Worms In The Lungs

by Ms Bonnie
(Peoria, Ill.)

Worried About Worms In The Lungs...

Worried About Worms In The Lungs...

What do you know about worms in the lungs?

My grandson has asthma. Last night he coughed up mucus and there looks like a big worm in it.

We took him to the doctor today and the Dr. said that he has never seen anything like it. He sent it to to the lab.

Any comments?

We are worried sick. My grandson is 10 years old and I'm trying to keep him from seeing my concerns. Please help me if you can.

By the way, my grandson was in the Dominican Republic with his family about 1 year ago.

Hi Ms. Bonnie,

I understand your concerns regarding your grandson having worms in the lungs. Although it is so unpleasant, coughing up worms is not as uncommon as you might think.

What your grandson is experiencing is probably ascariasis. Ascariasis is a roundworm infection that is easy to get from drinking water or food that has been contaminated by the parasite eggs.

Poor sanitary conditions can lead to eggs in the soil that are then transferred to the hands and mouth without realizing it.

I know it sounds horrid, but the eggs hatch in the intestines and then grow and travel throughout the body.

Your doctor will probably prescribe some type of anti-parasitic medication.

If you prefer a safer natural remedy, you can use antiparasitic herbs to help your grandson cleanse his body of the parasites.

Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90 are both good quality supplements that can be used for this purpose.

I would also give him probiotics, like Florafood, to help build up the good bacteria in his system. I would use probiotics whether you use the prescription or natural parasite cleansing treatment. Probiotics are going to be essential regardless.

Incidentally, if your grandson does a good natural herbal cleanse, he may find that it helps improve his asthma condition as a beneficial side effect.

I hope this information about ascariasis roundworm infection gives you some comfort. There's no reason why your grandson can't get rid of the worms in the lungs and everywhere else in his body without too much difficulty. It just takes some consistent use of cleansing herbs and immune building probiotics.

Let us know what the doctor recommended and how your grandson progresses.

Kind regards,
Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Comments for Worms In The Lungs

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Aug 17, 2021
You need to deparasite NEW
by: Pslams

look for a woodworm and black walnut hull extract, tea or supplement. 2 weeks on, 1 week off. 2 weeks on. it gets rid of parasites aka worms

Oct 24, 2017
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Hutch,

If you are not getting re-infected due to environmental issues, it's possible that you have never gotten rid of the problem in the first place and that you are simply experiencing flare ups due to lowering of the immune system and/or the life cycle of the roundworms (if that is in fact what you are dealing with).

What are you using to fight the problem? Can I suggest that you read the suggestions already made above, especially for the cleansing herbs. If you decide to go that route, stick with the full course of cleansing and don't stop just when you start to feel better. Continue on for at least 3 months to eliminate every stage of the life cycle.

I hope this helps.

Oct 03, 2017
Riund worms in your Adult lungs.
by: Hutch

I have had this problem now 3 times in less then a year. I clean up yard debris, eat sushi & clean houses, have two dogs & a cat. I am trying to determine how I keep getting this problem with round worms in my nose & lungs? My breathing is agravated by strong chemical smells, mold,cooked meat smells & bright light. How could I get ride of the many round worms in my system?

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