub and lice prevention shampoo and both sprays even more started coming out ALONG with black specks! I’m MORTIFIED. I have a derm appt Sat and we’ll see what he says. I’m glad I found this page. I’m hoping I wake up tomorrow and feel better. I also drink raw apple cider vinegar and lemon water.

Jun 20, 2018
tiny black spots on my skin
by: SQ

OMG., I have been going through al this for years. I have done the DR., thing, several times but have had noreal help.I have a rash onmyankle & I believe it is the cause froma bite off one theseblackparasites., they fall off my hair ontgo my face, back arms, even to the floor. I also see them flyabovemy head, rarely. I get so itchy, it feels a sif they are trying to burrow into my scalp. I am so tired of feeling things crawl on my scalp& face. I also have things crawling on my face that look like a piece of tobacco. stringy looking., it looks ad if it has legs???!! I Need a microscope.
I do believe MSM powder/sulphur is good thing to have daily, Epsom salt baths is a great idea.,
along with neem on the scalp & I use aromatherapy oils. t tree seems to help a lot. I do get relief from NIT shampoos but they don't totally eradicate the problem.
I don't feel so crazy now, at least.I thought I was the only person on this planet, going through all this!!
Good luck to all & if you find a way Please let me know.Hold your head up high

May 21, 2018
Black specks/josh
by: Bobby k

Josh, it sounds pretty much like what a LOT of us are going thru and have been for some time now. Yes Epsom salt is one weapon brought up a lot,and I have some sitting right on the table now. This group has been pretty close about trying to find a solution but this is a hard egg to crack!. This is odd but I am in Illinois so not a lot of warm weather but last week was in mid 70's and I mowed the front lawn which brought out a lot I noticed of these "specks" so I assume the are in the pores of our skin among clothing. I do believe the maye be a spin off if not spider mites? I did get a couple I assume mature ones and noticed they hung by a strand/web. Also started getting ants (not unusual) so I put some of those sguare bait traps around (come in packs 6 connected and tear apart and place around. I noticed a decline and skin actually clearing up. And I have had some pretty severe lesion's or bites. I was HAQPPY to see them lessen but I still don't know and dr's try the basics, scabies rash dermatitis but it is none of that. I have thoughts of chemical warfare (no, I'm not off my rocker) but these days 'who knows" crazy countries out there. Keep up the fight and Deb I have not forgotten you and will post the minute I find anything positive. God Bless all and don't let this affect you, as it is easy to get really stressed about these things. I am going to repeat one thing. Keep dirty close separate and sealed best you can and vacuum (mattress) and everything but try to wear surgical or rubber gloves and keep vacuum cleaner enclosed when done, maybe spray some clean/disinfect in it. I heard Mean green I think is helpful. May not have that name correct. Hang in there!!!!!

May 21, 2018
by: Joshua Wimmer

Yes – I also have been getting these..
My Name is Josh and I suffer with Atopic Dermatitis and recently I have been really trying some holistic remedies (supplements, oils, vinegar, ect.). At night around 10-11pm I have been getting these black-flakes. These ‘black flakes’ are almost like a flake of pepper. They come out when I am in a salt-bath’ or I also notice then when I am going to bed. Every night before bed I put on the creams and oils. The supplement I recently added to the mix (golden seal, echenacha, neem) is Khadir (A.k.A: Acaicia Catechu)
I just wanted to add this comment if any of the thing correlate with what you are experiencing.

May 19, 2018
Tiny black spots
by: Gretchen

Hi,are u able to see these black spots without magnifying glass? Do they wipe off easily? I am wondering if they are some sort of mite. That has been subject lately and i am concerned. Hope this has stopped for you.

May 14, 2018
Debbie, my info about black specks
by: Bobby K

I am sorry you haven't been able to reach me. I may have put wrong e-mail by mistake. I just read the comment that you hadn't been able to contact me. STILL the same issue. Showering a lot and constant cleaning with strongest clean products you can find, but DON'T go overboard and use too harsh of a product. I wish I had some news.....this is pushing people (like me) to the brink. Dr's just give up after a few visits because they don't have the integrity to say "they don't know" Sad. my e-mail is bobby_kincannon@yahoo.com. or chaosone7@gmail.com.

May 14, 2018
by: Rick

There are a number of fungus that cause opertunistic infections in humans. They are akin to Sporothrix Sheckii. Some of them have a dark spores that innoculates the skin, generally around the foot and ankle. Doctors will fuck with you when you ask them for help. If they give you anything, it will probably be a cream that exacerbates the problem. When your skin breaks out it is because the fungus is fruiting. You'll need more than the 2 week prescription of diflucan that the doctor will prescribe if they even do that. These are fungus that are generally plant parasites, but they can infect people too mainly because you've stepped on them. Valley Fever is one, but there are several others. Doctors won't take you for real. They will leave you sick. Doctors aren't really smart enough to cure most things.

May 02, 2018
black specs/skin crawling
by: D Babb

I too have the sensation of something crawling on my skin. Recently I have been pulling off my skin what feels like grains of salt and are either light colored almost white and black specks. I don't scratch them I rub thru my clothing and I have no sores. This all started a few months ago after bombing from a flea infestation. My head is driving me nuts with things crawling. I have been to the dr and she gave me Permethrin cream it worked for a couple days is all. I have used lice killer on my hair and I am about to go nuts. My family think I am nuts.

Apr 05, 2018
Sorry Debbie for loss in family
by: Bobby K

Well guy's, wish I had a magic solution but it's like fighting an invisible enemy. I have posted everything I have came up with but the only thing that has had any ANY effect is Epsom salt in bathe, coconut oil/butter, hygiene, natural cleansing products. Vacum with a vacuum cleaner (a special one, can't think of the name) and I set it outside or in a garbage bag after use. If you stay away from foods with a lot of preservatives could help but I know we can't afford a lot non preservative foods they can be pricey. 91% alcohol in a spray bottle helps. lavender dryer strips and Pyrethin although it's a dangerous product..ESPECIALLY TO PETS!!!! I have a strong feeling some if not all comes from preservatives in our food. Also, Government isn't going to tell us anything but what they want us to know. MORAL SUPPORT folks, 90% of the battle is lifting each other. It's hard for me but try to wash clothes often and keep in airtight bags if possible. Do the best you can and YOU are not crazy, and not seeing things. God Bless all.

Apr 05, 2018
Some help for you Tyann
by: Debbie from Pa.

Hi Tyann...I know what you are going through. It's my 4th.yr now and I am slowly getting better through alot of trial and error. Please scroll back on our comments to Nov.28th 2017 and read Debbie and Bobby's comments. Write down what we tried and use. For now wash the sores good and soapy with dial soap rinse do morn. an night. Then start trying the things Bobby an I used. I can't get ahold of Bobby tried emails no answer. I'm wondering how he's doing. I hope this helps you...keep posting

Apr 04, 2018
s.o.s. lost no losing my mind
by: tyann

I am so glad that I found this site you give me hope That 1 I am not nuts like my whole family thinks, and 2 what the h--l is this and how do I get rid of it before I lose my sanity. Here is only a few of the things I am, going thru. There is this blackhead looking thing. so I tried to pop it , mistake the more I tried to get it out the deeper it seemed go in. Oh here comes the burning sensation , like your skin and insides are on fire, itching, infections of skin ,bumps, and even skin coming of qtip like it was dipped in acid, this s --t has left me scarred, doubting my sanity and holding on white knuckled, The other night I put Vaseline on qtip, and out came this clear egg shaped puss ball. In the area of doing this a thick, shiny looking oil stuff is flowin out of my pores !!!! I even took pictures so people would believe me SOMEONE HELP PLEASE IM BARELY HANGIN ON THANK YOU

Mar 23, 2018
Black Specs
by: A concerned citizen

I have had the black specs on my skin, but very few. I have a skin infection at the moment that I am treating with antibiotic lotion. I wet mop my hardwood floors and entire apartment with a capful of bleach. Fleas hate lavender, so I spray with a spray that contains lavender. Bombing the premises is one way of getting rid of fleas, mites and bedbugs. I noticed that there was a different solution for sale to kill bedbugs when I was at the store. . Read the directions before you do any bombing. Some people remove everything they can before bombing, and others just cover the clothes and furniture, empty the cupboards, and remove their electrical devices and take down wall hangings. Putting your clothes in plastic bags for two weeks to thirty days will help, but there are different life cycles for fleas, mites, bedbugs and parasites; some live off blood and need a host to survive, others don't. The bedbug is one of the hardest to get rid of. If you put Vaseline on the legs of your bed this will help. Also, the eggs like to gather in the cracks of furniture and clothing. Washing clothing in hot water and drying is the best way to kill the eggs. If your building has a rodent problem, it is recommended not to hang clothing or rugs outside because they are carriers of fleas and eggs. If the rodents are under your living quarters, then I have been told by a veterinarian that the fleas can travel into the living area by way of the rodent. The black specs are in my cornmeal, silver ware draw, my floors are covered with specs (they are seen in the piles after I sweep my floors). My apartment has old hardwood floors where the boards do not meet one another, so I think the specs are in the cracks). I had a flea problem and bought an expensive collar (one that contains a certain ingredient - the pet store will know the name). You really need to find the source of the black specs. I am finding the black specs everywhere. I will be bombing my apartment as soon as I recover from my medical problems. I will say this in ending, from what I have been through so far with this problem; pets I think are the first source, other intruders such as rodents, towels from people who have poor hygiene, or people who have poor hygiene in general that sleep in your house, used furniture or items brought into your home, ventilation systems where an intruder may have entered. I am still not convinced that my cat is the problem, because the specs are so wide spread and the beige eggs (or whatever they are) have been seen dried out and stuck to the outside of my pots and pans. Urine and feces from animals is also a source for spreading fleas and mites. The flea cycle takes three months to get rid of according to my cat's vet; bombing, treating the cat and keeping up with vacuuming thoroughly. I was shopping the other day and I was waiting in line to check out, I had a new cookie sheet in my hand that I was buying, I looked down and the cookie sheet was covered with black specs. I have also seen much larger black specs a couple of times that may have jumped. My bathtub has black specs appear no matter how many times I clean it and also around my bathroom sink. I have seen an insect on my couch that I cannot find on-line. I am still looking to find a picture of it in a science book somewhere. I have read and seen programs that say we have new underwater fish/creatures. I have not found any information that says we have a new insect on earth yet. I hope this helps you. P.S. I also have seen white specs that jump.

Mar 05, 2018
I have the same black dots, bugs on follicles, and itching.
by: Kim

I have the same black dots, bugs on follicles, and itching.I get sores that open sometimes. I have been trying
To figure this out for years. It’s driving me crazy. Sometimes I think it’s kore than one parasite that I have. I get the black specs mainly at night. I rub my face and the crytstals come out of my skin. I noticed short black hairs in patches where they’ve been. When I pulll our a hair of my head there is a translucent gel around the root on several of them. I itch all over my face. I have stringy greyush white things that I pull out of my eyes. Also, dried booger like greyish white worm shaped things I pull out of my nose with tweezers. I feel things crawling in my ears. Several drs prescribed me meds as if I am crazy. I’ve dealt with this for at least a decade. My friend started noticing this on him. A dr prescribed him invermectin. He took it for 14 days. It made him a little sick but he said black specs were appearing all over his body. He said everywhere from head to toe and even genitals. He felt better for a while but he thinks they’re back so doing another round of invermectin for his insides and a cream on the outside (skin). The ointment is Goodwinol. I’m going to try this next. I believe we have to cleanse not only on our outsides (skin) but in our gut as well. At the same time. It’s expenxive but I am desperate. This is what we came up with:

Search demodex Infestation in humans. There are two: D. folliculorum and D. brevis . The D stands for demodex. Below is a couple of things about it. Google demodex and see what you think. Maybe I’m just desperate for answers. I don’t know. Maybe I have more than one parasite. It’s possible. I have all of the same symptoms you all have listed. I have permanent scars as well. I’ve tried lice meds on my skin, peroxide, Vick’s vapor, cleaning chemicals, concoctions I’ve made up (campho phinique works great) , tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and just about everything. Any input or even thoughts are appreciated.

"Demodicosis can manifest as lesions of two types: squamous, which causes dry alopecia and thickening of the skin, and pustular, which is the more severe form, causing secondary infection (usually by Staphylococcus), resulting in the characteristic numerous red pustules and wrinkling of the skin. Demodicosis can follow immunosuppressive conditions or treatments, or may be related to a genetic immune deficiency."

I am nearly going crazy for real now. I need this to go away.

Mar 03, 2018
relieved that Im not alone!!!
by: Ronni Jack

Hi I am so happy to find this! I have been dealing with this problem for almost 9 years now. I remember it beginning after I had contracted scabies from my niece, It was treated and gone quickly but now I have these tiny black specks of something. my skin will itch like crazy around the speck but not directly where it is at. I have managed them by showering and putting lotion on my skin rubbing so hard that the specks surface and I can wipe them off. Things are a lot better that I moved to Utah, but not sure if that is because I left most of my things in California or they dont like this climate. I dont know, but I do know they are not gone. Years ago I went to a dermatologist who said I was crazy, (in kind words) and my now Ex husband agreed with him, saying I was OCD and hate bugs. I was so mad at both of them I never went back. I never thought that it may be a bug, I dont know why, I guess cuz I've seen them several times on my body but never witnessed movement. duh! I am so curious to figure this out, one person said they had them tested and found to be an arthropod. That makes sense to me. Curious how many people contracted this after a bout of scabies, and I read about the sugar intake as well, and that makes sense too, cuz I love sugar and I have been cutting back on eating it and the itching has subsided as well. I hope we have answers soon, thank you all for posting

Mar 01, 2018
OMFFFFG continued
by: Kiim

So stay tuned on that for you curious ones I Of Course have pictures if you really want to see it I will put my email at the bottom. So I still do a lot of the stuff I did before but only because I still don’t know what this is or where it came from and I am sure it is still in my environment so new things I have added Hibiclens you can get it at Walmart it is basically like the soap you use before surgery I use it everyday and from my hair down to my toes and I use neosporin on my face, ears, nose, feet, hands and lips it seems to just wipe everything off and dryer sheets are also good for getting the stuff off your clothes I put them Everywhere also bought that laundry sanitizer by Lysol I recommend it and just be diligent about your cleaning hopefully once I find out what it is I can figure out where it came from and how to get rid of it forever! KimmiekS@icloud.com Thank You everyone again for letting me know I am not alone and in that helping me get back my stubbornness and determination to not just sit here and take it but to do something about it for all of US❣️

Mar 01, 2018
OMFFFFG! Thank God For Ivermectin
by: Kim

OMFFFFG! Sorry I took so long to give an update after my second dose of Ivermectin I wanted to see if what I was feeling after the Ivermectin was going to last before shared & Life has been busy YES I said LIFE! So the experience was weird but what haven’t we been dealing with that is NOT weird. The Ivermectin seems to have done something Amazing I don’t all the bizzare stuff I had going on that I shared in my previous post I still have residual stuff going on but nothing near what was going on and just about a week ago I believe I expelled the yet to be identified (pending lab results) culprit via the 🚽 and with this hell that I (We) have been living (especially for this occasion) I automatically take a look at and (TMI) and on the unbelievable ones photograph the strange comings out of mine for the nonbelievers that try and dispute my ailment seeing is believing right? So collected the specimen and I will be damned and I swear I see 2 eyes! So I held on to this creature to see if it was mucus and would dissolve or whatever and nope it is still the same but now floating on the bottom of the container like a goldfish at the bottom of a fish bowl so I called the pharmacist and explained what I took and what happened and he said while he doesn’t really hear about it happening (haha) it is normal and that I can simply dispose of it I said OH NoNoNo this guy is going to the lab! After over a year of this and all the Doctors & Dermatologists dismissing me and directing me to the psych ward Hell No we are going to find out what this thing is! BTW start filling grievances for each Dr or Derm that dismissed you and make them pay attention cuz THIS IS REAL WHAT IS HAPPENING TO US! Didn’t count my characters hold on

Mar 01, 2018
Response to Jennifer
by: Sarah

Hi Jennifer,
It certainly is an anxious process waiting for information or validation on this particular health problem and what it actually means. You just have to read below to see the trauma and frustration with not only the condition but how doctors are managing our individual cases and the condition overall. Speaking from experience, take one moment at a time, think positively, and know that it may take a while to get to the bottom of what is really happening. Advocate for yourself, ask questions, educate yourself as much as you can. Your healers have a lot of patients to care for. You only have yourself. Keep plugging ahead, that's all we can do for now.

Feb 28, 2018
Please help
by: Jennifer

Hi my name is jennifer sorry to post in comments not sure how to start own. I am new to all this and need help! I have seen 4 doctors and they don't see anything that I see and keep giving me anti-depressants and telling me to start counseling and psychotic meds. I am not crazy but no one will listen to me or take me seriously. Feel alone and don't know where to start or what to do. So itchy and the worse places are around my nose mouth and back. Technically everywhere! But those are the worse places to the point im crying and begging god to help me! Which doesn't work by the way...lol I don't know what to do. Everything I try just makes me itchier. This is the first time I've got online and looked up anything concerning this. What should I try first to ease up this itchiness! Please! What exactly is this and what has caused this?

Feb 04, 2018
Encouraging Information & Another Bright Idea 💡
by: Kim

Ok since I last wrote I did NOT try the parasite cleanse rather I went and saw my primary Dr. she reviewed everything and decided to try the one thing left to try IVERMECTIN yes IVERMECTIN and she gave me a two doser one 3mg tablet that day then exactly a week later I am to take the other 3mg tablet and don’t get me wrong the process is a bit more "odd" than what we have been going through BUT after I re-adapted myself to not having the constant crawling in or on me, the "pop rocks", electrical static, the stinging sensations , the pain......the piercing pain and everything else I/we live with on a daily basis myself personally for a year now all I was noticing was the f$&KERS coming out BUT DEAD 💀 didn’t notice much pain but was preparing myself for the worst BUT I slept WAY better than I had in a Long Long time! The next day I woke up itchier than ever and some milder discomfort but when 11:30pm came DAMN the right side of my head was starting to get that tingly sensation again so of course I panicked and called the pharmacist and made sure I had the highest dose cuz I don’t want this 💩 to wear off since I got a taste of what my normal used to be and she double checked my dose and the side effects and made sure I took something for my itchiness and said it was the correct dose & informed me that the medication only stays in your body for I believe she said 36 hours then wears off and obviously my Dr. believes a second dose is necessary due to the severity and length of time this has been going on so I am to absolutely take the second tablet when I am supposed to! I am still doing all of my "squirt bottles" and "q-tips" only I changed it up a bit and am using STRAIGHT Apple 🍏 Cider Vinegar in my hair and body in the shower heck I even pour it on the shower floor if I see a stubborn one or if I just feel like it also straight rubbing alcohol or you use your squirt bottle half alcohol/water and rub it in real good and add some good conditioner and let it sit while you do the rest OH and I got this "Ped Egg Power" from Ross for like $10 (basically a generic Amope) and was shitting here doing my heels of my feet and YEP I DID I put on the purple (more gentle) attachment and sprayed it with alcohol and started gently rolling those dead 💀 F$&KERS Off/out of my skin also on my hands on my fingers and in between my fingers where they like to hide and my last thing to share is that my neighbor who is having the same issue told me these F$&KERS Don’t like windex or for some reason Bed Bug spray! I will write back in a week ❣️

Feb 04, 2018
A help for hair
by: Olivia White

You may not believe this, but flea and tick shampoo for dogs works very well for controlling the problem of the scalp. Lasers, (hair lasers) work for drying up tiny sores, be careful with large sores. The laser works to cauterize the sores and kill the morgellons.

Jan 28, 2018
Black specks : Debbie
by: Bobby K

Your welcome for what help I was Debbie. Baking soda really worked right! Figures I just went shopping and I don't have any at home. Usually that is something people always keep around. I am grateful for the info and best believe I will pass on anything I discover. I have trouble with bathes too...too hard on my back and getting out of tub it's easy to slip and I can not afford another back injury. Also I have sat and thought about it and the shower is easier also a bathe makes me think ...well if It gets these things out of me I am wondering if they just won't grab right back on when I stand and get out of bath water. So I will get some and give it a spin, sounds really encouraging. I had a tough night with them last night ...it seems that is prime time for em. I will stay in touch and you do the same. Hope all the others are keeping up with our posts too, this is pretty much a joint effort. I have had this horrid Flu for 3 + days now and boy... too much at once. I am not a spring chicken anymore either so don't bounce back as quick. Well GREAT some progress!!! We need that support to help us thru this. I do not count on the Government or CDC for much help as they do as they wish and just classify us as a ...well I don't know what but I doubt they are real concerned. God Bless and my e-mail is bobby_kincannon@yahoo.com. (not a good idea to put your e-mail out there for all to see also...lot of strange people but we are not really a money target hackers would go after but you are welcome to e-mail if you have a question. We are moving along pretty well tho!

Jan 26, 2018
Re: Bobby
by: Debbie from Pa.

Hi Bobby...thank you so much for your time and work on setting up a site for our Support Group. I am not computer savvy as my Husband...had to set up my gmail on my phone! Lol. Now I can e-mail,so happy..:-). Yesterday I put Epson salt in water on my face and geez all these wormlike,other things and black dots came out! I couldn't believe it! Going to put some in my shower gel since I can't get a bath because of my injury. Can't wait to see if anything comes out! I'll sure let you know. Please everyone,Don't forget the Magnetic wrist bands! It's the only thing that breaks up their communication system in your body. You can get small magnets,1 for each pocket when you go out and with summer coming so you don't have to wear the wrist bands. I know this also sounds crazy but, my source from a Research Center says it's a Must and does work! Since I started using them, I do see a slow down right now. Hope I keep seeing progress. Take care all...keep posting

Jan 24, 2018
Black Speck support group
by: Bobby K

Thank you for good comments Debbie, and all. It will take a bit of doing but we will be able to create a support group online. It is our only option to do it online as we are pretty spread out. F/B has a lot of spin offs and there are now "formats" for starting a online group. I have some experience in doing this and believe between all of us we can make it work. The option of sitting stressing on this is not good. Depression goes hand in hand with the problem for me. But right off the bat I can think of a few things that would be of help...)a list of items that do help. ) items to stay away from i.e.sugar. ) A list of people like CDC that are not just pushing it to the side ) a question page for people new to this group of us. (can be really overwhelming to the person that thinks they are alone and afraid of being "called crazy". This will not be an easy task but there are a few of us with the same goal and support for each other. I will look around for a site that is used for making groups for things like we want,I think one is WIX, sure there are others. I am fairly good at computer I.T. things but not so good at word or those type programs. Ok folks we have a start and don't give up! We will make it. Oh, one thing, I was noticing I seem to get the largest amount of "bites" around my hands and arms, so was thinking they make those plastic covers (or used to, haven't seen one for a while) that cover the keyboard where a lot of these demons may be taking refuge? I know you have to be careful as to what you can spray on your keyboard. One thing I use is compressed air. It come in aerosol cans with a small straw type adapter which fits into spray valve. Works very well and you would be amazed at the amount of dust,particles and flakes that it blows out of keyboard. I do not want you to cause any trouble to your pc but it works well at cleaning out the inside of your computer housing,but you would have to remove a side panel to get cleaned out. Also do that outside as it tends to blow things everywhere (especially if it's your kids pc:) I think we all may have a snack if we are on the pc now and then. You can get the compressed air at some family dollar stores and walmart etc. Check around for best price since it is a useful thing to have. Ok I have went way farther than planned. God Bless. Goodnight, Bobby

Jan 24, 2018
Kudos to "Our Support Group"
by: Debbie from Pa.

Hi Guys...so glad we have each other to talk to! I'm sorry Bobby for not responding...had a death in family. You can get magnetic wrist bands online,i think my husband used Amazon. So far i see a big difference in less sores,fibers,blk specks. Still have bugs in scalp,trying everything,yes,very depressing.Wish i could snap out of this..so hard.Also they don't like grapeseed extract,so all these combinations are helping,baking soda to like i said before. I'll be so glad when one of us gets completely cured from this,all we can do is keep trying things,and posting them.And no Bobby,your thinking is spot on. I was told it was an experiment that got out. Ever hear of Plum Island off of New York? Experimental facility,Heavily Guarded! Very hush-hush. They think it originated from there.l hope they all burn in hell for this! We all have to keep in touch so we don't. lose our minds. Oh,a shoutout to the Scanton couple...i live about 1hr.or so down from you in Wiconisco. Take care everyone,hang in,,hopefully soon something will break here.....Debbie

Jan 22, 2018
RE: Black Specks Update
by: Bobby K

Morning Folks!
Just a check in to see how all are coming along. I am finally Clearing up from "the Demons" (might as well give em a name and that one seems fitting). Well all I posted b/4 seems to work along with things I have picked up from your posts also. Need to make a list of the products we have found to use as it gets a bit confusing sorting thru all comments to find the ones that have value. I am bad on names but thank you to the person's that thanked me. I read about the Epsom salt this morning so gonna give it a try also! The Coconut oil is a plus, and I enjoy the smell of it also. The bleach sounds good but darn to use pure not the non staining type is a monster with your clothing or fabric...furniture etc.. I have had one leg totally cleared of bites and my hands and arms are Really improved I noticed this A.M. It is a battle as you know...but HANG IN THERE! The iodine and febreze I am going to get and try, havent used iodine in ages! Remember my Mom, God Bless Her using it on all my boo boos as a child. Was a mainstay for many many years so yes, worth a try and TY for info. One Thing, I am diabetic but learned to keep my levels and normal by a good diet, so no more shots or pills. But it is still in my system I am sure. I think sugar plays a part in this. My other uses sweet&low and does not have NEAR the problems I do. She is pretty much clear...now and then she will get a flare up of them on her back or some area. NO WHERE NEAR like me. I eat too much sugar entirely especially being borderline Diabetic. And water..I agree it is a place they like. I have a Kitty who I got from rescue shelter after she hand brother had been abandoned on the side of road in a box. DID NOT come from her but she is having troubles too and really hurts to see that and the last time I tried bathing her my shirt looked like I had a brawl with a Cougar! DOES NOT like bathes. I just woke up an hour or so ago so expect some errors in this post. But I do go along with having a support group for this but we would have to do a conference type online deal. And these demons will cause mental stress physical too! I noticed since I have started clearing I have much more energy. So my friends don't give up!!!! There is a solution. Another thing is Don't leave clothing or any garments laying around on floor if you have any paper or cardboard boxes try and do away with them. I also notice at night is prime time so a mattress cover (if you can afford) should make a difference. I am sure it will. I am going to leave my e-mail address so feel free if I can help. Take Care and remember it is not just you...this can be depressing but we will get through it. bobby_kincannon@yahoo.com

Jan 22, 2018
Other Things I have tried
by: KIm

Forgot to share these Febrese is your Friend at my rate the generic version at the Dollar Store along with a tile,toilet and shower cleaner they sell called "The Works" kills these things and is awesome on grout but prepare for war they fight fierce first. A spray bottle with part bleach and part water and I mean the industrial bleach and Lysol lemon all purpose cleaner I spray both of those babies Constantly and On EVERYTHING! Gloves are a must Cuz you will be bitten bad, worse without mine go to my elbows and trash your sponge or cleaning rag afterwards. On your bites or scratches drop some iodine on them and you will see those critters laying beside your bite or scratch but they will totally stand out more to you because they are now the color of the iodine and usually dead just wipe them off and flush them down the toilet don’t put them down the drain Cuz I really don’t think they fear water at all. A spray bottle of a mixture of epsom salt and water is good for showering put it in your hair with some conditioner and let it sit while you do the rest I spray down the shower with my bleach and water bottle or my Lysol before, during and after my shower also that tiny glob of maybe shampoo or soap NOPE have a squeegee handy in your shower to scrape that off and get it down the drain with bleach/water bottle or Lysol also I squirt my razor and bar soap with bleach/water bottle after each use also spray the shower curtain down with either of those two bottles. I use a finger nail brush and bleach/water bottle or febrese to get those F$&KERS Out of my clothes if my clothes haven’t been worn in awhile and always check your undergarments it is a horribly painful way to live but not doing it is so much worse. Vaseline or coconut oil/balm on your eyebrows, eyelashes, ears and nose and to get your nose clear of those critters get a spray bottle with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water and spray a q-tip and roll that around inside your nose WAIT til you see all the weird stuff that comes out but use a magnifying mirror and pay close attention to the balls (crystalish) they adhere to your skin and when you go to remove them they instantly try to adhere to your lips or around your lips, right below your nose or the tip of your nose and they STICK! More peroxide/water and q-tip will do the trick also bag and tie your trash like this individually. Always pour straight industrial bleach into your toilet AS WELL AS the Tank your sink drains and shower and tub drains. And sinus rinses are really good also peroxide/water squirt your ears once in awhile it IS super GROSS but what part of this whole nightmare isn’t? Also I am NOT a Dr. or Dermatologist BUT due to their Incompetence I have been forced to try random crazy ass shit and the one’s that have Infact worked I am sharing with all of you in hopes they work for you as well if not better than they did for me❣️

Jan 22, 2018
OMFG! Can’t handle these things, the non-believers or incompetent Drs.
by: Kim

Been a LONG and scary, crazy last year and sadly it continues into this year. I used to be a happy, fun, joker type of person even while going thru cancer BUT these little F$@KERS have not only taken over my life but are slowly and painfully destroying my very existence! They are EVERYWHERE! In everything I own including ME On Me In Me Around Me the more I clean and the stronger the chemicals I use the more they attack me. I was so RELIEVED to finally just type in "bald and black flecks coming from my hair follicles " and finding all of you guys❣️ Thank You all for giving me bacgk the Hope and Understanding that I had lost dealing with this HELL on my own. I started with constantly feeling like I had a piece of hair wrapped around my toes but there was never anything there. Then noticed the SILVER not gray but SILVER hair I just figured chemotherapy did it to me then the black hair follicles I was like what in the HELL? To now painful stinging sensations followed by white "flower topped" worm things coming out of my hair follicles painful the whole time, shitting worms that are then called "some sort of fiber material" by the lab I myself am not a carpet muncher and I certainly don’t eat fiber I told my Dr. (She actually is listening to me & trying)tried the meds, creams, apple cider vinegar, epsom salt , Bleach AND straight up pesticide on myself that’s how desperate I am and the other day I was putting hair glossing polish on the half of hair I have left and had some extra on my hands and so I rubbed it on my arm and Holy Shit those crystalish balls rolled right off my damn arm so if course I stripped and coated myself from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and I haven’t had that much relief in a YEAR! I strongly recommend "proclaim professionalism care" brand Sally’s has it as I sampled some others at CVS and didn’t get the same experience but could be the stuff I had started using was already working now I find that I am shitting "globs" if you will of parasite yuck and I actually brushed my hair with a steak knife (I threw away afterwards) (combs, lice combs and treatments didn’t do anything) as I could not get my scalp clear of these F$&KERS I am a clean freak honestly but these things it’s like they see you eliminate 1 of them and then out of NOWHERE there are 50 replacements for that 1! It’s like DAMN! I am going to try the "parasite cleanse" next I started taking vitamins and I have cut down my sugar intake unfortunately I live in,near or around active mold as my neighbors and neighborhood are suffering as well. Oh use A LOT of borax in with your laundry cuz that does work I mean A LOT. Thank You Again Everyone ❣️

Jan 22, 2018
Re to Steve debs re
by: James

Hey guys my wife and I are from Scranton PA starting signs of black specks for 1 month now contracted as far back as summer of last year we are completely 100% in the dark about this but 2 things 1 they regurgitate acid to melt food(ie) US so they end up melted into things check tables and hard floors 2 while there are lots and lots of specks they are not filling your body my theory is super fungus...(morgellons) when I say they do and I've seen some freaky stuff!!! The specks are spores smart spores the inject in and lay a highway of alien fibers that ultimately will eat us.. Anyone notice bugs but made from yarn??? Digested insects when u open a scab the fungus mimics parasites to scare us away it's a defense mechanism. Anyone notice Any chemtails this summer? Nepa? TEAMSHCKR1230@GMAIL.COM EMAIL ME PLEASE

Jan 09, 2018
Magnetic wristbands? Grapefruit capsules
by: Bobby

I am very glad to hear that CDC has took a step towards finding out what this is. TY. About the magnetic wristbands any advice as to where to get them and have you had any luck. Also the Grapefruit pills. Also any luck? I am finding "thorn type things" I have pulled from my skin, I can not understand this. I have had Chemical Warfare in the back of my mind for a while. Hard to make sure I keep my own mind not thinking I am crazy! But it is too real. Please let me know if you have had any more news. I have had a 100% heal on my leg which was horrid looking but now scarred. TY and lets all keep in touch. Yes a group would be nice but we are all spread out so an online one I guess. God bless.

Jan 09, 2018
by: Debbie from Pa.

Hi Steve,what i recommend is reading Bobby's comments below. I also was told,do baking soda baths. I've been in contact with someone who has contact with a research center who also suggests grapeseed extract capsules,3-100mg twice a day,drinking 2 teas.of baking soda in grape juice or grape Gatorade throughout the day,Not all at once.He also suggests wearing magnetic wrist bands on each wrist,it's supposed to break up "It's" communication system. Hang in there, there's Alot of us going through this.They say the CDC.is now aware of it! We'll see if and when they finally help us,not holding my breath...

Dec 16, 2017
and my roads end i need some relief
by: Steve Marell

I was infected with scabie mites of which i got rid of them but I still see these little black and white specs on my body and on my clothes I have infected with this for three years now. And I am ready to get rid of this mess.How do I get rid of this mess please help me to find something to kill this mess and get off of my body and out of my gut.

Nov 30, 2017
I have had this for a couple of years and I am getting better
by: Paula

Hello All! I just wanted to give you a heads up on one of the products i wont be without in my home. I have had this since September of 2015 and I am getting better! One thing I recommend is Kleen Green by Natural Genesis very good product and the women that sells it is a wonderful lady. ttyl Paula

Nov 30, 2017
by: Debbie

Bless you Bobby for your prayers,as I will pray for you and ALL OF US who are suffering with this. I believe we need to be a "Support Group". I am putting out their my phone no.for anyone who is depressed,needs to vent,cry,and yes...laugh.I believe the good Lord by His will,will help us along the way. He will help us,i've so far learned,patience,putting this in His hands.We will get through this! God Bless...Take Care...Debbie (717)439-0743) if I don't answer...I'll call back.

Nov 29, 2017
Black specks : Debbie
by: Bobby

Hi, and your welcome, I know exactly where your coming from. And yes put the 100% Coconut oil right on bites, entire skin if you can. Get 100% coconut oil but not "refined" type. I went through 3 types b/4 I got the correct kind. Mine has no smell and I wish it did, there are more types of it than I thought, but you can even cook with this so it is safe to try cooking with it tho I haven't tried yet. And yes get "Sulphur 8" dandruff shampoo, leave it in a few and rewash. Try to change sheets /bedding as much as possible. Also lavender is a natural repellant so some lavender softener strips in dryer wont hurt. I have been through the garment with Dr's and got no where. So it seems these natural products work! Seeing how they jump and are so hard to catch it could be some type of "new" flea? I am open to about anything after this. I have never been thru such a nightmare. I am seeing a LOT more people going to this site and others about these or similar things,so kind of a mystery and no dr I have talked to will accept any open opinion like question...just "all in your head or scabies...NOPE! Oh dont leave anything clothes ,towells etc.. and vacum too. A LOT of work these little Demons cause us but what are we gonna do? Also seems like they get disabled people more often. I have had back surgeries, am disabled but not in a wheelchair just home a lot more and not active as much. I am sure and I will pray you get rid of these. Keep me updated and you can get the coconut oil at some stores, CVS has it and food stores too since it it is used for cooking too. One last thing is keeping clean as you can and keeping things sealed after you use, I was fortunate and given a few plastic bins with lids. Ok, I hope I got everything and you will be on top of this now! It is a terrible mental stress too. I had to up anxiety pills. Take care, and it is not just you so hang in there. Bobby

Nov 29, 2017
Re: Bobby
by: Debbie from Pa.

Thank you sooo very much Bobby for getting back to me,it mean't alot. Do you rub the coconut oil right on the sores? And do you let the shampoo on for awhile,or just a normal head washing? These things look like tiny micro gnats! When i get one out in the house it flys around my nose then,back up in my hair before i can get it. They find you by your carbon dioxide like those pesty outside gnats do i read. Again...thank you,going to order shampoo today!

Nov 28, 2017
Black specks
by: Bobby

You kmow, a lot of us are going thru this "unknown cantseeem bugs) and the things most effective for me is one I found lately, Coconut oil 100% and a lot of cleaning yourself and surroundings. I noticed a lot of people are ones with disabilities or some type of confinement. So we or a lot of us are on pain anxiety meds. May be making our immune system weaker...I domn't know. But the Government is not exempt from using chemical agents as were used in some wars. This may be a slip and now they don't know how to contain it. I could go on and on. But I answered a post for a person today and The coconut oil is the only thing that has had any impact. From antibiotics all the way to Diamatious earth. Hang in there we will find a cure and don't think or accept the I am crazy or seeing things answer. That is just a way of saying "I don't have a clue". Keep me posted as well as everyone. I will let you know how this Coconut oil turns out. Only thing so far that has had any impact. Also one thing I didn't mention is Sulphur 8 shampoo works.

Nov 28, 2017
Tiny black specks on my skin
by: Bobby

Georgia, I have been plagued by these "black speck" things for some time now, about 5 years maybe. But it's hard to tell anyone or explain them and what it's like because they generally think your nuts. NO WAY! I have been to a dermatologist who took a tissue sample on a itching and swollen spot on my eyebrow. Well, it came back with "unknown organism" May have read undetermined organism. All I know is it was a waste of time. One thing I have determined is they are NOT bedbugs, unless they are some kind of hybrid. I have tried many things and this past week I got 100% Coconut oil Don't get refined though just the purest 100% organic you can find. I am healing much on my arms and working on clearing up my right leg. It's odd I only got them on one leg and arms. Also the BLACK SPECKS u see are feces from the thing. if you manage to gather a few and drop them in water they will turn red...ie; Blood. There are a lot of things I have been suggested but all pertain to bed bugs...because I think they don't know what they are or just aren't telling us. You know how our Government works. Anyway a encasement for your mattress and box springs if u can afford it couldn't hurt. vacum daily,keep floor clutter to a minimum and shower daily. Fish oil is suppose to be another option. Take internally in a pill form (oil inside capsule) Be sure to vacum couch chairs etc. I wish you luck and I think you will find some relief with the Coconut oil. If you wish any more advice ask or post and I hope it gets to me. You ARE NOT alone in this. They had me convinced I was seeing things at one point! God Bless.

Nov 28, 2017
Suffering for 3yrs.
by: Debbie from Pa.

Well,here goes.I've had this 3yrs now posted my symptoms on here to.I'm 59yrs old,fell damaged my spinal cord,can now use walker/wheelchair.So i'm homebound alot.I have..black specks,shiney dots,a scarred face from sores,lint balls,colored fibers,worms in my nose,neck,face,weird looking things that come out of my face,black dots down below! I went to all the Specialists,yes,was told delusional.My family Dr.is more helpful as am on antifungal med,and Bactrim(antibiotic) and a few times,Ivermectin. Used that cream,antifungal,permethrin you name it i tried it all.The only soap that works is Dial bar soap for the sores,they dry up quick they don't like it.My big problem now? I have bugs on my scalp! I've seen them fly out when i brush my hair outside! I can't get them all out,their driving me crazy. My husband thinks i don't have them,he does know i have all the other things...just does'nt understand this. They bite and crawl all the time! I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING,yes including bug spray,i know i shouldn't have,but now I'M DESPERATE!!! I really can't take these bugs anymore. My hair is short and they still keep breeding. Can anyone out there please help me before i lose it? Again i tried EVERYTHING i could think of. Geez,what do we all have here? This is crazy. Again,please help me,please.God help us all.

Nov 02, 2017
Tiny black specks
by: BND

Thank you all I have read each and every comment and I now know I am not alone, we are a family of 6 and have been suffering with this for 2 months, and it’s driving me crazy!! Of course doctors have no clue and exterminators not either but it is affecting my entire family and I am losing my mind any more suggestions or advice I would take any at this point. But thank you for clarifying we aren’t CRAZY and not alone. Hoping for us all to get our lives back!!!


Oct 28, 2017
Black dots emerging from my skin
by: Patrick

I feel the same way I'm a neat freak take my hygiene seriously and I'm infested with these things I started a petition https://www.thepetitionsite.com/258/587/005/stop-the-spread-of-morgellons-quotso-called-delusional-parasitesquot/?taf_id=44613398&cid=twitter#bbfb=979730055 click and sign you don't have to put your name but please include where you are from together we can get answers already be we will continue to suffer !

Oct 24, 2017
by: Chelly

I'm freaking out cause
Me n my boyfriend have this exact same thing going on n I thought me n him might have been loosing our mind
Omgggggg it's actually a freaky thing to go threw and I'm feeling really dirty almost personally HELP

Oct 24, 2017
Stool Softener Probably Won't Work For This
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Patrick,
If you are dealing with parasites in your bowels, a plain stool softener isn't really going to eliminate it. You will definitely pass waste, but not necessarily all the parasite in the various stages of life cycle. You need something that will both kill and cleanse out. That's why I always suggest the Herbal Fiberblend. HFB has a variety of herbs that are anti-parasitic and will kill off a wide range of parasites and the fiber will help sweep it out of your system.

Oct 05, 2017
Black specs
by: Patrick

I feel them crawling out of my ass and if you wipe a little deeper than normal you'll find them on the paper the glitter reflects back to black dots there very sharp and sting as the move through your skin it's a nightmare and where all living it my 6 year old son will start to have red ears bright red ears out if nowhere for no reason thank god he onlys itches now I have a prescription strength stool softener that I'm going to take with the hopes that I clean this out of my system I believe it's born in our intestines and if I'm not mistaking it can live outside of our body pick up a lint roller and a sticky mop at amazon vacuum mop and sweeping don't help they stick to you floor heavily around where you sleep and watch tv the sticky mop is an oversized lint roller for the floor you'll be surprised to see how many you've been leaving behind after moping or vacuuming

Sep 15, 2017
Exact symptoms but now worse!
by: GoingcrazyTN

I know exactly what your going through my symptoms are exactly a yours except a couple months ago I've started having other problems what upset stomach then either constipated or completely the opposite in the same day. Then I started having chest pains around my heart like it was fluttering with a tightness feeling then real bad abdominal pains for a couple weeks with a sharp pain under my right rib cage. I've had my vision to be blurry but the worst is probably the headaches that come out of nowhere it seems like if I mess with an area where I've got a rest I can taste it in my mouth like it's an infection or something almost like if you touch one spot on your body you'll feel it in another I know that sounds weird and I'm not completely crazy LOL and I'm not the perfect in shape 40 year old either but my health has deteriorated tremendously the past three months. I've went to two Hospital one of them being a Vanderbilt and their light take a treat you unless they see something or they got to know what they're treating I'm like that's what the hell I'm here for for you to tell me but they just you off and I don't have any insurance anymore at the moment and this is put me pretty much out of work so I can't afford another doctor so I don't know what to do. I've even tried vinegar I've done the Candida diet I have a pumpkin seeds I took pinworm treatment and scabies and no luck yet

Sep 15, 2017
Itchy skin, fiberous material found on skin, etc.
by: sfguybryan

I began noticing itchy skin a few years ago, went to the doctor, did the whole scabies, body lice, etc. treatments, only to still have this condition on-going today. I got so sick and tired of being told "nothing's there", "dermatitis", "It's all in your head... psychosis", and every other insulting mis-diagnosis that I, and lots of others have gotten over the years.

So, I started doing my own research, gathering as much information on these symptomatic things as possible. Some of this information that I discovered along the way helped me to cancel out previous theories and speculations. And, even though I can't put a name on this condition, I do know one thing that is very certain, and that I'd like every doctor who dismissed my symptoms as "foolish" or "only in your head" to know...


I do believe that we have encountered a new pathogen that is unknown in the medical field. Own up to this unknown organism, instead of arrogantly misdiagnosing their patients with these symptoms, leaving them feeling foolish and borderline crazy. Working together, the cure can be more attainable than working against those who are afflicted.

I read many of the articles and findings on Morgallans Disease, and although some of my findings are overlapping with these symptoms, I'm not sure that these are one in the same. From person to person, each seems different yet consistently inconsistent.

The basic black specks are there. I'm not sure if this is the origin of everything else that follows, though. I was bound and determined to discover why I was itching when nothing seemed to be there. So, I bought a jeweler's loupe (magnifying glass), and each time I itched and scratched, I looked under my fingernails with the loupe to see what was there. This is not for the faint-hearted, as I found MANY things you would never expect to see under your nails.

The itching is the worst because it almost always seems to be present, somewhere on your body. Four or five o'clock in the morning especially seems to be their activity time. I wake up clawing myself everywhere.

I would also see mostly black (sometimes blue, green, red, aqua) colored fiberous threads, lots of what appeared to be lint balls, stick figured animal-like organisms, what appeared to be underdeveloped ant-like creatures or wasp-like creatures with six and eight legs as well as antennae. Each creature has a certain area of the body in which they are more prominent than others, yet they all caused the sane frustrating itching and biting sensations.

As I observed these creatures more and more, how they could reproduce so quickly, and do so on what I would have thought was clean and bug-free, healthy skin, having just showered, just baffled me. I also discovered another black fiber with indentations similar to the ant-like creatures I was finding. It wasn't until I observed even more closely that these black fiberous threads were tiny clippings of my own hair, but the indentations were being created by an even smaller organism which is opaque and almost invisible that wrapped itself around the hair clipping (giving the clippings of hair the appearance of having indentations; created by the appendages of these organisms clinging to the hair). For a lack of better terms, it looked like a gummy bear with its arms outstretched.

These organisms are prominent in every crease and fold of skin. When you shower, they quickly repopulate your clean skin by coming out of hiding from your mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and every other orifice of your body. This is the opaque ant-like or spider-like organism with
the sensation of something running up or down a part of your body. Their tentacle-like projections allow them to "swim" around your body, over and through your oily skin.

Each time I have read another article on this topic, I can relate to the person more and more, but seems to have been written long ago. I hope that everyone who is seeking help with this devastation of unknown origin finds some solace that you are not alone, and that by speaking up with your experience is going to be the catalyst that helps to find the cure.

Aug 30, 2017
Additional Links as per comment below
by: Sarah



Aug 30, 2017
Interesting Info
by: Sarah

Hi, I posted a comment below back in March, and have since been doing quite a bit of research on my own, as still battling with this condition. The post below by invisible plague I believe to be very spot on. Have a look at the info I found on http://www.parasitetesting.com/black_specs_faq.cfm.
I've sifted through heaps of websites and info, and this seemed to be the most helpful for me. I hope it helps you too.

Aug 29, 2017
Black specks
by: Dk

I also am seeing these black specks. I use a thick ointment on my legs and after a few minutes I see more black specks. It's almost as if the ointment smothers whatever it is and Brings it to the surface These specks don't move. I never see anything moving on my skin.

Aug 18, 2017
RE: Post. By invisible plague on July 11,2017
by: Jules

Regarding the post made by "invisible plague" on July 11, 2017.
I have been dealing with this condition for a few years now, and would like to compliment you on your post.

Your research is spot on, and you included everything relevant to this specific "plague". I've read thousands of posts about this, but none anywhere near as comprehensive or articulate as yours.

Thank you taking the time to share your conclusions on this issue.

Jul 31, 2017
hives? black specks
by: martin creasy st.louis.,mo.

hi I came across this doing research for horrible itching, boils from scratching started couple weeks ago was told several years ago that I have MS, and RA.every summer since has been worse and worse,now heat not bad for short periods but sun/heat feelslike imin an ant hill or allergic tomy own sweat.went to walgreens and purchased a Epsom salt soak and cream for itchiong.soaked no big relief,dried off put creamon arms legs,ect.was getting ready for bed not even 3 minutes later and both my legs and arms felt like was vibrating being attacked by uncountable amount of fleas!!!
sat down in disbelieve, it slowly subsided when I looked closer hundreds on each limb tiny black non moving specks thousands in all .I wont lie no reason had same job for over 25 years,intelligent 53 yrs old I do use amphetamine occasionally I puzzled did the cream pull lithium out of my pores?i noticed when the cream soaked in and the skin started to tighten back up and dry that the specks hardened.i don't know what it is but know its not scabies,body lice,or anything I have ever heard about and I read a lot alwasys have I know more about useless stuff then ten people iknow. thecream itch-xben alchohol,pramoxine hci 1%

Jul 11, 2017
black specs, fungal infections, reduced immunity etc
by: invisible plague

So I will admit only read 20 or so comments. Have been afflicted by the invisible biting plague, no one else in house affected. Relentlessly researched these B**tards night and day looking for answers and their archilles heel (its dehumidifiers, iodine, zinc, magnesium, vit b, vit c,spicy foods, sulphur, salt, essential oils and rubbing alcohol/metholated spirits). Basically what I have come to understand is we are being parasitized by microscopic insects, mine personally are bird mites (microscopically identified and then verified) 3 species and seemingly an entourage of hangers on like tiny fruit flies, tiny moths, springtails (briefly) the list goes on (different people have different insects plaguing them, some flies, some worms, some mites). These micro insects use chemical messages and work cooperatively they usually target females (pheromones and scent), people with already low immunity either autoimmune or ill in some way, and people with fungal infections. Almost all humans harbour small amounts of candida that their immune system keeps in check, however modern life has consequences... the rampant antibiotic use, birth control pills, high sugar diets, intestinal parasites, prolonged stress, lack of sleep the list goes on and on. These all reduce our health and immune systems allowing this opportunistic fungus to grow and take hold, it causes an exhaustive list of symptoms depending on what part of the body it colonizes, mine personally were reoccurring thrush and athletes foot. Its reached epidemic proportions eg; one scientific paper postulated 80% of the us population has candida/fungal overgrowth infections. So these micro insects are attracted to and have symbiotic relationships with fungus (Aspergillus 'mold', Sporotrichosis 'gardeners disease', Tinea corporis 'Ringworm' Tinea pedis 'athlete's foot' ETC) similar for ex humans and gut bacteria, we depend on our gut flora to break down and help us digest food and obtain nutrients from it. So these things are attracted to people that have lowered immunity and fungal infections, they choose a preferred host, every time they bite you they release saliva or chemicals that suppress your immune system, they also chemically tag you with a non species specific pheromone (hence the bug entourage) to signal you are the preferred host (party location) come feed here, in this way they cooperate to prevent their food source, your blood, attacking them. They also release substances that prevent your blood clotting as easily, so your wounds wont heal or do so very slowly, (paint wounds with betadine) these smart and lazy insects will find a preexisting wound with feeding tubes to use than make new ones. These things thrive and breed in humid warm conditions 19-25degrees celsius, firstly invest in a dehumidifier (or 3) immediately and run it night and day, no heating or very little in winter or air conditioning in summer. you will notice an immediate decrease in activity. If you are a researcher like me buy a microscope to identify your enemy! or catch samples on lint rollers or tape and then go to your local university and find a student entomologist who will help you to identify it. (note picking them out of skin to view thru microscope doesnt work, they are too obscured by skin cells or crushed/sqaushed making identification difficult to impossible, tho if your game for nightmares hold a finger under the scope very very still and look under your nails). Dont expect treatment or info from the medical community, its a waste of hope money and time and could leave you tagged in the mental health system. They probably wont believe you and will try to medicate you believing theyre helping you. theyve dropped the ball on this and are grossly undereducated on parasites (there seems to be some kind of delusion parasitical infections are 3rd world problems only). youll have more luck with an open minded or sympathetic vet, they deal with mange, fleas ticks etc daily. Or farmers lol, they drench sheep cattle and pretty much all livestock (funny we treat our pet cats/dogs and our livestock cows/sheep for parasites as its a given, but not humans!!?? seems flawed). remove carbs and processed foods from diet, cut down and eliminate sugar, yes its hard we are all addicted and its tougher to quit than cocaine! Just console yourself its only for a few months, my saving grace has been xylitol in coffee (google it). become like a crazied new age hippy Start detoxing, colon cleanses, enemas, DRINK MORE FILTERED WATER, bentonite clay, diatomaeous earth, activated charcoal, spirulina, juices, chelate heavy metals from your system, start taking zinc, b group vits, vitc, lugols iodine, raw garlic, basically say sorry to your body for being a white girl wasted, party hard raver and trashing it your whole life. bathe everyday in epsom salts 1-2 cups and scrub your skin, get lime and sulphur the vets use for mange and bathe in it few times a week (alternatively be cheap like me and buy it from the garden store and figure out the ratios for strength). in particular for mites, cedarwood essential oil, buy it in bulk half litres mix with furniture oil and rub into wood furniture, put it in clothes wash, mix with isopropal alcohol higher than 91% spray down your ceilings and walls (ventilate well WEAR A PROPER MASK), also orange essential oil is a insect growth regulator thats not a toxic insecticide, these things get immune to chemicals super quick, they evolve like some kind of mutant unkillable super insect race. they cant get immune to sulphur. or salt. anyways thats my rant theres loads more but I gotta go, take responsibility for your own health and life, research find evidence, talk to people read up. Dont let depression and victim mentality grip you so tightly that suicide seems viable. This is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of, it seems no one can help.. you think its contagious, even trying to explain it makes you appear mentally unstable, Know that youre not alone, there are thousands of others silently tormented, embarrassed, trivialized by doctors. Global warming is causing an increase in cases it will just get more and more prevalent. In the future we will be vindicated, not as delusional unstable hypochondriacs but the first ones to experience research understand and devise comprehensive treatment for microscopic insect and fungal parasitation that leaves you with a healthly immune system at the end. Spread love not bugs

Jul 09, 2017
Starting to get my life back
by: Springtail collembolas

There are several different types of the column bolus and if you think you see things flying by you they jump they have tails on them that are very long that almost look like a thin piece of hair or Fiber almost which is where the little Fiber things that you see are coming into play and they use those to push themselves and jump and they can jump few feet in the air they small as a pinhead and be much bigger than that

Jul 09, 2017
Starting to get my life back
by: They are Springtail Collembolas

I have been battling these tiny black specks for almost 2 years now I'm covered in sores and scars I don't even want to leave the house anymore I find little white lint looking things before the outbreak of the tiny black specks a lot of people have noticed that they are around where you find mold and yes that is true I finally got one big enough and got a magnifying glass app on my cell phone and got a very clear picture of these little things they are actually called Spring tail column bolus they are not considered an insect they are the ancestor of fleas and mites they have been around for forever AR an anthropod they are everywhere they are on everyone they are everywhere outside but they like places that have mold and any type of leaky faucets and water damage. they get into the air ducts and for some reason still unknown only certain people are affected by them I seem to be the only one in the house out of 5 that is affected by them I have recently started using Cedarwood oil after doing much research and have actually noticed a difference if you look up springtail column bolus it will give you all the information that you need to treat these things you can actually order pesticide Offline that farmers use to keep them off their crops and off of their horses there are more and more studies coming about of these things and they are finally starting to realize that people are being affected buy these vermin's. A Doctor doing a study on them recently took skin samples out of 10 people who have been diagnosed with it all being in their head and having mental issues and 8 out of the 10 people had these little parasites on their skin in their skin I hope I have helped some of you but that is exactly what these little things are and I wish everyone luck and hope you get your lives back. Another thing that seems to help my skin that I just recently started doing and should have been doing all along is going to the tanning bed and since it's summer get in a swimming pool and just soak in the water

May 20, 2017
Bob and others
by: Jackie

I also had some back surgeries and now I am finding little black specks all over me I have picked at them, to find a small triangular shaped bug parasite they can be very itchy at times I found one thing that helped I'm a fish lover so there's this medicine for the fish for parasites and it's called copper safe anyhow I filled up the tub and put about a half a bottle in mind you this is a big bottle I got a shower to get the parasite medicine off of me I must have had a couple hundred in my bath water. Now mind you they are triangular shaped and dark to look at I have pulled a few out of me a few days I ended up with a large hole in my skin this type of parasite goes through three stages and this is very grotesque this is only stage 1 they will grow to look like a stick a little under a half an inch long stage 2 and finally stage 3 now this really flips me out I am starting to find green hairs under my skin and most of them will turn into sores big ones so for now it looks like I have worms I'm not sure about stage 4 yet but the green hairs you will see them, as you said maybe it's population control or something. doctor's don't have a clue is this malpractice. I've even put a few of the bugs in pill bottles and show them to my doctor my doctors seem like they did not want to have anything to do with them almost as if they were afraid so strange anybody else have anything to compliment about this

May 15, 2017
by: Tsmom

Some call what we have morgellons but i can tell you sea salt was working wonders and actually felt healed but my dog and children have this there symptoms my sons hair was glisting silver hairs and white coating on face i been getting silver hairs but there arent mine these things love to make or hid in lint they also mutate and the fibers hairs all over my home hair in dryer o gosh the black shirts out the washer i want to throw away my pillows are in plastics and beds will be soon to since these auckers dont like sea salt hoping to go in ocean with airtank to breath like squba or watever and stay under long but as for my dog and babies still washing in sae salt chnging bedding frequent and sartting to drop clothes for laundry mat to so it my mom wants me to go to labcore am scared to be quarente lol but i have a question for everyone so you have 24/7 aircraft activity randomly or very often where you are and they fly very low and also theres aomething called aquabatrium not sure thats how its speeled but google what causes tumors in plants then you will get the word and the google what happens when found in humans .........dna transfer and yes they are taking over my body hairs that arent mine skin growth on sides and around nails tpes and fingers not mine and when trying to hold my self under in bath these suckers make it hard our skin has like a yeast or some type biofilm of white and our hairs silver yea my 5 year old and my dog is going from golden to white

Apr 26, 2017
Black specks
by: Tim

It's scabies. My brother just was released from prison and spread them to my household. Doctors confirmed it.

Apr 20, 2017
Black Specks and pain meds
by: Bobby K

Hi, I just replied to a comment,and was thinking. I have had a couple back surgeries and am on and habeen on pain Meds and anxiety meds Methadone in pill form (they are using that a lot nowdays) and Xanax. Is or do any others take similar? I am thinking they are dulling my immune system. Just a thought, I have been fighting this for about4 years.

Apr 20, 2017
Black specks
by: Bobby K

We also have the Glittery things which I assume are egg or particles from shell. I DONT KNOW. I have bites all over my arms. I did manage to capture one yesterday. Looks like a very small ant six legs and antennae but hard to see it is so small.
Call me crazy but I am not sure this isnt a part of "chemical warfare" because as many people are popping up with it but dermotogists, Dr's dont have a clue.

Apr 20, 2017
Black specks
by: Chhhhh

I too have black specks along with cherry things on my body. I also have glitter specks everywhere. The doctors said maybe scabies but didn't know please help.

Mar 09, 2017
Does any one ealse:???
by: Kandi from Arkansas

contact me at Poxiisanime@gmail.com
So I as well am dealing with the infernal black specks. Now either I did something that has caused an even odder problem. So please tell me if anyone else is going through it.
I get hard pimple like spots that get harder and bigger. At first Dr's though exsima, and gave me lotion for that which i used religiously and showered 3 times a day. They stopped bothering me and it appeared the spots were going away. I stopped using the lotion because of an oddity the bumps came back and then popped. Expelling several black, red, white, tan, dots, along with white blue pink fuzz like fibers. Now okay Pop is seriously disturbing but that not the worst. Before it pops I get a knot in the the back of my thought. Kinda feels like eating a cotton ball, then an odd foul smell like soured stake. Then a very fast thunk sound around me. Intense itching follows I look and my clothes are littered with fuzz ball varying in size from flea to house fly size. as well as this super sticky plasma gunk explosion of several of the dots and the spot it bombs out of tiny sand like specks are every where. I have discovered that sitting in direct sunlight causes them to ex-spell themselves. I don't know if it making it worse or not but I sunbathe for a minimum of 2 hours a day dressed in tank top, thick hoodie, and completely covered legs. then I take a hot shower or bath and rinse off with Luke-warm water. And don't experiences any itching for the rest of the day. I don't know it its making it worse but i have 2-3 weeks of it then no skin irritation black specks or other signs. I get almost 2 months reprieve then all over again.

Mar 05, 2017
A familiar mystery
by: Sarah

It appears I am another "crazy" one to experience these familiar symptoms which I have been battling now for the past 6 months. I simply do not even bother with Doctors or explain to anybody as it get me more down and frustrated than I already am. I am starting to heal but now left with many scars from the sores over my arms and legs where I have painstakingly and patiently removed millions of little black specs/particles from my skin. Once they are removed completely, the area then heals. I call it "Prickle Patrol Duty". I have had to wear arm socks everywhere I go in Australian summer heat as the area I am most infected is the inner side from elbow - giving the appearance that I am an intravenous drug user - which I am not. Literally, one tiny spot of a sore when pierced and the hair follicle is removed produces the excretion of thousands upon thousands countless black specs/ spores/ particles - whatever they are. It never ceases to absolute amaze me. My technique is to rub them out with Paw Paw Ointment or Bio Oil to reduce scarring. My favourite comment is that it's just dried blood! Seriously!

I definitely think that it was triggered by my low immunity - i.e. to host whatever parasite it is. Also, a swab confirmed that I had Staph in the sores when at their worst, although now that part was treated successfully with anti-biotics. The black specs however still remained.

The KEY I believe to finding the answer is to examine the clues that have lead up to this happening. I was transforming an old garden untouched for over a decade when all this started, hence I thought I had a reaction to a plant where tiny little spores - similar to what you see on a cactus were stuck in my skin. I was getting an extremely bad HIVE reaction to a particular plant called Bromileads. Secondly, I was taking time off work during this time for depression and started taking anti-depressants for the first time in my life. I have since stopped these as following this treatment I developed carpal tunnel syndrome where the pain and pins and needles in my arms and hands were unbearable. I thought the medication could have been linked with the onset of this condition. With chiropractic treatment I got better from this within 4 weeks. The night before the sores emerged I remember waking up in a nightmarish state where it felt like the insides of my arms were being pulled / dragged / ripped out. It was extremely agonising and an uncomfortable sensation that I have never felt before. Something was travelling through my system.

I stopped all medication prescribed from Doctors and prefer to use natural remedies and take high grade Vitamin C, Magnesium and anti-allergic herbal medicine. I could be here all day to tell my story as it really has been such an ordeal that no one understands and I hope one day soon it will be over.

Mar 01, 2017
by: Mama G

Been inflicted for years..its fungal..man made..in our food water and air..can infect all beings..detox..parasite cleanse..candida cleanse..its a carb fungus..eat raw foods..know ur source..its from gmo's ...protien..again ck ur source...get off sugary foods..commercial foods..it feeds on carbs and sugar..sea salt baths..teatree oil..clove..eat raw garlic 2-3 cloves a day..nature anti all...dont despair...kick that fungus out of town!!!

Feb 11, 2017
Blank Spots
by: Sue

I have the same problem but i pick at mine that's when I see a small black dot an brush it off, but by doing that i leave a hole in my skin from where it was. Then i will see linss on my skin an it will bruise up an move to the closes vein, my skin has wrinkled up an they try to live in there, i have done everything to the place to get rid of any bugs even myself, i do have a thyroid problem i have to see my GP bout but it's aged me with my skin

Jan 21, 2017
Tiny black spotd
by: John

I have same problem,went to medical college doc.not a Derm doc who is a money money manager who has a spa,nips it,tucks it,and changes the way we are born.There is not a lable for this fungal problem.My doc has treated over 20yrs.10+ Cases.i am on antibiotic,oral and applying product on body.please text back and will tell u the less that's really work

Dec 26, 2016
Its Scabies
by: Oh Boy

Hi everyone I did some research and its scabies. I'm researching that clove oil works.

Dec 21, 2016
Black seed like things
by: Tim

I have them as well.
Lemon juice aplied topically.
Also sqeeze a lemon into a glass. Add water.
Drink. Lemon juice will naturally level out your ph.
They all got hard and are going away. I repeated this for three days.

Dec 05, 2016
Persistent skin condition...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Lane,
My best suggestion for you would be to follow the full protocol for parasite cleansing as it has the immune boosting supplements, etc., that would give you the best chance of full recovery. However, if finances are a big issue, please at least consider the Herbal Fiberblend and Composure to get the basic help for your most pressing concerns. I do believe they will help you tremendously.

Nov 21, 2016
Eaten Alive vs. Death! Help!!!!
by: Lane Myrick

I stayed in a nursing home in 2014... my skins been eaten every since. Help! They welt up under my skin with runners. I rub aneceptic day & nights, I can't sleep! My Dr says it's anxiety after brain tumor removal!!! Please help it going on 3 yes! My face is eaten up!!!

Oct 02, 2016
Black specks
by: Andrea

There is a fungal infection called tinea. It is caused by Trichophytin infection. In the hair it is tinea capitis. It causes alopecia (hair loss), itching, scaly, sores, and can spread to other areas on the body. It is treated with antifungal creams and oral treatment. The quicker you address it, the better because it is also a type I of ringworm that can cause lesion sores on the skin in other areas on the body. The sores will have black rings around them. Other diagnosis are contact dermatitis, seborrhic dermatitis, autoimmune disease, like systemic lupus, psoriasis, and other skin problems. You should contact a dermatologists for an appt.

Sep 25, 2016
Black specks
by: Shay

Look up morgellons, chem trails, candida/mold. Get on thw King's Diet. NO SUGAR!!!! Get diatomaceou earth food grade. Drink it in clean water, use it aroynd your home, soaking in epsom salts & 20 mulw team borax and then use D.E. all over your skin multiple times in thw tub. They get the black specks up & out. Doctors will not listen ir believe you. Not interested in any of your samples. Wask linens & clothes dailt2. Clean everything! One sample made it through; black specks on a tissue from thw bottom of thw tub. They held onto it for 8 weeks. Came back as "mold" or candida. But if you watch youtube videos on chem trails and morgellons, it appears to be a man made hybrid entity. Are you sleeping or do you feel safe to sleep w/o fear of reinfestation? There are whistle blowers (scientists--insiders) who are speaking out about this. It's global.

Sep 13, 2016
Black dots in my skin
by: T Greene

I also been getting tiny black dots coming from sharp itchy spots from my skin. All parts of my body. My dr passes it off as nothing, but I know its somerhing. Unlike previous comments I cant see them on my skin. If i gently rub my itch i can feel the black dot emerge from the skin. I can then pick it from the skin. Ive bin flicking them in the toilet. Some of these black dots move quickly in a jerky motion when they hit the cold water. Only for a few seconds then they lie still. My bath water always have them floating in the water. Very annoying, freaky..

Aug 28, 2016
Careful with the turpentine...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Ann,
I wouldn't recommend the turpentine treatment. It can be okay in very small doses but I'm afraid some people get carried away in their desperation and expose themselves to far too much chemicals that can end up being toxic and make them worse off than before.

Remember that your skin absorbs all of these chemicals and they get into your bloodstream.

My suggestion for you would be to try the parasite cleansing protocol that I outlined in detail. Addressing the issue from the inside out is usually the way to get the best long-lasting results.


Aug 27, 2016
Black specks onmy ski
by: Stacey Conkle

I just got home from the beach but I have these black spots that are burning itching tunneling and tunder my skin a sore will appear without me that I don't know how I got it I just got back from the beach and now my heads itching real bad I went to the beach and on the airplane and it seem like it brought all of them up to the surface so I need to find out what this is and how to treat it

Aug 25, 2016
tiny black bugs
by: Ann

I've been finding these tiny black bitey things that look like specks of dirt. The actually "absorb" into things (sheets, wood,etc) and skin. I finally found out my 50 year old sewer has collapsed. I'm hoping when it's fixed,it will take care of the problem. I spend most of my day treating the "bites" on me & one of my dogs. My other dog & cat, don't seem as affected by them. They are very strange, cos I feel something biting, look where it is & there is something that looks like dirt or tiny pieces of wood. When I wipe them off, there's a tiny red spot on my skin. If I don't feel the them, later a black thing the same shape will be under my skin. I have been to doctors and dermatologists who treat me for pretty much what all of you have said- scabies, lice, dermatitis, etc., but they don't clear up completely. I've used tea tree oil full strength, sulfur soap, 91%alcohol, benydryl, permethrins, etc. & still have them. I AM a sugar-aholic & wonder if that's it, but its hard not to eat sugar these days, it's in everything. It's just one more wearing thing wrong with my already disabled body. I've tried most your suggested treatments. I haven't yet used old fashioned turpentine. It is the most annoying, time-wasting skin disorder than I ever would have imagined could be. Mosquito bites are nothing compared to these nuisances. Thanks for all your posts & ideas.

Aug 14, 2016
Black specks
by: R Phillips

Black specks could be bird mites. It has been so warm this year, bird mites and lice have populated, more than usually. Wild birds have brought them, you don't have to any birds of your own just trees close enough to your house for the over abundance of birds. These things when small look like small black specks. They get under your nails, in your nose, hair, eyebrows, lashes, and other places.
You have to have professional treatment of your living space if this is the case and no doctors do not know what they are dealing with, most deal only with human head lice and scabies, which these are not. I am not myself even sure who to get to help, besides spraying your living space, washing clothes, bedding and vacuuming...it is a battle, not easily won, according most pest control people, they even say it is a bad bug...because of their size and populating quickly if not stop soon enough. Good luck

Aug 13, 2016
tiny black specks
by: bill

a way to get rid od these is keep using vavoline oil and put over skin and let it soak for awhile and then wipe off with soft cloth or paper towels a lot of them specks come out will have to wok at this several time but does work getting them out of body Soaking in hot water also brings them out Haven,t found cure and the Drs just don,t know answer!!

Jul 23, 2016
Never say 'BUG'!
by: Diane Snowden

My story is quite complicated/ lengthy and it has taken me over 3 years to convince these doctors that I believe it's a parasitic infection
To begin with the symptoms are as follows bumps on my head Skout it and then appeared to have a scab on top of them when you go to pick the scab off it disappears I did have lesions they call it at one time but what it boils down to is it begun with a bump quite large bump on the back of my head which was soft to the touch somewhat. I am a caregiver for my mother and I also live with her almost 3 years ago she called nine-one-one and told them I was running around the house screaming and yelling and had a knife in one hand and a scissors in the other. EMS proceeded to pick me up admit me to St Francis Hospital where I refuse to do a UA because the minute they heard that I said I had bugs crawling all over me they interpreted that as me being a drug user. Anyway with a lot of begging my PCP doctor I got the medication I requested which was Amoxicillin and prednisone that started the ball rolling and from there albenza was also prescribed an awesome 3 combination with the use of my camera I can see what no doctor can see my hair follicles jet black and black specks on my scalp very tiny microscopic black hairs come out on my on my body along with black specks the size of bed bugs look like bed bugs on the bottom of my feet hair fibers of color sometimes green sometimes blue that come out of my neck and arms. Larvae coming out of my head black it's feeling like it does when you have head lice and actual insects even protruding through my skin they are in color of yellow and black

Jul 18, 2016
Forgot a few things
by: Jen

Sorry I didn't mean to post my last post twice!!! Sorry guys...
Real quick I wanted to add that I live in Pennsylvania, I saw someone post that they think PA is common with a lot of us. I have a dog (which I noticed the black dots on recently) I have a bird and cat. I've had all these animals for years and my symptoms started somewhat recently so I don't think it was from them. I've felt these "things" in my mouth, eyes, ears and pretty much every area of my body. I've only seen these tourtous things one time move. My doc said he wanted me to put the premetrin cream over one small area where I was having the picking sensation. I put the cream over an area on the palm of my hand where it felt like a tiny sword was going in my hand and out comes this little black dot that was moving super fast all over the palm of my hand!!! I know it's hard to believe but my husband was there and saw the whole thing and was completely shocked!!! Any other time I've seen them they do not move. I'm so happy this page exists so that we can lean on one another and talk without judgement!!!

Jul 18, 2016
Missed diagnosed with morgellons?
by: Jen

So I have been suffering with all these symptoms like everyone on here. Everything started with me about 1 1/2 years ago. I remember this one night when I first started having symptoms, it was one of the worst nights of my life. I drove my self to a hospital in the middle of the night in a snow storm!!! I went to the ER begging for something to help me. I didn't sleep for days and days everything all of a sudden got horribly unbareable. The ER doc said there is no way he could give me anything to treat my symptoms, just a Valium to help me sleep and calm down. A few days later everything subsided and I didnt have any issues for about 6 months then all of a sudden it came back with vengeance!!!! I was just about to turn 30, just got married, was in the process of buying my first home, these should've been the happiest days of my life and all I did was wake up and beg that God would take me because I could not bare the torture of these symptoms any longer. I can't even tell you how many times I seriously thought about suicide!!! I'm not a depressed person but, this, whatever it is will destroy your whole being, chew you up ( literally ) and spit you out. I felt like a totally different person, very secluded, insomnia followed by extreme ehaustion, depression, agitation, I didn't enjoy my life any longer. At this point I was researching and researching going to the dermatologist every other week when it would flare up (it never stopped completely, I would just get not so bad days and I want to die days) the dermatologist just kept giving me rx after rx of premetrin (sp?) cream. I would get a few days of feeling good and then I would start right back up again. I couldn't take it anymore i went to the hospital for the scold time, they told me to go my dermatologist and have biopsy to test for mites. The biopsy came back with folliculitis and dermatitis. But what is causing this I asked them and they had no idea, maybe the permethrin cream they said. Still not satisfied I went to an infectious disease doctor. I thought here it is I will finally finally find out what is going on. He spent an extremely long time in the room with me. Going over and over my symptoms looking at my body where the lesions were. His end conclusion was either morgellons or delusional parascitic disprder. I left in tears and went to my primary care doctor. I told him I wasn't convinced that was what I had. I begged him for help and finally he gave me an oral medication Albenza. When he saw the marks on my back he told me there's something causing this, it's not you picking or scratching at your skin because it was in places I couldn't reach on my back. The Albenza Is one single pill, one dose. The first night I was in worse shape than before taking it. I missed 3 days of work because the exhaustion was unbareable I was falling a sleep at my desk and even driving. Within a few days I noticed improvement, each day was getting better than the last. It was gradual but noticeable. I slept on my leather couch for 6 months so that I could wipe it down and wash the one blanket I slept with daily. I washed any and everything I wore in hot water and dryer at the highest temp. I even washed my sneakers, washed makeup brushes. When I say everything I mean anything that touched me. I thought finally I was done with this and last weekend at an outside picnic it started up again out of the blue. I went right home and showered and I noticed these teeny tiny light brown bugs on my shower curtain. After the shower when I was putting lotion on they were all over my hands stuck to the lotion. I don't understand why some people have issues and others don't. My husband had never had one symptom that I had. Maybe it's autoimmune?? Maybe our bodies let in things that it shouldn't??? I took another pill and the first night I felt 90% better this wasn't like the first time. Probably because I took it at the first sign of it coming back. The symptoms I have and had are: stinging / picking sensations on my skin (it could happen anywhere on my body, even on my scalp in in my head), little black specks either oval or round, a feeling of spider webs on my skin, have extremely fine white and black fibers on my skin, I even had things come out of my skin that were long hair like things that were almost as long as my head hair!!! I would put lotion on my skin and they would slowly work their way out of my skin. I feel movement under my skin and on my skin. My joints would get very tight and then crack.

When I was reading up online I came across hook / pin worms!!! That can cause the black specks and also folliculitis if untreated for a long time! I think the infectious disease doc misdiagnosed me with morgellons. I think I had some type of hook worm and that's why the oral parasitic med worked for me. If it's not hook worms maybe it's dermodex mites. Maybe our skin doesn't recognize these things as forgin bodies because of an autoimmune issues?? I cannot believe these doctors!!! They make you feel like you are insane!!

I tried all of the following things: I bathed in Clorox, laundry powder, took an array of crazy supplements, herbal colon cleanse, I even went as far as ordering a electronic parasite zapper online. Nothing works except the oral medication. I wish I had an easy answer for my self and everyone on here. Someone needs to help us.

Jun 17, 2016
reply to william king
by: dawn

It seems like some sort of mite that isn't well understood yet. My daughter just contracted this while in school in Manhattan.
She has started Neem treatments. Neem baths, neem ear drops, neem soap & lotion.
I am hopeful it will help but it is too early to tell.
She went to the doctor and the doctor told her it was psychosomatic. That's doctor code for when they don't know something.
best of luck. I hope you get relief soon.

Jun 07, 2016
Herbal Fiberblend in the UK for cleansing
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi William,
Sorry to be so long in responding to your post. It sounds like what you are going through is really taking its toll on you. I really wish you could follow the cleansing protocol that I suggest for people in your situation. I truly believe it would help you greatly.

Most of the items on the list are available in the UK, but the Herbal Fiberblend is not one of them, though it is the most important on the list. I'd have to have that sent to you from our SA office if you are willing to follow the protocol and give it a try. It's the best suggestion I can make for you.

I wish you all the best on whatever path you take.

May 20, 2016
Black Specks eating me
by: william king

Im 54 living in UK Liverpool i have a disability so my immune system is shot however this nightmare is the worst health issue i have ever had to endure especially as doctors here cannot understand what is causing my symptoms.
I am far from crazy never taken illicit drugs use very little pharmacutical drugs do not drink or smoke and look after myself .

About three months ago i began to feel my skin tingling then i started to feel my skin crawl and at night i could feel things going up my nose and my eyes began to get sore around the eyelids then i noticed my backside was being attacked by something , i took images on my phone to show the doctor but he was not sure about what i was showing , i suppose he thought i had debrit around the rectum but i can assure you it was not fecaes.

Then after a while i felyt my hair crawling then my neck got spots and sores so much so i wanted to squeeze them but nothing came out just hard little red lumps / spots i noticed them on my legs and around my abdomen and neck my legs are or were hairy until i shaved every hair off my body because i thought these could be attracted by hair folicles .

That never worked neither did the numerous tubes of permethrin 5% w/w/ cream i have plastered myself in that toxic cream but they still come back out to play on my body the next day after showering i cleaned myself scrubbing every area of my body but i still see little black specks embedded into the skin around my rectum then a few weeks ago my bowels would just start as soon as i woke i would need to run to the lavatory because my stomach felt like it was going to explode , not diharea just fast loose stools that shoot out like theyre being pushed out then when i wipe my backside i find these tiny microscopic black egg like particles around my backside when i wipe like they are coming out of me.

The camera does not lie and i have images but my doctor cannot agree as he really cannot understand what is going on, they were all in the sheets but they dont move they just sit there like a tiny black egg it is like some kind of horror movie and it will never end , i threw my beds out boiled my clothes covered myself in permethrin then slept in a clean new sleeping bag only to feel them alive at night tingling on my skin crawling up my nose in my ears and eyes.

I washed the sleeping bag in boiling water the following day and hung it out on the washing line and as it started to dry i looked at it and could see these tiny black specks coming through the material they are so small small as a pin head but if you manage to put one between your thumb nails and press hard they make a cracking sound and squish as though theyre flesh inside this hard black egg ? it is freaking me out now and just recently my base of my spine started to feel numb and my right leg has gotten weaker aswell as my calf muscle swelling up then going down like something is attacking me at all angles what on earth is this and why are the medical profession ignoring the fact that it is really harming me so much so that i feel i cannot go on like this and i mean that 100% its like a torture.

If anyone out there in the field of medicine ever reads this and has an answer please get in touch because i honestly feel like my body will shut down before long.

May 20th 2016

Yours sincerely

William King

EMail ; williamwindsor@ymail.com

Apr 25, 2016
Morgellons is a very hard disease
by: Miranda

It was created by man. If you goo gle "morgellon patent" you will be able to see all n a s a authors. I got it from an epilator I bought to remove the hair in my arms, apparently it was infected n returned without any advise on it. Since then I have been sick every day occupied in remove all fibers that appear on my skin.9 months and going.It grows inside you and damage your organs, tissues, etc. Only one thing works: bleach. 1:3 in water, brushed, leave it dry and then massage with germ-x with aloe. Everything comes out. I am taking antibiotics in pulse manner, alternating with homeopatic lyme drops, wormwood, paragone, parazyme, colloidal silver, and reinforcing immune system with spirulina n moringa. Antibiotics has to be calculated by your weight, one little pill don't work,it is not enough.There are 2 web pages than helped me a lot to learn n understand this horrible sickness: morgellonscure .com & morgellons-research.org
Good luck for all of us.

Apr 12, 2016
black pepper flake bugs
by: Glenda

I have these black peppere flAKE BUGS ,don't where they came from our how to get rid of them. get on face in mouth in ears ,nose privet parts help if you can

Apr 07, 2016
by: Brooklyn

Yes ok somyhead has been really itchy lately and every time I itch my head little black spot things end up in my nails, I really wha to know what this is

Mar 26, 2016
black dots.
by: Miranda

I am also going threw this i thought i had bed bugs, or flees and i stood up all night one night watching my husbands back and always see black dots on him. It makes him itch at night like crazy he scratches his head and body.. One day I stood up and felt a bite on my boob.. i got my flash light on my phone and i saw a bigger black dot. see i been trying to take pics and zoom in but i couldn't see it very well.. This one i found and took a picture of looks like a beetle that is hard and shines with flash. I tried to look online what it was but there is nothing..? I see people saying the same thing with no answers.. I am going to find out what this is and get to the bottom of this and i will repost. I have a picture of it but i do not see any button to load pictures..

Mar 23, 2016
Angie in Oklahoma
by: Paula

I would like to visit with you! Please message me if you want to talk. It would be nice to talk to someone in your home town! I am in Bethany, Oklahoma

Mar 23, 2016
specks - morgellons - lyme
by: lauren

Dear Qnsgirl -

I have had morgellons for years and never told anyone due to fear that I would be told I'm crazy. When I've gone to the ER they always treated me like I was.

98% of Morgellons sufferers also have lyme disease. Or at least will test positive for the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi or Bartonella.

Find a lyme literate doctor. Or at the very least, discussing your illness from a Lyme perspective vs. a morgellons perspective will get a doctor to listen to you.

Morgellons is treated with a combination of antibiotics (in the cycline family, make sure you're taking the correct ones); anti-parasitics, and ant-fungals. Natural herbs & enzymes are very helpful as well.

Ginger Savely is known as one of the best sources for information: http://gingersavely.com/

god bless & good luck - hang in there! find the right people to help you!

Mar 17, 2016
Possible Cure to Our Mystery Disease
by: Angie Oklahoma

Hi Everyone. I'm also a sufferer of this disease. First I want to tell everyone that YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!! My children think I am NUTS but I've accepted their opinion of me now. I have a 3month old Grandson that lives in my home. My daughter doesn't allow me to hold him and honestly I am scared to be close to him. I did give him baths and wrap him in a blanket afterwards thinking that would protect any transfer of whatever it is I have going on. Now I just stay away from him. It's too scary to risk. My son who is 2 now was the first one to get this. He had two bites on his thighs. I could see a small black speck in the center. I took him to the ER and they lanced each one open. They told me it was an infection caused by a bacteria on his skin that entered the body when he was bit. Antibiotics and a cream was sent home with us. this occurred in Nov of 2015. About 2 months ago I had little sores on my back. After soaking a few times in Epsom salt they disappeared. Then I got them on my face and that's when this horrifying adventure began.
Now I suffer from the black specks, lice egg looking things, growing silver coarse hair that at times feel like they're alive,black fibers, blue fuzzy fuzz, little stick things , white fibers, tiny almost like glass particles that all come out of the skin on my face. I put a thick layer of neosporin or bacitracin on my face and neck and after about 10 minutes these things appear out of my pores. I sit In front of my magnifying mirror and use tweezers and Qtips to remove them. Afterwards I clean the area with 90% rubbing alcohol in hopes the spots will go away. I've learned that if I don't remove the particles from the sores that will never heal. I have to continue using the salve to suffocate the pore so the particles come to the surface and I can remove them. The next morning if the spot is still sore I know that I have to do the process over until the particles are gone if not the sore will remain. One night I decided to make a chart of the particles, just to show my children that I'm not crazy. Ive told them to look up Morgellins so they might understand but I don't think they have or just refuse to discuss it with me. I've never worn makeup but now I have to use concealer and foundation to coverup my damaged skin. when I first discovered that I had to get the particle out if my skin for healing to start this is what happened. I bought the Braggs Vinegar and rubbed it all over my face. I also bought PRIM, an all natural drawing salve. After using the Vinegar I put a layer of the PRIM on my sores. I fell asleep with it on and when I woke in the middle of the night I had a big fungus looking thing that grew by my left eye. It freaked me out! I could see stick particles and black specks all inside this growth. I wiped it away with a Qtip and my skin underneath was like jelly. There was still particles I could see and feel in my skin. I went to my Moms house before my kids could see me. Both areas around my eyes were swollen, I looked horrible. In my hair line on both sides I could see these egg looking things. I thought they were lice but then I realized they were the same things that I find in my skin. My Mom doesn't see well so she couldn't see what I was frantically trying to show her. I know she thought I was nuts and I begged her to not tell anyone. A couple days went by that I stayed home, refusing to go anywhere, missing my sons games. At first I thought I didn't rinse the vinegar off and the Prim caused me to grow the fungus out of the vinegar. My eyes were swollen because I had the egg looking things inside my eyelid. I was able to remove the one on my left eye with a Qtip but the one in my right eye had already embedded itself and all that I could see was a white dot, I knew there was one under ther but I couldn't poke it with a needle. I think what happened is when I put the drawing salve on my skin after using the vinegar that it Caused a a flood of these particles to release. I couldn't remove all particles that were now under my skin right on my temples. I had to go to the ER. I've read enough articles from others to know that I would be treated like I was insane. Not only did i have the spots by my eyes , I had a huge spot that grew behind my right ear, an area I had never touched. I also had a spot on my left cheek that I hadn't messed with. I could understand the spots by my eyes because I had removed particles from those areas but not these two new spots. I took a bottle of tea tree oil to the ER in hopes I could apply it and show them what happens when they're suffocated. I explained EVERYTHING to the nurse. When the Dr came in I could tell by his smirk and the way he spoke to me that he thought I was crazy. He made me feel so stupid. I cried and told him that I knew he would treat me this way. The nurse said,so you feel bugs crawling in your skin. I said no I don't feel them.. I chose to not explain how they appear because they already had their minds set that I was delusional. Luckily I found an egg thing and I excitedly showed the Dr. He looked at it and said that looks like a scab to me. I was lost sitting in that tiny room. I wanted so much for someone to believe me. When they left I put tea tree oil in my face in hopes something would appear before they returned. I didn't have a mirror and I dare to ask so I left it alone. They returned and said they needed to lance the spot behind my ear. I asked if that's all they would do and the Dr said I could refuse treatment if I wanted. I knew he had to do it or it wouldn't heal. I never saw behind my ear to remove the particles myself or I would have!! I asked the nurse what they thought it was and she told me it was Staph with a no question attitude in her voice. The nurse that released me looked at my forehead and questioned what I had. I told her that I have bugs in my skin but they didn't believe me, she was nice and said its probably because they can't see them. They left a packing in in the hole behind my ear and told me to come back to have it re packed. I did two days later because the spots near my eyes were now infected and the spot in my cheek was hard. I couldn't take care of them by myself so again I had to go to ER and have the spots lanced. A different Dr during the day and he came in the room 4 different times and stuck each spot with a needle twice to numb me. He wouldn't return to my room while I was still numb and kept numbing me over and over again. I felt like I was in a horror movie with a pysco Dr. Finally my daughter walked in and he decided it was time to lance them. He wanted me to return the next morning but I refused. Since then I have made sure not to sleep overnight with a salve on my face that draws them out!!! I was so glad to find all of your comments. I knew I wasn't alone in this but to actually let all of this out has been a much needed desire. This isn't something you can tell just anyone. I've read a lot about this but to hear all of your stories is a miracle to me. Especially the lady with the crazy silver hair!! Thank you all for your honesty. I know my post was extremely long and I apologize but it's done me wonders to let it out. My son recently had a tick in top of his head that my daughter pulled off. When they're in your hair the bite pusses and is crusty until it heals. A few nights ago I looked at it closely and saw a huge scab with dark spots. I removed the scan to discover the little eggs things in his hair follicles. I've tried to salve them over to suffocate them but having a hard time getting them out. There's five different hair follicles that have them in it. I read about hair follicle disease and thought maybe that is what we have. There's one that causes staph in the follicle. When I looked at pictures of staph there is a tiny dark spot in each infection. This doesn't explain the fibers or the eggs or the black specks that I have. Also... This may sound crazy and a bit off but take it into consideration please. This is a new disease or whatever you may call it. I've read it's probably been around for a decade or so. This just a thought, possibly a glimpse of hope into discovering the cause of our problem. My front load washer had a funky smell even after I ran the special cleaner through it. I looked behind the rubber gasket in the door and saw what looked like brown mildew growing in there. I wiped it away with alcohol. Then looked behind the plastic ring and saw more gunk. I used a Qtip to remove all the gunk and as I did I saw tiny black specks and fibers just like the ones I have. Maybe these washers are growing something inside them that doesn't get rinsed out of our clothing . Maybe the ingredients in the soap and fabric softener are causing this??? I know there's been conventions held for people with this to meet and discuss and I know there's been professors from a college here in Oklahoma there to discover a connection between us sufferers. This is just an idea I had because of the blue fuzzy fuzz I've found and the fibers. It's not fun having to feel an itch or a sharp pain in your skin and see a particle that released out of you that you have no idea what it is!! Let's all work together to figure this out so that our lives can be normal again!!!

Feb 18, 2016
Black specs & horrible itching
by: Marsha

I know what everyone is going through.... this is miserable! We have had for over 4 years to the point it is sooo deep in our skin, with countless bacterial infections. Been there done that with the Dermatologists! Of Course, it's all in our HEADS! Bologny, Bologny! They need to go back to school and research results of a person having
RINGWORM OF THE BODY after 4 to 5 years with NO RELIEF in sight!
I finally had a Nurse Practitioner listen to me and read the article below:


The only thing that works is TERBINAFINE 250mg oral tablets or TERBINAFINE FUNGUS CREAM (Walmart Brand in Foot Aisle, with Terbinafine as the ingredient, no others!)
I hope this helps anyone suffering... I had it so bad I had literally scratched the top layer of my skin off from itching so bad. Good Luck!!!

Feb 15, 2016
by: CDD

I've been battling this problem with these black dots that even get into my clothes and are impossible to get out. The clothes eventually dry rot. These black dots itch horribly and sometimes sting like a wasp. I have been to multiple doctors who treat me like I'm delusional and need psych meds.They not only affect me but are covering my dog and driving her nuts. Someone else had asked the question about if there is mold in the house and we do have mold in a rented trailer. My problem started with this 2 years ago. I could be battling more than one issue but there is also a white film left behind (that when wet, turns to a goo).There is a black dot inside the goo. Someone help before I do need psych meds. I already have to take nerve meds from this. Please share any info you may have on this and how to get rid of it.

Jan 26, 2016
I have this too
by: R Phillips

I am from Florida, but the only thing I have in common with a lot of these people is Pennsylvania. I recently flew to NY to visit a sick friend, on my way back I had a connecting flight out of Philadelphia, I have never done this before...after I got home about a week later I started seeing these black bugs, round small slow moving, then the itching began and I too have been to two dermatologist and they would not look at anything I tried to show them and also did not hardly look at me, the diagnosed me with delusional parasitosis, and so here I am with the rest of you.

My problem began right after Novermber 21,2015 that is when I returned home and came thru Philadelphia. so I am glad I am not nuts, which I know I am not or there is a whole club of us...hope we can fix it somehow, yes I have done most of the things that all of you have done and am still doing things, it is getting better, but still not fixed...

Jan 09, 2016
Keep it simple
by: Qnsgirl

The best thing is to keep it simple. Stay away from all the forums and sites. You will drive yourself CRAZY and get more depressed. I've been going through my situation for 2 years. I'm happy to say i'm in a dormant stage now. In fact I prayed hard on this as my sister was expecting and I just became an aunt on Christmas day. Just in October/November I was in the ER in tears... praying "dear Lord...what am I going to do...how I am I going to hold my new niece"?

And he answered me. These Drs are yes...inexperienced when it comes to this.

I live in NY. In the typical old apt buildings. Roof leaks, ventilation issues, radiator leaks. I have MOLD in my apartment. I believe this is where this problem commences. At one point I thought it was BIRD MITES but I took it to numerous places and was told NOT. (I have pigeons on my balcony). In late fall I had an inspection of my apt and they found tiny GNATS? I would see these in my apt constantly and these bitches would bite me...they looked like a very very tiny "dot" though. They flew in through my window screen (I would buy a double screen at that)...and would still get in. They would sit dormant on the ceiling of my bathroom. Not sure if this was related.

I started with rashes and "pinpricks", ORANGE though, then RED, YELLOW. Drs thought I had "chiggers". The specks were kinda embedded in my skin. The last stage was the black specks 2-3 months later. Funny thing is my Yorkie had this first. We both had the black specks. Both were itching...2 years of itching. No matter how much I bathed my black tiny friends were there. One day my veins started pulsating for like 30 mins and these things were literally POPPING out of my spores...it hurt. That's when I knew this was something serious. Not a mite like people wrote. I was black and blue the next day. No dr could explain it to me.

Don't drive yourself crazy on forums. There are no doctor sites giving straight answers. I don't understand why. People are confused. Many think these are mites. Invisible bugs, collembolas, morgellans, it's really sad. It's hurtful. It's the medical community's fault. Many sites need to be shut down as some of these products are bad for you. I've tried it all being desperate and naive. My body was on fire at one point... From clorox, all types of essential oils, peroxide, vicks, borax and DE powder food grade (love love this, not my landlord though with the footprints I left lol)...I poured it ALL OVER MY FURNITURE AND APT! Goodness my poor asthma. Not great for this stuff but amazing for many things...and so many other products, blah blah blah...NONE which work. Toxic and only damages your skin. And please stay away from Sulfur Soap especially the powder! lol. My family couldn't stand me nor my dog for months! They said we smelled like rotten eggs! Oh well.

I wanted to smack the ish outta some Drs for making me cry...a*hole who didn't even take two looks at me wrote me for a psychiatrist and said I had "delusional parasitosis"...I still want to spit at him. And some make me want to get reimbursed for the gas and energy I wasted as you know and I know, you learn not to many are too savvy in this ummm errr area of expertise. Oh and please avoid the two major locations who called themselves "environmental specialist" if you're a New Yorker, AVOID AT ALL COSTS...they need their licences revoked (LI and Manhattan)...they will do NOTHING for you. One has the audacity to put they worked with "World Trade Center Victims" behind their name. I've been through it all! Spoken to all the entomologist in NY, online, you name it. HUGE disappointment.

One day I was reading something and the words rang to me "YOU HAVE TO FIND THE SOURCE". My dear friends. Yes I do believe this is fungal infection (I will tell you why)...but remember fungal feeds of of a source and the source is coming from something in your ENVIRONMENT. Makes no sense to focus on your body if you're not finding what started the problem.

I was blessed that I had an ongoing court case with the idiots in my building and repairs so things were getting fixed. I had the city inspectors on top of them. If you're rent stabilized...use it in your power. Get your apt mold tested...you will have to come out of pocket a few bucks but it's worth your health. At least you can get the city to enforce repairs. Homeowners you can hire someone...it's worth your investments.

I lived in my apt 10 years. Once I started having the leaks, aka MOLD...I started having theses "bites" and specks. Once the mold was abated...cheap Landlord style, end of last year PLUS me using NIZORAL SHAMPOO, BLACK TAR SOAP (Amazing stuff). Use both for the hair (whatever this was affected my HAIR... scalp terribly, pubic, face the most..itching, crawling), specks.
TIE YOUR HAIR WITH A SCARF when in the house and going to sleep. I don't know but this helped.,
Gold bond medicated baby powder after bathing and before bed...put some on sheets. For the skin...I LOVE Bourdreux Butt Paste! Takes the crawling feeling away, and alleviates the specks. It has ZINC OXIDE. Ketaconazol cream and Triamcinalone cream RX helped me...not necessary (I put this on my doggy)

Spray air and furniture LYSOL..toilet before you sit...chair. Spray everything with WINDEX.

Put a big garbage bag between you and your CHAIRS (wipe it down every night with clorox)...computer chair, sofa, anything. If you have a dog do the same. Spray and wipe your computer& keyboard with Lysol...buy and cover for your keyboard to avoid the specks falling in them...wipe your phone down constantly. Remember you always use these. I use to see the black specks falling on my phone. Be mindful.

When handle your clothes use gloves. Sames as your dishes. Once in a while wipe things down with a WHITE paper towel to see where you're leaving your specks. The key is to DISINFECT this area constantly. Oh and MOP MOP MOP every night with amonia, pinesol the first round, the second round with clorox.

If you have a dog...and he has the specks Antifungul shampoo and the black soap...vary it. Give him fish oil in food.

It gets draining. Alot of personal care and disinfecting but guess what? I can hold my niece <3

Oh and please get a chest mri...something recently came up. See if your's is clear. Google Sarcoidosis and Mold. Granuloma and mold. I get blurred vision, hypertension, palpitations...I foget stuff, spots in my eyes, some next level stuff. I'm a young girl. What the heck. Just in case you do. I smell a LAWSUIT! lol

Dec 28, 2015
Infested with Specks
by: Michelle Russell

I noticed a few months ago my cats had scabs on their backs and necks, despite treating them with revolution. I vacuum regularly but apparently couldn't keep up. I noticed little red dots on my skin, random places, stomach, neck, chest, back, etc. I began looking more closely at these odd white flakes that seem to not want to come off, then I saw the black specks! In bathroom or anywhere where the cats go, I noticed bloody smears. Well, yesterday I dyed my hair, and it felt like an enormous migration down my body. I now see these specks, in my car, everywhere in the house. Driving me nuts. I'm afraid I them to my family with their Christmas gifts. I did read something about NorthAmerican water fowl mites that included sparrows, starlings, and others. I will take everyone's suggestions ass how to treat myself HOWEVER what can I do for my cats? The veterinarian believes it's a flea infestation! Ha. Incredible. I called CDC today and asked if claims have been established about a bird mite epidemic and his(Tom) was No. I think I'll call the news. I also called Health commissioner office in Philadelphia and told the woman on line this will be an epidemic just like BED BUGS.
This is serious. It can't be healthy, it affects humans, felines, birds, and will it stop.
Thank you for any advice regards my cats people.

Dec 25, 2015
tiny black specs
by: bonnie

Sharon im so glad that someone else has experienced this with the black specs. I have had this problem for about 6 yrs now. The black specs come from the pores on my face & anywhere else on my body that i rub vaseline on. I used vaseline on my face in the areas where my skin was dry. After rubbing it in a few minutes tiny black specs started showing up on my skin where the vaseline was. I rubbed some more on another area on my face and watched as these black specs came out of my pores. I know it has to be some kind of mite or something because vaseline will kill bugs it suffocates them. My Dr. wouldnt look at the tape I had caught some on and he said I had parasitosis.Three Drs and not a smart one in the bunch. I had proof and I even had a jar of vaseline to show them what happens when I rub it on and they just brushed me off. So I have just been living with this problem and my skin has never looked so bad than it has since this started. I used to have lovely skin. I am still trying new things on my skin to try and get rid of this but it never goes away.

Nov 30, 2015
going through this right now!
by: paula

I have been to several doctors and 2 derms and they all think I am crazy! it started out in my hair with a lot of eggs before I noticed it because I was trying to get my painting done on the outside of my house quickly so We could sale, but since the bugs I have taken it off the market and have done a lot of research and neglected the other stuff that I need to do! This has been going on since September 2015. I have researched so much stuff that it could be, that everything seems to run together! I did find a website that talks about a fungus and how to be free of this but I haven't ordered anything from the site. not sure if its legit or not(meagans story,just search combollea) the website should pull up, still working on a complete solution! Paula (this is really a short story of what I have experienced)

Nov 06, 2015
Sparkle dots tiny
by: Exine Evans

Tiny sparkle dots. I have done 2 treagents permethrin for scabies gut I don't know what to do. I have been to 2 dermetoligest & 1 urgent care Dr. I woke up with aces & pains flu symptoms. Please help

Oct 29, 2015
I Learned Lot I Did not Know. Thank You
by: Anna UPTAIN

Great Information. I Learned a Lot I Did Not Know.
Thanks to All who contributed to this. Nothing Funny
about this. Anna UPTAIN

Oct 09, 2015
Helpful tips
by: Desparateforcure

I want to first start off by telling everyone that it is not collebola.
It is definitely fungal in nature. Everything that I have thrown at as far as anti fugal has been working just hasn't cured it. I have no more tracks a bite hear and there.
100 billion probiotics in refrigerated section has helped me night and day. The brand is RAW. I have not had any fibers that I can see but black and white specks. The black ones have hard backs and the white are soft unless it's a egg then it's hard and translucent. They bite very hard. Another thing that has saved me is coconut oil. It does not stain any clothing. I put it in a jar and add tee tree oil, lavender oil, oregano, oil, peppermint oil, grapefruit oil, need oil. If it hardens I just put under hot water to melt. I put this on my body every night. Another thing that helps a lot is diet. I lost forty pounds but stay away from sweets and yeast and soy products. So basically all natural baby. You will thank me for this. The diet suck bu it's worth it and you will get your life back. It may not be perfect but it becomes bare able. My symptoms seem to be reverting the the very beginning symptoms I had with the fatigue, muscle joints and brain fog. I still have bad nights ocasionnally but it is because I have cheated on the diet. After awhile you will realize it's not worth it. By the way NO ALCOHOL. If you you sugar liquid stevia.
If you don't believe in God now would be the time to start. He has been the one to get me through this. I give Him all the glory for all the knowledge I have attained through this. Two things that seem to fit the bill for me is Candida Albicans and or Tinea incognito otherwise know as mycosis. Very aggressive fungus. God Bless

Oct 02, 2015
Tiny Black Specks On My Skin
by: Marsha

My husband & I had the same issue.. , with no help from Doctors, Dermatologists, etc...
Was told it was all in our head! lol
I went to the ER for scratching so intensely that my chest was bleeding and I could not stop scratching. The intake nurse made a comment that it looked like a Fungus to her which got me to investigate more... I went to this website:


I seen on this website about Terbinafine so I went to Walmart Foot Aisle and bought their brand of Fungus Cream with TERBINAFINE only as the ingredient. It started working on my skin so I contacted my Dr. to prescribe the oral pill of Terbinafine (Lamisil) 250mg once a day. We have been on this since May 2015 and still taking it to rid this horrible ringworm of the body. It is working but it is going to take time for us due to we have suffered over 4 years with NO help from Doctor's trying to diagnosis it!
I hope this helps and good luck!

Oct 02, 2015
but there is hope!
by: was feeling hopeless myself.

I myself was struggling with many strange symptoms myself. I am a female age 29 and this past year I began feeling drained all tthe time. I was working over 60 hours a week at a high stress job so was attributing my fatigue to my lifestyle. I also have polycystic ovarian syndrome so life would become unbearable everytime menstruation came around. I began taking a supplement that was a mega dose of curcumin to help with the inflammation. That's when I started noticing a few black specks here and there that were very painful and felt like they were alive. I found that swirling a q-tip with some lavender oil helped to remove them. I was under the care of physicians who could give no explanation for the black spots...then the stress began to build. I started craving sugar constantly, was getting chronic inflammation in my extremities, started having panic attacks, lost my appetite eventually, my skin felt thin and when I rubbed my sore feet little white wormy things were coming out. I developed a large lump on my back which randomly popped one day and ended up giving me mersa. After taking the round of antibiotics I became chronically constipated. It got so bar I had to go to urgent care for an enema after nearly two weeks of taking laxatives and drinking tons of water. At this point I looked pregnant, malnourished and was having a hard time staying awake at all. I knew something was seriously wrong with me and it felt like the doctors were treating me like a hypochondriac. I took my health into my own hands as my whole body and mind felt sick and people were telling me to seek a therapist. I examined my next bm which were few and far between and noticed a lot of tiny black specks as well as mucus strands and a funny odor. I decided to try a parasite cleanse and omg...a mixture of Wormwood, black walnut hulls, ground cloves and a bentonite clay drink to wash it down. The first few days I literally had flatworms dropping off and out of me at a steady pace. Its been a few months of taking the herbs and have made so much progress! Parasites do exist in the US and don't let an MD try to tell you otherwise. They are much easier to get than most would think. Bentonite clay, diatemaceous earth as it anhialates peats and parasites. I'm finally feeling better and getting my life back. I hope this helps somebody. I know how alone this struggle makes u feel and how terribly people, even MDS, can treat u and make things worse.

Sep 13, 2015
Tiny Black Specks on Skin
by: Marsha

We had the same thing with several Drs. visited along with Dermatologist.... NO CLUE! Told us it was all in our head!
I found information on this website:
It is Tinea Corpus (Ringworm of the Body), the only thing that kills it is TERBINAFINE (Lamisil).
Available in a cream or tablet form. We had to have the tablet for having it for over 4 years.
I hope this helps anyone out there that has this horrible skin eruption!!!

Aug 29, 2015
Bird Mites
by: z33

Mine are bird mites moved here a month ago and there was a dead bird w a nest on my bedroom outside AC unit. Im taking them to court, they should of had the unit clean and healthy b4 me and my daughter moved in. I came here first my little one was visiting her dad out of state. They marked me and are attacking me. The complex was willing to move me but the things they were showing me were in far worse case then this one and I was afraid I was gona move them with me. I have a dr note saying i had mite infestation on my body. And following up w reg MD and he is super intersted in this problem he believes me and is willing to find me help. Look for bird nests I dont know why they are attacking humans but they are Im a living proof. Also I have samples of them on a packing tape nobody wants to look at it.

Aug 29, 2015
Try Composure and Herbal Fiberblend for relief
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Could very well be related to the birds nest and bird mites.

I would suggest you use Herbal Fiberblend and Composure in combination with what you are already doing. I think it would do you a world of good with both the anxiety and the cleansing of the problem.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Aug 29, 2015
tiny black specks on my sin
by: Z33

I am finding out that baking soda works on getting them out of your skin. Drink a teaspoon in the morning and at nite. Take bath with is and sink your whole head in they come out quick. Rinse and use coconut oil with some ecyliptys oil mixed inside and rub all over your body. I have a question it is effecting me on mental level too. Im really depressed and seem to sink in lower and lower loosing all control of whats going on around me is it just fear of the unknown. I saw someone that has liver disese i would recommend milk thistle ASAP to cleanse the liver and stop doing dmg to it, such as drinking soda and eat health y

God help us with this crap
I also want to add i just moved here and there was a bird nest that was removed from the top of my AC unit that was connected to my bedroom it all started from there
I think Iam dealing with some bird mites

Aug 13, 2015
Time to Band Together Now!!!
by: Debbie from Pa.

Kudos to you who sent this to the CDC! Now lets see their reply! We need to get this out! Maybe contact a good investigative reporter with the larger press. We need to get the ball rolling here since we're all deemed psychotic from the Doctors.We can't wait for this to kill us! I save everything that comes out of my face;neck,scalp in a vial,no Drs.are getting these until "WE" can blow this thing wide open instead of sitting back and suffering! I am using Herbal Fiberland,drinking green juice 2x a day,using ringworm cream on the sores and Rexalls feminine anti-itch cream,2-3x a day,it really helps,also,Ivarest cream to dry them up.It slows them down but,their still popping up.We allneed to post our e-mails to keep in touch,we need to "Band Together".The more we all get this out,make some contacts,maybe someone out their will reserch this and help us! My mobility limits my access to upstairs comp.My husband gets them for me. C'mon everyone time to take a stand! One of us is bound to get a contact here,"Lets Roll"!!! DEBBIE IN PA. jndwill@comcast.net

Aug 09, 2015
For me they were bird mites
by: Sharon

Most of you sound like me. The tiny black dots turned out to be bird mites from some sparrow nests after the babies left.

I found this out by buying a microscope and doing my own research.
These mites can come inside your house year round and drs will tell you that they don't get on humans. These so called smart doctors told me I had delusional parasitosis. Which mean I was imagining the bugs. I even brought in tape with lots of mites on them and they through it in the garbage and refused to even look at it.
When the mites are babies they are clear so you don't see them or their eggs. once they eat they turn red for a little while then black with the blood. I also had tiny scratches that were actually like a dotted line from them chewing on me.
I found a way to get rid of them from my body. I covered myself all over with a thick layer of Vaseline including my hair and private area. Rub it around for about an hour adding more as needed and then wipe it off with paper towels. I stayed in my bathroom naked for the hour as it will soak into and ruin any clothes you try to wear. It has to be kept thick as some will soak into your skin and some melts off. Make sure to completely cover your back or have someone do it for you.

as you wipe it off You will see lots of dead black spots. They breath like we do the Vaseline fills up their lungs and they die. It makes a mess but it sure does feel better. And this will work for most bugs.

Then I wipe any itches left for the next week or so with 91 percent rubbing alcohol.sometimes its a few mites sometimes its just itches from old bites. You have to hold it on for a minute or so to kill them.
These little creeps can outlive you. They live about 9 months but can survive the cold and heat. before I knew bout mites I put a couple pillows in the freezer for 3 months to kill anything on them but when I took the pillows out and used them they chewed up my shoulder so bad it felt like sunburn.

I ended up bombing my house and washing everything I owned in 190 degree water. Most houses hot water heaters are set at 125 so you don't get burned by the water. Laundromats are supposed to be 190 but they are not. Either the water is turned way down or off so that they make more money.
Ever get clothes out of a washer and they are cold even when set to hot? Before I found out and reset the hot water heater I actually boiled a couple sets of clothes every couple of days and only wore those.

***Please be EXTREMELY CAREFUL if you turn up your water heater as it can burn you and IT WILL SEVERELY BURN LITTLE KIDS AND OLDER PEOPLE!!!!****
Also put vinyl over mattress, box spring, and pillows. Its not the greatest but will get rid of bugs. I actually threw out my pillows as the mites chewed through the plastic on them.
I changed my sheets every 3 days as that is when they hatch. I washed the vinyl down with Clorox before putting fresh sheets on. Also vacuum everything. If you do these things you can get rid of these pests but you have to work at it for a short while. Believe Me its so worth it!!

I really hope this helps. Sharon

Aug 04, 2015
I wouldn't believe me either , BUT..

Just sent this to the CDC. See what they come back with..

subject : Health care professionals NOT(?) aware

I've been experiencing the same occurrences that nearly every person who contributed to this blog had. We are sick and frustrated. As I'm sure you're aware could you share what information you might have?
Thank you


Jul 17, 2015
I am in pain with black specks
by: Beverly siefkas

Please help me I have a tiny black box on my body and my big ho to ho that is half an inch I have sores all over my body I have white looking thanks come in and make the whole night start believing it even has eyes or back to be a seed or an egg if there's anybody out there that can help me I'm in pain I've had this since March the 21st of pain I'm a 2000 and 14th 2014 and I got it on my neck my back my legs my scalp please if there's anybody out there to help me get back with me and tell me what days I've tried everything my god knows that I hurt please help

Jun 18, 2015
Re: Angie
by: Debbie

Hi Angie,thanks for your response.A my freind in church gave me a cleanse-8oz water,2 to 3 drops clove oil,1/4tsp.garlic powder,1tab.vineger,tried this for a month,nothing.Putting alcohol on my face,seems to be helping dry the sores but,they still form new ones,still have black dots.My husband has spent so much money already on differant creams,oils,ect.I'm in a wheelchair from a fall down steps 2yrs. ago,damaged spinal cord,was paralyzed from neck down,but with my faith,I now can use walker,and a cane with asst.I'm basically in the house,very clean so I don't know how I got this! You can call me if you can. Thanks,Debbie. (717) 439-0743aba

Jun 17, 2015
Lack of Success With Cleansing
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Debbie,

Are you saying that you followed the parasite cleansing protocol that I suggested and it didn't eliminate the problem?

Exactly how long did you follow the protocol? Did you take everything faithfully as instructed? It may be that you just didn't stick with it long enough to eliminate all stages of the life cycle.

Please give further details on exactly what you took and for how long.


Jun 17, 2015
I to have these things
by: Debbie

JUNE 17,2015. I to have the black things.I also have sores on my face and terrible scares.I pull horrible things out of them.I also have pin worms in my nose,neck,face.I've been to all Drs.I they also thought it was in my head except my family Dr.He's looking intothiis.Can anyone out there help me? Ican't take it anymore! They won't go away! I tried everything on this site,some just slow it a bit. Please help!!! Debbie From Pennsylvania

Jun 05, 2015
Please try Herbal Fiberblend
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Mandi and everyone else who is writing in discouraged and desperate...

I am urging you to PLEASE try Herbal Fiberblend for a full internal cleanse. I have had great results with this and just about everyone I know who has tried it has also found relief.

There is a money back guarantee, so what in the world do you have to lose?

So many people come here looking for help but very few (in comparison) actually follow the advice and suggestion of our best parasite cleansing protocol suggestions. It baffles me.

I have sincere sympathy for each of you, but I don't have a magic wand. You have to actually DO what works. ;)


Jun 04, 2015
very hard to kill scabies
by: Not important

Scabies is a type of mite-contagious they are hard to diagnose unless you get a scraping and you are lucky enough that there are some mites in the scraping. If you can see them with the naked eye you have had them a while. They get under your skin an itch like hell. Look up Norwegian Scabies, you have to have prescription medication to kill them. There is a cream/lotion and if that doesn't work you have to take oral medication.

Jun 04, 2015
why isn't someone helping us?
by: mandi bohlen

I'm just sobbing n reading this site,my husband developed a horrible rash 8 months ago n whIle I was nursemaid,I caught,scabies,from him. At ,least tht is ,wht our we told me. ,we have tried everything tht is perscribed for them n none of it ,works. I'm crying bcuz I was sure smbdy had a remedy,hhoping more like it.glad there r others,but no-one cn help. I'm at the edge ,
My kidneys dnt function properly I've hd ,stones maybe that's a sign,like liver?

Feb 24, 2015
by: Rip

They are the feces of the nematode your husband introduced to the attic. It's a round thread or hook worm.

Feb 24, 2015
Help for Anne
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Anne,

My heart aches for you as I read your post and hear the despair and hopelessness that you are experiencing. I wish I could give you a great big hug along with my words of encouragement.

I can't give you a full-proof solution to your health problems, but if you would like to contact me directly, I can offer you a suggested protocol to follow that I believe would improve your condition and ease your symptoms.

In addition, I would really encourage you to read my story of faith to give you hope for eternity since you feel that you may not have much longer in this life.

Although I love helping people improve their health in this life, my greatest joy is in helping people know that they are ready for heaven.


Feb 19, 2015
re insects
by: anne

I to have had trouble with these small black insects. no one takes it serious and say im deluded. I know what is annoying me it has been over 3 years now I moved twice to rid them but alas they came with me for all the care I took getting rid of stuff and washing every thing , professional people took samples and told me it was thrips and spring tails . I had home sprayed a few times by these people , October last year 2014 I was told I had lung cancer .so the spraying never worked on these things . now I am at wits end and don't intend to carry on much more as it will never go I can see that now , its hell trying to go through this cancer and keep spraying with out people knowing so soon I will end life as I cannot see any other way .and it will be a relief . life has been hell and I have lost all faith . I have tried every thing known and if professional people cannot rid them how can I . I know how you all feel and my heart goes out to you all . maybe one day they will solve it but until they believe it will never happen .

Jan 27, 2015
by: BJ

I and my sig. other have been going through many of these things as you have. Drs avoid anything other than it's Scabies or some excuse. I have just began reading and alot falls right in place. I will read more before I make any comments as it is late,my wife is in hospital and I need some rest. This sounds so much like what we have been going thru. One thing though. We moved from Chicago to approx.90 miles away and they vanished for about a year. I believe now they are spread throug the country. We lived in Cali for quite a while and no problems? The water is much different there than here. Can't hardly drink this. I will return,need some rest now.

Jan 22, 2015
black specks caused by type of new fungus gnat
by: jennifer

I have this, clove oil diluted, tee tree oil, or even hydrogen peroxide will pop these black specks and lines out when you rub it into an itchy area. Never use straight clove oil it burns. But fooled clove oil heals and helps with the itchiness. Unfortunately most of you who experience these have morgellons. You may not have lesions yet but if you do the morgellons test with red wine or grape juice you will most likely spit out fibers. Look at your hair...You will see strange hairs. I noticed these very white hairs popping up for no reason...pull it out and watch what it does. It Wil begin moving and twisting. I have blonde hair. The white ones taper off like a damn nematode male and my blonde hairs that look stripped in metal I believe are females. I pull these out n the blonde ones try to hide the white ones. You're hair gets frizzy when they are mating I think that's what they are doing. . I find these weird clusters n they have this weird clear goo at base of some of the hairs that these hairs are merged. It is morgellons. Ive also recently been put back on antibiotics because these sores turned staph and now have a cloudy dark urine with white chunks in it... very strange. But I recorded this weird stuff floating in a sparkly substance in the toilet. What I did NOT see were these tiny freaking sediment chunks floating to the side of the toilet and begin climbing out rapidly! I have contacted morgellons research foundation and they have no idea and told me to have my dr do a urinalysis. Very stupid since the hospital just ran parasite tests and found nothing even though these bugs were clearly caught on video in my urine. Not my kids, and its not my toilet water cuz I find it at work too. I will not go to the bathroom without adding bleach first and flushing instantly. These things ran like ants up and out my toilet but look like white chunks. I have this video if Any one else experiences this. Its another symptom of morgellons but no one ever sees the bugs. Also allot of us experience Apr of uti infections and done have blood in urine too like myself. I wasn't expecting it and it scares me. Honestly think these are the white bugs that are contagious and spread these morgellons. Obviously they crawl and I can not find any parasites that are in urine that can clearly be seen with your own eyes except worms and these are not worms. I also have them coming out my mouth. At dusk I get these chunks pop out into my mouth several at a time. I think theycome out my gums near my teeth like these fibers do in the wine test. I think these r the eggs and they hatch in urine but not positive. These new fungus gnats start this. If you look up fungus gnat larvae you will probably find pictures of these black and white specks. Morgellons has seen myiasis similarities (flys lay eggs in human skin) and believe it nasty be a gmo fungus gnat. wish I never found out but my children have these black specks now and hopefully by informing others they may tell others so everyone knows. Every day we breath in filaments that are sprayed by the airforce called chemtrails every day. There are no conspiracy theories The government has finally admitted this. Florida, cali, and texas have the highest numbers but it's world wide. Chemtrail look like normal airplane contrails but they don't go away after a minute or two and spread out a white line. Here in Florida I find these grids and big Xs in the sky. I see up to 7 planes at once flying and watch then turn the spray off and then begin spreading again...contrails can't do that. On the bad days I can see the filaments falling like crazy when it's dark and look at a spotlight. Its not dust falling from the sky.its these fillaments in morgellons and barium and aluminum(smart dust). There is an awesome news conference about this by sophia Armstrong(lead researcher) called morgellons actually Explained! On you tube. I recommend everyone experiencing these black specks and lines and bugs in their skin too watch that video atleast. If anyone has any questions please reply and I will reply back.

Jan 12, 2015
black spots
by: fed up and frustrated

I am sooooo glad to have found this site and have my suspicions confirmed! I, too, went to my dermatologist who said I have sensitive skin and that this rash is an allergic reaction. He prescribed expensive soaps, lotions, and creams that didn't work. I also asked my family physician at my yearly wellness exam. She asked me what I wanted her to do about it. I have had my exterminators treat and spray not only quarterly inside and out but also repeatedly. First they said it was fleas and came back in 3 weeks as they said that was the cycle. No improvement. I had them come for a repeat treatment 10 days later, no improvement, and finally within a week, and still no relief. They tested for bed bugs, it was negative. One of the technicians said it was a springtail snow flea.
They have treated for them and it has had no effect. I am so tired of these little black spots biting me. They are on my dogs that have been bathed and groomed. They are in the carpets, on the couch surfaces and the bed. I can shower, wear clean clothes, and sleep on clean sheets and yet they persist. I use lint rollers to remove them from surfaces and the bed.
I think they start as a minute sparkle in the light(eggs?). I have seen them the size and texture of sand(larvae?). At this stage they are minute and white in color(pupae?). Next, after biting their host they are slightly larger and red or pink in color(blood). Then they are a black/brown like pepper. Something bites me and a feel and see these tiny black spots. On occasion I will roll a larger body that is longer and more visible. I think this is the adult stage. Some I can actually see a tail that helps them to jump or spring. They were in the yard in a damp area and bit from the ground to their jumping height of 8 inches. They get in my shoes and socks. Every night I roll my feet and check to remove the black spots before getting into bed, and yet they bight me all night long. I have pinhole blood spots from where they feed on me through the night. As many of you mentioned, I am awakened by the multiple stinging bites. So I keep an adhesive roller on the night stand next to the bed. I even run my hand over the bottom sheet to check for them before going to bed. They bight me during the day as they get into and under my clothes. Washing in hot water doesn't seem to kill them. I vacuum regularly and get the house treated by the exterminators. They can't seem to handle the problem. It is not allergies, or dry, rough skin. I know when something is biting me.

Jan 09, 2015
These are fungus gnat larvae
by: jennifer

Been going on a month and week. Started getting little bumps when bitten thought oh crap I got fleas outside! Then about a week later black dots started all over. I thought I had scabies or a mite! So I bought clove oil at gmc for $7 bucks and began rubbing diluted(never put it straight in u just a few drops in a bottle of water) and I rubbed it in. Black specks started popping out of everywhere that I was being bitten, did my two children same thing! Few days later started getting sores and more black specks and then lines! I started spray clove oil and bleach water on walls toilets everything. I live in northern florida where there's allot of chemtrail so I of course thought I had morgellons! I do have white fibers. I stopped going to work for six days because I work at a daycare and it was xmas week. These black dots stopped coming! When I went back to work this past Monday and Tuesday.. About four weeks after this started I was being attacked while outside in the new mulched playground. Went home put clove oil and was reinfested! I also saw a few small black curved GNATS come out my skin only . A few, these bast*rds use fibers to spin there caccoons. I Wil reinfested especially on my feet and my exposed arms cuz i kept scratching! I saw allot of kids scratching outside and one girl had a bigger sore then me! Naturally I told by boss were infested she was pissed and wouldn't let me back without a doctors note. So wed I went to my family dr I DID NOT, BRING ANY SAMPLES! DON'T BRING THEM IN YOUR DR WILL DIAGNOSE YOU AS DELUSIONAL. My boss had seen the pics too. If u take you cell phone and take clear pictures of your wounds or itchy spots and zoom in you will see these black specks and lines in your sores and skin clearly(youll see things you can't even see yet). So I brought pictures to my dr. He diagnosed be with a staph infection said bugs are attracted to it blah blah blah. I KNEW that these gnats were causing the infection not the other way around. I zoomed in on hundreds of pictures on line of people who were diagnosed with simular staph infection and none had black specks! I searched my bathroom and my window sills and find several fungus gnats. I compared with pictures online they got really long legs! I have these fungus larvae in my nose, mouth eyes, downstairs and on my skin.you Wil see clearish looking blobs, and eventually the larva maggot things w a black head I found these coming out my nose and mouth, eyes and ear! Can't put clove oil in these places..These things live in soggy stagnant water. I have a nasty stagnant swail in backyard the town can't be bothered to fix, and my boss daycare has a moisture problem on the playground even after installing brand new mulch(when I started getting attacked! They will live in your house plants. I threw mine out! You will see lots of lil black flies esp around lights on your floor and counters. Toilets, glasses with water, soda whatever, water on your sink.. These will lay eggs in it and if your not paying attention you will drink the eggs. I watched them lay many eggs in my glass not even five minutes after I got it. Really gross but look into fungus gnats and fungus gnat larvae. They don't like us but the babies need our blood, you won't see adult gnats biting you because they don't they just lay eggs on us. Then at certain temp they start hatching and biting. Showers help wash them off. I want to help anyone I can my family threatened to baker act me yesterday because I watched 3 tiny new fungus gnats pop out my skin after I rubbed clove oil on me! They thought I was crazy and wouldn't even look! Its emotional traumatizing when no one believes you, my ten year old saw this and still had trouble believing and didn't want to know! Researchers know there is a gnat causing morgellons that's why many say there's a similarities with myiasis which is when parasite flies lay eggs in human skin, lesions look almost identical to staph too. And I know it's fungus gnats I have found hundreds in different stages and an pulling and spitting out the maggot like stage now. Can clearly tell they are the same!! So I have begun trying to rid myself of them. Unfortunately, I know the playground is infested at work and my boss don't care what I show her since the drs said its staph. I may just have to quit my Job if I have to go out side. Gunna try to just refuse to be out back I go back today. She belittled me saying it's only me with bugs coming out my skin, and that they only have bug bites that's not the same and I'm over reacting. My 5yr old goes to this daycare too. Good luck guys!!

Oct 05, 2014
re: black speck nightmare
by: Carolee

My name is Carol and I have been battling with these mites for 3 years now and I have been consumed at times from this nightmare. My husband was never bit, I lost him to a sudden heart attack almost a year ago. He was 58 years old. My sister moved with me after he passed and she has not been bit either. Of course this doesn't help when I talk to my Dr's. For them it reinforces that I am a nervous person suffering possibly from "delusional parasitosis". It has been so frustrating trying to appeal to their sense of reasonability, I don't bother anymore. I think it's important to remove the mite or whatever it is so there is less of a chance to absorb their toxins. I have found that a good quality cuticle snipper works best and yes they do bleed when removed whether it is a single, multiple or the splinter type. I then clean the area with hydrogen peroxide and a dab of bacitracin and cover with band aid. It's important to cover the area because other mites smell the wound and want to get back in there creating an even deeper wound. Important to wash your hair daily in the shower. Steam cleaning rugs makes it worse, they thrive in humidity. No carpeting is best, if possible get rid of fabric furniture and buy vinyl or leather. My dog doesn't get sores but they love his hair. I try to brush him daily (outside) and bathe him regularly, I don't know if I can ever be rid of them, but I can do things to reduce their population. I have been thru the 'why me' and have no answer. I cannot show my arms or legs because of scars and have some pretty ugly ones on my back too. Luckily I have never experienced worms or colored threads. I do know that they will adhere to hair, blades of grass anything that is useful to them for movement. When they conglom together like this, they can just lay on your skin and cause a very painful injury. The closest I have come to seeing a thread is when they work together to form a quarter inch 'chain'. I have noticed minimal bugs in my house because they kill them off. They are a fierce lot and in no way benign. I see signs of them in grocery stores and most certainly in my vehicles. I'm so embarrassed by this nightmare. I avoid my friends my grandchildren because I am so afraid I will pass this nightmare onto them. I worry others will think I am a dirty person and that is why I have this burden and now I have joined the others that are having distress with their liver, Mine becomes visibly swollen at times and creates an achy feeling. I thought I would give the cleanse a shot. anyway thank you to all who took the time to read my thoughts. I am not always in such a 'feeling sorry for myself' place but after reading other's were having liver issues, I went into a deep down. Please God, bless us all with strength to heal, and compassion to comfort our self and other's In Jesus name, Amen. Good luck to all of you.
Love, Carolee

Sep 27, 2014
For above
by: Kasra Hashemi

Thanks god I found this site that's all!

Aug 31, 2014
governmental/poweeholders$ bio science tactical defense and raid attack
by: Ann oy in mous

I too have this condition affecting me as well. I have some shocking clues and answers. At first I did NOT believe any of them but upon constant analysis I have come to believe no other explanations. Have been left with clues tany things by a relative who was a free mason and another who has a lot of $$$. Not to mention other secrecy clubs let's say. Why was I chos end I don't know but at this point I do know that people that is "we" will have unite and also consider some shocking and unimaginable possibilities. A friend of mine andwho was arbitrarily coning up with solar if not the same data have found that this was tactically and intelligently designed and implemented. As we are living in a false economy headed by criminal enterprises, greed, and controlpeople are waking up because the vailoflies becomes thinner and the obvious truths are still left standing. I have met remarkable individuals in my time some in high places they have revealed time that some of the high paying careers that are out there are no more than illusions such as most medical practices. I know this because I have been studying wholistic and natural healing/medicine for yeeaars now and in conjunction with my data have found many similar cases that have brought truth to the light. Hence doctors aNOT wishing to help or discuss these things with you. Obviously I can only say so much on here. So I will leave you with this.. Try alfalfa sprouts (eat and bath) look up and purchase monotonic gold, colodial silver and orimis, look up "independent research/researchers, avoid anythibg that is harmful to the liver, try to adhear to a vegan diet for a while if possible, and add cloves and apple cider vinegar to hot baths with alfalfa included. Please post result in order to help a cause. I am very pleased I found this group forming for I have been Calling you. Chances are you are all intelligent, likely spiritual people who have some kind of gift or made some kind recognition which was meant be kept secret from you. That is all I can say for now I will be back. I bid you the best my friends remain strong for each blood moon harkens fourth the era into new dimension s of truth. Say unto thee the spirit which shaketh the sphere I am that! I am!

Aug 12, 2014
by: DVM in Ny

I can't remember what I else I wrote about but I have an addendum . The quickest , safest and healthiest way to dissolve these sharp little suckers ( carpet beetle larvae; the beetle doesn't even have to be around ... It travels FAST; Idk his yet ...) is OIL! NEEM oil works best but it reeks so I have been using a blend of Castor oil , essential oils ( just a fee drops of DoTerra oil whatever flavor I feel like - orange best most likely though Clove and some of the mint and tea tree good too) and water mix too dissolve the suckers into hair like filaments . Somehow the oil dissolves the chitinous exoskeleton into harmless but bristly fiber material that may look like a " fuzzy" on your pillows or sheets etc.
I am keeping myself covered in oils as I clean and u shot first to dissolve larvae - fumigating alone doesn't seem to dissolve the suckers and I was going to die if liver toxicity the other way - this is the best way . Basically I am cleaning and coating my entire house with diluted oils !!!!
Baby oil works a littke in a pinch - but castor oil may be the best . I plan to use Edgar calves castor oil pack idea at some point because some of these have probably penetrated deeper into my system as I had the lively pleasure of hating about 1000 eggs outta my skin - REALky gross let me tell you . Anyone suffering from this morgellons - you're not crazy ; this is a true observable phenomena . Most doctors and vets I think are clueless about this and many mote pets ( allergies , conjunctivitis hot spots histiocytomas) are probably caused by this than realized .)
If anyone needs to contact me post here and ill figure out how to contact you back / help you if you need. The life cycle seems similar to that if the flea ... It's a real pain in the arse 4 sure. Antihistamines are beneficial as we he one hypersensitive. I'm so sensitive ill to the of itch at a current bite site if I am in vicinity of larva!

Hope this helps !

Aug 01, 2014
by: DVM in ny

I have seen these in dogs and have painstakingly removed - no owners affected except perhaps one but I didn't realize how significant this was. My house has been infested with bugs which were diagnosed as grain beetles. I also looks duo "filamentous black things coming out of skin "with" beetle ""Internet and came up with something that looks like a dermestid beetle . This makes sense for me- I think the black specks are one of the larval stages that burrow Into whatever they can find , including my skin , floor , and countertops!
In any case the er doc said it was contact dermatitis with anxiety ( yeah, really ? Anxious about black thinks in my skin that feel like shards of glass ?) There are apparently many different species of grain beetles - but I have a feelin this is the one that feeds also on dead stuff.
I'm gonna try Ivermectin but does anyone have dose / protocol ? I think will work with the cleaning and spraying ...

Jun 11, 2014
And me too in Madison, WI
by: pm

Thanks for all of the posts! I have read them all! I am a little relieved and also shocked at the same time. I pray I doin't get as plaged as some have become. Lord help us all!!
This is the first I have started to research this, from Madison, Wisconsin. In April my child had head lice & it spread to the rest of our household. The rest of the family seems to be rid of all of it after using over the counter lice treatment.

I have continued to find small black specks and pearl like eggs, in my hair and assumed that I was either going crazy or still had lice.
Since then I have lost nights of sleep finding white eggs on the hairs on the back of my arms & black specks after the feeling of a sting bite on legs and arms.

I have not mentioned the problem to my Dr. but went to a couple of pharmacies. I explain what I find on me & showed some specs taped to paper. I haven't found anyone who understands yet, so thanks for sharing all your stories. My trip to Community Pharmacy here is where I found Uncle Harrys lice away. I used the shampoo and have since also bought "the mix" by the same company: uncleharrys dot com.
I have shampooed 3 times now. There is neem oil and essential oils in it. It seems to help. I rubbed it on my arms and legs and have not seen anymore eggs yet. However the black specks have been comeing back in about a day or so.
I am hoping that they are getting less and less.

The night I found the eggs on the backs of my arms, I pulled something off with a tweezers and it looked like a small worm. It seemed to come out of a hair folicle. As I remember, it looked clear in the middle with some black marks at both ends. Yuck!!! As the days go by, I was thinking maybe it was just my immagination. But now I know it is true :(
Let get rid of this for good & let others know that there is such a problem.

May 28, 2014
Ir a dr can't explain that then you must be crazy... not always
by: coco

The fibers move because these things attach themselves to them. They are almost impossible to kill with out proper treatment And the the highest cause of death next to malaria Because Of its ability to live in a host for years and even decades! Like in normal worm when you cut it In half a it turns into 2 worms These turn too many worms they Don't always look like your average parasitic worm. doctors don't like to admit that we have things like this in America but America is made of people from other countries and the people from those countries come Here with these illness. They can adapt to any climate overtime.Evolution!

May 28, 2014
Stop with the scabies B/S!!!
by: coco

My story is almost identical to yours & you really need to start checking your stool and look around on your couch and bedding. I pray you see my post so you can get this over with! For not only your health but your children's.
Have you studied anything about blood flukes? The black things are their eggs. The egg has a thorn on it that lo lodges into your skin. There are different types of flukes, they cause organ damage especially on the bladder and liver! Mainly in women and young children. They come in different forms and don't show up in any test for parasites because it is technically not considered a parasite and not head of in the US. But I have researched and reported cases as north as Connecticut I have found these in The fresh water Lakes.

Mar 23, 2014
SCABIES!! You need to get perscription medication from your physician.
by: Jon Blakesley

At first they start out as tiny black specks from head to toe that itch after awhile they will get larger and larger till they are very noticeable and usually have a hard crust around the red blotch that sometimes will be scratched off because of itching. My wife, my 1 year old daughter and I have had this for almost a month until we could not take it any longer and went to the doctor. There is no over the counter medication that can get rid of this parasite. You need perscription grade ointment/lotion that will be put on your body from your neck to your feet before bed and left on overnight till you shower in the morning. That is the only way to kill these nasty things.

Jan 26, 2014
Immune system
by: Super girl

I have been dealing with sinus and ear infection for about two months. It got so bad that whatever the doctor, did not work. All of a sudden, I began getting these bites on my back and
Arms that when I scratch, they turned into a open wound. I thought it was perhaps bed bugs. Well I had someone come out to determine the cause. The results came back, no bed bugs. However, something was taken control over my body.

I would have the crawlie at night and wake up in the morning to find black specks, white small egg shaped and rust colored
Debris on my sheets. I started research and was surprised that I was not alone. I had to find some kind of solution.
In the meantime , sinus and ears would not clear up with
Prescribed medicine.
So, I stared whit spraying my mattress with devil one and sealing with mattress covers. After that I dusted my sheets with diatomaceous earth. Needless to say, every bug in my mattress died.

Every morning I would wake up with trash on my sheets. So I decided that my mattress was not the problem. The host ( me )
Was the problem. I started taking two tablespoon of DE mixed with water every morning and at night msm, vitimin c and
Magnesium mixed with water. My sheets and cases changed daily. After showers I would cover my whole body with a mixture of neem oil, olive oil and clove oil . Whatever was bothering me hated the oils. I kept myself oiled mornings and nights, as well as dropping neem oil in my ear.

Each morning when I woke up I noticed less debris. After three weeks of hell, I no longer experience crawlies, white or black specks. My sinus and ear cleared up. During this time I really focused on eating healthy foods and getting my immune system back on track. DE helped me internally and neem oil externally.

Jan 25, 2014
treatment reports on treaments lasting 1 day
by: jim

Not to be rude or anything, but as a person who has been looking for answers for a while, I want to point out that treatments recommendations should have been used for more than 1 day!

As someone who has tried various 'remedies' and has read many posts on many sites, it seems very ridiculous to even be touting something used for basically no time at all, when we all know that whatever we are dealing with has no known easy cure.

Jan 24, 2014
bleach may work
by: Marylyn

Hi all,

I am really saddened by reading some of these post. My prayers are with you all. I have scabies but recently I have been finding weird bluish, blackish thread fibers on my skin. This brought me to this board. I found that diluted bleach one part bleach and 4 parts water stopped all the creepy crawling feelings on my body(I just started this today). It kills them quick, it dissolves their skin or biofilm on their body killing them almost immediatly. Some have been cured by bleach baths (one cup in a tub of water) or spraying diluted bleach water directly on skin after bathing. If your infestation is heavy, you may need to do this a few times to catch all hatchlings. Also wiping down all hard surfaces in home including walls, door handles, furniture with bleach mixture can help prevent reinfestation. Wishing you all good health. God bless!

Dec 19, 2013
Thrip Bots
by: J.p.

Flies have many stages of development. Like many insects , these flies produce a system consisting of several shapes , sizes , stingers , breeding ability etc,. like bees. Each fly has a purpose, is the same species, yet may look different. On top of this confusion, flies are in a constantly adapting to their surroundings. Like fruit flies in a lab expirement, some are born without without wings, some with mutated teeth all within the same system. There is no reason for us to be confused about anything with these Thrip Bots. We can research this but we have already discovered the answer. Why confuse ourselves with a species that may look different in the morning? We know this is a fly (no mite flys). Now the issue is how do we kill them and stop the spreading. These flies are a plague and one of their stages is a nematode that can burrow beneath skin like fish swimming in water and this includes lungs and stomach. I have resided in Texas most of my life so I am very famiiar with Thrips. Thrips are I very fast evolving crop plague that is also a vector for viruses. I first noticed a nightmare I could never imagined while growing plants indoors. I treated my plants f.or thrips with two recently introduced bacterium including baccilus thuringiensus israelius. As a means for survival Thrips have adapted and have become Thrip Bots. No other fly could have done this so rapidly. No other fly scares me so badly. This is a plague and must be dealt with now. Just like with plants, if you have seem a flier stage then there is an infestation nearly beyond control. They lay eggs on the ceiling now to. That is why I came up with the name Thrip Bot.

Dec 19, 2013
Same problem as everyone here...
by: nj

Hi all,

I have written before and have many of the same symptoms. When i read some of the more extreme cases, I too think they sound nuts and I am also a sufferer!

That part of what makes this so hard. Just the other day, I went to see another dermatologist who specializes in fungal infections and yet again, after a 3 hour one way bus ride and navigating a strange city, I'm diagnoised with Rocasea AGAIN. I just began to cry!

Why won't any of these fools take samples for testing? (oh and perserve them correctly and send them to the right kind of lab)

Do they think they are so smart that they know everything just by looking? Funny how I always get one of the top 5 skin problem labels even though my child is right there with me with the SAME issue, and he gets one of the top 5 skin problem labels put on kids. It looks the same but we each have a different skin problem that spontaneous occurred at the same time? Right, ok, here is my $50, thank you for wasting my time, energy, and hopeful emotions.

On you tube, it appears that eye doctors are looking at demodex as a cause more often than dermatologists. But there is a news report on you tube of a female dermatologist Dr. Bowes treating demodex skin in Florida. Maybe one of us could go to her and she might take our symptoms seriously, and look for a treatment and cause even if its not demodex. Dr. Bowes , on youtube as bowesdermatologist.

Good Luck all, someday Drs. will figure out what this is...just rememb er what those fools used to say about ulcers!!!

Dec 19, 2013
Hope During Despair
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Kat,
I'm so sorry to hear your story and know all that you have also gone through such a nightmare the last several years. I wish I lived close enough to visit you, encourage you, and give you a hug to cheer you.

I don't have a miracle cure to offer you, but I can offer you hope by encouraging you to please try the suggestions I made above to someone else was suffering.

PLEASE Try! I know you feel you've tried everything, but don't give up. I've known of so many who have been helped through these nutritional supplements that I believe you have a very good chance of them helping you, too.

They also have a money back guarantee, so you don't have anything to lose. Here's the list again that would give you the most benefit:

Here's the order form to get the wholesale prices. I sincerely hope you'll give it a try for at least one full month, minimum.

Meanwhile I am praying for you that the Lord will encourage your heart and let you have a bit of relief, particularly during the Christmas season.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dec 18, 2013
Black specks, skin sores, bloating, brain fog
by: Kat

I've been suffering w/ the same borrowing black specks for almost 5 years. It's put my entire life on hold. I've been to no less than 200 doctors in 5 states of all specialties. Only 4 dx parasite infection (labs are negative- . However most do not have testing for the hundreds if parasites contracted) Other dx range from scabies to ecxema! In desperation I use all the treatment creams, antibiotics, antihelmeti, home remedies, and suggested health store cleanses ect. Nothing has worked. My self esteem and once good sense of humor has plummeted after THREE 72 hr holds in psychiatric hospitals after ER docs, all unaffiliated hospitals, dx me with psychotic episodes. Each time discharged w/o dx, meds, or referral. Unfortunately it's part of my medical history, causing preconceived conclusions before the doctor meets me.
The "black specks", along with "seed " resembling samples are found daily in my sheets, blankets, and clothing. I wash EVERYTHING daily in hot water w/ everything from Borax, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, wht vinegar,and pesticide, in desperation. They don not wash out. I've had to toss most if my clothes and linens, replacing everything at Wlmrt or other discount stores knowing they'll I will only use them a short amount of time. You can imagine between all the dr and hospital stays, continuously replacing clothes, shoes, and towels depleted my savings. I have not dated in 5 yrs , lost all my "friends", and do not socialize bc I'm falsely accused of IV drug or meth addiction (I wouldn't know crystal meth if I saw it!) nor have I used any street drug ever! I live in Florida and do look suspicious in long sleeves and pants in July! I'm disfigured all over my body from deep scarring. I've even tried spray tans, uv beds, and both together hoping for coverage, until I noticed a new symptom; I no longer absorb either! Do these things effect melatonin????????? They have literally distroyed three molars turning them to Swiss cheese until they crumble. My appearance has changed drastically. My once long full hair is thin, absent, or straggled. It no longer holds color or style.
My nails are brittle and cuticles replaced by white "thin worm". When I trim them, they hold small worms and specks.
Dx w/ intestinal parasite 5 yrs ago, despite medications, I pas large disturbing creatures. I hardly eat and have gained 70 lbs!!!! If anyone has suggestions, no matter how strange, I welcome all. I'm desperate become depressed and suicidal as the holidays approach, I will be alone watching marathons on TV. Thank U

Nov 21, 2013
The cure
by: kattie

I have suffered with this problem from over 1 year. Try the herb "Neem" pronounced NM It works. The capsules are at any health food store near the vitamins. There also is the oil of Neem. I used the herbs of cruched leaves . The tree is in India. 4,ooo years of many cures from this tree.

Nov 15, 2013
Try the basics first, then go from there...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Chelsea
I'll respond to your question with some of the info I posted above, as I doubt if you've read the whole page and/or might have missed the info. Most people seem to do so when the page gets excessively long like this one.

First of all, I would suggest that you try rinsing your scalp and the affected area with a sea salt and water mixture each day, if you can. You could also try applying a little clove oil in water or olive oil to the scalp before you go to bed.

If the black specks are fungal relate, this should help. Also, the clove oil is anti-parasitic, so it's good against mites, etc.

The suggestions I made to the other posters before you are good for you, too, but you can probably get away with just using the Herbal Fiberblend for a good internal cleanse without the need for the other supplements since you are only new at fighting this condition.

Of course, the others are good for boosting your immune system regardless (and I use them myself regularly) but they probably aren't essential in getting rid of your current issue of the black specks on your skin unless you have an underlying weak immune system and severe internal fungal overgrowth.

The Herbal Fiberblend is a great place to start.

Nov 14, 2013
Going Crazy
by: Chelsea

I've only been experiencing itching and black specs on my head for a couple weeks, since Halloween night to be precise, and it's driving me crazy. I thought it was lice at first, but my mom checked my head over for me a couple times and said it wasn't. The specs go away a little bit after a shower (probably from how hard i scrub my head) but they're back within the day and just as bad if not worse the next day. I have no sores, I'm not bleeding when I scratch them off my head, and I haven't seen any bugs, flying or otherwise, like anyone else. I don't know what to do and I'm scared sick that it might be something serious and that might darling 10 month old nephew might get it from me since I have him almost all day every day. It has been 2 weeks and no one else in my house has said anything about being itchy but it has spread from just the back of my head to my whole head, back of my neck, and part of my face. I really don't know what to do and my mom says I just have dry scalp. If anyone has any suggestions that might work feel free to write me at FaerieGirl94 (at) gmail (dot) com any time!!!

Nov 13, 2013
Please Don't Give Up!
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

I'm so dreadfully sorry that you have been put through such an horrific ordeal when you were seeking honest help from the medical profession. They have a lot to answer for and one day they will be held accountable, whether in this life or the next.

Since you haven't left your name, I don't know if you are one of the folks I've chatted to personally or not, but I would encourage you at the least (if you don't feel like contacting me directly for a personalized protocol) to try the suggestions I made above to some of the other readers.

The very basics are:
  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • Composure
  • Barley Life
  • AIMega

Can you try these for at least one month?

Obviously, the longer the better, especially since you have been suffering for so long, but if you can at least start to see some improvement, it will lift your spirits and give you the hope and determination to carry on until your body fully recovers.

If you want to give them a try, you have nothing to lose because they are money back guaranteed. If you use this order form, I'll give you my wholesale cost so you don't have to pay retail (that will save you 30%).

Please feel free to email me if you like and I will do my best to help you organize a daily protocol to follow to get the best benefit possible and start seeing results.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Nov 12, 2013
I give up
by: Anonymous

Hello Fellow Victims:

After several years of the same black-dot, endless symptoms, depending on what stage this creature is in, after having a local hospital drug me in the ER, then leave me drugged with anti-psychotic meds for 3 days, then -request in-stay hospitalization of my insurance co., I am done. My hair is straw-like and unhealthy and I have endless holes in my head from prying these leeches off my scalp. Obviously, this is some kind of plague of some sort - but no one will help you due to denial. I am so hurt by the way the medical community has treated me over this nightmare, not to mention family and friends - I would just as soon not live through any more. Once this thing attacks you - you don't live anyway, you just exist in misery. Nothing - and I mean nothing - will kill it. I give up, I will see the rest of you poor souls in heaven. God Bless!

Oct 14, 2013
Pepper mites
by: Elizabeth

After putting cream rinse to set on my hair, I ran a fine tooth comb through my hair & it brought the mites out. I slapped my comb end on the sink to bring out the cream rinse & bugs with it and washed them down the drain. I would wash bedding & shower again using the same cream rinse procedure & covering my body with body lotion before going to bed. Do this morning & night & you will be free of the night mares eventually. I know what your dealing with!!!

Oct 14, 2013
Pepper mites
by: Elizabeth

Our grown granddaughter blessed us with these mites when she came to visit. She was only with us a few days. I noticed them immediately. The best way I found to get rid of them was to soak my hair in cream rinse & put body lotion in my body & wash everything. the rinse & lotions seem to suffocate the little critters. Use them daily, you will be rid of them before long. I had to dig them out from under my fingernails with a needle. Don't try to dig them out with another fingernail from the other hand or it will end up under that fingernail. Good luck!

Oct 01, 2013
Been There Bought The T-Shirt
by: Lovely Giraffe

I had the tiny black specks, the un-explained sores, the stinging, biting, and etc. It's been going on 6 months.

I saw a dermatologist. He gave me steroid shots, and anti-biotic shots, bathing and showering instructions, swore up and down, that I had no skin parasites. I should sue his ass.

I bought myself a brand new microscope, for half price from EBAY. That Doctor never would take a skin scrapping. Well, I have done my own skin scrapings. I could've died, seeing 3 types of parasites on my skin.

Those tiny black specs are in fact, one of the life-cycles of a parasite. Place one of those specks under a microscope, if you can. The black speck is actually dark red, been sucking your blood.

For God's sake, check your baby. Don't let them land, or burrow on the skin of your baby.

You'll have to get aggressive, like me. Go fast as you can, get rid of those skin parasites, Then get a colonic, purging your colon of worms.

May God Direct Your Path.

Sep 15, 2013
black specks
by: Anonymous

I have had all the same symptoms for years as well. It has recently gotten worse in the last 6 months. I have lost so much weight that I weigh less then I did when I was in 6th grade. Luckily I have been able to show my friends and family my hair moving on its own and I have a microscope that shows a little shrimp like spider that is clear sitting on my hair. It has a thread that wraps around my hair and then comes off like an L shape further down hair shaft to allow motility. When this got really out of hand it had taken my hair under the skin at the nape of my neck and spiraled it down my back, arms and legs and I could feel bites that are sharp or stinging even sometimes almost static shock feeling and I now have have sores that move in spirals. I was so freaked I went to the ER. Bog mistake, they gave me a breathalyzer and the doc( physicians asst.- because I didn't even get an MD) spent 30 seconds with me pretending to listen just to tell me he thought it was parasitic psychosis. He told the lab tech not to bother taking my blood ( after 15lb weight loss in 6 months) and then said he needed a urine sample because he thought it was a drug problem. I told him to f*@k off that if my blood wasn't wanted he wasn't getting my urine either- I'd give it to a doc that actually cared. I didn't even bother telling him I am a nurse in the same hospital. I am almost embarrassed to be a part of this medical community. I have noticed that vinegar works and I use hibiclens or antimicrobial wash on my body- its the stuff they use before surgery to clean your skin. Lysol wipes with hydrogen peroxide work, they are new. I also found some homeopathic salve at the drug store called drawing salve works. Nystatin and clotrinazole works a little. They seem to adapt quickly though and circumvent any treatment. I think increased stress has caused a major outbreak for me. I just recently caught one on camera- free living of me. It was on its own thread like a spider hanging off an electric cord breezing in the air just waiting to catch someone. It had a thread attached to the cord then 3 inches down it was sitting- clear shrimp like with a hook then it had 3 more inches of thread. I wasn't the only one to see it either. I used a match stick to grab it and you literally couldn't see it anymore. When you pull them out of your skin you have to make sure to not start bleeding because then it turns slimy and you can't get it out. I am going to do a total body cleanse and I am getting rid of all old bedding and replacing it. I will let you all know what I find that works. I honestly think that this is a result of the chemtrails changing our ecosystem so much that strange things are happening.

Jul 24, 2013
black specks
by: j.p.

I started going through this nightmare almost two years ago. It turns out there is an article in the American Journal for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene called " "The Emergence of Auto-cutaneous Leishmaniaisis in North East Texas and South Eastern Oklohoma." Many cases started popping up of lesions and sores on people (suspiciously around Red River Army Depot ) and strange small clearish flies later determined to be some type of sand fly. Researchers were on the case then all of a sudden nothing. I am sure this is something the public has to deal with brought back from the sand wars and the Army has a hush mouth on it. My derm. didn't even look and said I had delusional parasitosis. I have been putting clear sticky traps up and catching mostly thrips and some sand flies. My right arm is paralyzed and has poor circulation and these bights have lead to infection and I am afraid they will let me die if I have to be hospitalized a second time. Wound care nurses have came for six months and the second derm did a bioposy and said he sees nothing but some dirt in the sample. He is requesting an end to my treatment / nurses while my arm looks like a blow up balloon. Whatever these black specks are , nothing works but catching as many of those flies in clear sticky traps inside by a small metal halide. You will catch 1,000s you never knew were there. Leishmaniasis is a protozoa. I believe other bugs are attracted to a scent it puts off and are trying to eat it , many getting engulfed under our skin. This is a plague. I say we who have little money get together , pitch in and move to an arid region where it rarely rains. M yarm looked like aas if it were going to heal then 2 weeks of rain and it set me back 6 months. Pine and orange oil , neem oil with piperonol butoxide + pyrthrins at lowes as fruit tree spay works. I put it on me for relief and it works not suggested. We have a plague that will soon have to be dealt with. But I guess we'll be locked away if we keep talking to our doctors. They are afraid of lawsuits and will wait for the one's of us diagnosed delusional to die before a cure is released. My life is 100% ruined and over.

Jun 23, 2013
little black speks
by: frustrated/confused

So happy to have found this site...not sure what this is but i ve experianced pretty much the same things with whatever this is? I feel like im listening to myself telling doctors, family , husband, ect. No one knows and its scary and upsetting to feel like no doctor will diagnose what we have...i to see them on my two year old from time to time but i think they are falling off from me and getting on her that way? Niether my daughter or my husband are affeted w this so i know its not ontagious...or is it? i have gotten impatigo or foleculi impatigo wich is a form of staph from ithing and trying to pry these blak speks off of my body. my first trip to the dermatologist i was told i needed to be put on a head med. and that i needed my adhd meds lowered in dose....when i went bak for my follow up to my dotor she said it was body lice after looking at a specimen i brought in myself to prove i wasnt crazy..after about to weeks hd gone by family doctor called me back and said that it was in fact NOT lice, she said the lab had sent back results and said it was a seed of some kind...this didnt look like seed? she did not lower my meds for adhd but i ended up coming off of them beause it seemed to irritate this cJondition to the point that when i would sweat these things would come out of my pores even more....i ve been on diffrent mrds inluding antibiotics and gone tanning both seem to mork but when i am done the treatment it comes back? so now after 2years of dealing w this im going to a speialist in portland me. Not sure if anything i have said helps but i live in eastern maine and would love to hear from anybody who jnows anything about this? So far i have heard the same things going on with all of u right down to the greyish residue after soaking in episome salt and useing tea tree oil, to feeling a pinch or bite and seeing a blak speck and getting wounds that dont heal and leave a pit or a deep scar ect. Thanks for sharing everyone!

Mar 26, 2013
Sounds Like A Fungus Growth
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Deb,
What you're describing sounds like a fungal growth. Living in the tropics, I have definitely experienced this type of thing before.

Don't use bleach as it seems that actual encourages the re-growth of the fungal problem. Instead, get yourself a bottle or two of clove oil. Mix up clove oil and water and spray it around the house.

You can also add some of the clove oil to your mop water and even to clean your walls, etc.

For your own self, if you are experiencing any issues, take Herbal Fiberblend to clean out your system.


Mar 25, 2013
black specks to white specks
by: Deb

last year I saw this white specks on a new growth tree before I new it I saw black specks in my bed and on my face. Later they became white specks that look like big dandruff flakes. These specks start to grow into bigger white bugs. I need help getting rid of them to. They got a hold in my house. I diluted bleach and spraying and mopping. Seems to help but not a cure. Called a exterminator they sprayed but did not help much.

Oct 25, 2012
Prescription Ivermectin For Black specks bugs
by: Anonymous

Find a Doctor that will Prescribe Ivermectin. It will change your life and your environment!!! I had the exact symptoms, and so did several of my children. They are some form of mite. They are not scabies. You have become the host to these mite. When you take the Ivermectin you will find that the population of black specks in your house will go down dramatically. The sores on your body will heal in days, instead of months. Yes, it is awful to think that you are infested with parasites, but there is medicine to help you. Most doctors will not help you, so call one that specializes in Parasites. Wash your sheets every night, and spray windex on a plastic cover that you will have to put on your mattress. Have wood chairs, and not upholstery. Wash your clothing as much as possible. Keep your environment as clean as possible. There is hope.

Oct 05, 2012
Get back to the basics...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Depressed,

I'm so sorry for you and all that you have been going through. My sincerest recommendations for your improvement are the following basics that everyone dealing with any type of parasite issue should start with...

Those are the most important three that will help to cleanse your body, boost your immune system, and enable your body to fight and deal with this concern.

If you are willing and able to tackle more, I believe you'd also benefit greatly (and more quickly) if you could also include the following three supplements...

Giving your body what it needs to fight back is incredibly important. I believe this will do that for you.

All of the suggestions above can purchased at wholesale prices AND they are money back guaranteed, so you really have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Please do give it a try.


Oct 05, 2012
Disfigured by black bugs
by: SO Depressed

I have never been in such a dark place in my life. What began in early July, 2012, as white "balls" on my waterbed mattress has now taken over my life. I first thought lice, never having had it. Then the threads started coming out of my face. Just plucking them caused abnormal amounts of bleeding. Now, I can see the black bugs. At first, thinking they were spider bites, began plucking those out to. Leaving a hole with a black rim. 3 trips to the derm. and he just tells me "stop looking in the mirror." I've permanently disfigured my arms, where they seem to be the worst. I ran across a disease, "River Blindness" that seemed to coincide with my symptoms. Back to the derm. Monday. I would rather be dead than live this way. I've put some under my microscope. They all seem to look different. I'm down to sleeping (?) on a beach towel with a small throw for a cover. I bleach daily. My skin has changed. Chronic dryness, patchy and the ever-present white threads. PLEASE POST ANY REMEDY that may actually work. Everyone here is in my prayers.

Sep 22, 2012
New Jersey has them too now...
by: Anonymous

We've got them... black hexagonal specks on skin and bedding, bruises, scratches some parallel, some single, face breakouts, random body bumps and rashes. Chills sometimes and gas/bloating. Started with what felt like sand fly attack. Stinging bites lasted for 2-3 weeks. I am being tested for strongyloides, if positive, I will post, or on to next clues...They don't seem to be that contagious, at least people we've been around haven't got them yet...Diet doesn't seem to matter that much, I'm on low sugar/acid diet and my daughters who have also been affected are not, and doesn't seem to matter, we all get the same stuff. Cleaning endlessly doesn't help either, so stopped going crazy, hoping cooler drier weather brings their numbers down. I like soaking in the hot tub, don't think they like the bleach smell on skin. Good luck to all, and keep posting your successes, clues, etc. because the docs aren't going to find the answer for us.

Aug 06, 2012
Been there for over 8 years
by: Anonymous

I have been suffering with these black specs, fibers on my skin, sores in head, rashes, sores on my body, fatigue, sores in my nose, ears for over 8-1/2 years. Lost a lot of my hair and eye lashes. I have been to three dermatologists, my regular physician, an internist, an infectious disease doctor, etc. I suffer like I am a leper living in my own world. it is very depressing when the doctors can not tell you what you have and there is no cure. I have tried tea tree oil, vinegar, scabies medicine, lice medicine, anti-biotics, alcohol, different lotions and creams, bath soaks, epson salts, nothing cures it. Good luck to all of you with this dreaded disease.

Jun 26, 2012
Biting, Crawling, Invisible Bugs
by: Angie

Dear Sympathetic,

You have my sincere sympathies for both you and your family and I hope that some of the following suggestions will be of help to you.

First of all, I think you are probably wise not to mention your "bug concerns" to your doctors without any evidence to show them. From what most of our visitors have reported, they'll simply dismiss you as either a druggie or someone who is delusional. That can be very discouraging and even worse if they try putting you on anti-psychotic drugs.

I would STOP using the exterminator and the prescription chemicals any further. They work in some cases, but if they haven't worked by now for you, they aren't suddenly likely to start. Instead, you are more likely weakening your own immune systems by continued exposure to these harsh chemicals. If they were working, you might consider it a fair trade, but since they're not, you're really only making matters worse.

How about trying some or all of the following?

Internal Cleansing & Support:

For Your Home & Environment:

You mentioned that you got rid of the chickens, but not whether you've had the house checked (attic, ceilings) to be sure you don't have bird mites there. I don't necessarily think that IS your problem, but it doesn't hurt to rule it out.

I truly believe you need to tackle this problem both internally and externally. Doing one without the other may only prolong the misery.

Please keep us posted on what you decide to do and what kind of results you get. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Jun 25, 2012
Praying Daily for Deliverance
by: Sympathetic

My Husband and I and my daughter and her family, who live next farm over, started feeling bites in May 2011. We have tried most for the remedies mentioned to no avail. I am very health concious, but we have gone to drastic means to get an exterminate to spray monthly convincing us that he can eradicate these critters.

My problem is that I cannot see these things. We went to one dermatologist last year who basically said we needed antidepressants because we did not have a specimen to show him. My internist has given us permethrin cream one time but he also wants a specimen if we are to get more help from him. I have a microscope and every time my daughter sticky tapes what she thinks bit her I look at them and they are always just a black blob, sometimes with mixed red which appears to be a mixture of fresh and old blood. We have never seen any worms or anything like that on our skin. I can see shining crystals though when I am in the bright sunlight.

They start biting mostly at night when you are about to go to sleep (or on rainy days). They get so bad that I cannot sleep. My daughter has gone to using sleeping pills. I feel them crawling all over me especially the pubic area, but they must be very resistant to light or so small that I cannot see them with a 5 power magnifier.

We first thought it was bird mites. We had range chickens but we got rid of them last fall and nothing has gotten any better.

Our State Lab (TN) will only take a specimen that is in alcohol. I want to make absolutely sure that I have a specimen before I take something to my doctor. Any help would be much appreciated. I have tried touching my skin with alcohol swabs where i feel biting but I never get a bug or a worm.

BTW, every time we bomb the house; get exterminator service; steam everything, leave for a week etc etc; these critter go away for 2 days then their cycle starts all over again: crawling, tiny biting, bigger biting which leave spots, then aggression that feel like you are in an ant bed. Even without doing anything they seem to give us an occasional 2 day break when I think God has answered my prayers. So far they keep coming back. We are crying for any help you can give us.

I am being evaluated for serious neurological symptoms but I am afraid to tell these specialists that it is bugs unless I have "specimens" that look like a anthropoid. Thank you for your help, encouragement and prayers

Jun 16, 2012
by: RMBC

A person needs to work on getting their environment clean. I have had good luck with Biokleen Bac Out products. I spray my bed and sheets with the fabric refresher when I get out of bed in the morning and when I go to bed before I get in. I change my bed twice a week. I keep my environment sprayed down top to bottom spraying the areas where I am more. Make sure to spray woodwork as they get into that.

A super wash out I found with the Good Lord's help either in tub or sink is:
1-sea salt until the water is slightly salty
2-3 cups apple cider vinegar for tub 1/2 to 1 cup for sink
3- sun detergent with bleach alternative 1/2 to 1 cap for tub, 3 to 4 tablespoons for sink.
4- betadine until the water turns light brown, (the color goes away later)
Also spiralina or alfalfa liquid if you can get (enough) to lightly color water

Soak continuously rubbing the Morgellons crud out of sink will flush out lots of dissolving as you rub out. This seems to start the exit mode of the Morgellons. Rub hairs in circular motion and you will also get the Morgellons hairs, when the bug bunches up they easily can be removed.

Use hand sanitizer (white colored better) and Dawn dish-soap/hand soap afterwords and it will bring up the hard eggs. Can use this also to keep hands,arms and feet cleaned out on a daily.
basis. use 1 dish-soap to 10 hand sanitizer. Or easier rub soap on then follow with hand sanitizer. Make sure and not use water until ready to wash off.

For scratches and sores Desert Isle Tea tree and neem toothpaste seals and heals stopping spread.

Hopefully this has been helpful. God Bless!! and be with you! :)

Jun 15, 2012
I can help diagnose...
by: Anonymous

Every single one of the symptoms mentioned in this thread, from the round white eggs to the threadlike objects coming from the skin, describe thrips infestation perfectly. They go through several stages in their life cycle, one of which resembles a threadlike piece of lint. They can float on the air for long distances and migrate in large populations, choosing warm and humid environments. Look up the stages of development. There are THOUSANDS of types and they all have different color ranges, so see which ones are in your area. They feed on plants but have been proved to attach to a human as a host if the large local populations of thrips have already taken over most of the plant life. They like fabric, can crawl, jump, float, and fly. Here in Tennessee and the southeast US they have been increasingly difficult to deal with for cotton farmers as they appear to be highly resistant to pesticides. Look these up and, prior to going to another doctor or spending more money, talk to your local agriculture department or university to have them help you identify what kind you may be dealing with based on your region, plants in your yard/home (also some foods), and reported population increases. They will at least be able to provide you with the background of what you are dealing with so that you will be able to present your condition to a physician in a way that will leave little room for dismissal or a diagnosis of parasitosis. These little things absolutely suck and need to be publicy discussed as a major epidemic so that treatments can be discovered. It's just ridiculous that so called medical professionals deem it easier to pronounce a person clinically mentally ill than to hop online and consult professionals from a wide arena of infectious disease/ parasitic infestation specialties until they find an answer. Took me two months of dedicated searching and reviewing all symptoms from all of the threads i have found. Stand your ground! Best of luck!

May 21, 2012
Bugs Under Skin Treated With Vinegar
by: Angie

Thanks so much for giving so much detail on the things you have tried in your efforts to eliminate this problem of unusual bugs under your skin.

You really seemed to have put in massive effort and it's kind of amazing that you haven't seen better results.

Regarding your question about the affect of the vinegar on your face, let me ask if you were using organic apple cider vinegar and if you were using it full strength?

If the answer is yes, it may be that your skin was just too sensitive for full strength application. The "problem areas" would naturally be even more sensitive because that area has been damaged or traumatized already.

Perhaps you can try diluting the ACV with some water and applying it that way to see if you can get the benefits without the burning of the skin.

You probably already know this, but it would be good to actually drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar in it a couple of times per day. That may help from the inside out.

The only other suggestion that I might make is that you look at your diet a little more closely. I know you mentioned you cut out potatoes for a time, but what about sugars and processed foods?

Are you trying to eat as healthy as possible to give your body some nutritional support. Good nutrition is really the only thing your body has to work with in fighting off any illness and in healing.

Sure hope you are able to get this under control soon.

May 21, 2012
bugs under skin
by: Anonymous

so i got 'acne' for the first time 10years ago. 2 years ago, after extensive travel in hotels and year long major life changing stressful events, i erupted with topical pink mounds where the skin seemed to peel from the sides, and they could not be popped.

been diagnosed by 3 derms with 4 different dieases, and by multiple gen dr, with acne. my 4 year old has it. track marks, long circular patterns, pink bumps, basicaaly ruining our beautiful skin.

the other day, i saw a thin straight orangey white 1/8 in (or so) thing hanging from my cheek. when i touched it with my nail, it seemed to jump 1/2 in away and jack-knife. when i touched it again, it jumped a little again and coiled up. first one i have seen and makes me doubt my self diagnosis of demodex. demodex is not supposed to move under the skin, and my bugs are leaving clear continuous red track marks.

what i have tried, everything listed was full body, hair to toes, left on overnight, while boiling sheets and clothes everyday and cleaning everyday:
failures: 4% sulfur in vaseline for 1 wk followed with 2% sulfur in vaseline for 5 wks; tumeric paste made with water, full clarke parasite cleanse, giving up potatoes for 4 wks, neem at 10% in cocnut oil for 4 wks, various usual essential oils in calundula/malva flowers tea or in oil, spot use of dmso 70% water 30% with drops of oregano/tea tree/clove, 30 days daily drinking wormwood/clove/olive leaf/burdock root/milk thistle self made tea decotion, baths of turmeric and neem, vinegar baths.
what had a dramatic effect but did not cure: vinegar on face. now can any of you answer this, maybe it is a clue? used vinegar on face, after 3 days areas with ongoing problems AND areas where i had problems in the past but were seeminly clear for years got red burn like marks (and two areas around corners of mouth are permanetly scarred and discolored). But here is the kicker...only areas with problems got red although i put it on my whole face. so what does that say about the parastite? after a week of vinegar, it seemed like the area effected spread or i was uncovering their nest, as i had squares of red track lines appear around my mouth corners. it scared me and i stopped, but vinegar is the only stuff that did something.

i did try iodine at the beginning and maybe that also had a dramatic effect, but i was taking metrogel at the time and so i am not sure.

May 19, 2012
Mites and Parasites in the Home
by: Angie

Hi Doug,

Wow! Sounds like you are really having a time of it. Have you tried the salt bath yet that your friend suggested? Other visitors to the site have mentioned that it has helped them, too. You can use either Epsom salts or Himalayan Sea Salt for best results.

You might also want to consider some of the DIY pest control suggestions to see if you can eliminate or at least reduce the infestation of your environment.

Of course, everyone knows that I always recommend a good internal cleanse, too, while you're at it for best results. ;)

Hope you find some solutions that work for you.

May 18, 2012
me too
by: doug, louisiana

I have been affected by the same thing all symptomsare the same I have taken pics of mites and parasites on me in my home and made movies of thier movements. Has any one sat in room by yourself where you know they are and just listend? If I tell you what I have found you would say im nuts but here goes. Im 45 maintenance manager of a power plant, sane as the day is long, yet i can hear these things moving through the walls if i touch something that is infested or sit in a seat it imeadiatlybegins to buldge and move and then they show up allways going to the center lower back my bed creaks and i can hear them sniff and breathe they are very agressive and seem to know when im in the room. anything they are on they can move!!! TAKE MY WORD THEY ARE INTELLIGENT AND COMMUNICATE WITH ONE ANOTHER AND OTHER SPIECIES!!! They also defend against your attacks and become imune to insecticide very quickly. Thinkin this is a terrorist attack from the east.. We have some indians up road and in thier store they have a dining area and the chairs move because of the infestation. I mentiond it to my friend ali and he said yes I know they have done that since we bought the place, then he told me take salt bath to get them off me. I have one open sore on my hand for 9 months finally went to lab at work and got under microscope and found light brown strsight worm like parasites and othe unidentified mites. IM NOT CRAZY, my wife now belives me, only cause they a f'in with her now, I can hear them now they kinda go pssst then youll see em ont the floor. any comments????

May 16, 2012
No clue what it is
by: Anonymous

I am glad I found this place. Finally, there are people that understand what it is like to feel so frustrated and isolated. I first discovered my symptoms about two months ago. I was finding the black specks in my bed along with some little white thing that looked like it had a spear or something like that on it. Then the bite like wounds started showing up, just random and then I started receiving scratches. It is so strange, some just pop up and I see them but then I have had a few that were just like someone was scratching me. Usually they are a 1/4 inch to two inches and have little markings in between the beginning to the end of the scratch. And, I think I have had a few unexplained bruises. I have experienced twice the sharp pain of like a piece of glass coming out of me and had to pry it out and it was a very thin white looking slither something. Lately I have noticed that I am having more body aches and I am very tired. But, here is my deal. I usually wake up fine and it is not until 2 or 3pm I start feeling bad. It is like they have been sleeping and have woke up to wreak havoc. I also having a burning sensation that starts every afternoon too. I have dogs and they stay in my bedroom. I have taken them to the vets because my paranoia has made me think it is coming from them. I bought new bedroom furniture and I am getting new flooring. I wash sheets every night and that seems to help but I use no comforter or quilt for them to invade. I have gone to my doctor 3 times and had blood work that turned out perfectly fine. My next trip is to the dermatologist and then an allergist. I have also had the house fumigated about 3 or 4 times now. I have never felt so stressed and hopeless my whole life. I stay away from people because I don;t want to expose them to whatever it is. I tried tea tree oil and it seemed to help somewhat in a bath and I mixed it with water and spritzed in the room and car. And, I have noticed that when I eat sugar, it does seem to make it worse. I hope we can all find a solution someday really soon. I am glad I am not alone but I am sad there seems no real answer.

Apr 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

the little pearls are eggs. it s morgellons work on your immune system and glutithione levels. there is no cure the disease teaches u to detox ur body and eat non gmo and better foods.

Apr 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

Kerosine does work on the mites or whatever they are, that is the only thing that saved me. Not sure if im rid of them but at best keeping them at bay, and learning to live with the bastards.

Apr 06, 2012
Me too
by: Manx88

Been battling this for 4 months. This is insane. Started as scabies, I think. But just started seeing the black dots--right after a hot bath and while rubbing tea tree ointment on my skin. Also a lot of new freckles (what's that all about?). Most recently, started seeing these tiny little yellowish-white waxy beads, very small, like a grain of sand. But you can feel it when your rubbing lotion or oil on after a shower. Feels gritty. I've already been to 3 doctors-- 2 said scabies, the third said I was "cured," that is until I showed up with a new rash and he biopsied it. The pathology report said consistent with an anthropod bite. Two weeks after the biopsy, I went back to the derm with a new rash and he said it looked like "flea bites". Last time I checked, fleas weren't anthropods. Plus, I don't have any pets, and I live in a sterile environment. I brought in samples of the black dots -- they were tiny microscopic fibers. But I know for a FACT that they came out of my skin. The waxy miniature pearls I am now finding on my skin is the latest development in this nightmare. They just started popping up in the last couple of weeks. I have appointments to see 2 new doctors, one an infectious disease specialist, and the other a dermatologist. I don't expect them to be able to help me. I've basically lost faith in the medical community. Will be seeking a good naturopath next. Also thinking of getting an apple tree. That's intriguing. Using clove oil right now. Also sulfur soap and sulfur ointment. Managing this is a full-time job! I wish the doctors would do theirs!

Mar 27, 2012
Spreadable From Person To Person
by: Angie

Most parasite infections are spreadable from person to person, whether they are internal parasites, fungal overgrowth, skin parasites, etc. Almost all that I am familiar with are easily transferable to others.

Mar 27, 2012
is this spreadasble from person to person
by: Anonymous

this is all i want to know if its spreadable from person to person

Feb 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

The doctors are dumb when it comes to this, they dont know what to do, so they do nothing but tell you that you are crazy. Its them that will be crazy in the end when they get these damn bugs. I am keeping mine at bay, have to treat internally before they leave your body. I hope i am rid of them but not sure, still getting pimples on my face, nver had those before, but i treat each one like its a bug, guess i always will. Today is my birthday, turned 50...good luck to everyone.

Feb 18, 2012
I'm losing my mind
by: Anonymous

Omg!! I've been feeling like I am losing my mind. Good to know that I am not alone in this. I've noticed black specs on my skin and my 9 month old baby's skin for awhile now. I've been super itchy and I feel like the doctor's and my family all think I'm crazy.. I can feel them crawling in my feet, and it's the worst at night. I have to take a really hot bath to try and get to sleep, and sometimes this doesn't even help.. I cover myself in all natural peppermint and lavender oils, and sometimes the burn of the oils override the itch, but it's getting worse lately and I don't know what to do, so now that I've found this site, I'm going to look up Morgellon's disease to find out what it is ..but the black specs usually appear after I bathe, and I notice them on my son after I bathe him.. Thank you so much for your comments, they are helpful, and it's good not to be alone

Feb 07, 2012
immune environment patasite cleanse
by: Anonymous

I bought a small 50 dollar microscope that hooks up to the computer. I use it on my skin. Those black dots are actually little fibers that I think is morgellons, the disease the the CDC is trying to hide. I feel it's going to be an epidemic. I've been researching this for months. I've had it for about 6 months. Started in my scalp. I think CDC wants it to set in til it's too late and you can't cure it. It's catchy. I got it from my coworker and I gave it to my mom of course innocently. The more people don't know the more we are spreading it. I stay away from people. I am currently doing a parasite cleanse and working on my immune system with vitamins. I'm going to get shots of glutiathione and I'm also getting autohemotherapy. A nurse can do it for you. This is a call to all nurses...save us with autohemotherapy. It boosts our immune with our own blood, its natural. I ordered everything. The only thing that keeps them at bay but not cured is borax baths left on the skin. It's God telling us to eat organic and purified. Its God telling us our body is a temple. It's also our Karma from past lives. I'm hoping we find a cure.

Feb 07, 2012
Use Helpful But Not Hurtful Remedies When Possible
by: Angie

No, don't use gasoline! I'm not a big fan of the kerosene either, but I can understand why you would be willing to try anything that seems like it would work.

It sounds like you definitely need a good internal cleanse. That's probably why you were experiencing that pain. I'd suggest you start using Herbal Fiberblend daily and keep at it for a few months until you are completely free of the problems.

Start with 1 tsp. twice per day and work your way up to a heaping tablespoon twice per day and stick with it. Drink plenty of water, too, each day so that it will help pass all the internal toxic/parasite build up.

For your skin, soak in a bath with espom salts or sea salt (either should work) and then apply some essential oil to your skin afterward. You can use tea tree, lavender, neem, oregano, or a combination of a few if you prefer.

You don't have to use the oils straight. You can mix them with some extra virgin olive oil, or coconut oil and that will make the go a lot farther.

I assume you got rid of the suspect mattress. Give the house a good clean and then spray the house with some Cedarcide
if you can afford it. If not, make up your own concoction with water and cedar oil and clove oil.

You can get good prices on the different essential oils at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Seriously, though, if you don't cleanse out your insides as well as your environment, you are likely to just keep getting the symptoms over and over again.

Feb 07, 2012
to crazy in iowa
by: Anonymous

the turning point for me was to completely cover my body with kerosine (coal oil), it wont hurt you but will kill the hell out of some bugs, just put it all over you and leave for a few hours and then wash off, i have tried alot of things, like sleeping in permethrin mixed with coconut oil.

Feb 07, 2012
I am going CRAZY in IOWA
by: Anonymous

Yes i know i need to see a doctor but cant afford simple things let alone a dr visit with no insurance. i have had this for a few years i think it was started when i slept on an infested couch my roommate brought home. I thought i was nuts i bought lice shampoo and everything associated w/ all that. didn't help, then i swear tiny black flies that kinda resembled a mosquitoes were coming out of my mouth, I thought i had lost it, the weeby jeebys of every part of me was crawling, so i had thought i finally got rid of this disgust when whamo the creepy crawlies started again, i became ill, i would get a sudden stomach ache triggered by alot of diff. things, horribly bad pains had to go to the ER to get the pain under control, didn't ever connect it until i started reading bout this last night. I get sores on my face, ears shoulders, i have picked them like an addict and they don't heal until i pull out the little larva looking thing i have all of the other signs please please tell me what product to find i am seriously loosing myself, HELP ME PLEASE post back a reply, I am thinking gasoline

Jan 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

to the person who went to the good derm and found out it was staff what did u take how were u tested. mine has two holes 1 centimeter apart everywhere. sometimes groups. black specks too.

Jan 11, 2012
black spots on skin
by: Anonymous

I will tell you guys PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL TAKING ADVICE OVER INTERNET!! I also have black specks it started june 2011 aprox 2 weeks after husband went into hospital i became very ill disinfected my house etc.. Diagnosed as crazy scratching myself aah no, bed bugs, scabies etc.Finially went to a great derm.No it is not bugs.You must trace back everthing .do u work in garden ? open cut, slepted in hotel hospital stressed etc or maybe you had lice etc that led to this.I will tell you it it is probaby a fungal infection or a folliculitus caused by staph or you can actually get an infection if you did recently have a bug infestation.Rest eat well clean but not stressful crazy ( as i did) do not pick .Mine turned out to be a staph infection and i thought bugs were biting me and terrible itchy sores so i really symathize.I even took these black things to uc davis ca were they study the top parasite infections in the us. YOU will do more damage as i did by listening to internet Please get a good derm patient and caring and give it time michelle

Dec 01, 2011
Cleaning environmment with enzyemes
by: Radiance

I have got amazing results with bioKleen enzyme cleaners plus they are not toxic and harmless to kids, animals and self. I sure does work and helps to regain some control of the situation and your life. They sale them in the Health section at Fred Meyers.

With Prayers that this helps you all!

Nov 09, 2011
Enough is enough
by: Anonymous

I have had these black specks for 4 months now. It started as my dogs was sick and then my 2 yr old daughter followed. This lasted for weeks. We are being bitten all over and have had flu.

It has attack our immune and nervous system but not the rest of the family. It's always worse at night and always worse in my bed.

My skin became dry and itchy it looked like little black bits which never moved and also different colour fibres.

My two boys don't seem affected and neither do their beds. I started sleeping in different rooms and changed my diet. We both seemed better.

I have tried all sorts now I've had pest control, bought a new mattress, news sheets, pillows, oils, diet, etc.

I have done lots of research now and have decided that these black dots are internal and the following should be checked - yeast infections, staph infection and fungi infections such as ringworm.

I have been using fungi creams and it has not gone away but has made a huge difference.

It helped me to Change my diet, avoid sugar, boost the immune system, take probotic vitamins.

As I could not sleep in bed I shut my door and everyone going in, but my dog got in one day and started to itch and lost hair and had a legion over night. His health went down hill fast.

I have taken him to the vets and thought he might have stephs infection and he has anti fungi and bacterial shampoo. I'm going down the doctors tomorrow to get the same for me otherwise I'll use the dog's. lol But I am going to be careful what I say to the doctor. I will let you know if this works. I pray it does. want nothing more than to sleep in on a new mattress.

Oct 28, 2011
Skin sooty mold covered burrowin mites found in fruit trees & soil, & releaf treatment
by: Kenneth City / St. Pete, FL

My x-husband brought some oranges with attached branhces for me to clean from my neighbor's orange tree heavily infected with mutated lichen, sooty mold and fusarium. As I washed the oranges and tore the leaves and attached branch stem off, black fungi infected mites started to penetrate my hand. I dropped the contaminated leaves/twigs/oranges, and I immediately took some tweezers an started to try to pluck the black looking mites infected with black fungi (possible sooty mold) ,that were burrowing inside the skin of my hand. To this date, I have the tiny long keloid scars on my hand from this parasitic attack. My neighbor refuses to cut the infected tree, and the pathogens in his orange tree has also contaminated my lawn, so I cover my whole body now, head to toe, when I am outside or when the lawn is being cut.

These mutated fungi carrying insects penetrate your body causing havoc. I also been contaminated with what looks like wood splinters which I believe are thrips carrying toxins. Also being contaminated and attacked by collembola, red mites, sprintails that got into my attic and then openings in my a/c ducts into my home. My x-husband put live nematodes in the attic as a bio insecticidal to attack these insects. What happened that the Lady in Red live microscopic nematodes sold at HOme Depot carry toxic bacteria and that is how they first attack the insects and then penetrate their pray, after eliminating the thrips and collembola/springtails in my attic, these microscopic nematodes carrying bacteria jumped to attack me delivering their bacteria and toxins by prickling my skin....you can't see the microscopic nematodes that got inside my house from the attic via the a/c ducts, but they prick and nothing has been able to kill them.

I have had many other pathogenic attacks. It seems that there are pheromones in my body from an original bite that wouln't heal from an insect. From that day on, my whole life became a true life Stephen King story with various pathogenic attacks and susectibility.


Soak in a bath with 100% baking soda, put 1/2 the small bottle in your bath. You will see the black tiny mites and fungi coming out. Soak your hair, and do not rinse off. Leave the baking soda mixed with water dry in your hair. The crawling will generally stop in your hair, and the bath excretes these particular pathogens. I orally take a multitude of alternative herbs that kill fungi/virus/bacteri/parasites, and also apply topical solutions including tea tree oil (melaleuca) on my skin which helps it heal.

Anyways, you will find releaf from the mites carrying mutated black sooty mold/lichen spores/fusarium spores by doing this simple baking soda bath.

If you would like to know more about the internal alternative medicines I use and found relief and healed from joint pains, bouts of paralysis, soars, etc from these mutated strains of pathogenic contamination. You can e-mail me at: ToRestoredHealth@yahoo.com

Oct 26, 2011
black specs & shiny gitter in hair
by: Anonymous

Thank God for this site-I stayed at a caravan Park at L near Launceston Tasmania-got into bed & my arm was itching all over-pulled sheet back & there looked like there was a forest of black lumps & dead wood & leaves.

The Manager at this particular park was obnoxious - It has been 7 months now-Doctors-specialists- & like you all heaps of money. They all say it is in my mind-& the power of the mind can cause us to see things-I saw them without without even thinking of them.

One comment was they come in yellowish white gel-that is correct-then you see a flying bug-this also is correct

BUT GOOD NEWS - I WENT & GOT SOME APPLE BRANCH WITH LEAVES LIKE SUGGESTED ON THIS SITE-HELD IT OVER MY HEAD & WOW they fell out with small pieces of hard twiggy wood & dead hair - sweet almond oil with tea tree mixed with it helped BUT GO TO THE APPLE LEAVES. ~Sandy

Oct 16, 2011
another leper looking for answers!
by: shannon

At first I thought it was lice. Then i went to the doctor.. he said it was all in my head (he will never khow right he was!)Then i thought it was ring worm, then a fungal infection because i found spores on my hair that took 8 hours to get out (with a nit comb and dry toothbrush), then i thought i had a desemminated cryptoccocus because my head was about to explode with the internal pressure and i could feel things swimming around my brain, also felt things biting and digging into my body, my joints ache, i can't sleep well, bathe with ammonia in my water, wash my hair with bleach water, lather on the vaseline and olive oil, and last week i found a spring tail bug! on top of all this i take all the anti fungals and vitamins for healthy immunity (is that even possible anymore?)I have samples and i need a microscope since the doctors refuse to look... anyone want to share??

Sep 16, 2011
Why is there no interest to find the answer
by: Anonymous

My question is, why is there no interest in the scientific communities? Is anyone taking the time to take samples of what they find to have it looked at. I have collected and taken notes, I just need to find someone or take a lesson to do the research

I believe that it has something to do with a tree parasite. On a windy cold stormy day, where I was working a tree came down, trapping someone inside. I got out there, cutting away this dead tree. When I got home, my hair was full of what looked like black seeds, the size of pepper, it had a clear shell covering over it,

Since my leaving that job, six to eight residents have passed away, Within the 1st year I left. They had weak immune systems, no way could they fight off something like this.

Again, why is it so hard for someone to look into this seriously. Stop trying to medicate everyone.
We import our goods for other countries, everyday, we wear the cloths they make, we furnish our homes with imported goods. So easy that something my have found its way to our homes. It could even be something that has evolved here in America.

We all know for a fact, hundreds and thousands, of American Indian, lives were lost when Europe landed in America, exposing them to illnesses they had no resistance to (Only a small example, it happens every where) Why is it so impossible that something new has developed, not just here, its showing up all over the world.

I can't figure out why it effects some people. You can live in one house, not everyone will be effected. That would be an interesting research project. I would tell you my findings, but it would take way too space,

Sep 08, 2011
Re: bird mites?
by: Anonymous

I am assuming i have bird mites, from what i have read, think i have had them for about a year, have known for sure 4 months. The only thing that helps is sleeping in olive oil mixed with permethrin 10, keeps them from crawling at night anyway. I am so tired of this, had to go back to work. Spend all money on cleaning supplies and oil. Got baking soda all over my blow up mattress mixed with oil. I hope they find a cure soon, i really think these things are the plague and nobody is noticing but us.

Sep 08, 2011
This evil bug
by: Anonymous

Im so infected by collembola that im infectious to other people. Apart from the black spots, there is a little mosquito/fly that seems to be part of the lifecycle as well as a bacterial infection. God im going mad. The company where I work, everyone is scratching badly and I think they've cottoned onto the fact that its me. Im dying inside knowing that im doing this to innocent people and there doesnt seems to be any cure what so ever and the doctors are totally ignorant of it. Has anyone considered seeing a tropical disease specialist. I have to work as Ive been out of work for some time due to this evil thing but I cant bear to see other people constantly scratching around me. Today it was so bad that anyone who came anywhere near me started itching.

Aug 31, 2011
black, red or white specks
by: bugged

I'm reading about all the people struggling w/this and the fact that the common doctor's answer has been that its a mental health issue. I have had this for close to 2 yrs and spent thousands of dollars on various herbs, cleanses, baths, shampoos, soaps, detergents, fumigators, foggers, etc. I continue to shower daily, spray, steam floors, borax on my carpets, cleaning, washing clothes, towels, sheets daily and living in hell. I'm tired from not sleeping & get up in the night to use a lint roller to take them off my sheets. So many people suffer yet so little knowledge. I looked up birdmites.org & they have a lot of useful info. I use a anti-fungal cream in my ears, eyebrows which helps. Vinegar & water to spray on me & surfaces, parasite cleanses work but as soon as I stop, they are back again. Eat a lot of garlic, no sugar, no coffee, little dairy (yogurt ok), lots of water, grapeseed extract, apple cider vinegar, bioton to help stop my hair from falling out. Immune boosters. Want to stop the madness. I'm down to 98 lbs. My house & car are infested as well. Glad I'm not alone in this but wish I could find a cure. Doesn't attract friends either. I'm afraid of winter where I have to wear more clothes again, so much worse. Thank you for all the info & hopefully we'll figure it out.

Aug 31, 2011
Big black monsters under skin
by: -TriSul-

Good afternoon ! i have same problem .
I'm originaly from Russia. (now for 7 year's i'm in India) (and in India i got this big black monsters under the skin aroun 5 mounth back)
so i don't speake english well. :(
i can recomend one method for this "black monsters problem"
1) very painffuly but 100% work (cheked by mysalfe)
use the "kerosin oil" or "petrol" for youre scalp and skin (all body) also !!! it's working very well but it's realy painffuly :(
2) regular keep youre place and all around washed with some antibiotic or antiseptic liquid.
3) try to leave youre home for 2-3 mounth for get best body condition.
and eat more vitamins for youre immunity system ! it will work.
Tks to everyone !
we will see hwo is more strong !
human or black monsters ?

Aug 12, 2011
was/am going crazy
by: Anonymous

Our home we lost due to mold was opened up about six weeks ago so we could get photographs and such out even though I know I can never hold them or look at them again. I went home and showered immediately, didn't feel too bad. Within days my behavior became rather erratic, obsessive (ocd bigtime), insomnia (much worse than usual)I've been suffering (leave at that) with the itch, fact that everyone believe me to be crazy, joint pain, mulitiple visits to ER in last month and have no insurance. I had low grade fever, the worst pain in my neck and my shoulders, tingling in face and scalp, convulsions, labored breathing etc last wk then things seemed to let up.

A couple of days ago I started noticing things that mark the return of the black bits (occasionally the black will resemble a flea or what appear to be tiny amber or white eggs. Last night I couldn't sleep for the insane itch of my scalp. I don't recall it affecting my scalp last time but I head in to get the vasoline or vicks.

TRY THIS, YOU'VE NOTHING TO LOSE and it helps to reduce whatever this is under the skin - smear (DO NOT PUT it in your hair, i made that mistake already, nearly impossible to get it out) vicks or just vasoline on your skin thickly enough (this only works when they/it start moving and you start itching) to affect their breathing. Let it set for 15 minutes then start massaging your arm, leg whatever and you should have the "eggs" (idk what this is honestly), black specks or things that appear to be dead bugs .... UNTIL TONIGHT. I FOUND A LIVE ONE ON MY ARM AFTER SPREADING TIGER BALM ON IT.

I'd like to take it to the doctor who said I'm psychotic and need help. Yah I need help getting rid of whatever is in my body and to feel good physically for a change.

will post what i find out

Jul 12, 2011
i got mites
by: Anonymous

A few weeks ago, i thought i got bit by a spider, went to the dr, she said scabies. She gave me permethrin, it did nothing. I took matters into my own hands, only olive oil mixed with tea tree oil rubbed all over your skin will make the bugs come out, i sit and do this all the time. I am so depressed. I went back to the dr and she wouldnt give me anything. Went to the ER last night and the dr said it wasnt scabies, he didnt know what it was. Gave me a steroid shot. I didnt tell him i had already taken ivermectin from the feed store, it is the only thing that seemed to help, but dangerous to take. I am a desperate woman. i have an appt with a dermatologist in the morn, cant wait to see what he has to say. When i was at the hospital they didnt believe that the bug i showed them came out of my skin, but it did. This is the worst thing in the world, they are in my car and my house, i have tried everything, my hair is ruined from all the bleach. I am trying blue star ointment tonight, i read somewhere that it kills them dead, we will see. Overseas they have an Elephant ointment for this, but you cant get it unless u go to store over there. Good luck to you all, god help us all.

Jul 09, 2011
Diet pill causing my specks?
by: Zaidsirp

Well I did a 3 day cleanse- oh before I go on- I'd been taking a diet pill called lean efx which really works- but lately- 1 would keep me awake for like 3 days without hunger and I loved that I lost weight!!! But then I started feeling weird. I totally had the black specks and worm crawling feeling in my skin eveything everyone has. After the cleanse I've been feeling better-oh yeah- I also started antibiotics for my acne so- I think that helped too-but now I've gained all the weight back. Im soo tempted in taking the diet pills again but 1st I opened one and dumped the little powder in a cup of water and I notice the cup had a bunch of floating black specks in it. So what I'm thinking is that I feel like I have Morgellons Disease when I take the pill. So it's either be fat no craziness or thin and have Morgellons Disease symptoms- RIGHT NOW I am assuming this is what's going on with me. On sunday I will do my experiment and see if the diet pill is making me see/feel/ and act out of norm or if it is something else.

Jul 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I thought I would post where I was from to help track. My story is a little different but ends the same as others above. My daughter seems to be a magnet for lice. After being away from the house for a few days she came home and I noticed one of the lice "feeding spots" on her head. It was something I had seen before so I went into "lice mode". I began pulling sheets, etc, checking her head (pulling nits & eggs) and calling family whom she had been with recently. I called her doctor and got the rx lice med due to the fact she has never had results with the OTC lice meds. A few days later I began seeing bumps in my pubic area and I went on a freak out. I thought maybe I had gotten a pubic lice??? We had gone out of town to a casino and maybe she came home with a head lice and I some other type? Well I went on a rampage of shaving, treating with OTC meds, etc and nothing was helping. When I would wipe I would see a possible bug and black specks. How humiliating this has been. The rash would travel from pubic area to folds of buttocks to buttocks, etc. Having no insurance I called an older dr I had been to and convinced him to call in scabies meds b/c after researching online I thought it may be scabies. I also treated my scalp because they are there also. I then called my daughter's pediatrician and convinced her to call her in a rx also to treat her just in case. Her pediatrician now believes I am nuts. She stated she wasn't convinced I had the "right" diagnosis (I know she had head lice b/c I saw them). After treating myself (it has been 5 days) I am still seeing rash like symptoms but I am seeing MANY black specks/bugs. They are tiny bugs and very difficult to tell, but they are definitely bugs. I am going insane! Also, a few evenings ago, I saw a black (larger) but still small bug which seemed to jump around on my sink in my bathroom. It threw me off b/c I read that scabies do not jump and you can't see them. I should have kept it but I didn't. So in the tub, I found one of these bugs last night. I kept it and put it in alcohol. Tonight, I saw one jumping around on my mattress cover but it jumped to the floor before I could catch it! I quickly vacuumed my room praying I got it. I am EXTREMELY confused. I know it is not a flee, I know what flees look like. Whatever it is has invaded my life, my skin. Why are there no answers??? I am going to try and catch another one to have more proof for pest control??? I am emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially exhausted. I finally had to tell my daughter what was going on because she kept saying, "why won't you hug me? you never hug me anymore..." I am so depressed.

Jun 29, 2011
black spike speck
by: angel n robyn

Ian so relieved to find this article. I thought I was losein my mind. Then I went to stay with a girlfriend & sure enough she too had seen the same thing! Does anyone notice these things going from skin warps butto nail and growing into them causes warps? Also has anyone dug them or tried to dig them out and have swelling in hands or feet?

Jun 26, 2011
Black dots
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the info about the collembola mite. I figured it was a mite or some kind of lice, but thought scabies. Before I saw my doctor, I was so miserable with the itching, sharp bites, red welts and patches ALL over including ears, eyes and nose that I started to use fresh pressed garlic mixed with a very small amount of organic olive oil. Since my hands were affected I wore gloves over the garlic, and watched the black dots come out. I collected them and would like to see them under a microscope. Doctor said cannot see scabies- are microscopic. Not sure if I got from school or a hotel or possibly biting flies. Hope they do not carry disease, cause was feeling rather feverish with them and fatigued. Is it Morgellons? Very aggressive with cleaning and hot laundering to no avail. Now using a scabies cream and trying Tea Tree in bath, but the Permethrin and Rid did not work.

Jun 22, 2011
Some help
by: janine.saunders@hotmail.com

I've been researching this for some time because the doctors are ignorant of it and will diagnose you with parasitosis or try and impress upon you that you are suffering from a mental aberration which requires the assistance of a shrink. Likewise your family like mine will think your'e nuts. These are my latest findings. Black pepper mite or collembola is of the genus family Strongoloid and is related to the thread worm. Ive just found out this information and am going to ask my doctor to prescribe Tiabendazole 25mg/kg for 5 days. thiabendazole is used to treat thread worm but since both are considered Strongaloids it makes sense that it may work. You will also need to use a topical cream as for scabies. Colloidal silver helps to but must be taken regularly not sporadically, 1tbs morning and night before food. Also stay away from carbs. If you want to show your doctor that you have a mite on your skin use an oil like lavender, lemonbalm or citronella or a combination of all three in almond oil as a carrier and watch them pop out of your skin. Salt baths help and I find using a strong solution of epsom salts in warm water on your scalp helps to. One day I hope to be free of this curse and wish it for all of you to. One more thing the reason doctors fob you off is because they are ignorant of it and may try and diagnose the demotex mite which is what causes dandruff and because collembola is supposed to be endemic in nature with no ability to cross infect humans... Wrong!!! they will essentially laugh you off as has happened to me. I would appreciate hearing of anything that anyone else has found out as a way of treating this curse.

Jun 20, 2011
by: Zaidpcc

I was wondering where everyone is from? Where is this happening.? I'm in Texas. Can we make a map to see if it's everywhere?

Jun 20, 2011
I'm not on drugs or delusional!
by: ZaidpCc

I Feel hair literally moving on my arms while white flaky bumps appear then fibers that look like thin fin hairs and after scratching and scrubbing my skin I get black specks that appear. I even got duct tape and it was loaded with fibers and specks. Stress, anxiety, allergies- whatever! I'm a mother and I want to enjoy life with my kids! My husband is an officer and he says I sound like a crack addict. I don't do drugs and I don't even drink! Why I'm I only feeling this and noone else at my home? I am not crazy or delusional!!

Jun 07, 2011
it IS collembola (springtail) aphid that lives on plants
by: Anonymous

I got it from potting soil. It infected my plants, so i sprayed them and they went looking for a new home...ME!
doctors (and everybody else) won't believe you. My house was infested too, and car. I took all of the plants outside and treated with different sprays for months. I was on Scabies meds but they only worked a while cause of my house. I researched a lot and know without doubt that it is the collembola from my plants. Once I knew what it was, I told my boyfriend that we need healthy plants back in the house. He went out to our apple trees and put clippings in a vase. When he brought them in, I stood next to the vase. Within seconds they started jumping off of me! Off my skin and out of my eyes. I couldn't believe it! This confirmed to me that, yes, they are the aphids! I now have apple tree arrangements in every room. (Must keep fresh ones or they leave and go looking for a new home again.) I also sit in my orchard a few days a week. They are leaving me, more every day. Different stages of the life-cycle can't move fast, jump or fly, so I help them by keeping my hands on the ground outside. Use pyrethrin with oils for spraying. Dish soap and laundry soap will destroy their protective shelk and oils then will suffocate them. Stop using pesticides...these things adapt quickly. Try this! It will save youyr life! They don't WANT to live on you, they PREFER plants. Then go tell all of the doctors that this is REAL.

May 31, 2011
Thank God I found this site
by: Janine

I have exactly the same thing and all the symptoms and have been going nuts for years over this pestilence. Thank God I have found you guys. I even considered suicide because I have been to so many doctors who dont know what it is and the cheak to tell me to see a phsycologist. I have been searching the net for so long. Does anybody on this planet know what this actually is? and why wont the doctors listen to us. I came across something called Collembola or spring tails but the doctor I discussed it with also fobbed me off saying I couldnt possibly have this but research it. It is not morgellons from what I have gathered This parasite has ruined my life and as you all know, im not joking. Please mail me janine.saunders@hotmail.com

Apr 12, 2011
Black Specks On Your Head
by: Angie

Sometimes black specks on your head can be a fungal infection. Here's something simple and inexpensive that you may want to try.

1. Get yourself some sea salt, lavender oil, and tea tree oil.

2. Make a salt water mixture with water and sea salt to rinse your scalp before applying the oils. This helps the area to heal more quickly and allows the oils to work more effectively.

3. Make a mixture of the oils with 60% lavender oil and 40% tea tree oil. Apply this to your scalp 2-3 times per day after rinsing with the salt water.

Depending on the severity of the condition, it may clear it up within a few days or may take a month.

Hope this helps some and you can feel better and more confident again.

Apr 12, 2011
black specks
by: Anonymous

I have black specks on my head. They sting and burrow, When I pull the scabes off there will be black specks. Some get larger, They don't itch, just sting and I can feel them burrow. My skin will sting I usually don't see anything on my skin. This has gone for at least a year. I feel like i COULD LOSE MY MIND. i HAVE BEEN TO 3 Doctors, They hardly look at my scalp, they just say they aren't bugs. My scalp gets sore because I take the scabs off, I can hardly stand them. I also have different things in my house. Little blacks things on the floor, white hard things after a while, thelittle black things appear. There are different shapes and colors. Crazy, and about to drive me crazy, I have my house treated it didn't help. I have never felt so helpless and hopeless. My sister said, I was obsessing,i may be, because it always here. Shampooing my hair doesn't help. I'm afraid I will lose my hair. I know this is to long and I have rambled, I just don't know where to turn.

Apr 07, 2011
small black dots reply
by: Jen

scabies look like that. I have had them twice. They look almost like a piece of ground black pepper. they cause itching. If you have it to the point that you can see them then you have had it for a while and have not treated it. I saw one on my leg one time. The only way to get rid of it is go to the DR. and they prescribe a cream that you have to use for a week or so.

Mar 29, 2011
I may know the answer to your black spots or specks.
by: Nina Co. Brown

I had a problem with finding black specks all over my skin and itching very badly. I got these sores on my body that made people accuse me of being on crystal meth and since i had crawling sensations across my body and saw glimpses of things i called bugs (fungus) people thought i had the imaginary meth bug. i thought i had morgellons disease bc all of my symptoms matched.I even saw lint and threads. I even have stuff fall out of my skin that is brownish black and looks like tadpoles or round and lays on its back that looks similar to a dead roach. I make a joke to all of my friends saying i need a noble peace prize because i have solved the mystery behind morgellons diseases. no one believes its real until they get it. I experimented with different oils, pesticides,vitamins, detoxes and i could not get it to go away. Finally i thought to use a ringworm cream. The minute i put it on the sores my skin looked 100% better. so i dreaded to go back to the doctor. I had been 3 times with no luck. 1st time they tried to put me in the psych ward. 2nd said it was insect bites and i developed a phobia so i needed to see a psychiatrist. 3rd just looked at the bumps and said i had to be on meth bc they look picked. i never pick my skin. it was an insult to hear a stereotype. my last doctor who works at a walk-in clinic looked at me from a distance and said i had a black speck ringworm. it normally starts in your scalp. It has a look of black dots in a circle or oval in your scalp. If you scratch it you will get a scab and it looks like a bug. I get these red ringworms on my body but they do not look like the typical ring worm they look like deformed crabs or frogs and tadpoles or lobsters. All ringworms look different. I even thought at one point i had spiders in my head bc the ring worms move your hair and hair would clump together and stick up like spider legs. I hope I have helped someone out. bc in the beggining i could not find anything that anyone wrote that helped me. Don't forget to wash hands frequently bc u will always have an icky buildup under the nail. I will be waiting on that Nobel Peace Prize. if you have people who are telling u that u have lost your mind after you go to the doctor tell them to kiss your butt and now they can at least scratch bugs off of ur crazy list but keep everything else.

Mar 27, 2011
black specs also :(
by: Anonymous

I live in England, UK, and i have had the same black dot condition for about 5 years now. When i first got it, after almost losing my mind I was hysterical and visited my doc, my local walk in health centre and then the A & E at local hospital, non cud help me, all treated me as though i was crazy, My partner at the time thought i was crazy and then my 3 sons and rest of family and friends started to think i was too so i gave up telling anyone and just had to learn to live with this thing in silence.I hav suffered all the symtoms you people are describing, sharp splinters, crawling feeling on skin, from head to bottom, my hair alive that is the wierdest bit about it i think, and the white larvea things one lady mentioned, things living under my fingernails,up my nose every part of me, they live in my eyes too and sometimes i feel them slide into my eye like they are swimming it is the most horrible feeling ever :( sometimes when my eyes get so bad i cant cope any longer i dap scabie lotion round my eyes, ears, nose etc thats when my hair flies down to rescue whatever it is, sounds absolutely mad i know but im not crazy iv been watching this thing at work for 5 or more years now i know what i see !! I think unless some doctors start to listen and try help this thing will probably kill me off eventually it must be gradually eating me away. also when i have a bad attack of this thing, my dogs know, they can see or smell whatever this is and they kind of cower away from it with tail down and even feel sorry for me, its crazy. i cant go through trying to convince docs again because i fear i will totally lose my mind if i start it all up again and nobody will listen and all think im mad so i can only hope that somebody somewhere gets a doc or some1 to listen and believe and help maybe xx

Mar 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Well since sept I've crawled, itched, an spent a ton of $ Nothing cures. I do match ALL the morgellons symptoms and last Nite I did a Hot bath soak in both Tree Tea oil & Epsum salt. My blk dots Turned in2 Bright blue tiny beads. So I looked into the morgellons again searchin tiny blue balls. So its fiber eggs. The middle part of the disease. I'm not so itchy. Used 20drops of oil an 2lbs of salt. Also olive oil in bath helps a bunch. I've now got 3 pin holes in my skin I'm gonna watch closely. But knwin what it is don't help w\out a Dr 2help.

Mar 24, 2011
Black Mites, Morgellons
by: Spirit Flows

I too have been suffering from the black mite infestation which is a national epidemic. I moved into a new rental that was infested with them. They come first in Morgellons. I haven't seen any fibers yet, but I've battling the mites for 7 months. I vacuum daily, change sheets, etc., etc., to no avail. Some Morgellons victims (because this is nanotechnology http://hplusmagazine.com/2009/06/01/how-close-are-we-real-nanotechnology/ . . . mites can be used to help or infest) have had cures using NutraSilver (http://nutrasilver.com) which i can't yet afford. I do know that colloidal silver kills just about everything 'cept the good flora and fauna. Scientists have discovered that the Morgellons fibers won't burn until 1700 degrees. Some think it's a fungus. At any rate if you have them, DO NOT PUT OFF DEALING WITH THEM or they will get out of control in a short time. 95% of the black mites are females, and each female lays 20-40 eggs every few days.

Feb 24, 2011
Getting to the bottom of this _ literally
by: Despair!!!

Hello everyone it is some comfort to know I am not alone I this but sympathetic too. Have seen several dermatologists and doctors who in the end decided the only cure was a psychologist as they could find no evidence of mites. I have had this for over three years and i do have some theories on the cause. Certainly the common denominator is the little black pepper speck and also a sliver of something sharp. I have been so bad at one point that i felt like Medusa as if my torso were invaded by worms. I have tried all the usual 'scabies' cures none worked, however I sprayed myself with a headlice lotion and made some headway ~ it was the one where it suffocates the lice and penetrates the eggs not sure if I can use the medicinal name. I think the tiny 'white' eggs attach themselves to long hair and glue themselves to the skin. I have found long scratches and a small mosquito type of insect with a liquid trail. If you are still with me without giving you a blow by blow account of this nightmare I will give a few pointers. Has anyone noticed bits of sparkle, or static in the bed, waxy eggs, what looks like crumbs in the bed but these little *** pierce the skin. A research scientist friend of mine put some bits under the microscope and he said his best description was that it looked like 'snot'. It is hideaous but i have found a little relief in Cussons Antibacterial hand wash which i rub on to the skin and when dry rub in a world famous baby lotion ~ line your undergarments with a dry absorbent kitchen cloth and the microscopic little black bits get stuck to it. I have also found it dibilitating in that some days I am very tired there is so much more but surely there must be more to this as I know many people with symptoms,

Feb 19, 2011
found link
by: Anonymous


hope this helps all of you

Feb 19, 2011
black pepper mites there is a cure
by: Anonymous

i've been reading on this and some call it morgellons diseaece. i read one guy put a little sunlight laudry soap with bleach into his bath water and some alfalfa pills and soaked he seen the thread like worms come out of his skin and also the multi colored worms to find it i googled mergellons cures and found this cure some think its nano technoligie so google morgellon cures and find his cure hope this helps

Feb 13, 2011
Liver Disease
by: Angie

Liver disease could certainly cause skin issues and be part of the problem you are dealing with. I couldn't say for sure, of course, but the possibility is definitely there.

Your liver is one of the major filters for the body to eliminate toxins from the system. If it is not functioning correctly the body has to find other ways to get rid of the excess toxins and the skin is usually the recipient of the excess.

What are you doing to help with the liver disease? Are you on medications? They also could be contributing to the issues you are dealing with by way of side effects. You may find yourself in a situation that dealing with one problem is causing another.

I always encourage people to get as much good quality nutrition in their body as possible when dealing with any illness. This is what the body uses to fight and heal naturally.

If you are dealing with an excess of toxins, a natural cleanse should help too. It will take some of the load off of the liver. You may want to try the Herbal Fiberblend for that, but if you are on prescription meds, be sure to use the HFB at least 1 hour away from the meds or other supplements that you are taking so as not to interfere with them.

For nutrition, I'd certainly go with the Garden Trio. The beets in that are great for liver cleansing.

If you are under a doctor's care, you should consider talking to them about these options so they know what you are doing.

Also, AIMega may be helpful to you if you are not getting enough essential fatty acids in your daily diet (good oils like Omega 3,6,9).

Everything we take has a synergistic effect by working together to boost our immune system (or weaken it, as the case may be).

I hope you are able to get some relief and healing soon.

Feb 12, 2011
Tiny black specks on skin
by: Georgia MB

Yes, I have been to my own doctor several times and also to the ER when it got really bad. Both seem to think it's bugbites but are not sure. Since I first posted my question, the baby has stopped getting these things. I on the other hand, has gotten worse. I do have a skin disease called Lichen Planus. I 1st got this while living overseas in Italy 2000. It's not that. LICHEN planus just itches really bad. This stings. Once you scratch the little scabs off, it stings bad & leaves a hole which bleeds. I also just found out I do have a liver disease. Could this have something to do with it? I'm about ready to peel my skin off literally. No not really but I feel that way at times. thank you G

Jan 29, 2011
is it morgellons??
by: Anonymous TN

Hello I've done all of the above, an yet still have thEm so now I'm thinkin Morgellons cuz it has blk dots also not just the fibers. I'm so tired all the time so my readin is slow 2 sort thru the bull crab n what's worth takin note. I knw that epsum salt soaks in bath W inshower olay body lotion helps the skin feel good and cuts dwn 2 Only sum nite itchin. But the first time I eva did that my bath w full of gray ash hard like stone and I left the lotion on 4 like 5min and barely rinsed I becamE gritty like sandy?? And my tub was also. So I live in TN but am from Fla if that matters?? Help dr don't ,won't, anD refuse 2 even discuss parasites mites or morgellons! :(

Jan 29, 2011
black spots
by: Anonymous

i have this problem also and i have notaced when its warmer they tend to migrate all over causeing sharp bites in my toes and shoulders i think they also lay eggs under the epidermis and im breaking out on my jawline and chest. i have also seen hairs pulled from sores that seem to be alive and responsive to touch! quite the trip.im freaked out! i get both splinters that seem to be like glass.hurt like hell and when removed leave un healed holes that seem to get deeper sort of like staph infection and if i scratch off the blk spots they become bigger and infectuous with what seems like tiney hairs. i also have used staph meds on my toes where the pain was greatest and tiney yellow worm like things seaped from my skin,when touched they seem to jump or disopear! im serious im freaked! docs have no clue!

Jan 21, 2011
mad at the Dr.'s
by: Anonymous

I also have this prob. they are the size of a black pepper flake and they stick to ur skin when u scratch off it bleeds. It has spread all over at first I thought it was scabies..I have been to 2 different Dr. and they have scraped my skin and just tell me I have rash...I can feel them bite..my whole body was covered till I started research online..I recomend 2 showers daily wash with a sulfer soap. wash towels, bedding, blankets, clothing evertime u use i have been adding boraxe to my laundery and sprinkel on floor it will kill the bugs in carpet. They are going away slowly..most important wrap ur mattress in plastic with a zipper (target) and put ur pillow in a trash bag and tape it shut u can put pillow case over. Im not sure how long im going to leave my life like this but its working its been 4 mnth and its hell..dont forget about ur car spray with bug boms every three days they hatch..very

Jan 14, 2011
blk dots also
by: Anonymous

WTF is it that we have??? I've become ill since it started aug 2010. They are tear dropped shape w a stinger it looks like 2 me. They hard as nails and multiply. They go in an out my skin 4 sure. And my hair has attacked me. N when first started they werE goin from my hair 2 my anus n bk. Now its itch itch n blk dots!!! Errrr
Ps. Tree oil don't kill em dryer heat.. No go bleach ? Not sure but can't bleach my body lol HELP

Jan 05, 2011
Black dots and splinters
by: Anonymous

I feel badly about your baby. I have had the same thing for months now. I have been to the dr. several times-pills or poison. These HURT and I have fogged to the point of an emergency room visit. Help!

Sep 29, 2010
black spots..........
by: Anonymous

Well there are a few people out here who are suffering with the same issues. Small black dots, after them being on you, you become aware of them, they seem to bite, very hard to get out, can be seen with mag, come in clusters or rows, some people have what looks like splinter looking things too. Elia mite cream does work some what, allstop a product online is working for me. It takes a massive clean up of home, car, floors, pets, sheets, pillows, EVERY THING to get this out of your life. Doing a parasite cleanse on yourself is paramount. Write to me and I can tell you what I've been doing. houts42@msn.com

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