What type of parasite bites under the skin?

by Calvin
(Houston, Tx USA)

What type of parasite bites under the skin? What do you take to rid yourself of them?

I feel bites and crawling that seems to be on the external. Sometime I swat at the area because the bite is so intense. What is it?

Hi Calvin,

I have to tell you, I've been getting a lot of questions like yours lately. I assume by your description that you can't see any rash or an actual 'bug.' It's just a biting and crawling sensation?

I'm beginning to think there's something in our water supply or food supply or air supply that is creating this symptom.

I know that may sound odd, but the percentage of people who are describing biting and crawling sensations under the skin is extremely out of proportion to the overall number of questions I receive about parasites.

I honestly don't know exactly what it is that everyone is dealing with. Is it the same thing for everyone? Is it a variety of different underlying causes all with a similar symptom of biting and crawling sensations? I just don't know.

I'll tell you what I DO know. Most doctors these days seem to be telling patients that it's all in their head and they need to take anti-psychotic drugs. Now, that's enough to nearly drive ME insane! :)

What I also know is that the body is affected by everything that it is exposed to. It does its best to deal with pathogens that it comes in contact with, but it needs all the help it can get.

If this IS a parasite that is in your system and biting under the skin, your best option is to deal with it both internally and externally by helping your body out.

Externally, you can start by applying some organic apple cider vinegar to the skin. Other options are tea tree oil, oregano oil or Indian neem oil. This should help if it is an external parasite that
you can't see.

Internally, you need to start taking probiotics to boost your immune system by replenishing your supply of good bacteria in your body. Florafood is my favorite combo of probiotics for this purpose.

The other step for internal action is to give your body some good anti-parasitic cleansing herbs. You can use Para 90 or Herbal Fiberblend or both, if you've been dealing with these symptoms for some time.

I'm not even telling you that this problem is definitely parasites. As I said, I just don't know. It could be parasites, for sure, but it could also be a reaction to some toxic chemical you were exposed to, an abnormal hormone imbalance (not as crazy as it sounds), or even an allergy to something you've been in contact with.

The Florafood and the Herbal Fiberblend would help in pretty much all of those instances because they are foundational cleansing and building tools that enable your body to detoxify and function more efficiently to deal with the problem on it's own.

Good nutrition is extremely important when your body is trying to heal or eliminate toxins, etc. Try to eat as much whole foods as you can. If you're anything like my husband (NOT a healthy eater), you may want to supplement your diet with whole food juice powders. It's an easy way to multiply the amount of nutritional intake without a huge diet overhaul.

Sure wish I could be more help, Calvin. There's more in this world that we don't understand than we do, I'm afraid. I live by the principle of giving my body as many good tools to work with as I can and let it do the job it was made to do.

Hope you get this taken care of and get some relief soon. By the way, if you're wanting to try any of those recommendations, you can get them wholesale using this form.

To your good health!

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Aug 29, 2019
Have you tried the internal parasite cleanse?
by: Angie

Hi Vera,
Have you tried the suggestions made below for the full parasite cleansing protocol, or at least the Herbal Fiberblend?

If you decide to try an internal parasite cleanse, remember to stay on it for a few months to be sure you have killed all the various stages of the parasites life cycles.


Aug 08, 2019
Unknown Parasites
by: Vera

These parasites are under my skin. The symptoms are crawling sensations, pricks and bites that hurts, cold and wet sensations,and I get tremors in my body. When I !massage the part of my body that I felt the bite, hardlike gritty stuff comes out of my pores. It reminds you of sugar. And my skin has a burning sensation. This started in May of 2017, after I got the bed bugs. However, these parasites weren't bedbugs. I don't know what they are. I thought the bedbugs brought them. This is 2019,and still have them. They have become worse. If they stay in your body too long, they will go deeper and get into your organs and wreck havoc. They should be called demon parasites. How do get rid of them.I tried many things. HELP!!!

Feb 05, 2018
bites under my skin
by: judy

when it bites it very intense if i dig at it a littke hard like seed comes out if i cant get that out it gets real sore then i dig at it somemore and if i get it it blrrds alot ral daark blood

Oct 30, 2016
Bug Bites 3 in a row...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Martha,

Even though the bug bite marks are on the surface, that doesn't mean that you don't need an internal cleanse. I know this from personal experience. ;) Try the Herbal Fiberblend.

An anti-itch cream is only targeting the symptom, not the problem.

You can also apply organic cold pressed coconut oil to your skin daily to help if desired. It has anti-parasitic properties.


Oct 29, 2016
bug bitrs
by: martha pompa

I have the crawling sensation but my bites are on the surface, always 3 in a row on my legs, stomach and arms,i use an anti itch cream most of the time, don't know what to do

Oct 28, 2016
Thorough cleanse for internal parasites....
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi AJ,
If you are unable to follow the full parasite cleansing protocol, at the very least try the Herbal Fiberblend and stay on it for a few months to be sure you have thoroughly rid yourself of the parasite and all of its life cycle.

Oct 26, 2016
biting crawling under the skin
by: aj

Doctor put me on an anti parasite drug and it stopped for 1 month. I took one pill every 2 weeks. After 2 months after treatment though it came back and I think it is worse now than it was before.

Oct 19, 2014
To ALL who experience bites
by: hurricane

Ladies and gentlemen. I have been going through similar symptoms for years but can see them, but barely. My best advice from more research hours than any other study in my life is to purchase a handheld mobile digital camera microscope on ebay. I've tried almost all of them and the best I have found is by celestron and another Chinese brand that is orange and white. If you are beginning for the first time, the celestron will leave you less frustrated.

For the lady with the carpet issue and ANYONE ELSE diagnosed with delisions of parasitosis. KNOW that excessive moisture attracks mold and insects. Take the microscope and set it on the carpet area where the water damage occurred. Focus the camera, and start taking photos. Insert the micro sd card into your computer and view the photos. Edit them for clarity if needed. Print the ones that look like bugs and take them to your doctor. At the very minimum, they will be forced to remove the "delusion" diagnosis. The only problem is they still will have "no clue" what the problem is. My photos scared the hell out of my physician. One doctor confessed he was going through the same thing but was afraid to tell colleagues for fear of losing his license.

The best product I have used on ANY blog I've read is called Sulfer/Lavendar bar soap I buy on ebay. I felt like a new woman the other day but couldn't believe the entire bar used in ONE SHOWER. It can add up, but I am ordering more today and trying to use sparingly to see if it is as effective.

Next, use the lint tapes (even 99Cent stores carry them though not easy to tear, they work) and begin to roll that tape all over sheets, bedding, pillows, clothing, etc.daily or twice a day Keep those tapes and analysze what you can under the camera microscope. You will be surprised what you see. I then take the photo and upload them to google images and look for a match. If your photo does not show legs or anything certain of a bug, type in the description "bug life cycles" or "bug larva or pupa" that is where I began to identify the bugs because they are so small and its rare you see an adult of many types of bugs. I found many bugs even 6 exterminators could not find. All they want to do is spray when it is illegal to spray unless you identify the insect first.

I am getting closer to the answer but have not 100% certainty. My dog is also going through the same problem and we have both had problems with chronic blood loss (anemia). I get rashes so ugly after a bite it would make your mouth drop. All over my body, mostly arms, shoulders, hair, less frequently legs and other areas. I have noticed my bites follow a line along a vein. This week I had patches of four bites, three bites, two bites, all that seem to be along my veins. My clothing is infested and the only time I feel less bites is when I iron my clothes and take off with same sticky tape rolls right after the iron. That helps a lot. I used to be afriad to get dressed because of this.

Priobiotics are very important. Eating right is very hard for me considering the stress this has put on me and the time it takes to research every single day.

Finally, if you are able to, get a small glass container with a tight lid, put rubbing alcohol in it, pick up the black specs or whatever color they are as mine are white, dark reddish brown or black. tan, red (which usually means they have just had you or your pet as a blood meal) and irredescent. UNDERSRAND Many of these colors are the stages of insect life cycles (larvae, pupa even flea dirt or pet dander). Ive found that even fleas make coccoons with fibers from their surroundings like your sheets and hide inside them until they come out as adults. This what all the comments are from others that say, they look like lint, because they are lint, but inside you will find with your microscope are in fact, wormy looking things representing larvae or pupa. Anyway, after you put together 20 or so in the alcohol. You can send them to universities or other laboratories for diagnosis. Even the local county vector control units will attempt to identify.

My favorite is a club I joined for $25.00 for LIFE. It is ran by Richard Fagerlund and called "The Bug Club". Although I don't agree with everythng he says, he is an entomologist and was in the pest control industry for about 30+ years. He will identify your bug issues and suggest ways to get rid of the bugs naturally for FREE for LIFE all for that one time $25.00! He gets a lot of people with this same issue so he may be the one who figures all this out in the end. Although it was not his "duty" to identify the bugs in alcohol, he is the one who asked that I send them to him because my photos did show a couple of insects and the 5 Vet's said my dog had nothing and one said sticktight fleas (which by the way, get into your skin). i didn't want to expose my home to more pesticides until I could confirm the sticktight fleas. Richard agreed and offered free of charge to look at these. he responds within 24 hours and I couldn't recommend a place to start more than with him and taking all the things this site suggests because the US knows very little about parasites (they are sharing, that is). Getting rid of as many as possible is just plain smart to do.

Talk to you soon.

Im sending my bugs off to Richard this week and will report back here. I wish more people who say they are going to report back, did. I will and you can count on it.

Dec 21, 2013
bugs under the skin
by: robyn

i too havebeen feeling very bad went to the er with food poison and have had severe stumic pain sense. food makes it worse and sometimes better and I am getting fatter. I have found myself under attack with a bug that I can see under my skin itching and ugly. I saw on strange cases of the er a woman left her wedding in a wedding dress because she felt like something was crawing inside her skin. the dr put sugar on it and awhile later out popped worms on her neck. he knew to do this because she mentioned she had been to Mexico of late.
I have heard the the people who owned my house befor me were from Mexixco. I am on my way up stairs for a bath in suger.
I prayed for the answer. and this is what He gave.

Oct 07, 2013
Drain Flies
by: Anonymous

My recent study - the drain fly has evolved. It seems to have the ability to enter the body though the nasal cavity, and reproduce into a wingless form, that feeds on blood under the skin, which has an exterior as that of the chewing "louse", this is just a study, theory of evolution. More study is needed. This study is ongoing, (search bed bugs and louse)(lice). I will come back and update soon.

Oct 04, 2013
Parasite That Bites Under Clothing...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

It could be fleas, bed bugs, various mites, body lice, chiggers, sand fleas, noseeums, etc. There are plenty of possibilities, so it's impossible to guess which one you might be dealing with based on your description. ;)

Oct 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

what type of parasite bites under your clothing? you can feel them biting while wearing your clothing and they leave bumps. Not only me but my children.

May 18, 2013
What type of parasite...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear G,

So sorry to hear you've been going through the ringer over the last few months. It really is unpardonable the way some of the medical professionals treat their patients. I've talked about this before, so I won't rant about it again now. Instead, I just want to give you a few suggestions.

I know you mentioned that you are financially strapped at the moment, but when your finances permit, please do try the Herbal Fiberblend. It works wonders and has a money back guarantee.

For the moment, if you can get yourself a bottle of pure clove oil (can usually be found at Walmart or a local grocery store) and a spray bottle, you can make up a solution of about 30 drops of clove oil in about 2-3 cups of water (doesn't have to be exact).

Use the solution to spray around your house. Clove is naturally anti-parasitic and anti-fungal. Your problem may stem from the overflowing washing machine you described and you may have a mold issue as a result.

Of course, some other parasite might be involved, and this could help that too.

For your dogs, you can get some organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg's is a good brand) and put some in their bath water when you give them a bath. This will help to soothe their skin and hopefully keep the pests at bay.

The clove oil mixture (in moderation) should be fine on your dogs too if you want to lightly spritz them with it (avoid their eyes) on a daily basis.

I sincerely hope these tips help you and that you will start to see some good results soon.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

May 18, 2013
Have you found out what this is?
by: Anonymous

I have been going through a situation similar but for 3 months and my heart goes out to you because in 3 months I've been told I'm crazy or "psychosis" I've run out of money..lost my job due to this situation and live in an apartment in Orlando, FL. I feel as though I'm being discriminated against by physicians, apartment management and pest control company. I have thought that it is from the water. 3 months ago my washer overflowed in laundry room into kitchen and a bit in carpet. During the weeks to come I'm seeing some sort of flies on my ceilings swatting away at them...is this a life and 3 months of it???? I've hired my own pest control company who's working with me to keep it under control but every two week it comes back...i start seeing things flying...black specs in my bed on the floor on my dogs. Now they can say I'm crazy all they want but that would mean my dogs are crazy too....bs if you ask me. Just means they are clueless and wanting to put one on a bipolar medication vs. really finding out the truth. The truth is the system doesn't work. Docotors, hospitals, clinics don't know a thing about parasites or bites or whatever is going on. Once I figure out what is going on I want a law passed that part of a Doctor's continuing education includes parasites..why not? 72 million americans have them and I can't find a doctor that can answer a single question. This is wrong on all levels. Will it take one of there children contracting something like this before they care for everyone? I've been told by my personal physician if you say the word parasite conversation over...your crazy period. Isn't that why we go to doctors so that we can ask questions and get help? Doesn't help that I don't have insurance that's when you really get treated like crap. I just need my peaceful home back so that i can get back to work. Nobody want's to help. I see it in my dogs eyes that they don't feel well. I'm bathing them more and it brings them comfort so I know this is not just me.Whatever it is was in my skin and I scratched pulled it our have no idea and imagine me naively telling a doctor this..so sad. 2 hospitals, dermatologist, primary care, infectious disease....now at one hospital they said I had scabies and gave me all kinds of pills there and I took them. Even thought I knew I didn't have scabies and they were again clueless. Said only other countries have parasites with bugs underskinreally...that is not true but that's his ignorance. Anyways I don't know what to do. Is there a way to test the water or carpet and if so could you explain the procedure. I'm so tired of washing clothes and cleaning..I'm mentally and physically exhausted, I do feel like there is something stuck in both of my ears and I can't get it out, but it bothers me. If you have any advice for a 3 month into this situation please let me know. Thank you and God Bless. G

Mar 08, 2013
Mom With Itching & Biting Sensations
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Your poor mom! I'm so glad you found this site and will be able to get her started on the cleansing and building program. I'm sure she will find it helpful and start experiencing relief.

One other thought that came to me while reading your post is that because of your mother's age, part of her problem may be hormone related too.

It's hard to tell without trying different things, but it IS possible for hormone imbalance to create symptoms of itching and biting feelings.

Renewed Balance cream is available on the same order form as the other items I suggested and is a natural progesterone cream that I've been using for years to help maintain proper hormone balance.

It's well worth trying for your mom (either at the same time as or after the cleansing program). It has a lot of benefits, not just eliminating the symptoms described (if hormones were the cause).

It's also good because it helps with enabling you to sleep better, improves your mood, helps to increase your bone density, etc.

I pray your dear mother begins improving quickly. I know how it feels to have a precious mother that you are trying to help and not getting the assistance you need or knowing where to turn. God bless you for your efforts on her behalf.

Do let me know if I can be of further help.

Mar 07, 2013
Itching and biting under the skin..........
by: Anonymous

My mother has been suffering with this itching and biting for almost 3 years and feels she is losing her mind now. She has terrible itching, and biting under her skin all over but its real bad at times in her private areas. I have had her to Gynocologist, Dermatologists, Disease Specialists and other professionals who don't know whats wrong and can't help her. She has no signs of rash or bite marks or lesions or anything for that matter that is external on her skin. My mother is older and its really taking a toll of her health both physically and mentally and I'm worried she is giving up. She is confined to her home cause the scratching is so bad all over and she is embarrassed. I have tried everything that I could think of to help her and it came to me that this might be some kind of parasite which no one has even mentioned. I found this web site here and reading what other people are going through sounds exactly like what she has been experiencing. I am going to try all of the products and steps that Angie has suggested and I will come back to let you know if any of them worked. If I can help someone else, I am more then glad to do so.

Mar 12, 2012
Dealing with a serious parasite infestation, etc.
by: Angie

Dear Sharon,

Thanks for posting your story. It's so sad, but others may be helped by it, especially if you are able to come back and report some progress.

I agree with you that it sounds like an internal parasite problem that you are fighting. Whether it is bacterial, viral, fungal, etc., your body is struggling desperately to fight against it, but is not getting the help it needs.

I know that antibiotics are one of the most common treatments doctors and hospitals use to fight the unknown, and sometimes it does work. Unfortunately, when it doesn't, all it succeeds in doing is making your immune system so weak that your body has very little left with to fight.

You were on a LOT of antibiotics for a LONG period of time. I can only imagine the state of your immune system.

My best suggestion to you is to focus, focus, focus, on strengthening your immune system and building up your body's ability to fight against whatever is ailing you.

This process would include being very careful of your diet - no sugar, processed foods, yeast feeding foods, etc. Take a look at the candida diet guidelines as a good diet to follow.

You also need to be taking probiotics a few times per day to build up the good bacteria in your body. These friendly bacteria are like little soldiers going in to fight against the enemy army already in there. :) I would suggest Florafood, but if you use another brand, just be sure it is of a high quality so you aren't wasting time and money.

Last year a report came out about research into coriander oil and how effective it was against a huge range of bacteria and infections, including MRSA. It would be worth trying some on your lesions if you are still experiencing them. A little goes a long way.

Finally, as always I strongly urge you to cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend to help get rid of toxins and parasites from your body without further compromising your immune system, and support your immune system with good quality supplements like the BarleyLife and AIMega, to name a few.

For the full supplement protocol, look at the Morgellons treatment suggestions as they apply to ANY severe parasite infestation.

As you said in closing your post, what can it hurt??? I hope you will do as you say and let us know how you progress. You are in my prayers.

Mar 12, 2012
I too am suffering
by: Sharon

I too have been suffering for some time with what I now believe is some sort of parasite infestation.

It actually all started after I went to Jamaica for a week . When we got off the plane back in the states we were handed cards that stated we may have been exposed to H1N1 and gave a list of symptoms and said give the card to the Dr. if we showed any of the symptoms.

About 3 days later I got very very ill and was hospitalized. I then started getting huge lesions on my skin that just would not heal so they did biopsy and said I had a MRSA infection.
I was kept on IV antibiotics for 3 months and nothing got any better. I was then told I may have spinal meningitis and had a spinal tap which came back negative.

Anyway, to make a long story short, it's 3 years later and I still have no answers and my skin has just gotten worse. I am so fatigued I can barely function. My eyes have had infections so bad I couldn't see at all and my vision has gotten very bad. It has attacked my lungs and I almost died and ended up in ICU for 111 days. I have constant kidney, bladder and urinary tract infections.

I have seen 4 infectious disease Dr's, 3 dermatologists, 2 gastroenterologists. As well as being sent to the Cleveland Clinic and now being referred to the Mayo Clinic.

I can see things coming out of my skin and eyes all the time. The doctors say they can see that there is something going on, they just don't know what it is. I have had more tests and blood work done than most people have in their entire lives.
I have been to psychologists as well.

Well anyway that's my story and I am now feeling that I am on my own to figure this out and try whatever I can to try to help this situation since I feel if I try to wait on a doctor to help me then I'll be dead before I get any help.

So now I am gonna try some of the recommendations I have read throughout this site. I mean at this point, what could it hurt?

So I'll come back and post and let ya know if there are any changes.

Jun 23, 2011
Crawling Bug Bite Sensation
by: Anonymous

Hi i am 48 and have problems with this crawling bug and biting sensation i dont show any signs of bites but i feel them on arms legs head anywhere really
i have read 100's of posts and feel really exhausted
trying to find out what it could be my diet is very poor i have never had any veg in my whole life so maybe its time to get some
i did read about hair conditioner which i dont normally apply to my hair so i tried it and left it on all night and day it seems to have worked or at least made things better today im going to have a shower and cover the whole of my body in conditioner
see if thats works better
i will try eating pro bionics sounds good
thanks for this websites help to combat this awful problem we all face

Sep 26, 2010
Have you tried cleansing?
by: Angie

Hi Lazerslady56,

I'm sorry to hear of your situation. I sincerely doubt that you are crazy. :) It's unfortunate that so many people feel hesitant to seek help because of the stigma associated with feeling like you have "bugs" crawling on you or under your skin.

I don't know where you are located or who might be in your area that is knowledgeable about natural health and healing. However, I'm wondering if you've tried a natural herbal cleanse as well as some nutritional support and probiotics in order to help you recover?

If you don't feel you can seek help locally, that's what I would recommend, just as I have to those who commented before you.

Herbal Fiberblend, Para 90, Florafood, the Garden Trio and AIMega are wonderful natural supplements that work together to cleanse and detoxify the body while boosting the immune system. If it's possible for you to give it a try, I think it may be very beneficial to you.

I hope and pray you feel better soon.

Sep 26, 2010
Bites on head and body
by: Lazerslady56

I have been battling this for years and feel like I got it from my husband. I have little brown specs on head and body. My vision is going bad and I just don't feel right. I have taken a few off my head and looked at them with a magnifying glass and they look oblong with litle, what looks like legs, it looks like a bug. Howeve I'm not positive it is and my husband keeps telling me that I'm crazy. I feel like I can't talk to anyone about it because they will think I'm nuts. They also get under my nails, fingers and toes. My head itches and it's not lice. I battled that with my daughter. Am I crazy?

Apr 08, 2010
Crawling Sensations and Point Pains
by: Angie

Wow, you really have been going through a lot, haven't you? It's been a little while since you posted. How are you progressing now?

Unfortunately, the albendazole brings along its own set of symptoms, much like a bad case of the flu.

The results of using so many antibiotics and the side effects of drugs like albendazole can sometimes be even worse than your initial problems.

Once you are completely off the medications, your best bet is to do a thorough cleanse using something like Herbal Fiberblend and continuing on high doses of probiotics as well as a whole lot of high quality nutrition.

Your body is going to need all the help it can get to rid itself of the abundance of toxins that have built up in your system. Cleansing and building is my recurring theme throughout this site.

If you find that you just don't get enough good quality nutrition in your diet on a daily basis, don't be afraid to supplement with whole foods in juiced and powdered form. I use the Garden Trio regularly to keep my nutrition levels high, particularly when I know my diet has not been what it should be.

I'd love to hear how you are doing these days. Keep in touch.


Feb 18, 2010
Crawling Sensations and Point Pains.
by: Anonymous

My point pains and sub cutaneous crawling sensations - along with visible muscle spasms - started after acute pain to the right of my navel after swallowing a large piece of nut and it causing intestinal bleeding, but also at a time when I was eating undercooked fish, and also had just finished 3 months of antibiotics for a jaw infection.

I had had intestinal parasites before and the symptoms were similar - point pains even in my diaphragm,bloating, gas and flu like symptoms, but then I started taking anti candida medication - caprylic etcetera, and the point pains and crawling sensations were limited to my abdomen, and, now with a anti candida diet, L-Glutamine and additional probiotics, are much less there than they used to be. Still the flu like symptoms are frightening because I think I am about to fall over and have to sleep alot in order to function at all.

I have been told that crawling sensations can also be due to shingles. Because they are so widespread, they are likely to be a toxic induced result of an infestation or overgrowth, not the pathogen itself. Most frightening in the early stages was the shuddering or tremors because I thought I was about to go into shock.

I have also been diagnosed for an undercooked fish related tissue eating parasite, and have been prescribed Albendazole - 21 days. The parasite doesn't increase in humans but wanders around and stops for a while anywhere in the body, and I am now worrying about whether or not Albendazole is effective with the anti candida overgrowth medicines, as it isn't effective with grapefruit seed extract - one of the best of them.

It took me ages to track down about the point pains and the crawling sensations, and it seems that the different cures to health problems seem to show what they are better than much of the testing.

Aug 17, 2009
Biting Parasites
by: Anonymous

I have similar symptoms of biting parasites. I have blurred vision, memory loss, crawling and biting on and under my skin. I have yet to find a cure.

I am now going to follow Angie's recommendations. I will let you know. You may contact me at madambaldwin26(at)yahoo.com

Good Luck!

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