White Salba Seeds

by Alice

Are white Salba seeds more beneficial than black seeds?

I read in an advertisement that the white Salba seeds are much more effective than the black Salba seeds. Is this true?

When I read ads on the Internet, how can I know whether the Salba seed being offered is white or black?

Hi Alice,

It's my understanding that the white seeds, called Salba, are cultivated to be a little bit better and more beneficial than their sister, the black Chia seeds.

Having said that, from everything I've read about them, the black seeds are really good, too. So, whichever you decide to use, they should still be quite beneficial.

The Salba seeds get their name from the word "alba" meaning white and the botanical name of the seed, salvia hispanica L..

The black salvia hispanica L. seeds are more commonly known as Chia seeds, not Salba.

My family has always used the Salba grain, only because that's what we were introduced to first and didn't know about the Chia grain until more recently. I'll probably give them a try when next I need to order to test out the theory on the quality.

I have noticed that the black Chia seeds seem to be quite a bit cheaper to purchase.

If the advertisement says Salba, you should be able to assume it is the white variety. The Chia seed will most likely be the black variety. If the advertisement just says salvia hispanica L., then you should ask the distributor if they are the white or black variety.

I usually purchase our Salba at Puritan's Pride, and they also carry the Chia seeds.

Hope this has been helpful to you.
To your good health!

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