Bugs That Bite That You Can't See

by Vickie
(Chicago, IL)

What kind of bugs that bite that you can't see would these be?

My daughter went to South Africa in October. She bought a pillow cover from an outside market. In November she began to feel something biting her. She said it feels like bugs on her skin.

We think it is some type of mite, but we can't see it. They are now embedded in her head. She cut all her hair, but it still didn't help.

Have you ever heard of anything like this before?

Hi Vickie,

How frustrating for your poor daughter!

There are certainly bugs that bite that you can't see. Your guess of mites is a pretty good one.

Scabies is a common mite that is very itchy. They burrow under the skin, but usually leave a rash or tracks that you can see.

Does your daughter have actual bite marks that you can see on her head? Is she feeling this biting sensation anywhere else on her body?

It's possible that the pillow cover she purchased in South Africa was the source of the problem, but not necessarily.

I would assume that she has washed the cover and perhaps even stopped using it altogether. If the bugs were from the cover, she would also need to thoroughly clean her bedding, too. Otherwise she would just re-infect herself repeatedly.

The other possibility is that she picked up a parasite elsewhere, from drinking water, bad food, etc. Even though her symptoms seem to indicate a skin parasite, you'd be surprised at how intestinal parasites can also give you similar symptoms. Our body is all connected.

Besides cutting her hair, what has your daughter tried to get rid off the problem? There are a couple of things I can think of that she may want to try topically.

First of all, I would suggest that she get some organic apple cider vinegar (with the "mother" in it). You can get this at your local health food store, or order it online
from Puritan's Pride.

Tell her to rinse her head once or twice per day with the ACV. She can use it straight if she wants or dilute it down some in water (mix 1/2 cup in pot of water and pour it over her head).

Warn her that if she has open sores on her head, the apple cider vinegar is likely to sting for a few minutes.

The other option is that she make up her own special shampoo that she can use to help get rid of external parasites. Just get any cheap brand of shampoo (about 12 oz) and add the following essential oils to the bottle...

  • 10 drops of Eucalyptus oil
  • 5 drops of Geranium oil
  • 5 drops of Lavender oil
  • 5 drops of Neem oil
  • 5 drops of Thyme oil

Give it a good shake and wash her head daily with this 'special herbal shampoo.' Some of these oils are very anti-parasitic and may do the trick for her.

I'm a big believer in treating from the inside out, too, especially when I'm not 100% sure of the underlying cause.

If I were in your daughter's shoes, I would immediately get a couple bottles of Para 90 and a couple bottles of Florafood and begin taking them with each meal.

Take 2 Para 90 3x per day and 2 Florafood 2x per day for a month. The Para 90 helps to eliminate parasites and the Florafood is a combination of probiotics to build up the good bacteria in your body that helps to keep your immune system strong and fighting.

You can order Para 90 and Florafood here and if you want to try making up the herbal shampoo, you can get most of the essential oils at Puritan's Pride if you can't find them locally.

I hope your daughter gets rid of these bugs that bite that you can't see very soon.

Let me know if I can be of further help.
Kind regards,

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Mar 18, 2021
Helpful tips for THE invisible mystery bugglies NEW
by: Derby

Hello, I'm so sorry so many people are suffering without any help. I too have had the unfortunate experiance of being honest with my healthcare professionals. And a hospital is no place to be, a liar isnt what you are, and crazy? How the he'll are we all having the same hallucinations, videotaping them and sharing them? Last i checked those psychosomatic symptoms were I ly observable by the lone sufferer. For anyone going through what we are or if you struggle with mental illness, you have my empathy. This country's medical system is a nightmare. If you dont know whats wrong and how to fix it a doctor cant help. They'll try to diagnos and treat you for THE most expensive condition that thier symptoms pamphlets from pharmaceutical corparations can streach as they can. Because they get kickbacks. Those attractive young people in the suits with the airline luggage, what rolls on the ground? Those are Pharmaceutical reps and the dope theyre pushing. the "interestin" time we find ourselves in unfortunately is not one where everyones tip top, doctors believe there are not parasites in the USA, why rework the pets then? And parasites are the most common type of animal on the planet of all time. They might be here. I think the explosion in cases is global warming or those pesky communists depending on your political outlook, not seriously I'm ok with not knowing, whats important is forming a community and useing science to ease the conditio, or outright drive them back to the moon or evil billionaires or wherever they came here from. They aint welcome. There is a trick ive been using to get a good look at them and thats reorganizing light. I film a phone with another phone thats filming whatever I find filmworthy. Modern digital cameras only absorb certain directions of light so using two is a type of poor mans light polarizer. They crystals they sell are kinda pricey. Hydrogen peroxide.90+% alcohol tea tree oil, and yoyr basic antifungal for athletes foot seem to deterr them but I habent found anything other than trapping and tearing to pieces that works to kill them. They also have several very different life cycles that relate to other common parasites but have a full free living set of cycles and full set of regular cycles. It means they dont need a host and can live outside indefinitely and also when the weathers bad can live in you without needing to mate with a free liver. This is highly abnormal only one type of strongyiloid thought to only infect cats has a fully free living cycle. Document what you are able to. Try glue to trap specimens, use several low quality reflections (sunglasses and a window) or multiple digital cameras to get a better idea what your dealing with and put an extra eye on your dogs as this is zoonotic and i lost mine, older and smaller dogs dont seem to be able to hold up well... We are the nation of individualism and meritocracy take action, if you see something that would help out do it, then share it, I'll pay you back by doing the same and calling you hero. The best way to help everyone is by being the best individual you can be. And since we're still in the lockdowns independence is going to be key, im not excieted about it either but there it is. Lift each others spirits and gather thy currage, looks like this ones up to us.

Aug 05, 2019
No Bugz but scratchs huh.....? NEW
by: Bug-Z

Hey I know that most of you will think that bed bugs is not the issue but i had very similar incident happen to me years ago at a facility, where i was at night inmy sleep and also awake in bed in the dark would feel these real itchy parts on my body found out it was bed bugs since it was my 1 and only time i had this issue i didnt know what to think of it, but one thing i did notice is that if it wasnt for the scratch marks the itchiness and bits were gone by the time sun would come up so if it wasnt for me staying up and seeing that it was a bed bug issue i would still have never found out the facility had a big bed bug issue

Mar 31, 2019
Fleas you cant see.
by: Diane peters

Is there fleas you cant see? We had the exterminator out twice. I vaccum like crazy. It has let up a lot, oh and washing close every day. It been 5 months now. Like i said it has let up a lot not completely gone. Help.

Nov 06, 2018
Ouch!! NEW
by: Michael

Guess I will start at the beginning. Bought an rv to live in about 6 months ago. It is new. When I got it to the space I noticed in the floor vents that there was sawdust and othe small debris, but basically paid it no attention.
The mattress in the bedroom is sad to say the least. Haven’t replaced it yet bu will. Soo am sleeping on the sofa bed Had stayed in hotels for a few weeks after being in the rv for about two months with no provlems then came home and noticed two shed encasements on the bed one morning. First thought " oh shit... bedbugs". Have only found 5 bed bag looking encasements in two months.
But I am constantly getting bitten. At night during the day. Whenever. Have tried the bedbug foggers twice and multiple cans of hot shot bed bug killer. But still being bitten. And can see em when I can scrape em off me in one piece. Which is not often. They seem to grasp on with their whole body and stay for quite a while.
They seem to leave something in the bite if you drag em off and the bite won’t heal unless you eat it out. They are not under the skin. It attached rigidly to it. They are on my hair, my face, my ears, my back, my nec, and my chest stomac and legs. Sometimes I see what looks like walking dandruff and other times it is just a little bitty black bug.
I hav even resorted to putting the insecticide on me to get a decent ights sleep. Don’t go to anyone’s to stay cuz I do t wanna drag em with me. So it has been two mo the and no relief. Any suggestions?
I think they revenge bite someone’s because it hurts when the bite. Lol

May 03, 2018
This might work NEW
by: Lucky

Use the gold colored mouthwash to rinse mouth,bath,and wash laundry. Use fluoride toothpaste(paste not gel) not sure what the ingredients are that work but this should help. Lather paste over affected area with water prior to bath. Then bath in lukewarm water with atleast one full bottle of mouthwash. Warm water open pores. Then drain tub as you rinse of with cold warm(close pores) I hope this helps

May 27, 2017
Huge welts NEW
by: Fiona

Hoping you can help.
I have just returned from a holiday where I stayed for 3 nights in a rented apartment. On the first night my partner and I were bitten by something in the bed. We assumed there were bed bugs, so we fully changed the sheets and asked for new pillows, and everything was ok.

However, when I returned home the bites started again, only a lot worse.They are all over my face, shoulders, back and arms. They seem to appear randomly and itch like mad.
I know what fleas are, it is not fleas. It isnt mosquitos. The bites arent really in lines but they are mainly localised in patches. However, I do have some stand alone ones ?
The only thing I can think of is some kind of mite???
Totally baffled and its driving me mad because they are so itchy !
What is biting me ???

Nov 25, 2016
cant see them NEW
by: gordon gogo

cant find a bug anywhere my wife has red marks all over her legs im scratching like every nite but cannot find a trace of any bug need help badly

Aug 28, 2016
Treatment for No See Ums NEW
by: Di

Wash and vacuum thoroughly. Wash, bleach, downy sheets. They bread in dampness, so close drains. Light a lavender candle by the side of the bed you sleep in. Place a dish of apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap (preferably lemon). You will not see them, but they will drown because of the dish soap.

Shower/bath with a lavendar soap. I used Dr. Teal foaming bath salts with lavedar. Johnsons has a lavedar baby shampoo so if you are getting head bites, I would try that too.

After drying off, lather on regular baby lotion every where.. Feels icky at first but soaks in and the next day your skin is so soft. I apply a second coat just before sleeping. I slept like a baby. The next day all the swollen bites I had had reduces drastically in size and no longer itched. Worked like a charm for me.

Oct 21, 2015
bird mites NEW
by: timmy

what a lot of you are feeling is air sac mites . or bird mites . they are alfull little creatures that will terrorize you . most doctor miss diagnose through some seven dust every ware. hope this helps

May 19, 2015
Twelve years NEW
by: Bonnie

I have been suffering from this disease now for about twelve years. I was in Washington at the time taking care of my daughter after surgery. She had sand fleas and was trying to rid the house of them. They were biting my ankles and so I became very hyper sensitive to them. After a while we rid the place of the fleas but I kept feeling something walking on my skin. She also had birds in the house. She got rid of the birds but it was a week or so before she took down the cage and took it out. I guess it could be bird mites, but I really don't think so. I noticed when I came down with the flue they left me alone. I have tried so many things but it always gets worse and its so bad this last year that I am sleep deprived. I tried the Cedar oil. It keeps them off you for a while but not even the night thru. I have noticed that no matter where I go there they are again. I can be free of them, go into a dr. office sit down in a chair and within five/ten minutes they are coming up from the chair and crawling on me. I am also a book worm so maybe its book lice.
So I am going to share some information. I am seventy years old so got this in my late fifties. I am not real sure but I believe my blood type is O+. It gets worse in times of low pressure, right before and during rain. I have had a lot of surgeries and had a small stroke the same year I got this disease. I sleep in a leather chair and for a couple of years it was pretty good but the chair is old and I need a new one. Its also full of these no-see-ums it seams. I live in Eastern Oregon where we have plenty of sun, or did have before they started spraying the sky's so much! I have noticed lately that I have scars on my arms as though I had burned or cut myself. Long thin lines. I believe that might be a symptom of Morgellons disease. I don't however see strings of thread like some of them do. I believe this whole thing may be caused from either the spraying (Chem trails) or the engineered food, I do know a lot of children are getting allergies, moor then any time in history. I believe we need to find a common denominator here before we find the instigator of this problem.

Oct 21, 2014
by: going insane

I am at my wits end here. Just bought a house and am now completely infested with tghese bugs I can't see. Tried everything I could think of, yet no relief. First of all, What are they???? Next, how do I get rid of them?? Exterminator can't do anything else, because he can't see them. I sure do feel them!!! losing friends, my ex wife thinks i'm crazy, and my relationship with my children is in jeopardy!!! Please help me with this nightmare!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Sep 20, 2014
bugs can't see them NEW
by: Ed

I been battling something for about 2 weeks and seems nothing possible to work. Defoggers, Commercial spray from landlord, apple cider vinegar fly traps.. nothing works... but cold air and cool night...,..puzzled!! :(

Sep 20, 2014
Crazy NEW
by: Goaheadandcallmecrazy

The Dr. Thinks I am crazy, my husband thinks I am crazy, my kids think I am crazy, and what the hell, commit me, cuz I think I am crazy!
Last night was horrible, so I am about to start all over again with the madness! I wear things once, use a towel once, wash and clean everything. I still feel like something is crawling on me and then biting me. I don't see anything! No marks, no rash, no bugs! I surrendered to using apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and lice shampoo for my head. Everything seems to calm the problem but not cure it. Lotions help for a time but still feel itchy from this!
All my husband seems to care about at this point, is the expense that goes into this cycle. He's angry that I got up to take three baths last night, continuous washing and water bill, and the oils and lotions. This morning he is demanding, and says this has got to stop! Great! Please, make it stop.! There are no bugs and it's in my head he says! That doesn't help! I can't turn off my brain to make them go away! Or can I? Suicide? Now here is a solution! He's about to commit me anyway!
They cant stand the smells of the things I try to keep the itching away (acv, tea tree), I am exhausted from working three jobs, moving, and the so called bug thing. The pressure is too much! The funny thing, as much as love to cuddle with my kids, they start to itch when they are in contact with me for some time but that doesn't mean anything!

Mar 26, 2014
bug bites NEW
by: gary

dec 21 2014 me and wife move in this apartment the landlord wants us to work on it for 2 months rent free, want wood floor down,people befor us had amianls, now we pull up all carpet in all the rooms the one room we work out of wife and me has got bites(red)on our sides and legs,wife says when she goes in room she feels like bugs are getting on her and she and I are getting bit but see no bugs could it be mice or booklice we are living here and this place is clean clean,at frist I though bed bugs in our bed she clean that room down good wash everything,i am a conts, we have not put floor down in last room yet,wife says when we start to work out of that room that's when I startd with the bites and itching could there be some kind of bug that we cant see, once in awhile when she go in the room she can feel something biteing her,she mix bleach,lemon ammonia, alcohol together and spray the room good read this on computer what can we do call in someone spay,

Feb 26, 2014
Micro body bugs are real NEW
by: New baby

I have similar incidents.the feeling of something crawling on me sometimes with a burst of something like dust that I can feel come down on my eyelashes,nose and lips.ok here is the big one.at times I was going through this crawling feeling tiny white balls with oil in the middle was shooting out of my scalp so I didn't want to think it was in my mind like the dr.said so I let other people see it this happen about 10 yrs.ago but I still get all of the crawling feeling and the feeling of bursting dust that falls down in my face I seem a big dark spot on my leg move like crawling flesh I have seen my muscles move and make my leg in to a different shape.i see nothing but its there i had a bad case when the little white balls was shooting out of my scalp.if u have questions please feel free to ask.

Jan 18, 2014
Its getting better NEW
by: Sally

Same problems...bought white sheets and wash them in bleach and everything else that I can. Tile floors, etc. Spray straight Ammonia in spray bottle on just about everything. Coats, car carpets, and clean interior with straight ammonia. Extreme cold weather is helping and extreme heat helps. Throw many things in washer and hot dryer. Set items in bag outside when temperature are very low (in Michigan) for few days. Helping a lot but still not totally gone. Bringing them back inside. Computers still a problem.

Aug 05, 2013
no more rip off NEW
by: red

ECO SMART. WILL DO THE JOB. $699 at home depo, non toxic. and will kill the little -------- dead kills by contact when it drys no must be wet. i am much better after spraying the ceiling.wont stain i wipe it on my face hands legs good for the night. its just maid fro m herbs and it works. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. $699 THAT IT. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE ONE THAT SAY MITES. they make 3 differant kind.

May 19, 2013
Recurring Itchy Bites NEW
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Itchy Bites,

You mentioned that these little bites started on the left side of your hand and that you have been getting them over and over again for several months.

Are they always in the same area or do you get them all over your body?

It may not be a bug bite at all, or at least not a bug that is biting you over and over again. Even if the original cause was a bug bite, your recurring reaction may be a flare up of the toxins in your system.

Have you tried to take note of when these itchy bites appear? When you first wake up in the morning? After you've done a particular activity? After you've eaten a particular food or used a particular product (soap, detergent, skin product, etc)?

Obviously it would be ideal if you could detect a pattern in when the flare up of the condition occurs as it would help to narrow down the cause.

If it is something that is laying dormant in your system and then flares up from time to time (when the immune system is weak or when the body can't process the toxins efficiently), a good internal cleanse may be the solution.

I used to get a recurring itchy blistery rash on my fingers once or twice per year. I don't know what was causing it but figured it had to be something internal based on the way it behaved.

I started using Herbal Fiberblend about 5 years ago and haven't had a flare up since. It seems my theory proved to be correct because I cleaned out my system and enabled my body to function more efficiently as a result.

It's well worth trying in your case!

May 19, 2013
itchy bites
by: Anonymous

help me im getting these bites that itch (awful) they itch then there is like two bites with a red circle around them then the red meets and gets purple went and still going to the dermatoligist it staeted on my left side of my hand by the pinky took biopsy and dr says everything was all right, that it was some kind of spider bite but i've had these bites on and off since october keep on going back to the dr. i also feel itchy all over my body when i have these bites what can i do i dont see any bugs just once on my computer a little tiny spider no bigger then a pea i killed it bt havent seen any since it was a beige color

Apr 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have been cleaning like crazy! Washing clothes. I set off raid flea foggers and they helped for a day or two, then I've been washing clothes. It's amazing how much you can really do without once you start cleaning. I tried ACV, tea tree oil spray, vacumned many, many times. Changed the bags every other time. Tried eucalyptus oil in bath too. Tried aloe gel which cools when you put in on but the itching comes back when it dries. Had to use rid shampoo for my head. That works there. Went to the HFS and bought some neem oil. Got home and took a bath that I put some in. Then I remembered that they can hold their breath. So I got out and mixed some neem and grapeseed oil. Already had this so I didn't have to buy any more. Rubbed this all over, even between toes and fingers. So far so good. Will try this in my shampoo too.

Apr 12, 2013
77% inproved
by: Anonymous

first covered x fan in bathroom with shrink wrap, in two days they coming threw tape over that with scotch shipping tape 3 times thick that stopped the influx, the new RAID MAX slows them down and putting permethrin cream on hands fingers ankels lower legs ears neck face where ever you feel them. every day there is less of them doing all this, permethrin cream is the ONLY thing that kills then.i feel so much better. after 3 years im winning shower alot i love tea tree oil after, stright out bottle they hate it.most of pray.

Apr 12, 2013
chinese drywall
by: Anonymous

I have this same problem with the noseeems. But about you drilling through the drywall and getting dust on you. Fiberglass which is in insulation will also make you itch. But it can be washed off. May take a couple of times but it can be washed off. I take use ACV in my bath water. It helps some but the crawling, biting comes back especially now while I'm at the computer. I can't use cedarcide because I'm allergic to cedar. If this gets much worse it may be worth the risk though. Moth balls are out of the question. I have set out damp rid (the dollar store kind). I am going to try drinking the ACV and taking garlic pills(I had stopped for a while then this started)I have as much dust in my apartment as the other guy. I dust and 20 minutes later you can write your name on the TV. Well almost. I have a lot of books. Some are used. Some are irreplaceable. It will be tough but I will try to save what I can. I have also seen these bugs in older books but thought I got them all out. Obviously not. I bookmarked this page so that I can come back and check again. In the mean time, I will be cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!!!!

Sep 19, 2012
bugs that bites but you cant see them
by: Anonymous

no is not static electricityi guaranty this because i knopw about static electric.it is something that actually bites but you cant see it. you do see the bite marks.someone sujested that is shingles and i like to know whats shingles and if thats what we have will a shingle vaccin will cure it?

Sep 05, 2012
i found the answer
by: Anonymous

I found the answer after throwing out my $500 bed out to the curb!! Its static electricity. When you set at the computer you get shocked with static electricity and it feels like bugs are biting you. To help, wear cotton clothing and bedding. This has helped tremendously! Went to the dr today and she even said that it is VERY VERY possible that this could be the answer! Try it!

Aug 30, 2012
Chinese Drywall chemicals
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Yes, you most certainly can develop a sensation of biting as a result of exposure to chemicals. Of course, I can't tell you for certain that the Chinese drywall you were working with IS the problem, but it COULD be the problem.

If your body has been exposed to toxins, it does its best to try to get rid of them. Sometimes when it is struggling to do so, it has to send excess toxins to be filtered through the largest organ - the skin.

Same rules apply for eliminating toxins as eliminating parasites - cleanse and build.

For cleansing you can use the Herbal Fiberblend mentioned above, but since you think it may be chemical related, I would also suggest you use HumiKleanse which helps eliminate heavy metals from the body.

For building I would suggest the Barley Life, AIMega, and Florafood.

If you want some extra cleansing to detox the liver, I would include Redibeets along with the BarleyLife because it's great for that purpose.

I would be quite surprised if that didn't do the trick for you, regardless of whether the original cause of your symptoms was the Chinese drywall or something else entirely. That's is a very good protocol to follow for a wide range of issues.

You can get all those supplements at wholesale prices if you decide to try them by using the US Order Form.


Aug 29, 2012
by: Anonymous


Aug 28, 2012
Chinese Drywall?
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Yes, it is certainly possible that something in the drywall is causing you to have this reaction - it could be something you are allergic to, or in fact be some type of mite.

On the other hand, it may be that you picked up some bird mites nesting in someone's ceiling. They can cause the symptoms you are describing. I wouldn't think that you would continue to have the problem if you were no longer in that environment, but perhaps you've brought them home with you.

Where are you located? China? If so, you probably won't be able to get any of the Herbal Fiberblend that I suggested above.

Do you happen to have papaya fruit available to you there? If so, try chewing (or crushing and eating) a teaspoon of the black seeds inside the papaya each night for a couple of weeks. That may help eliminate the problem if it is internal parasites.

I'm not sure if you are the same person who posted above as "Echoes" or someone different, so if you can clarify that, it would help.

Aug 28, 2012
Try internal cleansing...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Echoes,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having no success in getting rid of the itching problem from bugs that bite that you can't see.

I can only suggest that you try cleansing internally like I suggested to some of the others who have posted to this page.

Sometimes when you can't see something externally it's because there isn't something external but internal that is causing the problem.

Even if it IS external, quite often by cleansing internally with herbs or other natural anti-parasitics, your body becomes an unfriendly place for parasites to bother you. :)

There are several things you can use to cleanse internally, but my preferred choice is Herbal Fiberblend.

You mentioned that you tried apple cider vinegar. Did you only try it externally, or did you add some to water and drink it daily, too? It's worth trying that, too, if you haven not done so. Be sure it's apple cider vinegar with the "mother" in it, like Bragg's.

I sincerely hope that you will be able to try the Herbal Fiberblend and get rid of this problem. It's horrid that you have to alienate yourself from the rest of your family.


Aug 28, 2012
i can fill them but i cant see then
by: Anonymous

i wonder if it come from chinise dry wall. i install security camaras and i did some driling for the cables on the cilings and thats when i started filling what ever is biting us that we cant see, please help.

Aug 27, 2012
i cant see them.
by: Anonymous

i try lisol listering windex no help.went to a clenic and got some cream for scabies (permethrin cream 5 %) and that dont help. apple cider vinager dont help at all either.i cant alow my kids and grandkids to visit because i dont want then to get it.we are going nuts with it. i had an exterminator come and check my house but coudnt see anything either. my house is only 6 years old but this problem started a few month ago. i did had home helth nurse come to my house to take care of my wife and the exterminator said that those peplo are the ones that transport those problems from one home to another but im lost and still itching please help.echoes

Aug 24, 2012
Possibly No See Ums?
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Lynne,

Are you just getting bitten in the house or outside, too? Just bites on the legs?

Fleas spring to mind at first, of course, but you can usually see fleas, so you might rule them out if you truly can't spot a thing.

Next thought is "noseeums" or sand fleas. Not knowing where you moved to, it's hard to determine if this is a likely culprit. They can be so annoying and itch for days (sometimes even weeks!).

You may want to try soaking in a bath with sea salt to help with the discomfort from the red welts and itching.

I'd also suggest that you try eating garlic daily (or taking a garlic supplement like Bear Paw Garlic to make your body less inviting. :)

If moving isn't an option (which it isn't for most people), maybe you can get some natural cedar oil for fogging the rooms in the house to get rid of the critters. More info on that option on the DIY Pest Control page.

Sure hope you can figure it out and get rid of it asap!

Meanwhile, if you are willing to use some "non-natural" cream on your skin, you might find that the AVON Skin So Soft Bug Guard on your legs might keep you from being bitten.

Let us know how you make out.

Aug 24, 2012
Red welts
by: Lynne

We recently moved into a new home and my son and I are getting bitten by something we can't see. We are completely natural and both take only homeopathic products and use zero rated items on EWG. We have never had anything like this so I'm wondering if there could be something in the carpet that is microscopic. When I feel a bite I look down but nothing is there. The bites are extremley itchy and take 4 or 5 days to go away. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Jul 31, 2012
Cleaning Inside and Outside
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Gregg,

What a nightmare! Hard to imagine having that must debris in the house that you can actually see it on the table only 20 minutes after dusting. That's certainly unusual.

Apart from the other suggestions made, here are a couple more for you.

Get a bottle of pure clove oil and make up a solution of water and clove oil (about 30 drops of oil per quart of water), and use this to wipe down your furniture and/or spray the furniture, etc., using a spray bottle.

I don't know if it will be as effective as the cedar oil mentioned above, but I've had pretty good success with clove oil here in Australia, so it's well worth a try as it is very affordable.

Secondly, I'm a firm believer of cleaning the inside as well as the outside. By that I mean the inside of YOU.

Last year I fought a serious battle with something that wasn't bedbugs, scabies, fleas, or any of the common parasites. I did try a number of different treatments, but the one that finally worked for me was an internal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend.

After a few weeks on the HFB, the itching bites/rash was completely gone - and I still don't know what it was!

Cleaning out your system and making it an unpleasant environment for parasites is an option I highly recommend.

Hope this helps and that you are able to end the crazy screaming jebies soon! :)

Jul 31, 2012
the screaming jebies are attacking
by: Gregg in ohio

We are going insane,thought they were scabies,just got back from the doctor and he couldn't tell us anything except it wasn't bedbugs or scabies.told us to take an allergy pill to combat the bit reaction.Our townhouse is unreal for dust.you can dust and 20 min later you can still write your name on the furniture.Most furniture now days are made of veneered covered particle board.the kitchen cabnits are vinyl covered particleboard also.there's no getting away from the glued particle board,nor the dust here in our apt. in Ohio...It's just as the topic states,you feel something crawling on you,you look,even under a bright light,and nothing is there...I have no idea what to do next.I'm trying the potato test tonite and see what I get...will keep you posted....

May 31, 2012
No see em's
by: Momy of a Pug

I live in West Virginia & we have had this problem for years. These little bugs get on us when we are outside & then we carry them in the house. My husband never did get bitten but I did. He is now on blood pressure meds & they now bite him. We had evergreen trees/little pine trees around our porch. We got rid of them last summer because they were all over the trees. So far we have not had the problem this year & even thought it has been really hot around here. My niece is having same problem but no shrubs so will tell her about the apple cider vinegar. They are still outside but they come inside on their clothes. Thanks for everyones remedies.

May 30, 2012
unknown bites causing lesions
by: Anonymous

Okay so we all post about our itchy skin and possible bites by a bug we cannot see. I get that part. Over and over we read each other having the same problem as we do but what we fail to do if try to find the common denominator. We all must have something alike that ties this whole thing together. Whether its allergies, food we eat, pet dander, stress, certain type of clothing, our weight or health. But I want to tell you all that on another web site I did post a few times and read others posts about this same thing. I'd like to share with you what may be all of our problem. It is called "Morgellons" which is an illness not yet in medical books however it has been heard of and CDCis working on research. Chem trails. Nano particles bio generated in which the Govt seems hush hush about. I have found an all natural doctor who is also a noted pathologist and he makes soaps and lotions and sprays we all need to use and it does go away. I've had this for 3 years so I would believe it will take me half of that time to rid myself of this. I keep thinking a bug but i dont see a bug or a mite. I do take some odd lookng scabs off my skin which i dont believe are truly scabs so i save them in a jar. I have a magnifying glass, flashlight and i feel crazy looking for something but in my car, bed, couch, dining table its horrible. especially during the evening. I want help and i think this doctor in garden grove named dr. karjoo is going to help me. look him up. Karjoo first name Rajim. He believes in morgellons and wants to cure it. If you have any questions on how to see him or get his meds please ask. i will help you if you have to come to california for help. email me. jdharris1957 (at) gmail.com

May 22, 2012
Bugs That Bite That You Can't See
by: Angie

Dear Frustrated,

Have you tried fogging the house with cedar oil or any of the other suggestions to do your own pest control?

How about any of the ultrasonic pest repellers?

I've heard good things about the cedar oil and have just ordered one of the electronic pest repellers to test it for myself. Since you don't know for sure what's causing your specific concerns either of those may be worth a shot.

Hope you find a good solution soon.

May 21, 2012
bugs that bite you can not see
by: frustratedAnonymous

we have bugs we do not see in the house, I threw away most of everything all the house carpet,carpets pillow,sofas,sheets almosteverything and I can not still sit and relax on the wood floors or the new lathersofa. I very desprete. For almost 4 years any body can go to bed with out getting all cloth clean even if we wear them just to go the bathroom. Thats how I still have the beds safe, and only there I can rest or out on the patio. All this is getting me crazy.I tell my husband to sell the house but still do not know if this is going to help

Apr 24, 2012
Book mites!
by: Samantha J

Wow! I thought I was crazy cause I swear I first noticed these teeny tiny ( like pin point size!) bugs in books. I had been feeling them crawling on me and itching- scratching like crazy, mostly on my back, neck and shoulders and some elsewhere on my trunk. Not my arms and legs tho. Couldn't figure it out. I get a lot of books from free book exchanges around the area ( I live in the Puna district of the Big Island of Hawaii). I didn't make the connection between the crawling/biting sensation and these bugs in the books til I killed one on a book page and it left a red smear on the page! Wow! It had blood in it! MY blood! That was only about 4 days ago. I've started slathering neem oil in coconut or wheat germ oil. Right away it seemed to slow them down somewhat. But they're still with me. I guess persistence is the way. One of my dogs seems to be bothered by them also but the other( short haired dog) doesn't seem to have a problem. Thanks for the heads up about book mites a

Apr 13, 2012
by: red

wipe your face with alcohol two or three times will shut them down for the night. still looking for the cure ,be vary carefull useing amonia dont breath it.

Jul 29, 2011
bugs u can't see; but FEEL!
by: Anonymous

Ammonia will kill em clean ur house real good. Buy spray to kill ticks as this is the family these dust mites are in - ticks...not fleas. Although flea and tick stuff works. Spray mattress on both sides; do this in the morning and leave sheets off to later in the evening than layer sheets until mites are dead - this may take 2 or 3 applications. Clean everything...get rid of clutter as they live in dust. That is the reason for getting bit up on computer because it gets full of dust and as a result the dust mites are there. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust in ur computer: take the housing off and vacuum inside of computer CAREFULLY.
These bugs are viscous and have no mercy! Get rid of the dust...and so too do u get rid of mites. Stay on it - the cleaning for about 2 or 3 weeks until they are not bothering u anymore. I went thru this and it works. Another thing is they choose who they bit...becuz my son said mom ur going crazy; he either didn't feel em or they left him alone? KILL THE MITES!

Jul 29, 2011
can someone tell me what i can do??
by: Anonymous ccc

ive had this problem for over 10 year,s off and on. my mom get them too.
there something crawling allover my body,
there in my hair in my private parts, on my face inside my ears, they go up my nose, on my eye brows, under my nails basicly every where!
i can take it no more,,, it comes and gos.
can someone tell me what thease are?? HELP!

Mar 19, 2011
wet places and bugs bite
by: Anonymous

Iwonder if fungus just give a kind of allergic reaction or acttually really bite.

The unwelcome visitor in my house are attacking very hard this week.

Two days ago starts raining... and they got all over the place...
I can feel them just by getting close to the kitchen closet, dinner table... it feels like they jump in me... and go hide in the swell shorts sweel... once they get ther , i fell a bite, and the point that they reach on the Sewing line turns harder and thicker. I´ve decide few closes trying tot get them out... but all I see is a small white cotton ball.

When they attack my head ... starts in the hair... seem they stick on it with snot...something that make may hAYR bit goo. I TRY TO GET IT OUT, BUT LOOKS LIKE AS MORE I PULL, MORE IT GLUEs on ME
Than it make a nod, and attack my scalp. When is on the nape is very painful...leaving a kind of furunculous.




Mar 18, 2011
booklice consultancy service part 4
by: Anonymous

These microscopic insects tend to breed up to extremely large mumbers before they are noticed in the home commonly mistaken for headlice and or bedbugs an infestation of booklice are generally misdiagnosed by pest control experts.While no thesis has been written by an expert (YES I AM WORKING ON THIS) if the hat fits and nothing else does it is possible that it is booklice that has infested your home.
Try putting a pot of boiled diced potatoes with the water it was boiled in, close to a place where you commonly get bitten and see what happens, cant do any harm. Also put a dry item of clothing in your microwave such as a T shirt which you get itchy in and zap it for a miniute remove it straight away and see how much moisture is in the shirt once the steam has evaporated smell the shirt the more insects that you cooked in the microwave the smellier it will be.These insects are a fact of life and have always been so they are found in the Artic and in the dessert however are more abundant in humid situations which is why the a/c tends to slow them down.
Management of this insect is the key use of pesticides and insecticides and phosphine gases are likely to drive them onto your neighbours these insects migrate in large numbers when driven from the home and doing this creates a yo-yo affect which will haunt you and your neighbours months if not years!!!!There are many very expensive treatment options however a broad range of management techniques need to be put into place in order to control this insect in your home and prevent reinfestation.

Please email Janet at bookliceconsultancyservice (at) gmail (dot) com

Mar 18, 2011
booklice cosultancy service part3
by: Anonymous

When you are very clean and hence there is not much mould around for them to eat these insects tend to eat your skin making you itchy and giving you a biting sensation which you then scratch which results in a welt. As you age your skin does not self exfoliate as well as a younger person and also as we age our sensitivity lessens and these insects feast on the dead skin without being noticed which is why these insects tend to menace middle aged people the most. Younger persons do not tend to get the crawling sensation as their skin exfoliates at a faster rate and tend not to have as much dead skin on their body as an older person and therfore are not a good food source the older you are the more dead skin you have on your person and the better the food source you become. Young people who become sunburn however do have an abundance of dead skin on their body and will instantly become a food source for the insect.Building products that are not correctly stored and or completely dry that are used in renovations in older homes and used to build new homes can come with these microscopic insects which get trapped inside the home and breed at an alarming rate if the conditions are right.These insects commonly infest cardboard, books, damp hay, mulch, cupboards especially kitchen and bathroom cupboards and are also found on chickens and native birds.

Mar 18, 2011
bookliceconsultancyservice part2
by: Anonymous

I have been researching this insect with the eagle eye of a qualified dermatologist who also has been plauged by these microscopic insects and the advice of an anthropologist. The insect itself can be as small as 1mm which makes it extremely to see with the naked eye. When numbers are great they will feast on your flour, bread,grains,clothing. They especially like the elastic in your cloths and glue that holds everything together in your home such as the glue that holds furniture together chairs will become wobbly and loose even though they are not mistreaten crafty items that have been glued together will fall apart posters that are blue tacked to the walls will continually fall off even though the blue tack seems sticky still. Malimine cupboards will begin to deteriate and eventually fall apart they do not eat the wood but the glue that holds the compressed wood fibres together.I tested my theory about these insects by leaving a pot on a stove top with boiled potatoes (which releases the starch) in the water in which they were boiled overnight. When I took the lid off the pot they had nested in it, the pot was full of these microscopic insects and the contents looked like a silky cream substance unlike anything I had ever seen before, not at all runny and the pot was nearly full to the brim and when it was left there it was half full of water and one potatoe(was only a small pot, however these are microscopic insects).

Mar 18, 2011
bookliceconsultancyservice part 1
by: annonomoys

Psocids or booklice as they are commonly known are small usually dull coloured insects with a body length of 1-10 millimetres. All psocids possess silk glands and in some species large webs are formed in which the community lives. They do have the mandables ie mouthparts to bite humans and they do feed on dead skin cells When their numbers are great within the home even if you dont happen to own many books or the insect has already eaten the glue and mildue in the books etc you have in the home they have to find an alternative food source. Yes they do feed on microscopic mould and fungi and this is why they get into your cloths, no matter how clean you are there is always microscopic mould within the home. You can bring these insects home from your place of work supermarket department store wharehouse in your clothing shoes and handbags etc as these insects cannot survive out in the open enviroment they generally hitch hike a lift on your person.

Mar 18, 2011
Booklice Info.
by: Angie

Interesting comments about the "Book Lice." You said you've tried everything, but obviously no one can try actually everything. It would be more helpful if you would say specifically what you have tried by name.

Have you tried the Cedarcide/Dr. Ben's? I would be very interested in hearing if you did or did not and what the results were if you did.

It is debatable as to whether or not booklice actually bite humans - some say they do not, while others swear they do. They generally feed on fungus and mold, particularly among damp books and papers (hence the name).

Drying out and clearing up an area is usually effective if that is possible in the particular situation.

If you've had it positively confirmed that you have a booklice infestation in your home, I would love to hear how the Cedarcide affected them.

Mar 17, 2011
book lice
by: Anonymous

I have had the same problem here and have been through the same senarios as all of you scabies dry skin ect ect ect...... I have tried all the ointments and creams and cleaning product etc. ect. ect...................... I have finally discovered that the insect that you cannot see is book lice this is the common name and is driving people mad all over the world............ this insect has been identified by the Department of Agriculture and will infest your cloths lounges matresses computers just about anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They breed like mad in humid moist conditions and are literally everywhere!!!! You have likely had these insects in your home car etc for a long time it is only when their numbers build up that they become a problem the trick is to reduce the numbers and effectively manage the problem!!!!!!!You will never kill these things with chemicals and you will constantly be bringing them into your home unknowingly!! They really are everywhere!!!!! These things are as small as a dust mite and create a grey dust when they die!!!!

Mar 16, 2011
Itch from Shingles
by: Angie

I'm so pleased to hear that you (anonymous) found the cause of your situation and were able to get it cared for.

It's interesting that you were having itch from shingles as it is a possible symptom but is more often associated with a blistery rash and a great deal of pain.

There are so many different health concerns that have such similar symptoms. It makes it very difficult to "guess" what may be the underlying cause, particularly via the internet. :)

That's why I most often suggest internal cleansing and immune system support as the best natural treatment for these possible conditions. Those options are usually going to help regardless of the underlying cause.

Once again, I'm so pleased that you are better.

Mar 16, 2011
Wet and Bugs
by: Angie

Hi Giovana,

It wouldn't be the least bit surprising to find a connection between wet and bugs. This is particularly true when fungus or mold is involved.

Many people don't realize that mold in the home can be extremely unhealthy. I live in the tropics, too, so have to deal with mold regularly.

One thing that I have found to be very helpful in combating mold is to use clove oil to clean walls and other surfaces. You can even put a little in your laundry water.

If you get a fungal overgrowth in your body, the symptoms can include the itchy and biting feeling that you are experiencing as well as skin rash. It can also lead to sinus infections, etc.

I can't say for sure if that is what you are dealing with in your situation, but it is worth considering and trying to treat.

A good intestinal herbal cleanse should help as well as boosting your immune system with probiotics.

I hope you are able to get some relief soon.

Mar 16, 2011
Itch solved
by: Anonymous

I wrote on here a while back, I had to end up seeing a Dr cause I just couldn't take the itchy face or body anymore, turns out I didn't have any bugs I ended up having shinngals, which cause itchyness and the feeling of something crawling on any part of your body. Glad to say I was given some medication and I'm itch free. I hope you all find the reason to your itch
Good luck!

Mar 16, 2011
wet and bugs
by: giovana

I've read all post...and sounds just like my drama...
however no one point out some link between those little bugs and wet places
... I live in South Brasil, by the beach and even during summer I feel the sofa, bed, and all clothes that has been kept for more than 2 weeks wetty.
I bought a wash and dryer machine that do hygenise with ozoniun (bratemp says that it may kill 99 % bacterias, acarus.etc..) i keep everything folded...still the clothes will get damp and looks like sewing are wrinkled...very strange as i can't see anything, but once get in contact in my body if feel the bites...specially in the sewing.. and lycras.

I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW DO THEY MOVES... seems they just come from everywhere, from time to time THEY disappear, but than starts it all again. i keep my hair stuk, still i can fell they pulling it and crawling to my scalp, or i just feel a bite like moskito in my legs, arms ... leaving a red dot, but no insect found... freaky....no one else feel those crawling, however my husbund and son have renite and sinusite.
when is raining i really do suffer more... actually just before the rain, i can see those red or white cristal spots on the floor.

really disturbing

has anyone notice the same??


Feb 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

i had these bugs biting me , and i figured out they were scabie mites living in my skin . i bought some neem oil on ebay , mixed it with baby oil , put it on my body and sleep in it . the bites disapeared and the itching rash stayed about 2 weeks but i put neem oil in gold bond to help heal rash , and its gone ..

Feb 12, 2011
Severe Itching
by: Angie

Yes, it could be one of the chemicals in the new cream you are using. Just washing it off wouldn't make it go away immediately.

If you've had some type of reaction to something, it will take some time to work it out of your system.

You can speed up the process by drinking plenty of water and eating some raw honey (natural antihistamine). Of course, over the counter antihistamines may help, too, if you choose to go that route.

Of course, this severe itching may be unrelated to an allergic reaction. It's really hard to say. If the itching continues, you may want to consider an internal cleanse and some nutritional supplements to support your body in processing and eliminating the problem that way.

I'd suggest the following if you decide you need to do that:

Sure hope that you are able to get rid of your severe itching soon. If you have some aloe plant, you may want to try slicing a stem open and applying the gel to your itchy skin. It should help relieve it so you don't scratch so much.

As for whether or not your kids can get it, it depends on what it turns out to be. :) If it's an allergic reaction to something in your lotion or other product you've come in contact with, they aren't likely to get it by having contact with you.

If it's a parasite of some sort, like a mite or internal bacteria, etc., then yes, it's possible for them to get it too.

Let us know if you are able to narrow down the cause and what you find most helpful in eliminating the problem.

Feb 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

For the past week now I have been itchy on the left side of my face, ear, neck & head it feels like bugs are attacking me. When I go look I don't see anything, not even a bump. I can't help but to scratch and there's times where my face feels like it's on fire. I thought maybe it can be the new lotion I got so I washed everything off my body and nothing, still itchy. It's driving me insane. Can my kids get this? What can it possibly be?

Jan 31, 2011
Read This
by: Anonymous

I've got them too! I can't see em and they get all over me and my clothes - just recently they overwhelmed me again. I was late on giving my dog comfortes -but in addition to that I have to spray him with Adams flea and tick spray every week. I live in a sandy area close to water and have a lot of leaves falling in my yard. BURN the leaves, put out lyme around the yard - it burns them and they leave. Ammonia kills them - vacuum real good 2x (or more) a week if you can and get rid of the vacuum bag (or get it into a plastic bag and sit out side until you use it again - they climb out of the vacuum back into your home)- make sure you get the ones the bugs can't blow back out of and then clean the floors with ammonia and dust dust dust they live in any dust it takes constant cleaning for a couple months - it's a big war and they come back fast keep on cleaning and keep the ac/heat filter clean. (Change more often now). Hot Shot (for fleas and ticks)is great! you can get it at the dollar store for a few bucks I had to spray my pillows last night and cover them with 3 towels to sleep but that will kill em- I cleaned my room good bcuz when I walked in there they attacked me. so I cleaned all the dust off the floors and shelves - washed my bed clothes in HOT water and dried them in a HOT dryer vacuumed my mattress and box spring than sprayed them with hot shot then I was able to sleep. anything that gets dusty they live in - get rid of stuff sitting around collecting dust if possible. Hope this helps - it's a huge battle but there is light at the end of the tunnel you can beat them keep fighting and keep dust and dirt away from home if possible (sweep porch off so you don't bring them in on bottom of feet) . Also you can take the housing off your computer and vacuum the internal parts dust builds up inside the computer housing just take the screws out and lift the housing off and vacuum all the parts gently! Vacuum key board and all other parts collecting dust. Knock em DEAD! Just trying to help.

Jan 30, 2011
No seeums in CT
by: Melissa

I thought I was going crazy. I am constantly being bitten, mostly around the ankles and wrists. No one else seems to be bothered by them. I can't see them but I can feel them and their bites are like hives. I am covered in scabs. I can't even walk around the house without socks and pants, they are everywhere. Isn't there anything I can do to get rid of them. They are even at my friend's house in MA. I can't escape them!
I have found that if I apply a lot of thick cream after a shower with a loofah, that keeps them from biting for a while

Dec 23, 2010
Can't see them bugs.....
by: Bev

My son and I have the can't see them bugs for months now. We live in az. Never had problems till we lived here. Nothing seams to kill these bugs. I'm about to try 20 mule team borax putting it on my rug for a few days, walking on it so it gets in the rug good. then sweeping it after several days. they drive you nuts, because you can't see them, but you can feel them bite. They get into your hair, on your body I think they like to hide in the seams of my clothing. I get bit mostly around my waist or anywhere my seams would hit. I read that they don't like lemon grass. so I got some bug spray with lemon grass oil. We've gone through 2-3 gals of bug spray, I think the only thing it is doing is making us sick. I have turned on my hair dryer at the spots on my head and gotten relieve for awhile. That seams to kill them but can't get rid of the eggs. they seam to reappear in 3-5 days after you think you got rid of them for good. We've washed our cloths everyday. put our clothes in plastic bags. of course cleaned the whole house. sweep and spray the whole rug. Help!
using the borax is the last straw.

Dec 14, 2010
in the same boat
by: Davo

I live in South Australia and have the same problem they are driving my wife and i nuts you can't see them but you certainly can feel them. I have tried every bug killer known to man but nothing can kill them. If your imune system is low they love you. A few hints I have picked up from the many many people with this problem that may help you are, put vicks in your nose and ears when going to bed they don't like menthol. When you first get into the shower spray yourself were you can feel them with listerene mouthwash, they hate it turn on the shower and they seem to drop off. After you have showered spray windex on the floor of the shower to kill them
spray windex in your car around your computer on the floor or any were you can feel them.many people use lime sulphur with great success Don't give up hope I.m getting bitten as i sit at my computer writing this my home is almost brand new so I want be leaving in a hurry. I hope these few hints help you a bit as they did me. The authorities have to take this more seriosly so best of kuck and have merry bite free xmas all the best Davo

Oct 25, 2010
by: Anonymous

When i go to bed i can feel something bitting me but when i check to see if there is a bug, i can't find one. The bites look like mosquito bites but i doubt a mosquito could get in the areas where im bitten (such as around the waist and thighs even close to the armpits.) Its very weird and i drives me insane. I can't sleep because i worried some bug is crawling all over me and eating me. Please Help (and no i do not think it is a parasite inside me cause the bites would be on the inside.)

Oct 10, 2010
Actual bites
by: Anonymous

Help! I fell bugs on my skin but look and see nothing. I have actual bug bites that are itchy. My apartment was checked and it was verified that it is not bed bugs. The bites started around my ankles and toes. I have a few on my thigh and back. It is driving me crazy. My children don't have bites, only me What do I do?

Oct 02, 2010
Try An Internal Cleanse
by: Angie

It sounds to me like you need to try an internal cleanse. Although it feels like you are having "noseeums" getting you from the outside, the symptoms you are describing could also be from internal parasites that give you that sensation.

I would seriously consider getting the Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90 for cleansing your system.

I'd also try boosting the immune system with the following nutritional supplements:

I honestly think you'll find that they do you a world of good to help your body deal with this and help you get your "life" back.

Sep 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yea I got em too. Can't see em but they are all over me right now....I am sitting at computer and feel them more here than other places my air filter for ac is close by too. There things are making me crazy I have to constantly be cleaning and vacuuming trying to get rid of them relief is short lived as the are back the very next day. I spent 1/2 the day yesterday cleaning and now today here I sit and they are all over me - sometimes they get so bad I feel like the inside of my mouth is covered w/them or something? I don't see any answers to get rid of em. What can we do? I use alot of ACV (apple cider vinegar) mixed with oils and I get relief for a few hours! what's up I feel like burning the house down or giving away me beloved pets who I spend tons of $ keeping bug free? I just treated my dog less than 2 weeks ago with Front Line and this morning when I got close to him the "noseeums" were all over me? What??????? Help Help Help please

Aug 31, 2010
bugs that i cant see it
by: Anonymous

hello, well it happen that i have the same problem above. i feel something walking over my arms, legs, feet, and i cant see it. i had been cleaning the apt all over with the hot shot thing. and using those bomb gas everywhere.. if i seat down on the computer , this thing bites me.. or if i go to my bed.. i cant sleep because it feels like something is jumping to my face.

i live in U.S , FL. and i had never got any problem like that. i dont even know what type of bug is.

( when i feel that something is on my arm, and i take a look at it,, there is nothing there. and i havent find any dead bug around... )


Jul 16, 2010
Itchy Head
by: Angie

Have you had someone check your hair for lice? It's pretty easy to get lice if you've been around children or been in close contact with someone who had lice.

You can also check your scalp to see if you have dry skin.

What I would suggest as an easy solution to see if you can clear up your itchy head is to cover your entire head and hair with olive oil before you go to bed. Wrap a towel around it to avoid the mess on your pillow case. :-)

This will serve two purposes:

1. Smother lice or any other external bug on your scalp.

2. Moisturize dry skin/scalp.

You can do this twice a week for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference for you.

Another easy option is to rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly with organic (Bragg's) apple cider vinegar. You can do this daily or a few times per week as desired.

I hope these suggestions are helpful and that you can get rid of your itchy head soon.

Jul 15, 2010
by: answer baack please

my head is itching alot it dont stop. i dont know if its dryness or have a bug in my hair. we dont have bugs in our house or gone outside the country..

Jun 30, 2010
Can parasites lay domant
by: Cindy

HELP! I had the same identical thing last year and at the same time of the year....HOT! Last year when going though this, I went into the hospital for other medical problems. Paying attention to other problems them seemed to just disappear. There Back!!!! This year I've gone to the doctor and have done the cream thing for scabies. Through my process I was treating my dog. Then took my dog to the vet. Lo & Behold, she doesn't have scabies and hasn't. Could it be in this house that is so drafty, damp...etc. They said this house was on a fault line, however I've since found out it was built in 1961 over a dump site. I'm grasping for straws here. I'm going absolutely crazy. I'm washed & disinfected out. Lysol finger is broke. HELP!

May 17, 2010
same thing here
by: Anonymous

not sure where the the person is from that is getting bit at he comp. but we have the same problem .....every time I get on the comp. I feel somthing crawling on me and I get bit all over my arms ?? makes me feel like i am going crazy

Apr 25, 2010
Biting Midges, Bedbugs, Mites?
by: Angie

Hi J,

In what part of the country (and which country) does your auntie live? Is it in an area that is prone to have biting midges or sandflies?

My first thought would have been bedbugs since she was getting the bites while in bed. If she is no longer getting bitten at night, than that possibility is likely ruled out.

There are different types of mites that are not easily visible to the naked eye. Is she ONLY being affected when she is in her computer area?

It's certainly not impossible for something to have taken up residence in her computer or keyboard. Is she getting these bites on her arms or legs?

I would suggest that your auntie get some organic apple cider vinegar and put it in a spray bottle to mist around the entire area where she is sitting, particularly around the carpet, chair, floorboards, etc.

I wouldn't spray it on the computer, though. :) They do have special high temperature steamers that you can use to disinfect the computer and keyboard without ruining it, if I recall.

I hope your auntie is able to get rid of these biting midges, bedbugs, mites, or whatever they are soon. I'm sure she must be quite distressed over it.

Apr 23, 2010
Bugs you can't See
by: Jskinner


I have an auntie that lives in a condo complex, and she has had some kind of bugs in her condo that you can't see, she has bombed her house, has called everyone she can think of to come out and they can't find any thing. She has searched her bed and cleaned every where in house and can't find any thing.

She used to get them in her bed room and she would wake up with little tinny red marks on her body, not they are no longer in her bedroom but when she sits at her computer which is located between her laundry room and the kitchen she gets bit with the same little red marks, she can feel something but she cant see it and few min. later she sees the bit.

what could this be and can it live in her keyboard, or computer?

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