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Do you know the benefits of whole foods eating? We all know that it's important to have a healthy diet. But it's not always easy to adopt a whole food lifestyle in these days of hustle and bustle. 

Ideally, I'd love to grind my own fresh grains and make my own homemade bread. 

I'd love to grow my own fruits and vegetables to be sure that they are grown without harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other damaging chemicals.

I'd like to have the kind of time, and to be honest, the initiative, to juice my own fresh fruits and vegetables each day to get the kind of nutrition that is best for my body.

I have a good friend, Joanna, who gives real meaning to the term "whole food lifestyle."

I'm not saying that she never uses any processed foods at all when preparing meals for her family. But she does put in the time and effort to genuinely make most of her family's meals from "scratch," literally! She does grind her own grain, make homemade breads, keep a garden, etc.

How about you? Are you as motivated and dedicated as that? Do you have the time, money, and drive to adopt that kind of whole food diet?

If so, good for you! If that's your situation, you may want to make an investment in a Thermomix like she has. It's an amazing kitchen appliance that does more than you can imagine. If you're interested in more info. about the Thermomix processor, let me know and I'll organize for Joanna to give you more details and help you get the best price.

But, if instead, you're more like me, there's hope for you, too. :) I don't grind my own grains, grow my own veggies, and only occasionally make my own freshly squeezed juices.

I believe all those practices are "best" but I just don't have the time and motivation to live a whole food lifestyle in the same way Joanna does.

I did buy a Thermomix myself and love it. The Thermomix makes it a whole lot easier to "go natural" when doing your food prep and cooking. In fact, it can be even easier than using prepackaged foods. 

Even with my TMX, I'm not nearly as dedicated as Jo to living a healthy whole foods lifestyle. 

whole foods eating

Still, I want to practice whole foods eating because I know and understand the health benefits to be gained by good and proper nutrition. So, I've learned about the option of the whole food supplement!

Fortunately, there are a number of options when it comes to getting the benefits of eating whole foods without the time, the mess, and the work of doing it "the old fashioned way." Here are some of the whole food supplements that I use regularly to enjoy a whole food lifestyle on terms that I can live with and maintain for the long term.

  • Leaf Greens - Leaf Greens is a combination of fresh young barley grass, spinach leaves, faba bean, broccoli, and field pea grasses that are picked and juiced at the peak of their nutritional richness.

    They are then juiced and dried at low temperatures to lock in the nutritional benefits so that your body can reap the benefits without having to deal with the fiber content of the plants. 

    What does that mean for you? You get more nutritional value from Leaf Greens than you do from actually eating the raw foods in their natural state.

  • Barley Life - Barley Life is also freshly juiced barley grass, dried into powdered form by a very special process. The Barley Life contains a much greater amount of barley grass per serving than the Leaf Greens, but it does not contain the other grasses. Barley is one of the whole foods that has the most nutritional health benefits, so it's a powerful option when it comes to whole foods.

  • Just Carrots - Another juiced and powdered whole food supplement, Just Carrots provides a burst of nutrition in the form of beta carotene, alpha carotene, B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, folate, to name a few. Whole foods eating is made even easier by eliminating the juicing process and allowing you all the benefits of freshly juiced carrots with only 2 tablespoons of Just Carrots per day.

  • Redibeets - It may catch you by surprise to consider beets as part of your whole foods eating regimen. Most people are unaware of the awesome power of beets for cleaning and detoxifying the liver naturally. One teaspoon of Redibeets per day is all you need to meet your daily needs. Consider that as opposed to the potential mess of juicing beets for yourself!

I personally enjoy taking the BarleyLife, Just Carrots, and Redibeets and mixing it all together in a nice glass of cold water. What a simple, nutritious, pick-me-up for your mid-morning or mid-afternoon break! I consider the Garden Trio to be "whole foods eating" at its finest!

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