Diagnosed With PBC

by Lucy

I was diagnosed with PBC about four years ago, after suffering for years with chronic fatigue and itchy skin. I suffer and have done for many years with most of the symptoms on this site.

I go to my liver specialist every six months for blood tests and to keep check on my condition.

Would they have ever checked my PH levels? I have never heard about PH balance until I was directed to this site while looking into symptoms of another condition which I have been suffering from for the last few weeks - a vaginal discharge which I KNOW is not an STD.

Please help!

Hi Lucy,

I really don't know if it is common practice for your specialist to check your pH balance when checking your blood tests after being diagnosed with PBC.

My guess would be that they probably do not. It's surprising and unfortunate, but the majority of conventional medicine doctors (at least in the US) don't consider pH balance (or imbalance) as an important factor in good health.

You may want to talk to your doctor about the benefits of you taking some whole food supplement powders, particularly the Garden Trio.

These three powders Redibeets, JustCarrots, and BarleyLife are fresh whole foods, picked and juiced, and then immediately dried at low temperatures to lock in all the wonderful vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and
live enzymes.

When you mix the Garden Trio together in water and drink them, the rich nutrition gets into your blood stream in 15 minutes. Good nutrition is SO vital in health and healing, and this is one easy way to boost your nutrition intake for maximum results.

Beets are excellent for your liver health and the barley grass juice will help to keep your pH in balance as well as provide your body with solid nutrition for building healthy cells and repairing damaged cells.

To be honest, Lucy, if I were diagnosed with PBC or some other debilitating disease, I would most certainly give my body a good detox cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend.

This is particularly a good idea since you are now having this vaginal discharge that is concerning you. If you don't have an STD, you could simply have a yeast infection. The herbal cleanse will help you get rid of that, along with some good quality probiotics.

I use HFB regularly anyway, and I'm always recommending it because I truly believe in the benefits of a healthy natural cleanse.

You could also use some organic apple cider vinegar as a vaginal rinse to help deal with the vaginal discharge externally.

I hope this helps you some and that you are able to eliminate some of your irritating symptoms and begin to heal.

To your good health!

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