Candida Overgrowth And Parasites

by Mary Beth

You and I shared emails back in October, discussing candida overgrowth and parasites and my effort to rid myself of both.

You had asked me to follow up with you!

Worthy of note is the commitment and rigor it takes to fully rid oneself of candida overgrowth and parasites.

No messin’ around!

MORE worthy of note, for me, was the need to not only eliminate the overgrowth and parasites, and to also do a colon cleanse, but to seriously address my liver function.

I have NONE of the typical influences that can negatively influence liver health, and yet my body showed signs of liver dysfunction.

It was a long and winding path to realize that my liver and gallbladder needed to be “flushed”, and I would HIGHLY encourage this discussion on your website.

As it happened, I followed some of the basic flushes that include fresh apple cider and olive oil. I did not opt to use Epsom salt purges, and was highly successful in my efforts.

I passed over 200 gall stones and a hefty amount of white fecal matter; and the white matter could not be attributed to anything I ate since I did not consume anything white or anything that produces white or chalky feces. The best I can suggest, based on the research I did, was that I passed a fair amount of cholesterol flakes that had gotten lodged in the liver and/or gallbladder.

Suffice to say that, with a morning “gruel” of almond meal, flaxseed meal, and a fiber blend (non-gmo soy fiber, rice bran, beet powder, broccoli powder, slippery elm, peppermint, +++), I am now having healthy bowel movements and am free of candida and parasites.

What I learned from this 6 month ordeal is the value of a full digestive overhaul. Especially with candida and pararasites, it is wise to first rid the body of those issues, THEN do a colon cleanse to clear the way for the healthy expulsion of the debris that is offloaded with a liver and gallbladder flush.

Had I stopped the process anywhere along the way, I would not have gotten to the liver flush and would likely have recurring problems.

I intend to do a liver and gallbladder flush at least once a
year, and I also intend to monitor my bowel movements closely. If there is a change in their usual amount or consistency, and there is no obvious correlation to a dietary choices that would therefore need to be changed, I will respond promptly to my body’s indicator that something is wrong.

To leave the digestive tract unattended when it is suggesting that something might be going amiss will only lead to much more serious problems! This is my greatest learning from my entire experience!

Again, I would encourage your website visitors to seriously consider the interconnectedness of ALL of the digestive organs and the need to address the system in its entirety, not just single out one simple solution.

Yes, that’s a much more arduous path, but if people are serious about attaining optimal health, they will do well to do whatever it takes to rid the body of the toxins that build up in our system, whether by our own poor choices or by the inevitable consequence of living in a polluted and contaminated world.

My blessings to you and all of your readers, as we all strive toward our greatest health! Thank you again for the insights you helped to provide in my research efforts toward my own health!


Mary Beth

Dear Mary Beth,

Thank you so much for your update and progress in your effort to deal with candida overgrowth and parasites.

Your experience and testimony of dealing with candida overgrowth and parasites, etc., can be helpful to so many others. I'm a firm believer in cleansing the body regularly and thoroughly just as you suggest.

I hope, in the near future, to be able to cover the topics of liver cleansing and gallbladder cleansing in a natural and effective way. The importance this plays in overall health is significant and often overlooked.

Thank you again so much for taking the time to share your experiences with the readers of If you have the time to give more specifics on the particular flushes you used, I would really appreciate it.

You can add them below using the comments form or place each one on their own dedicated page using the natural colon cleansing submission form.

To your continued good health!

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