What Parasite Causes These Symptoms?

by Vanessa
(Luray VA)

Can you tell me what parasite causes these symptoms?

I feel moving through my body from my feet to my head, and I feel them when I press or pinch the skin.

I feel a burning and itching round spot. At the end of the burning I see wiggle lines on my skin and a round bump under the skin.


Hi Vanessa,

I can't say for sure because your symptoms are varied. It sounds like it could be scabies or even a bad yeast infection.

It's really hard for someone to guess over the internet. If you are unable to see a good doctor, perhaps you might like to try an internal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90.

These supplements help to eliminate a wide range of parasites, so they are well worth trying in your situation.

Probiotics are helpful, too, along with a good nutritious diet that is low in added sugars. These will help to improve your immune system so your body can fight off whatever parasite or other issue you are dealing with.

To your good health!
Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Comments for What Parasite Causes These Symptoms?

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Apr 17, 2017
itching NEW
by: missy

the outsides of my legs itch / why

Sep 29, 2014
"Red, black spots found everywhere", in public and in mass transportation NEW
by: Silent_Warrior

Recently I traveled from North Carolina to Michigan. Everywhere I stopped in terminals throughout my journey, I saw first hand, small white-like worms, black specks, and red speaks on the seats in the terminal, and in the aircraft.

The small red spots are believed to be what is called "harvest mites", and in some locals, "red mites", as they are very red, with long slender legs. Ever go to bed at night without sores on your body? Then wake up in the morning with several small wounds to your skin? Red mites is a possible answer to why.

Harvest mites have the ability to liquidfy skin so they can injest the liquid as a meal. This of course leaves a wound, and later a scar when healed.

Small, wavy lines on the skin (scars) can be associated with scabies. Scabies is a very fast spreading problem when it is introduced into a home, even by only two scabies. Within weeks they can be out of control.

When a fertilized female enters into and under the skin, they make the wavy line, usually within less than a half an inch. At the end of her life, a pimple usually is formed at one end of the way line, due to the decaying of the mite, which can be painful to the touch around the pimple. These wounds can very well become large and deep over time, by picking and removing the scab of the wound. Each female will lay upwards to four eggs within a "pod", and if those eggs are not removed from the skin, the cycle will continue, also helping the area to become inflamed, never healing until such time each and every egg and adult is removed. And, even when the offspring of the adult hatch (usually within days), the cycle is constantly repeated time and time again, every 10 days or so.

A heavy dose of Premethrin (? spelling) will kill scabies, which the best kind is only had through a doctor's prescription.

Would suggest all to look online to see the life cycle of mites of all types. There are known 130 species of mites, with probably thousands of species not identified.

The white small like worm is associated with the development of different stage of growth. The small red and black dots are associated with the adult, capable of reproducing. The mites can be long, or round, depending upon the sex of the individual mite.

It takes different things to kill the different stage of development of mites.

Mar 02, 2012
by: lucinda.

have you been checked for rickettsia disease?
thats what happens, you need to get onto it straight away, not many doctors check for it, it could lead onto lyme disease if goes on for a long time and i believe bob-beck zappers check on line are great for parasites, bacteria etc.

does anybody know what these red, sometimes black dots thats how tiny they are, are, they are in my throat and coming out of my body and moving, i dont know whether they are bug type parasites or mites, but i am seeing them everywhere, on toilet-seats in petrol stations, at friends houses, like there is a epidemic of them out there. i do have rickettsia, however thought that was more a bacteria??????

Jul 31, 2011
Strongyloides Stercoralis is what you have...
by: Liz J

I just figured it out myself and am scared to death... WW3 is going to start in my home soon!

Apr 26, 2011
Protazoa's and Parasites
by: MysticAura

If you feel them moving under your skin it sounds like possible hookworms from going outside around soil. If your have red or blue streak that look like blood vessles its called creeping eruption! Get some alcohol and put all specimens in it.
I also sugest ordering a good magnifier? Mine is ten X and I wish it was stronger.
These worms can dissable your immune system. Get to a infectious disease Doctor. Taking pen every ten days should help? But only if its roundworms. Careful dosing the stuff is toxic!

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