Body Parasites?

by SBN
(Woburn, MA)

Do I have some kind of body parasites?

I have been experiencing this situation for 5 years. It started with a half dollar circle on my right palm of my hand and insect bites the Dr. could not diagnose. I think whatever is going on is throughout my entire body.

I feel movement in my feet. My scalp is intensely itchy. I have gained about 30 lbs. My skin is cool to the touch. I will get these hard elongated pimples that do not come to a head.

I think it is some kind of parasite or insect that multiplies under the skin in layers. I have seen this situation on many areas of my body. I have seen numerous doctors. They give all kinds of rx's.

This has ruined my life for the last 5 years. If anyone has any input or any of these symptoms sound familiar, feel free to contact me.



Sorry to hear you have suffered for so long with this problem and no one has been able to help you.

I do have a couple of questions that may help determine what the root cause of your situation really is.

First of all, are you male or female? I ask because many women who suffer from some of the symptoms you describe, do so after they have had a hysterectomy or go through menopause.

If that is a possibility for you, do consider using some natural progesterone cream, like Renewed Balance to help get your hormones back in balance without the side effects of synthetic hormone replacement therapy and all the problems that go along with it.

Even if that DOES apply to you, it also sounds like something else is going on in your body - some type of parasitic infection, whether from actual bugs or a bacterial or fungal infection - all parasites.

What have you already tried besides all the prescription meds you've been given? Have you tried a natural herbal cleanse of your digestive tract?

I'm not in favor of prescription medications except for limited circumstances. It's been my experience that these synthetic drugs end up doing more harm than good to our bodies. They make the drug companies lots of money, but they usually make your
body less able to cope with the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Drugs don't usually target a cause. They target a symptom. The symptom may "seem" to go away, but the cause of the symptom is still there and continues to grow worse. On top of that, the chemicals in the drugs cause new problems. Not a very nice trade off, in my opinion.

Anyway, if you haven't tried any natural remedies, I highly recommend that you do. Almost all body parasites can be dealt with in a very similar manner.

You kill off and cleanse out the parasites with herbs and strengthen the immune system and build up your good bacteria count using nutritional supplements and probiotics.

What would I recommend for body parasites?

  • Herbal Fiberblend - herb and fiber combo that cleanses the digestive tract and pushes the dead and dying parasites out of the system

  • Para 90 - specific range of herbs that target parasites and help to kill them

  • Florafood - a blend of three probiotics that will replace the good bacteria that your body needs to fight off parasites, fungus, bacteria, and strengthen your immune system

  • Garden Trio - whole food supplement powders made from freshly juiced green barley grass, carrots, and beets that are rich in the natural nutrition your body needs to produce healthy cells and repair damaged cells.

These natural supplements have helped so many people (including myself) to cleanse their body and improve their health. It makes so much good sense when you realize that your body can only work with the tools you give it.

The best benefit of these natural supplements that I appreciate is that they do not have nasty side effects. They are going to help build up and strengthen your body no matter what your underlying cause really is.

(There are, of course, the usual cautions to women who are expecting a baby to be careful with the use of particular herbs while pregnant.)

Sure hope you find this information about body parasites helpful and that you are able to get relief from your symptoms soon. Let me know if I can be of further help or if you have any more questions or information to offer.

To your good health!

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