Black Threads That Burrow Into Skin?

by Bonnie

I have black threads that burrow into skin and peek out to eat.

What type of parasite looks like black hair? When it burrows it peeks back out to breathe. If I have food in my hands they all rush to my finger tips before they decide to snag what I have.

It starts out less than an inch long and eventually it grows to be 3 to 4 inches so far.

They look easy to conquer because they sit there, but a hair I collected for testing keeps disappearing. I think it is going to sit there and it keeps moving around slowly.

There are tons of threads in my stool and I have sent my stool to be tested.

What are these? My doctor looked at me as though I were crazy and send me onto an urgent care.

Hi Bonnie,

I have heard some people describe black threads that burrow into skin (as well as other colors of thread), but no one else has described the threads coming out to eat.

Have you received the results of your stool test yet? These tests are not always accurate, but I would be interested in knowing if they found any parasites and what type they have classified them to be.

Are you on any prescription medications at all? Many people don't realize that one of the side effects of many prescription drugs is a type of hallucinations. No, that doesn't mean you are crazy. :)

It just means that your mind can think something is there that really isn't or you can just get very confused. I've seen this in family members who were on strong medications.

Of course, street drugs can have that same effect, too, if that is a possibility with you.

If you do indeed have intestinal parasites (as indicated by your stool sample), one of the best natural remedies is a combination of herbal cleansing supplements and natural probiotics.

These are the three supplements I would most recommend:

Using those three natural remedies together should help you a great deal.

To your good health!

Comments for Black Threads That Burrow Into Skin?

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Oct 29, 2021
Black Threads NEW
by: Stacy

I just pulled my first one from my chin. Not a normal long hair that crept up.
My mom has been battling Morgellons for Decades. She literally was one of the first few coming out and speaking about this. She was deemed crazy by her doctor. She has been trying everything for years and years and years. Zappers. Parasitic killers, you name it. She has suffered very bad and I am surprised she is not dead from everything she takes. There are so many new people in groups for Parasites and Morgellons your basically listening to them all start all over from the beginning.
Well, tonight I know for sure I pulled my first one, i saw myself. I had a bump show up on my chin. Not much you could see but more feel. Painful. I touched that spot tonight and it hurt very bad. Crazy. Like in this one tiny area. I looked in the mirror and there was a black thread sticking out. I pulled it and my face oozed. The area cleared quickly once the thread was pulled and the oozing stopped. It's very scary and I personally feel they are in everything everywhere. Sprayed in the sky. In clothing and food and hygiene products. Lord help us all.

Feb 18, 2019
Black Thread
by: So confused

So I read all of these and a lot of them really make sense and some of them don’t I found almost like a varicose vein on my hip chub kind of where Love handle would be I thought it was something trying to push his way out of my skin like a rock or something from some previous accident maybe where I fell down because it was hard and it was really painful I got tweezers I pulled it out and it was just this weird white thing even though it looked black under my skin does anybody have that where it looks like it’s a black tiny thread like a worm crawling in it sometimes it’ll come up and sometimes it won’t and then you get it with tweezers and got a dig far sometimes it’ll run and then once you get it and try to pull in and it’s really hard to pull and then it’ll snap sometimes in half and start bleeding like crazyAnd when I did that the last time I haven’t done it again I pushed on the area that was bleeding and a larva size like a worm of plopped out I rinsed it with water because it was all bloody and it was like clear and spongy with a black thread inside and then it dried on the paper towel and now it’s just like thread like a red bloody thread the outside spongy parts gone dried up but that was like the biggest thing I’ve ever pushed out and probably the biggest size thread I pulled out but it came out of the blood like a clump and the blood was bleeding like crazy but it didn’t hurt like that much blood you’d think it would hurt but it didn’t and it was moving but it was only moving when I tried to get With tweezers it would like a slinky kind of go in and out as I try to grab it it was like kind of rolling up into itself I didn’t want to be grabbed it was so gross when it came out like a Maggot about an inch long i also I have a horrific pain under my side and in my back on the side of where this is wish I could attach a picture ? Also no one believes me as well I haven’t been to a doctor yet this is just started happening I thought scabies it’s so weird when I pull out the thread it’s not dark it is sometimes whiteish looking but sometimes I pull out little ones and they’re is a black thread like microscopic thing inside gawd!! I don’t know ... anybody else??

Dec 31, 2018
new regimen NEW
by: marticiab

Don't despair. I wrote comments 4 years ago and now I still have issues. Every doctor avoids or has called me delusional. So I am left with "natural" remedies. The vicks vaporrub helps. Cover your entire skin with it, or Vaseline, or glycerin after bathing. This will suffocate any thing under the skin. If something is crawling from the carpet, it will prevent it from penetrating your skin. ---

Dec 29, 2018
also NEW
by: tayanna

It's almost as if these things are pulling my hair into my scalp if that don't sound crazy or keeping it from growing

Dec 29, 2018
im traumatized
by: tayanna

I have been dealing with all these same things for about 6 months now I work with the public the ppl I work with an my children I think have it I've been to 2 hospitals I live in Muncie indiana an no one has took in me seriously. There are a bunch in my hair an my head hurts very badly almost like a twisting cramp sometimes it's like I can hear them like they're in my ears my hair moves on it's own my hair hasn't grown in the past year and a half and I'm losing my hair I'm always sick and tired an my body constantly aches has anyone at all found out what this might be I'm literally traumatized like I won't eat something without looking at it or if it looks weird sometimes I hear a hissing sound I can feel them bite me sometimes my hair smells like actual poop I think I'm infested all I do is cry usually cry myself to sleep or almost ripping my hair out please someone help or help figure out what this is so I can get the right help!!!

Oct 28, 2018
Please someone help me! NEW
by: Michelle D

I need help please, I have all the same things going on and feel like I'm loosing my mind..

Jan 26, 2018
Black threads NEW
by: Ml

I am having good luck with neosporin and Vick’s vapor rub. Healing and killing whatever it is

Sep 15, 2014
Thread like fibers in skin NEW
by: Havefaithingod It sounds like you have what is called morgellons disease. Please take a look at the site and then speak to your doctor. Hopefully they will learn to stop looking at you strangely and begin doing their job. God Bless!

Jul 02, 2014
Suffering from the same problem for 60 plus days NEW
by: Martciab

I am seeing success in treatments. I bathe twice a day (every twelve hours) in the tub at night and shower in the morning. I use vinegar in the water. I have put distilled white vinegar on every pimple or bump or where I "feel" crawling. It brings thems out of my pores. Once I was eating some popcorn and I felt a Hair in my mouth. I thought the person who made the popcorn had lost a hair in my bag, but it turned out to be one of those going to "eat" the popcordn. I believe these parasites became a problem one day after eating some infected pre-package popcorn (Kettle corn). The popcorn has grain mites which I didn't notice until I had consumed at least one-third of the bag. I began immediately to have reactions and now I am down to the "black worms" or morgellons. They are not fibers, because these will move. they will crawl if still alive but they don't live long outside of the human body. They wash off in HOT water (over 100 degrees). I either take Para-Cleanse Tablets, Diomateceous Earth, or Pin-Worm Medicine to rid my body of them. They will move to the stomach and intestines "chasing" the carbs, sugars, fungus, bactera, or mold. So I eat fresh fruits and vegetables and litte protein. I limit my intake on dairy (esp cheese) and I limit my intake of carbs. When I do eat carbs, i follow with a parasite cleanse to flush them out of my body. I am no longer seeing them in my stool. I am seeing fewer in the shower, tub or on my bed. Wash everything daily, because their mates and eggs are not visible to the naked eye. My doctor has no clue, but told me to "keep up my own regimen."--- Internet has been information regarding this issue.

Mar 08, 2014
A solution worth trying.... NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Bonnie,

I'm just going to keep this short and straight to the point. Please get Herbal Fiberblend powder, Barley Life, AIMega, and Florafood using the Canada order form and use it faithfully each day for at least a couple of months.

You have nothing to lose. If you don't notice any improvement after the first month, ask for a full refund.

I can get into the hows and whys of why these supplements are recommended, but I've explained countless times already throughout the site, so I'm just going to say TRY IT! :)


Mar 08, 2014
Black threads and I'm seeing Blue ones too! NEW
by: Bonnie

Does anyone even come to this site anymore? I'm a 35yr old woman from Ontario Canada and for the past two years, I've been noticing blueish type hairs coming out my skin as well as black ones that look like the hair that would come off if you shaved your arm pits or a man shaved his face. My face is getting ruined and I'm getting really upset. I get pimple like things on my face, than when I go to pop them its impossible! they are hard and barely anything comes out but all of a sudden, there's more, they spread! pop one, another pimple looking thing appears near by and so on. its weird because the hairs don't seem to move and if you look at the blue hairs I don't see anything on them. The pimples have a white type substance that comes out a very tiny amount and that seems to be what spreads, all under my nails has become very dry and its like its eating the skin under them. the white substance is what spreads and than theres tons of these tiny bluish threads and I swear, I'll wash my hands and not even an hour later, wash them again and the soap is black again like my hands are filthy!! in the sink, tiny black hairs and tons of these blue ones too! ive even seen red ones. Than I'll be sitting and get an itch and low and behold,,blue threads are always near by. No one believes me and think I'm nuts even when I show them the threads or the white stuff that comes from the pimple type hard things I try popping and spread infront of my eyes! it seems to be many different effects just from one tiny hard pimple. I don't get it and ya my dog had a major itch and her hair got lots of dandruff but its all gone on her but Ive had this for years. Ya my guy sees them but still thinks oh its threads from your shirt or towel or anything else. Tells me to stop picking my face, but I swear,even when I don't I get red pimples everywhere with the white stuff that spreads, and look at my nails all under them, tons of the white stuff that spreads I swear has even ate skin from under them. I can't keep any nail polish on or it comes off in the same day. My nails and face breaking out was the first thing I noticed. My skin is scaring now and my nails used to be strong and grow long my whole life and now they are never growing and they are so soft and they peel off! I will use disinfect soap and it seems to help but I was putting hand sanitizer on my face and it clears them up but now they are in my eyes these blue hairs and my eyes go blurry sometimes. I'm so worried. MY BIGGEST nightmare is having something live under my skin. Everything I look up as well as people I know think I'm crazy so I don't want to even go to the dr because I'm already on anti depressents and am afraid

May 30, 2013
thread like things
by: Anonymous

whomever is telling people that drug use and hallucinations are what this is all about is being really irresponsible. Try one of the cures, like tea tree oil drops in a body wash, let is be there 5 minutes then wash off and dry then put on coconut oil rub, I had black hairs, several pieces of black threads in a bunch, white dermodex and other hair like things come out in one day and one treatment. I have been feeling a crawling sensation on my face and other parts of my body so was not surprised that something came out. The dermodex mites are well documented but no one medical will admit about the black threads...very curious.I don;t do drugs, not even perscription.So the drug theory is totally an excuse to nay say what people are experiencing...yup, its real all right..they came out of my skin while I had been turned to look at one side, I looked back and there was a ball of fuzz on my continued for about an hour...

Aug 14, 2012
Have you tried an internal cleanse?
by: Angie from

Dear Very Scared,

What have you tried in your effort to get rid of these black threads that burrow into your skin and the other symptoms you are experiencing? You mentioned the bacon grease and sulfer, but I'm sure you must have tried other things as well.

Have you tried a good herbal cleanse internally yet? It may take several weeks to start seeing results, but I believe that is the best option for helping your body get rid of whatever is the particular infestation you are dealing with, even if it is non-parasitic.

Herbal Fiberblend is easy to use twice daily and works well to clean out your system. There are additional nutritional supplements that can boost your immune system and promote healing from the inside out. Don't just rely on topical solutions.

There is a good chance that by now you also have internal fungal overgrowth, so cleansing and boosting your immune is necessary for getting your body back in balance.

You may or may not be dealing with something like Morgellons, but the supplements recommended for Morgellons treatment sound like just what you need.

I know you're afraid, but the best way to combat the fear is to take positive action and start your body on the road to recovery.

You are in my thoughts and prayers,

Aug 13, 2012
How can they say its not real???
by: very scared

Im 43 own my 3000sq ft home.Mgmt since age of 20.Have been exp.same for a year now. my husband does not believe me.My back is covered in lesions and small bumps.when i wash my back feels like open cuts. my tummy bloats to look like im 3mts long blond hair will stand erect around my face.It doesnt matter if i glue it down it works its way loose,to get to my face or back.My nana age 91.Very together i might ad. Said they exp.something simuliar when she was a child,called seven year itch.Black threads under skin.Her mother made a paste of bacon grease and sulfer would put on bad areas.Tried yesterday for first time.yes could tell it worked.small circles of black came to skin as well as lots of black spots.As per the larger ones that stay on my back around neckcame to the skin, but did not come out.Took pic of my back could see the long red lines,they were aggrivated.When i get hot outside they come to skin.when i wash off and they re-enter me espically the lgr. ones it feels like im being poked with a pin.Im cold or tired all the time and now have lost most of the vision in left eye.I can feel movement in my eye at times. someone has to know something.when i take pics of my hair with the light behind you can see them glowing like little oracles of light.The dryer doesnt kill them, nor does commet or bleach.The bottom of lrg toe and both heels are thick with skin,and it feels like my feet stick to carpet when i walk.Im a very clean person and well dressed.IM tired of cleaning,feels like a bad lice epidimic my girls cought in grade school. Will not go around my family afraid of affecting them. There is a college that studies this pictalure thing you can write them to get a comment.sorry cannot remember wich one,keep looking uner parasites it will come up.God bless all of you who are experiencing this and good luck.I will stay with this site if you find out anything to say pls comment back.IM affraid im gonna loose . Thanks everyone signed very scared.

Apr 21, 2012
by: Belle

This is almost a complete match as to what im dealing with as well. Tiny hair-like fibers move in and out of every pore on my body. You can tell when a large group of them are trying to exit a certain spot because large golf-ball size lumps form deep under the skin. once they are out- the spot turns hard as a rock. I have been treated for just about everything in the book trying to get rid of these things but its no use! I see these tiny shiny fibers come out & they stick to ANYTHING that happens to be anywhere near it- basically taking over anything & everything in this house. Its one thing to have them on you- but when they take over your house there is really no point to even try to treat these suckers. Even if you get rid of them in your body, soon as you step in the door they just enter your body again as if they were never gone in the first place. Its not just annoying anymore, its downright horrible. I live with my mom, dad, my sister and her son(2 yrs old) & no matter what i do they alsways say its dog hair or something even tho it looks nothing like anything they claim it to be. Worst part about it is they have the same thing i do. they say they see them on me when i point them out on myself, but not when i point it out on their bodies. Their skin, hair, their clothes, even in their beds! My nephew is half the size we are, which usually means less room to travel in his body than in ours. I'm more worried about him than me but when the whole house is against you- there is nothing i can do about it. I am losing this war against them, along with my sanity.

Sep 09, 2011
hi :)
by: Anonymous

I've had the same problem for a year now..I found I've been able to adapt by taking Epsom salt baths 2-3 times a week and taking supplements from the Poor Man's Protocol (google it). it's for morgellons and I'm done trying to put a label on this all, I found it stresses me and taking a sleeping medicine has helped me relax and be able to get good deep sleep. I've been recovering but it's still there. I smoke about half a pack a day and I'm also prescribed to 50mg of generic adderall a day. I feel when I'm tired or cold (which i feel very frequently) I start to feel things popping out of the heels of my feet and my scalp gets itchy as well as my hair sometimes stands and bangs spread the itch to my face which results in abnormal pimples. yeah, epsom salt baths HELP. I can notice the difference if I dont take one every other day. also, try dr bronners peppermint bar soap for face and body, it cleared up my skin and left less pimples. things will get better, don't give up, ure not in this alone. <3

Mar 29, 2011
try this:)
by: Anonymous

Try dead sea salt in a bath....fill the tub; get wet from head to toe use about 2 cups to scrub ur scap & full body then sit down & relax about 20 min (or longer:)read up on it. Palmers cocoa butter lotion is good afterwards if you don't want to make your own:) God bless you all in the love Jesus:)

Mar 29, 2011
try this:)
by: Anonymous

Try dead sea salt in a bath....fill the tub; get wet from head to toe use about 2 cups to scrub your scalp & full body then sit down & relax about 20 min (or longer:)read up on it. Palmers cocoa butter lotion is good afterward if you don't want to make your own:) God bless you all with the love of Jesus:)

Dec 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have been dealing with these fiber-producing parasites in my pores since 2006, in Seattle. I tried to think of several places I could have picked them up, but my conclusion was I may have gotten them from my cat. He had a spell of horrible itching at one point, to the extent he would almost pass out, it drove him so crazy.
I also got very bad itching spells.

I think they are a worm like parasite that can produce the red, black and other color fibers. Mainly the fiber bundle is on its tail which it protrudes up out of the pores. The fibers are rough and scratchy like little brillo pads.

I have found rubbing with different substances can drive, at least, the fibers out of the skin. This helps relieve the itch. I have used salcilic acid shampoo, vinegar, neosporin, etc. at different times. Actually the best substance i have found for the rub is saliva. Especially if I have just eaten popcorn, some carbohydrates like yeast bread or spicy meats. I think the parasites do come out when they sense another animal may have licked the original host, as a means of spreading.

Good luck. I also have chronic Lyme Disease, which some studies have linked to this skin problem. Also, smoking cigs. dries out the skin and makes the whole problem worse as the parasites cant extrude well.

I do not have any cure. However it is important to wash clothes carefully, I use ammonia soak and vinegar instead of softener.

Oct 10, 2010
You're not alone.....
by: Anonymous

I've been dealing with black thread like things burrowing into my skin for quite a few months.Don't tell this lady it's all in her head about them peeking out of your skin,either...they do!Seems like they check things out with the black thread looking thing.It will extend out a little bit,and,if they think you're not paying much attention...I've seen it come out almost an inch or so.Try some olive oil on them.It will smother them and soften the extra dry skin,too.And,no,you're not crazy!Thankyou.

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