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organic whole food vitamins

Organic whole food vitamins are easier than ever to obtain. But maybe you aren't familiar with the importance of vitamins taken from organic whole foods.

Whole foods are foods in their most natural state - without being cooked or altered with a bunch of chemicals and preservatives.

When you eat organic whole foods, you are getting the highest possible nutrition from that particular food, whether it's fruits, vegetables, herbs, or grains.

By juicing these same foods, you get a higher concentration of the organic whole food vitamins for two reasons. 

Number 1: Juicing uses a lot more whole foods to produce a glass or pitcher of juice than you would normally eat in one sitting.

Number 2: Because juicing removes the fiber from the organic whole foods, it enables your body to absorb much more of the available vitamins, minerals and nutrients without having to process the fiber.

These days many people (including myself) have a difficult time getting as much whole food nutrition in their diet as they should. We tend to opt for the convenience of processed foods all too often.

Even if we do make the effort and go to the expense of purchasing organically grown fruits and vegetables and then eat them in their raw form, we don't always know that we are getting what we pay for.

If you are able to grow your own produce in the best possible environment, you can juice them or eat them raw and know that you are getting some good quality organic whole food vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I have a BLACK thumb. Ugh! I do enjoy fresh veggies from my dad's garden from time to time, but I've tried and failed miserably to produce a garden of my own.

Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended that my husband and I try using whole food supplement powders to round off our nutrition. I love them! These are the particular organic whole food supplements we use:

I appreciate the convenience and ease of getting the nutrition I and my family need. I find it to be good value for money. It's an investment in our continued good health.

To your good health!

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