Worm In Our Skin

by PB Davenport

We are scared! For the past few days, my husband and I have had some kind of worm in our skin and day by day they are getting bigger.

Our children do not have it. It resembles a small white worm. It will poke out of the skin and if you try to get it, it will go back in our skin. You can see it move.

There are two other stages. They can be clear and almost flea shaped but with long legs. Then they are black and scab like. I'll see two black dots first and then the black thing that sits on top of the skin and so far as I can see, they don't move.

Where it comes out of the skin becomes a dime to quarter shaped, red, gooey (like ooze) wound that continues this cycle of worm, then flea shaped, then dead miniature black seahorse curled up.

This is so terribly painful, it feels like glass shards. If you get lucky and get a hold of one and pull it out, it is a real battle. One would think it was attached.

I only have 5 sores, but two of them take up the back of my ears. They are building very large tunnels that stick out and I am starting to see them form on my head next to my ears. My other sores are next to the corner of my mouth, one of my earring holes, and one on my hip.

My husband has many sores all over his legs. His seem to be more mature. It is extremely painful.

I read an article from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute saying that we could possibly die from this. I am so scared, all I can do is to think about our 3 boys.

One more thing, I had a candle burning next to our bed and there were a couple of these things swimming in the wax toward the flame. The heat would bounce them away but they would swim right back.

I dropped some pieces of dirt in to see if they reacted the same. The dirt sunk to the bottom of the candle while these other things were doing laps from the edge to flame and back. When we blew out the candle they stopped immediately.

I went to the health food store and bought the supplement containing Black Walnut Hull, Clove and Wormwood. Just started it today so there are not any result to relay. It does say it is intestinal but I thought we would give it a try.

I also visited a website on Colloidal Silver. I am buying it tomorrow.

We are frightened and hurting. I don't know how we contracted this worm in our skin, so I don't know if we will give it to our children. We can't have them go through this. It is awful.

Please respond even if you can not help us. I just need to know someone is listening. I do not want to go to a doctor, too many bad experiences. I have not been able to trust anyone yet.

Please help!
Thank you

Hi PB,

I am so sorry to hear of your pain, and I am definitely listening. If I can be of any encouragement to you, I really do want to help.

I would be interested in reading the article you mentioned from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. Could you direct me to it, please?

There are so many different kinds of parasites, from microscopic bacteria to very large worms. When you say worms in our skin, I honestly don't know exactly what you are dealing with!

Even with your vivid description, it's difficult to identify. I understand your reluctance to see a doctor (believe me) but if you are able to capture
any of these little critters and take them in for examination, you may be able to get a definite answer.

Meanwhile, it sounds like you are making some wise choices in trying to deal with them. Herbs are very effective against most parasites, including worms in our skin. I don't know the brand and quality of the herbs you purchased, but those are some of the types of herbs you should be using.

I have pretty good confidence in the quality and combination of herbs in the Para 90 for parasite cleansing. If you don't get results from what you are using, try the Para 90. Take 3 capsules, 3 times per day.

Personally, I'd also be taking Herbal Fiberblend twice a day, too. This will help to get the toxins out of your systems quicker.

Even though herbs are indicated for intestinal parasites, they are also effective for burrowing parasites like you are describing.

The colloidal silver (if good quality) can be effective, too. I've used colloidal silver myself in years past. Are you planning to use the colloidal silver topically or internally?

Neem oil and oregano oil are also good for topical use and are very anti-parasitic. I'm not sure I'd put that on the open sores, though. I haven't used it on open wounds, but I suspect it might sting. You could try Vitamin E oil or Aloe Vera to help heal up those sores.

What you really should consider is very high amounts of probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria that live in your body to fight off invading parasites.

I would get several bottles of Florafood and you and your husband both start taking 2 with each meal. I would also give your boys one capsule in the morning and one in the evening to help keep their immune system strong so that they lesson the chance of picking up whatever it is you have. Florafood is one of the best combination of probiotics you can get.

Another tip is to eat as much garlic as you can these days. Garlic is anti-fungal and can be a big help. I use Bear Paw Garlic capsules, but if you are doing all the other things right, you can just add fresh garlic to your cooking.

To be honest, if it were me, I would also be keeping the whole family pumped up with as much good nutrition as possible so that your bodies can have what they need to fight off this infection and to help those sores heal as quickly as possible.

What I'd get is the Garden Trio and Leaf Greens. Those are whole food supplement powders. Basically, freshly picked and juiced whole foods that are quickly dried at low temperatures to lock in the live enzymes and all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the body can easily absorb and use when taken. Your body can absorb the nutrition from these whole food powders within 15 minutes of consumption.

I can understand how scared you must feel, particularly if you've read a terrifying article and you are experiencing such an unusual and painful affliction. Just remember, though, that God made our bodies to heal themselves when we give them what they need to do so.

Healing doesn't come overnight in most cases. Your body has to go through the process of identifying and eliminating the problem and then repairing the damage.

The herbs work at killing the parasites and getting rid of them, and everything else helps to build and strengthen the body.

I hope this helps to encourage you some as you deal with "worms in our skin." I'll be praying that you and your husband start to get some relief soon. Please keep me posted on how you are doing.

To your good health!

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Sep 09, 2021
parasitic worm NEW
by: howard plowman

well for everyone out there with this problem , This is the hardest thing ive ever delt with in my entire life and im 549 , ive lost 3 dogs with these things and fell im going to luse my life befor its over because i cant find help . All the doctors ive seen look at me like im nuts , i am about to go nuts because ive had these things for a year and a half . Im sorry for you all and i wish i could help but cant even help m y self

Dec 14, 2020
Morgellons - call OSU in Oklahoma
by: Stephanie Bennett

Hello PB, if you and your husband are experiencing painful biting and stinging sensations when they erupt through the skin and seeing fibers growing from your skin, it may be Morgellons. It used to be diagnosed as a delusional disorder by dermatologists. They are ignorant and refuse to do their job! Did you buy a microscope to view the nanoparticles coming out of your skin? It is not contagious, look on YouTube at the thousands of Morgellons videos from people in the US and Germany and UK, etc. These nanoparticles are now in all humans, around the globe, because of the Geoengineering that has been done for many, many years. The CDC finally had to acknowledge this because of numerous suicides and people with it. Hope this helps! OSU in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the only medical facility that validates and studies it. In the US, California, Texas, and Florida are "hot spots" for Morgellons, but I don't know why.
The 5G activates the nanos to do things within human flesh. It is wicked and demonic biological warfare against humanity. Blessings to you and your family! - Stephanie Bennett

Jan 04, 2019

I have tinny black fly to be born under skin. white sand looking eggs, black skinny looks like hair about 1 inch long. very bad sores will not heal very good stared moving dead plants in old flower pots. hours later dug holes in my skin, next came white looking eggs and black specks all in my bed or any place I spent time at. I rub oil on my skin and get the eggs, black specks and black worms. now I have flies in a shell l looking thing light color but as it gets old it turns dark. I keep getting reinfected all the time. I have gone to many Drs, two hospitals they think be cause of bad sores that I must be a 71 year old drug person or just crazy. I have tried every thing and even things was not safe but after a while you will do most any thing.it has been almost a year, I went to the health dept.

Apr 26, 2018
by: JR

Ive posted here several times and have connected with some of you who reached out via email... Thru this blog I got connected tp a gal who was actually in my city with all our woes and we have been in communication teying to help each other. She found a Naturopath in Eugene, OR that specializes in bacterial infections and parasites and is AMAZING! The first Dr Ive talked to since this nightmare started that is totally open to mention of possible parasites and morgellons disease! The downside is although she WILL help figure out whats wrong with you, it all comes out of pocket... worth every penny if you ask me.... Heres a link to her page: http://www.drskyeweintraub.com/about.php
Im toying with the idea of a youtube channel or video blog.. will let you know if that happens. Keep strong till we figure out what is wrong with us!

Mar 24, 2018
Parasite like seahorse
by: Diane

I fell in a pond a little over a yr ago. My immune system was down due to cancer treatment. I contracted bacterias as well as parasites. I have tried many treatments and seen many drs. The best things that helped were borax and peroxide baths. Two cups borax and one cup peroxide. Soaking at least half hr hot soak. Also parasite meds and yes probiotics. Also using tea tree oil on sores. On the bad ones you may need to add coconut oil to the tree. I passed different types of parasites including ones looking like seahorse with hook like extension on its back. I have them mostly under control now but take maintenance parasite cleanse. Don't know if this has anything to do with morgellons disease but might be wise to research. Oklahoma state university is doing extensive research on this right now. You are in my prayers. You can control this. Just take it a day at a time. Also use benedryl. It helps. You w b ok.

Feb 10, 2018
Cabbage and salt miracle
by: Jaana

Hello I’ve suffered from the same illness for many years now, anywhere from 5 to 8 years. It is something called MORGELLONS. There are many websites available, and a great group or two on Facebook for support and healing advice. Myself I’ve tried many different things I’ve also tried parasite cleanse us which worked well in the beginning and a colonic cleanse so I’ve tried many different protocols. And the best one so far and the one that I’m still doing today is fermented cabbage juice. It is very salty, and he is full of minerals and nutrients, end it rehydrates you. And it makes your body full of salt, which none of these worms like. It is by far the best healing method I found so far my skin has healed, and I don’t see any more things coming out of my skin are used to have threads insect like bugs and fungus and you name it I have it. So the recipe is simple in a mason jar you ferment cabbage juice for three days and then you stir it and you drink a cup to 2 cups every morning on an empty stomach and then keep it in the fridge. And the recipe is 2 cups of roughly chopped cabbage 2 cups of good water 1 tablespoon of pink or grey Celtic salt no white salt at all. You take this and blend it in a blender until it is pulp and then you pour it in your jar make sure you leave on the 1 inch of headspace put the lid on tight and put it in the cupboard for three days. Don’t leave too much space are multiple grow and don’t leave too little ,as it might pop the top make it Rusty . I place a little saran wrap between the lid on the jar. Drink it every day and try and eat as little sugar and his little red meats as possible follow an anti-candida diet. You can also join the website Jilly juice.
This will give you the sought your body needs and drink lots of water you need to keep drinking water to rehydrate yourself. And you will get energy from this you will see results on the first day almost and stay near the bathroom after you drink it, it will purge everything!

Feb 10, 2018
Your not suffering alone! I have it too!
by: faith hamilton-more

I wanted to enquire,do you akso cough up what I can only explain as a "blob" of clearjelly like substance. I've analysed many symptoms I'm suffering but the jelly I cough up has under a microscope reveals tiny white larvae. my breathing is constantly getting worse.my skin is now full of sores that keep on producing worms. One day while veiwing a zoomed in recording of an active sore on my arm I was horrified to see on closer inspection what looked like a "spider"
(this is what I believe you've seen swimming in the candle wax.
I've been knowingly suffering for 7 + year's now and YES YOUR RIGHT to be WARY of visiting your GP.
I've had several agree that the video or samples i show them are worrying one said "we must get to the bottom of this" but on a return visit he's shrugged his shoulders saying he couldn't see anything while another was startled when watching a video of one move on my skin on returning from showing a partner said "oh its just puss " yet her face told another story.
Please contact me for SUPPORT.INFO troubledtimes@gmail.com or u4faith4u@gmail.com
I send my love and best wishes to everyone suffering from this nightmare

Jan 06, 2018
by: Jax

These comments break me. I suffer and have for years. I am here for everyone with only community to offer. If anyone needs a compassionate ear, somewhere to vent and share your mounting evidence, if you just cant take another horrific second of this insanely destructive happening...I AM someone who suffers JUST LIKE YOU and will never judge you and only comfort you...I AM HERE. No matter what time, no matter what situation. Reach out. Please don't let this thing take you as it has so many others. We are all in a bad spot with this...but we have something THEY don't. WE HAVE US. Use our community to utilize change and let's help one another rise. Please. This is killing us all one way or another, I prefer to go out fighting, trying...hoping.
jacqueline.unknown at Hotmail.com

Jan 06, 2018
To Jess of worse and worse...ME TOO
by: Jax

I mirror your struggle almost identically. I've been posting here for years. I was a meth addict fully clean almost 2 years now and I have symptomatic behavior to symptoms I've been taught to disregard for several years and I too tried to end it all a year ago. This is pandemic and more of us are dying by choice because of it. I don't have any new clues our help less to say I'm here too. I wish resolve but can't get close enough to even define the problem and the situation seems impossible. I understand you. You are not alone. It may seem small but we need each other. What are crazy stories to some are our very lives here. Please let's keep community for us alive. Please keep you alive. I don't know how this will all end but I DO KNOW you won't be alone when and where it does. I love you past your situation. I am you.

Dec 30, 2017
I'm done
by: cherry lip gloss

My ex husband had me baker acted after the tragic death of our son. He acquired a key to my home. I believe that he contaminated my sofa with whatever these parasites are. I took a nap on my sofa and woke up screaming with bites everywhere. Bleeding, burning, like cigarette burns and hot knives slicing me skin. My family recommited me to psych ward. four years later I still battle. I made a list of three pages of products I tried. Long story short, lost my hair, my skin looks like a horrible burn victim, my face and body have become disfigured and I still battle the constant out breaks. I'm afraid of everything in my home. Have thrown out most of what I own and am going to throw out sofas, mattresses rugs etc. Now I'm suicidal. I've lost my entire family. I dont want to pass this to my 10 month old grandson. everone thinks i'm delusional. I'm done. over.

Oct 09, 2017
No Bad Meds
by: Lita

In my experience, Steroids (prednisone) and antibiotics only make the infestation worse.

Oct 09, 2017
Seven Months In
by: Lita

I almost never post but I just couldn't resist this once -- my empathy is simply won't allow it. Cut out sugar. Cover your skin. Use Arm&Hammer Baking Soda and Peroxide toothpaste. Frequent the sauna. Vacuum daily. Never wear the same clothes twice between washing - ditto for bedding. Store dirty laundry in closed trash bag or such -
trash too. Take maximum dose Ivermectin -- buy it online if you must. Mist household with Lemongrass Essential Oil -- they hate the smell. Various tea and essential oils help. Tea Tree and Oregano. Diatomaceous Earth and Baking Soda - inside and out. Vitamin C and Sea Salt. Fix your pH -- alkalize -- drink baking soda water and cut out sugar. Blow dry your hair. Don't go barefoot - get plastic flip flops. If you see floating lint, get a good air filter and maybe use surgical masks when you sleep. Put hair in tight ball. Collect samples and find out what it is. Take it to the vet and say you found it near the dog. I'm praying for you and yours.

Sep 01, 2017
Worse and worse
by: Jess

6 months or so ago when I first ran across this thread and commented I thought I figured it out... but now I'm not so sure its flukes. I am sure I have parasites. and I think I also have morgellons disease. My experiences are identical to most all of the ones described in the comments section- the varied appearances of them, passing obvious evidence in my stool, their total freak out when subjected to heat/hydrogen peroxide/tea tree oil(try trader Joe's tea tree mint tingle bodywash!! they explode from everywhere)
My blood comes out of my body clotted/stringy/coagilated and chunky. my Drs say it's not psysically possible so I've been documenting it with pic and video. it's now spread to every part of my body no just my skin. they're in my eyes and eyelids-affecting my vision- my teeth and gums-my gums have been rapidly receding and there are holes in my teeth rapidly decaying. I need 4 teeth surgically removed when a yr ago I had no cavities- but dentist won t touch me cuz there's a medical alert on my file apparently that says not to treat me without clearance from a Dr. I am having trouble breathing now and I am rapidly losing weight(I am 5'9 & 140lbs and can't really afford to lose any)
I am an opiate addict in recovery- when all this started I'd been clean for over a yr. Drs look at that in my chart and refuse to look any farther. It has driven me to say fuck it and relapse a few times but it is so painful and frustrating it's hard to not screw up sometimes. the very first time I saw a Dr for the first of many abscesses this had caused me, the ER ER Dr labeled me having meth psychosis(tho I don't do meth). I believe this is a major factor in why over 15-20 visits to Drs in every major hospital in Portland or over the last 2 years now has not yielded A SINGLE TEST, CULTURE, SCAN, ANYTHING, except a prescription for Bactrim antibiotics.
I tried to kill myself in July. I cannot handle this shit. It has DEVASTATED my life and no one will help me. All i hear is come back after you've been clean a year and maybe we will look at you if you're still having issues...
I've tried all kinds of holistic suggestions- that make it better but never cures it.. after hardcore IV antibiotics my skin clears up and I start to feel hopeful- then like clockwork my skin starts bursting open without warning about 2-4 weeks later.
I've noticed in addition to the parasites everyone is describing green plant like material will come out of my skin(especially with the tingle tea tree bosdywash) it looks like a tiny single piece of moss or something.
Jess Ross
Portland Oregon

Sep 01, 2017
by: kay

hi its my first time i am sharing this debilitating issue. i clearly have parasites moving under skin there arw black ones you can see clearly. also white ones that can be mistaken for a rash. in stool i have and am daily passing 200ml of bright blood along with huge 10 to 15 cm long ropeworms,scistosomis and others. i have pictures if anyone wud like to see..my gp think iv gone mad and disregards the evidence i show. but i am sure these a parasites..not sure how this works but if anyone can help kaybajwa66@hotmail.com

Jul 20, 2017
Please HELP
by: Alisha

Please lett me know if u ever got rid of them and how?? I believe my friend has them and she is going to see a dermatologist to see if they can help her.

Jun 28, 2017
by: jes


Apr 25, 2017
Worm in skin
by: Wes

I have same thing going on has anyone found out what this is it about to loose it my wife don't beleive me and is ready to leave me so if anyone can help thanks .

Dec 29, 2016
Getting rid of flukes
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Jess,
If they are flukes, the Herbal Fiberblend should get rid of them for you if you do a full cleanse. I'd add the Composure too.

Dec 29, 2016
I have this also
by: Jess o

I have had an almost identical experience.. I have been battling this for over a yr now. Multiple trips to Drs and ERs only to be told its imaginary and get antibiotics. My body is now covered in scars... Now, larger ones come out of my body. You can email me and ill send you some pics, but the research Ive done leads me to beleive they may be liver or blood flukes.. Im still fighting to find a Dr that will help me. You are not crazy... They are real.

Nov 27, 2016
They are hookworms!
by: Dani

I know exactly what you are describing because I have them too and they are extremely difficult to get rid of especially if your body is overloaded with them. They're from cats or dogs who are infected defecating in warm, moist sand or soil. The larva then mature in the soil until they are ready to infect a human host. We get them by walking barefoot on, touching, sitting in the infected sand. They're too tiny to see initially but get large enough to where you can see them with your naked eye. They are supposed to only be able to penetrate the top five layers of your epidermis but mine seem deeper and they burrow in these short tunnels that typically only have two openings. When they die they breakdown and turn into calcium and these are the white shards that come out through unbroken skin or pores or hair shafts. They suck blood and have teeth so that's why you can't just grab them with tweezers and pull them out. I've even seen a dark purple crown shape on my skin that is caused by them sucking on your skin from underneath. I think I'm out of characters but hope this helps.

Nov 16, 2016
Salt is amazing
by: Lisa

Hi fellow sufferers.

I have dealt w fleas for about 3 years and due to some surgery and other things that slow me down, my carpet in my apartment has massive dog fir in it. I have 2 wonderful Pomeranian mix pups and man am I worried for them! I work hard to get the fur out, but am still in that battle.

Meanwhile, I have become what I believe is a host for fleas. I also have worms. I poop 2 kinds of worms and a lot of blood. I finally have a kit from a lab that will run "tests" but they just take a bunch of little samples in jars which I fill (the jars each have diff colored liquid in them). The lab sends the samples out and some other place watches and sees if something grows. I don't know that this is a worm approved test, so I remain very concerned. I have lost at least 15 pounds rapidly so far.

I found worms in one of my dogs' poop but am sure they are filled w them since they lay all over the floor.

I live on my bed. I am a freelance writer. But I am going crazy, literally... OK so here is my tip:

I had a little skinny asshole worm dive under my upper arm skin last night. We wrestled for hours and I lost each time. BUT wherever your parasite is, douse them with SALT! My worm HATED the salt. I was going after him, grabbing him w tweezers, and tore a lot of flesh so there was exposed blood entryway. I made a mountain of white there. I felt nothing but my worm tried some tricks.

I did lose, and have not looked at my arm yet today because this is the scariest yet.

Also, I don't know if anyone else has white things coming out of their mouth but I did. I gargled with heavy warm salt water and they melt. any parasites from your mouth will stop, be killed with salt. Sometimes I just shake a bunch of salt under my tongue on the back left and right corners and let it melt there when these guys pop up. May God be with all of us. AMEN

Jul 16, 2016
try not make it worse
by: callum UK

Hello i to have symptoms you all talk of and i bacon only think to wen i was 17 my friend ask what the rash was on my upper arm scaly bumps that i was unaware off i shroud pulling my short t shirt sleeves over it. Was told it was Ezra moth later and dry skin im now 26 i just thought it was normal of Ezma and last year reading there stories and reports of symptoms. like my own.. Can i ask has any one had the side skin your on your hand nails going hard and peeling. But feeling a slim wave line under skin i have pulled lots out but only to please more little black dots find Ther way under mail and then the same happens Ther my scalp can sometimes lump im areas itchy and dry knowing it shouldnt be Ther i sick at it arising to not lord the invading fuck rubber success then feel back to the buns ten twenty mins after and. AnotherIts bunker i think wen ones snatch the black four are her reinforcements. Thanks and i think my doctor had a incline it wasn't Ezma and now Ther all hiding a secret rooting is infecting people but they Cant think what

Jul 12, 2016
Recent parasite cleanse
by: Jaana

Hi , I'm also a victim of these nasty parasites,at least 5 kinds, I am doing a cleanse, I think I'm at the tail end of it,lol,no pun intended!
It has ruined and ruled my life! I am happy yo have finally figured it all out!!! I've been misdiagnosed and have lost my job,my kids,my sanity, all because of worms!!! I can't really figure out when I've been infected? It seems it could have been Yeats,ago...and only recently really gotten out of hand! Maybe our immune systerms fight it off for a time?

Maybe its GMO related? We should talk about it more ,in public too. To educate and hopefully eradicate this HUGE problem, the effects are horrible,many mental illness are actually parasitic infections!!!

On here's my solutions,
Raw garlic,cloves and clove oil ( to kill eggs) wormwood,green black walnut hulls,neem oil and leaf powder,tastes bitter. Put in capsule,papaya seeds,pineapple juice,bakingsoda,burdock root,fennel seed,black seeds,pumpkin seeds,fenu Greek,essential oils of thyme,oregano,teatree,frankincense,I use these in water and some on reflex points on soles of feet,also in a spray bottle with waster and spray absolutely every surface I touch or walk on!! Wear slippers, as well.
A big one is to use diatomaceous earth and use properly!! Water neutralizes it!! So its tricky to use,I put it in capsules and try to swallow with as little pineapple juice etc as I can!!!
I have also read that thick oil is not so good,it coats the intestines and some worms sink their teeth in harder to try to stay!!!
Also have to do enermas. Esp coffee enema!!! Sometimes several several times a day!!!
This regimen seems to be working. Good luck everyone!!!

Jul 04, 2016
I understand
by: Dr. John Ure

I began studying Morgellons 15 years ago when I first came across it on the internet. Since then I have had several patients that have classic symptoms. Recently a female patient of mine was treated with calcium bentonite clay. I suggest the book by Perry Arledge to help with understanding what the clay is about. She had been fighting skin infections for the past 10 years. The doctors convinced her she had MRSA and was hospitalized for this and given IV antibiotics. I thought perhaps she had a fungal infection because of white patches that were coin shaped and on her neck and upper back. After using the clay both topically and internally she began to have profuse amounts of small worms come out of her skin and particularly where the circular lesions were as described above. She recalls a trip to Cancun, Mexico 10 years or so ago and we are suspicious of this being where she contacted some sort of parasite. I do not know what is exactly going on but we are facing some very strange and terrifying situations. I know for sure that we are being sprayed by the government and it is referred to as geoengineering. The excuse is to reflect back the rays of the sun to prevent global warming. The planes or whatever is doing the spraying is in all NATO countries around the world and they have found aluminum, barium, and strontium salts. Also interestingly human red blood cells and dog feces. Why? I have no clue. I do know that there is definite measures to decrease the population. Also the animals, insects and plants are being adversely affected. I believe this is contributing to Alzheimers and denile dementia, in that the Al is concentrated in the substantia nigra of the brain. I recently had a very good friend and patient die at the hands of the hospitals, nursing homes and particularly hospice. I would advise never have hospice involved because I believe they are nothing other than a way to quickly murder people. Get rid of all of the social security payments they can. Back to the Morgellons. The blue and red fibers are well known. Could it be that the plastics that are so profuse in our lives is becoming part of us? Sofia Smallstorm in California is very concerned as am I and I would encourage you looking at her research. Are Aliens involved? possibly. People WE are under attack. We are bombarded by noise pollution, low frequency radiation, subliminal messages, The compact fluorescent lights had nothing to do with saving energy. The flicker rate could be better controlled for subliminal messaging. Our soldiers have faced all kinds of crap from vaccines, agent orange, biological, depleted uranium, chemicals and who knows what else. Definitely look at GMO foods and understand why companies such as Monsanto are our enemies. Study why you should eat organic and buy nothing in a can or wrapped in plastic. If the food has all of the chemicals in it imagine what they are doing to you. Remember you are what you eat. Many plants can only be pollinated by the honey bee. Their population is nearly cut in half. Einstein stated if the honey bee dies humans will be gone in three years. This is really scary. There are many DVD's available that help to understand much of this. Look up Dollar DVD. I ordered them and was very pleased with what I received. I am not sure yet about the smart meters. All in all I know that we have a real fight on our hands. Those of you that say the doctors do not know or care are just talking about the ones that are not actively involved in study and research. I for one realize partially what we are up against and help where I can. If any of what I have stated here interests you, I would suggest looking at my website, downtoearthmedicine.org. My email is the same except @gmail.com I encourage you to contact me with any additional thoughts or treatment plans. If you wish you may contact me at 660-351-3395 Do NOT give up!!!!!

Jun 22, 2016
by: Vince

Your 100% right about the msn i use it everyday and have for over a yr. it does help. What i do is use a little 16 oz water bottle with 4 full scoops in it. Best to use warm water so it will desolve like sugar then i get naked with a fan on me and apply it least 2 xs before bed then only 1x in the morning cause it will be noticeable to ppl and we don t need ppl judging us anymore then they already do you know.I have figured out this is a bacterial infection,or at least its some of it. These red bumbs that migrate i honestly still have no idea what those are. What i ve done is comp. change my diet to a high sulfer diet,NO sugar what so ever. Just water 24/7. Sugar just feeds these a$$holes so try to not eat sugar at all, or eat or drink anything with yeast. Beer,bread pizza etc. A good colon cleanse will help as well.I drink apple cidar vinagar in the mornings and it will work as a laxative as well as help kill these things.not much just a shot glass full.And lastly wash your clothes in color safe bleach and borox and i fold mine and put them in trash bags to keep them clean,Sounds nuts but for me it does help. Might check out randy whymores reaserch with morgellions at oklahoma state. They are searching for a cure so at least there is hope. Hang in there just take it day by day guys and hopefully soon they ll get this figured out. Plz keep posting updates everyone, we are all we have that understand what we re going through.

Jun 21, 2016
this thing is killin me
by: kimgraves

Hi everyone I been suffering from this for about seven months now,this is living hell,I have been threw alot this past year,especially since November 2015 my x boyfriend tried to kill me,I have lost everything an now I fear I may lose my life these things almost made me lose my fingers, my vagina ,nose ,throat,mouth,an now my eyes is a tunnel an portal for these things,it's obvious something is going on I stay weak,an have this obsession with ice creme. An chocolate,this week has been hell especially they have been very active an I have a pair by my left eye that go into my nose ,they go back an forth which is so painful,it's like they are trying to bor there wat out,I have tried to squeeze. Them out ,well that's a joke these things are insanely strong,I grabbed ahold of one the other nigh with tweezers,the pain was excruciating,I had to let go ,I am at my wits in with this,I bent over the other night over a mirror an sprayed peroxide in my nose which is obvious they hate,they produce like this spider web mucus,I let it run out my nose it ,an it. Was like two strings that went differnt ways as it was. Dripping an of you disturb it the string of mucus will go back in you, also when I walk my feet feel like they are sticky like there is glue on it,I'm scared. To go to the doctor bc these things are driving me crazy an I don't think I can handle a doctor saying I'm nuts or have me commited,honestly. These things are driving me crazy ,please help bc I'm not sure how long i have before these things go to my brain if they have not all ready,I lost my job, my son ,an some of my site due to this,I had uteran cervical cancer surgery last April,I also have hep c, I almost Feel like they go after compromised weak imune systems,an like they are trying to finish me off,for reproduction or whatever,I do want to say my hobbies are fishing an anything outdoors,I'm just curious if any of ya have similar life's or symptoms,we have got to figure this out,I have even thought about calling the tv show the doctors,to see of they can help,anyway ill close for now,PlEASE HELP

Jun 14, 2016
This helps your skin.
by: Steve

Go to the store and buy a bottle of "The Works ", toilet bowl cleaner. Take a container that you can submerge the afflicted region in and fill it partially with cool water. Squirt a SMALL amount of "The Works" into the water. Soak yore "wound" repeatedly. If it burns really bad, you have too much of " The Works " in the water. Do not soak in it if it is too strong. It will cause a chemical burn. It has hydrochloric acid in it and that is an old fashioned remedy for bacteria and the sort. Do this soaking every other day or so, until you figure out how much to use and for precisely how long to soak. Hope this gives you relief. It does for me. Every time. It even kills enough of the parasitic load to a point where your immune system can put it into remission and heal up. Best of luck with it. I would not steer you wrong because I know exactly how bad this crxp is.
Today, I dropped off many extracted specimens at the infectious disease lab. I will let you know what the outcome of their lab work reveals.
Also, go to Tractor Supply, and buy some Ivermectin for horses. It is an oral paste anti-parasitic medicine.. Place a 1/8th inch long squirt of it inside your mouth ( comes out like toothpaste ) and work it in under your tongue and all around inside your mouth. Leave it there to be absorbed for as long as you can tolerate. At least 5 minutes will work. Then wash it down with water. Take a 1000 mg vitamin C, chew it up and leave it in your mouth just the way you did the Ivermectin. Wash it down after 5 minutes. ( keep taking the vit. C every 3-4 hours too ) They absolutely hate it. They come out of your throat and feces. Some even seem to come out in mucus. It seems to stop them for about 3-4 hours and then another dose is needed. I will let you all know how it works out for me long term. I am 3 days in with this method of self treatment. I might add garlic or black walnut hull too, at some point. And possibly some MSM, sulphur product. A soft, gummy type laxative regularly helps to get rid of the dead parasitic load too.

Jun 14, 2016
This helps your skin.
by: Steve

Go to the store and buy a bottle of "The Works ", toilet bowl cleaner. Take a container that you can submerge the afflicted region in and fill it partially with cool water. Squirt a SMALL amount of "The Works" into the water. Soak yore "wound" repeatedly. If it burns really bad, you have too much of " The Works " in the water. Do not soak in it if it is too strong. It will cause a chemical burn. It has hydrochloric acid in it and that is an old fashioned remedy for bacteria and the sort. Do this soaking every other day or so, until you figure out how much to use and for precisely how long to soak. Hope this gives you relief. It does for me. Every time. It even kills enough of the parasitic load to a point where your immune system can put it into remission and heal up. Best of luck with it. I would not steer you wrong because I know exactly how bad this crxp is.
Today, I dropped off many extracted specimens at the infectious disease lab. I will let you know what the outcome of their lab work reveals.
Also, go to Tractor Supply, and buy some Ivermectin for horses. It is an oral paste anti-parasitic medicine.. Place a 1/8th inch long squirt of it inside your mouth ( comes out like toothpaste ) and work it in under your tongue and all around inside your mouth. Leave it there to be absorbed for as long as you can tolerate. At least 5 minutes will work. Then wash it down with water. Take a 1000 mg vitamin C, chew it up and leave it in your mouth just the way you did the Ivermectin. Wash it down after 5 minutes. ( keep taking the vit. C every 3-4 hours too ) They absolutely hate it. They come out of your throat and feces. Some even seem to come out in mucus. It seems to stop them for about 3-4 hours and then another dose is needed. I will let you all know how it works out for me long term. I am 3 days in with this method of self treatment. I might add garlic or black walnut hull too, at some point. And possibly some MSM, sulphur product. A soft, gummy type laxative regularly helps to get rid of the dead parasitic load too.

Jun 05, 2016
You are not alone!!!
by: Kay Riley

A friend and i was googling my issue and afyer a wgile we found your story. Its exactly what ive been experiencing!!! And yes feels just like glass shatds undernieth the skin and to pull something out it really hurts. I have a picture of the long skinny red worm undernieth the puss of the sore. Its on my back so its very hard to see without yaking pictures. The little flea shape thing has a back similar to leaf shape. Thats what i try pulling out. Even shaved my sore to get these things out of my skin. My husband thought i was crazy because i say i can see paranormal as well and weve been dealing with them. I alao have pictures of a lady in a red lace dress whos been haunting us but thats another story. When i would shave my wound or spray peroxide on it i would have black flakes fall out onto my back. Undernieth the skin it looks like a freakle except the can be scratched away if dug deep enough sometimes. I dont know what to do. Knowing i can die from this has now really scared me. Especially not knkwing how i have contracted this thing to begin with because i stay to myself and mostly in my room due to depression in my life at this time. I have a little girl i dont want to get it plus my husband of 20 yearts does not have it yet. I do, however, believe my dog has it because ive seen the flea type stage when i picked at one of her sore from having allergies. I was wondwring why this year i couldnt keep her better as i could all the other years. Ahes arpund 7 years old and i have had her all her life because she was my mothers dogs puppy. My little girl is a 4 pound full blooded Yorkshire terrier. Please if you have any info for me to read up on these things i would love to get it from you. I live in central Florida. Curious as to where you are from, if it's the same area? My gmail address is kimlewisriley@gmail.com
Thank you for aharing your story. You are not alone in this!!! Ill be praying for you as well.
Best regards to you and your husband.
Kay Riley

Mar 12, 2016
New issue
by: Vince

Sinc last post their has been some very odd changes.. I have these red raised bumbs about side of pencil eraser that cruise around my body in pairs connected to each other with a faded but noticeable line.Then leaves only a white mark for its path. Ok if that's not weird enough... About 1/3-1/2 go toward my upper body -arms,shoulders and 1 of the pair go towards my fingers to my nail and starts putting out white goo f some kind that goes in right at my cudicle. After idk hr or so of that these tiny,tiny things come out that I could barely se by reflection since it was kinda poorly lighted ATM but it was just enough to see them kinda run around the area a bit then go where the goo went.... Idk I have Morgellions I'm some what used to Insaine things happending and feelings etc but this is kinda flooring me.. They don t hurt,burn,only way to know that their there is to see them or the line they leave behind.. I can send the vid to anyone that's interested cause I can t find anything on any site talking about this. Plz post if your aware of anything like this.. Much thxs

Mar 07, 2016
Back to hell in oklahoma
by: Vince

Hello everybody I see a few old names I remember from before.Glad to see some ppl getting some form of relief.That cleanse etc that Angie talks about does help so if you new to our never ending torture then it's a least a starting place.Welcome to the worse club ever! Lol Any how there's a new study that' was just released a few days ago I was wanting to share. Just type in under search morgellons borrelia and scroll to Biomed central s latest release.Don t get hopes up its no cure or anything just a solid bit of progress.Give it a look and I honestly believe what we re suffering through has more pieces to the puzzle.I think it's many co infections that co inside & work together some how...hell idk anymore tbh. I went almost 2yrs with mine in ..let's say remission..it's never gone away just tolerable I guess.No real flare ups except around this time and around June /July ..But about a wk ago was delivering a package to a gov.research lab just outside of Norman OK,So I pull up find the box and as soon as I touched this box my entire body felt like something turned on and I instantly felt an old fam. Feeling.. Was so intense so fast it was unbeliveable like something from a movie.but is nt this all seem like something from really good funded horror movie.. So after a few hrs I was looseing my mind cause it was full throttle and I had nt carried any tea tree,cinnamon,peppermint oil with me in a good bit so was taken very off guard... Had to call in for the rest of the wk and been able to settle it down some but not much so far. Going to try the old tricks maybe some new some ones..Any way I just thought I d share that research info and let Angie and some others know I'm still alive.Oh and randy Waymore of osu/Tulsa is only trying to figure this out for us.There is an annual Morgellions event planned for this month as well so hopefully they re unveil some new clues..So stay strong,keep it clean,keep it to yourself,And just prey somebody smarter then us is on top of it getting it figured out.

Mar 02, 2016
just offering more help to get healthy
by: Sandra

I am also suffering with a parasite problem and I think I may have more then 1 type after the bad choice if going to the ER don't do this unless you are dying because I did 2 times now my record says I'm suffering from Magellan or I'm imaging bugs because of meds for depression if you don't want to be labeled as crazy or an addict look for other places for help since doctors there don't have a clue and won't admit they could be wrong so they won't look to hard to find and infestation cause they don't know how to treat you so you get put through tests that can't detect them and made as uncomfortable as possible. That said be careful about the essential oils you get if nit pure they can be toxic there is a site that you can go on to get information for getting back your health and all natural he wrote 2books with alot if good info buy the books they are cheap and can possibly save your life thepeopleschemist.com good luck I'm still fighting

Dec 28, 2015
by: Jax

OK, so if you are a reg here, you've probably read my posts. I am confused, angry and I give up pretty much once a month.

HOWEVER, about a month ago, I finally took Angie and others' advice and purchased 60-days worth of probiotics from Walmart; the highest concentration I could find. I took double the dose for 4 days and on that 4th day I received my Diatamaceous Earth from Amazon in the mail. I started it that night, 1/2 Tablespoon once a day for 3 days than twice a day for 3 days and than went to 2 Tablespoons (1 in am 1 in pm) every day and from the first time I tried it to now I know that I WILL NEVER EVER STOP TAKING THIS WONDERFUL STUFF AGAIN. Check out the YouTube videos there are tons, read all you can but here's my 2 cents...it got rid of most of the parasites inside my body. I still produce one or two on a daily but I eat better (and worse) than ever before. (On a side note..most of my "life" pains are gone. Abscess from tooth..GONE in 2 days, arthritis in knees...gone mostly, blood flowing, medicine I take goes into effect within moments, hair and nails growing...skin tone coming back. I use this stuff for skin cleansing, tooth brushing, toilet cleaning...etc and my 3 dogs take it on a much smaller scale and are happy and healthy(er)) I had read an earlier (approx 9-11/2015) post here of a gal's recipe for a bath soak and elixir to put on the skin. FIND IT AND DO IT!! I do it religiously and much to my surprise...I feel and look better and feel as though I am doing something other than just dying.

I will warn you, up your water intake by like 2000x cuz DE is drying. Buy some powdered Magnesium (not citrate) take 1 tsp x day (simply because it will lighten your mood and you WILL feel better. WE ARE ALL MAGNESIUM DEFICIENT.)

For me, though I wish it was better news, none of these things CURED anything BUT..they sure made my life a lot easier. I am OUT working again (day labor but who's keepin track?) I have enlightened all my friend's and the one's that started DE will use it forever (and they don't have what we have it just fixes what breaks) and YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES cuz 1 pound of this powder (1LB=LIKE 3-4 months of doses) is like 7 bucks on Amazon so BUY IT RIGHT NOW!! Job or not, money or not, find a way and BUY IT!!
Thank you Angie for your continual advice to take the DE and probiotics. I am out of bed, out of my house, and NOT SO OUT OF MY MIND!!

Dec 17, 2015
GOING CRAZYyou don't even know how relieved I am to know that I am NOT crazy
by: Fall

You don't even know how reliWH I am to know I'm not CRAZY I live with my fiance's parents and my five year old son we live in separate houses though me and my son and admit that we have it my fiance is still not admitting it my son and I have had it 7/8 month I've been to three doctors they told me that I was crazy it was in my head or was just nothing at all won't even look at my son my fiance has him scared to talk about itI just want it to go AWAY!! WHAT IS THE SPECIIFIC PASRASITE & I have no job right now are there any home remedies???? Ok

Nov 21, 2015
by: Jax

Every post, almost every day, not just this site but others. At first, you feel inspired and hopeful because there are others like you...and then you feel abandoned and the many MANY numbers hurt and don't help.

I've tried it all just like you. The probiotics the colloidal silver and/or oatmeal, making everything clean, making it too alkaline. It all works just enough to make sure you are very aware of the moment it stops working.

No doctor cares, my family is gone and I've been here long enough to know that I WILL NOT GIVE UP ANYTHING ELSE IN MY LIFE THAT I ENJOY.

My dogs...I have basically murdered them with bug spray and the constant interruption of the new save or crap I made up that gives relief for a few...then becomes another thing this whole mess is resistant to.

I love my dogs. They are all I have left. I love sugar too...and food and cooking, though I don't really have a stove of my own any more. People like us lose the right to have our own life...I think..basically that is the point.

This thing or number of things...doesn't care who you are, where you've been or the strength of your fight...It just knows how you will die...destroyed, alone, sickly from the inside out and without love, smiles, hugs, laughter, pictures, websites, parades, commendations, medals or pardon.

In a humanitarian class in college, we discussed the last moments of your life if you were somehow thrown from a plane at 40,000 ft, no parachute, at night. What would you do with the last minutes? Would you fake yourself out with every action (cream, vitamin, remedy} to try to live through the liquefying fall to earth? Would you sit back, enjoy the view, take the time to pray and say goodbye and fake yourself into some lull like you were doing things on YOUR TERMS even though you haven't a voice to even speak YOUR TERMS? My answer was so different then.

Course so was everything in and about my world. Now, I feel as though...I don't even have the ability to give up. Maybe these things do the living for ya. I hum, I shake, I see than I can't. I'm swollen, everything dry and scaly or open and oozing.

Maybe, we are dead and these things just keep enough electocurrent to make us move, eat, feed them and keep their young safe. Like puppets on strings...funny I felt that way with parents, boyfriends, teachers, husbands, children, and now these things. Life full circle?

Nov 18, 2015
worms in your skin response I feel your pain daily
by: Carol Heymann

I too have this affliction. I have been knowingly battling it for over 3 years and I believe I am hot on its trail. I am not a doctor or a scientist but I know what is going on with me and I do not want anyone to think I know what is going on with them but it sounds so familiar. I believe that with my tick bite and receiving a valid Lyme test finally I know I have several co-infections. one I believe is liver flukes. they have left my digestive tract and are running rampant in my body under the skin. they have a very complex life cycle. 5 stages. so lots of these things look different when I compare them but eventually it is all just like the pictures of liver flukes on the Internet. I was searching for this one winged like parasite that comes out of my skin at certain times and I finally found it under flukes/flatworms. it's extremely frustrating. no tests come back positive. they rarely see them on ct scans. I almost died from this. I have whole ones coming out now from every area. I have pictures videos samples. we just sent off samples to the lab. I will be devastated if it's negative again but I will have to switch to a private lab if that happens. that is what I had to do w Lyme. tests were negative for so long. after 7 months of antibiotics-bam positive. my suggestion to anyone is to find a good LLMD doctor. Lyme literate. some do not advertise next to their name for many reasons. contact your local Lyme disease association. request referrals. look at the board members of the association. there should be at least one doctor on there. that is how u can find one. they are the only ones who listened to me. infectious disease dr's treated me horribly. it was traumatizing and belittling. I lost support of my family and am scared to go to any new doctor now. I had to do my own research. I found a great doctor though. I have been treated w wormers (like u give horses cattle and pets) for over a year and I thank God for this dr every day. she saved my life so far. I am still very sick but the parasitic load has been lessened to a good degree. not gone yet unfortunately. look into it and let me know what u find out.

Nov 13, 2015
worms in your skin
by: gena

I too have recently acquired the samething you just subscribed I make a mixture of chlorox 1 cap full 3 caps full of peroxide 2 cap full of rubbing alcohol 1/4 cup of epsom salt with ecalyptus 1/3 cup sea salt mix.4 caps of vinegar and 2 csps of pure lemon juice mix together in 2 cups of hot water. take a bath with 2 cuos epsom salt & 2 cups sea salt submerged your entire body for 45 minutes then shower off use no oils Iraq soaos or lotions that only makes them turn to jelly and harden Into a none removable scab.before you get out of shower. turn the water to cold not to cold. for a few minutes it aleves the pain and itching then take clean gauze saturated the gause and put over evrty sore or kesion or red dot black dot you see. leave on over nite next day Do samething again stsrting with bath soak you should see eounds healiing fisrt treatment. repeat this method everyday for 5 days. this shiuld eliminate all the skin issues . let you know these things will resurface again usually 4 to 6 months mostly when summer comes the hotter your hoyse is thd more they are active and visible its like they gone into remision . the first sign of reappearing do the same treatment that'll keep them from taking over your body again with painfully sores. I don't know what they are or how to kill them internally yet but they mIgrane.into yoyr muscles make you weak sometimes fatigued and short of breath . I'm the only one that has them my husband or non if my kuds have them ..I very had them fir 10 years this time they came back thus tiime worse than ever creating deep ulcerating sores. this treatnentvseems ti be the only thing that is helping. I recently found a parisitologist on the web in A rizona that may be able to help you. I can't remember his name but they do stuff differently to get to the root of the of parasite what type how to kill it. don't expect a regular doctor or dermatologist to be helpful they have no clue of parasitic infections or how exactly to do the right test to help you. you eventuslly get a ill response to being dillusional. good luck let me know uf you get any help for this and true answer yo effective cure for the entirity.

Nov 03, 2015
parasites /worms
by: shy in ok


Sep 08, 2015
What I have found out lately with mine
by: Softwolfsong

I've been sick after a trip to Florida in 2009 with no answers. It's a long story. I'm going to start a page on everything that has happened. Softwolfsong - To Sick To Live and detail it as much as possible. I have been through soooo much with NO answers. I started using a Fisher price Microscope to check some stuff out. I have now been seeing long white lines inside my mouth, tiny spider veins popping up everywhere along with skin tags and little red blood spots, little black things come out of my skin if I put on lotion, Vaseline, some oils, and especially Blue Star Ointment (set me on fire and my skin looked like a large red rash of millions of dots and they started pouring out. (Why I grabbed the microscope). I have white lines under my tongue and dots. If I grab with tweezers it hurts like hell, I lose grip and it disappears into my tongue and it blisters up. I also got a skin tag in my female area that randomly gets very irritated and bright red. I often feel like I have a UTI. Like the urge to pee when I don't have too or right after I go. Especially when I eat onion rings and stuff with onions. The big key was when I came back from Florida my feet were itching like crazy. I would take a brush and rake the bottoms. No broken skin or peeling like athletes feet. Just red and itchy like crazy. Now I know that is a huge sign of hookworm. After reading some parasite remedies I started eating papaya seeds 5-6 a day, I have been eating like 12 and the mango too, also toast with lots of garlic salt, then drank about a tbsp. of baking soda in water and I had long white worms come out the next day. It also started knocking bacteria back and let yeast reek havoc. So I swished vinegar and swallowed it and it felt like acid. (Not good for enamel but don't brush if you try it because it can take off even more in this state so just rinse and spit). The things under my tongue started popping out and I would grab with tweezers before they changed their minds. Looking at it under the microscope was horrifying. Tiny white worm with two long prongs teeth on the front, & barbs pointing towards it's head all the way down it's body. It would make pulling them out very hard and painful. Like trying to pull a wall anchor out of your body. After seeing this I braced and pulled one from my lip. It ripped about an inch long line sideways across my lip, hurt like hell and bled like crazy. I also found when I have that UTI feeling and I look at my panties I see thousands of small white fibers and much less long black ones and this random small skin tag that showed up that seems to have a worm or vein running off of it under the skin gets blood red and very sore. Looking at parasites online compared to what I see, including the string like fibers everyone is seeing come out of their skin that Doctor's are preaching you're crazy, Here is what I'm thinking and it may be off but I'm about 98% sure it's pretty close. I think hookworms, which transform multiple times by shedding it's skin and becoming something new and spit a chemical that turns whatever it wants to burrow through into a soft goo, explaining how it would escape a plastic baggie, (that originally started off in the dirt eating bacteria until it transformed twice and became ready for a human or animal host, has taken the genetically altered crops and pesticides (Manmade) and incorporated it into their new transformation. I think they are using our urinary system or secretion system as I am finding them in my mouth especially under my teeth and inside the lower lip, tear ducts, nose, ears, and female areas. My urine becomes very septic smelling and cloudy (I am in year 6-7 of this and it could be yeast but they do like an acidic environment) I think babies come from the urinary track or a skin tag, they wrap in these fibers and pass into our skin and shed them and that is why all the docs see is fibers they say can't be parasites because they are genetically altered manmade fibers (I say GMO, pesticide fibers, and that is why they show they are man made but unidentified, because they are. You gave genetic altering manmade compounds to a parasite that morphs from stage to stage always shedding it's skin and becoming something new to survive and increased it's ability to camouflage and to adjust itself so treatments will stop working and even start making us sick.) I believe now we have a super hookworm that no longer uses the bowels like once before and that is why they aren't showing in parasite tests. I believe they might copy traits of other parasites they come in contact with because I keep seeing various things that are very confusing and I'm not anything more than a mother with enough medical background as a Paramedic to understand the body's systems, what's normal and what isn't. I keep seeing cells and parasites and symptoms related to Candida (yeast overgrowth), Hookworm, Mange or Scabies, String worm, pin worm, and HPV. Now in the last few days I'm seeing what looks like a worm somewhat coiled but with no color at all. There is one in the eye of all 3 dogs, 2 cats, and now my 3 yr old grand daughter. It's in the color part of the pupil and even going into the black. I didn't even know this was possible. It's completely colorless so it almost looks like something you would see photo shopped or in a sci-fy movie. I just noticed her as I'm typing this. I'm taking my girls and headed for the hospital. Take a shot of vinegar and also rub it on any rashes or anything that looks strange and see what happens. They seem to hate vinegar. I'll let you know if I find answers. Get a microscope, collect everything you can in a glass jar. I don't know what to preserve them in. I have one with nothing and another with rubbing alcohol but it turns it all white. Maybe water with a little vinegar? Read all you can on parasites, especially hookworm, the more you understand the more you can figure things out, don't rely on Doctors because obviously the tests aren't working and they start talking fibromyalgia, ADHD or ADD, Anxiety, Gerd, Insomnia, Narcolepsy and want to give you pills to mask the symptoms rather than finding answers. If you are like me you know darn well you were 100% healthy and energetic and in a period of about 5-7 days your life changes and you become to sick to live. They also attack your nervous system and eyes, vision clear then blurry then clear then blurry. My Dad now has a head shake, my Mom's wrists and feet constantly go in circular motions and her head goes back and forth side to side and she constantly giggles or goes hm-hm-hm like every few seconds and always has dry mouth, a throat tickle, her fingers and feet are deforming even though she tests negative for osteoporosis, and every one of them has a huge constant craving for candy, sweets, and especially ice cream. I also noticed what is bad for parasites seems to affect you. They said I have celiac disease now but bread doesn't make me feel sick unless it has garlic in or on it. Little Creaser's, Pizza Hut makes my stomach sick but Sarah's doesn't (no garlic) unless I get their garlic sticks. Pasta doesn't unless it has garlic or herbs in the sauce, I thought Long John Silver's made me sick but now I realize it's because I always eat it with Vinegar. Pizza rolls make me sick. It's all starting to piece together. I just wish I knew what exactly it is and a treatment that will work. Things I treated my dogs with for roundworm, flea med with mite killer, flea dip with mite killer, now make them deathly sick until I wash it off of them. Not as bad in my pups as it is in my artic wolf hybrid who has albino traits except now oddly he has black hairs popping up throughout his fur. Anyhow, I don't know how it's all related. There are too many sites with thousands and thousands of people who are sick with the exact kind of symptoms who are seeking answers for it to be a conspiracy theory. There are too many doctors treating it as other things, acting like we are insane and doing nothing to seek answers for it. If we can see it, why can't they? I've read articles saying Doctors are told if they treat people who have Morgellons (fibers in, coming out of their skin) that they can lose their license but I don't know if that is true or not. If this is GMO related it makes me scared for my family and I to seek help. At this point I fear it's headed or has reached our brain with the eye thing so I'm going to try. The only thing I have found that bugs and parasites can't adjust to is diatomaceous earth. Notice pesticides aren't working on the bedbug epidemic either? Steam cleaning, hot washing and drying everything you can, diatomaceous earth every crevis, crack, outlet, seem of furniture, barrier around every chair and bed leg without them touching walls, bed and pillow covers and seal up things you can't run on high heat or steam like big stuffed animals that you are determined to keep in an airtight bag away from population for two years. They can live that long without food or water. The diatomaceous earth was our big breaking point. That with repeated steaming and vacuuming and bedbug/lice spray seemed to work wet but not dry so we hit nests in the box springs with it then when dry loaded every crease with the earth and sealed it back up. Anyhow, been treating my animals with it and they look a ton better but still have line in eyes. Good luck and God Bless on your journey and battle with all of this. I hope this information helps someone find the answer for us all. If you figure it out or have questions you can get me at Softwolfsong05@gmail.com

Aug 24, 2015
by: bILL R.





Oct 30, 2014
Worms in skin that are attatched to scalp!!
by: Doublestuff

Hi Everyone, I had an infestation with those nasty, itchy, and burning painful little bugs or worms. I have gotten them twice now. Seams to be catchy in the spring time. I got one out when it was in the seahorse clean opaque white seahorse looking stage. It has a long thin appendage that has a backwards barb like a fishhook. if my hair was wet I could scrape them out easier and it wouldn't hurt or bleed and they would just pop out and curl up and try top spring away and escape. In the shower they would get on the shower door or the walls and they did not just rinse down the drain. You would have to wipe them off the porcelain surfaces. They came out when I put oil on my hair and covered it with clear plastic bag. The came out by the hundreds and the oil looked like milky white flat slugs swimming in the oil on the bag. GROSS! I could feel them swimming around and did not feel them leaving my scalp. I got one out and showed my friend and she said " ON MY GOD" Those are gnat larva. She said that when I was complaining about getting bit in my hair when I was outside and my hair was wet. The gnats attacked me and they don'y know the difference between wet grass and wet hair. If you use fruity smelling shampoo and conditioners they think it is a food source for their eggs when they hatch. Well when knatts bite it stings and burns just like a fire ant bite. The little red dot turns to black dot this is the entrance the egg needs to penetrate your scalp. The hair follicle is a great place for the larva to hide. It's warm moist and has a blood supply and an already built little cocoon pouch to live in. They anchor that little hook to be able to exit and return without falling off the scalp. They do secret little white what looks like eggs about every ten days they turn hard and dry and fall out of the hair they could be waist from the larva but most insects in the larva stage don't have any bowels to empty waist from. They are usually dormant in the pupal .stage and don't eat so no fecal exit is necessary. These freaking knatts are hell to get rid of and can cause hair loss and really bad scaring on your head. Besides being painful. If left alone they will run their cycle and be gone. But they do multiply fast and can over come the scalp in a short time. I put oil on my hair every night with plastic bag and that way if they exit the oil will smother them and any eggs that are laid will be smothered also. Both times I got these monsters was when I used fruit scented shampoo and conditioner and went outside with wet hair and no towel wrapped around my head. You think I would've learned! Even fruit flies do bite and getting bit by gnats hurts and burns. The bite mark will begin to look like a red raspberry spot about the size of a dime or penny little red blistery bumps in a circle. I put rubbing alcohol on my head after I shampoo and blow dry my hair after 10 minutes so the fumes from the alcohol are gone. I went to my doctor and he said it was irritated hair follicles. OH NO LIE!!! Of course it was! With nat lava in there what else could it be! I showed him a lavra and he said it doesn't move. I said oh really well looky here Doc! I had a video on my cell phone of me taking out of my head and as it sat on my index finger it slowly curled up then in a few seconds it sprung two feet away on the table and curled up again slowly. My doctor could not believe what I just showed him. He said he has never seen or heard of anything like that before. He told me he would research this thing to find out exactly what it is. Well he never did find out and after his internship was over he moved. But my friend said the nats can be hell to get rid of. I know I'd rather have head lice or chiggers. These little nats can be total hell and misery and you have to careful of secondary infection from them also. It's a mess for sure. These critters have three stages !: egg 2: opake seahorse or shrimp larva with fishhook tail. 3: clear flea with long legs... The flea with the long les is what they look like before the wigs come away from their body. They just haven't matured and wings will soon appear. NEVER EVER walk through a cloud of gnats with wet hair!! I see gnats and I scream and run!

Sep 17, 2014
Worms in my skin
by: Susan RN

Yes, Im a 58yo retired RN. I too just recently HAD worms in my skin. They were eating me up behind my left ear. Id already had redbugs, then sand fleas. My MD gave me Premethcin topical then Ivermectin I ALSO USED AT LEAST 10 BOTTLES OF rID SHAMPOO. nOTHING HELPED. I WAS SCARED TO GO TO SLEEP BECAUSE iM SINGLE. Then out of NOWHERE I couls hear something munching behind my ear every nite. Saw 2 Dermatologists. !st said I had bedbugs, Bullshit, Ive had Terminix out and I don't. The next saw me after my poor dr sent me when it looked like I needed hospitalization due to this bad sore behind my ear. At first they thout psoriasis, then they thought Lupus!. I basically laughed at them because I ran across the Sulfur 8 topical at Walmart the week before and was already better. Plus Id seen these worms daily for a month every time I reached back when they would bite down. Theses bites were extremely painful and every time Id pull out short white DEAD worms. Sulfur is used in poor countries for scabies, Lice, etc. I thought it can't hurt. Only costs about 8$ but stinks like hell. I,m on Day 8 and this place is almost well. All my tests came back neg at DR , wasted money. These worms were very aggressive. Just remember if another new spot comes up don't touch, just put the SULFER 8 ON AND KEEP IT ON until the sore goes away. Guess Ill have to always keep it around or uses it maybe, but at least I feel better and my skin is better every day. I still have one or 2 bites a day, a reminder to reapply!!! gOOD LUCK!!

Aug 18, 2014
Im still alive Angie
by: Vince

I ve had this for 5 yrs now and have had many dark times through these horrifying past few years , Hell just scroll up you ll see. But after everything I've tried, you would nt belive the time and REAL MONEY i ve put into trying to figure this demonic curse out. I first herd someone say it a long time ago what he thought this was i auto. Thought he was one of those damn dumb ignorant alien abducted tooth less uneducated hillbillys, sorry im sure this pic. Painted by now, but he was right guys this is nano tech. With a combo of un identified cells and un identifiable ( threads) -but to us the worms. But there not guys. Look up OSU -randy whymore. Look at his reasearch he s for us and is proving were NOT crazy or alone. Look up the mogellons conferences they just had one in March in tx. unfortunatly this is real you must except its out of your control, least for your own sanity. Keep things clean , no animals,use powdered bleach & Borox with your cloths, don t wear anything twice without washing it. I use cinnamon ,peppermint, and tea tree oil as a mixture and spray it on myself and SHOES inside and out . It stinks like hell but you will get some relief. BE CAREFULL WITH CINNAMON OIL it will burn ur skin if u use to much. And try to eat healthy take a good multi vitamin. Its all important. Oh also look up this -GMOD- genetically modified organism disease - well hope i ve helped someone with this. Stand tall be strong its almost over hopefully ✌️

Aug 12, 2014
I have been here and am still...barely.
by: Jacqueline

I have written here before. I was about to take my life the last time I was here. I am still here. I haven't had any relief, no new diagnosis...just new feelings..new hatreds and new bugs.

I am now being treated for Body Lice. Can you believe it? Body Lice. Funny thing though is that I think I do have Body Lice cuz the treatment is working on some new symptoms I have been having. Well New if you call it I have had them for about 2 years. RIGHT! So, good luck ever getting rid of this one in my home or anysuch...I have video and pictures if anyone is ever interested.

I think it helps to rule out one bug after another.

The truth is...nothing helps. I am a shadow of anyone I used to be. It will never go away and never change. Even the wind blowing against my skin sends me into panic mode. Don't know why I panic anymore...it's just as useless as the latest cream or supplement.

I wish this wasn't me. I'm not sure it is anymore but I wish it wasn't you either...all of you.

jacqueline dot unknown (is) at hot mail

Aug 03, 2014
by: Chris

please text. i got the samething.386-444-0819.can tell u alot about it. chris

Aug 01, 2014
I have worms under my skin
by: Tim Davis

How can I get rid of the worms under my skin?

Feb 09, 2014
worms on my skin
by: mickey

Thank God I found this site. I thought I was crazy. I am experiencing all of the above. A doctor tried to put me on a 72 hour psych hold when I went to urgent care for help. Even my primary won't help. I'm afraid to go to emergency for fear they will try to lock me up. I have tunnel marks from my face to the bottom of my feet. My leg is showing signs of infection. I stay away from family and friends for fear of infecting them. I finally got an appointment with a dermatologist. I'll see him in 2 days but I'm not optimistic. This site has given me courage to keep trying. I'll let you know what happens.

Jan 06, 2014
I got relief
by: Judie Mueller

I posted some time ago about what I thought were some kind of parasite causes me sores and violent itching. I have recently found out that all this was actually caused by my psoriatic arthitis. I was shocked to know that when tested these sores contained no worms or parasites. I have gotten prescribed an ointment that helps so much with the itching and the occasion of recurrence of the sores is when my psoriatic arthritis flares. I hope this helps those who suffer as I have to maybe seek out help from a rheumatologist to see if they also have this psoriatic arthrites.

Jan 06, 2014
questions and update

1st, what is bag balm? Thank you in advance :-)
Ok, ive posted a few times in the last few years, i have tried many different things to no avail. It does seem to get a tiny bit better for very brief periods of time but even then its not nearly enough.
Since literally losing my home, my sweet little dogs, time with my children and grandchildren I have becom, for the most part, a total recluse, only leaving home if its absolutely necessary. I hate being in public. My face has changed so much in the past few years (and not for the better of course) that i feel like im looking at a stranger in the mirror.
I've completely given up on Drs for fear they will commit me.
With all my "extra time" alone I find myself wondering if there might be something that all of us that are suffering from this could possibly have in common. Maybe a food, drink or medicine etc.. that we were given or have taken at any time in our lives from the day we were born until now. I dont know how that could be figured out considering the medical community thinks we are "crazy", but i think about that quite often even though i will most likely never get the answer.
My prayers are with you all.

Dec 23, 2013
Progress Updates On Those Suffering From Worms In Their Skin
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Hanna,

I'm Angie and this is my website. I don't know if some of the people who posted their comments above still monitor the site and responses to their posts.

I CAN tell you that many of those that have followed my suggestions above for using the Herbal Fiberblend and Barley Life and AIMega have given me good feedback that they are doing much better.

I wish everyone would give it a try as there's nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I would also love to hear an update on the progress of those who have posted above with their questions etc.

Merry Christmas!

Dec 23, 2013
Are you people still alive?
by: Hanna

Just want to know what has happened since you wrote this blog did you find any help? Let me know dihanna34 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Nov 10, 2013
Using Bag Balm To Draw Out Worms From Skin
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

We do keep Bag Balm on hand and use it for different conditions. It's good to sooth a rash or dry, irritated skin, and it can also be a good drawing salve for splinters, etc.

However, I wouldn't recommend that you use Bag Balm as your solution to getting rid of worms from your skin. I'm not worried about it hurting you or anything, and it may indeed help in some ways to soothe an affected area, but I don't think it's going to ultimately do the job for you in the long run.

You really need a proper internal cleanser to eliminate the problem from the inside out.

Please do try the cleansing supplements I suggested above (Herbal Fiberblend, BarleyLife, and AIMega would be ideal in your situation) and see if you can find lasting relief or "cure" as you put it. I think you'll be amazed.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Nov 10, 2013
worms coming out of the skin
by: Anonymous

I have been to the doctor and was treated for scabies since I'd seen a black dot go into my skin.I bombed the house so many times but they would only seem to die for a few days and then be right back...I called exterminators and showed them the bugs...seem to go from a tiny black speck to a small flea -like thing then I have seen this larger black fly with wings..I went to my doctor who sent me to a dermatologist who said he felt I was imagining things since I felt I still was infested...The exterminators did not help nor did the doctor---seems I am on my own with this all..I did finally find the bugs coming out of the wall...a friend saw them..and told me to plaster over the area which I did...I think I have cured them from getting in now just have to cure me===I saw online that Bag Balm seemed to work for someone and it has been working for me slowly..I have seen a few worms come out of my skin and tiny black specks...wish me luck...So much for them being scabies...

Aug 11, 2013
This has helped me
by: Anonymous

I really feel for everyone that posts on here. I been dealing with this for years and have lost everything myself,so I try to pass along anything I find that helps me.These are a few. I mix apple cider vinegar with honey and drink it every morning,it seems to help. I wash EVERYTHING in color safe bleach and put into clean trash bags right as I fold them out of the dryer. I have sheets I put on my couch I change out twice a day with a clean one. I have come up with something that I use that helps me ( I'm not responsible for anything you do with this info.) I use apple cider vinegar,table salt,tea tree oil,Epsom salt and water in a spray bottle and spray everything myself included and it's been helping me some. Yes it stinks so use good judgement all the way around please. I hope this helps someone.

Jul 13, 2013
its hopeless
by: Anonymous

I went to a dermatologist and said I though it was psoriatic arthritis & she barely looked at me & told me it was something I was doing, maybe unconsciously, which is complete bull. She wouldn't listen to me. I had gone to a dermatologist before & I think he said I was nuts so she went by my chart instead of doing her job. I was so upset I canceled my appointment for the rhuematologist, I'm afraid they're going to lock me up.
I've lost everything & nothing works, no one listens. I don't know what else there is to do anymore except stay inside & live in as close to isolation as possible.
Maybe someday someone will admit there's really something wrong with all of us that are suffering from this and help us.

Jul 12, 2013
Praying for all of you!
by: Anonymous

Honestly, I have been dealing with this for 8 years now. My husband and I both have had to have our thyroids removed because of large masses growing on them. No cancer. I take a bath every night with borax and sea salt. It helps get me through the night because I take the bath right before I go to sleep. I am not exaggerating when I say I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on special cleaning supplies and everything that I have read about getting them out of skin. I have tried it all including going through a round of rude and hateful doctors. We took a sample from my husband to the number 1 (supposedly) skin doctor in Little Rock,Ar. He took the sample and threw it in the trash without looking at it and laughed. He said there was no parasite that would tunnel and do all we told him about. He did not even lift my husbands shirt to look at his back which is where it was the worst at the time. I have lost all appreciation and respect for the term "doctor". Some are a bunch of fools with a title and think they are some kind of God. Well, not in my book and they won't get another dime from me; not that they need my money. Anyway, I have almost killed myself trying to keep the house spotless and there is no one out there with cleaner skin as far as baths go. The problem is I was already disabled and the cleaning and the worry has gotten the best of me. I don't care if my house gets scrubbed everyday or not as we have given to be loners and don't have friends come around anymore for fear we may give them this thing. It is a long hard road and I pray for each one of you. That's the only way I know to help you and sometimes I have trouble with praying. Hate to say that. Good luck and God Bless.

May 15, 2013
See Rheumotologist re: Psoriatic Arthritis
by: Anonymous

I have been to many doctors until one recommended me to see a rhuemotologist which I did only to find a diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis. It causes severe itching and terrible sores similar to what several people above are describing. There is no cure but there are meds and other ways to make one comfortable. It is worth the try and has helped me a great deal.

May 10, 2013
worms, itching and negligent physicians
by: Anonymous

Check with a orthopedic doctor to see if you have a condition called psoriatic arthrits. after manys of suffering I was finally diagnosed with that. All my symptoms were like yours. I had pain in all my joints and was tired all the time as well..He will send you I am sure to a Rheumatologist who will be able to help you with medications etc. Hope this helps.

May 10, 2013
Try The AIM Products (Money Back Guarantee)
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com


Please follow the suggestions I gave to the person in the last post before yours.

Soak in the salt water baths and take Herbal Fiberblend and Barley Life every day for at least one month before deciding whether or not it is helping.

You may need to take it longer than that since you are in such a severe state, but you should start to see some improvement at least in the first month if you use it faithfully.

My heart goes out to you and I hope and pray you will be encouraged and get results!


May 10, 2013
Please help I'm about to have a breakdown
by: Holly

Please tell me some one has gotton rid of this I have ruined my skin and I have huge black holes in my hair legs I went to hospital and I had a baggy of the worms curled up the hospital threw them away and didnt look at them and put me on the 3rd floor for hours and I had no idea I was on the third floor but I kept wondering why they made me get naked and had a officer guarding my room wen I found out later a syc doc came to talk to me I was so upset they thought I was high or somthing I'm turning into a big scab and I don't wana leave my house because I look so awful I'm so scared my 7 year old has it I'm afraid to touch her or make meals because I can feel them on the tips of my fingers I have tryed every theng listed I missed so much work because of the gashes on my face and I feel so tierd all the time I'm at the end of my rope I'm going to be homeless in June because I lost my job I can feel them in my eyes. And no doc seems to take me serious I'm realy about to have a break down I seen little black dots on my daughters skin this morning as I was getting her ready for school I hope some one has a Cure before I pick myself to death and I'm so tierd of throwing up and not getting off the couch I'm broke going to be homeless from this I don't know what else's to try I have gotten garlic apple viniger intestinal cleaner tons of lotions neem lotion soap walnut oil some one please help me before I take myself or I'm one big giant scab I can't emotionally take it any more specialy if my daughter has more symptoms of it some one pllllllleeeeeeaaaaasssseeee help. I will try anything!!!!!!!!!!

May 06, 2013
Suggestions For Your Mother In Law
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

It's so nice of you to seek some help for your mother in law. You may be right in that she could have caused an infection in her scalp from the excessive scratching.

Situations like hers are difficult because the itching, crawling sensation can be the result of something internal or external. Since nothing is visible to the naked eye, there are a couple of good options for her to try.

Externally - Encourage her to rinse her scalp with sea salt and water. After she dries it, apply a mixture of lavender and tea tree (or clove oil) added to a carrier oil (like olive oil).

This should help if the problem is external and should encourage healing.

Internally - Encourage her to take some Herbal Fiberblend twice per day for at least a month. This helps to cleanse and detox the body internally and is quite effective against a lot of different types of parasites.

In addition, if she also takes some Barley Life daily, that will speed up the healing process and give her body more resources to fight with.

I hope this helps her and that she is better soon. Do let me know how she progresses.


May 06, 2013
Mother in law
by: Anonymous

My mother in law is having similar problems. she was diagnosed with flat warts on her head. I think from scratching she might of infected herself with the bugs or already had them. now she feels like they are stinging and says they hurt she cant sleep. Was just told its is real to her but her mind is telling her its real. Haven't seen anything yet. Has some black spots on back that look like large black heads could this b something. She says she hasn't seen anything but feel them crawling biting. Very itchy also. What to do for her. She also feels like she has t pull her hair alot n says it helps but than feels like they crawl back in. Any help will be gratefully.

Apr 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

I don't understand why the medical community will not admit this is happening!! I have lost everything, kids, house, my dogs, & people think I'm crazy. How can so many of us suffer from the same thing & they still say we're nuts?????
I JUST WANT THIS TO GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 12, 2013
Bugs are driving us crazy
by: Tammy

Angie & PJ
( datcrazytammy06@gmail.com)
My husband and I have everything
you both described .
PJ , I have the sores on the ears
with tunnel's and corner of my mouth
as well .
Our heads get really hot and they become
wet. If and when this Touches
our skin ... it starts to burn really really bad !
I read on the web to use vinegar and cooking oil ,
equal amounts and you put it on your skin .
which I've done . it starts to burn and lift the bugs
Out of skin . I saved mine it looks like a grain of rice it's horrible.

Apr 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

These things have destroyed my life. I have thought about suicide several times. I sometimes appear to be close to a cure. So far they do not consume my life as much as they used to. I tried to get help there is none by the way I used lanolin till I started to have seciors, Permerathin, Ivcen every strong drug known to man to no avail. Iv'e had rounds of antibiotics nothing phased these things. I worry all of the time. I was told I had delusional parasitosis and was given a drug to calm me down according to the skin doctor in Ardmore OK. I am now on Dialasis which these things caused Kidney Disease. One of my Kidney doctors tried to help me he gave me the lanolin (quell shampoo) which did not help. Horrific parasites did come out though. My kidney doc did not know what the hec these things were because he is not a infectious disease doc. Iv'e tried everything litteraly from rubbing Ketsup on me to venigar, antibiotics, perscribed drugs, mouthwash, yougart, herbs, garlic, salt, epson salt, everything in my kitchen. Bleach, nasal medicine, eye medicine, Iv'e bathed and rubbed on and oraly took every thing and nothing barely phased these things. I prayed to GOD to no avail. I bathed in T-tree oil, camphor oil, used t-gel shampoo, dandrph shampoo. I took a bath in Raid Max and went to he hospital for chemecal burns. I still have these things. I left my home it was full of these things. I lost it to the bank. I have scars all over my body and scares on my face. I never had acne in my life. Iv'e used lice shampoo and it did hot kill these things either.

A pharmacist told me that they came from MEXICO and that he used to help people with these things he gave me a cure but he wasn't sure if he got the ingredients right. He couln't remember he was 85 years old. Illigals from Mexico are bringing all kinds of diseases. That have been erradicated in the United States back to the US.

Feb 11, 2013
Response to JEM 12/18/12
by: Anonymous

JEM posted on Dec 18, 2012: "...[I]t is a recognized skin disorder by the CDC the Center for Disease Control."

No, it is not. Don't get me wrong; I believe that people are suffering from something physiological. But advising them to demand doctors treat them because the CDC now recognizes Morgellon's Disease is not at all helpful. In fact, it could be very hurtful for any who, taking that bit of advice, end up being even further humiliated when, on top of being refused treatment except to be labeled "delusional" and referred to a shrink, they are also proven wrong about this...and by the same doc doing the refusing and the labeling. :o It can't get much worse than that.

Here is the CDC's report on their Morgellon's study. Replace "DOT" with (.)

cdc DOT gov/unexplaineddermopathy/

Notice that the DCD doesn't take credit or responsibility for the study or its findings. Neither do Kaiser Permanente nor the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. They all passed the buck. Curious, indeed...
Replace "DOT" with (.)
morgellonspgpr DOT wordpress DOT com/2012/04/27/an-interesting-disclaimer-at-the-end-of-the-morgellons-cdc-study/

Dec 21, 2012
Farewell for now, JEM (Judie)
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Danna,

I'm so sorry to hear about your dear mother's passing. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about it.

I lost my own precious mother not too long ago and I still feel the lost very keenly. I hope and pray that the Lord strengthens and comforts you in the coming weeks and months.

She was an encouragement to others here by sharing her experiences, and she will be missed.


Dec 21, 2012
response to JEM'S cmments
by: JEM

Our mother passed aways a few days ago and we are just answering those who had comments on her comments. We do NOT know the name of the doctor she saw only she went to the University in Houston and saw the dermatology team there. She was almost free of the plaque before she had the open heart surgery. The surgery was more that she could take and she passed away. I hope her comments helped all as it was a very real problem and she about went crazy with the itching and pain from her sore. Wishing you all well..,.Danna

Dec 21, 2012
by: vincent

Hello Judie, I'm very glad you were able to beat this horrible problem. But I have yet too. I live in Oklahoma and have been laughed out of so many doc. Offices I've lost track. I'm hoping and praying you will help me by giving me the name of the doc that helped you. I'm hoping they'll be able to give me some names of doc.s in OK. That will even recognize this problem and believe that what I'm saying is true. I beg of you to please give me the name and address and phone number so I can start finding someone to help me.

Dec 18, 2012
repy for PB
by: JEM

I hope this helps you. I had EXACTLY what you are describing for about three years. It kept getting worse and the little hairs were there and sometimes were different colors and seemed like they were waving at me. I finally found a dermotolgist in Texas who said I had what is known as "Mogellan's Disease". Some doctor had said it was a mental thing and for years they laughed at people about this problem. Look up Morgellan's on the internet, read it and then go see a dermatolgist at a University Teaching Hospital like I final did. They may laugh but I doubt it as it is a recognized skin disorder by the CDC the Center for Disease Control. It took some doing with several different approaches. I am not a physician so I cannot tell you what to do but trust me on this....the garlic capsules, bleach baths every other day of 1cup bleach to a full tub of water every other day and applying bag balm regularly several times a day along with the antibiotics prescribed are some of the methods of treatment the physician prescribed for me. Don't be discouraged as when you kill off the first sets of insects remember they have laid eggs and so it may take several months. There also is an ointment he prescribed that helps dry them up it is called "Fluocinonide 0.05% Teva. It is available by prescription only so you will have to see a dermatologist to get it. It also relieves the itching. My sores were so painful it felt like something was biting down on my nerve endings. I am clear of these pests for almost a year now but took a long time and DON"T dig or scratch at them I know they violently itch so get a topicream at the pharmacy you can get without a prescription. It is called "SARNA" . Use it along with a hydrocordone cream you can get over the counter. Use it faithfully and gently massage it all the way in two times a day. I forgot to mention completely immerse yourself in the clorine baths for 15 min. Good luck my dear and I will pray the Lord gives you relief. Also, DO NOT COVER YOUR SORES WITH BANDAGES and DO NOT PICK OR PULL AT THE WORM LIKE THINGS. By pulling on them if they a segmented you only spread them further into your skin. Alcohol will do no good and to avoid garlic breath the strongest garlic caps you can get should be taken 3 times a day. If your funds are low many times the pharmaceutical (sp!) houses will pay for your meds so don't be shy about asking your doctor's nurse for help with it.There is no shame in it trust me. If you can't afford it reach out and let someone help you ...I did. I am 72 and my social security doesn't go far ...Praying for you, Judie

Nov 25, 2012
i beleive you
by: Anonymous

i happened up on your problem; i want you to know i am going thru the exact same thing;;no you cn not pass it ;;;if you could my whole family would have it ;;and i know a cr that dont give you the run around;;;she is so fantastic;;she is just as curious to find out what this is herself; so thats a plus'i dont know how far you from statesboro ga ;i am in ludowici;;;i truly would love to talk to you so maybe god is working in this way ;for us to meet;;;;;;

Nov 10, 2012
a way to get your doctors to belive you
by: ben irish

cover a bandage in vasaline and duck tap to leg then get the sucker when he's dead take him to the emergency room say you think i have worms

Oct 27, 2012
Herbal Cleanse and Probiotics Do Work!
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

So glad that you've found some help with the intestinal herbal cleanse and the probiotics! That's what I'm always telling everyone to try for real relief. ;)

For those that don't want to make up their own capsules, I recommend Herbal Fiberblend capsules. They are safe, effective, and have a 25 year history to back them up.

Herbal Fiberblend is what I use myself along with Florafood as a high quality probiotic product.

They are both available at wholesale prices from AIM for those who want to try them - money back guarantee, too. ;)

Oct 26, 2012
i think im killing them!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

After going through this for so long and trying everything under the sun I think I found something that works!!!!!!!
I ordered a 2 step natural blend and it really seems to be working
~A natural intestinal colon cleanse detoxify yeast candidate parasite
from the ebay seller~ completenaturalblends
( I got a capsule filler w/ 100 size 00 capsules from ebay seller~capsuleconnection,
it was the best price I found)
I take 2 capsules 3 times a day( I am still on step 1)
I am also taking a strong probiotic~ 24 billion microorganisms.
Just a warning, it will seem worse before it gets better. They all are coming to the surface to get out,I think, and dying.
I am also taking vitamins
D³ & B12 in the high doses but I'm not sure if these are working combined with the other stuff.

Sep 26, 2012
i have the same thing
by: Anonymous

the only thing that I've found that remotely control these things is vinegar baths. Every night I take a bath in a half gallon to a gallon of vinegar. Vinegar seems to kill them or remove them from the skin and my skin seems to be clearing up another thing that I have tried that has seem to work is lime sulfur dip and take a bath in it it smells real bad but seems to kill them in remove them for my skin.

Sep 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have the thing with my moles & freckles. They aren't moles anymore. What is going on with that?
I just want these stupid sores on my face to go away. Nothing I try seems to work!!!

Sep 07, 2012
makeing headway
by: vincent

Ok first off, I be been dealing with this for a couple years now and have done everything possible to be rid of the demon bastards but nothings worked. So I've learned how to at least cope with this crazy crap. But what I'm about to say is real and can prove it. Ok this is the deal what is eating me are this tiny skin colored flying insects of some kind that's why we can t hardly see them and how we feel them all over all the time. They live or stay in (wood) and go back and forth from you to there. The thing is they (are) in our body's to. That's how they reproduce I'm finding. That's what this (fibers) are I'm thinking. Look at your moles or freckles there's something not right with them (that may be just something going on with me) all mine are in lines now across my back and shoulders and slowly moveing toward my neck. Take pics every two weeks and see if things are moving around. Look they will be in twos. I know it seems out there but hey look at what's wrong with us all. Please everyone just look at yourself and post what you come up with we re really not crazy and it looks like we really on our own with this and we gotta stick together and figure it out so we can get our life's back. Your all in my prayers

Aug 06, 2012
i may know somthing to help you
by: Anonymous

it stems from the chemtrails the government is doing in the skys....look it up on what it does to the body..thy are called morgollens disease////i have herd oxoygen will kill them....i hope this helps you
also i will tell you to call on the name of JESUS ..and ask him into your heart and he will heal you from the inside out!

Apr 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

You have given a very good description of insect larva that can parasitize man and animals. These stages of the insect most usually a fly of some kind (hundteds of types) can invade the skin and set up a breeding pouch. They molt just as you drscribed.

All the advice offeted by angel is fine but you will need to do two things to rid yourselves of these larvae and their subsequent stages.

Get good twizers and practiced at drawing them to the surface where you can grab them firmly. Use occlusive creams to help smoother and draw them out. Eucalyptus is especially effective. Bathes with eucalyptus, mint, baby oil and salt are soothing and healing. High doses of vit C is healing to the skin and along with salt and garlic will help to change the skin environment to be less suitable for these larvae and their molted adolescent forms.

Place them in clean small jars with rubbing alcohol. If you can capture diffetent stages you will make medical history. The traditional medical community will not be prepared or have much training on myiasis let alone parasitology.

So try to get to a university affiliated dermatologist. Though you would be better off with a veterinarian parasitologist. They have been trained more broadly and those that deal with horses may very well have seen cases of myasis.

We now know that several species of fly larva are parasitic to man. Mecanical removal of these parasites is necessary but simultaneous treatment with antihelminths is necessary too.

Not necessarily a definitive solution but albendazole and other good bemidazoles except vermox paired with ivermectin or moxidectin have some effect.

So sorry that you got exposed to this. Good luck

Apr 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

The description is cw myasis
Insect larvae incubating under the skin
There are at least 25 documented fly types very small whose larvae are parasitic to man and animals
Some larvae may reproduce before maturity
you are seeing the breathing tubes poke out occassionally along with other substances they release
Remove with good tweezers and tight grip
antiparasitics such as albendazole and ivermectin big and prolonged dosing will help kill the larvae stage and more microscopic ones
But mechanical removal is most effective
Can hejp coaks sp it forward with occlusions
They need air
Trap one in etoh in small jar and take to a derm doctor to document
Myasis is occurring more and more and the med com is uninformed

Mar 13, 2012
Worm In Our Skin and Coughing Up...
by: Angie

Dear Cynthia,

I'm glad it gives you some comfort to find that you are not alone in all this craziness. Of course, I wish so many people weren't affected, but it is reassuring to know that you aren't crazy when so many people start telling you that you are! :)

I do hope that you will seriously consider an internal cleanse and some immune boosting supplements.

There's a good list of suggestions both on the Morgellons treatment page as well as the candida cure page. The suggestions are similar no matter what type of internal worm or parasite issues you're dealing with.

I believe they will give you the most help in getting to the root of the problem rather than just trying to deal with the symptoms.

A spambot is an automated system that goes around to websites and "spams" them by submitting rude comments, irrelevant or self promotional advertising, and sometimes just plain gibberish.

It's a real pain for someone managing a website. That's why we have those little hidden words that people have to fill in when submitting info to this site. Spambots can't solve them, so it helps cut down on the rubbish. ;)

Hope you are able to get your issues under control soon. Please keep us posted on your progress.


Mar 13, 2012
I am relieved to meet all of you
by: Cynthia

I also have very similar problems as I have read described on this site. Almost two years of seeing dermatologists have not helped. This last doctor, Dr. Fisher, said I have a delusional disease. One said I have Neurodermatisis, caused from stress. I am feeling disgusted with doctors and am beginning to think they all could care less. They just want the money.
Has anyone ever thought will almost everything we use coming from off shore, maybe we have caught something that way.
I thank all of you for the suggestions. I am going to start trying some of them. My problems are the worse around my mouth and chin, and nose, but water, or jock itch cream will make the white lines of stuff apparent under my skin all over. I have it all over. I cough it up and at times I get choked with it in my throat. My regular doctor looked at me like I'm crazy when I tryed to explain my symptoms to him. They all have made me feel like one of those people who think they have something wrong with them. Thanks, I feel a little better after your stories.
What's a spambot?

Mar 13, 2012
has helped possibly cured in minutes
by: Anonymous

Wintergreen oil and tea tree oil. Instant relief.

Mar 11, 2012
Calcium Bentonite Clay
by: Sylvia

I am not a rep. - not sure you would just assume that! I heard about clay on the Discovery Channel and have used it everyday for 8 years now and have recommended it to many people suffering with many aliments. AND IT WORKS!

Mar 11, 2012
Cleansing with Bentonite Clay
by: Angie

Just be sure that if you decide to use bentonite clay for cleansing rather than that herbs and fiber I suggested, that you purchase the food grade variety - no matter which brand you choose. For those not familiar with bentonite, there are different grades for gardening and pest control and if you are going to be ingesting it you want to be sure you've got the right kind. :) Don't assume.

Mar 11, 2012
Bentonite Clay
by: Anonymous

Bentonite is great to use- I think the woman who posted above must be a rep. for that company. You can get an extremely high quality clay from Redmond Clay- less expensive than the company the woman above is promoting- or get clay in bulk on ebay.

Mar 10, 2012
this works!
by: Sylvia

Hello, - there is a all natural remedy for parasites. It is Calcium Bentonite "Living Clay". It is a Internal Cleanse. It is affordable - 5 cents for a tsp. The parasites are drawn to the Clay and when the clay leaves your body in your poop the worms go with. You can use it on your skin also. There is no wrong way to use it. Just get it in you. text me @ 574-514-8010 anytime.

Feb 26, 2012
ive been sick now going on 5 yrs
by: Anonymous

it started with lice,then scabies.then black tar coming out of my skin all over .i shaved my head im a woman. it didnt help[i ate garlic and all the herbs and no effect.now i fast only eating psyillium fiber.and one smallmeal a day.ive tried strongid albendazole mebendazole u name it it doesnt work.bentonite clay too that helps.it moved up into my ear now and crawls therough my scalp.i cant date ,work or go out anymore just spend my time trying to heal.i got the sores i took bleach baths they went away.but the worms keep coming .i eat only health foods not junk,avoid sugar.to no avail.its so strong in my head now i feel i may not make it much longer.drs think im mental i did have one who gave me albendazole it didnt work then he got rid of me .i have no dr and no health care im poor they want us to die and go away. what about there oath to prezserve life? now its all about money and greed.i wake with crusty eyes.my only time is when im ableto sleep which isnt much.im like a zombie i have to take 30 secs or so just to think now.there in my eyes im loosing my sight.i cant tell my family anymore they dont understand.i have aged 20 yrs in 5 yrs.it consatnly wiggles in my face and hair and my ear.peppermint sugaR FREE ALTIODS HELPS A LITTLE.losing hope of a cure with assinine drs that wont help.maybe im prolonging my misery im better off dead,but il hang in there im not going to kill myself.ive prayed done all i can think of .i too had silverfish in my bathroom.and i was attacked by a bees nest.i found a tick crawling on my stomach,and ive been bitten by lots of moskitoes go figure i dont know how i got this.my k8itty died maybe he got me sick from going outside.headaches nonstop.balance is off running into walls sometimes.pain in my ears allways crawling.sat in the sun doesnt help.the more psyillium fiber in a row will kill a much longer worm so every couple of hours i take some and it gets them but i still get more.trying to live but it seems hopeless.

Feb 24, 2012
Baking Soda and Molasses
by: Traditional Roman Catholic

After drinking 1 tsp. of baking soda and 1 to 3 tsp. of blackstrap molasses for three days, there is a dramatic reduction of fibers coming out of my skin and my lesions seem to be healing more like normal skin does. I am also applying hydrogen peroxide to them and it seems to kill and/or loosen the little white eggs or seeds that usually inhabit the lesions and keep them from healing.

The person who said you cannot change your body ph is sadly mistaken. Not only can it be changed, it must be if we are to get rid of these parasites. Achieving a high ph and keeping it there for at least 10 days cured a man from stage 4 prostate cancer. It had already invaded his bones and the doctors that so many on this site seem to have so much trust in, could do nothing but send the man home to die.

Let us not allow ourselves to be at the mercy of big pharma, the ama and the fda. They all serve "the powers that be" who are pushing fluoride, mercury laden vaccines, aspartame, neotame, gmo food and many other horrors with an eye to reducing the population dramatically.

It is my firm belief that at the base of many of these parasitic problems is fungus. Fungus is the root cause of cancer and, I believe it is also what makes us so susceptible to morgellons and a host of illnesses. It is one of the things that is being sprayed on us in the chemtrails along with aluminum and other toxins.

Above all, we need to pray to God and His Most Holy Mother for an answer and cure. They are waiting to help us. But we cannot expect help until we ask and also at least begin with the firm intention of changing our lives and loving God first with all of our hearts. May God and His Holy Mother bless and protect us all in these dark times and may Her Immaculate Heart triumph soon!

Feb 23, 2012
what is this ....help
by: Anonymous

My 2 year old son has the worst of all the symptoms you have described....my 2 month old twins are starting to show signs and so am I (Mommy)....My husband and 2 other older children have not shown any signs yet. We havent seen any live worms but I have seen the clear and black ones. I just pulled one out of one of my twin girls heel on her foot...Iv been covering all the black and red marks on our skin with vasoline and that seems to help...We've all been to docters and they are baffled...we are waiting on test results from a specialized Childrens Hospital...they took stool samples and sent them for parasite..etc...testing. Does anyone know what this is?

Feb 04, 2012
To This Is Our Reality...and it is
by: Jax

I believe in things that I know border the crazy for most..I don't mind because my beliefs don't kill me. I give prayer and faith to a God that most cannot even fathom to be possible, though my belief is not half as "impossible" as the BIBLE...however, none of these things have helped me be or feel better. Because I don't want to lose before I at least know why...I finished my blog here and I went and stood in a shower of alcohol and bleach and I screamed and cried and yelled at every one of those bastards that escaped my death shower. And than I begged for anything any sign from any entity good or evil that had any idea.
Lo and Behold...I drank alcohol until my mind went blank and I passed from this world to the next...and I had a dream. Though I can't explain it all, in short...these are being sprayed ontop of us, Neither Good nor Evil benefit from our insanity nor did they claim this. However, it has something to do with HA MRSA and millions are infected and only when they get in your eyes do you see them elsewhere. They CANT infect everyone and they can somehow "read" who is and what isn't infectable...they can live a long time but they are killable by some of the simplest of things. Unfortunately, as to my knowledge the minute you get rid of them (and you can) whatever sprays them sprays again and you cant make yourself unsuseptable. Yes "Our Reality" our utter insanity seems to be their goal but its the people around us that deem us insane and I just can't imagine these worms that smart...there must be another reason. But I believe each and every one of you on all the thousand sites I found. I wonder if yours would come to my body or if they have specific "taste buds". Anyone know that?

Feb 04, 2012
infra red sauna
by: Anonymous

Infrared sauna's are one of the best (and easiest) ways to detox. In addition to all the great information here, anything else that can help remove more toxic chemicals and poisons from your body is helpful. Do a little research, and if you can afford it get one. It's so important to monitor the PH, and keep the urine testing alkaline. Pharmaceutical drugs, processed foods, toxic water and environmental toxins cause the body to become acidic. Healing can't take place in this environment. Simple (and cheap) baking soda can help fix this. I would wish you luck, but it takes so much more than luck to deal with this. It takes enormous will. Curezone is another place of excellent information.

Feb 04, 2012
this is our reality
by: Anonymous

i live with this everyday just like you all. they travel in rows of long lines of stringy invisible worms like another dimension is crossing with this one, but only slightly and only some poeple can see it.I used to be so scared but they have taken so much out of me, im not scared or discusted anymore. they feed off of the fea, pnlng with your hair blood and skin. i am sure someone out there knows and the mass panic the truth would create keep the real reality we are all living with from being known. i am not crazy i am not phycotic. the little bastards seem to know when theyre in the presents of a medical profession. ACTUALLY I SAW ONE ON MY DOCTORS ARM. His body looked swollen and im sure he knows less then i do about what is going on. the chairs in the pharmacy are covered in fabric thats riddled with these tattered thread parasites. they really are every where like theyre being dropped on us from above. have you looked at the sky. something is being sprayed or some invisible being are flying around and only the outline in the clouds can be seen. if the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results then wouldn't the same be true for our thinking. maybe weve misunderstood our role in the universe. one thing im sure of is i am not seeing things, and i would be happy if someone could explain this phenomenon. FEMALE 26 VANCOUVER CANADA

Feb 02, 2012
Wish to die CONTINUTED
by: Jax

There can be no restoration of what I have lost or the time it has stolen. Nor will there EVER be a cure to return my mental stability and security because I will I will never be able to forget what I have seen or felt and will never be able to stop searching every moment and scanning every surface as I await there guaranteed return. NOTHING can ever restore my eyes from the scarring left behind by their migration tracks and trails. How could anyone with this just stop and go back to normal again? The mind will always feel crawling or turn breezes into a charging of their army..and the mind will continue to scan and search because it knows that in reality..these vermin have had too much freedom and time to spread and permeate the earth and all the while there is still NO ONE WHO CAN AND WILL GIVE THE DIFINITIVE ANSWER TO THE NOW WORTHLESS QUESTION...WHAT ARE THEY? AND HOW DO WE KILL THEM? I have sat here for 2 hours, itching, crying, hurting, and seeing miniscule blips from my skin landing on this moniter..but I stayed reading this ENTIRE page wanting initially to find an explanation for the "sharpened pencil-lead sized dots that are actually black worms crawling on my bedroom walls not bothered by bug bombs but either stunned or killed by regular household cleaners. (I live with my elderly parents, my mother has Chronic Lymphatic Lymphoma; Leukemia so figuring out how to kill all of them was my only focus) I came here from a Google search and for two hours I have felt them in my eyes, my vagina, my hair, the boils that cover my arms and face..floating in the liquid surrounding my brain. I have recently discovered that I physically can't remember how to play the piano anymore..I have retyped this 100 times because I can’t remember either how to spell or what I'm typing. Even worse I am helplessly watching what was left of my personality being replaced this irrational and rage filled thought pattern and yet I can tell you it is physical, uncontrollable and not psychological at all. They are destroying or attempting to destroy my brain now. I am logging this comments to leave behind some sort of record/proof for anyone who will listen.. SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. Not just to me or to all of you..but EVERYWHERE AND IN EVERYTHING. I am not crazy. I know that I am almost already dead as they eat away my life and I spent 6-8 years fighting for no one to listen. Now I just want freedom from this hell beyond hell. I never wanted to die. But I do believe there will be no comfort until they are stopped. After taking a short internship at a local mortuary crematory here...I have insisted on cremation. After seeing the power and destruction these continue to cause..I don't guess something as inconsequential as my death will even briefly stun the evil that dwells in my body.

Feb 02, 2012
Wishing to die sincde THE WORMS WONT
by: Jax

I was an addict 8 years ago. I stopped BECAUSE I had worms in my skin, like hairs that would eat me alive then pop out of my skin and "fly" blindly into my face. I tried to keep what was left of my life after the string of doctors, dermo’s and various others deemed me crazy with "picker’s nodule." I quit drugs and brainwashed myself into denial but almost believing I had been crazy...than last year, I had radiation treatment for 2 tumors the size of 1 million of these vermin together, yet relatively small for cancer at 2mm by 4. After treatment it appears I beat cancer. But with all the attempts of treatment upon the return of the scourge and I still haven’t had even one day without open wounds...a losing battle in a war with an unnamed enemy. I began medicating with alcohol till pass out and though it probably did NOTHING to the worms, it greatly numbed MY experience of them, the pain, the embarrassment, the total fear and loathing. I used to be beautiful and smart and talented when I was younger but at 42 (which is by no means old) but now people in the grocery store whisper words like JUNKIE or AIDS and refuse to even touch the self-check out register after me. I lost my kids, my homes, my friends, my family, my self-worth and any will to fight I had left. On the day of the 7th hospital visit I was contacted by THREE old boyfriends I had had during the past year. Each one had called because they felt sick and had strange skin eruptions. The next phone call was a doctor who, the very next day, diagnosed me with HA-MRSA. I’m told that up to 80% of the people with HA die in the first year, well of course not me. I was put on a doxycycline maintenance program which- taken daily by a healthier person with HA-would afford them up to 10 years of “remission”. Not me though, since I already show signs of kidney and liver damage, lung damage, heart strength and painful skin damage. Not to mention the mental damage and now I believe physical brain trauma from these death dealers. If a cure became available tomorrow, it would still be too late for me because I have still lost everything!

Jan 26, 2012
Feds say Morgellons is imaginary
by: Topesy McStagger


Jan 21, 2012
maybe i can help
by: Anonymous

Thats all i ve found that ll even phase these things. I hope it helps. Keep posting your feelings and things will be better before you know it.i promise theres light at the end of this dark tunnel.

Jan 21, 2012
maybe i can help
by: Anonymous

First i would like say,angie keep writing your feeling down. Its helped me from just sayin screw it im done & checkin out. I ve been there so close i could feel that death was only a day away. I never dreamed i d be thinkin or prayin,beggin for death and wanting something so badly. But everyday i still woke up dealin with it,its like a neverending nightmare, that just starts all over again. So i know what your sayin, first hand.
I ve lost my wife,kids,house and everything in between because of this. I ve been put in a nut house cause they said i was crazy,delousional,and even on drugs. But i was nt.
Anyway, i went to a dermatol. He gave me a scrip for doxycyclone 100mg twice a day with 3 refills.
That was six months ago.
Its not comp. Gotten rid of it,but its like put this crap i got into remisson. Im 80% better now, but i still have it. Its been a slow pross. But its working so far.

Jan 17, 2012
continued thankful and scared
by: Angee T.

As I was saying it is less noticable at times. The worse thing about my case is that a few years ago I was put on mental disablity and even though the skin thing had nothing to do with it, every symptom I have now is written off as "She's crazy". I can see that you all know how painful this is and I am more affraid than ever. I am not even allowed to see or talk with my grand children any more. My own children who have seen these things think that somehow I am making it up. Please keep me updated. It almost had me convinced I was making it up until I started reading these posts and comments.

Especially thanks to you, Angie

Jan 17, 2012
Thankful and scared
by: Angee

I looked up worms in or on skin and was surprised to find so many with the same systems. I have been dealing with this for about five years. It seems to come and go but never completely go, just become less noticeably

Nov 30, 2011
I have lost everything because of this
by: Anonymous

I have had this for about 6 mo. & I went to the ER 3 times & a dermatologist, they all said in their own words that I'm crazy.
My son was taken away from me & I dont want to go by my other children for fear of them or my grandchildren getting this.
I dont want to leave my house anymore because of how I look. It wont go away no matter what I do.
This is a horrible life, the only thing I have left are my 2 dogs & thankgoodness because I dont know how I would make it completely alone.
On top of it all I cant pay my mortgage anymore & my home is going into forclosure.
I pray for God to help or just take me, my brother committed suicide when he was 15, I was 17 so I could never
Do that being on this end of it but I dont know how to go on living like this.
I have no one really so if something did happen it would be weeks unti someone found me & my dogs would make it that long.
Sorry for all that, but I dont know what to do anymore, if I write it at least im getting it out.

Nov 30, 2011
I feel your pain and disgust.
by: Toni

To all of you have written on here, I commend you for telling your story.

Today I went to my ninth doctor. Prior to my going I had done research and was sure this was demodex, but after what I just witnessed tonight in the bathroom, I have changed my mind.

After my dr. appt. I had to urinate, so after wiping, I looked down at the toilet paper and saw a whitish silvery worm. I put it on the counter. It began to move and spin. I swear I think it is silverfish!!!!

I have been dealing with this same issue since September. I can't believe I am not the only one.

I am hopeful about a new dr. I just started with today. She believed me and is forging ahead with skin analysis and full blown parasite test from my bowels.

Keep asking for help. Don't give up. Someone will eventually believe you. If you have to, video tape yourself or the bug.

I think they are silverfish. Check out info about them. I have seen them when they are pink, tan, black, silver, or white.

email me if you need to talk,


Nov 02, 2011
I Don't know whether to be relieved or run in terror.
by: Anonymous

Many of the comments I read are similar or the same as what I am going through. Mine started (I think) a few years ago and began as tiny sores on my scalp. It then progressed to bumps on my back, which when scratched, bled a lot and on my nails were the remnants of various things I have just read about. I have experienced the little sea horse looking creatures that are pink or see through and I have seen flat things with a long tentacle imbedded deeper into my skin. I have seen multiple black dots coming from the same source. One was so large (about a half inch) I got to look at it better and appeared to have wings???? I have white "track marks" on my body that seem possible to be the little devil's passage ways. I am going to the same dermatologist, tomorrow who said I had Herpes. I guess I'm a slow learner, but at least we have history and she was a former student of mine. Last time I saw her she gave me an ointment called Triamcinolone which put them in remission(?) for awhile.

Oct 30, 2011
I have the same exact thing only worse
by: Fionasue

I've been dealing with the same exact issue for the last two and a half years and it has progessed to cover entire body. Very painful. I have done countless rounds of steroids parasite creams hydrocortisone creams and antibiontics. I have been under so much stress and on so many meds that my liver cancer has relapsed and kidneys are affected I will be seeing a speciaist soon for a biopsy to see if chemo is an option or if I'm too far gone. I beleive this is all related and am frustated with doctors inability to diagnose and treat, And if a person is successful in ridding body how do you rid your home if it is a paraste PLEASE HELP

Oct 05, 2011
I am not alone, let's keep posting what helps!
by: Anonymous

well I have experienced this for almost 6 years. I thought I was imagining this until I actually had little bite marks. I itch like crazy. What I noticed when I ate less and a healthy diet I had far fewer symptoms like itching and crawling. However, I have the crawling in the legs for years. I wash my face with apple cider vinegar raw and what seems to come out on in the face bowl is thread like gel like transparent stuff..yuck I wash until I don't see them.I began to think again about this condition more seriously when one day i woke and felt like three welts on my thigh. I turn on the lights, the welts were actually about 3 inches long and it was three next to each other, the skin was raised the brown part was brown. I said this looks odd it is not a welt for the covers or sheets, it looked like worms thought the skin , but they would have been been thicker than I read them to be. by the time I got up gather my clothes after not being able to get any answer form raising my skin or poking the area I went into the bathroom to take a shower and look in better light. They were completely gone, no sign they were ever there! creepy! I started diet of sorts, during this period I decided to take garlic tablets to see if my blood pressure would lower, well guess what I started to experience what feels like something trying to come out of my but and vagina now(My lower stomach has low grade pain also) never able to get what ever it is to come pout. So I am pumping up the garlic tablet intake and drinking Apple cider vinegar raw to see if it is making the things come out of me. It has bee long road, I think all who have shared , I know I am not crazy..let's cont. to post success so we can get rid of these invaders for good! one more thing...about 4 years ago I ahead intestinal pain so bad that morphine did nothing. nothing could be found after numerous test, the Dr diagnosis me with Irritable bow gave me pills to take 12 time a day to deal with the bowel, I prayed and said by Jesus stripes I am healed , The pain did stop! I wonder though was that parasites .

Sep 26, 2011
Barely makin it
by: Anonymous

WOW a lot of people seem to be getting this now. But WHAT IS IT! I m going on 7 months with this now. But The only thing diffrant about my situ. Is I have long reddish hairs ALL OVER my body & in my eyes, that go in and out with the lighting & temp. Changes.& when there moving inside me they burn like fire ya ll! Its gotton pretty bad before. & I m no sissy to pain I can promise you that. Also all these tunnels everywhere & from what i can see they've made greenish veins everywhere like reg. Blood veins but greenish and closer to the top of the skin & way more noticeable. Another (weird) thing is that I've always had quite a few moles all diff. Places All over my body since,well as long as i can remember. Ok with that said; almost all of my moles are getting closer together & are (all) in rows. From two to ten of them at a time. Weird? I know just wait im still not done. On my Right side of back about 3/4 the way up i have a sore that they were coming out of -(clear worms)- i scraped it tryin to kill em about a month ago and as soon as i did these clusters of what ever these are -(worms)- come out and imediately dispurst and turn to what looks like moles but were connected for a couple hours them lines went away. Now the same ones are slowly moving up my belly now from my back. As crazy as it sounds its really happaning and i m at a lost of my entire life. Is this goin on with someone else? What will kill these thing? What are they? Please somebody help.

I ve been to the ER 6x and they ve takin my wife to the side (all but once i guess) and said i ve lost my mind & i need to get mental help before i hurt someone or (self mutilate) my self even more. SO DOC.S WON T HELP YOU. In my exp. So far.

Sep 11, 2011
I am having the same thing
by: Anonymous

I am dealing with everything that you just described to a T. Well I know that this might be a little much to sink in, but my child and fiance aren't experiencing the problems but my family is in pest control. Also my job just found out they have bed bugs. Well those black dots and the worm like thinks come right off if you put salt in a bath. You can actually see them come off!!! And the worm like things are painful and I looked at one yesterday after soaking in salt and it actually had a mouth and was trying to hiss at me!!! Scary but I am the only one at home personally effected. At the place where I work, The residents are effected the same way. Bleach everything that can be bleached and find pest control before it gets out of control. Need to spray for bed bugs!!! Please don't let this scare you.

Sep 04, 2011
Yeast and Fungal Infections
by: Angie

Hi Hayley,

Sorry to hear you are having such a rough time of it. It sounds like you might be a teenager and not have a lot of funds or options when it comes to getting some cleansing supplements. Is that correct?

I can't "diagnose" your condition, but it does sound like you at least have some yeast and fungal issues going on.

If that's the case, you need to know that sugar and carbohydrates feed yeast/fungus, so you really need to try to stop eating foods that contain sugar and white flour in particular. It doesn't have to be forever, but for a while until you are feeling better and stronger and your yeast overgrowth is completely under control.

Do you think you can get your hands on some tea tree or eucalyptus oil? If so, try applying that to the areas under your nails on your hands and feet a couple of times per day. They are naturally anti-fungal and may help get rid of the black things you are describing.

Check in your local area and see if you can find some organic apple cider vinegar. It usually costs about $4-6.00 for a bottle. If you add a tablespoon per glass of water and drink a glass a couple of times per day, that may help you get the internal yeast under control.

If you are having vaginal itching from the yeast infection, you can rinse that area with the apple cider vinegar as well which will definitely help. It's a bit awkward, but can be done with a little ingenuity. ;)

If you could afford the Herbal Fiberblend, I would definitely suggest that as well as the Florafood or another good probiotic (like Inner Health Plus) to give you the best chance of getting on top of this more quickly, but if not, hopefully these suggestions will at least help you get there in the end.

My heart really goes out to you. It sounds like you are in a pretty tough situation and are feeling very discouraged. Don't give up hope. Just do the best you can to improve your diet and take at least these little steps to help yourself get well.

Let me know how you get on.

Sep 03, 2011
by: Hayley

Hi there, I'm so glad to have read this and realise I'm NOT goin insane. Ive been suffering from itching for months and months and rashes and strange bruises, blood blisters, lesions etc etc.

I have had two second hand mattresses, the last one was making a popping sound. But I get the popping sound even now when I've thrown it. I'm so ill, can barely sleep I'm whiter than anything, I'm weak, dizzy, and these black things I found under my toenails, fingernails, and even burrow into my skin. They are curly like little slug type things and they disappear. Can't remove them; seems to drive them in more.

Doctors are pathetic and useless, gave me a scabies treatment, which has made the things more rabid. The house is gross now, since mum moved out its run ragged. I tried but give up. Dad who I'm living with is filthy. He NEVER washes his hands and drags things out of bins that I've disposed of, uses my toothbrushes I've thrown, limits towels and toilet roll. etc. Awful.

I've never been so destroyed, everything's been eaten and taken away from me including the last bit of pride I had. These things are going to kill me, legs are swollen and feet can feel them running all over got thread like hook vein marks all over even around my eyes and mouth. Got a yeast infection too, just had enough I'm terrified and I know it is going to kill me. Please help.

Sep 03, 2011
furniture treatment
by: Anonymous

Try spraying your furniture with a mixture of water borax and essential oils of clove, peppermint and camphor. It helped for me. Don't mix too strong, and reapply frequently- you can even spray yourself.

Sep 03, 2011
sorry had wrong link
by: going crazy from bugs

this one is the right one, been ages since i had to use tinypic.

sorry had wrong link
http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=21949s8&s=7 arm

and here are some pics of what my friend who shares same sumptoms pulled out of her skin.

http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=28lvyp3&s=7 pests

and one of my couch, its actually a blue couch but camera is seeing right into the fibers, its only an android but good cam for this. took pics of couch to see if i had the hair like fiber symptom things that some were speaking of on furniture etc.


and these are of my hands and elbow.
I know it looks like scabies, but I cant get rid of it with the scabies stuff and i keep getting worse as i lay on furniture or walk on carpet(this is after bleaching house after i thought i was cured.

http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=a495q0&s=7 hand
http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=30bjtpd&s=7 hand
http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=4ku0l1&s=7 hand
http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2e3011f&s=7 elbow

Sep 02, 2011
I Think I may have what the others in this forum have talked about
by: going crazy from bugs


thats an image if it works of my arm, i have the dot/sores all over that are worse, but cant get pictures of them yet. this was taken recently. my friend has it far worse than I do because I have been under the impression i had scabies and been taking the medication for it. but it cant be scabies because this stuff sticks to your furniture longer than scabies normally can even in worse case scenario with no body contact.
I have seen an ER doctor, dermatologist and my regular doctor. ALL of them said I had scabies. my friend saw a few doctors and got diagnosed with mrsa and unidentified parasite. her friends and family believe she is just crazy, i believe the bugs are making us go crazy. My problem gets worse I used to work for a senior and disabled home as a caregiver and my boss's didn't take my doctors warnings of getting every1 checked seriously so now sum of the clients have it as well as the employees. They gave me a UA or tried to as a way to get rid of me quietly but didn't work. I had gone before seeing them because i thought we were discussing the bugs instead i got fired over this basically.
My concern is for the health of my friends/family and my old clients as well as myself of course.
please help. doctors sucked at helping me didnt even take skin scrapings!. and were going out of our minds, especialy when we try to sleep. my friend even has taken to picking at her skin trying to rip the bugs out/worms out. we have taken pictures of them and the bug them selfs to doctors still no help.

Aug 29, 2011
Intestinal Worms
by: Angie


It's not really that uncommon for people to have intestinal worms, which can and do spread to the rest of the body if they are left untreated.

There is tapeworm, whipworm, roundworm, threadworm, etc. It's virtually impossible for someone to tell you via the internet what specific worm or worms you might be hosting at the moment.

Common signs of intestinal parasites are constipation or watery diarrhea, fatigue, gas, bloating, intestinal cramps, pricking/biting feeling, etc.

When parasites are left to grow and reproduce in your body, you can end up with serious health issues as your body becomes more and more toxic.

That's the reason we suggest internal cleansing to anyone who thinks they are dealing with any type of parasite. It is fundamental to dealing with the problem and returning to good health.

Aug 29, 2011
I'm not alone
by: Vincent K

First off, Thank you for responding.Most people don t. Second,These worms, what exactly are these things? & where did these little crawling demon spawns arise from?
Also, I've more then this one kind of parisite crawlin in & out & through my body. Some are quite large. I can feel it from my neck & head to my feet. -(NO JOKE)- and its a very painful experience when they move around a lot. I'm starting to really think I've had them for a long time without any obvious signs.
Another one I can t kill is one reddish brown & white Worm with a black what looks like its head & blends in with my arm,leg etc. Even the hair on my head. But still Have gotten samples & pics. of everything on me. Anybody else living with these things? Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Aug 28, 2011
Start with Internal Cleanse
by: Angie

Hi Vincent,

The best and most important place to start is with an internal cleanse. Cleaning your body from the inside out helps to eliminate parasites and enables your body to heal more easily, particularly if you make good dietary choices (eliminating sugars and processed foods) and take some nutritional support.



I sent you an email as requested.

Aug 28, 2011
Finally, I'm not alone.
by: Vincent K.

O my! My symptoms are (exactly) the same. Finally there's someone else out there with this too. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET THESE THINGS OUT OF MY BODY! PLEASE.

Aug 24, 2011
by: tammy


Aug 22, 2011
more info on them demodex mites
by: Anonymous

Yes demodex mites are micropscopic but only one of them is when they r first hatched. What the demodex mite does is feed off dead skin cells and sebum at the bottom of your hair follicle. Their life span is so short they dont even have a way of releasing toxins from their body, and since they dont feed off live cells but dead ones they are not even really a parasite by definition. And as I stated before they are very very common! Most people just dont notice them. They like people with extra oily skin. The more sebum you produce the more they will like you. But just like humans they dont like to fo out to dinner alone they like going in a group also. And when they find a suitable host with extra sebum they all dig in. they will pack a full table in a circle around the base of your hair follicle and squeeze down into posistion. they always fo head first so they can eat the dead cells and sebum. they have a long narrow bodys and kinda resemble a worm with a mouth on one end and nothing but a round backside that cant even poop on you.once they all seat them selve they eat and grow over time. when they have matured they are much larger and plug the follicle shut all the way. That will get infected and form a slight pimple. Usually not big since they r eating the sebum as it swells with more from being clogged. Now when you pull one of these hairs out with tweezers what you will have an extra tight blocked hair folicle with a bunch of fully grown demodex mites lodged side to side all the way around the hair. It is harder to pull out than others hairs because of the tightness. Now when you look at it it will look like 1 tiny single worm with the round open mouth at the bottom or the root. They r so small you cant see it is really like 10 of them side by side all the way around the root tip. And they will also seem like 1 single worm since they will glued together by oil and subem. Thats why some hair follicles come out looking like that, they have a bunch surrouding the hair. Others will have a couple or more and always different sizes of mite, so the plug or gummy looking worm is all different sizes! They are

Aug 22, 2011
Continuation of last post
by: Anonymous

Call the dr cause r not crazy they r there just not where u think not on top of the skin but in the very bottom layer but ur brain intterprets the feeling as coming on top of the skin. Here r some more syptoms of my theory. Seizures, brain tingly which can leed to a stroke, fatigue, mental cloudiness, concentration problems, cysts underneath the skin that r sometimes painfull. Itchy rectum, nausea and vomitting, abdominal cramps and diahreah and constipation alternating back and forth with discolration(usually greenish). Thats just to name a few. Not to mention the ccreepy crawly and biting pin prick sensations. Hope this helps at least one person. I got so sick of not seeing any answers on this huge post so I had the same stuff and was sick and tired of it so I stayed up all night last night and called off work today to go to the drs and get it confirmed. tapeworm has a incubation period that can be a few weeeks to a few years before u develope symptoms. Its cysts will latch onto the brain which is (neurocysticicosis) and some will mature and ur intestines and the eyes and central nervous system. All cases r diffeerent and u can be infected in one or all of what is mentioned above. hope this helps and now you people have a specific thing to get tested for so the drs wont call u crazy and will actually listen to u. Take care. You can also email me. My email is duensingben@gmail.com

Aug 22, 2011
Here is the answer to everyones problem.
by: Anonymous

Everyone on here having the crawling and biting sensations. They need to look into cystercicosis or pork tape worm. They feel like they r on the skin when it is actually coming from the subcutaneous layer or bottom layer of the skin. There is only 1000 new cases every year with an estimated 50-100 million people living with it. And for theeople with gummy worms attatched to hair follicles, it is just demodex mites. They r very common and the ones that pop out looking like a gummy worm is just a group all inside one follicle. Thats why some r bigger than others. There mouth is always at the root of the follicle also. Sorry that ur having problems with acne and cysts. Research pork tapeworm people thats why drs r stumped maany people dont show any signs of it and this is the only one ur showing. Or u might have many of the symptoms along with extreme fatigue. I had all the same symptoms as u people and I went to the dr and confirmed I have cystercicosis or aka pork tapeworm.

Aug 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you have Morgellons....worms in skin and various other insects/vectors, etc. I've been dealing with this for a number of years now....it has not killed me but is troubling and has inhibited my life considerably... Doctors are useless and generally tell you to take psychotrophic drugs because youare imagining all of this in your body.... I begin sometimes to wonder if this isn't some organized plot to ignore a growing plague/quantum disease unlike any America has experienced....wonder if it has been developed intentionally or brought here by foreigners from 3rd world countries.... Nonetheless I have found some remedies that help....homeopathics have been most useful... I found one called Vermi-Fuge - Dr Recommends brand... it is a homeopathic remedy with many of the homeos that kill worms.... It deveinately weakened them.... check online for the rules for using homeos like do not eat mint, chocolate, coffee, coke, cinnamon or strong tasting foods when using or smell or use on body strong smelling oils, perfumes, etc... I have another on the way I haven't tried yet but am very hopeful....it is called VER and has the homeopathic nosodes of various parasitic worms....which is ideal...if the right type worm happens to be in that remedy it could work well... I've found most of these online. Garlic does calm them down considerably but doesn't seem to kill...although raw crushed garlic on the skin does kill them....

Over time these parasites go in and out of your body....so must take garlic inside (not while using homeos though) and use something on outside too to kill them...because they just run from outside to in to dodge your latest remedy to kill them.... tea tree oil also seemed to kill the larva on the skin (mixed w/a little oil so you don't burn your skin)...go the Earth Clinic/Morgellons for many more ideas... Good Luck and God Bless....N

Aug 18, 2011
Attn: Leslie in Vegas
by: Patient of Dr. Madrigal

Hi Leslie, this is Sharon,the patient of Dr. M. Please email me and we can get something done together. sharon_hooten@yahoo.com Hope to hear from you soon.

Aug 18, 2011
This might just help
by: Anonymous

Truthfully, when I read this, I believed I would soon find out that it was all a big joke, I was so horrified and did not believe this was possible. I don't have this problem, just stumbled upon the page and by the end of reading, I was in tears for all of you!
I can share something though that may help! When my sons were younger, they would often catch those darn pin worms at the beginning of the school year. Those worms hide away up the anus /bum and don't like the light apparently, but their movement leaves children scratching away at their behinds relentlessly, especially at night time when the worms like to come out in the dark and move around. Well, the first time my son had this, I did not know what was making him itchy, so all I could think of was that maybe he had a bum rash, and that some of my tube of monistat (yeast infection cream) cream would help ease the itching because it has a numbing effect. So I gave him some and told him to put it around his bum, and we went off to the hospital clinic to have it checked. The doctor showed me with a flashlight, how these worms would scurry back up into his anal cavity when he flashed the light on that area, but he was confused as to why some of the worms were not moving away from the light or appeared to be "unable to move". I told him we put monistat cream on for the itching, and he said, "you know this is not yeast but you may have stumbled upon something here because the numbing cream has clearly disabled the worms at least temporarily".

I am guessing that any external yeast infection cream, or the antibiotic gel (polysporin) WITH LIDOCAINE in it, would numb these little bastards so that you could possibly paralyze them before attempting to pull them out? It's worth a try and fairly harmless I would say.
Other things that have numbing qualities include any lidocaine cream or gel, procain ointment, tooth ache gel such as ambesol, yeast infection cream for external itching, or anything with clove oil, tea tree oil seems to stun and numb fleas when it is put directly on them, so that may work too and at least may disable these things long enough for you to remove them.

I think that this coupled with suffocation is your best bet. Don't let the bastards breathe! Gobs of Vaseline can suffocate just about any opening.

I would go absolutely crazy, insane if I were in your shoes, and no offense to the website owner, but "screw the herbs".....This is absolutely HORRID and needs to be dealt with like a full on war. A war to get your body back! Do what it takes, but please don't poison yourself.

I am so very sorry for all of you and I hope that you try this inexpensive experiment, and that it helps in some way.

Aug 17, 2011
I'M NOT ALONE!!!!!!!! Yeah, & not crazy either!!
by: Anonymous

I dont know if I should be scared or optamistic. I have the same thing. I searched for what it could be for hours & hours & finally found this, at least I know im not alone.
its on my eyes & mouth now & its freaking me out!
I cant afford to buy anything but I am hoping I might have something mentioned to try.
My body aches so bad also, I already had a lot of medical problems, my body is falling apart and now its getting so much worse. I dont even want to move if I dont have to & I have been getting terrible headaches on top of it.
I am hoping something works!!
Thank you to all for the info and advise on here!!!
God bless,

Aug 15, 2011
Please Try MMS
by: Anonymous

Please dont give up. Try MMS. This is the only thing that has helped me and I have tried Everything out there.

MMS and MMS2 are life savers.

Diatomaceous Earth is also very effective for internally and externally on floors and bedding and even as a powder on skin.

Eating lots of garlic daily 4-6 cloves, helps too.

Jul 26, 2011
My Prayers
by: Paeton95

I have never had worms. I got onto this page from another website called medhelp. I have read ALL of the post for this page. I just want you all to know that you are in my prayers. I hope the best for you all and your families. This is horrible and dr.s should be looking more into these problems. Just keep your cool don't try things that could kill you are cause another problem because you could do it and them not even go away just adding more stress! be careful with what you try and do your research!


Jul 15, 2011
ATTN:Patient of Dr.Madrigal in Texas
by: Leslie

I have same symptoms as person who visited Dr. Madrigal in Texas. I called Madrigal's office. The woman who answered told me not to expect a call back since I am not a patient. I begged her to at least ask the doctor to relay to me the name of this "parasite". 2 days and no call back. Can the patient of Dr. Madrigal give her permission to talk to others with these symptoms?? My family insists I am on drugs. My dog is sick too, I noticed a slight improvement after cleaning house from top 2 bottom, spraying mite spray on plants indoor AND outdoor. TeaTree oil on fingertips seems to bring them out so I can pull them with tweezers. Butter works best. I am disgusted, embarrassed and at my breaking point. I am tempted to accept that I need mental help, like 2 doctors already told me. I printed out the comments from this page, along with articles about larvae/mites that can infest humans and pets. I know I need medicine, so I will bring these papers to emergency room as some type of evidence that I am not insane. I can't afford to keep paying doctors to not believe me. You sure find out what family and friendships you really have when you go through something like this. Any input? I was hoping Madrigal could talk to a doctor willing to get on the phone with her. I am in Las Vegas.

Jul 06, 2011
Extracting Worms from under the skin
by: Oussama Nicolas Srour

Dear all,
I hope this helps anyone who has worms under the skin. We live in Africa, and usually we have these worms from time to time, mainly we get them from Unironed cloths shirts...... when a fly lays her eggs on it, u wear it and u get it.... now to extract the worm, easy and kind of funny. Put some oil, butter preferable palm oil on the worm, it will try to go out to eat, press under it and extract it. After extraction, purify the hole. Easy and funny, but that’s the way we do it since ever.

Jun 19, 2011
Not crazy afterall
by: Tina

Thank God for u all! and this website. I have had this problem for months now and it has just started to become even scarier. It started as head lice or scabies (or so we thought) but all along I never really had the itching too bad or rash. I read yesterday about Mogellens and cried my eyes out. I am not crazy I have something in or on my skin and it is bugs or worms and it is not just in my head. Yesterday I started feeling an oozing feeling from my rectal area and the skin around my gential area on my legs I could feel not really see a liquid type stuff come out and with it would be a little brown or black dot and a 1/4 to 1 inch size thing like a grain of rice or a worm like thing that looked like a maggot ( I hate even thinking that word). I could feel as I walked or just standing there this stuff go down my legs and cover me almost like a skin patch or sheath. I havent heard anyone say these things on here, Is this something else in addition to my "worm problem" Also i had a panic attack last night from worry and felt oozing from scars as well. I went to a very public place yesterday and I saw these things fall off of me, every where I looked. I havent slept much in a week I have to know what this is. My family thinks I am crazy because u cant really see these things or they look like something u might see all the time, if u were looking. Thank God my husband believes in me enough that when I say there is a problem he knows its true. I have been a recovering addict for 2 years and do not have the best track record so even if people do think Im crazy, I just got all the validation I need from this website. OMG, My 7 year old daughter just told me she has something coming out of her skin. Please pray for us, there is strength in numbers.

Jun 11, 2011
Update from Praise God
by: Anonymous

Oh yeah, the main thing I did with it being waterborn is I installed (faily cheap) a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system and a UV system for the main water line. I don't know if we all have the same parasite, however it sounds so similar of what everyone has. I am not saying what is working for me will work for you but at this point it wouldnt hurt to try. My doctor requested I stop drinking the tap water and would prefer I not even bathe in it (but that is not possible) the cutest thing she said to me was "if i needed a prescription to move, she'd do it" lol. I said great give me one to move to the beach. LOL. I sympothize with every one of you and I know the torment you have endured and I only hope that my medication remidy with help all of you. Again God Bless and Good Luck.
P.S. If you need her info it is below.

Juliette Madrigal MD
715 Fm 1431
Marble Falls, TX 78654-5119
(830) 693-0555

She is absolutely 100% wonderful, you wont be discouraged by her in any way. Take the chance and get your lives back.....You are worth it.

Jun 11, 2011
Update on Praise God
by: Anonymous

Well I found the right doctor..Her Name is Dr. Madrigal in Marble Falls Texas. She is and Internist (internal medicine)and she believes me and I am getting treatment and clearing up. The remidy is 2-600 mg tablets of prazaquantil, she also gave me a medicine shot in the arm and 200 mg a day for 3 days of mabendizole and a weekly booster of B12 in the arm and all wounds are going away and I wont even tell you what comes out in the stool (Gross). My diagnosis is a possible water born parasite contracted by our local drinking water. The medication she has administered has helped me get my life and my appearance back together. I highly recommend you ask your doctors to atleast try this medicine cycle and especially the B12 booster which helps boost your immune system to fight this crap off. The doctors are there to help (if you find the right one) and should also do what it is that you ask them (within reason of course). I hope this finds everyone so you all can get the possitive results as I did. God Bless all and good luck.

Jun 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi I just notice tonight I may have the same thing and all I can think about is my 10 month old son I'm so.scared I'm seeing a doctor in the morning I will let u know what they say maybe it can help u out

Jun 09, 2011
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I am VERY!!! happy to find this site. Some of you say exactly what i have been trying to put together to explain to Doctors because i cannot begin to describe how unreceptive/ignorant they have appeared to me. I have to try again, this time, I may consider bringing a lawyer into the examination room with me. I've had it with ridiculous and nonchalant comments and prescriptions from fools, I am referring to the doctors I have seen, some are supposed to be among the best in the world.

Even if there was a broad spectrum antiparasitic medication or generalized dietary cure for these bot flies/helminth like larvae, or whatever they are, I want to to know what it is. I think we all need to know.

In this conversation a few things caught my eye, Mexico, and tapeworm. Both relevent in my case and something I had been suspicious of. More or less when all of this started, about 4 years ago, while living in Mexico, previously NY and SF, I started having skin and eye problems, central serous retinopathy for example, 3 times.

I then found some suspicious looking worms in my tub, thought I had ascariasis, then toxocara, then anisakiasis and surely I had found what was ailing me.

The eye Doctor is ABSOLUTELY certain that parasites have nothing to do with central serous retinopathy, but when asked what does cause CSR, answer, they don't know.

I took my samples to two of the most well knwown bay area hospitals, and the only information I was able to obtain was, "arthropod larvae", that sure narrows it down.

Assuming I make the best of this very tiny bit of information, it is an arthropod larvae, could it be linked to the bot fly like larvae coming out of follicles in my body now, I also have nits on my eyelashes and can feel larvae? moving on my eyelids...You have all described it better than i can here.

I have had this problem a long time , I wondered if it would become a big enough problem to actually have discussions like this about it. I feel this could be a much more wide spread problem that the medical community is aware of, frankly, it seems that a lot of thing could easily elude them the way the system works currently.

I have an appointment at UCSF Med this Monday. I am taking a little glass bottle filled with all the little bits of skin and parasites that have been coming off my body to a doc specializing in Psoriasis (Demodex Mite is a candidate for the cause of Psoriasis) Apparently he is a specialist. My primary goal is to identify the little things in my glass bottle. Lets see if they can handle it this time. If i find resistance I ma going to try and find an entomologist who will listen.

Jun 01, 2011
by: Kodik


Well, first of all, you can not make your body alkaline because we have blood buffers so it does not make any sense. That person who advised you to do that... doesn't know biochemistry.

I would advise you this:
Mix coconut oil with tea-tree oil and rub it on your body, all over. You will notice that they will start crawling out from your skin.
The best thing is to do it in the bath tub because you have to isolate them. DO it as long as they are crawling out. I would do it even 2 times a day and even when it's gone, for 3 more weeks because they might have eggs in your skin.
Wash everything in hot water with lots of detergent plus salt.
Throw away the bedding... that is the best idea and buy new one, white, because then you can bleach them too.

I would advise you to do the same with your kids too because they probably have it too.

Hope this helps you!

May 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

i think i have them but they are a bit smaller and i can see a slight movement under skin when i really work at them but whether they r that or not i need somme real info. pronto i am scared to go to the doctor bcuz i sure they will leave gaping holes and on top of that possibly inside my body! I KNOW THAT GOD IS REAL AND PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST FOR EVERYTHING I KNOW HE PROTECTS ME, MY FAMILY AND YOU. I AM ALMOST GRATEFUL TO SOMEWHAT KNOW ABOUT THIS AND BE THERE FOR ANYONE WHO NEEDS REASSURRANCE THAT ITS GOING TO BE OKAY and trust in the FATHER GOD BECAUSE HE LOVES US ALL SO MUCH AND I KNOW HE WILL PROTECT US!

May 06, 2011
you need a dr
by: Anonymous

I have no idea how long this thread is, but if you are still without help, releif, GO TO A DOCTOR!! Listen, I DON"T LIKE Drs. I have had mostly bad experiances with drs and I am living in an area now where they are not very good, btu this is the kind of thing you can not in any way handle without doing so. They WILL be able to help with this such thing, FAR better than anything you can do for yourslef. It is much more straight forward than alot of things and they will no what they are doing for the most part. I am 47 and have been a user of naturopathic medicines and natural remedies and drs since I was 15 but this is something you need emediate help with. Go to an emergency room and then get help with a naturo pathic practitioner to continue healing etc. Go emediately - don't be rediculous.

May 05, 2011
Praise God
by: Anonymous

Some maybe, but from what I have read and researched this is a parasitic worm that loves to eat you alive. It is gross. Oh FYI, get a no lint, non shedding cloth with a small mixture of 3 parts (bottled) water and 2 parts bleach, dab the cloth (not all) into the bleach water, and I guarantee by rubbing (wiping) that wound with it one or many of those little buggers emerge and you have your specimen. HOWEVER DO NOT PULL IT OUT WITH TWEEZERS!!! YOU WILL RUIN IT, Instead scrape it off as quickly and gently as possible or it might even come off on the cloth. I know because I did it last night and it is May of 2011 and I am taking it to the doctor the pathologist and yes CDC. I have completed my crazy spell and came to realize that Doctors don't know everything, especially if it isn't text book they say oh no this cant happen in the united states we are clean people. Well guess what we have so many different cultures coming over here we are now infested with what exists in their habitat so people please do not believe or let people make you believe that you are insane because it isnt so. God bless and and i hope everyone on this site retrieves their specimen and is able to get their bodies back. God bless all and keep your heads up and your minds clear and focused because it helps.
Thanks for listening.

May 05, 2011
Praise God
by: Anonymous

I released over 15 more round about 30 tape and a multitude of the (LOL Imaginary..NOT) small little critters in my skin. The kicker is actually seeing them, talking the to the doctor and the IDIOT EDUCATED PHYSICIAN says looks like poop to me and your sitting there with another person and we look at each other and go uh huh?! The doctor says here is a specimen cup turn it in to CPL and we will see and oh by the way here is a prescription for RISPADOL. If you don't know what that is, well it is schitzophrenia medication for people who see things that arent really there. LOL I took it though cuz it made me sleep well and low and behold go back and say NOPE STILL THERE IDIOT. So I take the specimens to CPL and drop them off. I will be damned if CPL didnt call me to come back and put it in their cup and I couldnt and the IDIOTS thru away my only evidence that this happened. Go figure. So here I am again and this time I will have a lawyer because no one on here is insane, these little maggots do exist and most likely it is the larval stage of the drwarf tapeworm (something N. NANA) which by the way gets in you nose mouth eyes and when you cough and spit it the sink it slides down the drain an unusal way. This tapeworm is transparent and unless you cough and put some colored liquid (i recommend a dropper 1/2 full of blackwalnut extract and bottled water swish cargle and spit, I guarantee you will see it. Now I am not saying that you have all the symptoms as me but you guys have all the beginning symptoms of what I have experienced and for those of you who think this is MORGELIONS well it is not.(continued on next entry)

May 05, 2011
Praise God
by: Anonymous

I am sorry for whateveryone is going thru, however I am thankful that I am not alone. I have been battling this for over a year and a half and the state of Texas has pretty much deamed me INSANE. I have the little black/brown specks looks like a pen dot freckle and pick it off and I have never seen so much blood and bubbles come from such a small area. However, everyone please be careful because mine has resulted in 8-12 inch round and tape worms rectally and yes I vomited 5 12 inch and went to the hospital.Believe it or not, I had one emergency room doctor look at them and said I am giving you the benefit of the doubt (because I ruined my specimens)and I was give 3 seperate doses of mebindezole. Well it cleared me up, however I am suffering again, same mo, skin, rectal and vomiting worms again. The only thing I started doing again that I had stopped is drinking my tap water. Having this tested for parasites is over $500 and it is truly unaffordable to do so I have had my family drink only bottled water for drinking, cooking and brushing teeth but I am having an reverse osmosis system put in next week, however I still have to bathe in it. FYI Giardi survives in clorinated water. I can say that proper diet and water filtering will help and I am an advid visitor of my local health store with herbs and use black walnut extract and all the good giz they tell you about and recommend that is more costly. I do recommend the Diatamatious Earth though. However my prescription was a much cheaper and a quicker release of the parasites). (continued on next entry)

Apr 24, 2011
See Infectious Disease Doctor
by: Anonymous

Some of this almost sounds like Bot Flies or another larval form of another parasite.  I dont want to sound harsh here because I've had similar issues.  My heart pours out to you seriously.  I've had crap like this on and off for years. I have a few suggestions...they are very straight forward, so please do not take offense.  First and foremost stop self medicating.  Unless you have a biology or similar degree then your guessing, even the pros might not help...there's no garantrees. Find a DR that will work with you.  If your current DRs will not help you then screw them and find another DR who will.  Expect to go through several DRs before you get the right one.  This could be serious and left untreated can become worse with death or paralysis.  Please stop coming up with excuses (money, insurance , time...did that also) and see a Infectious Disease Specialist immediately.  They may not be able to ID the problem but they can  prescribe broad spectrum medications that can help or recommend surgery to rid infection.  If you will not take the first step and be responsible then you will have to live with this until you do.  Silver bandages and MMS will not help this.  Once again, not to sound harsh here more straight forward and specific in my suggestions.  God bless you and may God help you before you have to go through this.  I've been to the point of hell and suicide because I was going to the wrong people for help. Do not go through what I did, seek professional help or this will never get better.

Apr 04, 2011
Continued from my previous post (went over the word count!)
by: From Guatemala

So I hope that can be of help
Diatomacous Earth (powder to be eaten daily and applied to skin/house/bed/animals safely)Will quickly kill an infestation in the house naturally and safely.
MMS - taken as a drink a few times day. Protocol to be found on line.
MMS - applied directly to the skin.
MMS & DMSO together to create a double whammy attack. Very powerful combination

Another consideration is to use Bentonite clay (healthfood stores often sell it as a face mask clay) mixed 50/50with vaseline. The smothering and drawing action can be successful on skin diseases and parasites. Maybe this can be applied each night to help suffocate and draw them out?

Please hang in there guys. Remember you can beat it. If the person who wrote previously about them crawling out when she ate specific foods - if you can specify which ones you ate I think that may be helpful to the readers? and yes, Garlic is a great one too!

My email is : wanderlustravel@yahoo.com
I would be happy to share my findings with you

all the best and focus on your health and recovery and moving on from this
From Guatemala xxx

Apr 04, 2011
Some solutions to killing worm infestation
by: From Guatemala

Hello all,
I have been reading this page in absolute horror and feel so sad for all the people who are suffering so much.You should not be going through this with so little help from Doctors.
I have recently and am still recovering from a sarcoptic Mange (scabies) attack that I caught from my rescue rabbit. I am such a neat, clean freak that naturally this has disturbed me immensely. Through searching the web for natural various remedies to use on the rabbit and me, I found your link and am happy to share my knowledge with you all.
Firstly worms love a poor diet. As the lovely host of this website explains, the more sugary, de-natured, unhealthy and acidic your diet is, the more the worms will feel welcome to stay in your body. The healthier your diet, the stronger you immune system and the less likely they are to propigate. Saying that though, I am very, very healthy and they got me!!
So in my findings there are a few things that are inexpensive and very effective in killing parasites. If I am allowed to mention 2 sites ( please delete this part if I am not allowed to share any links here. Project Green Life.com & Earthworks.com) So firstly, there is something called 'Diatomaceous Earth'. It is natural, non-toxic and very inexpensive. You must find FOOD GRADE quality. This will work internally in the digestive tract and externally on the skin and can be used safely on animals and around the house on the floors, sofas etc (though it is an irritant to the lungs due to its fine powder) So, begin taking this everyday. It actually works mechanically and dehydrates and cuts these little monsters up - allowing your body to excrete them.I use it on the cats to kill their flees. Please look up 'the benefits of Diatomacous Earth' it is amazing stuff! I have found a 8 ounce bottle on line for less than $4.00. Please email me and I can send you the links directly.
The other very important combo is to take MMS and DMSO. This is what I have had to use to attack the parasites that have embedded themself into my skin. MMS kills parasites/viruses/bacteria - & DMSO is a natural (safe & non-toxic) chemical that has its own healing powers, but primarily drives whatever it is mixed with INTO your skin and bloodstream attacking them from the outside and the inside. This combo is also helping Morgollons sufferers.

Mar 26, 2011
Dermopathy of Unknown Origin or Specifics
by: Mr. Jim

Well, it is of great comfort for me to know that others suffer from this yet to be declared condition with absolution. I too began to have several issues with my skin. And yes, I call them parasites. My situation and symptoms are much like those shared here under "Worm In Our Skin". I have noticed when I have scratched off, removed, and, even dug these foreign organisms off my skin, that they were more than not alive. They have been painful despite being so small, usually white in color, and, since I don't know the life cycle I can't tell what might be mature or in a larvae or older stage. All I know is that they seem to affect the blood in the exact spot/area thatI have removed them. I have removed several that had a small worm like or feeding tube into the skin. They have varied in size, but, usally are no larger than the area of maybe half the diameter of a pencil eraser. I have had most of them behind my ears and on my neck and a bit higher. I have also found them on the sides of my legs or behind them as well as my buttocks area. Areas that both get little sun-ligt, and, have hair. I have pulled or dug out some that have had a "moving" small siphon or wormlike end and yes, I've held them wear I can see them actually move. Ones I consider older come off as a flat scab like shape with what appears to be a feeding tube as well. A single one, and they were not a hair. They are very painful, and, some at a certain stage will have a shape like a shark tooth embedded in my skin. Ones that have dried and look like tiny lesions, I would say are either dead or pass the life cycle, but, regardless of where I remove these type, a lot of blood will come out too which makes me believe they are truly parisitical. They are not at the site of any form of previous inlury, but, several seem to start as a small not pustual pimple like spot where I can see. This follows with no or abnormal healing. No clear plasma or even blood to start forming a healing scab, instead; several times I have removed like a crystalized residual piece of flesh or waste. Always an odd shape, it is only if I dig deeper and get the culprit out is when I find the feeding tube or worm like end and as I said, usually a lot of blood. I'm talking lot of blood from such a small spot. I do wipe the area and my fingers off well with rubbing alcohol prior to removing the problem area. I have used "Bag Balm", Triple Antibiotic Ointments to no avail. They or I should say the area does not heal in a "normal" way. I am angered that the medical community has labeled much of this as Psychotic, Dellusional, etc. They seem to like to do so when they have not found a definitive answer, or maybe have not had an institution do an official study. I myself have Diabetes Type II. There is even suggestions made that Diabetes II may be caused by a parasite. One thing for sure, this is real, and a reality for ME and quite bothersome.

Mar 26, 2011
It's called 'Mogellons Disease' Mar 2011
by: Carrie

Found you all some help and answers. Make contact and add your names to their list, get the help.

God Bless, Carrie

Edited by webmaster: Thank you Carrie for your sweet desire to help. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to accept material that is copied and pasted from other websites because it breaches their copyright.

We do have a section on Morgellons Disease or future visitors can visit the Morgellons website if they would like further information.

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness.


Mar 26, 2011
Big problem in Mexico Mar 2011
by: Carrie

The other day my friend told me about a local man who went to Mexico recently to visit a friend. They ate undercooked chicken from a street vender. He came back to N. CA and now has the same thing as what I have read on this site. He went to a doctor (unknown to me) in the area of Humboldt or Del Norte County, CA. The doctor knew of this, that it is a huge problem in Mexico right now and NO ONE is talking about it. Why the hush? tourist season coming up??? I know that this is not something mild or to play with. It will eat also in the brain, which is where the worm nest is in him, and the worms comeing out his skin also, just as you all have spoken of. He is extremely embarrassed and won't go out anymore. I don't know what kind of help his doctor gave him. I don't know anything further, or who this man is. I hope that I've given you some leads to go on in search of your answers. If I hear of anything I will post it here, but do some reasearch into the informations I've given here and you may find some answers. God bless, wishing you all well.

Mar 21, 2011
Does anyone have good pictures?
by: Big Sister

My sister has what sounds like exactly the same thing, has been diagnosed as delusional. I am flying out tomorrow with a bunch of electronics to get some documentation. I don't wish to cause offense, but I don't understand why not one person on this site, or anywhere else on the web that I can find, has been able to provide pictures or video of the worms, movement in the skin, etc. It does not help anyone's case that you describe such appalling, and very visible, infestations but not one person has borrowed Auntie Henrietta's camcorder and posted evidence to convince the numerous doctors who write you all off as nuts. The only way this will be addressed is if the problem is properly documented and presented to a research hospital with good press relations. The only video I can find online is bot fly larva removal, which do not much resemble worms. Any solid info, anyone?

Jan 10, 2011


Jan 03, 2011
What Else Can You Try?
by: Angie


I'm so sorry to hear of your suffering, just as with the others before you who have written in telling their story.

It's heartbreaking to hear of the despair so many people feel and their inability to get any help from their local doctors, etc.

I'm sure each of you must get so frustrated and discouraged when you try remedy after remedy with no real relief.

It really takes several weeks to determine if something is going to be beneficial or not in your particular case.

When all else fails, I always return to the same bottom line suggestion - nutrition/diet and cleansing.

I may sound like a broken record to some, but so many people don't realize the profound affect their diet can have on their health.

I'm not necessarily saying that your current condition is the result of a poor diet. What I am saying is that your best chance of getting your body to fight back against these horrific conditions is to give it plenty of ammo.

Don't feed your body poison (white sugars, white flours, fast foods, prepackaged foods, etc.). These things do nothing to nourish your body and boost your immune system.

In fact, they tend to feed parasites, so you are supplying the enemy with ammo instead! :)

Try to eat as healthily as possible. Supplement with whole food powders if you can (like the Garden Trio and Leaf Greens). The more vitamins and minerals your body can absorb from healthy foods and supplements, the better.

Secondly, try natural cleansing. There ARE herbs and even foods that aid in cleaning out the digestive tract and making your body an unfriendly environment for parasites.

I can't tell you that using a natural cleanse will "cure" you, of course. But, I would certainly give myself a good herbal colon cleanse if I was in your position.

I would use Herbal Fiberblend, Para 90 and Bear Paw Garlic for cleansing.

I am so very sorry for all that you dear people are going through. I do think of you often and pray for you regularly.

Jan 03, 2011
ozone blaster
by: Anonymous

I've been running an ozone blaster a few times a month when I'm out of my apartment. It seems to be helping.

Jan 03, 2011
worms in my skin
by: kristal

I thought i was all alone i have the same exact sores,im the only one in my family that has them.they are all over my body.i dont understand why or where i got these worms from alot of people think im crazy my girls nor husband have it.i have been to 12 different doctors, which have said skin ulcers,scabbies,my nerves.i really dont know what to do anymore,i dont go outside and all i do is cry.i used to be pretty,not any more...........please someone help me, kristal,36 alabama

Dec 26, 2010
same symtoms
by: jimmeh

I dont know when the last post was written but up til then this was pretty much a mystery. I have all of these things on my body or somewhere in the house. I noticed them one night and since then I see them everywhere. lots in the bathroom. I now do a daily bleach of the whole house. Am I going overboard? are these normal? maybe they've always been here I just never noticed. The weight is falling off and I'm concerned about health risks they pose. Any info. is appreciated.

Dec 19, 2010
skin worms
by: Anonymous

Please let me know what you find out. im having the same problem after cleaning out cabines infested with silverfish and some meal moths. it seemed like silverfish because of when the problems would get worse, but i can not find anything saying that its possible. i removed the largest out of my leg. i also have it in refrig. mine seem to move but once i have it out doesnt. everything else sounds the same. thanks sandy xsandyx67@yahoo.com please if anyone knows!

Dec 18, 2010
Is there a cure?
by: Scared Daughter

I believe my parents have this and I am besides myself.They are both in their 60's and are disabled.I live 1500 miles away.They left their home because of the infestation and are now at a hotel and cannot go back to their home.They said that there are worms on everything in their home.Beds, pillows, walls, floor, dishes, food,clothes washer, dishwasher,curtains, lampshades,in the closets, on their clothes.My mom has them in her teeth, in her dental work, inside her cheeks and in her nose and coming out of her eyes.My dad is worse. I'm not sure about the dog.They tried to go to the emergency room two times and were given a creme to put on. It brings them to the surface of the skin, but is not getting rid of them. They are scared and on the verge of a nervous breakdown.They wont let anyone come near them for fear of infecting anyone.They have no where to go, but are now also infecting the hotel that they are at. What can I do? How do they get rid of it? Please help any way anyone can. Please.

Dec 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

Wow I cannot believe I am reading this. I have the same damn thing. I am a recovering crack addict and had used for nearly 2 years. On and off but this crap never goes away. I thought it was the dope coming out of my skin but there have been periods where I have been clean for months and it will become less inflammed but the sore is always there. They just keep coming out if I don't get the whole thing. I have awful scars on my face and body and have always had beautiful skin. Please post what you find out. It really is flippin' painful and I haven't had much luck in my battle. I have one on my chest that is a big scar but no longer becomes inflammed, I had to dig the hell out of it though. I have found a hot bath and then attack them. Then get back in. Once your skin starts to dry you lose your leverage. How lame!! HELP

Nov 16, 2010
Bot flies part 2
by: Anonymous

INFESTATION of the skin can be caused by larvae burrowing into the skin (or tissue lining) of the host animal. Mature larvae drop from the host and complete the pupal stage in soil (probably what was found in your beds). They do not kill the host animal!!!!! 
    In 1–2 months adult bot flies will emerge from the developing larvae and the cycle will repeat.   The entire horrible life cycle, from birth to adult, takes around 3 months. 
     Removal processes include..... to use acrid white sap of the matatorsalo (bot killer), which kills the larva but leaves its corpse intact.  Another is to apply a piece of soft, raw meat to the top of the air hole.  As the maggot must breath, it burrows upward into the meat.  A third is to apply a generous helping of Elmer’s glue or cement to the hole.  Cover this with a circular patch of adhesive tape; seal this tape with a final application of glue.  Squeeze out the dead larva the next morning.  (leaving the dead worm in the skin may lead to infection)  Additionally, one can attempt to seal the breathing hole of the larva with nail polish or vaseline and then, after a day, squeeze out the suffocated, dead larva. 


Nov 16, 2010
Bot flies part 1
by: Anonymous

All the descriptions kinda sound like bot flies. Correct diagnosis outside the endemic area is difficult because of unfamiliarity with the disease; PERHAPS if a Dr won't listen or
believe in your symptoms, a trip to a dermatologist with the suggestion of Bot flies might help get the ball rolling!

Certain type of Botflies can occasionally use humans as the host to its larvae. The larva, because of their spines, can pose a painful sub-epidermal condition. Botflies deposit eggs in a host, or sometimes use an intermediate vector: common houseflies, mosquitos, horses, cattle etc.  Larvae from these eggs, stimulated by the warmth of a large mammal host, drop onto it's skin and burrow underneath.

     Eggs are deposited in animal or HUMAN skin directly, or the larvae drop directly from the egg: the body heat of the animal induces hatching upon contact. (what may have been seen when picking up pieces from the bed) Tiny baby maggots burrow into your skin.  It takes about 5 to 60 minutes for these baby maggots to burrow completely under your skin, either through a hole they make for themselves or through the bite hole made by the mosquito.  You won’t even feel a thing, not yet anyway. Some forms of botfly also reside in the digestive tract and can be seen in the feces.               

    These baby maggots position themselves head down inside your skin with 2 oral hooks which they use to tear your tissue while they feed on you.  (also why they arent so easy to pull out) The rows of curved spines along their body help anchor the maggots onto your skin.  While the maggots feed on you they make a hole in your skin so they can breathe and excrete waste (this is what you see when they seem to poke out of the hole on occasion)  For 6 to 8 weeks the maggots begin to grow big and strong, munching deliciously away on you.  As they mature, you’ll begin to develop sores that may itch, erosions and ulcerations at these sites. These itchy sores will then develop into egg-size painful boil-like sores that house the growing maggots and often ooze.  You may feel a stabbing painful feeling due to the maggots tearing off your tissue while feeding and from their spines irritating your tissue as they squirm around.  You’ll should be able to see and feel the maggots move and wiggle under your skin. 


Nov 15, 2010
here is a video showing what you are talking about
by: Anonymous


I found this short video that seems to be
what you are all talking about.


Nov 13, 2010
Have you tried a parasite cleanse?
by: Angie


I know you are afraid to talk to someone about this for fear of them telling you that you're crazy, but you really must get some help. This is no way to live.

Can anyone else in your family see any of the things you are describing? What about your son that you mentioned?

Bleach isn't really good to use on your skin. It can be used on occasion, but it really isn't your best option. The skin is very absorbent and you really don't want much bleach in your system. As you already noted, it's not very effective anyway.

Have you tried a parasite cleanse yet? You sound like you may need more than that, but at least it's a starting point. Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend would be a good first step.

Are you on any prescription medication at all? If so, what kind?

I'm very sorry to hear of your suffering. I know my sympathy doesn't make it better, but it may help just to know that someone cares.

Nov 10, 2010
continuing on
by: DNature

Lately they have started coming out of holes that appear in my skin. I found that in the sunlight they come to the surface and make bumps like pimples all over. And there is a red rash associated with it. But the bumps move through my skin. You can see raised skin moving up and down my arms. They are coming out my face now. I also found little clear worms in my turtle tank, and the row of clear oblong things, like a worm with sections, kind of moved like a catipillar. They were also on my cat in its fur. I also find that my blood almost instantly gels up, and that they also come to the surface of my skin when I eat/drink certain things they must not like. I bought a magnifying glass and can find these things everywhere in my home. Im scared to tell anybody. I wish I knew what to do.

Nov 10, 2010
skin parasites.
by: Anonymous

I work in a lab and had a patient come in begging for help. She goes on to tell me that she has these little white worms and black fuzzy ones that come out of her skin. She had just come from seeing a doctor that told her she needs mental health. She showed me her hands and face and they looked like dry cracked bleeding skin and she was unable to find one to show me. I gave her a sterile container and told her to save the ones she was able to get out. I didn't know what else to do.

Oct 27, 2010
going mental
by: DNature

I have the exact same experience as many of you on here. I feel that some of them are constantly pumping out little clear or white eggs or larvae. I can see the eggs/larvae all over my house/body. They all travel in a row. They come out of my spit/ blood/ stool. My family thinks I am crazy and have even tried to take my son from me. I don't know what to do I am forced to pretend like I don't see it now. When in fact I can see it in our food all the time, I can't eat anymore. I bought cupcakes for me son and within hours they were "dancing" in the plastic box they came in. When I looked closer there were worms all thru the frosting, as well as the egg train. And I too find there is often an ooze associated with them. And bleach/ raid doesn't seem to help. I can't clean them up, they just keep spreading as soon as I do. And they are on/in me as well so no matter how I try to clean I am continuing to spread them. Why doesn't anyone know what this is? This makes me think we ARE crazy. But why do we all see/ experience the same thing? Help!

Oct 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

My daughter has the worms in her arms and of course very embarrassed. She wears band-aids when she goes out. She called last night and said she was putting bleach on them and they were coming out by the thoudands. Instead of the sores getting bigger they are getting smaller. She seemed more optimistic than I've heard her in a long time. I just hope the bleach isn''t harmful.
If anyone knows if this harmful please let me know through this website.

Sep 14, 2010
Unexplained Dermopathy
by: Anonymous


I am sorry to hear you are suffer as well. These all sound like cases of unexplained dermopathy. It is likely that the only treatment for now is herbal/internet remedies. That is until the CDC finishes its investigation. It may help to check the morgellons forums as well.

THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! YOU MUST RELAX! I know it is easier said than done. But you are destroying your own quality of life by stressing out so much. I have had this same problem for quite some time. I worried and worried, and spent thousands of dollars for medical assistance that yielded no results.

However, because I worried so much I began to develop immune problems and anxiety symptoms. I have mild anxiety attacks from it still but I am doing a lot better at coping with it. Try to eat right and get out of the house and get some sun. Vitamin D is important to our health.

This problem can be incredibly difficult, and since there is no solid research on this type of vector-borne illness it is hard to get medical attention. I can recommend two places.

University of Oklahoma's Doctor Randy Wymore

The Mayo Clinic

IT will be a long process.

Best Luck

Sep 08, 2010
cutaneous myiasis
by: Anonymous

cutaneous myiasis


Aug 27, 2010
I've seen this, too...
by: Miyasia

BJ, I would love to see these pictures that you mention. I think I know someone (friend of my step-father's) who has this same parasite. He stayed over at a friend's house, slept on the couch, and when he came home, it wasn't long before he was pulling the worms out of his skin with tweezers. He said they look like pieces of white string, and they move...

If the pictures you have are anything like what he has, and there are any suggestions from this thread that would help, I'd be happy to pass it on...

If you would e-mail these pictures to me at:
I would really appreciate it... Thank you...


Jul 12, 2010
Worm In Our Skin
by: Anonymous

Same problem. I was told there was nothing that would kill them out. Now I am not recommending this in any way. I did it and it nearly killed me. I injected myself with Ivomec. It's a cattle/animal dewormer. I no longer have a problem with them but I do have a little touch of liver damage. But I can live with that. I could not live with these worms any longer.

If you decide to do this? It could kill you. As for dosage? I just guessed and I know I over done it. The dosage will be up to you.

Jun 03, 2010
by: BJ

I am truly sorry for what you are going through as my husband and I are going through the exact same physical problem. We have been to every kind of doctor more than once only to be told we need a psychiatrist. They actually accused us of sitting and scratching ourselves which is what has caused these weird sores. I see the black stuff like you said you thought was candy and definetly see the worms. I have spent hours pulling them out (and they are attached down in there cause it does not come out easily; if at all but they don't go away. I have also seen the different stages you mentioned. I bought an eye clops toy that magnifies up to 400x and with it you can actually see the worm and other things. One stage looks like it has one arm sticking out ot it and they always seem to be spitting out little worms when you pull them off and look at them under the microscope. I have photos if you would like to see them. We have tried everything and nothing has helped. I just wanted you to know you are not alone and we are thinking about you and hoping things get better. We have gotten to the point where we don't have people over or leave the house other than to go to the doctor or to run to the store to buy food. I truly understand. Hang in there, I am sending samples and photos to everyone on the web that has anything to do with entomology so maybe we will find out the cause and what can be done.


Feb 22, 2010
As I was saying...
by: Angie

(continuing from above due to restrictions on length of comments. :) )

...This site is for informational purposes to provide visitors with an alternative to consider when it comes to the area of parasites and digestive health.

We could, as you suggest, repeatedly advise, "See your doctor." However, I believe our visitors already know they have that option and are looking for additional information or an alternative solution.

Our concern for our visitors is both "real" and genuine. That is why we give our "best recommendations" so often. It is the result of our sincere desire to be of help and our knowledge of the benefits people have experienced by their use.

Thank you for taking the time to comment and express your concern.

To your good health!

Feb 22, 2010
Helping Our Site Visitors...
by: Angie

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your interest and concern for the visitors of this web site. I'm particularly impressed that you feel you've read "every person's" question and answer, as there are hundreds. That takes dedication! ;)

We do recommend herbs here on this site (not prescription medications) because we believe them to be the most effective method of dealing with a wide range of parasites without serious concern for negative side effects as most prescription medications bring with them.

Yes, there is always a chance that some individual may have a negative reaction to a particular herb if they have an allergy. That is true when dealing with anything you put in or on your body, natural or synthetic.

Most people have the common sense to know that not every natural remedy will work for every person, but they are the safest options for first consideration because they rarely have negative side effects.

The supplements we try to recommend here have been helping people with their digestive health for decades with great benefit. Even if the visitor's particular parasite concern is not alleviated, the herbal and nutritional supplements will benefit their overall health allowing the body to be strengthened and the immune system to be improved.

I am not a medical doctor. I don't claim to be, and make it quite clear throughout the site that we are only sharing our opinions and suggestions based on our personal experience and research.

Unfortunately, in the field of conventional medicine, the majority of doctors are sorely uneducated in the area of parasites. Many of our visitors report that they have seen a doctor only to be told that there is nothing wrong with them and/or to take antibiotics or even some anti-psychotic drugs.

Instead of saying, "I don't know WHAT that is," like I do (as you pointed out), they refuse to acknowledge that the individual actually has a legitimate concern or that they don't know the answer to the problem.

The descriptions we get from visitors in their questions are often unusual, vague, without photos (of the "parasite" or the rash, etc.), and incomplete. It would be irresponsible on our part to tell them that they have a particular specific condition or parasite unless we could absolutely and positively identify it as such. That would fall into the category of "diagnosing," which we do not do.

The most helpful information we can provide in these cases is to encourage them to cleanse their body internally in a safe, natural way and to improve their body's ability to fight off whatever it is dealing with by additional nutritional support and dietary changes.

We believe it is the right of each person to consider all options for their own health and make their own decisions based on what they feel is right for them.... (continuing below)

Feb 21, 2010
The knowledge you have on this website
by: Anonymous

I was noticing that most people who have written in with concerns about parasites they think they may have were never really given educated answers or advice.

Every person who has asked if the site knows anything about their parasite, its just "i'm not familiar with that one sorry" or "i really havn't heard of anything like that"

There is your herbal medication which may well be multi-use in reference to different sorts of parasites but it seems as if all you include here is medication names and how useful they could all be. These could be potentially fatal parasites and you rarely recommend a doctor when you dont know yourself. Doctors may be able to physically remove these parasites, do studies, make new discoveries save people from further damage.

To the people enquiring about their problems. Some of your questions concern me alot and to just be encouraged to buy multiple herbal medications which may or may not be effective for your individuual situation. time is of the essence in some of these cases, and seeing your doctor if you have not already would be the best recommendation a real concerned person could give.

Feb 18, 2010
Worm in the skin of your back...
by: Angie


What have you done to try to get rid of this worm in the skin of your back? Have you taken some anti-parasitic herbs and garlic? Are you taking probiotics?

Have you been using any topical treatments on your back - tea tree oil, organic apple cider vinegar, DMSO, something else? Do you have someone who can apply some topical treatments for you if you can't reach the area?

Feb 17, 2010
i have the same thing
by: Anonymous

its on my back i dont know what to do but icant take it anymore good luck .J

Nov 26, 2009
Sure cure
by: Anonymous

MMS mixed with DMSO will kill them quickly. Activate 12 drops MMS mix with DMSO (I believe 8 drops DMSO per drop of mms but double check Jim Humble's site) you can use this to spot kill them, but a major internal cleanse needs to be done as well. I think there are many inside before they start popping out.

Nov 26, 2009
worms possible treatment,,,
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone,
just a random message here from someone who cares,,
I read the message about the guy drinking and drinking until he passed out and then when he awoke, just hit the bottle again. Well this is a sure sign that basically these parasites sure don't like living inside a piosoned host do they. Try drinking plenty of spirits like absynth which has an extreamly high acohol percentage, flush them out guys and girls.
Also try the old remedy advised by my late grandfather, chewing tabacco, and swallow your build up of saliva don't spit. I'm told it's and old trick the SAS use on missions to exotic countries, to rid the body especially the gut of any parasites anyway...Like I said pioson them out.!!!

Hope this works ,,happy hunting. . good luck..

p.s. I know it sound daft but also try sleeping or holding for hours or even try straping it onto the infected parts, a peice of raw meat/steak, warm it slightly over some steam as these parasites seem to like heat, like from that candle flame I read earlier.. The ear has a rich sourse of blood supply but at the same time is made up of mostly bone and cartilage/tendons, purhaps they like this area because of the rich blood supplies ....

Nov 20, 2009
Cleanse Your Insides!
by: Angie

You and your boyfriend both need to consider doing an internal cleanse. Using poison chemicals on the outside usually doesn't do much good but cause you more problems down the road.

Parasites are definitely catchy. That's why we pass the flu around so easily. If you are having intimate contact, it's especially important that you BOTH cleanse your insides so that you don't keep passing it back and forth to each other.

It's very easy to do a natural parasite cleanse. Try Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend.

The herbs are anti-fungal and anti-parasitic, and are highly effective on a wide range of parasites.

Build up the good bacteria in your body by using probiotics, like Florafood. That way your body can fight back.

We encounter parasites (worms, fungus, bacteria, etc.) all the time in our everyday lives. It would be more unusual if you DIDN'T have some type of parasite than if you did. :)

Normally, a strong immune system keeps your body healthy and fights off the everyday parasites you come in contact with. If you have a weak immune system for one reason or another, that's when you start having problems.

I hope by following these simple suggestions that you and your boyfriend will get rid of this problem for good.

By the way, you have my sincere sympathies regarding your mother. My mom also was diagnosed with terminal cancer (a couple of weeks ago) and it is shattering and heartbreaking. She's my dearest friend.

I know that she has trusted in the Lord Jesus as her Savior and will be in heaven with Him, but I still want her here with me for a good while longer. :)

I've got her taking the Garden Trio a couple of times per day along with taking some additional supplements to boost her immune system and keep her as strong as possible for as long as possible.

My heart goes out to you.

Nov 20, 2009
Little white worm
by: Anonymous

I was on the toilet and I saw a little hair like white thing sticking out of my inner thigh, i tried to pull it out and it didnt hurt. it then got smaller as if it was going back into my body. after reading what everyone has said i am thinking it is the same thing i have but i dont have any sores or pain anywhere.

Nov 20, 2009
Myself and my boyfriend have the exact same thing!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe it! I have the exact same thing you have described. My boyfriends son has the sores on his buttocks, he left them alone and was able to pull out a huge worm! I am so disgusted. we have done everything - gone to our doctor, dermatology, and infectious disease. They say it's in our heads. We have the little black(flea like) dots that don't move, then the clear things then the little white worms. Right now we are applying permethicin cream (poison) to our skin because we dont know what else to do. We have kept these things on our body from becoming large worms, but whats inside that we don't see? My mom is sick with terminal cancer and all the doctor's have said it's ok for me to see her. I listened to them like a dummy and I pray I didn't give these gross things to her. Where have these come from anyways? I have a phobia to worms in my body (or bugs) but this has been going on for months and I think I'm over my phobia. These things even enter through your feet. And they really like the ears. My boyfriend has sores on his ears that won't heal, now I do. We are also very scared. I have never had anything like this. We have cleaned, disinfected everything, to no avail. Help!!!

Oct 20, 2009
My heart goes out to you.
by: Anonymous

Had a minor situation like yours-the most important thing is to get off sugar entirely! Drink vinegar in your water or lime juice to make your body as alkaline as possible. Then do bentonite baths. You can buy a large bag cheaply from one of the mines-put two to three cups a day in a hot bath, and stay in as long as possible-if your body ph is alkaline this will literally suck them from the skin. Buy diatomatious earth and drink at least 2tbls a day to destroy them in your body. God bless you.

Sep 05, 2009
Getting rid of worms
by: Jasper

I had this problem back in 1986. I worked at a pork slaughterhouse and apparently picked something up there. Other than coming out from my skin they also came out of the corners of my eyes. I took a week off work and stayed stone-cold drunk for about three days. I would not advise it, but it worked for me. I drank hard liquor to the point I was rarely conscious. When I awoke, I drank myself right back into another drunken stupor. I killed them son's a bitches with alcohol. Never had a problem since.

Aug 04, 2009
What Can I Do To Help?
by: Angie

Hi Alexi,

I answered your post via private email, but I've added it here as you requested that others may be helped, too.

It sounds like your situation is getting worse, not better. Are you still determined not to see a doctor? Is there a good homeopathic doctor in your area that you could visit? That may be worth trying.

I offered during our last correspondence (above) to send you some products to try to help you if you wanted to send me your address, by private email, but I never heard back from you.

You mentioned that you took some of the cleansing herbs and the colloidal silver. Did neither of those things help at all? Are you taking any probiotics? What do you have available in your house to try? Did you try the apple cider vinegar at all?

Sorry for all the questions, but it is difficult to help since I don't really know you.

Would you like me to phone you? I don't usually do that, but I would be willing to call you for a chat if you think it may help.

I do sincerely sympathize with your situation and want to be a help in any way I can. I'm NOT a doctor at all. I can't diagnose or treat people in any way, but I can be a friend and maybe send you a few things as a gift to be of help to you.

Let me know if you are interested in that.


Aug 04, 2009
I'm Wearing Down...
by: Alexandria Davenport

Hi Angie,

I'm out of steam. Just walking to the door and back takes a lot out. My son had a tick. They are small ticks. When I pulled it out, a worm was attached - not the fiber, a worm.

Oh, when this started, we didn't have rash or itching. It went from fiber to worm to black scab thing to big, yellow rooster looking thing.

I can barely walk and my thighs are consumed with cellulite. My husband and I are exhausted.

I have worms in my tongue, inside cheek and eyes as well as previous places. My husband's are all the same places.

They don't leave, but they are also going into my thighs. Once they were in my stool. A few large taffy like ones with a billion little ones that flop like larvae.

Then one day the fibers which I don't see anymore really, popped up all over my cheeks and neck.

I'm trying to keep spirits up. We worry so for our children. I am asking more than I should but I need help and I want others to know this is out there. I have to go.

Personally: You are so kind i think about you kindness, and I feel better immediately. Thank you and thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Alexandria davenport

Jul 23, 2009
Worm In Our Skin Source?
by: Angie

Hi Alexi,

Though you aren't looking for sympathy, you do indeed have my complete sympathy. I can understand how awful this parasite problem is for you.

I've been re-reading what we've discussed so far, and I have a question. Have you found these worms anywhere in the house besides your bedroom?

You mentioned that they were in your candle wax and on the cover of your bed. I'm beginning to wonder if there is some type of infestation in your bedroom.

You said your boys hadn't been affected yet. I'd keep them out of your room entirely if that is the only place you've discovered the worms so far.

It seems particularly strange that these skin parasites would make their way into your candle wax if they didn't fall there or something.

As you know, I'm not a doctor or scientist or anything. I'm merely a natural health advocate who has a desire to help other people find natural solutions to improve their health or maintain good health.

Having said that, I honestly can't think of a way to get rid of parasites apart from herbal supplements and probiotics. If you already have organic apple cider vinegar in the house, you can try using the ACV topically on your skin (it WILL sting open sores, though) and internally by adding a tablespoon to a glass of water a couple of times per day.

Your eating the garlic, which is good. Your taking the herbs and the colloidal silver, which is also good.

You mentioned that you were almost out of the colloidal silver, but how about the herbal product you bought? Do you still have some of that left? Keep taking it.

Maybe the reason you found one of the worms on your bed is because your body is starting to be an unpleasant environment so they are coming out. That's always a possibility and could be a good sign.

I'm sorry to hear of your financial struggles on top of all this. The stress you are under is definitely NOT helping your health any!

Are you taking any probiotics (acidophilus, bifidum, longum, etc.)?

I know you have my email address from previous correspondence. Why not send me a note and give me your mailing address and I'll see if I can send you something to help you out a little. You can accept it as a gift, or if that makes you too uncomfortable, you can 'owe me' when things turn around for you.

I pray the Lord will give you some calmness of spirit and some rest and peace of mind as well as helping you to clear up.


Jul 23, 2009
Science Fiction, Only Real
by: Anonymous

Another update:
i picked up this piece of chocolate off our bed thinking one of the children had eaten some in our room. Then I realized they haven't eaten any chocolate in our room. It was maybe 1\8 of an in. circular, brown, flat as a table and one small trunk like an elephant. It was on my finger and I tried to flip it over but it was stuck. I got it off and put it on my thumb thinking it had gotten stuck on dry skin or something. I called for my husband because the closer I looked it resembled the worms coming out of my skin. I was stuck again to my finger and then all of a sudden the part that was attached to me started swelling or blowing a bubble then it shot out this minature white grain of rice which started to go in to my skin. I was only about 1\16 of an inch so as hard as I tried I couldn't get it. I wasn't thinking very clearly at that point and I put the mothership down the drain along with clorox rubbing alcohol and Windex It is not like me to overreact, but I even started cutting some of my skin away to get the worm.
I need to be very frank. I am really scared. They are growing even bigger and I am very emotionally unstable. I see worms everywhere. All of wounds were healing and then there they are laying right on top like they are sunbathing or something. I tore the back of my ear open 'til I was a bloody mess. I am almost out of Colloidal Silver and am eating lots of garlic. We have been through the worst year and a half with this economy an all. The banks pulled out of all of our projects, we have gone through our reserves and we have sold our house and now we are out of money again and still looking for work. I am not looking for sympathy I simply need a no-buy-anything remedy.
I could use a gentle, kind word too.I am not holding up very well.
Thank you,

Jul 18, 2009
Worm in Our Skin Update
by: Angie

Very interesting about the quickly congealing blood. It may or may not be related, but certainly should be considered.

Feisty little critters, aren't they? You'll have to put them in a glass jar instead of a Ziploc bag, I guess. :)

You definitely need to tackle these guys from the inside out, I'd say. The Bear Paw Garlic is good for the blood. It may help not only in cleaning the blood, but with proper circulation, etc. As I mentioned earlier, it's also anti-parasitic and anti-fungal.

I'm certainly interested in hearing more about your progress. What you find to be helpful and share here, can also benefit others who have the same or similar problems. You really won't believe how many people have very similar problems with parasites that seem to be unidentifiable!

Jul 18, 2009
Update For Worm In Our Skin
by: PB Davenport

I forgot something and I need to add something. Maybe up to a month before the worms came to be, I noticed that whenever I cut myself my blood congealed almost immediately. It still does.

Update: My husband has saved two live specimens (the other specimens we saved I don't think are alive anymore) of the mature parasite coming out of his skin.

He put them in a Ziploc baggie but found that one of the parasites began eating through the bag, then it shed it's skin. His do not seem to be growing in size but mine are, the biggest being about a 1/2 an inch.

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