Mother Has Morgellons?

by Denice Burke
(Warren Michigan, USA)

I think my mother has Morgellons. She has had this for a year now. We have been to several doctors. She is otherwise in excellent health.

She picks at her eyes all day and all the time, claiming there is grit or sand, always coming out of her eyes. They are so sore. She has dry eye.

She even has been to a corneal specialist. He see's nothing. She says it's there. Her one doctor, says she has morgellons disease.

She has had every eye drop you can think of, and creams. She is miserable. She wants to sleep all the time, also.

Her doctor also took a sample from her face and had it tested and it came back as a unknown fiber. I have to find a lab to get further testing on it.

We don't know how to help her, I hate seeing her eyes so rubbed sore. What can she do?

Hi Denice,

I have complete and utter sympathy with you and your mother. My own mother is going through a serious health issue at the moment and it is heartbreaking to not be able to make her well immediately.

I'm doing what I can to purchase the best natural remedies and good quality nutritional supplements to give her the best possible opportunity for her body to heal. That's all that I can really recommend to you, too.

If your mother has Morgellons Disease, there's a comprehensive list of natural high quality supplements listed on the Morgellons

I can't guarantee that it will definitely rid her of this problem, but it's what I'd take myself and give my own mother in the same situation. The wonderful thing about these supplements is that they are excellent for you regardless and can only improve her health without any nasty side effects.

There is one question I am wondering about. I assume your mother is older and perhaps even going through or gone through menopause? Has she had a hysterectomy?

You'd be amazed at how crazy the body can react to improper hormone levels! Many women have been left to deal with a wide range of undiagnosed symptoms as a result of a hysterectomy or simply because of estrogen dominance as they age.

If you think there is any possibility that this could play a part in your mother's symptoms, it is a very good idea to suggest that she try using some natural progesterone cream 3 weeks on and 1 week off (if she's in or past menopause). I use and prefer Renewed Balance.

Natural progesterone cream provides many health benefits and I've used it myself for years. I wish more women knew of the help they can get as a result of such a simple action.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. I hope and pray your dear mother is able to find some relief soon. I know the concern and burden you feel as a daughter.


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Oct 18, 2012
your mother,s eyes NEW
by: Anonymous

my sister in law had these strings she would pull out of her eyes . the dr. in louisville,Ky told her it was a cat desease and she didn't even have a cat, she had no pets at all,but cats come around anyway. but try looking into it.

Aug 30, 2012
Dry, Painful Eyes - Remedy NEW
by: Angie from


I was thinking about your mother today and wondering if she has ever had any improvement with her painful eye situation.

I wanted to mention to you something that might help. I hadn't thought of it earlier (and perhaps the doctors already told you this and you've tried it), but your mom might really benefit by having some essential fatty acids added to her diet daily.

Of course, these are the Omega 3, 6, and 9 that you often hear about when people talk about the benefits of fish oil or certain grains.

In cases of dry eyes and painful eyes, simply taking Omega oil supplements can make a huge difference. Your mom could try capsules like AIMega or sprinkle a tablespoon or so of the Salba grain on her food each day. Either would be sufficient, but some people find taking capsules difficult, so the grain would be much better (tasteless and can be mixed with anything).

I'd love to hear that your mom is much better, of course, but just in case she's not, I wanted to mention this while I was thinking of it.


Sep 29, 2011
not crazy the fibers are everywhere
by: knpierce

people are not crazy.... doctors would say they are because the doctors do not know how to take care of it. its easier for them to label someone with delusions. the fibers are some type of dust mite. the also can with stand the heat of a dryer. they can live in drinking water. they float in the air. they are in fabric and carpets. they can be on our pets. tea tree oil diluted in your soap will help and a filter for your shower head and faucets. wash your sheets at least once a week and never wear the same clothing over again with out washing them again. keep clothing off of the floor. view moving fibers with a 10x magnifying glass while holding fiber with a tweesers. dip fiber in water and view again..... enough said

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