Yearly Reoccurring Parasite Itch

by SC

Is it possible to have a yearly reoccurring parasite itch?

For about three years now in the summer months, I have broken out with a line of itchy bumps on my torso area.

I am a teacher so the first time this happened I thought I may have gotten scabies from one of my students.

I treated it with meds from the doctor. It will go away after the treatment but it came back the next year and also this year.

Do parasites stay dormant and then reoccur?

Hi SC,

Some parasites can lay dormant in the body and then flare up from time to time - particularly viruses.

I don't necessarily think that scabies is one of those types of parasites that would remain dormant, so I'm guessing it is something else that is reoccurring.

It may be an allergy to something that you are exposed to particularly in the summer months. Or, it could be some type of virus that becomes active from the sun or heat. I'm sure there are other alternatives, too.

I would try treating this possible parasite flare up with natural remedies to attempt to get rid of it altogether. Also, certain nutritional supplements should at least give you relief from the symptoms if nothing else.

For trying to cleanse from the body completely:

Para 90
Herbal Fiberblend

For supporting the body and eliminating the symptoms:


You also may find some relief by applying tea tree oil to the itchy bumps on your skin. Tea tree oil has anti-parasitic properties.

To your good health!

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