Could This Be Parasites?

by Mark
(Fairfield, California, USA)

Am I being eaten? Could this be parasites?

Thirteen years ago I went to Guatemala when I was 15 years old. Ever since I remember feeling bloated often.

One year ago I began to gain a lot of weight around my abdomen and legs then suddenly lose it. I went to the doctor, was perfectly healthy.

This year 09 in April within 2 months time my abdomen became distended to the point of being very uncomfortable and I began to feel very weak.

I ended up at the ER and had 7 liters of abdominal fluid drained from my abdomen. A battery of tests were performed that turned up nothing.

Living one hour away from UCSF in San Francisco, I decided I needed to get serious about finding a cause.

Last week Sept 3rd, I had 13 liters drained from my abdomen. I have had any test available to me, including exploratory surgery, a liver biopsy (which just turned up pretty normal except for some scarring -reason unknown) and a hernia repair due to the excessive liquid.

I still have no answer as to what it can be. In the meantime, I did check out holistic medicine, did a detox, revolutionized my diet, am now a vegan, and just learned to live life a healthier way.

I never did drugs, blood transfusions, drink, am not promiscuous, just a normal single guy with a good job and still living at home. This has been very stressful for my family and I and everyone at gastroenterology at UCSF.

The fluid is already beginning to build up again in my abdomen.

One homeopathic doctor has me on a treatment for parasites. Could this be parasites? Anyone shed some light on this...please? I'm getting pretty desperate.

Hi Mark,

My goodness! You certainly are having a time of it, aren't you?! I'm very sorry to hear of your distress.

Believe it or not, I have real empathy for you as my own mother has experienced a tremendous amount of fluid retention (edema) in her abdomen and legs this year, too. It came very unexpectedly and was baffling and very uncomfortable.

A CAT scan (which I don't care for because of the radiation exposure, but is sometimes necessary) revealed that she had an enlarged lymph node pressing on a major artery and restricting the proper flow of fluid in the body.

The Lord blessed us with an excellent homeopathic doctor who has been treating her for 3 months now. The fluid retention is almost gone. The lymph node has shrunk back down and it appears that her body is
on the mend.

Have you had your lymphatic system checked? I can't imagine that they would have failed to check such an obvious condition, but I thought I'd better ask.

Here's what my mom has done that she has found helpful...

  • To reduce the water retention naturally, she uses a liquid Dandelion tincture. She places 30 drops in a small amount of water 3 times per day. You can get Dandelion Root Extract Cert Organic at Kalyx if you can't get it locally.

  • She takes 2 Herbal Release capsules twice per day. This is a combination of herbs that helps to cleanse the lymphatic system. Herbal Release is available here.

  • She also takes the Garden Trio every day because it's important that your body gets as much rich nutrition as it can in order to have what it needs to build healthy new cells and repair damaged cells.

    As a side note, one of the Garden Trio is Redibeets which is beets, juiced and dried to maintain it's full benefit. Beets are excellent for cleaning and detoxifying the liver.

  • My mother has also been taking Essiac tea (also known as Ojibwah tea) twice per day. She uses the extract form and adds two droppers-full to a small glass of water. You can purchase the Essiac Formula Extract at Kalyx, too.

Of course, my mother also uses several other supplements that are specific to her condition, but those are the ones that were the most help for her abdominal fluid and lymph cleansing.

Could this be parasites you are dealing with? Of course, the answer is yes. Particularly since you were overseas and experiencing regular bloating afterward.

The best parasite cleanse that I've encountered so far is Para 90 capsules and Herbal Fiberblend powder.

However, I don't necessarily believe the fluid retention is directly the result of parasites, but it can certainly be indirectly related. For instance, if you have been harboring parasites for years, the toxic build up would begin to overload your body and cause a variety of other conditions.

Your lymphatic system is responsible for processing the toxins in your body, but when it can't keep up, many parts of the body start to "malfunction."

I can't pretend to know more about your condition than all the medical people you've spoken to in person. All I can do is share with you our experiences and provide you with some additional options.

I sincerely hope it is of some help to you. Please keep us posted on your progress. We'll be praying for you.

To your good health!

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