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examples of whole foods

If you are looking for examples of whole foods, think about foods that are in their original state or very close to it. 

Immediately, you'll probably think of raw fruits and vegetables. You'd be right, too!

Now, my hubby probably thinks of cows in the fields when he thinks of "whole foods," but that's not what we are talking about. :-)

Fruits and veggies, along with fresh herbs are the perfect example of perfect whole foods.

There are other examples of whole foods besides fruits and veggies. For instance, grains like wheat, corn, barley, rice, oats, and spelt are whole foods when they are harvested from their stalks. Most of us aren't going to eat them directly from the stalk.

examples of whole foods

However, you may be like a good friend of mine who grinds her own whole grains just before using them. That's a good example of whole foods in use.

The farther along in the refining process you go, the less and less nutrition is left in a grain and the classification of 'whole foods' will no longer apply. White flour is an example of a whole food that has been virtually processed to death with little or no nutritional value left for the body to absorb and use.

I already mentioned the most common whole food example - raw fruits and vegetables. Freshly picked fruits and veggies are classified as whole foods. It's great if you can pick them right from the vine, tree, ground, etc., and place them on your table. 

Believe it or not, though, you can get the best nutritional benefits from these whole foods by juicing. This way your body doesn't have to process the fiber in the food and can absorb a greater amount of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, and live enzymes that are available. 

Even fresh fruit and vegetables that are picked and left sitting for any length of time lose a good percentage of their nutritional value. This is particularly true when fruits and vegetables are picked before they are ripe. They never reach their peak value in the first place.

examples of whole foods

Much of the produce we find in the grocery store has been imported from foreign countries. It has been picked way too early and then left to ripen in shipping containers and warehouses before landing in your shopping cart "looking nice and fresh."

It's no wonder that those of us in western countries eating whole foods picked before they are ready for consumption find it difficult to get all the nutrition from our food that we need to stay fit and healthy. That's a great example of whole foods doing you very little good.

Those of us who do make the effort to grow or source good quality fruits and vegetables have a tendency to eat the majority of our food cooked. When whole foods are cooked or heated over body temperature, they lose the majority of their nutritional benefits and the live enzymes are destroyed. That's another of the examples of whole foods failing to give you the nutrition you are expecting.

Ideally, we should include as much raw, uncooked, whole foods in our diet as possible. Unfortunately, most of us, myself included, find that very difficult to maintain a raw food diet and a whole food lifestyle. 

I found a great solution. I use nutritious fresh whole food concentrates to make it easy for me to get the additional nutrition and benefit of freshly juiced vegetables without the hassle of actually juicing them myself. My favorite examples of whole foods in concentrate form are:

What makes these nutritious fresh whole food concentrates so unique is the way they are harvested at their most nutritious point of growth, then immediately juiced and dried at low temperatures with a patented process that locks in their goodness so that we can benefit by simply mixing them with water and drinking them down.

You can order these nutritious fresh whole food concentrates here at wholesale prices like I do, if you're interested. 

Do what you can to improve your diet, and supplement with good quality nutritious fresh whole food concentrates and you'll soon notice a very positive change in your health and energy levels. 

To your good health!

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