Worm Under Skin On Finger Tip

by Barbara

What is this worm under skin on finger tip?

My mom had a small brown dot on the tip of her pointer finger. When she rubbed it, a small brown-headed, tan worm began to pop out and she then pulled it out of her finger.

It was about 1 inch in length and she said it was very mushy when she squeezed it.

What kind of worm is this, or is it a parasite? Where would she have gotten this from? Do you think there is more under her skin somewhere and is this a dangerous situation?

Hi Barbara,

Does your mother do any gardening? Does she have any pets? Those are my first thoughts as to where she may have picked up a worm under her skin on finger tip.

Does your mom have any particular health issues that could be symptoms of a parasite infection?


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Dec 06, 2015
Parasites NEW
by: Maggie

I suggest you "Google" Black Walnut and it's uses. It's been used for a long time to get rid of parasites!
I hope this helps.
P.S. I bought mine at the health food store.

Mar 05, 2014
please help
by: menotyou

I was cleaning out my fish tank last night and I can swear a I felt a worm wiggle inside my finger through the side underneath the nail. Is this at all possible and if so is this harmful and what should I do?

Dec 07, 2010
Black dirt look on tips of fingers
by: Denise

My friend showed me his finger tips. They have black speck lines approximately 1/4 inch long underneath the skin. He showed me under the light that he can pick it out from underneath his skin a tiny, black curl or white curl . When he pulled out a black speck, he put it on a piece of white paper. I then take the tip of a pen and start to disect it. It appeared to be a piece of lint, hair, or black thread. They are all throughout his finger tips on both hands. Has anyone ever had this?

Aug 23, 2010
Worm Under Skin On Finger Tip
by: Angie

Hi Mila,

What did the dermatologist say it was under your moms skin? Did they confirm that it was a parasite? Or has it possibly turned into an infection?

I would certainly look for a second opinion from someone else if the situation is getting worse.

She could try applying topical anti-fungals like tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil.

An herbal cleanse is a basically a way to clean out the body from the inside out. There are two really good options that I usually suggest here on this site and they are Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend. You can click on those links to read more about them.

Even though you are taking the herbs into your body orally, they can help to eliminate parasites not only in your digestive tract, but in various other parts of the body too.

I can't say for sure if these would work for your mother since I don't know exactly what her condition is, but they certainly won't hurt. I think they are worth the effort if what she's using now is not working.

I also can't say if what she has is contagious. Parasites almost always are if proper hygiene and care are not taken. But again, I can't say for sure if that is definitely what your mother is dealing with.

Read over that material and if you have any further questions, just ask.

I hope your mom is able to get it cared for soon and that she will be encouraged. It's wonderful that you are helping her to find answers.

Aug 22, 2010
Worm under skin
by: Anonymous

Hi Angie, thanks for your answer.
My mother has seen dermatologist 3 times, and has been sprayed 3 times too, but the worm under her skin still growing. What should we do?
Is it contagious?

What is herbal cleanse? can you axplain about it?

Thanks and Rgds,

Aug 11, 2010
Worm Under Skin On Finger
by: Angie

I guess you would only consider it "dangerous" if you leave it completely untreated, as internal worms can really create a toxic environment to the body.

Does your mother feel any unusual symptoms that she may be attributed to this situation? If she does, she may want to consider a natural herbal cleanse to help eliminate any internal worms.

It would probably be a good idea for your mom to at least take some probiotics to strengthen her immune system.

Aug 08, 2010
Same case
by: Anonymous

My mother like gardening, she have worm under her skin too. We have seen dermatologist. She had sprayed and oral treatment. Is it dangerous?

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