Watery Bumps

by Daniel Lopez
(illinois usa jolie)

Poison Ivy Leaves Cause Watery Bumps

Poison Ivy Leaves Cause Watery Bumps

Does a parasite cause watery bumps?

Hi Daniel,

Certain skin parasites CAN cause watery bumps, like hookworms or scabies, but they are usually more like a trail on your skin.

The first thing that comes to my mind when you use that term is Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. We have to deal with mini water filled blisters on the skin from contact with poison ivy and oak in our area a lot.

Do you know what poison ivy leaves look like (pictured above)? Or poison oak leaves? Is it possible you were in a park, the woods, or a yard where you came in contact with these weeds?

It is very itchy if you get it, and the more you scratch, the more it spreads throughout your system.

There are various "home remedies" for treating poison ivy and poison oak rashes if you get them. There are also over-the-counter creams and ointments you can buy.

Different remedies work better than others, and sometimes depending on the individual.

If you think this may be the possible cause of your bumps, let me know and I'll try to list some of the most recommended treatments here.

If you don't think it's that type of rash, but rather parasites of some variety, I would suggest using some apple cider vinegar (organic) on the rash and taking some probiotics (Florafood) as a start.

If you that doesn't do the job, you can use a parasite cleanse like Para 90 or Herbal Fiberblend.

Hope that helps!

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