We can see movement in my husbands legs...


What kind of parasite lives under the skin or in the tissue? We can see movement in my husbands legs!

There are a number of parasites that can live under the skin and in the human body. Apart from seeing movement in your husband's legs, what symptoms is he experiencing?

Is there a rash? Itching? Burning? Pain?

Have you considered scabies? They tend to make what looks like a trail under the skin.

If you think that may be the case, try using an essential oil on his legs (tea tree, neem, oregano, or garlic oil). You could even use raw organic apple cider vinegar topically if you prefer.

Internally, get your husband some antiparasitic herbs - Para 90 and/or Herbal Fiberblend are excellent. These will help work from the inside out.

Also, he should start taking probiotics daily to build up the good bacteria in his body to strengthen his immune system. Florafood is a good choice.

I hope that helps. If you have more specifics to offer, use the comment form and others may be able to provide even more info. for you.


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