What Could This Be?

by Victoria

Maybe you could tell me what could this be.

Once in awhile I will have a pretty bad acne break out, usually on my face. It will last sometimes up to a month, then clear up pretty much 100%.

But when I put lotion on my back, neck, shoulders, chest, and face, crusty black seed like things will emerge. A lot of them and every time I put lotion on. This goes on for weeks.

Is it some kind of parasite and the black things are its shed skin? It's gross, that's all I know, and it's hard to feel clean even after a shower because if I put any type of moisturizer on, it will happen again.

So, what could this be?

Hi Victoria,

This is definitely an interesting and unusual question. I could simply say, I don't know what it is and leave it at that, but that's not going to be of much help, is it? :)

This doesn't really sound like a typical skin parasite, since you don't have the usual itching, rash, etc. that goes along with external parasites in most cases.

It could be an internal parasite of some variety. Parasites aren't just worms, so don't be too grossed out. ;) A simple bacteria, virus, or germ is also a parasite and EVERYBODY has them in one form or another most of the time.

Your body is usually able to keep your system in balance fighting off parasites, but if your immune system isn't strong enough, the parasites can start to get the upper hand and various health complaints are the result.

Quite often acne is a result of toxic build up in your system, and I would imagine the black seed like things you are experiencing are also a result of toxins
in your system that are coming out through your skin.

Your colon, liver, lymph system, etc., have the job of filtering the toxins out of your body, but if they are overloaded and can't keep up, they send the residue to the skin to get rid of.

You may not feel sick, but that doesn't mean your immune system is not weak. Your body needs really good nutrition to stay strong and it also often needs help cleansing out built up toxins.

I would recommend that you give yourself a thorough cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend. It's a powder that you mix in juice or water twice per day. This will help your body get rid of parasites and toxins more quickly and efficiently. Since you seem to have a serious condition, I would suggest you do this for 3 months, minimum (3 pots).

The second thing I would recommend is that you try using the Garden Trio for at least a month. These are whole foods that have been juiced and dried at low temperatures to lock in the rich nutrition that your body needs. The Redibeets (one of the trio), also has the added benefit of being one of the best natural liver cleansers available.

Cleansing your system and re-building it with high quality nutrition is one of the most effective ways of dealing with almost any strange body disturbance. Even though we may not know the answer to, "What could this be?" your body can figure it out and deal with it if you give it what it needs to do the job.

Hope this helps you some. Let us know if you are able to get rid of the acne problem and the black seed-like things or if you have further questions.

To your good health!

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