Organic Mineral Supplements

organic mineral supplements

Organic mineral supplements are becoming a necessity for many of us because we rarely get all the nutrition we need in our modern diet.

The natural minerals have been removed from our drinking water in the majority of cases, so we lose out there.

So much of the produce we eat has been grown in soil that has been depleted from poor farming practices. That means that even if we 'eat our veggies' we aren't getting as many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as we expect.

So we supplement! The more high quality nutrition we give our body, the better our body can function and ward off illness and disease. That's why it is so important that you be sure the supplements you purchase are high quality. 

These days, just because a product label says "organic" doesn't mean it is grown without harsh chemicals and harmful pesticides. It really just means it has some type of plant base. Marketers do tend to take advantage of consumer ignorance by deliberately deceiving us when they can. 

You want to be sure that YOUR organic mineral supplements are derived from genuine organically grown produce. Having done the research myself, I prefer to use whole food supplements as a source of supplemental vitamins and minerals. These are my favorites:

What I like most about these whole food supplements is that, apart from being organically grown, they are also quite highly concentrated. The juicing and drying process is uniquely patented to ensure that the live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are preserved. 

I get the benefit of freshly juiced organic vegetables without any of the work or mess. I like to add a tsp. of each into a nice glass of cold water and enjoy it as an afternoon boost. It sure beats those so called "energy drinks" in every possible way.

If you'd like to try any or all of these organic whole food vitamin and mineral supplements, you can order them here at wholesale prices and give your body the boost it needs. They are a wonderful way to keep your children topped up with good nutrition, too.

To your good health!

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