Demodex Mite

by Debra C.
(Bradford, PA)

The Demodex Mite, Skin Parasites, and Know-It-All Uncompassionate Doctors

This all started about 3 weeks ago after I got healed from a broken thumb nail that split in the middle of the thumbnail all the way through!

I was at total peace of mind when this happened and was ready to give my new neighbors a Bible study. Coincidence? I don't think so.

This is a satanic attack and I know it. Bugs too small to be seen and medical staff that could not care less and think I am suffering from delusional parasitosis.

One doctor from the ER that I went to here in town forced me into the psych unit for a night and most of the next day! I came there because I had an allergic reaction, begged his help and he responded by forcing me into the psych unit.

Had I not "voluntarily" agreed to see the psych doctor and go to the unit "of my own volition" they would have 302'd me mandatory for 3 days just because I was trying to get tape samples of whatever this is from my scalp!

Wouldn't you be trying to find out and prove that you had something on you when someone was trying to make out that you were crazy and that it was "all in your head"?! Heartless, unprofessional CREEP!

I THINK (I don't know obviously) that I am having a problem with what is called a demodex mite. A mite that I guess lives on dogs but can infest humans.

When they do, they infest the scalp, the eyebrows, eyelashes and face such as cheeks, nose and ears. This is where my problems are. I am not bothered from the neck down just the face and scalp.

It feels like crawling and sometimes like jumping or popping and sometimes I feel a bite that stings. I found a larvae on my head and gave it to an exterminator who was going to give it to his boss to be microscoped but he has never gotten back to me on what it was.

I have not found anymore larvae since. It took long enough to find that one.

I have NEVER hallucinated in my life and I am not imagining this out of an irrational fear even though I am somewhat bug a phobic. I don't like bugs because I had to do a bug collection of 250 different kinds in high school. It made me fear them.

I am utterly TERRIFIED of spiders and always will be. But, I do not IMAGINE bugs on my body. I have never had this kind of problem before.

I had head lice as a child. You can see them. But I had vaguely heard that there was supposed to be a tiny head lice that didn't respond to normal treatment and at first I thought I might have them because of where (the scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows) the itching and crawling were.

I shampooed first with Adam's dog shampoo and for about 24 hours was ok. Then it started again. I figured I missed some or maybe got reinfected by doing the clothing so I shampooed again using human lice shampoo.

Of course I sprayed my carpets and vacuumed and even ironed my tempurpedic mattress!

After 5 days of repeated shampooing I figured I was missing the nits and so I decided the hair had to go. All 10 yrs. worth of it!
I cried and cried. I feel so ugly now.

I thought that would do the trick along with shampooing my bald head and getting the laundry done up of course.

I even shampooed the dog because the vet said that human lice could be transferred and vice versa. But to no avail.

The vet said that lice products wouldn't work if it was demodex and that even scabies mite lotion wouldn't work. I haven't tried scabies mite lotion but I show no visible signs of scabies mites.

One of the ER doctors I saw said he thought I had bedbugs because our town is having a problem with them. He never even looked at my scalp with his naked eye and all he did was have me hold up the container of samples I took on tape and he declared I had bedbugs.

I tried to tell him that I had had a problem with fleas earlier and that might be what he saw. That he should look at the samples under a microscope but he said that wasn't necessary because he KNEW it was bedbugs.

Well guess what? It WASN'T bedbugs. The exterminator clarified that and I now know what a bedbug looks like and how it acts.

Goes to show you the arrogance of doctors and there crackshot diagnoses. If you don't LOOK at someone's scalp or area of problem, HOW can you diagnose WHAT it is that is wrong?

And just because you can't see with the human eye does not mean that it doesn't exist. Scabies mites are
microscopic and so is the demodex mite and is even smaller that the scabies mite! So they think that they can see this with their naked eye? What idiot taught them that theory I wonder!

I am so mad and so disillusioned in the medical community's attitude. I cannot believe I was treated that way! How dare he!

Why are people being left to suffer?! I now understand that there are THOUSANDS that are experiencing the SAME kinds of symptoms. I suppose ALL of us are "crazy". Yeah right! It's the medical community who is CRAZY for not having the compassion to do all they can to diagnose and find a treatment for these parasites.

What good is the CDC if they aren't going to actually examine people? How can you do a study if you don't LOOK at the patients involved?

My health department says it's not their job to do this and the CDC said to contact my health dept. Passing the buck and the responsibility back and forth at my expense and thousands of others that are suffering immeasurably.

I have allergic reactions to these bites. I am afraid it is going to cause me a heart attack as I have severe chest pains and extreme jitteriness like I am going to jump right out of my skin.

It is the most HORRIBLE thing imaginable! If they had this wrong with them, they would want help. They wouldn't want someone insinuating that they were "crazy". How can you let someone suffer like this?

I feel these bugs all over my scalp and face. Up my nose and in my ears. Worst in my eyes from my eyelashes. I am afraid it will cost me my sight. I have to feel this 24 hr. a day!

The worst is at night when they are most active. I can't sleep right. I ache from muscle soreness.

I am stressed out from the physical irritation and the emotional stress of having them on me not being able to kill them once and for all. I am wearing myself out constantly doing laundry and vacuuming.

I spent almost $2,000 of my back SSI money that I wanted to use to move with, to solve this problem and still haven't. I am on SSI I don't get much a month to work with. I have lots of medicine co-pays to cover and rent, etc. How can I afford to fight this?

I don't know what to do! I feel so helpless and HOPELESS because NO ONE CARES. I have been to a dermatologist who only did ONE LITTLE SCRAPING on my scalp. Get real! These are the tiniest of the arthropods from what I read in the article and you expect to find them in one little scraping?

Jeez, why didn't she just call them like you'd call a dog? Probably would be more effective than what she did. The vet, same thing. One little scraping on the dog's chin.

These people couldn't find their buttocks if they looked in the mirror! They just don't care. My family doctor who is TRYING and so far failing to help me, said that half the medical community believes demodex can infest humans and half doesn't. So it all depends on who you talk to.

My vet doesn't believe in it but believes that fleas can infest humans. If they can, why not demodex mites?

What do you do? How am I going to stop this suffering if no one will look at me and the dog in a serious manner?

I don't no how much more I can take. The other night if I had not shampooed with the dog shampoo (which can't be good for me to continue doing) I would have seriously committed suicide. The symptoms are THAT bad!

The dog is suffering too in the same places. Even though the vet gave the dog an allergy shot that supposedly lasts 6 weeks. He thought it was a flea allergy and might have been partially but he is still scratching and rubbing his muzzle and nose on the carpet or bed. He scratches at his ears and bites his hind quarters.

I read a book and in it it said that demodex mites could be fatal to him! My God, if he dies I will have no reason left to live. No one cares about me including my kids in Ohio. I have no man in my life and thanks to my 2nd ex husband giving me Herpes, I probably never will. I can't take much more. I really can't.

"God, please in the name of Jesus help me and the others. You said that you will not give us more than we can bare. THIS is MORE than I can continue to bare Lord. PLEASE send us someone who is knowledgeable and who is compassionate and dedicated to finding this parasite/s and helping us to eliminate them and our suffering. In Jesus's name. Amen."

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May 28, 2021
Demodex follicularum and brevis NEW
by: Lynn

Hot compress each eye once( not more) per day, I-Lid'N Lash eye wipes,1/ day, tea tree oil shampoo scrub it into your scalp and rinse every day, change pillowcase often, wash face with non soap cleaner,Go see an eye doctor- very important.Try to get prescription for Ivermectin, spot mop face with a little craft paintbrush with mixture of teatime oil shampoo and water.Cant catch demodex from your dog-they have different type. Only brevis and follicularum demodex can live on humans.Get your immune system checked via bloodwork.

Sep 19, 2020
Demodex follicularum And Demodex Brevis
by: Joyce

This is Demodex Follicularum and Brevis —Borax 20 mule power/coconut oil,Apple cider vinegar with the mother (The antibiotic part of the fermentation process . ) lavender oil ,clove oil—Place all ingredients in the hottest water you can handle ( 10-20 drops of each of those oils ,add Epsom salt also. Sit in bath ,they should start jumping out immediately. Go get black African soap for Eczema and a scrub —Twice a day use the soap on face ,twice a week add as rubto face then apply soap on top of that ,massage with hands ,rinse with as hot a water as you can . Rinse ,pat dry ,apply oil fee products ( Dr Sheffield’s Psoriasis cream for a dollar at the dollar tree ,apply twice a day . Wash bedding ,clothes ,almost daily ,change pillowcase etc . Wash hair then apply Apple cider vinegar with the mother with hot purified water run through hair ,add shampoo ,wash well with fingertips ,rinse ,Cond from Mid-shaft of hat to ends ( Avoid oily products on the scalp . You have to get rid of all white food products ,sugars ,yeast etc this leads to the disruption of the Flora and the Fauna on our bodies every day ( too much fungus ,yeast ,leads to Demodex infestation ( Plant based foods etc ( I’ve been fasting everyday ,back to clean eating ,things are improving . I’m a healer of the Most high God and I’ve been attacked for 6 months and the nasty Devils that Trump is taking down have weaponized Moregellons fibers which are a part of Demodex and they are in the air called Smartdust This is an attack on all of God’s Children,Know it . Put the Full Armor Of God on so you can stand ,Then stand firmly ,we battle the principalities in the Political and heavenly places etc . But I’ve got News for the Devil he is a Liar ,For our Father is going to Embue us with his power . Do not fear and Do not be afraid thus Sayeth the Lord . Behold I stand at the Door ,Behold I make all things New . In my Fathers House are many Mansions ,if it were not so I would have told you ,I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and Prepare a place for you ,Surely I will Gather you ,that Where I AM ,You May be also. God Loves you all ,Trust and Do not be afraid. God is our Ultimate healer ,He is El-Rophe ,Our Healer,Jehovah Jirah ,Our Provider,These are But a few Of His Holy names . Call on him Jesus in good times and bad ,he wants relationships that are meaningful,he is like us ,he has feelings ,hopes and dreams etc just like Us . Put your Trust in him alone and watch your lives change,God Bless all who read this or are here writing .

Jun 21, 2017
by: Dawn A

My drama started in 2014, problems with eyesI swelling, itching, watering so of course I went to an eye specialist. After multiple visits with 2 different docs and different locations and lots of money later I was diagnosed with allergies, blephritis, MGD, No more make-up, told to wash my eye margins daily with baby shampoo, had a non covered by insurance procedure Lipiflow, $1,600.00 later and broke, nothing really helped.

Was reminded multiple times no cure, just management, Demodex was dismissed early on as they said they would be able to see in slit lamp and never mentioned again or ignored me if I mentioned it.

March 2017 my hair was so thin you could see my scalp, half my eyelashes gone, droopy Right eye, red eye margins, I was a mess!!! I heard some young girls in grocery store say to each other, Oh she has alopecia, I just wanted to scream and run out of store.

My third eye specialist, had all my records sent thought this was my last chance for some resolution to this madness. Testing, eye drops, pamphlet for Blephex cleaning, appointment in a month - No mention of Demodex.

GOD BLESS THAT PAMPHLET - I saw pictures of eyes with stuff on them that resembled mine, I knew I had seen these eyes before even though mine looked similar, but not as severe. I got on youtube and saw some videos, everything pointed to Demodex . I read everything i could get my hands on about Demodex, hair loss, blephritis, rosacea it all came together... I was happy, frustrated and extremely MAD that I had been suffering for so long, all the money I had spent.

1. This is what I did, bought borax, used in all laundry, everything washed in hot water if possible.
2. Threw all my pillows out and bought cheap ones, cause going to replace every 3 months. Vacuumed bed and sprayed with apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil along with carpet, good start. Change sheets every 3 days
3. Dusted, clorox wipes, cleaned like crazy, washed towels again and only use once, have a laundry basket away from your clothes and out of your bedroom, away from animals as they can live on towels longest.
4. I purchased Cliradex wipes for my eyes, so expensive started using accusoft wipes and added my own Tea Tree Oil, 4-5 drops, only use TERPINEN-4--OL.
5. Use water and tea tree oil in little scalp squirt applicator prior to bedtime. I started mixing tea tree oil and baseline and putting on scalp. Going to try a green clay mask with tea tree oil on scalp and face, get those out of pores and hair follicles.
6. I purchased demodex Shampoo, face wash and body wash on Amazon, but pretty expensive. I may have to add my own tea tree oil to make these. Haven't tried tea tree bar soap, 10$ for 2 bars.

Have been doing religiously since April, 14th, my hair is coming back, my eyes are amazing, still someway to go... Wore make up for my sisters Birthday , no problems, just washed off well before bed. I plan on doing this for a year everything I have read says long process, but can achieve. Study shows Tea Tree Oil kills them, problem is you have to kill the mating males, as females stay in pores and hair, males go to them, mate in the dark. I hope this helps somebody, the word needs to get out there.

May 30, 2017
DIY Remedy NEW
by: Fed Up

Third round of Ivermectin and still getting eatup.

Springtails - Collembola

Check the comments on the product below. Mix you up some PermeCrin cream and spray everything with Windex. I was close to suicide when I found this. Peace.

Mar 16, 2017
Ordering the AIM Products
by: Angie from

Hi Dawn,
Sorry I didn't see your question earlier. No, you usually can't find the supplements I mentioned at the health food store, but if you do the prices will be marked up considerably. I buy (and sell) them at the wholesale prices. You can get them here.

Mar 13, 2017
What work for me so far
by: DC

Hello to All,

I'm going to make this short and sweet. Basically my story is the same. Except for in the midst of me trying to find out what was wrong with me. I got diagnosed with HIV. I was so delerious,out of it, could not function from the itching, moving,and razor sharp pains,and sores disfigument of my skin. All I cared about was getting rid of these things and getting my life back. Doctors,and Dermatologist still would not believe or acknowledge that I had mites. After researching myself;it's demedex. Everything started making sense. My immune system was compromised, unable to fight back,months with out diagnosis,no treatment, They were having a frenzy.

I found great relief with taking these supplements.

Tumeric and Cummin
Hyaluronic acid
Betaine Hydrochloric acid
Vitamin D
Papaya Enzyme complex

There will be itching,but not in the same way. More like they are try to get out then in.

You don't have to go out and get these all at once. Try One or two at first. I started with just the Tumeric Cummin-5.00 at local stores
Hyaluronic-18.00 and Betaine Hydrochloric acid-8.99 I can only find at health food store. Everything else at your local grocery or drug store. I hope this works for also.. I'm back functioning well with life and work. I continue to rotate the combinations in my daily routine. Just keep the progress going forward.

Mar 03, 2017
Not sure if its Demodex but could be
by: Dawn

Angie, thanks for your warm thoughts and yes we are to the point of doing exactly that do we purchase at health food store? We are also getting depressed from all the cleaning and feeling like we aren't getting anywhere,as you can imagine ,but yes for sure we will try
Thank you

Mar 03, 2017
Not sure if its Demodex but could be
by: Dawn

OK got your message I'm just not so sure about the sea salt will definitely try the ginger and the ivermectrin in the paste we just took our prescription for humans so We are cleaning ,cleaning ,and mor cleaning and we hope its working I've been doing a lot of reading I am to the point of being sceptical about anything out of the ordinary only because of our past experience with spent spent spend and getting nowhere ,I'm sorry for your troubles and yes will definitely pray for you too ....I hope things look up for you hang in there!!!

Mar 03, 2017
Try Herbal Fiberblend for Internal Cleanse
by: Angie from

Hi Dawn,
First let me say that I am so sorry for your loss of your son. I can only imagine...

Regarding this mite issue you are battling, would you consider internal cleansing with Herbal Fiberblend and Composure? I know it may not seem to make sense as it is an internal treatment, but I have had so much success with it that I can't help but think it would do a world of good for you and your husband too.

Normally I suggest the full parasite cleansing protocol, but you two may be able to get just as good results with the basics.

At this point, isn't it worth a shot? You would be able to ease up on all that excessive cleaning and focus on yourselves, and your grief process, helping each other through it.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Angie Berg

Feb 26, 2017
Not sure if its Demodex but could be
by: DawnDelgado

These stories all sound word for word like my husbands and myself , The only difference is we have been dealing with this since July 2016, after my son passed away, we were spending time at his home with his wife and our grandchildren I decided to give their dog a bath I put her in the tub and these bugs went nuts I could feel them jumping on me, I was not aware that I could contract mange or demodex mites ??? Of course I am not sure if that is the actual type of mite it is?? I've done a lot of research and from what I remember there are over 65,000 different kinds of mites and that number may not be accurate .We have been to the doctor ,the dermatologist ,the health department OSHU Dept. Of Garden and plants and fish we took samples to all and apparently the samples we have given have not been viable because they tell us it looks like a hairball or lint or skin that's because we dug them out of our skin they burrowed OMG we have been told that we need to see someone for our grief over our son that they think we are both suffering from the same delusions...I ask you ?how is that possible??If this is demodex mites they say tea tree oil and shampoo and facial cleanser also there is an eye cream out there with tea tree oil and you must follow a regiment daily for it to work ,tea tree shampoo is quite expensive also tanning beds and hot tubs and saunasare beneficial I have used borax on my carpets and soak laundry for 20 minutes in hot water before you run thru cycle we also use borax and water and hydrogen peroxide in a ray bottle,along with rubbing alcohol and cedar wood oil mixed with water in a spray bottle look we have tryed just about everything so far no luck .We have not groieved for my boy not really everyday we get up and clean house we don't have time for anything else,and I'm not crazy either I am at the end of my rope .I hope my story is of some help to someone ,If We find a cure we will most certainly come back and post.....

Feb 10, 2017
Same here
by: Jai

Your story is pretty much my identical story.. psych ward and all but I was never admitted but discharged as paranoia (really? All of a sudden at 38yo). I do also believe this is satanic, but I will not let him win. Always know nothing stays the same forever. My life already was hard financially, romantically, family wise, everything, and I prided myself that at least I had my health.. well or anymore and I need tons of dental work (which I'm not sure if that's a trigger for them in my face). To got Scabies from my hamster on Christmas Day and gave been battling that. I've lost a good job too that I was just beginning. I have no income and I'm single. I'm behind in rent and my car payment, I lost my car insurance for non payment, and the list goes on, but I know I have to stay strong and wgikevthis sucks I'm embracing all that I'm learning. I had no clue about Scabies or mites. Well I think I fought the Scabies but then now I have this infestation of Dermodex mites. I have cleaned, shampooed the carpets, and spent any money I have (borrowed too which I hate borrowing anything), on priducts for this. Some posters say to wash your clothes everyday (yeah that's great if you have the financial means to do this.. I don't). My cell phone is disconnected and I'm just waiting for my eviction papers. The way I look at it is God is telling me it's time firbbajor changes and he's pushing me to move. It's just hard because how can I move when I'm crawling with insects? I just have to keep the faith. The worst that can happen is I die which is the inevitable in life anyway. Well , enough about me. What I will tell you that has helped temporarily (still working on a cure) is to put hydrogen peroxide in your ears. Try martins Permethrin with lotion (I use lubriderm) and/or invermectin from Amazon (it's a horse paste, but much cheaper than doc meds which they never give you enough of. I would eat fresh ginger (it's strong, but it works immediately). Also do a sea salt water cleanse or buy empty pill capsules from vitamin shop or Amazon. Put sea salt in the capsules and swallow about 4-8. They may bite, they hate this. I believe anything you do when they bite or run means it works. They wouldn't be so defensive if they liked what you were giving them. You have to go to war with them. You also have to treat them like other mites, meaning once you feel they are gone don't stop immediately. I would say keep doing what your doing for at least 1 month after you feel better. I hope this advice helps. Sea salt will make you go to the bathroom so be close to a bathroom. Good luck to you. Let's pray for each other! God is with us.. he is just using our outer shell (body) for some greater purpose. I also wrote to the CDC because I have yet to get a proper Scabies diagnoses and asked them why don't hospitals have tests for an infestation that is so highly contagious. I was so tired of hearing stupid doctors opinions. I wanted a test and I have no insurance and they gave me nada. It was horrible starting a new job, shaking people's hands, but I couldn't say I had Scabies because I wasn't officially diagnosed. Well they batekyboooked at my body and when I showed them a track mark the nurse said it looked like a cat scratch (I don't have a cat). Well after 3 trips to the ER and then not looking where Scabies typically hide, eventually I found where they were mostly, under my left breast was a rather large brown rash. This is when I gave up on doctors and luckily found meds on Amazon much cheaper and a larger volume than what I had got from the hospital (because I begged for it. So I got one diagnosis for paranoia (that I think the whole world is out to get me.. lol), then 2 other trips for puritus when I wasn't itchy or had dry skin. This hospital wasccomparing me to full fledged Scabies people who are probably homeless and never shower. I was in the beginning stages and they let this linger. I want to sue so bad especially the psych ward people. I got worse and worse after relying on the health industry to help me. Mind you I never go to hospitals or doctors unless it's really serious. It's no wonder these wonderful holistic doctors are being killed at very high rates. Big pharma, is banking on a big epidemic. I got this from my hamster (which is very possible) after spending an entire day trying to remove his mites, but after reading Donna by articles (esoecially about a girl with Scabies who wrote about going to the gym) I'm hesitant to leave my home and/orvtouch anyone. I think my oveblufe will never be the same after this ordeal. Best of luck to you all.

Jan 14, 2017
Dermodex Mite
by: Susan

I am dealing with this and using cedar oil.
if you google bites from bugs you cannot see,
you are not alone. Huge process.

Oct 15, 2016
Seek Help
by: Brian

I am a counselor and, after reading your presentation, I would have probably admitted you to a psych ward, too. Although I don't think you are necessarily a danger to yourself or anybody else, it is quite clear that you are experiencing an episodic break of an ongoing underlying mental illness....

That doesn't mean that you also don't have some sort of physical problem, but rather, the symptoms you are experiencing are not of consistent magnitude with the nature of the physical problem... if this were 1940 or 1950, your response would be termed "hysteria."

I suspect that right now, you're responding wildly to that statement, which really only further supports my analysis.

You aren't going to find demodex mites with your fingers, and certainly aren't going to find their larva... they're microscopic -literally.

The only way you'll see them is through microscopic analysis of a skin scraping or hair follicle. You're not going to feel them moving around, either... they're much too tiny for that, and they aren't particularly fond of light... so they hide in your follicles during the day and come out when it's dark.

It's also a little alarming that you're taking the word of an exterminator over the word of a physician, though this is consistent with mental illness, because the exterminator agreed with you while the physician did not.

If you want a solution, here it is... and it's super simple:

Oral ivermectin. 12mg/day. repeated one week later.

It'll kill most internal and topical parasites which are not environmental in nature... if it's environmental, it'll come right back....

But ivermectin isn't going to be enough; you really do need to be in counseling and should probably see a psychiatrist because, as much as you are opposed to there being any psychiatric involvement here, I have three master degrees and about twelve paragraphs that beg to differ.

May 30, 2016
Parasitic infection will not beat us!!!!!!!
by: Perthite, mite, Australia

To the first accounts of mites biting, and allergic reaction: are you still having the symptoms? You were so brave to write in, and I understand the sheer frustration of not being a) taken seriously, b) treated!

It is such an outrage. I have exactly the same symptoms. I was trying to finish my psychology paper at 2.00am, and had to deal with the crawling and biting, tickling. I had to work really hard to finish the paper, write cogent psychological critiques (on depression of all things). I ended up holding my hand below my ear, because I could not bear the sensation of the travelling mite. More about that later.

Yes, the just below the surface might as well. I took pics of the wretched things cheekily parking themselves around my ear lobe, 3 in a line. My ear became twice the size. I Almost pulled one out my neck (Dimensions: 1cm long, .5mm wide worm/maggot/parasite). Tried to pull it through the scabies wound, but no way would it come. I showed my entire family the half pinched bugger in the tweezers. It was so annoying, that I wanted to rip my skin open and grab it rather than have it travelling up and down my neck and ear. I did circumvent these little mongrels, however, **I filled entire ear up with vicks vaporub, would have 3-4 each morning in the vicks. They were translucent and exactly as i had pictured them, judging by the crawling beneath the skin. Translucent.

The skin surface area scabies/demodex was a whole different kettle of fish. I borrowed microscope with light from local high school, and blade scraped obvious dead mites from soles of feet- have hundreds there. Perfect vision of them- exactly like the scabies on internet and the demodex. I purchased over counter treatment from chemist. HEARS THE CLANGER: all this done without help from doctor:who said "Look, I am not going to argue with you!", actually i wasn't even perturbed in the least, i was just describing what I had seen under my magnifying glass. She wouldn't have a bar of any of it. I was more so trying to protect her feelings- go figure!!

So I have a beautiful/bountiful collection of my skin scrapings and am taking samples and microscope to her office this week. She will have to eat her words. I am also collaborating with a "microbiology student" so that I may arm myself with the most effective scientific evidence of my PARASITIC ISSUES AND I can launch a full scale DISCUSSION with the Western Australian OMBUDSMAN, and present evidence of my own diagnosing and treatment injustices regarding the medical professions mishandling of parasite/mite infections. Which by the way is extremely infectious. You see, interestingly, there are no PARASITOLOGISTS IN PERTH, so I am getting the ONE pathologist in northern suburbs (thankfully not linked with the only two that are completely inept, to discuss the shameful treatment, or lack thereof, that I have experienced. NOW FOR THE REAL CLANGER: i spent 10 years trying to work out what the fibres in my eyes were. Yes, you guessed LYME disease. Diagnosed by DNA from the one path lab in Sydney. I was frequently sent to emergency to have my eyes looked at, spent thousands on opthalmologists, all to no avail. I worked it out, thanks to all the generous Lyme sufferers who were considerate enough to document their symptoms on the internet. I was bang on correct. I am late stage now though, and my immune system is pretty weak (hence this dire mite infestation at present). Yes I have two beautiful dogs that live very close to me (wouldn't live without them, not keep them away from me! Ever!). I feel your concern and your love for your dogs. Hang in there, keep talking to the likes of US. Don't be too fearful, it is so frustrating when entire health systems not only let us down, they also undermine us. Listen, parasites/mites will get the attention that is duly warranted, its going to take some citizen science to propel it. The medical community indeed needs to hang their heads in shame. We also cannot give up. There is always something worse, and we have people who depend on us. Lets shake up the medical community. I am looking at making a short film. Seriously, this issue does drive people to suicide, I have no doubt. Please, never forget, you are valued, you are wanted. You are vital, to filling in the narrative around this 'subculture' of health activism. We all need you. Don't for one minute think you are anything less than an extremely vital cog in the parasitic framework field.This area of health is in my opinion an area of neglect, likely because it involves testing and $$$- what value of a human life though? Hope to hear from you soon.

Apr 29, 2016
by: WY


Acquired Demodex mites after having fractional laser skin resurfacing on the face a few months ago. The skin wounds that needed to heal from the procedure resulted in several open lesions caused by a population explosion of demodex mites on the face. Initially the scariest, depressing experience of my life!

The first dermatologist I saw said I was having psychosis. Unbelievable he said that without even taking a close look at the skin. I knew he was incorrect with his diagnosis and glad I didn't accept or believe his diagnosis. You're already exhausted mentally from searching online, 24/7 for answers.

Quickly found another physician that said what I had was not common on the face. Most physician will call it Rosacea, but he was able to diagnosis it as active Demodex which needed to be addressed immediately by prescribing an oral dose of Ivermectin pills which helped.

Finally got it under under control but will be on a medical program for a while due to the life cycle of the mites and all the adult mites that need to be eradicated.

What I found helpful controlling the demodex life cycle was a new product recommended by a physician called Cliradex. It's a wipe used by Eye Doctors for patients to rid of Demodex on their eye lashes. Since it contains a safe form of a specific Tea Tree Oil extracted ingredient used for the eye area, it is definitely safe to use on the entire face.

It made such a difference in eliminating a huge amount of Demodex that existed. With regular use after approximately 5-6 weeks, 2 times per day, the night time tingling sensation on the surface of the skin from the adult Demodex mating at night decreased by close to 99%! Note: Be careful not to use any homemade or strong form of Tea Tree Oil or you may result in permanent scaring. Go on the Cliradex website and you will be amazed with the product information as it relates to helping eliminate Demodex.

I still experience and notice some inflammation sensation about every 18 days, which may be due to the life cycle of the adult demodex when they start to decompose and turn to liquid form under your skin. But that's also happening less too, which I am attributing to the use of Cliradex and Soolantra.

Soolantra is a new ivermectin cream for the face which was just approved by the FDA for demodex and other skin parasites. You may want to go on line to get your coupon from Soolantra called the Maximum Savings Card before having the prescription filled. Quite expensive without the manufactures savings card since there is no generic available. $300! So make sure to print the savings card and show it to the pharmacist along with your insurance card so you can get it for as low as $25 - $50 per tube. I would have gladly paid the full price because of the positive results!

You can also contact Soolantra and they will be more than happy to give you the names of Physicians in your area that are familiar with Soolantra and walk you through downloading their savings card.

I am now on week 10 with Soolantra and counting the days when my face will feel and look normal with less inflammation and raised linear lines caused by the demodex. For now, it's being patient, eating healthy, remaining as stress free as possible and positive. I have been making steady, healing progress using Soolantra and the Cliradex as a regular daily routine.

I just really wanted to share my experience and the two new FDA approved items I am using specifically for demodex. I remembered that desperate feeling when demodex started to appear, along with the damage it caused so quickly to the skin. Cliradex and Soolantra gave me back my sanity and hope!

Good Luck to those who are still searching for some answers. WY

Feb 27, 2016
To the lady who going crazy with the bugs
by: Cherie Bennett

I've been dealing with the same thing about 11 months nobody in the family believes me I've been to the doctor after doctor at one time I thought I couldn't live like this but then I thought about my kids I'm still fighting improve is on me I want to prove it because my kids have it I'm so tired of this s*** I don't know what else to do but I know was on me and if you use your cell phone you can catch it on in the video must feel they won't believe me but I guess and I pray and I hope one day wish it come off I don't think I can live like this I gave my children to their grandmother cuz I couldn't see it keep attacking them my immune system is weak I got the I've been depressed and lost a lot of weight and didn't eat it right and now this but I don't know what else to do I tried everything I even had the promethium cream too many damn times but if you find something let me know please I really want my kids I want to hold them but I know I'll put it on them because I haven't work I have lesions on my back first they said I was doing it to myself but then they notice that they were looking old when the new ones come up I feel them ACM now that I have so long but no help yet.

Oct 31, 2015
Complete cure
by: Natalia MD

Just with one single tablet Ivermectin 12 mg.
And your sufferings will stop forever.
It is recommended to repeat the cure (1 tab) in 1 year, but it is proven that initial treatment gives stable results for next 2-5 years.
To eliminate mites in the house it is recommendable to use Allergoff solutions -also existing body shampoos and floor lotions.
Here is details about the condition even worse then yours and was successfully treated with Ivermectin.

Sep 04, 2015
you are not alone
by: bubblez

Ur not alone. Tea tree oil. Peroxide. Alcohol. 100percent. Cocunut oil. Oils for body hair face nostrils vagina everything. U need to do an oil pull with the tea tree oil n ur mouth for 15 mins. I've had them for months n they require such intense and aggressive treatment. Demodex mites live on every human being however if ones immune system gets compromised during an attack with them this is what happens to us. I soak n the tub w my oils and put 50 percent TTO and 50 perc cocunut oil on it. Sounds crazy but mustard kills em on contact so next time they get to turning up on your face try it its 90 percent effective. I feel ur pain

Aug 28, 2015
Cant take it anymore
by: Diana

I am at a loss fighting this same battle. I cannot eveen belive.that I have this horrid parasite even more so worried that it could happen to my child. My doctor did givee me 4 doses of ivermectin with metronizadole, but THAT did not work. He will nott help me with it anymore. Dermatologists are USELESS in this parasite. I thought my doctor should have prescribed permethrin with it but he didnt think so. No one knows how to kill it? It is making my hair fall out losing vision in eyes ears nose buttocks privates. Underarms. I wish I could help instead of complain of my own problems. I did find a post on amazon that was quite interesting but wasnt sure it I could trust I ouldnt lose more hair but may order the products, I just wonder if the poster was already bald also if it would work on face body. Look up camphor oil by NOW brands listed by a fella named rev walking turtle. I did look up camphor oil and it does have killing properties for demodex. He named his potion Biocida Scalp Therapy...I loved his review. Btw...I sent you an email Oliva wondering hw everyone is doing. I took a borax bath today helping some.

Aug 13, 2015
Get this going asap
by: Done

I had an unused room humidifier(lg unit w/2 3-4 gal water holders)which technically filters air in a room thru chlor bleach soaked filters, but running it on med w/1/4 to 1/2 cup chlorine bleach to each holder(no more smelly as one can tolerate comfortably, mine not near as bad as a hotel indoor pool area) and within one wk noticed clearing up with also reg showering with a Lt pre final rinse(less hair) of solution w/ ratio 1 gal water to 1/4 cup chlor bleach, then quick final rinse. This worked for me? Almost back to normal less than 3 wks appearance wise and mentally. Also heard one person remedy being short daily dips in a Fl. style salt water filled swim pool. Good luck

May 02, 2015
ive had demodex all over my body for a whole year now. ivermectin helps
by: olivia

I am so sorry u r dealing w this. I have had all the same run around and incompassionate asshole doctors treat me the exact same. If it wasnt for my boyfriend taking care of me and my x, father of my kids and bff, i would have killed myself long ago. The mits began in hair to neck then from showering they transfered all over my body. They r razor sharp and as small as a speck of cinnamon. I know everything about them it seems as ive dealt w this so long. What u thought was larva was actually a crap load of the mites incased in a webbing material they make. Some small and some the size of a small grain if rice. Diotematious earth helps a lot. I too shaved my head. I spray my bedding and carpets, walls and furniture several times a day w windex or all purpose cleaner, if i run out i use rubbing alcohol w lemon essential oil so it smells better. What works the best is go on buy 2 bottles of permethrin 10%. Add a cup to ur bottle of laundry detergent. That kills them in the materials. Wash in cold water. Hot isnt hot enough. Cold paraluzes them long enough they let go. Same w washing ur hair and face. Put permethrin in ur shampoo, conditioner, hand soap and a spray bottle filled w water, add about a half cup to large bottle and several drops of tea tree oil. Spray urself as often as u want. Refrain from scrubbing ur face roughly instead apply soap wearing gloves because they transfer from face to hands and back like ping pong. Wearing gloves prevents that. Apply soap then using a damp paper towel rub down from temples to jaw, fold and flip papertowel to do same on other side. U can feel the mites go into the paper towel. Toss it in trash and get new sheet. Use the half sheets and i rip those into pieces as well cuz i go thru rolls fast. I put permethrin on my head and face at night and leave it on. I semi dry head w paper towes then wrap cellophane around entire scalp several times then put on a beanie and use a headband to secure it on. When i have tons of mites on face and in whatever hair i have on head ill put soap on and hover over the stove. The flame works better than the grill but both help a lot. Set heat low enough u can hover above w o burning urself and u can lower ur face and head as liw as comfortable. The soap will bubble and pop w the bugs and u can feel them popping inside skin. I killed thousands over the course of foyr days and about 4 hrs of hovering above the flames. I shave my face and body regularly as the razor removes lots and makes my skin smoother. The recently discovered medicine that works really well is ivermectin. The human script is pricy. I use the kind for horses. Its about $4 per tube. I get the 6 pack on amazon. Apple flavor. I started taking small doses but im realizing i need to just take the whole tube at one time and repete a few days later. I tried small doses and then bigger and last time i took half in morning and half in eve. I am totally fine. Im waiting for new order to arrive. Ill take a whole dose and repete every two days until all 6 doses r gone. Ive eaten a total of 6 tubes but in small doses and i had my liver checkwd out and its perfect. The first time i had ivermectin it was human type in pill form. I asked my gp to prescribe me 5 pills. They r 3mg ea. Online 5 was recommended for my weight. Im 125-130ibs and 5'7. Im 33 years old. U take full dose one time. It took a week to notice difference but then the next two weeks were amazing! The bugs were dying and turning into oil which they had consumed from my body. However the last week it wore off and my dr refused to prescribe it again. Sr's r not familiar w it so theyre scared to prescribe. Its an antiparasitic. I think uf i had originally asked for dbl the recommended dose and took all 10 pills at once or taken five on first day and other five a week later i may have becone mite free. So niw i just take kund for horses. Its exactly the same. Its yucky so i squeeze out my dose and pop into my mouth w a flavorful drink and swollow whole. Its helping but like i mentioned im going for the full dose when order arrives. Id rather die trying to rid myself of them than live w them another second. I cry all the time. Im only at peace when i finally sleep which usually is sun riae to sun down since they party at dark. U can email me anyone who needs to talk. Im a peo in this area now. God help us all! My email is put "demodex help" in subject. God bless u. Keep up the fight. We will prevale. We have to! Hugs not bugs! Olivia

Apr 09, 2015
by: Mary

I thought I was going loco I kept telling my husband,doctor and friends that I was feeling something crawling on me inside of my face I've been dealing with this for months literally But I found sulfer helps to get rid of them so I brought some cheap things over the counter that's helping me I BROUGHT SULFUR 8 medicated scalp cream and Vic vapor rub it works once I cleand my face I put a small amount of Vics on my face a min. later I could pick them off my face it doesn't burn at all then since my hair has been falling out and I read that sulfur kills the bugs I brought SULFUR 8 MEDICATED HAIR CREAM washed my hair and used the sulfur 8 stopped alot of the itching and hair lost only cost me less than $5.00 IT WORKS

Jun 22, 2014
Dear Debri,You are not alone
by: sudheesh

I know a sympathy or a sorry wont give you the solution which you are looking for.I do understand from your post thst you are very much disturbed with that mite infection.Your life is being miserable coz u hav no confidence and no faith in anything as well.Dear dnt lose ur mind...thousands of people r thr having the same pblm like u and me.
I am 30 yrs old male suffering from demodex mite infection for the last 10-11 yrs.I recently found tht i am caught by this parasite from my continuous research.Since i was not aware about the mite ,i tried many over the counter products through out these years and infact that was not help at all.Doctors were not helpful and lost faith in medical science now.I had thick hair and spotless skin,but i am using wig now and my facial skin is a big mess now.
But am still investigating for an effective remedy for this pblm.I sincerely request for your suggestions and more experience.I hope tht somebody can be a grt help to me.
My email is given below , if anybody come with any solution tht will be highly appreciated.Debri,if you could keep contact with me,hope i cab be a help to u.pray for you..god bless you.


Jun 22, 2014
Damn demodex
by: Verl

Hi - I contracted these critters from my Mum last year - the dear medical profession diagnosed her with "delusional parasitosis" - they pumped her with so many anti-depressants etc. that she went downhill - she was 85 but relatively healthy before this. She died in October - I caught them from her in May and have been trying (as I did with her) to get help from Doctors, dermatologists and even Infectious Disease Departments. The Infectious Disease Dept. said to me the other day "There is a correlation between the skin and the brain" and I said "Don't even start - that's how I lost my Mother". I think he was ready to throw me into the mental health unit. These things started with stinging (exteme stinging) and prickling sensations - now in my ears and nose and tiny black eggs appear on my skin. I also believe my hubby now has them and is scared to have a hernia operation just in case it causes problems. Good luck to you all and don't let anyone talk you into the fact that you have mental health issues - because it's not so.
These blasted things do exist - my next visit will be to a Naturopath. Love and prayers to you all x

Jun 18, 2014
There is hope
by: Victoria

My mother has been having an issue with Demodex for almost 2 years. We have tried everything out there starting with Turpentine bath, Teatree oil, different types of shampoos, creams and nothing helped. The doctors at the ER thought she was crazy, her primary care physician also thought she was crazy but to make her feel better he took a stool analysis and sent that over to the lab which came back negative. After doing extensive research I found out that there is hope. I came across the world renowned parasitologist named Dr Amin, he specializes with all different types of parasites that people can have and owns his own lab. He was the first doctor who told us what exactly my mother had. The difference between his lab and all the other labs like quest diagnostics etc., is that they are specifically trained to look for parasites where as other labs are not specifically trained to do so and almost always the existent parasites go unnoticed. He told us right away that the goal is not to completely eradicate them because almost everyone has them and in small numbers they are not harmful to us, and that the goal is to decrease their numbers dramatically. You can go to the pharmacy and get little viols with white liquid where you can collect the Demodex mites and put them into the viols and ship them to his lab which is located in Arizona, or you can order those little viols from his lab and ship them back with the mites. At which point they will analyze it and he personally looks at every single one of the samples and in 3 to 5 days you will have the results back. I am not an employee of the lab just so you know, and am not trying to promote them, but for those of you that are in desperate need of help and like us are not able to find it anywhere else this is the place that provides hope. You can check them out at or call 480 767 2522. I have to say that we have not yet received test results because we've only sent them out yesterday but we did get a consult with the doctor who recommended this test for my mom, he said that he's unable to treat her based on just what we say and that she needs to be tested before he can give her a treatment. He is a bit expensive, Half an hour of consultation is $100, he is thorough though and down to the point, you will be able to get all the information you need with in that half an hour or less, we did not even use up our entire time and were able to cover quite a bit of info during that time period. But after having this issue for two years and having bought so many different products that didn't work this is totally worth it. You don't have to have a consultation with him right away that was just our personal choice to be able to get some answers. You can just have a consult after the results come back for him to go over those with you. The labs in United States are not allowed to give the results of any type of lab work to the patient himself, therefore you need a physician to go over those with you, and this lab is no different. But if you have your primary care go over the results he may not be able to provide proper treatment because they don't really deal with this in their practice and most of them seem to think that parasites and Demadex only exist in third world countries and not in United States. He is very educated when it comes to different types of parasites you can also look him up on YouTube and see some of his lectures. Type in Dr Omar Amin and it will come up, those videos are also available on his site as well. Meanwhile I would suggest going to a vitamin shop and getting some sort of immune boost and that should help a little. Hope this helps.

Feb 26, 2014
In same boat!
by: rz

I too, have share those symptoms and then some. And have been suffering for over 4yrs now. Thank u for that prayer. I pray you find relief from these parasites as I pray for relief for myself and others are well. GOD BLESS US ALL.

Apr 21, 2013
by: Verona Mossel Bay South Africa

After six months of intense suffering and going through a list of over 50 different treatments we stumbled upon the website and found our answer. All I can say is Halleleujah or praise Jehovah God. A lot of praise and thanks also goes to David Bourke, the Irish gentleman who helped us a lot during our search and suffering. Visit The two mites are very similar and can easily be confused. It is a relief to know our enemy, so now we can start treating ourselves for collembola mites.

Jul 29, 2012
by: Evangeline

Sorry for the typos ... Major ear pain from the mites ... Soap calming them down at last .... Dry soap in mh ears ... I can't get them wet ... It's working thank God ... Ok ... Kleen Green from Natural Gineses ... Chinese Doctor soap - Chang Sheng made for killing over population of D mites ... Finally calcium bentonite clay to pull them to the surface for the deep tissue kill with the soap & Kleen Green .... Soap stops them from breeding .... Kleen Green kills them & is wonderful for laundry , baths, floors & it's all natural :) harmless to your skin chemical free products that work :) very much so :)

Jul 29, 2012
Sorry for the typos from previous iPhone text ... major ear pain .... Ears calming down now thank God
by: Evangeline

Sorry for the typos .... Very tired & in pain from this battle in my ears with these mites ... Very hard to get out of the ears be uses you can't scrub them inside nor can I get them wet because of the hole in the drum ... Major shape pains to say the least ... Real bummer ... Ok it's called Natural Gineses Kleen Green enzymes ... Can get it from amazon or main site ... Read main site ... Bentonite Clay from several companies ...
Soap from Amazon or Sears online .... Yep calm down because they hurt you more when you stress out because we break down our immune system when we stress or freak out Get the nutri bullet supper food machine to help boost immune system ... Go to main site ... Buy the soap , Kleen Green & bentonite clay ... Yes recover from this nightmare in peace :) Best Always , Evangeline ... Lots of love to you all :) I have dry soap in my ears now ... Peace :)

Jul 29, 2012
Calm down ...
by: Anonymous

After 7 years of this nightmare on my scalp & full body I found three thigs that wok ... Bentonite clay baths 2 cups to bring them out from deep within the tissue.. Then Natural Gineses Kleen Green enzymes bath 1 cup to kill them from the surface : then finally a cure called Chang Sheng Herbal Rejuvenating Soap made in China can purchase on amazon ... After 30 years of research a Chinese doctor found a cure for demodex mites it a bath .... It will kill half the mites the first bath ... Each day they will vanish ... Use Natural Gineses in a spray bottle in between during the baths with thd soap ... Use bentonite clay once a week to bring the out so the soap can kill them faster ... Finally I'm 90% better after just a week of this soap ... Still love the bentonite clay & Gineses for baths, laundry & spay bottle for body , & cleaning the house ... I'm left with fighting them out of my ears ... I put Natural Gineses on a Q tip Deluted ) then the soap on a Q-tip as dry as possible because the mites put a hole in my ear drum so i can't get my ear too wet .. So I use a semi damp Q tip with products in my ears .... Very careful not to touch the ear drum ... Trust me the soap & all the products I've spoken of work 100 % ... & very quickly ... Buy the soap first , then the Natural Genises ASAP then the Bentonite Clay ASAP ... I'm a JW & yep this nightmare is the work of the wicked one as we are getting closer to the last days ... Evangeline :)

Jul 03, 2012
by: Anonymous
Papulopustular rosacea, skin immunity and Demodex: pityriasis folliculorum as a missing link
Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, 01/10/2012

Read more:

It's amazing how the medical research community can validate demodecosis... But finding a cure is not lucrative. 1 admitting them it would create epidemic hysteria 2. I think the mites them self are adaptive and develop resistance. PERSISTENCE
seems to be the key at least for some population control....God Bless You ..Completely SANE

Jun 19, 2012
Help for you

Hello, there are some remedies you can try. Not sure if you have yet. Omega 12 capsules and lotion sold at a health food store. Dr. Q facial and body care products sold on and sea buckthorn oil containing products. Hope that helps.
Ms DeBenedetto

Apr 16, 2012
I cured it
by: Anonymous

I have one word .... Rotenone. Just be very careful. I have tried ivermectin and everything else that didn't work. It is demodecosis.

Mar 25, 2012
Apple Cider Vinegar and Probiotics
by: Angie

Hi Yvonne,

Sorry to hear you've had another flare up. At least you know what steps to follow in changing your diet to get some relief.

Even though you don't feel you can afford herbal supplements, etc., you may at least be able to afford some organic apple cider vinegar and some probiotics. Really try if you can.

You should be able to get the organic ACV in the health food aisle at your grocery store or at a local health food store or even a chemist. I live in a rural area in Queensland and it is available in all of those places, so I'm sure it would readily available in Sydney, too.

The cost of the organic apple cider vinegar is less than $10, may even be less than $5, depending where you go. You only need a tablespoon or so per day, so it will last a while for you.

Just put a tablespoon in a glass of water to drink each day. This should prove very helpful.

The other suggestion is the probiotics. They are a bit more dear, but you've probably heard of Inner Health Plus, a popular Australian brand of probiotics.

If you can't find that brand, ask your chemist what's the best brand they have available. You'll probably have to pay closer to $20+ here in Australia, but that's still cheaper than our brand (Florafood) which sells for $37 here in Australia. ;)

For long term results, and so you aren't constantly getting flare ups, the ACV and probiotics will really make a difference.


Mar 25, 2012
Return of Mites
by: yvonne

After thinking that I had rid myself of these strange mites, I am disappointed to inform you that they have returned.

I was tempted to use sugar and dairy as I love yoghurt and drink lots of coffee as well as like eating porridge with sugar. It has now returned and is twice as annoying as I had become used to feeling clear of this weird phenomenon.

I am going to try again - I definitely think it works - no, I know it works. By the way, I only feel crawling not popping or burning.. lI tend to think it is dietary but I will report if this works again. I can't really afford to buy treatments, herbal tonics etc.

Thank you for sharing, everyone. Please let us know of anything else that comes up though I am certain of the dietary effect. Sugar is in everything so be vigilant and I love dairy so I am going to try to stick to fruit and vegetables.

Mar 24, 2012
clawing my way back
by: Anonymous

South Florida. . .

Yeah. . . We are crazy thinking doctors will focous on anything that would slow down the factory floor. Long live the dollar!

Invermicatin once a week for six months.
Buy at rural wallgreens pet section. 10.00$
(Near horse country)
Spray nightly pethrem (spl?) On bedding on chairs and floors you frequent. Home depot guart of ortho is 10.00$ will last you months.

Reduce sugar intake. . . No ice cream!!!
Lots of veggies ( Bo hoo)

I to dealt with all the same symptoms for 5 years and it destroyed many relationships and my
reputation. Clawing my way back.

Good luck

Mar 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

Could the slime like film simply be increased sebum on your scalp from where it is irritated. Try using a men's shampoo made to reduce sebum and see if that helps....Just a thought.

Mar 06, 2012
Recently acquired these same symptoms two weeks ago
by: Not the only crazy one

But I must know ASAP please has anyone else had/felt these things or mites incased in a type of slime or something in that nature? I'm sure there is better way to have described or word differently what I just asked. I've shaved my head and still fill a slime like film in random places on my scalp...

Mar 06, 2012
bugs eating my hair and even my wig!
by: Shari

I have a skin mite - I think it is Demodex or Cheyetiella (a very similar mite). I, too, get the crawling sensations and also have the white flakes that look like dandruff. It caused my hair to break off, sometimes close to the root. Other hairs had multiple split ends - some even looked like brooms! I could see tiny white particles in some of the hairs, as if the mite was living in the hair and eating it! I had tried so many different remedies (tea tree oil on my head all night worked, but only for a day or two. I also used many OTC lice products , but the effects were always temporary. I tried malathion, a prescription lice med, but the mites came back). I even used Frontline Plus drops on my head! But it didn't work at all (maybe I underdosed myself, since no professional was willing to guide me). The Frontline Plus didn't help me, but it did clear up my cat's "walking dandruff". Finally I shaved my head and thought I was cured. NOT! Now it has become evident that the mite is trying to eat up the pricey wig I bought to cover up my bald head! I will try some of the remedies I discovered on this site (THANKYOU!). Does anyone know how I can get the mites out of the wig? It is a synthetic wig, so it cannot be exposed to heat, or it will be ruined. The care directions say to only wash it in wig shampoo - HELP! I need to look professional for my job and don't really have the money in the budget to replace the wig.

Mar 01, 2012
A doctor & site that know demodex !!
by: Toni

I've had the same symptoms listed by everyone here for over a year now. I haven't gone to a dermatologist because everyone says they don't help and call ya crazy.

I've found two things that make it very manageable, but don't get rid of them -- vinegar and epsom salt. I put several cups of white vinegar and a cup of epsom salt in my bath. Vinegar kills lots of things, bacteria, etc. Epsom salt works because it contains sulfur and sulfur kills many species of mites. Soak in the tub, and put your face, head, everything under water throughout the soak.

When I was totally infested with absolutely no relief, I also used Vaseline over my entire body. It smothers them, and they come crawling out. Leave the Vaseline on for as long as you can stand it. My limit was about 15 minutes 'cause the crawling got so bad.

Today while looking for pics of demodex mites, I stumbled upon a doctor site that I found over a year ago. I didn't bookmark it and then I couldn't locate it again.

Demodex is this doctor's life calling . . . his research confirms that it causes most of the acne around. He has a simple scraping test with instructions on his site for you to use if you have a microscope or for your doctor. He also sells products to kill the ol' demodex. Treatment lasts as long as the demodex is found in scrapings, minimum of 90 days and can go longer if needed.

I haven't tried his products yet, so I can't say that they work, but I'm going to order them. However, he has lots of before and after pics that demonstrate their effectiveness.

Here's the link:

Best of luck to everyone! This has gone on long enough for me.

Feb 25, 2012
Change Of Diet Makes A Difference
by: Angie

Dear Yvonne,

Thrilled to hear that you are so much improved. There's no surprise that the change in your diet has made such a big difference.

Parasites (and fungus) feed on sugar in particular. It's always a good idea to follow the basic candida diet guidelines when you are suffering from any type of "bug" concern.

We don't often think of yeast/candida as a "bug or parasite" problem, but it's a fungal overgrowth in the body that certainly classifies it as a parasite.

Regardless, the same diet that enables you to fight a yeast overgrowth also enables you to fight any type of internal parasite issues.

You are simply cutting down the food supply of the enemy! In some people, allergies to certain foods can be the culprit rather than parasites, so this type of diet can do a world of good to detoxify and strengthen the system.

I'm so pleased to hear that your hair has grown back nice and healthy.

I wish you continued good health!

Feb 25, 2012
cure cure cure cure for me and no charge
by: yvonne

I have been suffering from (read my comments at the beginning of this site -sorry my font is stuck on this and it has no punctuation so i will leave spaces between sentences

I have finally got rid of whatever they were on the advice of some comments i read somewhere.

it may have been here i cannot remember but this is what has worked......

cut out sugar and dairy

i noticed that difference straight away

they thrive on these and dairy was not necessarily meant for human consumption and people are finding they are allergic I get terrible gas as i have and sugar is highly addictive and we know how bad it is for us

trust me come back to this site and report because I would be very interested to know the results

I was absolutely out of my wits with my problem and it was very demoralising.

i cannot believe it has actually worked but i do remember the comments were made in a very confident way as though they knew exactly what is was and how to get rid of it.

i hope this helps my hair is thick and glossy again instead of limp looking btw i am 57

give it a good go

Feb 23, 2012
Got this over a year ago on norwegian cruise ship
by: Anonymous

I have found that ivermectin (internally and topically) helps greatly. I also used mebendazole (did something!) and albendazole. All of these meds I obtained myself.
I had every symptom of Morgellons. I believe morgellons is a type of parasitic mite and worms and lyme disese (transferred from mite and/or worm).
I buy this and eye antibiotic for farm animals. I believe demodex or something similar is involved. IPL works for face I've read.
I use soap with about 20% sulfur (i add), take doxycycline (100-200 mg day) or septra, follicular washing shampoo alternated with a pesticide shampoo, moxidectin pour on....I use that in various spots on my scalp, then let set for an hour or more.

Many of these things help demodex and worms. When I feel a tingle, I put vicks on it or ivermectin, or blue star ointment.

Doxy, ivermectin and using a topical eye antibiotic are very good. You can get all of these prescription quality meds without going to doc. Docs are nearly worthless with these mites.
Most of these meds I get from pet suppliers on internet or ebay or jeffers supply. Moxidectin is
used for worms and demodex. I use the dosage for my weight that the box says to use for cows.......

Sounds wild, but after much much research, I've found this to be helpful. Also, mites hate light.
Think tanning or intense pulsed light therapy.

I am lots better!

Feb 05, 2012
Temporary relief
by: Anonymous

I am going through the same thing. These small parasites are in my hair , ears, eyes etc. Until we find a solution to this nightmare, I have found something that can give you temporary relief and a good night sleep. epsom salt will kill these things. I will tell you how I get relief. I take a bath in epsom salt everynight and I also put my whole head under the water in the bath tub.When you put you head under the water you will feel these things escaping from your hair and you will also experience bubbles coming from the ear or nostril. This is very important to remember to do. You have to use a hair dryer to dry yourself and the best is to let your body try itself. You will not get bit while you are sleeping. I would like to add a couple more things to do. If you put epsom and water in a spray bottle and spray all over your forehead , face, around your neck and use a paper towel to wipe your eyes while your relaxing at night. Your face and your neck will be wet but it's much better than going crazy while your trying to watch tv or relax. This is also important. Read as much as you can about epsom salt because it can try out you skin. It's important to use lotions if your going to be spraying your face and taking a bath everynight. You will be surprised to find out that relief will keep you sane enough to continue living with less stress. This will not take care of your problem but it will give sanity to keep going on until help arives.

Jan 19, 2012
by: terri

Dear Debra,
Your post is old so I am hoping you got some help by now. I just came across your post and felt your pain! I have been going thru the same thing!
I wouldnt burden you with all that I have been through and the dept I am in. You would think we have the same doctors because every doctor I saw didnt want to deal with it it was easier for docs to say I was NUTS! What did help was revolution for my dogs I noticed a big relief for me after my dogs were treated I am now cleaning out one room at a time and then going to treat dogs again.
I am mailing mites to a school for them to idenify and then I will see what happens. Please let me know how you are and if you got help.

Jan 18, 2012
Demodex Mite or Sand Fleas
by: Angie

Hi adgefl12,

It sounds to me like you might be dealing with sand fleas rather than the demodex mite.

They are typical in your region and are difficult to see, but itch like crazy. Here are a couple of pages where we discuss this and some easy solutions for you to try to relieve and eliminate the problem.

I'll make each link open in a new window so you can easily look through them all...

How To Prevent Sand Flea Bites

Black Flea Like Insects


Hoping something amongst that helps!

Jan 18, 2012
what are they??
by: adgefl12

I have also felt this itching and had bites on my cheeks. I also have experienced acute itching on my ankles and it has gotten under my bra strap and even in my genital area. I am not a hairy person so I don't think it's lice besides they are invisible and there is no trace of them anywhere on my skin or hair. I have been coughing at night from inhaling them and have chest pain and even pain in my joints like arthritis! My mother thinks it's depression but I know it's real or I wouldn't have the bites. Besides in very bright light I can see them jumping. There is an infestation in the sand around the perimeter of the house and they must have come in through the window cracks behind my headboard.I live in South Florida and the weather is hot and humid, where these things thrive... I wonder how I can get a diagnosis if none of you have had any luck! I am desperate but feel I need to suffer in silence since I can't produce a bug to prove my story! This is incredibly frustrating!!!

Jan 16, 2012
Lysol Continued
by: Anonymous

One more tip - don't wear your clothes more than 1x. When you take them off at night, but them in your washer right away. I used Baking Soda detergent and usually hot, but I've used warm washes and been just fine with them.

Jan 16, 2012
Daily use of Lysol for 6 months is ending this nightmare
by: Anonymous

For many years, the only symptoms I had were what was diagnosed as seborrheic dermatitis - and was given intense dandruff treatments. That reduced the oiliness of my scalp, but didn't do much else. Also, I had extreme ring around the collar, and minor adult acne, but the lesions would take weeks, sometimes months to go away.
After researching scalp fungus, I began using a very mild bleach soak on my scalp each night. After a month of this, blammo - I began to feel itching, crawling eruptions in my nose, mouth, ears...all over. Then the infestation took a hold of my car and office and places I sit - on the couch and at the kitchen table.
After spending 18 months of battling this, I feel like I am finally almost in the clear. I tried EVERYTHING, except Cedarcide. i tried intense heat - bought one of those propane blowers and almost burned the upholstery on my couch and in my car! I used cinnamon, clove, ivermectin, green tea oil, peppermint, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide - made many sprays with these ingredients (not the ivermectin - I took that orally). All of this helped somewhat, but nothing to make me think I would ever survive this. I thought of suicide many times.
Spent $100's of dollars on dermatologists who admitted that my acne and scalp lesions looked like bug bites, but still recommended I take psychiatric medicine that would stop the feeling of itching.
What has helped the most? Daily, (NEVER MISS A DAY) spraying of lysol. Spray the areas that are infested. I started this the last week of June 2011 and now only feel the crawling sensation about 2-3x per day in the infested areas. And for my scalp - I use L'Oreal Intensive Hair Repair Mask conditioner daily - I comb it through my hair that used to be so tangly that I couldn't even get my fingers through it. And rinse with some ACV (apple cider vinegar). I shampoo with regular shampoo AFTER I do this and then I do the whole process again.
Last weekend someone told me my hair looked so healthy and great and wanted to know what products I used. I almost cried. For years my hair was limp and oily and a tangled mess.
I will probably take another dosage of Ivermectin (order the powdered form for animals on Amazon and learn how to do the dosages determined by your body weight) once I know longer feel ANY activity. This will kill any that are remaining in my skin layers, but there's no use in doing this until my environment is completely cleaned.
And I, like so many of you never had any hallucinations, have always held down a good paying job, am an active citizen in the community, never had a mental illness, etc.
I live in Ohio...I'm wondering if there is any connection. Several people have mentioned Ohio connections in their posts on this site and others.
Hang in there. Use LYSOL! Buy it in bulk - I usually go through 2 cans of the large size per week.

Jan 02, 2012
Possible New Hope
by: Anonymous

Dear Debra , I am sorry to hear about your situation but I understand totally, because my nightmare began October 2010. I have done tons of research and I have found some relief during the daytime and some evenings
Debra please check out these websites:,,,, and These websites have helped me a great deal, although I am not cured yet I feel that I am on the path to being cured, and I will get RID of these MITES if there is a GOD , I am determined. I hope something helps you to feel better soon. Debra please e-mail me to let me know how you are doing, my e-mail address is God Bless You Debra, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you.

Jan 01, 2012
Demodex Mite
by: Anonymous

Hello Debra,

Your story sounds similar to mine and have been experiencing the same white small salt-like bugs on scalp, ears, eyebrows, eyelashes, and crawling up my nose when sleeping at night forcing me to wake. My cursory Internet search retrieved which appears to be a similar post with scripture references and believe to be Christian like you and myself. Ironically, after having recently completed reading Revelations, am inclined to agree with you and other individual that end time pestilence is upon yet we must continue to witness and persevere. Only God knows why this is happening but it is most unsettling, disturbing, irritating, and embarrassing. Thanks for your post and hope you and all others with similar symptoms are healed in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Your neighbor and brother in Christ.
White bugs on my face too

Oct 30, 2011
These Could Have Been Written By Me!!
by: Anonymous

I started with mag glass, went to 40x lens on camcorder, adv to a sm microscope... finally...a jeweler's lens to reaffirm I'm not nuts. When I itch, I can wipe with tissue and without fail, there is at least 1 or more tiny red, reddish-brown or black specks. If I examine the surrounding areas, I also find what appears to be everything from eggs to pupae. Noone has pointed out my main symptom...horseshoe shaped lesions with lt br spots on ea end. I have squeezed what looks like eggs and larvae fr them. They are all over me. My mouth, eyes, ears, face and even my private parts. Everyone's rt about oils trapping them. I have replaced my makeup so many times I could have stocked a cosmetic dept. 10 yrs ago I was diagnosed with delusional parasitosis, aft a misdiag of scabies. So rather than go on antipsychotics, I suffered.I had already used 9 tubes of permethrin and 3 rounds of mebendazole. However, over the years, I began to notice 100s of spider veins popping all over my legs and feet. Then they began showing up on my shoulders and middle of back. I have peeled my lips off so many times, I'm surprised I have any lower lip left. Always a horseshoe shape is apparent. Over the yrs, I had started getting a lot of freckles on my body and legs. NOT!! I went to the ER hoping for a final solution. A physician there diagnosed me with cutaneous larva migrans dev. into visceral larva migrans. That made more sense than anything had. Aft a 4-month cleanse w albendazole 40 mg. 2x a day for 3 wks, off a wk, and back on, most of the spider veins went away. However, my immune system suffered & I was n hosp. with pneumonia for a wk. When I came home, the doctor put me on 750 mg. antibiotic for 5 days & I dev. C-diff which caused uncontrollable diarhea for a wk then was on a pill for that. Got over that after sev. days and my stomach lining was so stripped I continued to have g.i. problems. Finally my doctor put me on a probiotic & took me off albendazole (Oh, & with the albendazole I also used permethrin all over 3-4 days a wk., took 2 showers a day with Dove soap, did laundry and had the house exterminated. I have used dog sham., lice trtmnts, vinegar, borax, epsom salts & bleach baths, shampoos for seb. derma., tea tree oil, salad oil, camphor, wart remover,even left hair bleach on for 2 hrs hoping it would kill the vermin. All it did was feed them & make my hair fall out. Since I quit the albendazole, the spider veins are coming back. But they are not spider veins! They are bug trails under & on my skin. I am so very relieved to know I am not the only person w these critters from Hell tormenting me. I have felt like Job for so long, I know the Lord has something special planned for me. When they are very active, I not only have a runny nose, I also have a hacking cough and have been diagnosed with COPD & CHF. Thank God for fellow sufferers, though I wouldn't wish this on anyone. God Bless & Heal You All!

Sep 13, 2011
Sounds like birdmites
by: Anonymous

Please review this website. I think you will find it very useful as well as letting you know you are not crazy or alone.


Sep 07, 2011
Terrible Truth
by: Just a Passing Friend

I'm so sorry, for each and every one of you that suffers like this. This is going to sound bizarre but perhaps any little bit of advice helps, even if it just lets you know I DO believe you. It's NICOTINE. I know that herbal and natural remedies are an important focus for this site and I would never advocate smoking cigarettes... but perhaps other sources like the patch, the gum, all that would work just as well I would imagine. My aunt worked for Medicine Sans Frontiers in third world countries where the parasites are just hideous. In the children's eyes, all this stuff. She took up smoking because the other doctors and staff all did. Believe it or not they advised it. While they were there, anyway. Enough nicotine in your system,NOTHING will live on you for any length of time. It is addictive, but this is secondary to why it is in cigarettes. It's the world's most deadly pesticide. Leaves Ivomectin in the dirt. I know it's crazy to suggest a harmful thing to relieve a harmful thing, but I hear you genuinely so distressed you are contemplating taking your own lives to find some relief. That's fairly harmful. So go nuts. People think you already are. Buy a pack of smokes, see if it works. Get the patch and smack it on there. It's gonna make you feel like puking if you're not a smoker, but trust me,it's making the little bugs feel worse. If you've still got stuff living on you when your system gets a nicotine flushout for a month, I'll eat my own pack of smokes. All the love in the world xx

Sep 01, 2011
okay, it's not bugs
by: Anonymous

After being diagnosed as delusional and starting anti-psychotic drugs for delusional parasitosis (voluntarily, I might add - I was desperate to make it stop and was more than willing to believe I was crazy if it would make it all stop), I got an actual diagnosis. Several, actually. One was massive trichostasis spinulosa, which is weird mutant hairs in pores that plug things up but that can be ejected by the skin later. In my case it happened so dramatically and all over my arms and back that the hospital basically threw me out, so freaked out by all this black crap coming out of my skin that the nurses wouldn't come in the room. I think the Morgellon fibers are trichostasis. It's not uncommon, supposedly, so I don't know why I was told I was nuts through so many outbreaks. The other diagnosis is elastosis perforans something or other - I don't know much about it yet because it's a preliminary diagnosis and is tangled up with miliaria symptoms, which is a nasty skin reaction to sweating. I don't want to look it up because I've already freaked myself out with all the bug stuff I was sure I had. Because there's so much wrong with my skin it might be secondary to either mastocytosis or lupus. If you're losing your hair, look up lupus. My conviction that I was infested with bugs stopped the instant I was given an alternate explanation, so I'm off the anti-psychotics, which did nothing except help me sleep through the itching. If you have stuff coming out of your pores, use search terms of transepidermal elimination and pruritis or formication - you'll get some explanations that don't involve bugs or praying or colon cleansing. I hope it helps.

Aug 21, 2011
Consider Other Alternatives
by: Angie

I'm glad you went to the hospital when you were feeling those sensations out of the blue. Did they make any determination as to the cause of the tingling sensations in your face?

Even though you felt like you were being swarmed by mites on your face, it probably was not mites. That tingling/biting sensation could have been the result of something more serious going on in your body ~ like a mini stroke or something neurological.

It could also be an allergic reaction to something you've eaten or been exposed to through the air or your skin. I just want you to consider other alternatives so that you have a better chance of getting help with it.

If it happens again, go to the doctor and describe your symptoms, but don't mention "bugs" of any sort or "bites." Stick with the terms tingling, pricking, pins and needles, etc., so that they don't automatically close their mind to your condition (as they often do when people mention bugs/mites/parasites).

Hope you don't have any further problems.

Aug 21, 2011
Dessert the nervous system
by: Anonymous

One evening watching TV my face felt like it was attacked by a swarm of invisible mites. The nerves in my face tingled and felt the biting. I showered but a half hour later, I had abdomen pain, palpitations, nausea, went to the ER with blood pressure over 200. No one would believe me about the (invisible mites). I learned that these pest seem to enjoy a heightened nervous system for dessert after feasting on our bodies for dinner. I hope you all get well and we find a way to exterminate the mites.

Aug 20, 2011
I am so sorry my thoughts are showing up multple times
by: Anonymous

Really, I did not continuously hit the submit button. I don't know why my comments are showing up like they are, but I am sorry.

Ombudsman more than likely will not help you at all. Thank the CDC & their letter for that.

Anyone else think they live on hair follicles? They always have hair on them. Ever watched them change from one "thing" and emerge into 4 seperate things? I have. Scarrry. Anyway, anyone else think we can thank the goverment for this? Their "super bug"? I know someone else out there has seen the clear creatures that intertwine around hair, making themselves visible. Ever been looking at a scab, and low & behold, there's literally a monster, clear, but yet you can see the outline of it stairing at you? I have. I am not an insane person. I am very sane. Also, how about those hairs that have a mind of their own? That's the creature that takes on the hairs to move about. They move, they live. Believe me. Those little white hairs that move and dance around and dance and dance until it stops on something & takes hold. I've walked out of my kithen with a "hairball" I put in the garbage, to walk back in an hour or so later, and it has crawled out onto the top of the garbage pale. This is real people. What I want to know is this-since this is diagnoses as "delusional parasities" and I'm nuts. When a healthcare provider or a family member gets it, and they finally acknowledge it with a valid diagnosis. WHO ARE WE GOING TO SUE FIRST????? bELIEVE ME, this is going to cost them more than they can imagine.

***Edited to remove the multiple posts.

Aug 20, 2011
I could of written your article myself. continued
by: Anonymous

Next time, I am going to pick up 3 to 5 things in their office. I am going to rub those items on my "rash" lesions, and they are going to be active ones, and then I'm going to put them back. When they start to tell me I do this myself and that I'm a drug addict, that's when I'm gonna tell them about the things that are no longer sterile, thanks to me. Isn't that terrible? I would never in my life think of doing that until I was treated like I am being treated now. When I do that, and I promise you, I will, I bet they get angry then! They may even finally acknowledge that there is something there, and I'm not a crazy meth head. I'm going to get the news crew to that hospital because I am at my wits end. Hopefully, when I tell the media my problem, maybe then someone will listen. Until then, face it, no one cares. Self diagnoses Morgellons, no cause, no cure, no information on it all. Why has it taken over 4 years to get their final study out on it? IT'S STILL NOT OUT!!!!!! My dear, you are not alone. Remember that. You are N O T A L O N E.
Thanks so much for this page and the ability to share our knowledge, and the frustrations as well, with each other. It's such a small world, isn't it? in a way, anyway. But, I feel so very bad at work. What am I to do? I have to work! I am worried-am I contagious? Well, I have been to 2 ER's, 2 so called dermatologists, and 8 MD's. If they don't care if I work, if I question their opinion any more than that, I really will sound crazy. I tried!!! I don't want to get other people sick. The doctors are the ones that send me home. Who am I to question the "EXPERTS"?? that is sarcasm. I use "experts" as loosely as possible. TAKE CARE! don't bother going broke trying to find something to get rid of these. They are so "hardy"?? is that the word. NO R E S I L I E N T. What may work one day, will not the next. Sorry to have to tell you that. But, I will be happy to give you the items we've tried. Some work ok, some not at all. What are you suppose to do, sit at home and not care if you're infested???? Not me. TAKE CARE, KEEP YOUR CHIN UP AND DON'T LET ANYONE KICK YOU WHEN YOU ARE DOWN. SOONER OR LATER, WE WILL WIN THIS. TRUST ME. Terri

***Edited to remove profanity. (Terri, please don't use swearing as children are sometimes present. Thank you.)

Aug 20, 2011
I could of written your article myself.
by: Anonymous

Have open lesions?
Have you invested in a little hand held microscope? (Ebay)
Have you reasons to think these things live off hair follicles? If so, have you been looking at one with the micro. & have one turn their head & stair you straight in your eyes & stick a strand of your hair (or, just "a hair") out of their mouth and then it goes back in?
Have you read up on Morgellons? I suggest you read the letter the CDC sent to all so called health care providers (I use that term very loosely due to the fact that in my opinion if they were in fact "providers" who took an oath, how could they in good conscious tell you to stop scratching-it's in your head- treat u like a drug addict & just send you home). They dont care if/who you infect??? Oh, that's right, there is nothing there. All these open lesions & scars I have are all either a figment of my imagination, or I did it myself. Sorry, but I have a daughter, two grandkids, a mother & father, all out of state. I have come to the conclusion that I will be the one who acts like they have a brain, and I will be better safe than sorry. I cant see my family any longer because I simply refuse to give this to my loved ones. Doctors dont seem to care who gets infected, just so it's not them, right? I know we sure couldnt get them to pick up a little microscope out of our hand. Scared, were they? And when I was in the hospital the other day, checked myself out against md orders, but the woman look down at her nose at me, when they were acting like they were just really being put out, I stood up, told her to get over here and let me rub my wrists on her pretty little cheek. Believe it or not, she got mad!!! continued

***edited to remove profanity.

Aug 19, 2011
Ombudsman Help
by: Angie

Dear "Tortured"

So sorry to hear of your particular situation. Do keep us posted on whether or not you are able to get some help from the ombudsman. Although they aren't likely to help with the actual problem, perhaps they will be able to get professionals to treat you with respect and a willingness to really research and investigate this condition.

Aug 19, 2011
by: Tortured in Merced

These are not bed bugs. Apts. that were sprayed are experiencing the bite, the skin sores, itching caused by shards coming out of skin, black round things, tiny black winged bug, larvae, white eggs (some look like cotton) falling from hair and body as well as shards, and hard white balls that are underneath the sores themselves. If you tweeze it like I did, a very hard rose thorn shape seems to be the root with a dried up looking worm attached to it it. Some I have found soft and its white small worm and has a little tiny hair on it.

Aug 19, 2011
Tortured in Merced CA
by: Becky

I am going through the same thing,every single pore of my body is affected. I have been passed off like a cheap whore, by the doctors, health department, Agricultural Environmental division. C.D.C., is next. If that don't work I will call my friend who works for ombudsman, and tell her whats going on. I contracted it from people who live in my apartment complex. There have been a few apartments sprayed for bed bugs and mattresses are seen by the dumpsters here and now across the street in another complex...Ombudsman our advocates for patients and will investigate the duties and regulations of physicians, nurses, and other health related employees. Let me know how you are doing. I will keep you posted, if you respond to this comment.

Aug 17, 2011
Liver Cleansing Might Help
by: Angie

Dear Norman,

I am praying for you that you will receive both encouragement and healing. Since the external treatments you have tried have not yielded results, I truly hope that the parasite cleanse will make a difference.

I don't know what particular cleanse you are using, but you may want to try cleansing your liver as well. Toxic build up in the liver can sometimes manifest itself as skin eruptions of different types.

If you can't afford a good natural liver cleanse (like Redibeets or something from a local naturopath or health food store), try locating some good fresh organic beets. You can eat the beets raw in salads (shredded) or juice them and drink the juice. You can add other juices (like carrot, apple, celery, etc) to make it more palatable.

Beets are one of the best natural liver cleansers you'll find. You'll have to eat/juice them regularly to get results, but it may work for your particular situation if your bumps/rash is from toxic overload.

Regarding your depression, something that helps me when I am feeling down is to look again at the story of Nick Vujicic, the young man who was born without arms and without legs. When I see what he has endured and overcome with the help of the Lord it inspires and puts my own trials into perspective.

Perhaps he will encourage you, too.


Aug 16, 2011
by: Norman

I have been soooooooooooooooooooooo depressed over the past year . My left eyebrow just started breaking out with bumps last october 2010. This has never happen to me before. I did not know what to do. I spent hundreds of dollars on home remedies for acne and nothing really worked.I have been having flare ups alot more and I am desperately depressed too. I know how you feel. I feel so ugly and hideous i wear a hat over my face or makeup to cover up the bumps ( and I am a man who does not want to wear makeup). I have been severely depressed too. I heard they flare up when your immune system is low, but I am the healthiest person I know. Organic foods,excersize, limiting sugar ( lost 8 lbs and went down to 139 lbs). I am currently doing a parasite cleanse from the inside out. I am going to see a dermatologist Thurs. I mentally can not take this anymore either. I have had thoughts of suicide or hurting myself, but I am afraid of hell. Since noone is sure if a Christian commits suicide will go to hell, I dont wanna take that chance.


Jul 30, 2011
demodex mites and Olive Leaf
by: Anonymous

Hi, I had someone come in to my life and give me a bug scare, I don't know if he passed it on to me or if I already had it and wasn't aware or if its all in my mind. But...I notice similar things as you do now and after intensive research and after trying everything possible (yes, even dog shampoo for lice and ticks). I am I believe, on my fourth day of being healed. I use, tea tree body soap, tea tree shampoo and conditioner, tea tree face foam and i also use baby shampoo diluted for my eyes and face when I am tired or just feel like washing my face or in the shower.

I am doing this on a regular basis, at night before bed. After I shower with these products, I take tea trea oil and, diluted with water rub it in strategic places like, ear canal, inside nose and outside, cheeks forhead chin. I take a chance and dilute it and gently rub it into my eyelashes and more vigourously into eyebrows and where ever else I feel they might be then and go to sleep and take an anti histamine if I need to.

Along with this, I do an inner cleanse and take an amazing! product called "Olive Leaf" you can find it in capsules or tinture, tincture is supposed to be much more effective but Ive been using the capsules for four days and I feel like they are at least half gone. Im eating as little sugar as possible also and keeping a light diet. There is also Olive Leaf The that is very good.

What you do is wash every night and put the tt oil or ointment (ointment catches them I guess...) and take two to four Olive Leaf capsules or tinture (follow directions depending on your degree of infestation) four times daily for 5 days. After five days take two days off and then take the same again for the remainding 5 days.

After four days I notice a huge difference. Im so happy.
Stress is a big factor too, so if you can start yoga, I intend to do this, it is amazing for your body and mind. other thing I do is buy a new pillow, change pillowcases and sheets every day and wash them and all laundry with ten drops of tea tree oil. Its a bit expensive at first but after a couple months you'll feel great. If you can put the Olive leaf tinture or powder in your kids food it will help them too and get them to wash with tea trea products for a few months (I plan to put it in a fake shampoo bottle so they don't notice :))

anyway, good luck hope this helps! I know Im ALOT happier this week than i was last week.

Jul 05, 2011
similar symptoms
by: Not alone

I am suffering similar symptoms, just have some bites/eggs on body too. Doctors are useless and say it's scabies.

What I find helps and almost relieves symptoms?'
Salt baths (make it as salty as the sea and taste)
B vitamins and garlic 2 pills 2x dayl. Daily vacuuming a must with good hepa filter vacuum. Sprinkle salt in your carpets, it will dehydrate any bugs there. Wash linens, towels and clothes daily. Keep just enough in circulation to limit work. Cut hair as short as possible and comb with lice comb daily! Also Sea Buckthorn oil is supposted to cure it after a few times. Pray, read the bible, watch Joyce Meyer, who is encouraging. There is Neem skin conditioners in spray bottles that work great. Tea tree oil is good, but does not do much to eradicate problem.

If it is rodent mites or bird mites, you will need to contact an exterminator or the County Agriculture entomologist for an absolute diagnosis.

Get your immune system strong and eat no sugar or carbs if possible.

Don't give up hope, God will see you through this in time. Don't lose faith or rely on yourself, reach out to those you trust and never, NEVER, accept that this is forever. God loves you and wants you to be happy! Pray for healing, watch Joyce Meyer for encouragement and believe that you will forget this all some day.


Jul 04, 2011
Using Vaseline for Demodex Mites
by: Angie

You mentioned using vaseline for demodex mites on your scalp. Not a bad idea to try to smother them, but I can understand how difficult it would be to get the gunk out of your hair.

Let me make 2 suggestions regarding this... First, you may want to try olive oil instead. The same principle of smothering will apply if you leave it on over night.

Second, try using dish washing liquid to wash the residue out of your hair instead of shampoo. Specifically, use a dish washing liquid that contains a degreasing agent like Dawn. It will cut oil much easier and may eliminate the need for the corn starch.

Jul 03, 2011
Demodex killed by Vicks Vapor Rub
by: Anonymous 2

This is what I did to kill the demodex mites on my back and shoulders. My spouse rubbed Vicks Vapor Rub on my back and shoulders, at night, every-other-night for three times. I slept in loose pajamas. After three "treatments", I experienced no biting, crawling or itching on my back for about two months. And, all the tiny "blisters" on my back disappeared.

My guess is that they are returning slowly to my back,, because I can feel the mites crawling on my shoulders over the past week. So I will go back to the Vicks treatment tonight. Vicks did kill them...even if only for two months....there was NO BITING, ITCHING OR CRAWLING AND THAT WAS GREAT AND OH SO NORMAL. I think it was the oil of turpentine in the VICKS that croaked them.

HOWEVER, these little hideous demon-dexes are now rampaging through my scalp and forehead. What to do? I don't know. Maybe I will put Vicks on my scalp??? Need to be very careful not to get it in my eyes, and you know how Vicks oozes. If I do use Vicks, I know only multiple, multiple shampooing and applying corn starch to dried hair (after shampooing) will remove the petroleum in the Vicks. I tried to smother these hateful mites with Vaseline, but that did not work and I had gunky, greasy hair all stuck together, until I applied the corn starch, time and time again, after shampooing, and blow-drying, time and time again. What a mess!

Today, I gave up sugar, flour (pasta, bread, etc) chocolate and coffee. That is supposed to cut into their "food supply."

Good Lord, do I have the will power for this?

I have hair loss and wonder if it will grow back???

Also, I have been observing several of my friends and total strangers. They are "scratching their heads" with frequency. Is there a human demodex epidemic going on?

I wash bedding and clothes in hot water with detergent and a BORAX laundry product. THE BORAX KILLS THE MITES. But, I won't ingest the stuff, as other sites have suggested.......It is very toxic internally. I won't take a bath in it either, because I am a coward, and believe the company when they say not to use their product as a drug. There are also "booster" additives in the product and they are VERY toxic for human "use".

If anyone has the answer for scalp demodexes, please write.

And what is supposedly weakening our immune systems so that increasing numbers of people are being over-run with the demodex mite?

Could some reasons be the hormones and antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides in nearly everything we eat? And drink? Too many prescription medicines that could lower immune systems? Too much sugar in our diets? Too many non-nutritious processed foods? Too many toxic additives in our foods? Not enough time outdoors in the sunlight?

WHAT ARE THE CAUSES for these greatly increasing mite infestations in humans and animals? Find the causes and AVOID OR ELIMINATE them.....that will be a major part of the CURE.

Jun 13, 2011
Demodex causes herpes looking sores
by: Anonymous

Demodex are breathed in through your nose (because they are so little they go airborne). They set up camp, and then when the moment is right they set out to mate, reproduce, and invade your face, or nose. The most sensitive skin is around your mouth. They will first invade one pore. Next they will set up camp in the irritated tissue, lay eggs, and destroy. IT IS NOT HERPES. IT LOOKS LIKE IT. HOWEVER, IT IS POSSIBLE THE INDUSTRY SURROUNDING HERPES IS MAKING MILLIONS OFF THESE CRITTERS.

You must treat everything you live around. Your house, car, clothes, and workspace. Dry clothes,sheets, and blankets extra time to in the dryer to kill. Mist vinegar water throughout your home (it smells only for a day then it dissipates).
Use Borax on carpet. Use Coconut oil on face and in nose. Vinegar all surfaces, computer keyboards, and everything you touch.

They are everywhere and if you are sensitive to them you must be vigilant. If your animal has them use sea salt and water, or take your pet to the ocean.

I believe these cause canker sores, irritated taste buds, ear aches, swollen throat, asthma issues, acne, cold sores (because they love burrowing in and around lips), itchy scalp, possibly psoriasis, and I'm sure many other things I am not aware of.

As they burrow sometimes there is a tiny tiny sting, or tickle on your nose, or eye lashes, or sneezing if they get in your sinuses.

They hate sunlight. They will burrow deep in your sinuses if you are in the sunlight and this causes sneezing. However the more rays you get the more die. UV light kills them.....

I have sensitive skin and I am always fighting these nasty little bugs. PLEASE KNOW THAT THESE MICRO-BUGS are seen as NORMAL flora-fauna. They are also soooooooooooo small. It is easy for the medical professionals to ignore them and overlook them all together.

Jun 11, 2011
dermodex mite help
by: Anonymous

I have a family member who has been experiencing some of the same side effects as others who have posted here. One dermatologist blew him off and questioned his sanity, while another did blood work and took a biopsy of his leg and found that he DID in fact have dermodex mites and now is on a 3 month long medication and treatment plan. He feels that the air quality of his home is bad. Does anyone know if mites can affect the air quality?

Jun 02, 2011
Some Type of Parasite or Something

Hello,to the lady that is having such a problem with mites. I can relate due to the fact that sometime in October or November 2010 my HORROR STORY BEGAN. I also have been fighting some type of mite, parasite, no-seeum bug or something, and you are right the dermatologist just do not get it, and have no CLUE!!. I lost my hair to whatever it is; I had long locks down my back, and now my hair is extremely short like a boy's haircut. I get itchy most evenings and I feel things crawling on me and a sting or burning sensation when Iam being bit by whatever it is. I feel that no-one understands except people who are going through this or have gone through this. I also thought about suicide for a minute, but decided that I was going to win this battle by doing my own research and finding out what was out there that might help. So, in doing research I did find a site called lice be gone that sold bug kill detergent that has actually helped with my clothes; although they are not lice, because I have tried all kinds of lice remedy's, but whatever I have is simular to lice. I recently ran across another website about parasites by putting in the question of how do you get rid of parasites on your body and in your hair?, at I cannot remember the name of the site, I have it at home if you would like to email me at; I would be more than happy to share it with you. I have not tried their products yet, but I plan to; especially to try and get this crap off of my skin, hair, and off of my cat who is experiencing a bad thing to.I do not plan to give up because this has happened to me. I know in my heart that there is a cure out there somewhere and I will find it soon, and I will let the world know all about it, because this has been one of the worse experiences of my life, but NOTHING LAST FOREVER!!.So please do not committ suicide and give up we will get through this thing some how I just know it. I will keep searching and trying products; something will work. Don't forget to contact me if you would like to.

Sincerely, Ms. Jordan

May 31, 2011
Packing tape, raid, and tea-tree oil is working
by: Eileen

I also had the 'crawling' feeling on my scalp, eyebrows, face, and nose. Having no idea what it was, I took 'Raid Home & Garden' and sprayed on the roots of my scalp in a 4-5 inch patch. After 15 minutes, it hurt like crazy - felt like biting. I took a bath later in Epsom Salt and Borax (1 cup each) to wash and rise my hair. The next day, no itch in that spot. I worked my way around my scalp until it was gone.

For my face, I used triple-cream antibiotic cream on my face in in my nose. After 15 minutes, the inside of my nose was killing me, but eventually felt much better. That night, I sat with a roll of scotch tape and packing tape and got at least 100 of those little white bugs off my face, eyebrows and legs. I'm going to buy a microscope today to look at them.

I had a vibrating, burrowing feeling in my leg and sprayed the raid along with a good coat of triple cream lotion. After 15 minutes, I could tell they were biting. I later covered my body with tea tree lotion. I could feel them coming to the surface. I picked at least a dozen off my leg with the packing tape. Today I still feel the borrow/vibrating feeling in my leg, so I’m going to keep going with the tea tree oil and tape until whatever is in my leg out.

Apr 29, 2011
Doctors are getting careless
by: Anonymous

Delusional parasitosis or Morgellon's or Cutaneous Neuropathy or whatever label the medical community is now slapping on this should be a diagnosis of elimination, similar to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, even adult-onset epilepsy. Other causes, "legitimate" causes, should be ruled out before giving a patient a diagnosis that ensures that no further attempt at diagnosis will be made by any other medical professional. I don't understand how so many doctors can take one quick look from across the room or, in my case, from outside the damn door, refuse to run any tests even when the patient has severe gastro-intestinal symptoms (as with the previous poster) which are usually the first sign of intestinal parasites, and dismiss the whole thing. What are we missing here? What crazy vibe do we radiate to get written off so easily? We're pooping and bleeding and out of our heads from lack of sleep and the constant, unbearable itching - a doctor should find it odd if we DON'T seem nuts! Has anyone been dismissed as delusional who subsequently got diagnosed with an accepted (I.e., not psychological) disease? Please share your story.

Apr 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

Ive scoured n scrubbed. Steamed n bleached. Sprayed bug sspray till I made myself sick. Used lice treatments on my hair 3 times n twice on my body, even though I never saw a bug or nit. Didnt do a thing but make them stronger.(so I felt). Went to the 1st doc after having lost 10 lbs from diarreah or vomiting every time I tried to eat. 2nd doc asks me if somene in my family has psychological problems. I already felt like I was crazy. Even though I had numerous places all over where I had drawn blood from scratching. She gave me cream for scabies. Didnt work. I feel like I am in a nightmare (day n nite). I have spent many hours trying to figure out whats going on with me n many hours examining my body n hair. I KNOW what I see n feel. Jus bcause they dont know wat it is , that makes me delusional. I alredy knew bout the demodex mite from a nioxin hair class . But wouldve never dreamed I would ever get! Me get rid of it.

Apr 25, 2011
holy cow! it's not just me!?!
by: Anonymous

The person who described the crust forming on your face - have you seen this clip from YouTube? It's frightening but not a hoax, which I know because it has happened to me twice. I didn't realize it was worms until that video, though. Probably a good thing or I would have done anything to make it stop. Both of the outbreaks occurred within a couple of days of taking a dose of Pin-X, which is over the counter liquid for pinworms. I didn't think I had pinworms, but I have had ... stuff ... coming out of my head and face and arms for months and was trrying every anti-parasitic I could get my hands on, including Ivermectin, which helped but only for a couple of weeks.the first time I took the Pin-X I had black stuff tumbling out of open sores in my skin (which a dermatologist refused to treat, saying they were so severe they could only be self-inflicted. It boggles the mind) after 2 hours. Then a couple of days later the white stuff was rolling out of my pores and tickling unbearably. I thought I was covered in lice and spent 2 days covered in lice shampoo, frantically taping up everything that emerged so I wouldn't contaminate the house and get reinfected. I even went to the ER with the stuff coming out and forming that disgusting crust, and they said it must be a medication I was on and to go home and stop taking it. Helpful. They wouldn't take a sample or look at the jar of black crap that came out of the sores - they said they don't have a microscope. In a hospital. That's comforting. Anyway, 2 weeks later I took more Pin-X because the itching was getting worse, had another horrific outbreak, seriously contemplated suicide to make it stop, but then found that disturbing video online while researching to figure this nightmare out. I got a microscope and looked at the white stuff coming out of my pores and they unroll into little clear segmented flattened tubes. Could be worms. Today the tickling started up pretty badly and the stuff started coming out again, so I started rubbing Pin-X into my skin. I sort of thought maybe this was some horrible thing where I got pinworm eggs into acne or a bug bite and they were successfully living in my skin. I know it's far-fetched but no one will suggest an alternative theory because they think I'm crazy. I probably am by now, but I know I'm covered in itchy sores, stuff comes out of me that shouldn't, taking Pin-X internally triggered an outbreak, and using it topically seems to have calmed things down. It's only been a few hours but where I put the stuff on my skin, nothing is coming out anymore and the itching is better. Does anyone know if it's possible to get pinworms in your skin? Or even in mucous membranes like the nose?

Apr 12, 2011
help the medical community Because were not crazy
by: Rain cloud

I thank all of you for comments,for its truly a blessing to no I'm not by myself and most of all I'm not crazy. Now I was put in the mental ward had my daughter pulled out of my arms & dragged off fighting & screaming because I went to the hospital for help and after been there for a 72 physic hold I'm more screwed up then ever ,the problem is still here in fact worse then ever and I'm afraid to go any were near a medical so call professional. Now I no between the crawling,biting,stinging& pippin on mu skin I just don't no if I can take any more. So if there's HELP out there GOD no I need it. So my RAIN CLoud can turn in to a RAINBOW

Apr 08, 2011
Aleka, has a problem too
by: Anonymous

I have something all over me--little white balls land on my shoulders as well as very tiny worm like white things. This is on my legs, hands, hair face ears throat and nose. Saw a Dermatologist yesterday that yaked about all sorts of things but basically told me it was in my head and want me to see another doctor. You get tired of seeing doctor after doctor. My family doctor saw these things that are in my head/mind but she didn't. they crawl out of the pores on their own or after I have itched the skin. The dermatologist didn't hear a word I said. So I am in a battle as well and trying to research this on my own. I totally sympathize with all who suffer. God help us all.

Mar 27, 2011

First of all I want to wish you every blessing imaginable:),

I have been through similar emotions:
I was having trouble breathing and spasms in many places in my body. Anal and body itching. Migraine and dizziness. I got into bed and thought that my life was over.
I went to a Dr. Who couldn't find my pulse and told me I suffer from children think that I am depressed or need mental help.
I had tape worm, pin worm, under the skin mites, I still cry every night and can't sleep.
I started a treatment of zapping parasites, japaneese red pine oil,fulvic ionic mineral

I found out in my area lost of families are infested with parasites...
Good luck and wishing you all great health:),

Mar 09, 2011
Daughter with Pinworms, etc.
by: Angie

You poor dear. I know you are stressed out over this, but now that you have identified what problem you are dealing with, the battle is half way won.

I personally don't like the medications they prescribe for worms, particularly for the very reasons you mentioned. Too often you end up with yeast infections and/or other complications as a result.

There are plenty of natural remedies that do the job without the nasty side effects.

They were right to tell you that you all should be treated. Worms are very easily passed from person to person. Hands need to be thoroughly washed after using the bathroom, before and after touching food, etc. Bed linen should be changed.

Your daughter could have picked up the worms at school, but she also could have picked them up in the yard, by petting an animal, or even touching a contaminated toy, shopping cart, etc.

I would suggest that your entire family use Herbal Fiberblend for a complete digestive cleanse. There are 17 different herbs in HFB and they are anti-fungal and anti-parasitic to cleanse worms and yeast out of the system.

I would also suggest that you and your daughter (at least) take Florafood for a few weeks to replenish the friendly bacteria in your body to help combat the yeast overgrowth and strengthen your immune system.

As hard as it is, try to stay calm. Your anxiety is understandable, but your condition is easily treatable and not really worth the stress you and your daughter are experiencing. I'm sure that if you are able to maintain a calmer attitude, it would comfort and encourage your daughter, too.

I hope this helps and that you all are able to get the relief and peace you deserve without the negative side effects.

Mar 08, 2011
I'm sorry for your trials of ignorant humans
by: Anonymous

I have extremely little belief in Doctor's and Hospitals these days myself. My poor 9yr. old has been having some horrific "Gastroenteritis issues" that she has been seen over six times for in the past month. Not eating, losing weight, lethargic and sickly looking. I was told it's nothing serious and she was given prevacid. A day after this diagnosis on Fri. Feb. 25,2011 I had just returned from buying every fungal cream on the market for the yeast infection she and I were lucky enough to get every time we use antibiotics. Long story short, I was arguing with my husband who wanted to use baby powder on her to keep her dry down there since we'd tried everything else. i was on the internet trying to prove to my husband I was correct when I came across one paragraph talking about pinworms. Never heard of them, but it just resonated with me and I decided to get a flashlight and check the area. Disgustingly enough to my sheer terror, there was a tiny white worm wiggling it's way out of her butthole and another worm already outside the anal area. Flipped out and called my pediatrician right away (8:30PM) she tells me she'll come into the office tomorrow to write the prescription for my girl and my whole family since we could be at risk. Dr. told me in the meantime just smear some vaseline in the area to trap them. My daughter is still screaming for now 3 straight hours begging me to take her to the hospital. Right Time pediatrics got her right in treated her immediately and the physician's comments upon exam replied "Oh she is horribly infested", they ended up sedating her and putting my mind at ease. Now we are having such severe issues from the mebendazole used to treat the infection-it's like poison. Everyone is treating me like I'm a baby and my poor daughter is just seeking attention. Well we do both have anxiety that causes us IBS- but nothing like this. We both feel like we are going to die if we don't either vomit or have explosive diarrhea/gas. It's truly horrific. But nobody cares. My pediatrician tells me it usually causes no problems, well I've read articles that say that say these things can move into your vagina/lungs/ears/nose,etc. It makes sense if they can survive outside of the human body for up to three months. The eggs are invisible to the naked eye, can be airborne and affect one of every five people in the U.S at all times. I'm praying we are on the tail end of this. The worms are small (half centimeter) and thin. Most likely she picked it up at school.

Feb 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hey guys, I can tell you your symptoms are definitely demodex mite symptoms. I am trying demodex solutions products: ... I don't know if it will help much. All I know of is permethrin and ivermectin... This is destroying my life. If I don't get rid of it, in the next couple years I will have to find a way out of this body!

Jan 30, 2011
There is a cure!
by: Mel

All of you need to check out

My family has been dealing with this since November (about 3 months). We thought we had bird mites crawling all over us. We moved and still had the problem.

Actually only my husband had the problem after we moved and I thought it was possible he had parasitosis because he just "thought" he still had all those bugs crawling all over him. I tried to support him although I found it to be difficult.

PCO's would not treat unless there was a confirmed bug which was nearly impossible to catch. (although Megan tells you how & Hobby Lobby sells a 40x kids microscope for $10)

Doctors said my husband was crazy. Friends and family think we've just plain gone off the deep end.

My husband tried many of the things Megan says on her site "what doesn't work". I thought some of these abusive skin treatments were possibly the cause of my husbands symptoms and I tried to get him to just stop to no avail.

Then I started getting symptoms a few weeks ago. And I believe my toddler is now being affected, also.

Symptoms are burning, itching, popping and crawling on the skin. It's awful and now I feel sorry I was only taking my husband half seriously before. Lack of sleep totally adds to the problem which tends to leave one feeling crazy, hopeless, & desperate with occasional suicidal thoughts.

But Cedarcide is a miracle product and Megan's site is a God send. The Arbonne cream is an absolute relief.

After using Cedarcide, I believe we killed most of the bugs - but they returned. However, it has given us complete confidence that we will definitely rid the problem after we follow the whole protocol laid out in Megan's site.

We consulted with Megan who was so extremely helpful in answering all of our questions and explaining the problem.

I was skeptical about all this at first. But after speaking to Megan, who sounded very intelligent and knowledgeable, I realized that what I was feeling was exactly what she described.

The bug is actually Collembola and it's attracted to a fungus that has started growing on the skin. The itching, burning, and popping sensations are actually caused by the fungus spreading. The mites actually eat and spread the fungus. The bugs cause the crawling sensations and also contribute to the burning and popping because they release and enzyme to digest the fungus on your skin. The fungus can also become internal. -- This sounded so incredible and hard to believe at first. But now I am convinced that this is what we're dealing with.

We have just received all of the products we need to start Megan's protocol and I am confident we will resolve this problem. Megan has helped many many others who have all been cured after following her protocol. I hope she can help you too.

Wishing all of you much success in resolving this issue. I'll try to post an update. - Mel

Jan 29, 2011
Possible Demodex Mites?
by: Poppy

I'm very relieved to find this site. I've had this condition for nearing on 10 years and I'm going out of my mind!!! I sometimes feel very depressed at the hopelessness of my situation. I used to have gorgeous thick blonde hair and now it's very thin and in bad condition. I feel too ashamed to talk about it to anyone but the few times I have plucked up the courage to talk to a doctor, they have fobbed me off with implausible reasons for my hair loss like 'it's just a certain phase of your life where it's natural to lose hair'. I'm 24 years old and female so I really don't think I should be losing this much hair. Also I know beyond a doubt that whatever I have is some form of parasite and highly contagious. All of my ex-boyfriends and some close friends have developed the same condition as me. I'm not sure if it's the demodex mite but the symptoms seem quite similar to what i have. I have this uncontrollable itching sensation and I can feel things crawling on me but when I look, there's nothing there. When I put my fingers in my ears and then withdraw them, I can feel loads of tiny little popping sensations like some things are jumping up and down in my ears. My hair, nose and ears are the most itchy but I also get it on the rest of my body too. I've tried using solutions for head lice and scabies but they don't work. I tried your suggestion of tea tree oil shampoo, cream and shower gel but it didn't offer me instant relief. Will I start to feel the effects if I use it over a long period? Are there any other things you recommend to ease the itchiness? I'd be eternally grateful if you could help me. I really am at my wits end and don't know where else to turn.

Jan 23, 2011
Wishing I Could Do More...
by: Angie

I'm always wishing I could do more to help you dear ones who are suffering and come here to try to find out solutions and suggestions that might bring you relief.

I'm glad to hear that just having a place to air your concerns and feelings and find others in a similar situation brings some small measure of comfort.

I do pray for you all as often as you come to mind (which is fairly often!), even when I can't remember all of your names or don't even know your names. I know that God knows each of you by name and that He hears my prayer for you.

Please be encouraged and keep doing all you can do to cleanse your body with herbs and other natural ingredients (when possible) and support your body with the best nutrition and nutritional supplements you can afford.

We do care.

Jan 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you, gals for this web site. When I said something about a support group meeting-in no way did I ever intend to suggest that this was not a support group. I certainly think it is, and I want to thank you so very much for the ability to chit-chat with others in this shape, get suggestions, learn alot, and I get my therapy at the same time (I found that writing everything down really helps) (of course, the memos I do at work all have to be re-done from the way I want to say something to the proper way!!! But, whatever works, right? (Just so none of those first ones accidentally get sent out instead of the good & proper ones!!!). No, I am not nuts, by therapy I mean inter-acting with others in a way that relieves all the pressure I'm feeling. THANK YOU THANK YOU

Jan 21, 2011
Just wondering
by: Anonymous

Wow. I am just sitting here reading all these letters. Too bad we cant get some type of a support group together & meet regularly. At least that would be some type of mental relief for us, huh!!?? Living in a town of about 89,000, the insurance that denied us (this started with some people that had checked into a room for 2 weeks) and of course the f****ng insurance company has denied us for our little $4.00 tubes of cream, but they can spend $318,000.00 plus on a golf outing. Anyway, I was just wondering, since the doctors have told us we are delusions, the insurance lady slipped up & told us that there were many more hotels in this area that seemed to have the same problem we were (it is NOT bed bugs), however she cancelled the appt she had said the claims rep insisted she make with us even tho we were denied. Then, all of a sudden she cancels 5 minutes prior to the appt and the insurance adj is okay with her not coming. Get this-it's rather comical-she sends me a couple pages of stuff she wants me to read up on re: insects. You know, how not to get stung by a scorpion, or get bit by an aligator. Important things like that! So, just how many of us are actually out there? I think it's getting to an epidemic purportion, but when we are strewn all over, and no one wants to talk about it, just how are you to find out? One girl stopped here while my husband was working on her car & said "what's wrong with your hands, if you dont mind me asking. My mom's hands look just like that, but she cant find a doctor to tell her what it is".
This has got to be an epidemic. And why/who is allowing the doctors to ignore it & allow us all to suffer???? There has got to be someone out there that has a loud voice & can speak for us that actually gives a shit, isnt there?
I can see why people kill themselves. I'm almost there myself.

Jan 21, 2011
by: Anonymous


Jan 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am not a cedarcide salesperson or rep of that company. It works for you and your pets and is nontoxic. Just go to It seems expensive but it goes a long way and is less than I spent on so called remedies that do not work.
I feel your frustration, I've been there. Using cedarcide worked for me and my dog.

Jan 14, 2011
Believe me, you are far from alone!!!
by: Anonymous

RE: possible Morgellons (since no doctor is competent enough to accurately diagnose me-or just doesnt want to)- Has anyone else sent in a formal complaint to your State's Board of Regulatory Agencies about the doctors who basically 1)tell you that you are doing this to yourself 2) made the suggestion that you were a drug addict 3) "looked" at the specimens you provided to them and they "looked" with a MAGNIFYING GLASS!!! D U H .
If it's going to take them getting it, or their family member, and I hate to say this, but I SURE HOPE THEY HURRY UP cuz I really dont think I should have to wait until they have to fess up & admit it exists before I get acknowledged with it. These doctors should be ashamed of themselves. Talking down to you "so, you are seeing bugs coming out of your skin"? DO NOT PATRONIZE ME!!!! Did I say that? Shut up, open your little mind & listen to me!!!!
Damn doctors - just who told them they were God???? Strip them of their license. And what about that CDC letter to the health care providers. The preliminary report was 1/2 a page with some questions. WHERE IS THE FINAL REPORT??

Dec 18, 2010
I am so relieved to find others with this.....
by: yvonne, sydney

I actually think there is probably an epidemic as I see people putting fingers in their ears etc when normally you have no need to do this. I have been made fun of as well. I have always thought this to be a type of resistant strain of mites/nits. I actually shaved my head twice and I have thick hair and started wearing a wig. The bugs then got into my ears and nose. I notice at a certain time of night or if I put a fan on, the temperature becomes too cool and I feel them in my ears. It is so weird especially if you are telling someone this.
It is about 9 to 10pm at night. I have tried shaving or removing nose hair, putting vaseline in ears etc. I think this problem is everywhere but people are too hung=up to talk about it because they align bugs with bad hygiene.

Dec 07, 2010
Internal Treatment for possible Demodex Mite
by: Angie

Dear Kathy,

I'm so sorry to hear of your distress. I can vividly imagine the frustration and exhaustion you must be dealing with on top of the actual sensation of things crawling over your head and face.

Since you have not found any relief from topical treatments or medical visits, are you willing to try to some natural internal treatments that may give you some cleansing and relief?

It's worth a shot, in my opinion. Natural supplements aren't cheap, but at least with the AIM products I suggested earlier, if they don't work you can ask for your money back. They do honor their return policy.

These are the suggestions that I think you would find most helpful...

The Florafood and Composure would be helfpul also, but the first 4 alone in combination would most likely get you some results.

I sincerely wish you all the best for a quick recovery from this unbearable situation you've found yourself in. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Dec 06, 2010
I feel your exact PAIN!
by: Kathy

This has been going on with me for about 4 months. I too think that my problem is Demodex Mites (obviously not positive because can't find doctor that will test and confirm!!). My housemates and boyfriend think that it is all in my head!! I am literally going crazy.

I had never heard of demodex mites until I started surfing the net trying to figure out what is crawling all over my face and scalp and in my ears and nose. No where else on my body either. I can feel these mites 24 hours a day. I also get white crust just above my upper eyelashes that is hard to remove. I hardly have any eyelashes left. And, whatever they are, they are not contagious, because no one I am in close contact with, have them.

I have missed so many days from work that I shouldn't even have a job. I just turned 50 and have blamed it on menopause and depression. I can't bring myself to tell by boss that I think I have a mite problem, especially when I can't get a diagnoses from a real doctor!!

I have been to the doctor, who referred me to an eye specialist, who examined my eyes and sent me off with alergy drops. He said my eyes were in great condition and too come back in 4 weeks to see if the alergy drops worked. At $50 co-pay, I never went back. I even went to the emergency room one day when I just couldn't take it anymore. I was sent home with a prescription for some super moisturizing cream for my extremely dry skin. (what a joke!!)

I have tried 50% tea tree oil and it seems to work for only a day or two, and the strong smell bothers my housemates too much!! They think I have gone off the deep end with no chance of climbing back.

I too have simply wore myself out with cleaning and washing my bedding so much. I have to wash my hair brush and vacuum my room every day. But, after working all day, I'm simply too tired to keep washing my bedding every day!! I wash everything weekly and just suffer everyday. When at work, I sometimes cry on my lunch hour because the mites are driving me so crazy. I sometimes wonder how long I am going to be able to cope with this.

I even blow dry my hair and flat iron (400 degrees) daily and this does not affect them at all!!

I have never been someone who complains or has ever even had a medical condition that required medication for a long period of time. I come from a great family and have always been happy with my life, until now!!

Please send me an email to I would really like to communicate with you some more.

Nov 22, 2010
Burning and itching sensation on face

I live in the North East of England and find the same problem with so called specialist Dermotologists. I have been diagnosed as having Rosacea by the specialist doing an examination of my face with the naked eye for less than one minute. The Rosex Cream he prescribed had no effect,so I turned to the web for help and found out about the Demodex Mite symptoms which fitted exactly with the symptoms I am suffering. It seems they dont know how to deal with it.So therefore deny it. More research must be needed to help lots of sufferers.

Nov 20, 2010
Sea Buckthorn Oil
by: Anonymous

Go to your health food store and get Aubrey brand Seabuckthorn oil facial masque, cleanser and moisturizer. Apply the Masque from head to toe and let sit 10-15min, then wash with the cleanser, you will immediately get relief thank God. I had the same thing and my baby is suffering too. 7-8dr's, allergist, sooooooo arrogant!!! I have NO faith in them! You have to do this for 4 months to kill them. NO SUGAR!!! use Honey with propolis or nothing. NO bread and white carbs. Get some carbs but not much. Beef up your immunity! Get vitamins that help. A (kills parasites), E, Bs and D. Try to chill out as much as you can. Stress makes it worse. White meat, not red, and no pork. Garlic, veggies, fish, chicken. Coconut Oil kills off systemic yeast that they like.

Nov 05, 2010
about your mite buddies
by: Lynn

you can write to me. I have been in some deep suffering to. little black dots not able to be seen w/o mag. no sleep,and so on. doctor not much help. worried if I go back( to the doc) to much in the state I'm in I to will end up in a unit proclaiming my sanity.

Nov 02, 2010
Demodex Mite
by: Angie

Dear Debra,

I'm so desperately sorry to hear your story. It's plain to hear that you are nearing the end of your rope. I was especially saddened to hear that you had to cut all of your hair off. I know how that would make me feel.

Be encouraged, though, that it will grow back and this only has to be temporary.

You mentioned that you are taking medications. Is there any medication that you began taking shortly before you started having this problem with what you believe to be the demodex mite?

I'm doubting that it is a reaction to medication, only because your dog wouldn't be having the same reaction, but I still thought it worth mentioning and considering because prescription drugs can have some horrific side effects, and it doesn't sound like your doctor's addressed that possibility.

Have you tried completely covering your scalp in olive oil and letting it set for several hours? This helps with some skin parasites as it smothers them. I'm not sure if it would work with the demodex mite (if that's what you've got), but it's worth a try.

Another option that another visitor used and recommended was to add some pure clove oil drops to the oil and apply it to the affected area. Clove has some anti-parasitic properties, so it would also be worth giving a try.

Internally, I'd suggest the following supplements to try to cleanse and build your system and help you cope:

  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • Bear Paw Garlic
  • Barley Life
  • Florafood
  • Composure

Herbal Fiberblend and Bear Paw Garlic help to eliminate and ward off parasites. The BarleyLife and Florafood help to boost your immune system, and the Composure will help to relax you and deal with the stress of the situation. They are all available here.

I hope and pray that something in this will be beneficial to you and that you will be helped and recover.

You do have my sincerest sympathies and compassion for whatever it is worth. Please hang in there.

To your good health!

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