Herbal Fiberblend Really Does Work!

by Lloyd Fleming
(Inverell, NSW)

I can attest to the fact that Herbal Fiberblend really does work.

I have been a farmer and grazier for 38 years in Northern New South Wales. My work involved the use of insecticides, weedicides, and chemical sprays for sheep and cattle.

In 1971, I was admitted to the Inverell district hospital with 245T weedicide spray and dieldrin insecticide poisoning. I had a week's bed rest in hospital as treatment then was discharged with a heart murmur. The Doctor told me to sell my property and never do another thing.

From 1971 to 1985 I was diagnosed as 40% alive by an iridologist (looks in your eyes) that I attended in July of 1985. She started me on the right track of detoxification of chemicals from my body.

I started using AIM products about June, 2001. I used Herbal Fiberblend, BarleyLife, Redibeets, Just Carrots, Gingkosense, and Reassure.

I am now in top health! After 25 years of searching, the AIM products have put me into a normal healthy 63 year old male. I have just had a doctor's medical check up in all departments of my body, and all tests indicated 99.9% healthy throughout.

I can honestly say to those seeking help in the following areas - stress relief, prostate health, better sleep, brain food, increased energy, arthritis, cataracts, antioxidants, and the most dreaded of all, cancer - get onto the AIM products.

They are not expensive. As the results of good health are great joy and happiness, the cost is very small indeed for such positive results to us all.

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