Extreme Itching!

by Kylie
(Perth, Western Australia)

I want to rip my arms off!!!

On and off (with no apparent trigger) my arms have bouts of extreme itching. It feels almost like a small electric shock in little areas that then radiates the most hideous itch. There is no rash just signs of my scratching.

With freckled skin it's difficult to see for sure, but I think there are very tiny black dots just under the skin surface.

It has only ever been on my arms and it can seem to vanish for several months then return.

I have tried all sorts of topical solutions to no avail and keep it at bay only by taking regular antihistamines when it is present.

Several doctors have told me it is "stress" related. I don't agree because it strikes indiscriminately.

I would doubt scabies because of its decade long isolated to arms nature.

Yes I am stressed - because of my extreme itching arms and my reliance upon regular antihistamines!!!!! HELP????!!!

Also I have children living with me who have never suffered this so I doubt that it is contagious. I am female aged 41.

Hi Kylie,

Don't rip your arms off yet! :) I know the horror of extreme itching, believe me! I had an allergic reaction once to extremely strong unfiltered tea tree oil straight from the trees (in Queensland). It lasted a couple of weeks and I was ready to cut off my legs, so I understand your distress completely!

Your situation is different, of course, since you don't really know what is triggering your itching skin and you don't really have a rash.

Yes, stress can do things like that (even when we don't think we are stressed), but there are other possibilities, too.

You mentioned using various topical solutions, but weren't specific. Have you tried Aloe Vera? Organic apple cider vinegar? Either of those may be helpful.

You can apply the ACV directly to your arms, and you can also add some (tsp. or so) to your drinking water a couple of times per day. The raw organic apple cider vinegar can help to detoxify your body and may help clear up whatever is causing this recurrence.

If I were you, I'd go straight for a good cleanse. I discovered the use of Herbal Fiberblend a couple of years ago and I now use it to deal with a wide range of complaints.

I started with a 3 month daily cleanse. It's a simple matter of mixing the HFB in water or juice twice per day. It worked wonders.

Now I use HFB routinely to help get rid of or ward off any ailment that seems to come my way.

For instance, my husband is suffering from a severe head cold at the moment (we're overseas in the snowy USA). I
want to avoid "catching it" from him, so I've been taking 1 Tbs. of Herbal Fiberblend morning and evening mixed in some grape juice. So far so good!!! :)

Anyway, the herbs in the Herbal Fibreblend are anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. They help to get the "bugs" out of your system and detoxify your body.

When your digestive tract is cleaned out, your body is able to absorb the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you eat so that you get much more benefit from your food intake.

Another consideration, apart from a sneaky parasite, is toxic overload. Your body processes and eliminates toxins pretty well. The various organs each have a job to do in that regard.

However, if your body can't keep up for one reason or another, the overload (usually in the liver) has to be eliminated one way or another. Quite often this results in sending the excess to the skin (the largest organ). In your case, it could be your arms.

In addition to cleansing with Herbal Fibreblend, you can consider taking the Garden Trio for several weeks to boost your immune system and help detoxify your liver. The Redibeets in the Garden Trio is a wonderful natural liver cleanser and it is so good for you too!

Kylie, I sure wish I could give you a magic potion to just be done with the itching once and for all, but this is the best advice I can offer you.

The body is an amazing piece of intricate design. It goes bezerk and haywire when it can't cope the way it was meant to. By giving yourself a good clean out and providing your body tools it needs to boost your immune system, you've got the best chance of getting rid of the extreme itching for good.

One final thought...
You mentioned that you are a female, 41 years old. I am, too, by the way. :) We are at the age where many of us are going to start menopause.

This is another time in our life where our body can get the best of us. The changes and fluctuations of our hormones can have an amazing and rather horrible affect on us, in some cases.

There is a possibility that your extreme itching is hormonal related. I've been using natural progesterone cream for several years myself, for various reasons. I highly recommend it because of all the benefits and the complete lack of known side effects (if you use a good quality brand).

I'm currently using Renewed Balance and absolutely love it. Whether you think your hormones may be a part of the problem or not, Renewed Balance is well worth a try.

Let me know if I can be of any further help.
To your good health!

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Feb 16, 2013
Extreme Itching On Arms And Legs NEW
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Cameron,

I can't say for sure what is wrong with you, of course, but like I mentioned to Kylie (above), the best place to start is a good natural internal cleanse.

Detoxifying the body helps in so many ways at it enables your body to deal with the source of the problem whether you ever know what it is or not.

I can confidently recommend the Herbal Fiberblend as the best place to start. It's what I use myself and have suggested to clients for years.

Nutritionally, there are so many good things that you can give the body to help boost your immune system. The building blocks of the body are the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, etc., and the more you provide for your body, the better able the body is to find and eliminate the source of the underlying problem.

I always say a good place to start for most people is the 1, 2, 3 of...

  • Herbal Fiberblend
  • BarleyLife
  • AIMega

Those three work really well together to clean out the bad and build up and balance the good.

Hope that helps and that you can finally get rid of the extreme itching in your arms and legs for good!


Feb 16, 2013
What is wrong with me? NEW
by: Cameron

Ok, countless MD's I've been to for severe itching mainly to legs and arms. I can feel it coming on almost like a gnawing
Under my skin with some pain. My skin turns very red with slightest of scratch/rubbing. You just want to claw your skin off
When it feels like your itching down to the bone!
I use ice to help soothe and it does help. A
Life of this misery has been going on for 7
Years and I don't understand why all the MD's
I've been to and the numerous histamine blockers, steroids,
And biologics have not helped?

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