What's Wrong With Me?

by Mary
(Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)

What's Wrong With Me?

About a month ago I was cleaning in my sister's house. I went up and down from the attic putting things in storage.

There have been bats in the attic before but they were supposedly gone. There was bat poop all around though.

About 4 days later my face broke out. I thought it was acne. Got cream and antibiotics but the next day my face was worse and I could feel things crawling on me. They felt like they were crawling in my ears and my nose. I had little scratch marks on me and sometimes saw little black and red fibers on face.

Went to dermatologist and he said it was my nerves. He put me on Zoloft and then gave me cream.

The symptoms went away for about a week but new ones came up.

I started feeling tired and weak. I have no muscle tone and I used to be athletic. My skin and hair felt very brittle. My nails started chipping.

I started to notice weird things going on with my skin. It would start like a red or brown dot. Then when I scratched it, it would get bigger.

It's not like scabies though. They started on my face and then went down my arms and to the vaginal parts. They don't itch at all.

They are just not healing, and little white and black dots are in the middle of them.

Then the next week I started noticing something wrong with my female parts. At first I thought it was a yeast infection from antibiotics.

Later, when the symptoms got worse, I noticed white little things around there. I took pin worm over-the-counter medicine and it went away but now it hurts to pee.

I am constantly getting bitten and feel like my body is out of control. When I pull one of the black dots out of my skin it tries to burrow deeper. It also looks like a flee or insect.

Can you help? What should I do?


Hi Mary,

I'm sure you know that when asking the basic question "What's wrong with me?" online it is going to be very difficult to get a definite answer. You could ask 10 different people and get 10 different answers. "What's wrong with me?" is a common question on health related sites.

I certainly understand your frustration and distress having to deal with so many uncomfortable symptoms that never seem to end.

It definitely sounds like you are dealing with parasites and some of the symptoms associated with them, but the exact parasites would be hard to identify.

You also may have a case of "One thing leads to another..." as I like to call it.

Quite often when your immune
system is compromised by parasites or the use of antibiotics or anything else that causes the body distress, if the problem is not dealt with promptly and the body strengthened, one thing does lead to another.

Your initial symptoms could easily have been the result of some bacteria you picked up at your sister's place.

Taking antibiotics as a treatment may not have gotten rid of the bacteria, but would instead make your immune system weaker because it would kill what GOOD bacteria you still had in your body.

If you were not taking probiotics to replenish what was destroyed and repopulate your friendly bacteria, this would definitely contribute to a yeast infection or at the very least would give the chance for whatever parasite or bacteria you are dealing with to really gain a stronghold in your body.

In fact, by adding the pin worm medication to the mix, you've weakened your immune system even further. It sounds like you've even developed a urinary tract infection (hurts to pee) as a result.

The symptom you described as the little dots and even the colored fibers is something that I've heard referred to quite often lately by visitors. For some people, it falls into the category of Morgellons Disease, but I don't necessarily think that is your problem.

To be honest with you, you have so many different things going on that I have several recommendations that should take care of most, if not all of your symptoms naturally without negative side effects and hopefully get rid of the underlying problems, too.

Here's what I'd take if I were you...

  • Para 90 - antiparasitic herbs in capsule form. Para 90 helps to kill a wide range of parasites without the negative side effects of synthetic drugs.

  • Herbal Fiberblend - antifungal and antiparasitic herbs in a psyllium powder mixture that is an excellent digestive cleanse to help flush out dead and dying parasites, yeast fungus, etc., as quickly as possible.

  • Florafood - good quality probiotics to restore and replenish the good, friendly bacteria in your body.

  • Cranverry - cranberry capsules to help eliminate any urinary tract infection (will work together with the Florafood).

  • Garden Trio - whole food supplement powders rich in nutrition with all kinds of vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes to give your body as many tools as possible to heal.

These are the basic building blocks needed to cleanse and rebuild your system naturally. You should start noticing results fairly quickly, but I would continue with the natural supplements for at least a month or more.

You didn't leave your email address, so I hope you come back to find the answer to your question, "What's wrong with me?" here on the site.

To your good health!

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