Natural Treatment For Menstrual Migraine Headaches

treatment for menstrual migraine

A natural treatment for menstrual migraine headaches can save you so much pain and discomfort. 

Many people suffer from menstrual migraine headaches. This pain can be so severe that it completely disables its victim.

I remember one time when I was about 9 years old, my oldest sister, then 20, was very sick in bed with a migraine.

She asked me to go downstairs and get a knife for her. Wanting to be a help, I dashed downstairs and returned with a kitchen steak knife. 

As I was preparing to hand it over, I asked her what she wanted the knife for. She replied that she was going to cut off her head!

I was horrified! I quickly raced off (still holding the knife) to tell my mother. She assured me that my sister was only joking, but it was then that I realized how awful a migraine headache can be.

There are different causes of migraine headaches. One of the most often overlooked causes in the case of premenstrual women is estrogen dominance.

treatment for menstrual migraine

Estrogen makes blood vessels dilate, which results in headache pain. If your migraines occur regularly in relation to your menstrual cycle, this may very well be the cause of yours.

Consider yourself lucky! Yes, I mean it. If your migraines are caused by hormone imbalance, you are highly likely to be able to find relief from natural treatment for menstrual migraine headaches.

There are, of course, migraine treatments for menstrual migraines that are in the form of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs do NOT deal with the cause, and they usually have quite harmful side effects.

The good news is that the alternative I'd like to encourage you to try is natural and targets the cause, the hormone imbalance. It's natural progesterone. 

Natural progesterone helps to restore normal vascular tone. Basically, it naturally counteracts the blood vessel dilation that is causing your migraine. 

Natural progesterone cream is a simple, inexpensive and very beneficial option that has the potential to curb your migraines and bring you great relief. That makes progesterone a safe migraine treatment that deals with the cause in a normal physiological way.

The best natural progesterone cream for migraine treatments
is Renewed Balance.

Dr. John Lee, in one of his books on the subject of hormones gives this recommendation for using natural progesterone cream for the treatment of menstrual migraine headaches...

  • Start by using 1/4 tsp. of progesterone cream for the 10 days before your period starts. (Start around day 12-14 and rotate the application to different thin skinned areas of your body - upper inner arms, breasts, face, neck, chest).

  • If you feel a migraine coming on (many people experience pre-symptoms or a migraine aura), you can apply 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. to your temples every 3-4 hours until the symptoms go away.

In Dr. Lee's experience with his female patients who suffered from menstrual migraine headaches, only one or two extra applications would do the job.

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I do hope it helps you, too. Please DO let us know if you are one of the many who have found relief from this natural treatment for menstrual migraine headaches. Just use the form below to tell us all about it.

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