Skin Disease And Parasites

by Fred
(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Hello, my wife has been suffering from a skin disease for over 20 years. She has been to many doctors and it is basically undiagnosed.

She suffers from severe itching on the arms and legs. She has bumps, rash mostly on arms and legs and some on the face and chest. She spends at least 2 hours a day scratching and trying to find relief.

She has gone through a series of different diets, treatments, even an antibiotic IV every day for 4 weeks.

Steroids would help give relief, but she couldn't be on them for very long because of the high dose. She used to do it once a year for 2 weeks, but after it would come back tenfold.

I was wondering if there are any parasites associated with this type of skin disease.

Hi Fred,

I'm sorry to hear about your wife's skin disease and parasites concerns. The fact that she has suffered for so long is truly heartbreaking.

There are certainly parasites that can cause the symptoms you are describing. One of the first that come to my mind is an overgrowth of Candida albicans, better known as yeast overgrowth.

I couldn't say for sure if that is what your wife suffers from, it's just a suggestion to consider.

You mentioned a number of diets and treatments she has undergone over the years. Has she tried an anti-candida diet? Basically, that means eliminating sugars and all yeast feeding foods for a length of time. It's a tough diet for most people to stick to for long periods, but if she could even do it for several weeks, she may find it very helpful.

Something else to consider is a build up of toxins in her system, particularly in her liver. Many people that have persistent skin conditions are ultimately suffering from toxic overload.

The body naturally eliminates toxins by the liver and other organs, but when there are just too many toxins for the body to keep up with, the liver sends the excess to the skin for elimination, hence the rashes, etc.

One of the best natural cleansers for the liver is raw beets (preferably juiced), believe it or not. :) I know it can be a bit messy and time consuming to juice your own beets, but your wife may want to consider using Redibeets.

Redibeets is part of the Garden Trio
, a set of 3 whole food supplement powders that provide excellent nutritional support while they help to detoxify your body. They are freshly juiced and dried organically grown beets, carrots, and barley grass that you simply mix in water to replace juicing yourself.

At the risk of sounding like a "sales pitch" I'll tell you what I'd recommend to your wife instead of antibiotics and steroids. Those, as you've discovered, will generally only provide a temporary relief and will probably only make her condition worse in the long run because they are not dealing with an underlying cause.

This is a LOT to consider, but here goes...

Those four major supplements along with a stricter anti-candida diet may offer some relief and possible healing for your wife.

I'm not allowed to "make claims" on this site, nor would I even want to say anything to intentionally mislead you. I can't guarantee that these suggestions will cure your wife's skin disease and parasites symptoms.

I can only tell you that they have helped many others and that they are not going to come with a load of potential side effects. At the very least, they will help to improve your wife's immune system so that her own body's natural healing ability can become much stronger.

I can also tell you that the AIM company who makes those supplements offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return them for a refund if your wife determines that they aren't for her.

Another suggestion (perhaps a bit simpler) for your wife is to try using raw organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg's is a good brand) added to her bath water (a cup or two) to help improve her skin condition from the outside.

She can even add a tsp/Tbsp. to a glass of water and drink a glass each day to help detoxify her body internally.

Supporting the body as much as possible is the best way to deal with any skin disease and parasite problem, in my opinion.

I do hope your wife is able to finally find some relief after all these years. She will be in my prayers.

To her good health!

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