Men With Yeast Infection

by Jennifer
(South Carolina)


Do men with yeast infection get red, peeling skin, and other symptoms from a yeast infection?


Hi Jennifer,

I suspect you are referring to a penile yeast infection.

Red peeling skin of the penis area is not uncommon in cases of yeast infection. He may also experience burning, itching, a thick white discharge and blisters.

There are some very good and effective natural treatments for male yeast infections that should heal the problem if that is what he is suffering from.

It's important that if he is sexually active that the female is also treated for a yeast infection (Candida). Even if she doesn't think she has one, he may have passed it to her or vice versa and they will continue to pass it back and forth unless both are treated.

He should follow the suggestion outlined for male yeast infection treatment and she should do the same except for the topical oils.

In her case she can use plain unsweetened organic yogurt topically, to get some relief from vaginal itching, if necessary.

To your good health!

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