by Marilyn
(Vancouver, BC Canada)

I have been experiencing the symptoms of Morgellons for 2 months now. I have Fibromyalgia, maybe from Lyme disease.

The Morgellons started after our building was sprayed for bedbugs. I am chemically sensitive and they used a pesticide.

Shortly after, I started getting itchy, a red rash on my arms, a feeling of crawling under my skin and in my eyes, which got very irritated. I also had black and white grit on my chest and shoulders, a biting sensation and stinging on my feet, a feeling of cotton on my cheeks, and an itchy nose.

I first used grapefruit seed extract drops. It helped for a while then I switched it up to tea tree oil which I would put in the bath and rubbed on my skin mixed with olive oil. Sometimes I use Rosemary, Tyne or Geranium oil extract in a bath or Salts.

I started using seabuck oil and soap on my skin and hair. Then I added lavender oil extract at night on my skin. It helped and I slept better.

It would calm down for a while then have periods where it would get worse again. I drink aloe vera juice and rub it on my skin. I will try hydrogen peroxide in the bath next.

I am taking omega 3 and garlic capsules. I have been drinking Ginger tea. All to help build my immune system which has been compromised by the chemical spraying and stress.

I am taking enzyme powder to strengthen my digestive system. It is great for the heartburn that I have been getting lately and all the vitamins, minerals, included and will try a parasite and colon cleanse.

At this point all I can
say is that all these products have helped in weakening the morgellon symptoms, my skin is healing, but have not taken it totally away as of yet. I find I just keep switching it up and not use the same thing all the time.

I will also be steam cleaning and washing everything in my apartment, start to vacuum and change my sheets, pillow cases and towels daily.

Hi Marilyn,

I'm so sorry to hear of your morgellons suffering. The frustration and discouragement must be immense at times.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story and some of the remedies you have tried in seeking and finding some relief.

Hopefully, your suggestions will help others find something that works for them, too. What works well for one person isn't always as effective for the next person, unfortunately.

As I mentioned when discussing a natural Morgellons treatment, I believe the best chance of actual cure when it comes to this ailment or any other is a process of cleansing and building.

Marilyn, I hope you really will consider the parasite and colon cleanse recommended as well as some of the immune building supplements. Unfortunately, the company that makes Para 90 will not send it directly into Canada.

If you decide to give that particular product a try, you'll have to have it sent to a US address if possible. All the other recommended supplements are available to Canadians at wholesale prices.

I so hope they help you and that you'll keep us posted on your progress. I'm saying a prayer for you, too, that the Lord would help you to heal quickly.

To your good health!

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Aug 16, 2012
alfalfa NEW
by: Anonymous

hi marilyn, try bathing in alfalfa, i grind up
25 caps,mix with water and strain. you can add
2 table spoons of borax and a sprig of bleach to kill off the fiber making machines. this brings them out of the skin. you will see them. towel off
in the tub with a white towel. this will keep the contained. give them a bath in bleach before they
go down the water slide. towel vigorously making sure to get head and back good. not sure this is a cure but it sure helps.

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