Pinprick Bites And Itching

by Tom
(Milwaukee, WI)

Any Suggestions For Our Pinprick Bites And Itching Problems?

Any Suggestions For Our Pinprick Bites And Itching Problems?

Unknown Parasites!

My mother started getting pinprick bites and itching all over the place, sort of random. It almost seamed like they would attack and then go away for a while every day.

I thought she was nuts. We have 3 cats in the house and my cat comes down to my room in the basement.

Well, one day I sat up on the couch where my mom was having problems and my cat did and later that night I was getting pinprick bites and itching, just a few.

As the days went on there was more and more, and now it's out of control.

Sometimes we find black specks so tiny where we were itching and also we find white specks almost all the time where we itch. Under the microscope they look like nothing, maybe feces for the black and salt for the white.

We have been to doctors and dermatologists, vets, you name it, entomologists. They can't find anything, but I know there's something there. These people piss me off.

Anyway, a friend of mine is going to school to be a doctor and has some knowledge of microscopes and biology. Well, I had him look at slides we made from samples from our skin and our cats.

We found a jumping bug one day as well very small and taped it to a slide, but we had about 30 slides. Anyway he found some bugs.

We don't know what they are and need them identified so the doctors will help us. Would you be willing to look at them?

One of the bugs looks like a flea or mite taken at 40x and one looks like a worm like creature taken at 400x.

Whatever these are, they are causing serious problems. I feel fatigued, tired, some soreness, some stomach irritation, but the worst is the crawling and the biting.

I get all these little bites and some don't go away.

No one can find anything; not the exterminators, not the doctors, not the dermatologist, not the vet, not specialists and labs mostly reject us and say, "We don't do that here."

Yet me and my friend found something on our own. Ridiculous! Please help us. I would be grateful.

Hi Tom,

You and your mother have my sincerest sympathies for what you are going through. I'm truly sorry to hear of your growing frustration and continual suffering.

First of all, we are strictly an informational site majoring on the subjects of parasites and digestive health as well as some other natural health topics.

I guess you'd say we fall into the category of "we don't do that here," which I know is NOT what you want to hear. We are not doctors, scientists, entomologists or otherwise, but simply "average" people who have an interest in and preference for natural health and healing.

Unfortunately, even the CDC won't accept specimen submissions from us "average" people for examination. They require you to go through a physician or your state health department. Have you tried your state health department yet?

You are more than welcome to photograph your findings and upload them here in the
hopes that someone else may be able to identify them for you and shed a little more light on the specific unknown parasites you are dealing with. (If you can't figure out how to upload the photos, just send them to me via email angie(at) and I'll post them for you).

What I CAN tell you is that it definitely sounds like you have some form of parasites (duh!) afflicting you.

The symptoms of pinprick bites and itching as well as the fatigue, stomach discomfort, crawling sensations, and soreness are all very much the common symptoms of intestinal parasites.

It sounds like you've tried quite a few things already to get rid of your pinprick bites and itching parasites - even exterminators! What I'm wondering now is if you've tried any natural anti-parasitic treatments?

Quite often, the only way to get rid of internal parasites is to do a good internal cleanse and simultaneously pump up your immune system.

Interested? If so, here's what I'd suggest for both you and your mom.

  • Para 90 capsules - 3 bottles each (to be taken in a one month period)

  • Herbal Fiberblend powder - 3 pots each (to be taken over a 3 month period)

  • Florafood capsules - start with 4-6 capsules daily for the first month and then you should be able to taper down to 2 per day until you are quite confident you've gotten rid of the problem

The Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend are both full of anti-parasitic and anti-fungal herbs. They are formulated to help to kill of parasites and flush the dead and dying parasites as well as toxins out of your body.

The Florafood is a combination of 3 probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria that your body needs to help maintain a strong immune system and fight off invading parasites and bacteria.

Mind you, this is NOT a diagnosis or any such thing. This is just what I would recommend to my own family members and what I would (and do) use myself.

On top of that, do your best to improve your nutritional intake. Avoid junk food, particularly sweets, for a while as sugar feeds parasites.

You can also increase the amount of garlic in your diet (garlic is naturally anti-parasitic and anti-fungal, too).

Occasionally I'm accused of trying to "push products" on people. I suppose it could appear that way to the casual observer, but that is not my main purpose.

I genuinely want to use my knowledge to help people like you and your mom get relief from their debilitating health issues, particularly when they haven't found relief from all the "usual" channels.

You can certainly buy the necessary herbs and mix them yourself if you prefer, but most people are happier to use a tried and proven ready-made formula.

Whatever you decide to do, please know that you're in my prayers and that I hope you and your mother can find relief and healing from the pinprick bites and itching soon, as well as the other symptoms, too.

Please let me know if I can be of further help.

To your good health!

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May 02, 2018
Liver Cleanse
by: Angie from

Hi Burt,
Sorry I didn't see this earlier. The best liquid Liver Cleanse that I know of is called Redibeets comes in powder form. You simply mix it with water just before drinking it.

Redibeets is made from fresh organic beet juice that is cool dried to keep all the live nutrients in it. Beets are one of the best natural liver cleansers that I know of.

For the kidneys, apart from the usual apple cider vinegar detox, I would probably use Herbal Fiberblend as it is my favorite effective natural cleanse.

Even though this may be too late a response for your purposes, someone else may find it helpful.

Mar 03, 2018
Cleanser for the kidneys and liver?
by: Burt

A good liquid cleanser. Thnx

Feb 26, 2018
Suffering since 2007
by: Mandie Stevenson

I have had the crawling itchy feeling since 2007..This was one of the reasons and I want most custody of my son,,,what I have found out now,..Is they are in papers and books and that get into little dig at the rune would watch them jumping in the carpet, I place the sticky pest pads down...they were off white bugs and the were stuck in a v shape like the birds fly.,,I left were i lived and now ran into them again when I got down some old cardboard at work,,,,Help

Jul 20, 2017
My Journey sounds like yours...
by: KeepingFaith

This comment is for Bath and Tom. I am dealing with the same situation with my Spouse. He is a carrier of whatever rhis is. Whenever I handle his belongings or dirty laundry I am reinfected all over again. He refuses to believe that he's the source. We stop sharing rooms five years ago after he came down with a rash that the doctors said was Scabies. We used permethrin 5 and took ivermectin pills for months, nothing helped. He was in denial then. For my sanity I moved out of our master bedroom upstairs to the master downstairs I started spraying Onslaught Spider& Scorpion concentrate mixed with an IGR in a hand held sprayer (must spray walls and ceilings) just about everyday at first and got immediate relief from my environment but still had something on my body. I soaked in tub everyday with sea salt, Epsom salt, bleach 1/2 c., multiple Oils (Rosemary,lemongrass,geranium,peppermint clove, eucalyptus, Orange, lemon and lavender.) Sometimes it worked better than other times which left me puzzled. That's when I identified my pleague as more than one pest... Bird mites,Thrips and Springtails. I am still unsure what's on my husband. Unknowing to me, he was not doing anything to help himself, saying he didn't feel anything. The doctors told him it was psoriasis, since he has crusty patches, but he also has a red blistery looking rash immediately starts to clear after either using extra strength lice shampoo leaving on for 30 minutes and rinsing off or Permethrin 10 mixed with lotion, leaving on 8 to 14 hours. The problem is that he always stops using it prior to being cured or he stops taking care of his environment and it start over again. This last time I thought he was cured, thinking he was doing everything that I did, and moved back in the same room. I had gotten rid of everything but the bird mites. So running from mites downstairs, I got back into the frying pan. About a week later I started feeling a burning itching sensation on my left shoulder. It looks like a scabies track! My heart sunk, since this was mostly what I spent two years soaking in tubs to get rid of. The mites bite are painful piercing stings and thrips/springtails feel like pinpricks, but this I can feel them leap on, crawl, but not bite, then I can't feel them until they start tunneling. One day with much hesitance I insisted that he use permethrin 10 mixed with lotion, since 5 doesn't work. It was a hot day, and he came in from outside. We met at the garage door, I had just taken off poison, dumb me, and I immediately felt a spray of something jumping off him hitting me on my arms and face. I'm starting to believe it's either a new form of scabies or baby bird mites that are burrowing under the skin??? I am considering separating from my Spouse of 37 years. I have been unable to get help from doctors and they make matters worse, by telling my him it's psoriasis. He starts to help himself, but then he stops or lags allowing it to come back stronger and more resistant to poisons. After getting him to semi-cooperate the rash has been reduced to areas on his back, thighs and buttocks. He is still the source of problem because he the carrier. Your Dad is your carrier, and unless you stay away or get him to stop denying the problem and handle it you will never have a normal life. I will have to make the decision soon for myself, since it's a losing battle if the source is not handled.

In the years of fighting multiple problems, I have learned a few things. Mites do not like geranium, rosemary and peppermint oils for sure and sulfur! Thrips and springtails dislike lavender. Scabies? Orange oil, clove oil, bleach and vinegar. They all die if they are exposed long enough to diluted bleach, sulfur, vinegar, 90% alcohol or hand sanitizer. I find that Thrips and springtails like to get in hair and are mistaken for lice. Mites will move about the whole body to keep from leaving a host. Their stronhold is under toe nails, feet, hands, face and hair. They will also stay around nose, mouth face and in eyes where you cannot treat to avoid leaving a host. Also they use these places because you can't put poison there without harming yourself. You must drive them downwards! Use peppermint oil or a spray called fly-x Natural oil spray found in feed store to drive them out of their hiding places in these areas (Be extremely careful around eyes it's harsh on face and neck. Must test first for allergies/sensitivity before applying anything all over.) I use it in hair,face, feet and hands to chase them away from these areas, to where I can effectively control them. Use Nightime genteal eye ointment at night to trap anything in eyes. Showering is less effective than bathing. If showering use sulfur soap first, then I apply permethrin 10 to control babies. The older mites are hard to kill. I found eating Orange foods like papaya especially persimmons and sweet potatoes/yams made the mites jump off after I consumed them on a daily basis will help change your body chemistry and the older mites will eventually jump off. Immediately spray the area to kill them! The most effective tool for environment is the vaccum with a bag! Dispose of bag in Ziploc and put outside im trash immediately. Clean house with borax in hot water and bleach and mop daily. Shampoo carpets. Cover mattress/box spring/pillows with protectors. Wash/dry clothes and bedding daily in the hottest temperature possible. Warm will not kill them. Bag dirty clothes, and spray with onslaught before sealing, so when you open to wash you won't be reinfected. You must alternate to keep pest from building up resistance to pesticides. Alternate spray with bifren for environment, and sulfur/natural thing like apple cider vinegar between permethrin. I hope this helps you. God bless and stay strong!!
Reach me at: pvprod1 at

Mar 03, 2017
What lab..please avise !!
by: Pamela6

Please advise us on which lab can analyze specimins!!! THank you

Sep 08, 2016
Get the exterminators out!
by: Bath

Hi I have read most of these comments and i have had a similar problem for a couple of years. i.e pin prick bites crawling sensation, worse at night, can't find any evidence.

The thing is i get this from my dad. Every time i see him. It's got worse, the first year it was only if i visited his house, and now its when ever i see him, it seems even if i put my clothes on a hot wash straight after seeing him, jump in a shower smothering myself in teatree on my body and nit preventive cream for my hair- i still get them from him!

But the thing is they do go away if i get the professionals in to spray my apartment. Once they sprayed for bedbugs, the other time put a general spray down- i hate chemicals and have to stay away from my house for a couple of weeks afterwards, but itching & pinpricks, everything goes- might be worth trying if you haven't! I do it fairly soon after i feel symptoms, so you may even need a couple of goes if you've been feeling it for a while. Also i went away for 2 months for work, leaving my apartment a few weeks after seeing my dad, and was intensely feeling biting mite itching crawing sensation, and when i returned itching/crawling/pinpricks had gone as well. Which was interesting as i sublet my room to someone and he didn't experience anything. I believe these mites only host on a few people with certain immune systems, mostly they won't host on younger people, and will leave the environment even if people are living there it seems if they can't host on them. Unfortunately i saw my dad last week, and although i was REALLY careful, biting mite sensation back again. I am trying natural products for a week or two really hoping i don't have to spray my apartment with chemicals again. Ive got to the point where unless my dad agrees to getting his house sprayed...does something...i can't see him again. This has gone on too long and it's massively affecting my life. Unfortunately he doesnt experience anything and doesn't believe me/thinks i am imagining it so kinda at a stalemate situation :(

Also any advise appreciated...

Aug 03, 2016

by: Angie from

Hi Sunnie,
Do you live in an area where sand fleas or no see ums are common? Is that a realistic option for your pin pricks and rash?

You could have bed bugs in your van, but if you see absolutely no evidence of them or any type of flea or mite, it can be hard to determine the problem.

It doesn't sound like permethrin is going to do you much good. I think you'd be better off taking Herbal Fiberblend internally and then spraying everything in your van with a mixture of clove oil and water to try to deter whatever it is. Cedar oil would be another viable option to use as an environment spray.

Finally, if you can get some organic cold pressed coconut oil and apply it to your face and skin, that may help with your symptoms and keeping the bugs off of you.


Jul 20, 2016
Itching, pin pricks, and rash, but no see 'em
by: Sunnie

I'm going "nuts" I slowly starting feeling little bites(like a hot pin prick), some of which are quite painful! Then came the itch! And next the crawling sensation! Mostly at night, only now it's 24/7. The problem is, I live in my vehicle (van)! I suspect scabies, or some type of biting mite. You can't see these mites, but I have red bumps and a good size welt on my face! How in God's name do I eliminate these from my van? Even if I get cream (permethrin) for my body, all my clothes and blankets are here with me! Plus they're probably in the carpeting! I have no where else to go! Please advise, I'm desparate!

Jun 29, 2016
Worth Trying For Pinprick Bites
by: Angie from

Hi Jessica,
I would really like to see you try the Herbal Fiberblend and Composure combo and see if that doesn't help both with getting rid of the problem and also for the anxiety you are experiencing as a result of what you've been going through. This has been helpful for many and is well worth trying.

You may also want to create a mixture of water and clove oil in a spray bottle and spritz it over your furniture, bedding, etc., to see if that would help eliminate an external concern.

Jun 29, 2016
Do you know of a lab which will process parasite samples sent in by an individual?
by: Wendelyn

In my efforts to rid my body of recently identified parasites, I have attempted to find a lab which will receive and identify parasites from an individual, rather than via a doctor's office or hospital. If you know of such a lab, please post the name and contact information here as soon as possible. thank you.

Jun 28, 2016
pinprick bites
by: jessica

I have the same exact symptoms. Transmitted from my daughter who was infected from a blanket in NY.We live in Los Angeles. Has anyone found a cure for this yet? The psychological toll is great/

Jan 28, 2016
Tips for Identification
by: beachbrat

Your County's Health Department, or Agriculture Department may have an Entomologist you can send samples to for evaluation, usually at no cost. You could also try the Entomologists at one of your local Universities.

Dec 17, 2015
Microscopic bug IS real
by: Beenthere

Hello I've been dealing with what you're talking about for years and they ARE real. No one can id them, have contacted numerous experts. Tried all chemicals for mites, nothing has worked. Once they have a generation living on you it takes weeks maybe even a months before you can eradicate them from your body because now you are their world, your skin, your pores. Best thing that I have found to get rid of them is a sauna or/& steamroom, as often as you can, daily is best for awhile, they can't handle the heat.
Rub powdered sulfur on you when you're in there, when you do you'll start to feel like grains of sand come out of your pores, thats them, your able to draw them out with the sulfur.
stay hydrated, you sweat alot.
Rest and Stay strong

Jun 23, 2012
Pinprick Bites and Itching
by: Angie

It doesn't really sound like scabies because you wouldn't have seen them as black spiders running up your arm.

If you were bitten by a spider, it is quite likely that you are having an allergic reaction to the toxins from the bite.

A month is a long time to have a reaction, but it's not impossible. I'm surprised that the doctor didn't suggest some antihistamines if you told them you were bitten by a spider.

Nevertheless, you can probably try some over the counter antihistamine (like Benadryl) if you want to see if it gives you some relief.

Personally, I'd clean out your system with some Herbal Fiberblend to flush out any toxins that are causing this itching and rash.

I had a very similar experience last year (though I didn't see anything bite me). I tried several things to get rid of the itching rash for weeks with no success. It wasn't until I start using the HFB that it finally went away for good. Hope that helps!

Jun 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

One month ago I was laying in bed talking to my girlfriend on the phone I noticed 5 fast black spiders crawling fast up my arm. One of them must of bit me cause I had 2 pin dots on my skin with a rash so I didn't think much of it. I just put some Neosporin on it and bandaged it. It got worse. So a couple days later I started itching really bad and started to get red bumps everywhere so I went to the ER and they said I had scabies. I did the treatment that night and followed up with my Dr. It didn't do much and here I am itching like crazy and still get rashes all over my body. So I've taken baths with epsom salt and Dawn dish soap. It seems to keep them off me for a few hours. I want to be cured. Please help me.

Apr 30, 2012
Wow....amazed to find Im not alone!!!!
by: Lindsey

First, I want to THANK EVERYONE who has posted on this with all the helpful tips on making whatever it is attacking my daughter and I, better. I must say I'm relieved to see I'm alone...or "crazy" as one Dr. told me. Had another one tell me that I should maybe seek help in dealing with drug abuse problem....when I offered a BLOOD sample, I told her that after they do drug screen and see I'm drug free, will they see about finding out WHAT INVISIBLE thing is making me look and act like a person on drugs! (Dr declined by the way and said she couldn't treat me because there isn't anything there) It's in your head, side affect of some medication you're taking (even though it never did the 10 years you've taken it), fleas, scabbies, bird mites.....I have had heard all of these, so to read everyones stories, gives me hope that I won't be on drugs and in a psych ward by the time whatever it is biting us is done with me. :) Second, the last blog about black smudges and wondering what they are.....I'm not certain and this is my own conclusion, but I believe it the fecies of the "invisible, you're crazy, on drugs, and its in your head" mites/parasites. (Can't resist any chance on mocking the Drs that have been so eager to help us...) Since none of the Drs would help me I went to my Microbiology professor for help...he was only person who didn't make me feel insane or stupid.....since having this, which started on my spring break a little over a month ago, I have been dropped from one class because of attendance-can.only miss 4 days, I have failed every test, quiz, and exam taken, which has left me with Fs for semester for the mpst part...I have isolated myself from family and friends, and I constantly wonder if I will ever be normal again after this is over, or will I always want to examine every spec I see, EVERYWHERE I go?!? :) As you all know, this is a highly frustrating, cripling, and painful deal that literally consumes all my energy, time, and a lot of money but we will get passed it!! :) Right? Haha.

Lindsey- a.k.a "crazy, crackhead with imaginary bugs caused by medication" ;)

Feb 18, 2012
Sooty specks and itchy crawlies
by: Anonymous

Hi, I've had really similar experiences to what I'm reading here, but, can't find anything to properly identify. I have all over itchy crawlies, some occassional maybe bite feelings. What I would like to know is if anyone ever gets a tiny trace of black ashy/smearing specks on themselves from mites. The other symptoms could be something else, but these marks make me suspect buggies (and they're not bedbugs by the way).
I know people mention specks but that seems to refer to a speck as a fragment, such as a hard piece of grit that could be picked up- that is not what I mean. These tiny specks show up randomly near my hairline/mouth/etc. and will smear to the touch and wipe off quite easily.
Basically I want to know any thoughts on what these sooty specks may indicate.

Feb 15, 2012
Slowing Down
by: Samantha (NZ)

Grand news the garlic tablets are working :)

The amount of bites has been reduced heaps and washing the all the bedding sheets is certainly makings the crawling seem less....

Keep up the fight everyone

Feb 15, 2012
You are not crazy! Want a solution?
by: Steve (Inland Empire)

Couple of important comments... 1. For those who wonder about evidence: you are not crazy. External bug bites that wake you out of a deep sleep cannot be your imagination. 2. For the women with the well and various parasites: your well water and bed are infested and your house is not sealed properly. You won't stop the parasites until solve these problems. A hammock or air mattress may help solve at least one part temporarily. 3. For the family with itching on the face: it could be Norweigen Scabies, flea larvae, or mites. 4. Tea tree oil can have one known side effect for males: gynecomastia (increased estrogen levels and male breasts). Try Oil of Oregano instead. 5. If the doctor gives you Permitherin, it does not kill the eggs and could lead to kidney problems with continued use.

Having said that, I wash clothes and blankets in Borax and Vinegar, vaccuum and iron. That seems to help for a while. Have yet to try garlic and oil of oregano. Personally, I would prefer to program nanobots to seek and destroy. Anyone know the cost for a bunch of them?

Jan 25, 2012
Slow them down
by: Samantha (NZ)

l have been getting the pinprick bites and itching or crawling feeling for just under a year now. It really does put your life on hold but l have managed to do a couple of things to help slow them down...

Put my socks, underwear, in large sandwich bags and seal them off - it totally stopped the itching but you must always seal the bags take out all the air.

after washing my clothes l turn them inside out so the sun can do as much damage as possible to them - as soon as itching starts l go change my clothes as not all of them seem to do it. If you have some old favorites sorry to say you might have to think about giving them up they love to stay in stuff we wear heaps and heaps!

Still struggling to stop them but this page has given me some great suggestions - just started taking the garlic so how it goes

all the very best to anyone else out there going through the same thing some days they drive me insane with the bites but l know if l keep on top of cleaning and tee tree oil l might some breaks

Jun 16, 2011
Internal Cleanse for External Pinprick Bites and Itching
by: Kate

I wish more of you would try a good herbal internal cleanse to try ridding yourselves of whatever parasites you are dealing with.

Some people think that external pinprick bites and itching can't be treated by taking something orally for cleansing, but that's just not true.

When you do an internal herbal cleanse, the body detoxifies itself and is strengthened, but the herbs can also make your body an unfriendly place for parasites.

Herbal Fiberblend (taken as directed) is such a simple solution to try, I don't know why more people don't make the effort. If you are having such discomfort and distress, why wouldn't you?

If you want something to apply externally as well that is safe and healthy, try organic apple cider vinegar. You can put it on your skin straight or pour a cup or so in your bath water.

Jun 16, 2011
Pinprick bites and itching and crawling feelings
by: Anonymous

I don't know if this is anything like what you have but it sounds close & I haven't found any help with doctors so I'm still searching for something. I have two things going on. First I will feel like a sharp sting or an intense itchy feeling and I will scratch where it is and I find something that is oval shape clear to light amber sometimes and hard but it can be mashed. It is small and can be seen with the naked eye but it's easier with a magnifying glass. Sometimes I can just run my hand over my skin and find them, mostly on my back and face. The second thing is a very very thin oval shape and is found mostly in the face area and these I can only see with a magnifying glass. I usually have either an itchy or light bit feeling. I have very large pores on my face and back, just throwing that in there. Also last year I had a problem with feeling like I was being bit all over & itching all the time and felt like things were crawling but couldn't find anything on my body. (Any help as to what this might be will be greatly appreciated to anyone reading this.) But it sounds like it's some type of parasite after reading all these other posts. I will post back if I find anything that helps. Good Luck.

Jun 06, 2011

6 weeks ago i saw meally worms in my rice, then white grass like worms on the floor (swept 8 times per day and they kept coming), then small wolf spiders in my couches and on the floors, maybe jumping spiders, then maybe i did see a few bugs, but through it all, severe painful bites on my feet and legs, then bites while wearing sneakers (AWAY FROM MY HOME), then bites while sitting on the couch, etc. all thought i was crazy until the red marks began appearing, but none bit others. i felt crazy as i began seeing clear translucent like blobs in the shower, on the counters, by the kitchen sink, and then more painful bites while showering, doing dishes. bombs, sprays, terminex and still they bite me. i think i have a small crab like creature under my toe nails as i've seen them moving, have seen their egg sacks in my skin, and felt them burrowing under my nails causing extreme pain. however, i now see the clear blobs in my ice cubes, in my fridge in all foods, even brand new unopened containers after 1 day. i then noticed blood seeping from the bite marks on my arms & legs, a day later small whitish fluid shining on spots and now bumps all over, some shining fluid and severe itching. all the time feeling like crawlers were all over me.

still no belief from others, and the samples i collect from the house seem to dry up and evaporate after a day or so, so no evidence for the doctor.

my ears are now itching internally, my snot seems worm like, and my scalp is now crawling. I think i am infected with more than one bug. worms from the food/water (we have a well) and mites in my toes maybe?


Jan 30, 2011
Try this.
by: Mel


Look at the symptoms and see if this is what you are experiencing.

My family has experienced a Collembola infection and our symptoms are burning, itching, popping (or pinprick sensations) and crawling sensations on the skin.

Some people also experience pimple like sores or open sores or rashes on the skin. Occasionally we've gotten a rash.

See my comments under Mel on the first Demodex Mite question for more of my story.

Hope this helps. -MEL

Nov 25, 2010
pinprick bites and intermittent itching
by: Anonymous

I ran out of room on my previous post.
I was given Ivermectin and that took away the problem for four whole days, but I have since been told I didn't get the proper dosage,so I still have the problem. My new doctor believes this is Strongyliadisis, but can only give me more Ivermectin if she can prove her diagnosis-so far, no luck. Oil of Oregano, Oreganol P73, and eating garlic seems to help the most.What else can I do to make this stop? Any specific suggestions would be most appreciated!!!!
Someone wrote about using oil of oregano and olive oil at night. I wanted to know how much of each?
I would really like to know if this is happening to anyone else.I feel like I have entered an episode of the twilight zone and I can't get out.

Nov 25, 2010
pinprick bites and intermittent itching
by: Anonymous

I am somewhat relieved to hear that someone else has heard of what I am experiencing (and of course sorry for the people who are going through this nightmare).This has become a chronic problem in my life for the last 17 months.I feel a stinging sensation on my legs and stomach multiple times per day, but almost always more at night. When bitten on my stomach I can see a red pinhole-sized mark on my skin or sometimes a larger red circle right under my skin, visible for anyone to see. When it started there really wasn't much itching, but when I started with various remedies,itching is now a part of it. My neck will feel like it is on fire (oil of oregano takes it away temporarily). Every day out of the shower my stomach and inner thighs are covered in red and white patches. It looks like a terrible skin rash, but it goes away in a few minutes.The same thing happen when I put on a heating pad.I will continue in another entry because there is now room left.

Oct 13, 2010
whats worked for me
by: oakiville

Ok so we started with busting our immune sydtm lots of apple cider vinager piles and i watvched as these things litterly fly off me..... Keep in mind this will all sound like a crazy alien movie its not we have documented, pictured and samples for everything... K so for the body You whsoul;d get tested for Yeast I can say that so far it has been the main thing we have noticed every symptom matched Candidia. Also the ph balance in your body and house

Tea Tree Oil, borax, vinager.

Tea tree oil your body surfaces clothing anything and everything feel and itch or bite tea tree i also have a acid cream from my doctor as i can feel things pop off me. Wash your body with selbrum or anti fungal treatment also a vinager.
As for my house all i can say is tea tree in humidifier and then i borax and vinager in a bottle and sprayed and vaccumed
Let me know if any of this works

Oct 01, 2010
How I've dealt with this...
by: Anonymous

After many hours on line and in practice I've gathered some coping skills to deal with my little critters... this has worked on scabies and ringworm, but I am 100% sure it will work on what you got going on...

These have worked like a charm, but unless you really work hard to sanitize your environment, you will be reinfected.

1) Garlic, 1000mg, odorless...and lots of it. I will get the gelcaps...I believe 'Nature's Bounty', or something close to that name from Walgreens, has been consistently strong enough.

I will take as many as 3x3 a day. This is the most important part of this routine. If you blood is inhospitable to those little suckers, your skin will be too. Allow 3-5 days to really notice a profound difference.

2) Oils... Neem, Oil of Oregano, Tea tree. I buy them all at the local health store and mix with some olive oil -not much though- and cover my entire body at night. These guys are truly stinky and you will be clear on why the parasites don't want to have anything to do you with you after. But each is a well known anti-parasitic in many countries.

3)wash everything in hot water + borax. I don't care how dark it is. One single item of clothing can reinfect you. Dry on high- bake those suckers.

4) Iron everything. I know its a pain in the boo boo. But a good steam iron will make your life livable again

5) Cover your mattress with a full plastic mattress cover... the kind with the zipper. Don't consider throwing it out till you've rid the entire house of your creatures. Change your sheets every 3/4 days. Must treat your bedcover, even if it costs $400! if you really can't wash it in hot... iron it for hours till you can slide under and not feel any pinpricks

6) Iron your furniture. Um, furniture is just like clothes. You have constant contact with it, especially if you are a couch potato... Steam that sucker too

7) If you can find it, get an enzyme-cleanser. 'Safe-to-Use' peppermint-enzyme cleanser has worked very well on skin and clothes... though it does not replace any of the above... it kills whatever is on a surface.

8) Smile... you've gotten nearly all out of your house. Expect a relapse here and there from a sweater that you didn't iron or a new life cycle coming out your skin.

9)For pets... dude! your screwed! I don't have any idea how to rid this from piles and pile of fur. it is likely the furball you love is what brought this into your home. they should be the first thing you treat. you touch them, they touch you, badda bing! Its deja vu all over again! I would consider giving them dip-baths in safe-to-use every other day. its the lifecycle you gotta consider here.

May 05, 2010
External or Internal
by: Anonymous

Firstly I congratulate the site for dealing with this issue. It seems there is little assistance for this issue.
We, my family, are having this problem at the moment. It feels like there is something crawling on our skin, with little pin prick sensations all over and particularly around the face. The problem seems to get worse in the evening and continues until about 4pm.
We have treated the house for flees with an IGR spray and continue to vacuum regularly with continual re-sprays. We did this as we did actually get bites which we were advised were adult flea bites.
My thoughts are that we are preventing the hatched flea from progressing into adult stage, but the larvae or/and baby flea is what we are currently feeling???
I do not understand that the feelings we are having is an internal parasite, although I do not rule out the possibility if someone can convinve me.
I would appreciate any help on this matter. It is getting desperate.
Did you identify the parasites found under examination?

May 05, 2010
External or Internal
by: Anonymous

Firstly I congratulate the site for dealing with this issue. It seems there is little assistance for this issue.
We, my family, are having this problem at the moment. It feels like there is something crawling on our skin, with little pin prick sensations all over and particularly around the face. The problem seems to get worse in the evening and continues until about 4pm.
We have treated the house for flees with an IGR spray and continue to vacuum regularly with continual re-sprays. We did this as we did actually get bites which we were advised were adult flea bites.
My thoughts are that we are preventing the hatched flea from progressing into adult stage, but the larvae or/and baby flea is what we are currently feeling???
I do not understand that the feelings we are having is an internal parasite, although I do not rule out the possibility if someone can convinve me.
I would appreciate any help on this matter. It is getting desperate.
Did you identify the parasites found under examination?

Apr 05, 2010
Lab To Send Parasites
by: Angie

Hi Khadijah,

Thank you so much. I'll be very interested in learning about the lab to send parasites that your naturopath recommended.

I hope you are able to get some real answers! I, too, think that it would certainly be worth the price.

Keep me posted!

Apr 05, 2010
Parasite Testing
by: Anonymous

Hello All
Angie--before I respond to the writer---I want to confirm what you stated because it applies to me and my parasites---I also get pinprick bites but did not attribute them to parasites because I did not know that parasites left bites visible on the outside of the body--can they do this?

Secondly--for the writer---I put about 5 of my worm like parasites in a bottle of alcohol and a naturopath doctor gave me the website of a lab where you can send your parasites which I intend to do. I am at work and do not have the name handy but I will post later with the info. They charge about 100.00 I know that is expensive but for me and my struggle. I plan to do it if for no more than to prove to myself but mostly others that I do have parasites.


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