Tiny Slugs In Skin

by Catsie

I have had these seed shaped things, like tiny slugs in skin, coming out of my skin since the summer of 1991.

The dermatology treatments started to work and quit and get worse many times over--antibiotic by mouth and steroid cream or antibiotic ointment with steroid cream.

I thought some of the particles were fungal and tried some of those OTC creams. I used Eurax prescription anti-itch. I have a collection of things I tried, including adding a strong saline to a lotion, and that seems to help.

The chlorocarbon sucralose in diet drinks added to this mix seems to make it better. The best is roll-on deodorants like Arrid, anchored with Ammens medicated powder (maybe the zinc helps) I had beetles that were identified by someone from CDC Atlanta-- as harmless (by stinging under the skin and waking me out of sound sleep?)

I am too tired most of the time to put everything that pushes out of the skin under my Panasonic 30X industrial microscope used (mainly for checking for tiny flaws in machined parts), but I did see the slugs, white, almost translucent sitting on a leaf shape also white. The sitting part had a nose and "eye horns."

I have been up since 4:30 a.m., and I had one stinging vibrating itch on the bottom of my left foot, and I used the roll-on deodorant on it, and palpable particles came out, and I added Itch-X gel and removed more, and then I washed it off, and started to get relief, and minutes later the same spot is itching again. More roll-on and slight relief and hand sanitizer gel this time.

White particles that look like like the vestigial versions of the slugs were what I wiped off the site with a black wash cloth (bargain from somewhere).

I am almost successful with a lotion that has strong saline with a smidgen of baking soda and boric acid in the boiling water with a red sucralose diet drink added to cool off the liquid and identify the lotions that have been doctored.

I could just use the roll-on and powder, and remove it after the drying gets to me and moisturize and wipe that off and repeat.

Does anyone have a two week
plan? My heartfelt thanks.

Hi Catsie,

It sounds like you need more than a "two week plan" to get rid of such a long term problem of dealing with tiny slugs in skin on your body.

I don't know what it is exactly that you are dealing with, but it sounds quite unusual. Although the CDC may have told you that some particular beetles they tested were harmless, if they are biting you and keeping you awake, they obviously aren't harmless to you!

You mentioned taking antibiotics, steroids, and using OTC treatments. Those types of medications can be helpful on occasion for some people, but overall, they do tend to have a negative affect on the body, weakening your immune system so that a problem can actually grow worse. That sounds like what may have happened in your case.

Have you tried any natural remedies that will cleanse your body internally and boost your immune system? That's the type of treatment we recommend here.

Because your situation is so severe and so longstanding, this is what I would try if I were in your shoes.

  1. Take 3 Para 90 capsules 3 times per day (with meals) for 1 month. This is a combination of herbs that are anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. They help to kill parasites from the inside.

  2. Mix Herbal Fiberblend powder in juice or water and take twice per day for 3 months. This is a herb and fiber combo that will help to rid the dead and dying parasites from your body more quickly and help to remove toxins from your system.

  3. Take Florafood probiotic capsules at least twice per day to rebuild the good bacteria in your system and give your body the resources it needs to fight off invaders.

  4. Use the Garden Trio whole food powders once or twice per day to help cleanse your liver and give your body the rich nutrition it needs to help heal.

I don't know that you'll find any miracle 2 week cures, but by helping your body get rid of the tiny slugs in skin and strengthening your immune system, I believe you'd have a pretty good chance of getting your system sorted out and finding relief.

To your good health!

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Aug 08, 2016
update to my mixture in gentle skin cleanser NEW
by: Marcia

Mixture generic copy cetaphyl gentle skin cleanser with EOs of black pepper, lavender and oregano with sucralose dissolved in cider vinegar and added to the above mix after it is shaken. I have recently added additional apple cider vinegar (ACV) about 20%, and it takes away the bitter overtone from the EO of oregano, and it helps to loosen particles that seem to stick. Also my husband is using it for what he has acquired from me and his jock itch. Since my original posting, I have had aortic valve replacement surgery and my recovery is ongoing (Oct 9, 2014.), including need for standing tolerance maneuvers, postural reminders including keeping head up while walking to avoid low back pain..also a "ton" of prescription meds. I have ginger tincture in my "decaf coffee-water-milk. The beat goes on. Thanks, Marcia

Aug 03, 2016
Did you get answers?
by: Steve

Hello there. I realize this is an old thread, but did you get a diagnosis?

Mar 06, 2012
tiny slugs in skin
by: Anonymous

If you have them mix some shampoo or creme rinse or Cetaphyl gentle skin cleanser with diet soda pop sweetened with sucralose in a paper cup. rub it in good so that the sucralose can meet the surface of your particular itchmakers. If you can leave it on overnight. Use a shower cap or a curl cap or devise something by arranging an old T-shirt. In the morning, use your brush, and then a comb, then a fine comb. If you are going to work, don't wash it out. Dampen with a wet paper towel, and do you hair as usual,and deal with it after you night time preparations. If it starts to itch again, put some mix in your hair, rub it in and cover. Good luck.

Mar 06, 2012
May be experiencing something similar
by: Anonymous

Have you had these slug type things on your scalp? If so were you able to remove theme? No matter how much I come/brush, pick, scrape, I can not remove them.

Feb 17, 2012
Menopause Insomnia
by: Angie

Hi Catsie,

I have plenty of bandwidth, so there's no reason why you should be excluded from sharing your story and experiences. :)

It sounds like you are having some measure of success with the external methods of treatment you have discovered, but I would still really like to see you use some immune boosting support.

Whether you feel like you are dealing with an internal parasite or not, the stronger your immune system is, the better able it is to deal with persistent skin conditions of any variety.

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you deal with your insomnia and hopefully provide you with a better night's sleep.

The "cheapest" option to try would be melatonin. You can pick up a bottle at your local Walmart or drug store for probably about $5.00. Melatonin is a substance that your body produces to help you sleep well, but sometimes as we age, we produce less and less. For some people, taking melatonin works a charm to help with insomnia.

Another option that specifically helps with insomnia and also to relax the body during the day is called Composure. As I said, these capsules can be taken day or night, but for your situation, I'd suggest you take them about 0 minutes before bed.

Now, my third suggestion is what I would think would be the most help to you based on what you have said about menopause. I use Renewed Balance cream as a natural way to help keep my hormones in balance. So many women have been helped by this cream, and I'd be surprised if it didn't help you too.

Also, my sister is using the Renewed Balance cream as well as the Revitafem capsules. She's found it makes a big difference in managing her menopause symptoms.

If your insomnia is menopause related, there's a good chance that these particular natural remedies will take care of that problem and may also give you an overall better feeling of well being.

Hope this is of some help to you and that your coming years are much healthier than the years past.


Feb 17, 2012
Tiny Slugs In Skin
by: Catsie

Dear people,
Thank you for a reply to my issues with the intracutaneous slugs, which I acquired in a peculiar fashion from a Cape Verdian in my program (now retired and the main school has disappeared due to the no-child-left-behind-laws, and the program for those children has been modified down to smaller and fewer).

The methods I invented and use are working, but as soon as I clean up a site, another site blooms, not from internal parasites, as the responder seems to intuit, but from the tiny spread from tiny organisms moving quietly to survive.

Diet soda sweetened with sucralose which is a chlorocarbon pesticide in the same group as DDT, is an excellent control, providing I maintain my "enriched" creams and lotions as a general coating and as extra attention to suspicious sites.

If I can get over the menopausal insomnia, I can get a pretty good sleep without interruption from an intense stinging itch that can knock me out of a sound sleep.

Sites on ankles and the bottoms of my feet need attention. Stuff like roll-on deodorants, and lotions with added soda pop and essential oils of black pepper, oregano and lavender are helpful, as is Itch-X and hand sanitizer for sudden emergencies.

If someone knows better ingredients to add to creams and lotions as a topical, I am interested. If not, 1991 was a long time ago......and I don't want purgation during my menopausal/postmenopausal years...

If it is easier on your website to exclude me and save bandwidth for someone else, I can accept that.

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