Blasto Hominus? Anyone else have this problem?

by Diane
(BC Canada)

Blasto Hominus - Anyone else have this problem?

I traveled on a cruise ship in 1992, not long after was hit with fatigue, lost balance, tingling, numbness of face and other areas, and a feeling of something moving in the vagina area.
It sometimes feels like I can reach in and pull something out!!

Now, 14 yrs later, having seen numerous doctors and taken every test possible, and still nothing.

I'm thinking parasite. They tested and said blasto hominus, but that it was very common. I was treated twice with the meds, but still have the problem.

I had a colonoscopy and a laprascopy, but nothing shows. Ever heard of anyone else with this problem? I'm desperate!!

Hi Diane,

Bless your heart! I haven't heard of exactly what you are describing all together, but certainly in some combinations.

Since the doctors have ruled out everything else, I would agree with you that it is a good chance you are suffering from some form of parasite infection.

I would recommend you do a full 3 month colon cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend powder. I'd also recommend the Para 90 but it isn't available in Canada at the moment.

I'd say to try the 3 months on HFB first and if that isn't strong enough to eliminate the problem, we can work on getting you some Para 90.

It's also important to take some Florafood to help build up the good bacteria in your system, especially since you already have taken the prescription meds which would have weakened your immune system.

If money isn't an issue (ha ha - I'm sure it is with all of us), I'd also definitely recommend either the Garden Trio or Leaf Greens or both. Why? Because they are full of good solid nutrition that the body needs to produce healthy cells.

I'm a firm believer in giving the body all the tools it needs to fight for good health and it will do it. We are amazing creatures.

You can order these products in Canada at the lowest wholesale prices and get started right away.

If you decide to give it a try, let me know and I will give you specific details of how to take the products, the amounts, etc. and give you as much support as I am able.

I hope you can be returned to good health in the new year. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

To your good health!

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