Male Yeast Infection

male yeast infnection

A male yeast infection is not uncommon, and can be easily treated with natural remedies. 

If they get a yeast infection men can expect to experience a variety of symptoms depending on the cause and type of infection.

Yeast infections, officially known as Candida albicans or Candidiasis, are the result of an overgrowth of yeast bacteria. This particular bacteria is a parasite fungus that is naturally found in our body in small amounts.

It doesn't cause us any trouble as long as it is kept under control by our good bacteria. Like any parasite, though, if it gets a chance to take over, it will.

Yeast infections tend to occur when the balance of your good bacteria is compromised in some way. Antibiotics are one of the most common factors that diminish good bacteria. 

The Candida starts to spread and then you can experience a whole range of candida symptoms.

Men don't always know when they have a yeast infection because they often assume only women get them. Yeast infections may be more common in women, but men get candida quite often, too.

penis yeast infection is probably the most recognized of male yeast infections. They can result in burning, itching, soreness, rash, blisters, or a thick, white discharge as they progress.

If you do experience these symptoms, you can use a natural treatment and get rid of it fairly quickly. Penile yeast infections are sometimes the result of having sexual intercourse with a woman who has a vaginal yeast infection. Men with diabetes are more likely to get a yeast infection because of the higher sugar level in the urine.

A great resource that provides natural cures for yeast infections is Robert & Sara Summer's book 
Cure Your Yeast Infection 
The All-Natural Way

It covers natural remedies for diaper rash, thrush, and infections of the skin, throat, mouth, nails, vagina, and penis.
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Men with a weakened immune system will be much more susceptible to the various types of yeast infections, especially those with HIV. You need to actively boost your immune with good bacteria, like that found in Florafood. You also need nutrient rich supplements to feed your cells.

I prefer and recommend BarleyLife. These two natural supplements will help prevent you from getting a yeast infection. If you already have one, you may need to also use some Bear Paw Garlic as an antifungal and Herbal Fiberblend to cleanse your gut. 

Those four supplements will naturally rid you of almost any male yeast infection.

To your good health!

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