White Spots On Lower Arms

by Beth
(North Carolina)

My boyfriend has small white spots on his lower arms that itch intensely.

They are not raised or pimple like. Kinda like just white spots on the skin. He says it feels like bugs/small worms moving around under his skin. He scratches until it bleeds.

It has also transferred to the back of the head. Any ideas?

Hi Beth,

Sorry for the delay. These small white spots on lower arms that you are describing are very unusual. From what it sounds like, you are saying that it's almost like a loss of pigmentation in his skin?

Does he remember being around chemicals of any sort that may have splashed up and got on his skin "staining" it? He could be having a reaction to possible toxins.

Usually, though, the feeling of bugs under the skin is the result of internal parasites or fungal infections.

I would suggest he does a natural internal cleanse to help detoxify his body and get rid of excess toxins and fungus that he may have. My favorites for this purpose are Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend.

He should also start taking some good probiotics like Florafood as they help to replenish the good bacteria in your body and boost your immune system.

Hope this helps!

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