Rash On Upper Back

by Jennifer Dailey
(Sherman, Texas USA)

I have had a rash on upper back for over 30 years. This rash comes and goes. Sometimes I can go months without it bothering me and then I start feeling an itch.

It itches so bad and I scratch. It looks like a rough patch all over my back and on my left arm all the way from my wrist to my elbow.

I can control the itch with heat. I have seen many (7) dermotologists and they have told me it is stress related, but I don't believe it cause I can actually feel like something is crawling inside.

The very first time I went to a specialist was 33 years ago and he took a chunk of my skin to send off to check but couldn't find anything.

Do you have any advice for me?

Hi Jennifer,

Even though you are feeling the crawling sensation when you get the rash on your upper back, that doesn't rule out the fact that stress really could play a part in bringing it on.

When our body is under stress, our immune system is weakened and unable to fight off whatever underlying causes are leading to our symptoms.

In your case, if you have a toxic bowel, a toxic liver, parasites, etc., your body may do its best to keep it in check most of the time. But stress can be the thing that tips the scale and your body can no longer handle the problem and sends it off to your skin to deal with and eliminate.

I can't say for sure if your underlying cause is from a yeast infection, some other form of parasite, or a build up of toxins in your bowel or liver. There's a very good chance that it is one of those.

As for advice, my best recommendation is to give your body a good internal cleanse and build up your immune system so that your system isn't overloaded and can function more efficiently.

It sounds harder than it really is, I assure you. Here's the basics...

  • To clean your intestinal tract (bowel) give yourself a 3 month cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend.

  • To clean your liver start using Redibeets on a regular basis. Beets are one of the best natural liver cleansers there are. Redibeets is simply juiced beets that have been dried into powder form for ease of use. It's an
    excellent whole food supplement.

  • To build up your immune system, add some additional whole foods to your daily routine including Barley Life and Just Carrots. You'll find that mixing the barley, carrots, and beets together (called the Garden Trio) in water will make a lovely vegetable juice drink each morning or afternoon.

    Also take a daily probiotic mixture (good bacteria) to help build up the friendly flora in your digestive tract. I prefer Florafood.

I know it seems strange to work on your digestive system when it's your rash on upper back that is itching, but that really is how the body works. Fix the underlying problem and the symptoms take care of themselves!

If you have never tried any of those supplements before, because you live in the US, you are eligible to take advantage of AIM's discount "Starter Pack." It's a little extra savings that they offer to first time customers.

Basically, you get 1 each of the Herbal Fiberblend, Barley Life, Redibeets, and Just Carrots all for $111.00 plus free postage. That's an additional savings off the wholesale price. (That means it's cheaper for you than I can even get it myself!) :)

Anyway, if you add a bottle of Florafood to the order, that would bring your total up to $137.00 for the lot.

I can't and won't promise you that the investment will definitely keep you from ever getting your rash on upper back again, but I can promise you that the products will definitely do your body good.

The AIM company also offers a satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren't pleased with your purchase, you can ask for a refund. ;)

If you are interested, you can place an order with this online form.

Meanwhile, if you are having problems with the rash on upper back right this very minute, try rubbing some organic apple cider vinegar on it or some aloe vera gel (straight from the plant if you have one). Either of those should give you some relief and help it to heal up sooner.

I hope this helps you a bit. Thirty years is a LONG time to have to deal with the same complaint! I tend to believe that when you give your body the help it needs to deal with your ailments, it will do the job that needs to be done.

To your good health!

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