Itching All Over Including Eyes And Scalp (Not Scabies)

by Nikita

Need Help For Itching All Over Including Eyes And Scalp

Need Help For Itching All Over Including Eyes And Scalp

I am suffering from a horrible itching parasite as are my mother and brother.

They have both had this problem for 3 years which they believe they contracted on holiday in southern Spain whereas for me it is much more recent (although possibly previously dormant).

I presume I caught it from them somehow but not sure how, however I also spend a lot of time working in Spain so this may be a link.

It is an all over body itching including scalp, eyeballs and everywhere you can think of including face, inside nostrils, mouth, lips etc.

It itches and sort of burns all day constantly, though is much worse at night especially about 3am.

It also means tiny spots or lumps in random parts of the body and feels like things are moving in different places at the same time. Scratching seems to spread the problem.

Sometimes it gives the appearance of almost glitter on the face and body where whatever it is catches the light. Other effects are smelly farts and needing to go to the toilet a lot.

It makes you thinner and feel really low, though this is in part due to the symptoms as much as the parasite itself.

Strawberry root tea, black seed oil (Kalonji), citricidal and black walnut tincture all help but only seem to control the problem rather than getting rid of it.

My mother and brother have had a lot of medical examinations including the hospital for tropical diseases in Liverpool, but no one can seem to find anything wrong.

I haven't been yet as it is still recent for me and I want to keep a diary of it before going to see my doctor.

Has anyone had anything similar or have any clue as to what it might be? It is really hard trying to combat something when the parasite is unknown and the medical profession aren't being helpful at all. All help gratefully accepted, it is ruining all our lives!

It's more like almost imperceptible little bumps on the skin and the feeling that things are moving around underneath the skin constantly all over the body and scalp. It's driving me and them nuts!

It's not painful but burns a bit and as it's constant but you can't scratch because it spreads them, it's so uncomfortable

Incidentally, I'm a vegetarian although my mum and brother aren't and none of us have any pets and haven't done for about 15 years.


Hi Nikita,

I'm sorry to hear you and your family are suffering so dreadfully, and that your mother and brother have been suffering for so long.

There are so many different kinds of parasites in the world, and, of course, they have not all been identified. As much as we like to have an exact diagnosis from a doctor, that isn't always possible.

One thing we can usually count on is the way the body works. If you can give your body the tools it needs, it can often fight off whatever is invading it, even if we don't know what that is.

The two main types of tools your body needs are cleansing tools and building tools.


You mentioned some herbs that are pretty good in dealing with parasites, but you obviously need something a bit stronger for cleansing.

Unfortunately, my favorite herbal cleanse (Herbal Fiberblend) is no longer available in the UK as some of the herbs are restricted (unless you want to pay for the extra postage to have it sent in from our SA office).

However, there is another option available in the UK now to replace
the HFB. It's called Fibre Balanc and has many of the herbs of HFB and can be used in the same way.

Herbal Fiberblend has 17 different cleansing herbs that are anti-fungal and anti-parasitic mixed in with the psyllium fiber, which is why it is the ideal cleanse if you are able to access it.

I always like to suggest a full 3 month cleanse. You start out with 1 tsp. morning and evening (mixed in water or juice) and then after 5-7 days, go up to 2 tsp. and then up to 1 heaping Tablespoon morning and evening. (To be taken at least 1 hour away from the other supplements.)

It will help your body to eliminate the parasites. For a 3 month cleanse as described, you'll use 3-4 pots of HFB each.

If you decide to go with the Fibre Balance instead, I'll send along instructions for using it as an alternative.

The second cleansing supplement I use and find effective is Bear Paw Garlic - Garlic is a wonderful antifungal, and Bear Paw Garlic is particularly potent (and odorless, too). You'll need 1 bottle each. (Take 3 capsules; 1 capsule 3x a day. This is enough for 1 full month.)


The second set of tools are for building up your immune system. You not only want to help your body rid itself of parasites and toxins, you also want to give it the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to build healthy new cells and good bacteria to get the system back in balance.

These are my best recommendations for building...

Florafood - This is a combination of probiotics (good bacteria) that build up the friendly bacteria in your gut flora and help fight off the bad bacteria, fungus, and parasites. You'll need 3 bottles each. (Take 6 capsules a day; 2 capsules 3x a day. This is enough for 1 full month.)

Leaf Greens - This is a whole food supplement powder made from barley grass, spinach, field pea, and faba bean that have been juiced and dried at low temperatures to keep in the live enzymes.

The Leaf Greens is extremely rich in the nutrition that your body needs to help build healthy cells and have a strong immune system. Take 1 tsp. 1-2 times per day mixed in juice or water. One pot each should last you 1-2 months depending on how much you take per day.

Redibeets - This is another whole food supplement powder made from freshly juiced beetroot. Beets are one of the most potent liver cleansers to help remove toxins from the body, and they also provide the body with rich vitamins and minerals.

Well, Nikita, I know those are a lot of recommendations, but if your family has been battling this for so long without success, drastic measures are needed.

The good thing about these particular natural remedies is that they are very good for you (parasites or not) so you don't have to worry about harmful side effects. I can't guarantee that these alone will do the job, but I think you'll have a pretty good chance of beating it.

To order any of the above products, you can get them at wholesale prices with this UK order form.

I hope you, your mother, and your brother will be able to get rid of these annoying little critters once and for all.

To your good health!
~Angie from

P.S. Just thinking about the skin condition - it may help soothe the itching if you take a warm bath with some good apple cider vinegar in it (organic apple cider vinegar with the "mother" in it is best).

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Feb 08, 2012
More on getting rid of mites NEW
by: Infested

I posted a list of things I did to rid myself of these pests yesterday. I still have the bugs, but life is borderline manageable again. I forgot some things I did that helped, so I am going to add them here.
16. Clean out your car. Vacuum weekly. I had the same exterminator who treated my home with a residual pesticide & a growth regulator do my car. Really helped. Also put diatomaceous earth in the car on the floor.

17. Put camphorated oil, eucalyptus oil or Vicks VapoRub around the eyes and external ear to keep them from crawling into those places. I also put it around my nostrils before I go to sleep as they crawl into nostrils sometimes.

18. Do take some kind of antiparasitic treatment internally. Angie recommends various treatments. Many are widely available at health food stores and over the internet. I like a company called Dr. Natura. Either way, these parasites are not only ectoparasites, they are endoparasites. If you do a good cleanse with an antihelminthic, you will notice an improvement in GI function, & possibly in energy level.

19. Don't forget to treat your workspace. I have struggled to get my company to allow me to treat it, or for them to use their pest contol company, but as you all know, they can't see the mites. I'm not allowed to use anything toxic. So, I have been trying different things. Spraying isopropyl alcohol into the keyboard, daily wiping down the desk area with alcohol wipes, or orange oil. I put a passive orange-scented air freshener under my desk. I would like to use the plug-in kind, but all the outlets are sideways here.

20 Epsom salts are good in the tub, and in the laundry. Can be combined with Borax in either place.

21. If you do not have a tub, only a shower, put mineral oil over your entire body before showering. Then scrub with a Scotchbrite sponge or similar. Can use any soap, but I have found the bugs especially hate Neutrogena. I don't know why. Also, Dawn dishwashing liquid is also very effective, but drying to the skin. Remember to coat yourself in oil after bathing--olive or coconut oil.

Feb 05, 2012
Itching all over NEW
by: Anonymous

I came down with very similar after travelling. Went out of my mind for three months scratching and looking like a snow ball from such dry skin. The skin thickened. The scratching calmed down but I had constant lint coming from skin, black and glitter specks. Took nothing for me to fill the lint roller. Each time my blood was tested my immune system was getting lower and I was unable to retain vitamins. First test B 12 deficient, second B12 and C, third B12, C and D. All the deficiencies were causing bacteria fungus on the skin. After taking bleach baths for a week my skin has started going back to normal. Still dull but smoothing out and the itch has calmed substantially. Live off vitamin drinks every night blended with fresh fruit. And taking Essiac Tea Herb. I; m finally starting to feel human after 10 months of hell

Jul 09, 2011
still ongoing
by: Anonymous

Its still ongoing, but we have worked out some ways to make it more manageable after a long time of dealing with tropical disease clinics and disbelieving doctors.

We all drink boiled strawberry leaf mixture every day (normally a glass in the morning and one at night). My mum and brother mix it with strawberry root which helps them more, but for some reason, it makes my symptoms worse so i only use the leaf mixture. You can get the herbs online from America. I spoke to my herbalist about that and he said that strawberry root is quite caustic and can cause an allergic reaction in some folk hence my reaction to it.

We also all take lots of iron supplements as it really saps your energy what ever it is that we have.

Through experimenting, we discovered that my dad's excess stomach acid prescription of Lansoprazole actually works wonders in helping to thwart the unbearable symptoms (after wondering why we all had it but not him). We each take one of these tablets a day and although I know the condition hasn't gone away, it works wonders and we all feel like we are starting to get our lives back!

I also have regular accupunture and this and the frank dialogue with the accunpuncturist has enabled me at least to see it within a more wider chinese context rather than as something invading my body.It makes me feel less like a total freak which is one good thing about it.

Hope this helps.

Jul 08, 2011
Just wondering...
by: Anonymous

So what was the final verdict on the family that caught something in Spain with the "glitter parasites" on their face?? Have you guys looked into "biofilms" from lyme disease online? Maybe the parasite is hiding in a biofilm and the natural remedies aren't working because of the protective film. Check the herb "terminalia chebula"....

Aug 06, 2010
Mood Swings, etc.
by: Angie

I'm sorry to hear you and your daughter are not improving. What cleansers have you tried?

You need to be sure you are cleansing and building your immune system at the same time to get the best possible results.

For the mood swings, you may want to try Composure to help reduce the stress and provide a calming effect.

It's also possible that hormone levels can be contributing to the mood swings. You may want to consider using some natural progesterone cream like Renewed Balance to help balance out your hormone levels and deal with the mood swings.

I hope you are both feeling better soon.

Aug 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

One of my daughters and I have a similar experience. Several bottles of cleansers, and not change. Its the mood swings I find fruastrating. I live in South West London. Help

Nov 26, 2009
by: Anonymous

try chewing on some chewing tabacco and swallowing your spit,,pioson them out of your system.. and maybe as i've read here on another parasite issue page,, a full soak in a bath, mixed with 1 table spoon of amonia and 1 cup of(SEA SALT)..

Jul 16, 2009
Could it be Candida?
by: Angie

Reading over your symptoms again, I'm wondering if it could be a severe Candida infection you are dealing with. Fungus loves sugar!

I'm glad to hear that you are seeing an herbalist and using some cleansing herbs to try to get rid of the problem. It's discouraging when you don't see results right away, but hang in there.

Try to get as much good bacteria as you can into your body every day. The probiotics (acidophilus, longum, bifidum, etc.) are so important to help strengthen your immune system and fight off whatever is afflicting it.

For your energy levels and a solid boost of nutrition that can help your body fight and heal, you may want to try the Leaf Greens or the Garden Trio. They are whole foods that have been juiced and dried into a powdered form so that you can mix it in your water and/or juice. Your body will be able to absorb the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes this way to help in the healing process.

Have you had your hormone levels tested? Sometimes hormonal imbalance can result in some crazy symptoms. It would be worth checking into. I use a natural progesterone cream, Renewed Balance, to keep my hormone levels right. This may or may not be relevant to your situation, but since you haven't had success with other things, it's something to consider.

In spite of the fact that you've already tried some herbs, I would still recommend a cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend. There's just something about that unique combination of herbs and the quality of the product that has had very successful results for so many people. If you don't get the results you hope for, you can always ask for a refund. It's sure worth trying.

I so hope that you start feeling better and healing soon.

Jul 15, 2009
Itching all over including eyes and scalp (not scabies)
by: Anonymous

We have tried colon irrigation, oxygen treatment, massive detox with wormwood etc. drinking strawberry root and leaf tea 3 times a day and so far nothing. Still the same symptoms. Sugar, alcohol and scratching make it worse. Strawberry leaf and root keep it under control but don't make it better. I am also taking citricidal and various other iron tablets and vitamins to keep my energy levels up as it makes me quite tired. It's worse when I have a period too.

Am seeing a herbalist at the moment for some tinctures which is also keeping it under control but not removing it. A few months ago I thought it might be heartworm which is an parasite coming from the black fly common in Spain and took some medication brought over the internet but it didn't make any difference.

I am at my wits end really. I feel like a social leper and am really worried about it being contagious. No one seems to have a clue what it is we have.

Email me if you like for more discussion

Jul 09, 2009
Itching All Over Including Eyes And Scalp
by: Angie

Hi Maria,

I, too, would be interested in hearing from Nikita to see how her and her family are doing. I don't know if they decided to try some natural cleansing products and immune system building supplements or not. I hope she'll let us know an update.

What have you tried for your own symptoms? Have you tried an herbal cleanse yet? It's really amazing how effective herbs can be to cleanse and heal the digestive tract.

I know another lady from Barcelona, Spain ordered the Herbal Fiberblend and Barley Life recently for her own cleansing and building, so I know for sure we can ship the AIM products to Spain from our UK Office. Just use the UK order form if you want to try any of the nutritional supplements that I recommended to Nikita. I really do believe they will benefit you greatly.

At the very least, you definitely want to get some cleansing herbs and as much good bacteria (probiotics) in your system as you possibly can to help build up your immune system.

You be sure to keep us updated on your progress too. :)

Jul 09, 2009
by: Maria

Hi Nikita
I would like to know if you solved your problem, I am having exactly the same exact problem you have and I am really desperate. By the way , coinidentaly I live in the south of Spain.
Please let me know what worked for you. Thank you very much.

Feb 10, 2009
Itching All Over Including Eyes And Scalp (Not Scabies)
by: Anonymous

Many thanks for your suggestion. It is much appreciated


Feb 10, 2009
by: Shirley Widomski

Dear Nikita,

I have gotten a lot of help in regard to parasites from a Dr. Gay Hilton who has a practice in Meadville, PA and Erie, PA. She is a naturepath doctor and uses needless accupuncture by testing different body parts. I had intestinal parasites (3 different kinds) that I expelled in my bowel movements as a result of taking formulas she prescribed for me. Perhaps she may be able to give you some advice through email. Her email address is I pray you can get rid of these terrible creatures.

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