Worm-Like Bug

by Marie
(Spartanburg, SC, USA)

Wormlike Bugs In Scalp?

Wormlike Bugs In Scalp?

I just found a worm-like bug burrowing into my sons scalp. He just come home from camping, and had been swimming as well as wooded outdoor activities.

I found the bug while looking for ticks. I came upon a stick like "TAIL." I actually thought it was a splinter.

As I pulled it out, out came an oval bulb of substance. It had a white body. It was long like a piece of long grain rice, but not quite as big, but kinda flat. It did not have any feet or even a face, but was definitely digesting blood.

I am quite concerned!

Can anyone help?


Hi Marie,

I can imagine how distressed and dismayed you would have been to find such an unusual creature on your sons head!

I don't know what this worm-like bug would be. It sounds like it could have been a very small leech. Did you find any more or just the one?

Hopefully it was a one-off critter and your son won't have any further trouble.

Do you have any hydrogen peroxide? It would be good to clean the area where you pulled it out with the peroxide.

You could also apply some tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil if you have some. They are naturally anti-parasitic and might serve to get rid of any lingering critters.

I would just keep an eye on the situation and see if your son starts to have any abnormal itching, bowel changes, etc. Those can be signs of internal parasites, which are easily picked up while swimming in lakes, ponds, or streams.

In those cases, I'd recommend a natural parasite cleanse and an increase in probiotics.

Hope it all turns out to be of no further concern to you.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

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Aug 09, 2013
Rice looking thing
by: Mom of three

Did you ever get an answer to this?????? I just found one on my daughters head. Actually 2 of them side by side. Thought it was a tick and it was just like a piece of rice stuck in her head!! She is always playing outside and stuff so I have no idea where it could of came from. Please I hope you can give me some answers!! Thank you,

Sep 03, 2010
Bot fly?
by: Anonymous

Sounds like a bot fly larva... though I'm not sure how small they start as, I know they do grow to a rather disgusting size (to be found in your skin anyway). If it was one, I'm glad you got it out. They are more disgusting than anything.

Jul 19, 2010
What is it?
by: Marie

Thanks Angie,
I did use the peroxide immidatly after pulling this thing out. i have not found another one which is scary, because I do not know if any had made the journey into the scalp!!.... I will also try the tea tree oils. in the meantime i am trying to get a hold of the Dr know to see where i can have this thing annalysed, and what to do next. Thanks for your thoughts. i will keep you posted. Marie P>S I have been on line and a new description has caught my attention, it is more like larve instead of worm like too, but still about the size of rice.

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