Morgellons Sufferer

by Jean Franklin
(London, United Kingdom)

I am a Morgellons sufferer, and here is my story.

I was standing in my garden in London (UK) two years ago (June 2007) and something went into my toe. I felt this thing wriggle very quickly into my toe. When I looked there was nothing there. Two months on the nightmare began.

I could feel things moving in my right foot, but I took very little notice. Low and behold when I went to bed that night that's when it started.

It felt like thousands of ants were biting and moving around my body. I have never been so frightened in all my life.

My skin began to peel from my face and neck, my eyes began to pop out, and I became very sick. The Doctors could not find anything through blood tests and thought I was mad, and my family thought I had a mental health problem. Only one of my friends believed me. I thought I was going mad.

I finally looked on the website and found other sufferers. I also found a Doctor in London who dealt with this and had seen many patients. I went to him and he pricked my finger for blood and put it under a microscope.

I could see on his large television set these worm like creatures in my blood. He showed me a picture of what he was looking for and I saw exactly that in my blood. I then knew I was not crazy. He gave me antibiotics for three months it worked for a while then it came back stronger.

The symptoms I experienced was severe crawling, not being able to sleep, skin peeling, joint problems, brain fog, my face and lots changed completely, my hair begin falling out.

I feel alot better, and these are the treatments I use...

For my skin I use lemon and orange oil. Coconut oil has really helped my skin, too. I use Mac products on I use his stardust which breaks down the fibers. When I use it I see thousand of little white worms in the bath.

I use lemon oil and spray it around the house daily. Internally I take green clay, garlic, olive oil extract, cats claw, strong bitters, black seed oil, and I drink coconut oil. I take these on different days.

I have still got it, but I am living quite a normal life.

Hi Jean,

Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience as a Morgellons sufferer. I hope you will be an encouragement to others who suffer from Morgellons and read your story.

As thankful as we are for antibiotics, they are not always the answer. It doesn't really seem like they are of much use in treating this type of problem.

One of the main problems with using antibiotics is that they
weaken your immune system, which is exactly the opposite of what you really need.

Yes, you do want something that will attack and destroy possible parasites, but there are plenty of natural herbs that do just that without the side effects of killing off your good bacteria in the process.

I'm really glad to hear you have found some solutions that have been helpful to you as a Morgellons sufferer.

I feel it is really important to keep in mind the basic principles of cleansing and building. Cleansing out the parasites and toxins in the body and building up the immune system is the basis of my recommended Morgellons treatment.

There's something else I've been studying lately, that I thought I would mention to you, and that is hormone balance, or imbalance as the case may be.

I have found it astounding and very enlightening to read of the many ways in which hormones affect our health. This is the case for both men and women, but particularly women.

Dr. John Lee has some very informative books on the subjects of hormones, menopause, and women's health.

Fortunately, women are fed up with being ignored or mistreated when it comes to their health and are taking a closer look at some of the findings of doctors who are not hopelessly devoted to the pharmaceutical companies and their recommendations.

Low progesterone levels (estrogen dominance) can be linked to a wide range of disorders, including migraines, skin conditions, formication (the feeling of bugs crawling on/in your skin), auto immune disorders, sleeplessness, fatigue, thinning hair, and more.

In fact, every symptom you described (apart from the actual appearance of worms) can also be the result of hormone imbalance.

Sadly, the mainstream medical profession (via the big pharmaceutical companies) seems to only offer the solution of synthetic hormones (and usually the wrong ones) to treat what they may or may not recognize as hormone imbalance.

According to Dr. Lee, in almost all cases, proper hormone balance can be restored by the use of a good quality natural progesterone cream (NOT progestins). His highest recommendation goes to Renewed Balance.

I've used natural progesterone cream myself for several years, but the more I have studied and learned about it, I am now determined that I will continue to use it for the rest of my life (unless it gets banned completely as it has in some countries as a result of big pharma pressure).

Okay, I can see I've started to get on my soapbox, so I'll stop now. :-) I just wanted to bring to your attention the possibility of improvement through the use of natural progesterone cream.

I hope you continue to improve and lead a normal life. Once again, thank you, a Morgellons sufferer, for telling your story.

To your good health!

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Dec 11, 2016
Dr Anthony Bewley " Fake " NEW
by: William Windsor-King

This man gives false diagnosis and assures you that this is real then gives diagnosis of unknown infestation and tells you to seek help from unqualified doctors in the same hospital you've had trouble with ? Since seeing Dr Anthony Bewley I've researched them and found links to lectures he's made calling DOP an illness that takes up far too much of the medical professions time ? People are wrongfully diagnosed with dillusional parasitosis as stated by Charles E Holman Foundation & common knowledge to Lyme disease specialists.
The UK fails to treat morgellons and Lyme disease and labells patients with delusional parisitosis instead therefore sectioning sick people who have real physical conditions it's an atrocity.
So called top doctors like Bewley are taking money off us under false pretences as was in my case he will not admit Morgellons or Lyme disease is real he's not more than a shrink pretending to know it all but in fact knows very little.
After he lied to me and made a false diagnosis he had a heart attack ? God works in mysterious ways now i have not only to contend with a real physical condition that uk medical professionals refuse to admit exists but now I've got local community psychiatrist trying to section me in order to silence me because I've complained about them all via protocol , we are being silenced and labelled dillusional it needs investigating and I will die fighting both this real physical condition and the NHS trusts along with privately funded infectious disease clinics such as Liverpool School of tropical medicine and infectious disease who have also instigated psychiatrist intervention.
Please copy and share because most of my comments disappear ?.

Made in sound of mind all facts are based on my personal experience with all named.
Referral to Dr Lucy Stewart was a cover up to put me on antipsychotic drugs.

Yours sincerely

William Windsor-King
11th December 2016

Sep 23, 2012
Dr in London NEW
by: Anonymous

There is a doctor in London who sees lots of Morgellons patients. I'm hoping to see him, if my GP will refer me there. He's called Dr Anthony Bewley.

Jul 26, 2011
doctor in london
by: Anonymous

iam getting really confused and would like to see some doctor in london about maybe having morgellons,does anyone know about some doctor?
and the other thing,do you hear strange popping sound around your ears when u in bed?

Jul 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi,im ann,live in bolton, im the head of a family of five and we all have the dreaded morgs which is making life very hard, its just a constant battle of cleaning/laundering etc etc that i just want to give up but i cant as there are two kids aged 6/9 here suffering with this morgs and to be honest i think the older ones try just to blank it out hoping it will just vanish but i know it wont be that easy,so on top of all the hard work theres a lot of nagging going on and its going to tear us apart if we dont get any proper treatment soon. ive learnt quite abit about morgs and know its very very serious and at the moment would just like to know if there are any more families in or near bolton to discuss/share info on this topic. Will visit this site again tomorrow with some info on this subject.Thanks for reading and thanks for being here. bye, Ann.

May 02, 2011
I live a normal life now
by: Anonymous

First of all, I have an alkaline diet and take probiotics in the morning and before going to bed with one spirulina pill.
I drink almond milk and take wheat grass powder from the brand Amazon from Wholefoods store which is really good to give me energy in the morning. And as vitamin supplement I take vitamin with minerals called Alive that contains also clorella. I try to avoid sugar and bananas.
Also, twice a month I use a laxative to clean my system.
Now, I can have a normal life with no symptoms, but I know still have morguellons when I have too much sugar although sometimes I forget I have it.

Dec 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am sorry that You have this horrible disease. Doctors in the Uk will not belive you but you can try Dr Wright in Manchester who has helped others and I went to see him myself on 01942 819301
Markland Medical service Ltd, Dalton House, 33 Leigh Road, Westhoughton Bolton, BL5 2JE

Dec 04, 2010
London doctor?
by: Anonymous

Hello I am terrified that I have this disease. For a year I have noticed blue 'hairs' in my urine I have also noticed black specs and bundles of blue red and black fibres floating in the bath. I have had no sores on my skin and only a small amount of itching which is the only thing that makes me doubt if I have morgellons. Can somebody please give me the details of a docter in the UK that will take me seriousely?

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