Ugly Bug Under My Skin Spreading Fast

by Dennis Lanning

There is an ugly bug under my skin spreading fast. This parasite is ugly, has black claws in front and white claws back a way and when touching them it stings like hell.

It shoots a worm like out its nose or somewhere and you can watch it going leaving a white line on my arm.

When it gets where it wants to go another large bug starts growing.

I can not get one out to see what it looks like. I'm going crazy with these things. They are now coming on both arms and now on my legs.

I need to give myself shots of Enbrel for my arthritis but I can't take them when I have any kind of infection.

I'm going on 5 weeks now without a shot. Can you please give me an idea of what these could be?

Dennis Lanning

Hi Dennis,

You really have me stumped. I know there are ugly bugs under the skin that spread fast, but I'm thinking of parasites like scabies, etc.

That doesn't sound anything like the vivid description you are giving. Have you been to a doctor specifically for this skin condition?

Have you tried a natural parasite cleanse? Have you used anything externally to try to get rid of the bugs and soothe your skin?

Without knowing what exactly you are describing, I'd suggest a natural internal cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90.

I would also be sure to take some good probiotics to help build up your own immune system with the good bacteria you need. Try Florafood for that.

Those natural supplements will help to kill and eliminate internal parasites.

You can try applying tea tree oil, neem oil, or oregano oil to your skin or adding some to your bath water for a soak.

Alternatively, you may want to try getting some raw organic apple cider vinegar and applying the ACV directly to your affected areas or put a cup or two in your bath water.

These external oils have natural anti-parasitic properties and may be a big help.

Sorry I can't identify your particular parasite annoyance, but I hope that you will be able to get some relief soon.

To your good health!

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Mar 18, 2011
Do it
by: Anonymous

I have that too,, the white line I believe is where they have traveled,, the black tip is the little pest you need to take out,,, I take them out with a sowing pin. And you can see them Move!!!!!!

Mar 13, 2011
I Feel Your Pain
by: Anonymous

I too suffer from what reads to be the same bug annoyance!! I believe I have ugly brow and black bugs that sting whenthey bite, and when you try to flick them off of you,the attach themselves on to you with the strongest, mightest super power grip unlikeIhave ever seen of experience!!!

The more you try to break the grip of this super power bug the deeeper the nasty thing diggs itself into your body!!

I beleive there are many INSIDE OF MY FEET it difficult to walk or tand for long periods. I also belive they have spread upward throuyh out my body!I also think that they are in my ear, and that they often make buzzing sounds and they vibrate insideof host!! This is like no other pest I have ever heard of or seen

Feb 07, 2010
look at this page - it's happening to me
by: Anonymous

About Morgellons and Collembola - that is what it is about...

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