Unusual Pimple

by Peters

I have had an unusual pimple problem for over 3 months with my skin on my face.

It appears as though something is burrowing in my skin. It is very hard to remove, and when I do, it leaves a hole at least 1/8" and bleeds.

Before removal I can see that it is a small white hard thing, that is nearly impossible to remove. I have often had to leave it in rather than risk destroying my skin.

Recently, I removed a scab from my cheek, and when I pulled it off, it come off in a circular piece that I actually hear it rip off my face. I did not experience any pain however.

When I examined it there were little round egg-like things attached to the skin that I removed, about 4 or 5. They were hard but it appeared soft inside.

Yesterday I gave myself a facial. I smothered the product on my face, then covered with plastic wrap and a hot towel.

When doing extractions, I removed what looked like a sebaceous plug. It came out very easy, but then that old familiar bleeding started and again a hole.

I put hydrogen peroxide on it and another blemish, and the hole kept foaming white and began to burn. The other normal blemish did not. The same thing happened tonight.

I went to the doctors and was treated like I was imagining it.

They seem to come in a wave and then disappear for weeks. At one point I had 4 at one time, and they leave scars.

I am desperate to figure this out. Any ideas?

Hi Peters,

This certainly does sound like an unusual pimple problem. It's the type of condition that can be very difficult to determine the underlying cause.

If it were a parasite in the skin of your face, I would expect it to be fairly constant rather than coming and going.

That's not to eliminate parasites altogether, but rather less likely that it is skin parasites. Intestinal parasites and fungus (candida) is another matter entirely.

Do you have any other health conditions? It doesn't have to seem related, but you'd be surprised how many various unrelated symptoms can all be tied to a single underlying problem.

Do you have any trouble with constipation or diarrhea? Digestive problems like indigestion, bloating, etc.? Joint pain, fingernail or toenail fungus, rashes of any sort elsewhere on the body?

I ask these questions to help better understand what may be an underlying root cause.

My first instinct is to guess that your unusual pimples on your face may be your body's reaction to too many toxins in your system. They may be environmental toxins that have built up or toxins created in your body from a parasite infection in your intestinal tract.

The way the body works is that there are different organs that help to filter
the toxins in our system and eliminate them.

Sometimes, the amount of toxins become so great that the body experiences toxic overload. For instance, if the liver can't process the toxic waste products quickly enough, it often sends them to your skin. Various skin conditions are often caused by an overworked liver that desperately needs a break.

I've found that many people have success at getting rid of skin conditions by giving their body a natural cleanse and detox. It's easy enough to do, and the results speak for themselves.

There are 3 things I'd suggest you try that, in my opinion, would give you the best chance of getting to the root of the problem and eliminating it:

  1. I'd start with cleansing the colon/intestines by using Herbal Fiberblend twice per day. Mix 1 tsp. - 1 tbsp. in some grape juice morning and evening and drink plenty of water and your body will do the rest. I generally recommend a 3 month cleanse to most people and I'd say the same in your case so that you get the benefit of a thorough detox.

  2. The second thing I'd do is start taking at least one probiotic capsule per day. These are the good bacteria that live in your body and help control and eliminate the bad guys. These are the only 3 probiotics to choose from that I would recommend for good quality...

  3. Finally, I would suggest that you consider adding the Garden Trio to your daily diet. Basically, the Garden Trio is three whole food powders made from freshly juiced carrots, beets, and barley grass. It's easily reconstituted in water or juice and gives your body an amazing amount of nutritional support, enabling your body to have the tools it needs to heal.

    I'm particularly interested in you taking the beets, called Redibeets, in your situation, because beets are a wonderful natural cleaner for the liver. I've had other people share their stories of long time skin conditions being completely healed through this process, so it's definitely worth trying.

It's not always 'quick and easy' to get rid of a problem that has built up in our system, especially when we have difficulty identifying the underlying cause. Even something as seemingly minor as an unusual pimple that keeps recurring and causing distress and scarring, needs cleansing and healing time.

To get rid of the scars you've already developed on your face, apply some Vitamin E oil a couple of times per day until they go away. You can get some for just a few dollars at Puritan's Pride.

I hope that you are able to use some of this information to make a real difference in your life. Let me know when you get rid of this unusual pimple problem and if I can be of further help.

To your good health!

Comments for Unusual Pimple

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Jun 03, 2018
I get these when I paprcite clense NEW
by: Karoline

Sore red bump, will loose top layer, and I can see red circle with white dot in the middle. Hurts like hell to try and get it out. Only way I have found that works fast with no pain is a topical mask of MSM, clay, oil of oregano and castor oil. I leave it on for 10 min, wipe it off, see if the white thing is gone, if not re apply.
I get these whenever I do a parasite cleanse, the white thing that comes out looks like a tiny piece of cotton.

Jul 24, 2015
I'm scared I might die NEW
by: Lori h

But I failed to mention, this started with pimples on my face after lesions on legs cleared up. Same story and then spread to whole body.I am convinced that there is a connection between parasites and pimples. Any help or heard of an artery spray that's as small as a pin prick.The blood is too much????

Jul 24, 2015
I'm scared I might die NEW
by: Lori h

4 yrs ago I went to Jamaica. I was bitten by sand flies. The next morning I had sores all below both knees. I was ill and hurting and itching at the same time.I reported this to Beaches resort in Negril. That night they gassed the water and beach with a boat and plane. I was disgusted but it did get my attention on the severity of the lesions on my legs. I was given every product from the spa. They slapped me on the back and said "use these products and you'll be fine". The doctors here in U.S. said the same. I had Lyme Disease in Texas, but everyone did. 25 yrs. ago they didn't know how to treat it. The monsters I encountered in Jamaica brought the Lyme disease to a head.l have sores that don't heal. Bugs (they looked like that to me) that seemed to have legs bleeding from sores that bled for an hour. The blood would coagulate before it dripped an inch. Itching in my nose and they all seemed connected. Put alcohol on a sore on my arm would have a sore on my leg irritated by itching or biting. I am scarred from head to toe. I had a bleed last night(they bleed on there own)that bled from an artery. Or whatever. Blood sprayed from my leg all over everything. I'm scared.and no where to go. All doctors think I'm crazy. The medical profession is completely useless. My leg is hurting so bad. If I die someone sue these ignorant bastards.Lori from F.W.B. Fl

Oct 21, 2014
Open sores, holes and scars on my face NEW
by: Robin C.

I cannot believe that you have the exact same issues with your face as I do. I have had this now for about 6 years and I cannot get rid of it. Sometimes it is better than others. They start out like a blister or pimple and they have these white things in them that look like seeds. The only way I can get them out is to constantly dig at them. Then it leaves a hole, then a scar. Pretty soon I can sign up to be in a horror film, no mask needed. LOL I had run into a friend that is a Chiropractor, he said his daughter in law's face looked just like mine, she went to a Homopathic Dr. that said she had a parasite on her face and after treatment, she is so much better. I'm going there next. Especially since I had seen some of the best Dermatologist in the state and they didn't know what it is.

Mar 10, 2013
oil of oregano NEW
by: Sylvia

My 33 year old daughter has severe acne and did some research to find that extra strength oil of oregano (go to Amazon to purchase - $13 from Greece)works !!! She has been taking the oil of oregano and there are worms in her #2. Her face is clearing up! As the mother I am beside myself with joy because she is so beautiful. Oil of oregano seems to be good for many parasites, so even the ones you have. It is good for many things as well - can't hurt ya! She probably got them because she was on antibiotics and then her immune system was weak and she got them. My heart goes out to anyone suffering with these ailments. Good luck!!

Apr 25, 2012
Not worms!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

It's Molluscum Contagiosum. Why it's so hard to get a diagnosis is beyond me!! I've suffered with this for 5 years and figured it out on my own. It's VERY contagious once you have exposed that white root, so what I've done is started to apply liquid bandaid once I notice them. If you suffer from eczema, find all the dimpled moles/skin tags near where you suffer and remove them and you probably won't have the eczema anymore. Research it (molluscum contagiosum). Don't go by the images alone, read everything!!!!!

Apr 12, 2012
Itching Like Crazy! NEW
by: Angie

Oh dear! So sorry to hear what you've been going through. I hope you aren't truly suicidal, just feeling incredibly discouraged by this horrible itching rash and pimples.

I went through something similar about 6 months ago and the itching was horrid. I scratched till I was bleeding and could hardly stand it.

I already wrote about the experience on another page, so I'll keep it short here. After trying quite a few other external lotions, antifungals, etc., I finally started taking Herbal Fiberblend like I should have in the first place (silly me!) and it began clearing up within days.

It went away completely within a few weeks and I've not had any problems with it since.

Perhaps you can give it a try and see if works for you, too. I still don't know what it was that I had, but I was quite pleased that the Herbal Fiberblend cleansed it out of my system.

Hoping you get it under control soon and your spirits are lifted!

Apr 11, 2012
It just gets worse NEW
by: Anonymous

Mine started out on my tummy little red spots that would itch a little...once I touched them even a little they would be open soars...Ar first i thought i had sychosis and tried anti fungal,tea tree,sulfer soap after the use of some things i would have a black spot expel from the wholes...I took it to my Dr. and he treated me for scabies. Under the microscope it was a teeny bug. The scabies med is a topical cream that you apply once and again in a week, you are cured. Not me It never went away it got a little better but then when it came back its spread every where, my dr. thinks I'm on meth and says I'm crazy. I am crazy,from this crap. Its the worse on my faceand the soars are all connected. they hatch and move to there own camp ground. Sometimes I get infection in there and they throb. I itch so bad sometimes and look awful i feel suicidle. Help!

Jan 14, 2012
Not sure if I have the same thing NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a bit freaked out by these posts because my issue is not as extreme and my problem is on my waist and lower abdomen and I have never seen an actual bug. I saw a dermatologist yesterday and she stated that the crazy feeling of bugs followed by a pustule is a nerve reaction to an eruption. I went in to see her later after the pimple burst but the healing had started after I used medical grade castor oil but I had a weird reaction (painful blisters) in the area of the antibiotic soaked Band Aid that apparently I am allergic to. Has anyone gone to get their "eggs" or "scabs" or anything that you pull out tested because if it is a true parasite then you need to get that treated with most likely an insecticide. The castor oil brought the pimple to a head and then it burst and went rapidly into healing but I kept it covered with the band aid and had the crap reaction. Doctor thought I would get it back again and if I do she wants me to go back to get it lanced and for her to swab the pimple to determine what is causing it. I have had 3 of these pimples and next time I am running to the doctor so there can be an end to this. I will tell you that I had a cousin who had taken too many drugs and he suffered from the same things I am hearing here so if that applies to anyone please seek help, my cousin eventually scarred his whole body digging the "worms" out but he did not have such a thing or parasite.

Dec 12, 2011
Same Problem...HELP!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Okay, I am not losing my mind. This started back around the 4th of July and now it is almost Christmas! Like everyone else, I've never had acne so this was new to me. Mine starts out with a nagging red dot/bump. Then the bump swells and if I even dare apply pressure or try to pick, it seems like my skin breaks very easily, then causes an open sore which doubles in size. There are definitley worms/EGGS or whatever burrowed in the wound, mostly around the rim. Has anyone ever had one that was kind of sticking out where you could easily get to it with tweezers but then when you tried to pull on it, it burrows DEEPER!! You can see it!! I have dug HOLES in my face trying to get these things out. When I do pull them out, they seem to have hooks on the end of them. These sores bleed profusely as well.

Also, like the others, when you do get a that weird dry patch and peel it off, it is lined with those damn seed/egg things. I have seen this all over the internet on other forums but no one knows what they are. This is driving me insane. It is turning me into a class A b***ch.

Does anyone else experience the extreme pain after picking. My god, I can FEEL the burrowing when I've put tons of hydrgen peroxide or alcohol. You can litterally feel them burrowing down deeper. I have one sore that is moving its way towards my eye.

I've thought of everything - herpes, scabies, you name it. I have tried everything including the tea tree oil which just makes them burrow deeper. It seems like they are all over my face. It started with one on my upper lip/nose area, then one on the right side of my chin, then another in another section of my upper lip area, but the two worst are the ones left on my left cheek and on my left chin.

What could this be? I'm wondering if this could be hook worms from cats? Does anyone else have cats? Maybe there is something we all have or do in common that could explain one common demoninator.

As I type, I can feel the burrowing and burning (this also burns.) Neosporin seems to make them worse. And forget about putting makeup or coverup on them - misery!!

People have actually asked me, "What's that on your face?"


Oct 04, 2011
little more info
by: HelpMe

I made the last post above. With this last wave thats come back like Peters said, its been very bad. My info:

*not worms...definitely

-the "seeds/pimples" are DEFINITELY eggs of some sort
-they are burrowing in by a female parasite
-the eggs are the size of a nit, initially but dont become a problem until they begin to grow
-i think when the "pimple" occurs or is noticed is when the egg/larva is ready to come out and find a mate or another part of body
-when they grow they obviously become larger and that is when the "pimple" forms

My face is a train wreck. Ive picked my face raw getting these things out. Clearasil 12 hour helps with the redness but does nothing for the problem. I have noticed however that the dryer the skin, the more prone the eggs are to being picked out.

As of three days ago ive got two red dots on my neck, adding one each day. They dont itch, they hurt a bit to touch. It appears as a bite, but I know its a burrow.

Also on friday was at a stop light, felt an itch, saw a bug. It was about 3 mm x 3.5 mm, round in general shape, six very vague legs, didnt look long enough (grossed out) but couldnt make out a head or tail. It was whitish/translucent in color, and FLAT AS A PANCAKE. I barely felt it move and wouldnt have noticed it had I not been stopped. Instead of keeping it, I discarded it...scared to death.

...However, after showering and brushing out my tangled hair, a day later, some of the eggs came out. Its not scabies (too big, no itch), not a louse. They are small pebbles, varying in size, but def hard. I hadnt been washing my hair as frequently and are apparently attracted to the sebum/warmth/smell?

PCP baffled, tried bed bugs on for size (theory)...nope, referred me to dermatologist. After reading the posts on here, im a little nervous and hope he/she is helpful when I visit...will be sure to check back here after.

Its gross as can be, but if possible, Id like to try to save any eggs (seeds) and actual insects if possible for entomologist...hoping we can help each other.

Angie, bless you for having this forum, and for holding your stomach with these stories on this site...ive been reading. Humbly, will you pls pass on this post to the previous posters, hoping to help each other here.

Many thanks!

Sep 27, 2011
Getting Rid of Unusual Pimples
by: Angie

Read the suggestions at the top of the page that were given to "Peters" and give them a try.

Most skin conditions don't go away on their own if you make no changes - particularly when they are severe conditions like the ones you are describing.

Clean out your system and give it some support and then let us know how you are doing.

Sep 26, 2011
Same thing!
by: Anonymous

I have the same exact thing. Sometimes the "seed" or "egg" can be as hard as a little pebble, and sometimes very soft, but def the same material. Some are larger than the others and some are closer to the surface of the skin and some I have to dig out. Mine also leave a little hole and a swollen area thats red and extremely obvious. I find that typically once the first comes out, there are a few much smaller ones underneath it. Its ruining my skin and playing on my self esteem.

Ive never had acne problems and I am a model, so I need my face to look right. I will add that once in a blue moon I will find these things further down from my face on my chest, breasts, even a last summer all over my gluteas.

I thought it was scabies at first, but it dsnt itch. Also at times it feels like something is crawling on me or biting me, but not constantly. Sometimes when it is back from being dormant for a while, my scalp feels like bugs are crawling on and thru my hair. It wasnt lice though, and I can never seem to find whatever feels like is moving.

Last summer I was given doxyxycline for an infection and it went away, but how do you justify that when u go to ur phys office? I cant even fig out what that is. I tried using s lice treatment but this didnt go away...its def not lice or scabies.

Its ruining my sanity, PLEASE someone respond.

Sep 14, 2011
Same thing!
by: Anonymous

I get these exact same things. I generally have around 5 on my face an it is just like this description. They started about a year and a half ago and have been systematically scarring my whole face, when before I rarely even had pimples. I live in Alaska, not a warm climate. PLEASE FIND OUT WHAT THEY ARE!

Aug 24, 2011
Same problem, it's some sort of worm!
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem and just thought I would mention that you probably have more of them than you think. I first found them in a pimple but then noticed several under my skin moles. Every time I try and remove them they dash back under my skin (like they are playing peek a boo!) I have use h202 all the time along with several HOT baths. I usually use either salt or apple cider vinegar in my baths as well. I just recently found that toothpaste rubbed on the face really helps but it does burn. Good luck, I know I will need some as well =(

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