10 Year Itch


I seem to have a 10 Year Itch. I've had two biopsies and nothing. I feel like something is crawling under my skin. Nothing helps and it is getting worse.

I scratch in my sleep until it bleeds. I have tried garlic, lemon balm, tea tree oil. Been to the doctors (aka quacks) and they can't find a thing wrong. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

I read that someone took a bath in ammonia and something else and things started to crawl out of the skin. I need to know the ratio of what. I will try anything at this point.

Hi Gloria,

I'm not sure about a "10 Year Itch" but you definitely have something that is giving you grief.

I would definitely NOT recommend using ammonia. Ammonia is pretty toxic both breathing it in and going through your pores.

There are other options that you can try that are much safer and more likely to give you the desired results.

First of all, there are a couple of things to consider. It would be nice to determine the "cause" of your itching problem because it would be easier to know how to deal with it.

One cause of this type of itching in women that isn't mentioned often is hormone imbalance. In the US and other western countries, women have a tendency toward an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone - the progesterone is far too low.

It is also more and more common for women to undergo a hysterectomy which adds to the problem of hormone imbalance. I don't know your age or if it's possible that hormonal imbalance plays any part in your 'skin condition' but I wanted to mention it so that you could consider it for yourself.

If you are one of the many women who has gone through a hysterectomy or even if you are just approaching middle age and think
you may be low in your progesterone levels, there is a natural progesterone cream solution that is safe and effective and offers a range of health benefits.

I use Renewed Balance natural progesterone cream myself to help maintain healthy hormone levels and improve my bone density, too.

If your '10 year itch' is from parasites that's another matter entirely. There are also natural ways to help your body eliminate the parasites and boost your immune system.

  1. You need to fight the parasites from the inside out. Try using Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend to kill off internal parasites and flush them out of your body. They contain anti-parasitic and anti-fungal herbs that work together to cleanse the body from the inside.

  2. Secondly, you need some good quality probiotics like Florafood to boost the good bacteria levels in your system and fight off nasty invaders.

  3. Finally, consider strengthening your immune system by enjoying foods rich in nutrition - whole foods. Cutting back on sugars, starches, and processed foods will go a long way toward getting rid of parasites.

    If you're like me, though, you probably need a bit of help. I use whole food supplement powders made from freshly juiced vegetables to make it easier for me to get the nutrition my body needs to stay healthy and ward off attacks from the multitudes of parasites we encounter each day in our daily lives.

    The Garden Trio is a good place to start.

As for something you can use as a bath soak, try adding some Indian Neem oil to your bath or just some organic apple cider vinegar.

The apple cider vinegar can help to soothe and heal your damaged skin, and the Indian Neem is anti-parasitic and can help to deter the parasites from the outside.

Hope this helps you get some relief soon.
To your good health!

Comments for 10 Year Itch

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Jul 18, 2012
Dr. recommended ammonia bath NEW
by: Anonymous

My doctor is having me take an ammonia bath every night. 1/2 cup ammonia in bath water for 1/2 hour.

Aug 27, 2011
Fish Flukes
by: Anonymous


Aug 27, 2011
Fish Flukes
by: Anonymous

I took a bath in borax it helped with the crawling skin feeling. I thought it was morgellons; just came across something on liver and lung flukes. I'm going to try the ammonia bath I already spray Windex on myself (it may sound harsh but it definitely helps). I think this crap is a secret epidemic. my whole family has it, an wouldn't believe me if I tell them (told my mom) but I don't know what to do. It seems like its so prevalent that reinfection is really inevitable. I'm going to be bug free cause I'm not going out like that. THIS IS MY BODY!

Dec 20, 2009
crawling skin
by: Shelley H.

In response to your "10 year itch", a few years ago I started having the sensation of bugs crawling on (or under) my skin on my back and sometimes legs. The itch drove me crazy as I, too, was told various things by various doctors. Since that time, I've been diagnosed with "micotoxicosis" which is multi-system disease caused by toxic mold (in the 1928 school I'd worked in for twelve years). Mold spores, mycotoxins, can cause this strange sensation in the skin. Nerve damage (mine being from toxic exposure) can also do this. Google "yeast free diet" and try it for even one week. You might be amazed at the lack of creepy crawly skin. Don't ask me to explain the connection - yeast and mold are related - I just know it helped.

Sep 22, 2009
Itching Can Be a Yeast Infection
by: Angie

Hi Jimmy,

One of the most common causes of itching that is passed through intercourse is candida (a yeast infection).

If that is the case in your situation, it's not difficult to treat. Read through the male yeast infection treatment section and that should give you some practical solutions to get rid of the problem.

The longer you let it go, the worse it gets. Your partner also needs to treat themselves or you'll just keep getting it.

Sep 22, 2009
My Itchy Skin
by: Jimmy

I recently had a new sex partner and noticed within a couple of days that my groin area, ears, eyebrows and eyelashes were itching. I immediately suspected pubic lice but it's been 4 weeks and I have yet to see a louse or nit. I have thoroughly inspected the affected areas under magnification and haven't seen anything. I have had pubic lice before and was easily able to identify the lice and nits. What could be causing my itch???

Sep 21, 2009
Ammonia bath
by: Anonymous

About 1 teaspoon ammonia with 1/2 cup sea salt (NOT table or iodized salt). Good luck!

Jun 10, 2009
Itching is no lie :)
by: Angie

Hi Gloria,

I didn't think you were lying at all. I actually thought you were just using "10 year itch" as an expression like some people do.

Seriously, though, I can understand your complete frustration at this point. Is the itch a constant thing or something that comes and goes?

My brother-in-law picked up something in the ocean several years ago that flares up on his thigh from time to time. It's not only itchy, but very painful too.

Our bodies are funny things. Even though your problem is not in your stomach, that doesn't mean you don't take something internal for it.

I believe in giving the body the tools it needs to maintain a strong immune system and to deal with whatever attacks the system.

Usually the body is pretty good about targeting and eliminating bacterias, viruses, etc., that cause us illness. But if the immune system is weakened, or we just don't get enough good nutrition, the body can only work with what it is given.

By removing obstacles to healing (infection, parasites, etc.) and boosting the amount of good vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body can easily assimilate, you give yourself the best possible chance for healing.

I can't pretend to have an instant remedy for you. I sure wish I did! But I do still think that your best options are to try an internal parasite cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90 and to boost the friendly bacteria in your system with good quality probiotics like Florafood.

Something else that may help if you haven't already tried it is garlic. Garlic is naturally anti-fungal. Bear Paw Garlic is a more potent form of garlic that comes from a sister/cousin plant if you are interested in trying that option.

I hope you are able to find some healing and relief soon.

Jun 09, 2009
I didn't lie about 10 years.
by: me again

Yes this is a itch I have had for over 10 years. I have been to the Dr. countless times. It is on my upper thigh. It is not jock itch. Had that tested. Not hormone, had that done more than once. Had a skin biopsy, two puncture biopsy. Blood test. I was given 6 different types of ointments and creams. Some of them so expensive I can't even afford them. Why would I say I have had a itch for 10 years if i hadn't. It started with a little red mark on my thigh. It felt like a worm was crawling in my thigh. I started to scratch it. Went to the Dr. and was told to use a over the counter antifungal cream, that didn't work. I tried OTC anti-itch cream, no good either. Aloe vera, lemon balm. Golden seal, echinacea, holy basil, and lots of other stuff. I want to cut a chunk out and throw it away just to get rid of it. Remember it is in my leg not my stomach.

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