Swine Flu Treatment

swine flu treatment

A natural swine flu treatment is an option many people are turning to these days.

You may or may not opt to get the swine flu shot (I definitely won't be getting the vaccine, myself).

Regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not, you may still end up with flu symptoms.

The swine flu is being labeled as a more serious and dangerous strain of influenza than the other viruses we face every flu season. I'm not convinced at all that that's the case.

By getting the swine flu vaccine, you are having the actual virus injected directly into your system. On top of that, you have the additional toxic ingredients that are used as "preservatives" in the vaccine, like mercury and formaldehyde, to consider.

As a result of this toxic cocktail, you shouldn't be surprised if you wind up with symptoms of H1N1 or worse. I recommend that you think twice before choosing that option. 

Consider the alternatives in swine flu treatment. You can treat the swine flu symptoms with natural remedies and common sense, just like you treat regular flu symptoms.

  • Get more sleep. Sleep heals.

  • Drink more water. Water helps to eliminate toxins.

  • Take some probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that helps fight off the virus naturally. I use Florafood.

  • Eat Raw Crushed Garlic. Garlic is naturally antiviral and works as a natural antibiotic. If you don't like to eat the raw garlic (or you don't like the smell), you can take Bear Paw Garlic supplements instead.

  • Use cleansing herbs. Some herbs have tremendous anti-parasitic properties. I keep Herbal Fiberblend on hand at all times so that I can eliminate flu symptoms, swine flu or otherwise, almost as soon as they appear. 

  • Improve your Vitamin D levels. Proper levels of vitamin D daily (from the sun or from supplements) make a big difference in how your body fights infection and disease.

If you have symptoms of H1N1, use these remedies to start feeling better soon. Even if you don't yet have symptoms, swine flu is spreading, so it would be wise to follow this natural swine flu treatment just to keep your immune system strong and ready to resist contact with the virus, if you should meet it.

To your good health!

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