Burrowing Lice??

by Syble

Burrowing Lice

Burrowing Lice

Is there such a thing as burrowing lice?

I am in my late sixties. While celebrating our 48th wedding anniversary last August at what we thought was nice hotel/motel, I picked up both head lice and pubic lice.

Not realizing what the itching was about (had no experience with either), I treated with Dandruff shampoo, thinking I had dandruff. Vaginal itching I treated with premarin cream thinking it was just dryness.

When no relief and getting worse, searched internet and had daughter-in-law give visual proof of the head lice.

Treated both areas with Rid, Nix, Pronto, which helped for a day or so and then no relief.

Went to family doctor and was treated with Pyermeten 5% and Ovide. Treated 3 times with each one of those and did not kill all of them.

Then found that they had begun to burrow at base of hair follicle. First the tiny nit, then what looked like a tiny worm laying on the hair, then that hatched which at the base it would turn black and be the tiny black louse, bug(?) whatever.

I find black bugs (dots) which bite on face, back, etc...and the tiny, tiny larva. Never many but if I check base of hair follicle in different areas.. I find the different stages of development.

I have been dealing with this since last August. My family Dr. said he did not know what to do...was frustrated, said he had never heard of anything like this. Said I needed to see a dermatologist.

Instead I have been trying natural remedies - Enzyme solution, Neem soap and oil, Tea Tree oil, Peppermint oil and soap, Coconut oil, olive oil, mixtures of shampoo and liquid soap with these added...and who knows what else...

I get them down to less but never gone. They are still on face, underarms, leg hair, vaginal, eyebrows, eyelashes.

I plucked all my eyebrows.. and shave everywhere else...nothing seems to end this..

Our house is spotless, I change bedding, I spray bedding. Never have reached a point that they are not still burrowed on hair on my body...

I am thinking I need to go to dermatologist but after experience with family Dr. I don't want to..and am not sure she will have any idea of what to do. I am desperate for help.

Oh, one piece of information, may mean nothing, but the entire floor including the room we stayed in had been rented by a huge party from Kuwait for one week and they vacated the morning of day we checked in..

I hope you can help.

Hi Syble,

You have my sincerest sympathies! I know it can be so frustrating when you are unable to figure out how to deal with a parasite problem.

To be honest, I haven't heard of "burrowing lice," and based on your full description, it doesn't sound like head lice is the problem at all, or if it is, not the only problem.

Head lice restrict themselves to the head. They wouldn't be biting your face, arms, legs, etc.

Pubic lice are a greater possibility since they fit more of the description of symptoms you've experienced as well as attachment to the hair follicles.

Body lice is another consideration, but they do not lay eggs on hair follicles. Rather, they lay their eggs in the seams of clothing.

The description of "burrowing bugs" seem more like scabies, but they don't attach their eggs to the hair follicles like lice do, either. Instead they burrow under the skin and lay the eggs there.

However, the treatments you've used should normally have taken care of any of those culprits if you followed the instructions faithfully.

I'm not terribly surprised that the chemical based treatments didn't do the job, because it appears from many reports that these various bugs are building up a
resistance to the chemicals that were once effective.

However natural treatments are often quite successful. For instance, use of olive oil for head lice almost always works if used properly because lice can't build up resistance against suffocation - which is how it works.

When using olive oil, the head and hair need to be completely saturated for at least 8 hours and then every 4 days the process is repeated for a couple of weeks to be sure all hatching eggs are dealt with too, because of the parasite's life cycle.

If I had to 'guess' which skin parasite you are afflicted with, I would say it was crabs or pubic lice based on all of your description. However, it could very well be a skin parasite specifically brought over by the visitors from Kuwait. That seems highly likely given the circumstances. This parasite may be a different strain than we are accustomed to dealing with in the US.

I know you mentioned using several natural remedies, but you didn't say how you applied them and for how long.

You also didn't mention whether or not your husband has been afflicted with the "burrowing lice" as well. Parasites are usually passed quite easily from person to person, particularly when there is intimate contact or sleeping in the same bed.

It would be a good idea for both of you to apply any treatment option you decide upon so that you aren't passing the infection back and forth.

I honestly don't know how much help a dermatologist would be. That's a judgment call you'll have to make yourself.

Because you describe the parasite as "burrowing" I would highly recommend that you treat yourself internally as well as externally.


Consider using the following for natural internal parasite treatment...

The Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend contain a wide range of anti-parasitic and anti-fungal herbs that will help eliminate any parasites that are 'inside.'

The Florafood is a combination of probiotics that will help build up the good bacteria in your body so that your immune system is strengthened to fight against infection.


You mentioned already that you've tried some of the usual essential oils that are known to be effective against skin parasites (Tea Tree & Neem).

You may consider trying one of those again or even trying Manuka Oil, Poke Root Oil, Rosemary Oil, or Lavender Oil. These are all known to help with scabies and various other skin parasites.

Whichever essential oil you choose, it's a good idea to test a small area of the skin first to be sure you don't have an allergic reaction. Just because something is "natural" doesn't always mean you won't be allergic to it.

An allergy would normally display itself as an itchy rash within a few hours of application.

You can find high quality organic essential oils at reasonable prices at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Try placing 10-15 drops of your chosen oil (or combination of oils) in your bath, and/or you can apply them directly to your skin mixed with some water or carrier oil (olive, almond, coconut oil).

You don't want to get the oils in your eyes. For your eyelashes and eyebrows, try applying petroleum jelly a couple of times per day to smother any parasites and/or keep them from the area.

Regardless of the type of skin parasite that is pestering you, basic principles apply of internal and external parasite treatment and cleansing.

Syble, I do hope you are able to find some help through these recommendations. Please let me know if you decide to try any or all of them and what kind of results you received. It will be a great help to those who come along later and have the same experience as you.

To your good health!
Angie from allaboutparasites.com

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Sep 03, 2020
The Real Deal!!!! NEW
by: Criminal Hijinix

Kleen Green Naturally Enzymes. Spray it allover yourself several times a day and you shall all be amazed.

Sep 29, 2019
I know your next ten year journey NEW
by: Jessica M

I served in the USAF ....I’m now a 100% disabled vet and I posted on here years ago. I’ve concluded that what I have is a bird mite, contracted from Kuwait. These bird kites are becoming more and more prevalent. After spending thousands cleaning/ spraying and remodeling my home, I decided to abandon it. I have ditched my belongings twice, and yet, I’m STILL infested.

I’ve suffered 8 long years, while no one else seems affected. I’ve managed to keep my sanity by using Cedarcide PCO in my laundry, and wearing house slippers/ socks 100% of the time. Never getting into bed without a shower....I used to shower with ammonia and pine sol (twice daily). I now use Dr. Bronners Eucalyptus (believe me no other bronners will work). I have even shaved my head....

One day, I’ll burn everything I own, sell my car, scrub with bleach and move into a brand new place......because doing only half or 90% of these steps has never led to a cure. Western docs will say you are crazy, you hold steady and ignore their bullshit. You aren’t alone. Love and blessings.

Sep 28, 2019
Burrowing Lice NEW
by: MG

I am dealing with this as well. It is just on my scalp and does not seem contagious. I sleep with my husband and he doesn't have it. I have auto immune disease called scleroderma which I assume leave me more open to this type of thing. I scrape out tine black bugs from my scalp by the thousands. Have been to doctors and dermatologists and used several prescription meds and lots of home remedies, but they are still there. I have 3 pretty bad sores and like a ridge in my scalp that seems to be where I get the most of the bugs coming from. This has been happening for the last 7 months. Thinking of seeing an infectious disease doctor. Do you think they can treat this? It has totally ruined my life and self esteem.

Oct 28, 2018
Epsom Salt & Aloe Vera 2 NEW
by: Crockett

Some further notes:

This Epsom Salt and Aloe Vera method is, of course, easier for me -- short hair and not much of it at 1/3 bald.

Ladies (and men) with long hair maybe can do this but obviously it will take more salt and will be much more work (harder) to get the salt to dissolve and thus really rubbed in to your scalp.

Long hair Aloe Vera will also require a much bigger amount and more work too - to get it to cover your scalp. Note that aloe vera gel liquefies when mixed with salt. This is not a problem overall - just use your fingertips to get it rubbed in to your scalp.

Aloe Vera is such a fantastic gift of nature (Mother Earth). Been using it top to bottom for around 30 years. Best stuff ever for skin and hair. 100% aloe vera in a pump bottle or squeeze tube is sterile (not contaminated by hands or etc). A small amount is a really good eye lubricant. I rub a bit at the corners of my eyes and then blink many times. Your vision will (actually should) get a bit blurred -- but that goes away in minutes. And then it's smooth sailing, esp for those with dry eyes.

All the Best !!

Oct 27, 2018
Epsom Salt & Aloe Vera NEW
by: Crockett

I found this Burrowing Lice yesterday. I really hope this thread gets more active and hope to see more comments.

I have been battling these nasty burrowing lice for the last 3 months. I think it started with my daughter getting head lice and then I got it too.

I'm basically 1/3 bald - top is hair mostly gone. After getting this nasty I thought getting rid of it would be easier for me. But no such luck.

We both used a Permethrin 5% shampoo, left it on for almost 24 hours. Repeated again 5 days later. Both times used a professional nit comb and methodically combed every speck down to the scalp. That almost did the job, but not quite.

Next got Dimethicone: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polydimethylsiloxane

Again left it on almost 24 hours and repeated 5 days later. Besides suffocating the lice to death. Dimethicone lubricates hair and scalp which lessens scratching the scalp with the nit comb to near zero. It makes nit combing slicker easier -- nits stick to the comb too. For my daughter, head lice gone, game over.

Around two weeks later my head was again itching and found the nasties had dug in -- burrowing.

Strangely these nasties -- all digging the bald spot and the edges of the hair. None went far into my remaining hair.

Strange too is these resistant evolved burrowing lice did not spread to my daughter nor anyone else in the household. Leads me to think / believe that my head and others on this thread somehow have an "environment" for these evolved digging in nasty lice.

In the battle I tried tea tree oil, peppermint oil, oregano oil, and used VCO on its own and mixed with the 3 oils as a carrier too.

On Sep 23, 2012 by: Anonymous wrote: "Tea tree oil will only make them reproduce more".

No joke -- same thing happened to me.

Also after a super hot water hair wash I used a lot of Isopropyl Alcohol -- 5 times a day. But it evaporates so fast - does not last long enough to do any deep enough or lasting killing. I finished at least 100 ml everyday over a one week period.

Next hack attack is two times a day taking a super hot bath and using around 5 spoons of Epsom Salt directly on my head, NOT dissolved. Wetted down first with at least 5 minutes of very hot water to open the pores -- I use it to wash and hard scrub hair and bald spot until it dissolves. Let it sit for 10 minutes - rinse with very hot water and repeat and then NO rinse -- leave it on all the time -- all day and night. I then lastly use approx 2 big spoons of Epsom Salt - rub it in top to bottom until dissolved - and do not rinse.

After hair is dry I use a 92% aloe vera which has Glycerin. Aloe vera of course soothes the scalp and further the glycerin makes a good seal keeping the nasties including the larvae in that super high salt (salinity) environment.

After doing this for 6 days now nonstop - the nasties are all but gone. It will take another month of doing this salted head and to really know if this truly kills 'em all.


My daughter really likes Dimethicone, not for everyday use, but rather something like once a month. It really make her long hair smooth and shiny.

Pure peppermint oil is super hot and while seems like it did kill some - it did not get 'em all.

Oregano oil is nasty stinky stuff that for many years I have on hand in case of any food poisoning. This too did not kill 'em and seemed like worse such as tea tree oil.

Side note is never put full strength oregano oil in your mouth - it really burns mucous membranes. Mix it with VCO at approx 2 to 1 (2 spoons VCO to 1 spoon of oregano oil) and gulp it down. Have a little cup of VCO right away and rinse with a glass of water. Follow with at least two big spoonfuls of Activated Charcoal. Do this 3 to 4 times the first day (every 3 to 4 hours) and at least twice the next day. Even quite bad food poisoning is cured with this method. If not - get to a doctor fast - as might be a very bad case of Amoebic dysentery.

I really hope to see more comments soon. And hope that whomever has won the battle writes what they did that works too. All the Best !!

Mar 08, 2018
delusional? NEW
by: phil

I don't think so. It is strange that so many of us having similar symptoms. Not strange we can't explain exactly what it is. But sinister that the med profession not interested in helping. I read a post on a site by a doctor commenting on the drug resistance of lice, He said they should just use a bigger dose. Well, I read that in Iran where it sounds they have been studying lice alot, was a woman that had head lice then became infested with skin lice as well. The researcher knew that in this area of iran were no skin lice. Well conclusion after some testing is that skin and head lice are the same. Some difference in the way some of the proteins fold to produce a slightly differen result. I guess they been doing genetics on human lice since early in the science of sequencing DNA because the population of lice on an individual all has the exact same genes.

I used a hot hair dryer to try get rid of head lice and ended up chasing them around my body. they stuck mostly on my calves but are looking like there will be no stopping them. Doctors not much help. I'ma buy black marked invermectin and self prescribe along the lines of what I read is used in jungles where there are plenty of these types of parasites. they use big doses.

Oct 14, 2017
nothing kills them completely
by: annonymous

I have had these things for years now I am sure I got them from a friend of a friend from the Seychelles island as this person kept scratching his hair. I went through all the things above. I have tried everything even shaved my head and I am female my family have it but we now after poisoning our scalps for way too long and ingesting various things have not rid ourselves of this stuff we spray our hair with air spray as not to spread this. We have the house professionally sprayed. Everything has been tried. I have seen others on the net with this problem but they were basically turned away at docs like they were a disease. they froze their clothing as freezing kills everything but it is major difficult to remove the eggs and small mites that are attached to hair like super glue.
I am in Australia. if anyone in the world knows what these brown things are which are so not pubic lice at all they prefer living around the face hair eybrows anywhere on the body. Please let me know

Jun 11, 2017
You would never guess..
by: Alexandra

To any and all people suffering.... I'm not sure what these are, a combo of gnats, foot long ejecting hair fibers, white eggs, worms, black specks and something vibrating on the inside.
I have had this the majority of my life, including multiple other severe symptoms, so this is what I've rather figured out..

By sheer damn luck, I happen to set a citronella candle by my leg where one of my larger lesions were on my ankle.. out of nowhere I look down and a long fiber thread ejects its self. I proceed to place another infested bump over the flame causing another fiber to silver out! So I suppose you could already predict what I was fixing to do, slather that shit everywhere, caked the hot wax on and the amount of things that ejected from my body were shocking!!!!

Almost every bump had disappeared!! Ya I do believe gnats were flying around, fibers were shooting out left and right, fleas jumping out to fend for themselves but whatever this disease is has made me question what's really being covered up. Out of the thousands of posts I've read pertaining to this "delusional parasite(s)" no one ever once mentioned citronella has any type of remedy. I don't know if it's safe to ingest but I am taking dimatacious earth everyday so that helps. I also made a candle wax ball and stuck it in my belly button, taped it shut, bent down for a while and I could feel whatever was in my body going crazy. I do also believe that our blood type has something to with it because I spread it to all my friends except one who has the rearest type of blood, maybe something in his blood makes him immune that we lack.

Try it out with the actual oil, keep applying until everything is hatches out. Toodles.

May 26, 2017
Burrowing lice?
by: Eillah

I needed an answer as well. I had a leave in hair conditioneron and had dinner at a beach side cafe. Next day head itces and felt a burrowing in my scalp red tiny bumps followed.I pinched little black-brown (bugs). I have no idea what it was took forever to get rid. Oil yes but not if under your skin. Long thick white hair was not helpful. Nobody knew what it was.

May 08, 2017
Full of sh...
by: Chris

Under my nails, so bad it uplifts and disintergrates them. they breed in the nial beds and mucous membranes, in the eyes! pain city...get them out? good luck. in the mouth, between the teeth. in the ear tissue. deep in the skin of my hands. legs turning brown from all the dead tissue. tearing myself apart!!A completely new strain. One jumped from my leg and instantly burrowed into my arm, the are "queens" look like viking head ornaments, the soldiers like white sawblades, black fast movers, invisible breeders, workers buurowers. got them off a dog and a person. Dont believe me?had them 2 years now, i could write the book. 949 228 0278

Apr 24, 2017
Burrow lice


Apr 22, 2017
Me too...
by: Sunny Oliver

Everything that is described here is what ive been going thru for 2 years. I suffer all summer long then around sept or oct it stops. There seems to be something under the top of my scalp. They just made there reappearance. Help anyone....its not lice. Ive got those black dits to eyebrows, eyelashes, inside ears and nose.all in my hair

Apr 15, 2017
Burrowing Lice
by: Valorie Dyck

They real, they are using you as a host and no matter whether your doc (or mine, or the entomologist, or the drs at the emerg, or a dermatologist, and a pharmacist....so much for help) knows what they are or not....

I have suffered with this crap for just over two years. As an aestheitician, I never thought I would be a vicitm. In short, Borax washes and suds up your nose...cleans out the eustachian tubes. Oil of Oregano gargle, for the ones in your throat (they are there). I use a low frequency Dr Ho in all affected areas...never mind the research, it is sound. It works and when it does, they will start coming up and out and your condition will look worse, you will feel worse, but that means they are dying off. BATHE and treat your animals. I dig mine out because I hate them. It is working and finally, Malathion. I dab it full strength on lesions. My risk, my reward. Best of Luck. Valorie

Mar 28, 2017
burrowing lice
by: diane

I have had black lice for 7 years leaving scars and sores on my arms and legs , and have tried neem and different ointment from my Doctor although he does not know what they are,nothing got rid of the lice. Vinegar helped stopped the itching and Sulphur powder mixed with baby oil helped ,it is important for the sores to be treated with medicated cream in between treatment as the sores can be very angry and don't seem to heal until the lice are out of them.
Today I tried the thick extra virgin olive oil and used a empty soap dispenser put some on my hands and rubbed it in the skin gently to try and suffocate them and I have had the best results so far ,the wounds are healing and loads falling of me ,I use baby wipes and nappy bags tied to dispose of them.
They are nasty vicious thing's biting is worse than an Ant ,I also think salt is important occasionally mixed in with shower gel etc .
Hope this helped someone.

Feb 08, 2017
Two white rubber like balls covering entir body moves in and out of skin to avoid being pulled out as if alive
by: Alyce

Ive had something for months now getting worse. Was first treated for scabies but treatment did nothing. Whatever is all over my body acts intelligent and alive as crazy as it sounds. There is always two side by side round bright white balls sticking out of my skin even more at night. As soon as I touch one to pull it out it goes under skin quickly. When I'm fast enough to grab one it's very painful like its part of me and is a blob like once out. I'm going crazy and can't get help since nobody will believe me. There is more but nobody would believe what all these things on my skin are doing. I'm not crazy and very same and would not believe it either if told... Please tell me what is wrong with me and what is it in my skin?

Dec 09, 2016
Other Strong Possibilities
by: Capetonian

This is an Organsim which has evolved or was created in a lab
Or its more than one organism living symbiotically to parasitize humans ie combo of Norwegian/crusted Scabies and chigger or hybrid human fleas (pulex irritans) and pin worms
As it presents characteristics of all these insects and drain gnats or black flys
Human flea bites tend to be two or three right in a row instead of just one bite from other species. They make a red lump that itches intensely. Sometimes a red halo forms around the lump. Some people are very allergic to flea saliva. Human fleas have also been known to transmit diseases.Ie Lyme Disease these little pathogens cause an increase in fibrin in our blood, causing it to thicken and clot quickly causing haemoglobin levels to drop subsequently creating a more anaerobic environment for them selves. These critters breed quickly and in great numbers, you can find yourself with a problem in a very short period of time, and often before you notice any intrusion on your person. In fact, some people may get bitten by fleas several times and not notice, while another person may be sensitive to the flea (allergic) and react strongly to a single bite. You may have to treat a few times for one infestation, because flea eggs are usually impervious to any insecticides and can't be killed until they hatch. Take a probiotic and Vitamin C 1000mg or more to improve your immune System .Use a salt scrub on your skin and lemon dish washer or soap which contains salycilic acid and limolene. Repeat the bathing steps every second day until no more fleas/mites are found. When you combine this process with products designed to kill fleas on bedding and carpet and clothing, the insect invasion should be gone in time.Salt C Protocol works but you have to monitor your blood pressure

Sep 29, 2016
Hellspawn killing
by: Capetonian

Good Day
I am dialysis patient in renal failure.was diagnosed with pruritus and delusional parasitosis these horrible things resemble mites but are able to camouflage in cotton and linen look like lint which feels like velcro when pulling it off your clothing or bedding wont come off with an ordinary lint roller have to manually pluck them with tweezer burn the fuzz ball hear how it hisses
When they feel body heat they remove the cocoon dust motes and fluff left thats why so dusty see remains of cocoon in air (check clothing seams and vests for lint) and burrow in to your body metamorph into pinworm of sorts you and cause intense itching hollow spots in flesh where they have eaten (crater like wounds)feels like something alive in there. HTH in bath water helps not too much or it burn the skin but it will dry them out kill the them you will see them rapidly exit the skin as worms and bubble and dissolve.do this once every 3 days for about a week you will feel instant relief
saok head and wash face keep eyes closed.kills worms scabies ticks unidentified parasite (some kind of tick as bacterial infection in wounds similar to lyme disease. also vacuum beds carpets floors and spray with hth(pool cleaner sodium chloride chlorine) dettol and salt mixture.Pluck all lint from bedding (OCD yes you will get a better nights sleep) vacuum with tweezer bed sleep peacefully brain fog caused by lack of sleep Heamoglobin level drops because of parasitic infection so you feel weak.possible Lyme or bacterial infection in excoriations take vit c and salt as well as a probiotic and vermox for possible intestinal worms keep hydrated as salt could cause hypertension
also vacuum and spray vehicles inside
you will overcome this thing and feel healthier guaranteed your sleeping and rest will improve and sanity will prevail say a prayer as this parasite is malicious, tenacious and a prolific breeder and seems to adapt and camouflage itself only stop once all black mange like dots have been eradicated from below surface of skin and lint is gone totally Always say thanks to God for giving us life and helping us overcome adversity God bless and good luck

Sep 13, 2016
I have the same problem
by: Crystal

I am experiencing exactly what you described and haven't been able to get rid of them it's going on 3 months. I have tried everything you can think of every natural remedy every lice cream or spray even prescription grade lice cream and none of it worked. Mine are also burrowing They feel like pimples on my back or arms but when I pick them off they're actually the bugs I have to scratch to get them off. I have shaved all the hair on my body except for my eyebrows including the hair on my head and they are still there . I'm losing my mind I bombed my house about eight times already and had a professional exterminator come And none of it helped

May 11, 2016
Burrowing Lice
by: Mimi

Yes there is such a thing as burrowing lice. I have been battling with scabies for at least 12 years. Last year the situation got worse when I became infested with lice. Since I never had lice as a child I did not know how lice looked. By the time I realized I had lice, (captured one on me) I had become infested with them over my entire body and even in my private areas. And I did not get this sexually as I've been with no one for about 15 years. Doctors degrade and insult when they insist lice and scabies are sexually transmitted. The lice come in all different sizes and colors. Tiny black or white specks, light brown or grayish larvae- jellylike, oval eggs, little sticky eggs, huge sticky eggs, grainy eggs burrowed under the skin even around the anal area. And they sting like sharp pins or knives. They bite and create huge inflamed papules. In December I took Ivermectin, applied permethrin twice and unoccupied my house for a month. That helped a little as it killed the adult lice but I still feel the pinches around my arms, shoulders, back, and anal area. I also awake with very crusty eyes. I bathe twice daily, and use clean sheets/ clothes daily to keep the lice at bay. When I feel crawling on my head I drench my head in coconut oil and cover my head with a plastic cap for hours to suffocate the critter. I also use coconut oil on my itchy areas to curtail the bites. The lice/scabies go into my ears, nose and even eyes. Sometimes I feel a scratch on my throat and wonder if they are also in my throat. I know it sounds crazy. This is a living hell that I do not wish on my worse enemy. Doctors insult and humiliate when they insist it is all psychological or menopausal and when they minimize the trauma caused by lice. The lice are worse than the scabies. I think that scabies and lice maybe the same thing or scabies make a person more prone to lice infestation. I wanted to share my story because I wanted to know if anyone else out there has experienced piercing in the anus and burrowed eggs on the outer skin of the anus. I am not sure if this is scabies or lice eggs but the anal situation started after the lice infestation and with a rash in the anal area. I hope all struggling with this situation the best and that by sharing our stories we identify a cure since the medical community is not interested. The medical community seems to be more interested in the simple, common knowledge, cosmetic procedures and high cost procedures such as colonoscopies.

Feb 18, 2016
burrowing lice 2/17/16
by: linda

The burrowing lice That Has Infested Me and My Husband Puts Glue On the Hair Folicle All The Way To The Little Round Root Under Your Skin. If Sum1 out There Has These Same Species U Should B Able To Pluck A Piece Of Hair And C A Clear Jelly Type Substance Around The Root And About A Quarter Inch Up. Some Of Your Hair Will Have The Glue Substance on The Whole Hair. The Lice That Does This Is Clear Or A light Brownish Color And Are Tiny But Not Impossible To C. I Would Like To No If anyone Else Has This Jellytype Sbstance on The Root Of Their Hair. In The Meantime I am Trying Sum If The Remedies I Have Read On This Site. Also this Particular Species Of Lice Infests Your Whole Body But Starts In Your Hair.

Feb 16, 2016
You can be cured
by: Happy Girl!

I have body lice, but from what I gather, what works for one lice works for all lice, and scabies.. I wanted to wait till I was 100% cured, but in one week I am 85% cured, so i could not wait to maybe help someone out there...I tried everything, nothing worked...I was seriously thinking of suicide, the only one who knew was my Doctor, and as usual he thought all I needed to do was change sheets and wash in hot water, etc, etc...you know the drill,I did that and more, it got worse, I was only sleeping 3 hrs a night, I have an appointment in 2 weeks with a dermatologist, I hope to be completely cured by then,but I am going to keep the Appt anyway to shoe him what i had to take to get cured with no help from the medical community,
I am using Horse paste apple flavor Ivermectin, I did use it for 4 days straight, I read that is protocol for a bad case of scabies, you want to get one that is just Ivermectin nothing else, I got it from amazon, but there are other venders, the brand was Duvets...I will take it again in one week, ...I also ordered 25%
Benzyl Benzoate from Australia, I should get it any day now, I ordered from Epharmacy, it is 50$ for delivery, so I order 6 bottles, just in case, I heard topical and internal is the way to go, the iver, goes by weight there is enough for a 1250 pound horse in a tube for $2.50 if you weigh 150 pounds it is equivalent to about 5/8th of an inch n the measurement that it comes in I only got a little heartburn on the 4th day I took it, you have to take it on an empty stomach, and with 8 ounces of water..I went a little over just to make sure it was going to kill those suckers when they bite me...I just found a nymph dead in my sheets, don't give up, try it, as I said I tried everything...This really works, I will get back in a couple more weeks, it's good to be alive.. :-)

Jan 24, 2016
lice do burrow
by: linda

I am 47 yrs old. I live In hoopa Ca.I had Been Watching my Fiances Cousins 9 & 11 For Several Months b4 i Realized They Had severe Head lice. I Was Lied To By The Grandmothr And Mother When I Questioned Why One of The Girls Had A Lot Of Flaking. I Was Told That It Was Sum Type Of Autoimmune Disease. When My Head Started itching I put It All together.turns Out It Is Chewing Lice And It does burrow Under The Skin. For Two Years My Fiance Went Thru And Still Are Going Thru Pure Hell.

Sep 08, 2015
Help for many of those suffering from scabies
by: Brenda

Hello everyone! I too am trying to rid myself of these scabies. I went to the emergency room, told them what I thought I had and got in immediately. Though the attending doctor said she couldn't tell if that is what I have, she did give me the scrip for permethrin 5% cream and it helped but 1 day later still itching and I can see they are still there. I go to a dermatologist tomorrow to hopefully be diagnosed. HOWEVER in the interim, I found a great site with PATIENT COMMENTS and many remedies that give relief or supposed CURE. Check it out @ medicine.net (patient comments: scabies)Good luck to all!!

May 26, 2015
This works- must suffocate on skin apply on dry skin natural sunblock, mineral oil earth friendly dish soap
by: Rip

Surfactants!!!! Stops organism from breathing. Skin insecticides have this but also are toxic. Try natural tx. diatom ous eArth 1 week sprinkle everywhere dries out exoskeleton

Borax laundry hot dry 60 min
Clove oil spray kills contact spot to surface

Dehumidifier set at 35 organisms will be controlled. Sleep on air mattress 2 months. Sprinkle DE daily wash clothes dAily apply dry skin above daily veep kitchen food areas clean sweep food etc

Aug 29, 2014
Burrowing Lice???
by: C

Ohhhh, where do I start?! With my graditude for this thread saving my sanity (which has been in question, beleive me), or the fact I THINK my sister may have figured this out. We all have the exact same symptoms, there is OBVIOUSLY something going on that isn't "mental" or "stress induced". I have only been dealing with this for a matter of weeks, my heart goes out to those dealing with this for years. I'm with the earlier commentor, we need to start pooling our information on this. I have yet to go to the mailbox out of fear of my ER bills & can't be the only one. As I sit in a hotel room, across the street from a thrift store I purchase new clothes at EVERY day. I cry every time I think about THIS being where my inheritance from my Dad's death went? So much for school & ever having a life? I can't even work through this. It's dibilitating. I too beleive this is traced back to a fly seemingly similar to a fruit fly. My sister sent me an e-mail with a link to a possible answer. I'll post it if it fits. Hugs people, no one understands how terrible this is mentally & physically. Constantly having those closest to me questioning me sanity, questioning it myself, not being able to date, go out even, not wanting to see family for fear of spreading it to my loved ones?? It all gets to be too much, & quite depressing.

Jul 17, 2014
Burrowing lice GONE and not impossible to treat
by: Tessa

I have read all your comments and I know 100% that it is pubic lice! I believe they have evolved and learned to burrow or at least go very deep in the skin. I'm sure you've researched this and pubic lice have a reddish color to them. Someone posted a thread by anonymous and their symptoms are EXACTLY what I experienced! They hide under the larva or the stuff they secrete with their eggs. Get far enough into the skin and they will die! I literally had to get a metal comb and scratch my scalp HARD to get the glue to loosen up enough to get to the actual bugs. It's RIDICULOUS to me why SO MANY people w the same symptoms can constantly be told by doctors that it's nothing!?! It is real! Another thing that also works GREAT is baths in borax 1 cup and peroxide 1 cup in a bath twice a day for 15 min at a time. My condition was so bad however that the baths were TRAUMATIZING to me and to much at 1 time for me. It does work though! Calluses dry skin and slight skin discoloration are signs of the buggards and start there!! It's probably not calluses at all or dry skin but the glue like substance they secrete w the eggs. It looks NO different than skin other than looking a little dryer than the rest of your body. HOW would you see them. Once you see HOW MUCH and HOW HARD this glue-like stuff is you will c why they are SO hard to get rid of! I've spent MONTHS trying to kill these. I've been to 7 doctors,dermatologist, psychiatrist and been laughed at and called crazy. It's been a horrible experience for me. The thing is w me I'm not sexually active so CRABS was the last thing I thought of and I believe I had it for so very long by the time I got treated or began treating it they had laid SO many eggs coupled w larva and glue like substance that they had made it nearly impossible to get to in order to kill. Dial soap or dawn (blue) & impeccable hygiene will do it I promise. Rub,rub,rub,rub it in!!! Scratch and stimulate your skin.. Hope this helps you all. There's so much info it's hard to tell who you should listen to! I'm CERTAIN of this. I don't believe something happens for nothing. Maybe I've been through this to help some1 someday. Good luck guys! God bless

Jul 17, 2014
Burrowing lice GONE
by: Tessa

I've been to a total of 7 doctors since January and I've FINALLY figured out how to get rid of them. I can't stand to think about anyone else going through what we have and if any advice I give you may help your situation it's well worth my time. I belie bit to be some form of pubic lice although I'm not sure. Countless dr have said we don't have anything. I was able to show ONE of them some evidence but every time I went back they would have moved. The key is to get the medication, antibacterial soap or whatever your using down far enough in your skin. Especially my head was hard to get to because the eggs are companied with a glue substance and you literally have to scratch BELOW that. Relatively HARD! It is like glue! Same goes for skin. Rub it in rub it in rub it in EVERyWHERE! Dial soap has been my BF! Scrub under fingernails toenails and bottoms of feet thoroughly. It will take IMMACULATE hygiene for a period of time but it is very possible to get rid of these! There is so much larva or whatever it is on the top of the actual bugs that it is HARD to get to them to kill. Baking soda and dawn dish washing liquid helps because it scratches and stimulates the skin. The most important thing to remember is the GLUE that they secrete when they lay there eggs. It takes a good amount of force to get them off. It looks exactly like skin so it is almost impossible to recognize unless you know what your dealing with. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Hope this helps you!! Good luck! I will also add that anywhere you see dry skin or calluses or discoloration however slight will be where they are and is the glue like substance your seeing that looks just like skin. Pick,pick,pick,scratch etc and you will find that it will come off.

Mar 22, 2014
Cleanse & Build!
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear "Freckles All My Life"

What a nasty experience for you to have to deal with. It's not easy to find conventional doctors who are open minded about parasites and how to deal with those who may be suffering from them. They are not educated at all in this regard.

The most important thing you need to understand is that you need to cleanse your body internally and build your immune system. The body is a whole and needs to be dealt with as such.

I'm happy to give you a specific protocol to follow that I'm confident will help you, but you have to commit yourself to following it. Nothing works if you don't actually take it. :) If you are interested, just use my contact form and let me know where you are located (which country).

Mar 22, 2014
freckles not
by: allmylife

I have some sort of lice which look like freckles I've had them since I was 8 now I'm 59. All these years the family thought they were freckles....Y not my grandmother had them as did all 8 of her siblings. Well make a long story short my son picked up body lice and very generously shared them with anybody sitting on the sofa behind him. Well I got them and treated them. I started picking them out of my skin black stick...then round brown like FRECKLES and fiberous when I would pull them out of my skin which isnt easy. I literally dug an 1.5 inch long into my muscle deep wound I couldnt feel the pain because the parasite thickens the skin and makes it like rubber. Well when I got done digging I realized I would need stitches so I went to the emergency room for help BIG MISTAKE, when I explained what happened 2 the Dr., I guess he could not believe it so as I sat there I began 2 squeeze the wound and out popped 6 white looking chunks of whatever when I showed it 2 Dr he said it was fat-but ihad seen a worm pop out of my skin so i sais it was worms we had a debate they wanted 2 push the stuff back into my arm but, I said no way get this out of me so when she left the room I pulled them out myself and sure enough when I smashed it, it was an worm. I tried to show this to the Dr. so I can get an anti parasitic and was refused it was Fat and what medical school did I go to that I can NOT agree with her education she really lit into me caught me off guard so I wasnt prepared 2 fire back at her. anyway no stitches sent home. Then I was just sitting at home and I decided 2 pick one of my freckles and it was a parasite, another and another the same-I do not know what 2 do I have had them for so long how would I get rid of this????????

Mar 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have these burrowing lice and like you went to doctors and dermatologists who were sceptical when I told them there was something in the lumps from where the lice burrowed. All gave me antibiotics and antibiotic ointment and none of these worked. One of the outcome of having these lice is that they leave complete holes in your skin where they have been. I have been fighting these for about five months. I have over the last week been using tea tree oil and white vinegar a few times a day and also at night - it seems to be having an affect and the lice certainly seem to try and dodge it. These lice are also very hard to dislodge from the skin. When you do, make sure you get all the little things that are inside or attached to the main one.

Sep 29, 2012
by: Healer Laura

Isopropyl alcohol heals the bumps (which turn into eggs). Washing hair daily with Dawn dishsoap, tea tree oil, cedarwood oil, (and head and shoulders shampoo also) keeps them out of hair. Blowdry hot then curl hair with hot curlers and spray with hairspray all over to keep them out of hair. (or use hairgel that is also cheap sticky and hardens).

Hairspray when and where they bite also helps (or use Raid with carbomer/dicarboxide in it).

Nothing loosens and rids of eggs in hair and on body better than boiled cedar bark baths! (boil for long time then bath in the dark water). Boiling lavender root and/or rosemary stems can also be added. Works great.

Make your hair and body a toxic wasteland so they want to leave.

Sep 23, 2012
thank God its over part 2
by: Anonymous

Take 4 spoonfuls of garlic powder a day
or 4 garlic caps,or put minced garlic in a dish you eat.spray everything down with alcohol 2 or 3 times a day.alternate baths in sulfur bar and vinager 3 times a day,or castile soap and vinager baths.Dont buy crap off the internet to cure yourself these ppl came up with bullto make money and are doing nothing but making it worse with petroluem..these things feed off petroleum and any kind of gel,, keep your skin dry and dont try to suffocate with oils and other things..Tea tree oil will only make them reproduce more.something in the oil makes their life cycle go faster, so faster cycle faster reproduction,,more critters..And my number 1 remedy that i think ultimatly did the internal parasites in was PINWORM Medicine,THis is safe to use from a small age child up to an adult.Make sure you take the recommended dose it states as well as retreating in 2 weeks even if you dont see symptoms anymore please do retreatment. This illness is something weird like strongyloids something.So if you have weird fibers,teardrop shaped sores that take forever to heal,black specks on your skin and inside your skin,Also if your head itches and you pull out a hair in the same area hold the hair by one end.. If it moves on its own..not with your breathe on it or air like a far circulating in the room.But no air movement but the hair moves then that is what you have.As the life cycle gets to its end before reproduction it forms itself to the shape of a hair sort of like a worm most of the time these hairs are dark black in color and have a dot on the end of them and feel like some sort of wiring.This hair thing signals to the other living things in your body they need to reproduce because the other cycle is ending.To stop this cycle i found Vinager is the wonder.Again you will smell funny but you wont be scratching forever either.do things to get you outdoors ,go running,walking,go swimming the chlorine is good as well ... i hope this helps because this is what helped me...good luck and God Bless

Sep 23, 2012
Thank God its over
by: Anonymous

.I tried everything that was listed here,i even bathed myself in AJAX thats how bad it was.Then i found my miracle,sulfur bath bar,you can find it in the hispanic product section or in the organic health and beauty section i scrubbed 3 times a day with it and then i bathed with the bar inside the water,i alternated days with the sulfur bar and the soap dr.s use before doing surgery that lathers up alot.Along with apple cider vinager rub downs after i got out.yes you will smell funny during the night but it works.I also took 4 garlic tabs a day by mouth they are expensive,the cheaper way to go is to buy empty capsules buy a bottle of garlic powder and take them that way or if you can stand it eat 4 spoons of garlic a day.I also bough minced garlic that i sometimes would put in the tub when i was very itchy.I had fibers,specks,intestinal parasites,my cholesterol was in the 600s because of it,arrythmia and just a ton of things,so i tried all of these things and finally found what works.I have not had anything in months.I also sprayed my house down everything including furniture with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and i mean everywhere.about the last week before it all ended i would do a rub down on me and my kids with alcohol as i was spraying.So try these you can find your own groove or do what i did.

Aug 20, 2012
Part 3
by: Healer Laura


Vitamin B12
Sea Salt
Cinnamon (balances sugar levels in blood. Also a cure for diabetes.)
Black Pepper
Grapeseed Oil
Olive Oil
(Avoid sugar)

Ivermectin works only for some people (and does not kill the eggs).


At hours when you notice the parasites often surface (for body lice it is usually every 6 hours like clock-work; 6am, 12 noon, 6pm, 12 midnight), cover body in products which bring the parasites out (Lemon, Lavender, Vapor Rub, etc) then eat foods which you find draw them out (Cinnamon, Cloves, Lavender, Black Pepper, spicy foods but not garlic since garlic keeps them away, Lemon, Chocolate, Tomato, etc), then relax to watch a movie, or sit and do emails, with your "warfare spray" within reach. Spray spots where you feel crawling, bites, or itchiness, and on any parasite you see. The more you do this, the sooner they will all be dead.


Line perimeter of walls of each room with Silicon Dioxide powder and leave it there.

Powder all carpeting with Silicon Dioxide and leave on for as long as possible before vaccuming. Repeat regularily. Also kills all other bugs, such as bed bugs. Bedbugs also hate lavender.) (Whereas salt on carpet makes fleas explode, and Skin So Soft by Avon on legs prevents fleas from biting.)

Head Lice eggs hatch within 2 weeks.
Body Lice eggs can take 1 month to hatch.

(Even worse, it is said that flea eggs can remain dormant in an empty home and hatch after 1 year!)

Vacuum and sweep often to remove any eggs.


Cover bed with sealed plastic protector. Spray daily with vinegar or Raid.

Avoid using pillows, or use plastic blow-up pillow or use a small plastic floatie as a pillow..

Use solid colour sheets.


Bag used bedding and clothing in white plastic bags daily. Leave outdoors. Wash daily so less eggs laid in them.

Wash in very hot wash cycle with Borax. Boil if possible. Dry with very hot cycle.

If possible buy very cheap clothes and bed sheets, then toss bed sheets and clothes weekly or so, and use new purchased sheets, underwear, and clothes (in case laundry does not kill the eggs laid in them but only hatches the eggs). Do this especially as nearing the end of an infestation to prevent re-infestation.


Wear loose, thin, short clothing of solid colour.

Let me know if this helps, or when you found your cure. If this works for you, tell everyone!

Aug 20, 2012
Part 2
by: Healer Laura

Part 2

Body Lice:

Yes humans can get lice from animals!

Parasites hate anything acidy. They like moisture so they hate drying agents (where as parasites which like eating dry skin hate isopropyl alcohol).

So for body lice anything acidy, drying, and absorbant (see list below) has worked for some people I have helped. For others Raid has worked fastest. If the product fizzles and pops when sprayed on your skin (like Pop Rock candy), as Raid Max "for crawling insects" does, then it should work since this action will dry out and fry the eggs. Some eggs might hatch from this and since the parasites first instinct is to bite and feed when hatched then expect some bites to still occur for at least 2 or 3 days. So repeat procedure daily until all bites, crawling, itching, and egg laying cease. Also pick off and properly discard all eggs which surface.

First take long hot shower to open pores then quickly dry off and spray entire body with Raid beginning at neck and nape and at feet, then spray centres of body until entire body area is covered. Rub all over. (Body lice hide in our skin folds, creases, crevices, acne scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks.)

You might have to try various types of Raid until you find one that works best. Some used Raid Ant, Roach, and Earwig Bug Killer (Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, and Permethrin), others used Raid Mosquito and Fly Killer (Permethrin and Tetramethrin) with success, while others found Raid Max Crawling Insect Bug Killer (and Raid Ant Nest Killer) (d-trans Allethrin, Permethrin, and N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide) worked great at surfacing and frying body lice eggs, even in difficult high target soft tissue areas such as thighs.

Parasites hate these absorbant, acidy, and/or drying items:

Lemon Juice/Oil
Citrus Oils (Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Citronella, etc)
Isopropyl Alcohol
Silicon Oil
Silica Crystal Gels (sold as cat litter! Also found inside packages, backpacks, purses, shoes, etc to prevent moisture.)
Silicon Dioxide (available at hardware stores)
Epsom Salts
Baking Soda
Coal Tar (in Denorex Shampoo)
Sulphur, Sulphur Soap
Menthyl, Menthol (great for soothing itchy areas) (use Honey on rashes)
Tea Tree Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Aloe Vera
Cedarwood Oil
Turpentine Oil (Pine)
Vapor Rub (but sometimes make mites/parasites crawl and bite more) (great for soothing itchy areas)
Coolant Rubs (great for soothing itchy areas)
Hand Sanitizer
Garlic Oil
Lavender Oil (but sometimes make mites/parasites crawl and bite more)
Rosemary Oil

(to absorb into skin an oil such as lanolin, olive oil, grapeseed oil, or pure coconut oil can be an added ingredient)

Aug 20, 2012
Update on Cures- Part 1
by: Healer Laura

Remedies and Cures for parasites will vary depending on the person, skin type, and type of parasite (some are evolving and becoming more immune).

Head Lice:

Isopropyl Alcohol

For head lice doing a Vinegar and Isopropyl Alcohol cap for one hour daily until eggs are gone has worked for some people I have helped (do not wash out). Some minor hair loss may occur but is worth it. Or shave your head. Vaseline does help but only to remove eggs and keep the lice away until you stop using the Vaseline, then they have been known to return (especially if they are stubborn body lice which can take months to rid of if only traditional methods are used.)

Mix vinegar and alcohol half and half. Spritz scalp and hair very well until completely saturated, then shower cap for one to two hours (line front of cap with tissue to protect eyes). Then leave in hair (ladies, put hair back in bun) or after one or two hours wash hair with Dawn dishsoap. Scrub scalp to loosen eggs. Let hair dry then wire comb with fine tooth wire nit comb. Scalp can also be spritzed with vinegar and iso as each dry section of hair is combed. Hair does not need to be washed daily as long as hair is vinegared and capped at least every 2 or 3 days, and scalp is spritzed daily, and hair is combed and eggs removed daily.

Aug 19, 2012
Still Fighting The Black Pepper Mites...
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com


Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear you are still not completely "cured" of this pest, but I am pleased that at least you feel a greater measure of control over the situation as you have developed ways of minimizing the effects on you and your environment.

I finally received my Ultimate AT pest control device from the US and have been using it in my house for almost 2 weeks now.

I DON'T have the burrowing lice issue, or even any particular "pest" issue other than the usual spiders, roaches, flies, etc., that go along with living in the tropics. I bought it for the sole purpose of testing it "in general" to see how it affected the basic in home pests so that I can determine whether it is worth endorsing it more emphatically here on the website.

So far, (after just 2 weeks) I would have to say I'm a little disappointed. It DOES seem to have the numbers of bugs reduced slightly, but most definitely not getting rid of them entirely. Small spiders are in abundance here and I have to keep after them if I don't want them taking over my kitchen, etc.

I do notice that there are some seemingly quite happy to live in my kitchen - not 10 feet away from the Ultimate AT. :( Makes me wonder why!

Having said all that, I know that you have seen a definite reduction in the mites/pests bothering you, so it would still be worthwhile for people to give it a try since it is relatively inexpensive and even if it works partially it would bring some relief.

Okay, one other thing - have I already asked you if you are taking something internally to make your body an "unfriendly" environment for these mites? I know you mentioned "supplements" in the past, but not sure if you are still ongoing with them.

That may be the final piece to the puzzle to get you completely free of these pests! Think about trying either the Herbal Fiberblend or the Bear Paw Garlic (or both!). I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they did the trick.

I'd really love to hear you say one day - "I'm cured!" :)


Aug 19, 2012
Still not cured :(
by: JEM

I've gotten my regiment to a manageable science. I never walk barefoot in my home, I wear flip flops at all times. As long as I keep a cheapy plastic cover over my mattress, I only feel one or two bites and very little movement each night. I change my sheets once every three days, and no longer need to do it daily. I shower before I get into bed every night, and after I get out of the shower I immediately run to my bed and get in it so that I don't pick up any new bugs. (I just throw my clothes on my bed before I get in the shower so that I can minimize the time spent out of the bed after my shower). When showering I wash my body with pine sol, ammonia and salt. It's very harsh on the skin, but it kills almost every mite on me. I read that another person was successful using SPF30 to keep the bugs away, it works ok. So, to replenish the my skins moisture I use a waterproof SPF30 lotion sunscreen.

I have Ultimate AT's in every room of my home, and they do help keep their numbers down. They aren't getting rid of them like expected.

Aug 19, 2012
doc called me psycotic
by: christine

19 aug 2012

People, I am really sorry to read all of your troubles and those incompontent docs.

I too have been laughed at a doc who called me psychotic.

I have those nit-like parasites that bite like bee-stings for 4 months, I have an 11 year old child and don't want to infect her, I'd rather kill myself. So far my kid seems safe.

clean your enviornment daily, check your body, don't shower much because they spread.

I got (sorry I am dutch but the name is almost the same in english) BENZYLBENZOAAT 25% fna. It is really for horses but it "sticks" the parasites
down and then I water power jet clean myself and the bathroom.

It might not work for you, I hope it does. Also try using the old time soldiers soap

my best wishes in these sad isolated times

Jun 26, 2012
Cure seems to be working
by: HealerLaura

My man got this from his mom's cat, regardless what the ignorant doctors have said. They started off on his head so he shaved his head but then the mites moved to his body. The bites become red pimple-like bumps which soon itch then produce eggs which grow in size and then hatch. He could not see the mite but once full grown I could see them when they crawl. They resemble lice.

I created a vinegar and lemon spray for him which worked and later we added isopropyl alcohol and silicon dioxide, as well as menthol, neem oil, tea tree oil, cedarwood oil, and Dawn dishsoap.

Here are more methods we used:

Isopropyl Alcohol sprayed on scalp overnight and then soak hair in vinegar and cap it for 1-2 hours. The combination of alcohol and vinegar kills lice and dries out the eggs. Fries them. Then comb them out with a fine toothed nit wire comb.

Follow up regularily with a spray of tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, and cedarwood oil. Continues to dry them out and keeps them away.

Silicon Dioxide also dries them out. Remember, mites love moisture (including daily baths).

Denorex shampoo (coal tar) also works.

Vaseline suffocates them very well.

For body lice: Spray body with vinegar and lemon juice and/or isopropyl alcohol. Also coat body with cool rubs such as Vicks Vapor Rub. Anything that contains things lice hate, such as Camphor, Menthol, Cedarwood Oil, Vaseline, Turpentine, Ethanol, Carbomer, Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Eucalyptus Oil, Coal Tar, Tea Tree Oil, Epsom Salts, Bleach, etc. Anything drying and acidy.

Let me know if this works for you, or if something else you used cured you completely (lovehealing3 at gmail com)

Jun 20, 2012
Ultimate AT Pest Repeller
by: Angie

So glad to hear it JEM. That's great news. Thanks for the update!

Jun 20, 2012
another update to Ultrasonic Bug Repellent
by: JEM

Ultimate AT's are working! I currently have two on each floor, and I have noticed a dramatic difference in the number of biting mites in my home. I recently ordered three more, and I hope the increase in machines helps to get rid of them. My home is almost 1400sqft and two stories. Each room is walled off due to the design of the home, and therefore I think some rooms aren't getting enough of the ultrasonic pulses. (I've had them plugged in for about 2 months now)

I'll provide another update soon!

Jun 19, 2012
by: catherine

It is nice to know you're not alone. After many doctors and specialists I knew it had to be solved internally. God knows ive tried everything under the sun.
Every night was spent piling on ointments, cream and anything to keep them off. Yesterday I started drinking apple cider vinegar, 3 tblsp., in a glass of koolaid. After having 2 large glasses throughout the day I noticed something different. No longer was I feeling anything on me at all. Then for the first time no medicine on my body for the entire night. I never slept better. And all those creepy bugs were coming out.
I am still in shock. Nothing else had come close to what this feels like. And at one time I even used bleach. Pretty desperate,, huh. Well I hope this continues to work and I wish you the best.
sincerely, Catherine

Jun 18, 2012
Burrowing lice
by: CJ

Dear S.
I too have had what you describe for the past 2 years.
It has been a nightmare to say the least. At least I'm not alone. I have seen so many doctors it's not funny.
Not to mention dermatologists.
So my doctor and I try one thing after another. The best ointment I've used is mupirocin. I goes deep in the skin, kicks out the black dots, and heels quickly.
It's not the cure I'm looking for, but it helps better than anything else I've tried. That's a subject in itself. Everything you mentioned I've tried, plus so many crazy ones like bleach, lemon juice and others I'll not say.Let me know if you find a cure.

May 11, 2012
Electronic Pest Control Experiment
by: Angie


Just wanted to let you know that I got the electronic pest control reviews page up and running so you can report your findings after you've given this pest control device a few weeks of testing.

Guess what? I also found out that the company is running a special sale on that particular model this weekend, so I'm going to order my own and give it a try here in Australia (if they have one that is compatible to our electricity).

If anyone else wants to join this experiment, you can pick up the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT that JEM has told us about for only $29.95 this weekend (until Sunday).

I'm really eager to hear if it helps some of you. Wouldn't that be wonderful?!


May 04, 2012
Electronic Pest Control Devices
by: Angie


Thanks so much for letting us know about your most recent finding and actions. I had to edit your post to remove the other lady's testimonial (so I don't get in trouble for copyright infringement), but I definitely want to hear yours in a couple of weeks.

I'm really excited about the possibilities for our visitors if this electronic bug device works for you. In fact, I've already started doing a bit of research into this and will add a few articles here on the site about it in the next few days.

I'll also post a special page for electronic pest control reviews so that those who try it can add their own feedback and the community here can get input from each other.

I've heard really good things about the Cedarcide, too, so I'm hoping it's working well for you. It makes sense that it would work (I NEVER find any bugs in my cedar chest!) so I've got my fingers crossed for you. :)

Keep us posted. Everyone else, keep your eyes out for the new articles.

May 04, 2012
Do electronic bug devices really work?
by: Anonymous

I would love to hear from anyone else who might have tried any electronic bug devices. Positive or negative. Thanks!

May 04, 2012
A Potential Cure???!!!!
by: JEM- (Kuwait)

Another $1300.00 later.....I think I may potentially have the answer to our problems.

I read a testimonial from a person who purchased the "Ultimate AT" ultrasonic bug repellent for her home. I decided to give it a try.

I have applied two treatments of Cedarcide/ Best Yet (Cedarcide total cost for me $500), it's an all natural cedar fogger repellent, to my home and car, followed by a third treatment in the next week.

I also purchased three "Ultimate AT" units for my home (only about $120)...and I expect to be Mite Free in 4-5 weeks. I will re-post my progress.

Apr 24, 2012
Itching Vagina And Anal Areas
by: Angie

Dear Wits End...

It sounds like you have been using some good natural remedies to tackle your symptoms, but it may not be enough.

You mentioned that you feel that they are burrowing in your vagina and anal areas. Does that mean you are experiencing burning and/or itching of the vagina and anal areas? If so, I suspect you may be dealing with Candida. These are very common symptoms in a yeast overgrowth.

The best suggestion I could make is to continue to cleanse, but also cut out the sugar in your diet for several weeks and take some high quality probiotics daily.

Meanwhile, if you have some raw, organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's), dilute it slightly in a little water and use it to rinse the vagina and anal areas throughout the day (keep some in the bathroom and just rinse after relieving yourself). This will help you get some relief more quickly while you are waiting to get the candida yeast overgrowth under control.

Incidentally, if this ISN'T candida after all, those suggestions should still be helpful in getting you relief because they are a basic protocol for a range of parasite issues.

Apr 24, 2012
burrowing lice
by: Anonymous

funny I dug my son's microscope out and looked at one of these bugs.... they are THERE... you are not imagining them in fact there are a few variations of this bug that I saw with my own eyes.

Apr 23, 2012
wits end & fed up
by: Anonymous

Hi there. I have just read the story about the anonymous parasite that is bothering the lady. I am having the same problem as she is & also have tried just about everything that I can get my hands on in my medicine cabinet & as well cooking oil, neem, tea tree, coconut oil, lemongrass, citrinella & nothing seem to be really working. I am at my wits end & don't know what else I can do. They have burrowed into my vagina & anal areas. I have also done a cleanse with wormwood, cloves, & black walnut as well as kombucha. I have also put my laptop into a garbage bag with a cloth inside another plastic shopping bag with insecticide on the cloth & it just seems that they don't want to die. I cannot handle this anymore. Please help if you can.

Apr 23, 2012
by: KME

Have read entire post. I too have most all symptoms described in most every post for the last four months.

On Headlice.Org, there is an article about
COLOMBOLLA. There are also the links to the medical research and photos.

I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of these from Essential Oils, (Tea Tree, Neem, Geranium, Pure Coconut Oil, Garlic pills), Borax, Boric Acid, Rubbing Alcohol, Bleach, Windex, Kleen Free, Generic Enzyme Cleaners, Amonia, Comet. Meds include Ivermectin, (several doses), Elimite, (several rounds), Permetherin (three rounds), Anti-Fungals, Anti-Biotics, Diet Changes, Environmental OCD-From-Hell cleaning daily, Dia. Earth (too messy & ineffective), pesticides, bagging everything in zip locks, daily sheet & blanket changes, Lysol, laundry with Borax or Bleach & Drying for 1hr+. Vacuuming car every other day or so & spraying. Burnt out my vacuum motor today. Tried cleaning with laytex and nitrile disposable gloves and without...must be selective about this one as the gloves can be an ideal environment for them. Tried staying away from home for 1 week in three different hotels, being OCD about what I touched, wearing gloves, bathing, bagging clothing & shoes, etc., & cleaning room myself, only to return home to no change.

In fact, their numbers are increasing. The black and white specks or spots are these insects in various stages. I bought a micorscope to try to see what was biting me every day, coming out of every pore, my gums, hair, etc. At first, I couldn't make out any definate "bug" or insect shape & thought it was fungus....BUT they are nearly transparent! They have a "ghost" like outline that is hard to see. The black spots are either colonies or eggs? I FLIPPED when my samples matched the photos from the Headlice.Org site. This might be what Morgellons IS. Either way, it is not a happy discovery.

I have been told I am "Delusional" by this disease/infestation by everyone I know, and have tried to convince MYSELF that I have been delusional just to end the daily suffering, only to be assaulted again, most dramatically at night or after bathing. (H20). So, I just shut up about it until I can see my Derm (THREE MONTH WAIT). She is a Nationally known Dr., so I am hoping she will not be as dismissive as the other disgraceful, lazy & ignorant physicians I have seen. I do not trust the medical profession AT ALL.

A great site for more info and non-bised helpful people is curezone.org

Apr 11, 2012
Similar symptoms
by: Kirra

I am only 15 years old and at the moment i am dealing with head lice (which is so irritating!). But recently i have been scratching little black dots, along with the usual oily dandruff, out of my head. Im so afraid its ringworm or hookworm! I have a dog so it may be fleas but they dont jump, or even move! Ive stared at them long and hard, i usually get 3 or 4 on my finger nail when i scratch my head, but they have never moved. I dont know if it is the black dots that are biting me because of the head lice i have, but it sounds like what you all have. When i squeeze the black dots between two finger nails it squishes them into a greasy smear and sometimes a tiny tiny amount of blood appears. Please help! Im so worried!

Apr 11, 2012
More help
by: Anonymous- JEM (Kuwait)

Ive spent well over $1000 in the last five months on products, and well over $4000 on a new mattress and bedding to try and get rid of these lack pepper mites. I spent $200 this week on supplements to raise my ph levels n cause the mites to vacate my body completely, I purchased a cleaning kit for myself and my home from allstop (look it up!! Products are getting great reviews) and I contacted http://thebriarrose.webs.com/magicalandritualoils.html for essential oils to help rid myself and my home of these monsters. The briarrose website is owned and operated by an individual who knows exactly what were dealing with and believes every symptom!! Not only that, they are extremely caring and educated on the subject. I will post again soon. (so far the last two weeks clove extract and lotion mixed and rubbed head to toe is working well).

Apr 09, 2012
burrowing lice??
by: Anonymous

Try the sulfur soap. It may take a few weeks to notice improvement. It is hard but do not
pick at the sores. You can get it at Walmart for 2.79 in the hispanic section. Also there is grisi lightening soap that will help heal the wounds. Eat a lot of garlic and horseradish. You can get that at Super Walmart -- buy it crushed and eat it by the spoonfuls. Sorry to hear about your pets. Pets carry lots of parasites. They really do. You can buy teucrium on line from India. It does get better. You must be healthy because they are coming out of you skin. It is good that they want to come out of your skin. You just have to make yourself healthy and eat the garlic.

Apr 09, 2012
by: Anonymous

I thought i was the only one with this. I had little tiny bugs. They would sting rather than. Bite they left hive like marks. That turned into red sorrs with tiny bugs inside or beside them. 6The sores are deep ang sometimes look like tiny cuts that eventually turn black. My head is covered. Sometimes u can dig tiny little brown seeds out of your skin. It becomes painful. They bleed. A lot. They hurt. Its embarassing.77 What is this. I think my dogde have it. I think it started with a sick gerbil. Then the hamster had it. Then the guinea pigs. They all died. What do I do?

Apr 06, 2012
Burrowing Lice Back Again!
by: Angie

To anonymous on April 5,

So sorry they keep coming back just when you think you've gotten the situation under control. It must be very difficult to have your little girl suffering from the condition as well.

Read through the post I made above regarding the MMS as it may be something you'd like to try as it is very cheap and goes a long way.

The DE is worth a try as well. Let us know how that works out for you.

I know it is hard to follow a diet like you are describing. You probably feel so hungry because your body is craving some protein. Maybe you can incorporate some things from the Candida diet so that you find it more bearable.

Keep us posted.

Apr 06, 2012
Chlorine in Bath Water, etc.
by: Angie


Interesting hearing about the results you got with the swimming pool chlorine in your bath water. A couple weeks ago another visitor asked if I knew anything about MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement. I promised to do some research on it, which I have done.

It turns out that MMS is actually sodium chlorite and water that is activated when combined with citric acid to become chlorine dioxide. The chlorine dioxide can then be mixed with water or juice (just 1 drop to start with!) and then drunk to get a cleansing effect.

It appears to kill a wide range of pathogens (just like chlorine does in a pool).

An old gentleman named Jim Humble has apparently been using this solution (which is extremely cheap) to help people in many third world countries with diseases such as hepatitis, HIV, cancer, herpes, etc. There are some pretty amazing testimonials on their site.

I decided to find a place here in Australia that sells the MMS and test it out myself. I just got it this weekend and I'm trying it externally on a stubborn tropical virus that I picked up several years ago (looks like small warts all over my legs).

I'll report back when I have used it for a few weeks.

As I was reading through the jimhumble.biz site, I saw that he continues to test and add various new protocols that seem to be more effective, etc.

He also explains that you can use calcium hypochlorite (which is what is sold as "pool chlorine") instead of the sodium chlorite. You can read about that protocol 4000 if you want to understand the process.

Back to the chlorine in bath water issue. He has a page on how to use the MMS in a bath which might be even more effective than what you've already done because of the step of "activating" the mixture. You can read the full protocol on his site.

This is such an inexpensive treatment and when used properly sounds quite safe. I'll be interested in hearing of some of you get results with this technique as well.


Apr 05, 2012
they keep coming back
by: Anonymous

These mites or whatever they are ,seem to be everywhere .Ive had them for 8 mts now -in that time ive nearly got rid of them a few times using sulphur creams the more it burns the more it works but each time ive tryed sleeping back in my bed (even though Ive bought a new mattress it got affected by the bed base )there back on me ,they can live for over 3 mts without a feed .Ive tried everything ,one thing which worked was eating homemade veg stew -it took three weeks but its so hard to keep up .ive just started agian and im so hungry ,but i will do anything to get rid of these hellish things.

Things that helped

sulphur creams /soap
tea tree oil
olive oil(things came out my skin )
dog fungal shampoo (stops itching)
bleach baths (be carefull small cap full)
steam cleaner
neem oil/cream (works really well)

the sulphur creams are really good but expensive .No one beleves me ive driven my family mad ,my daugher and dogs(not as bad as us) are also suffering but the rest of the family are fine .

I can hear these things dropping off me when i get out of bed and hitting the windows there all round my face and hair and body ,ive looked into fleas ,lice and scabies but these things dont really fit any of those things .A few weeks ago I had an allergic reaction and my eye swelled up overnight ,so i made the mistakes of listening to the doctor and basically doing nothing hence my state now 4 weeks later.Im awake all night with my daugher ,my husband thinks in insane and i have questioned myself to but when my daugher started screaming when she goes in plane water.
I saw something today called the collembola skin parasite which sounded simalar to all i have been experienceing ,does anyone have any idears -also before this started i found lots of white insects in a plant in the house but they had blood in them and i think six legs ,I put them in the bin -oh if i could turn back time and keep a sample and my dog was also being sick which could another source of infestation ,i did go to the vet and gave me dog shampoo (i dont put that on my daugher ,just neem oil and the natural sulpher creams once she has fallen asleep) -Ive wormed dogs and kids ,de-flea the dogs ,treated for head lice .

Ive never seen anything but you can hear them trying to get to you and feel them -I feel infested so i would see them if i could i think? ,I find white round and oval eggs mainly in my daughers hair and ears-I so wish i could make this stop for her how horrible for a 2yr old and lots of black bits and small red bite marks ,ive cleaned the house constantly for months ,used salt as it tries up mites and fleas ,im going to try DE next ,its all such a lot of money and im so tired ,has anyone got any idears or heard them banging and popping sounds in the night ,please help

Mar 29, 2012
by: Shelly in SC

After seeing my family doctor twice with LIVE samples the second time. First time he gave me ivermectin and permethrin cream. Didnt help. I asked "are you not going to look at it under the microscope?" he said "even if I did, I wouldnt know what I was looking at" ...I was shocked. Ive emailed the local college biology head who says take the samples to the DHEC dept. And sent me this link...
Two things I can tell you guys has HELPED not cured so far:
Camphor oil with turpintine...oh boy it stinks, but rub it on your skin and watch them jump out right before your eyes!
1/4 tab chlorine for pools in bath water. Soak. I even dunked my head. Eggs came off by the hundreds! (scrub skin lightly while in bath with new and disposable plastic loofa)

Mar 29, 2012
black dots that bite,
by: Anonymous

I read all the comments, and it sounds so simular to what I am expierencing too!! It started (at least noticed) 8 wks ago when we were informed my grand-daughter had lice. I am 56 ys old (F) and never had lice or what they looked like. We treated ourselves and hubby is fine, me not so good. I also have bipolar and that has nothing to do with it or my meds, at least not yet. What perked my interest was when I was reading this page and came across someone's opinion that maybe its internal. Now I thought that at one time too, and I will have that checked also. Today I went for my monthly visit to the Dr's for my meds and told her about this. She gave me a script for Permethrin 5%. which I also used 8 wks ago for my hair. Today she was suggestting I see my GYN, I thought maybe cause i had a Hysterectomy when I was 42 and hadn't had a ck up since 3 yrs ago: that she was just saying that bc its just due. But maybe it also has to do with the black dots, I did shave bc I was getting bite and had a boil on my inside cheek where my leg meets my privy, (didn't tell her that). I think this happened when Hurricane Irene came in August and it was bad here in PA. Our basement was 4inches deep, and ever since then I've seen Bugs that I never ever saw. I am going to try to stay poitive and pray that this is it but I know its not, here are some facts, Clothes that I have not worn yet have the dots in the seams in my closet. from VS and I know they did not have them when they arrrived in Oct. Husband insist I;m the loony one with the magnifing glass in my hand 24/7. But after this site its not just me. I also read to check the pockets and armpits and seams of everything. I did and found some in his undershirts, So they are getting in our drawers and closets, alot of my towels and sheets and blankets are getting holes and pullies in them and ripping (all at the same time). His excuse is we buy our underclothes at the same time so its bound to happen at the same time. WRONG DUDE! he does not get it, and after reading this page I know I am not crazy. thank you ppl for sharing. I do think it is from dust mites to lice to the next door neighbor being a trash collector and lives not so clean. I am no judge but I have to think all angles here, it does involve me. I know menthol(vicks) help get them out of your skin or after you feel the bite its not far from the site. also rubbing alcohal, and peroxide help me so far. Since they never move( I throw them and start my thing in the bathroom sink, It comsumes me at times). I think after they bite me they are dead or OD'D from my meds. Thanks again everyone.

Mar 27, 2012
Diatomaceous Earth
by: JEM (anonymous kuwait)

I bought 3lbs of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) from Amazon (food grade) and sprinkled it everywhere in my home....and on myself. If you do some research you will find that this product is 100% natural, safe for you and your pets and is non toxic. I am having some issues with my allergies due to the dust in the air in my home, and it is very messy....but I skipped all of the harsh chemicals and the shower last night and just rubbed it in my hair and all over my body....sprinkled some in my bed and went to sleep. I slept all night, no bites, no crawling. DE actually works to kill the bugs from the outside in. It scratches the bugs body so greatly that it eats away their exoskeleton. I am praying that with multiple treatments over the next few weeks, I'm able to rid myself of this issue. I'll keep posting my progress. So far, Pine sol mixed with listerine and tea tree oil is the best at killing the mites around my house. Strong scent but effective. (I purchased a plastic zip cover for my mattress from target for $15 as well which reduced the bites and movement at night).

Mar 27, 2012
Red and Black Dots and Specks
by: Angie

I can only repeat what I've already suggested above to those who posted before you.

Cut out the sugar and processed foods from your diet for a little while, cleanse out your body with a natural digestive cleanse like Herbal Fiberblend, and boost your immune system with probiotics and nutritional supplements.

It's also a good idea to get some organic apple cider vinegar, like Bragg's, and put some in your bath water for a soak.

Hope that helps.

Mar 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

Man I thought i was insane . I have these black and red dotes on face eyelashes out of nose trunk and extremities, and now in scalp and i need serious help.. Please anythg tht works.. Help me

Mar 23, 2012
Response to burrowing live
by: Anonymous

My family experienced a similar circumstance which
for certain still affects me and my husband and children to various degrees. We had been living in toxic mold and culminated in all being infected with some sort of agricultural lice everything from live, head, body and pubic as well as scabies and collembola. I have seen numerous tiny flies hatching from hair and even until recently had hair and lesions, the likes of what you see researching Morgellons.
Tried everything with varying results nothing dramatic until I attended an event by Total Health Mastery called the Solutions Weekend which lead me to enroll in the Foundation a 3 month long (meets 2 weekends both days and has a graduation bash at the end). It has been like being handed the instruction packet for "me" which should've been done long ago. After weekend one, the itchiness has subsided the lesions gone (miraculous) the rashes gone and the hair improving. I have only begun to prepare to do a cleanse stocking up on minerals, vitamins, enzymes, greens: I am
confident that after the cleanse I will be like new. Totalhealthmasteryusa.com changed my life!

Mar 21, 2012
I do not have lice!
by: Anonymous...(KUWAIT)

(Call me JEM, forgot to change the anonymous thingy) Thank you for your comments/ suggestions. I do not have body lice, I wish I had body lice to be honest with you. I wanted to share a few more things that I have tried lately that have worked very well for me. I have been washing my sheets daily, bagging my laundry in black trash bags, sprinkling borax (20 mule) into my carpets and vacuuming daily. I was spraying down my furniture/ bedding with windex as it helps to kill them but i have switched to an orig listernine and pine sol mix. If I spray the small amount of pine sol mixed with listerine onto my sheets b4 bed, I notice that I do not feel much movement or biting at all. I have been spraying orig listerine (target store brand is half the price for the same amount) on myself when getting into the shower, letting it sit for a min or two and then rinsing, washing my body, drying off and then spraying again. The first round of listerine is to stun/ kill the mites on you, wash them off, then scrub your body with your body wash. The second round of listerine is to keep them from biting you during the day/night. I use an all natural peppermint and teatree oil type shampoo and body wash now as well. I noticed that after two weeks of listerine use, the mites were no longer afraid. I know this is not good for you and I will get a ton of slack, but I started spraying myself w/ the pine sol and listerine mix! I only use a little bit of the pine sol and a lot of the listerine. WOW...talk about instant relief and it was painless (did not burn or sting...actually very cooling and enjoyable)!!! Some slight movement and biting this morning, but very little after getting up and re-applying the spray to my body. On my face and private parts I only apply a peppermint extract, teatree oil or listerine. My skin is a tad dry from the chemical use, but mixing in some teatree oil fixes that right up. I am still noticing that even when I wash my clothes there are still mites in them, so I have begun using borax and a little bit of amonia in my washes. Fingers crossed! Oh and....When I feel movement I roll a lint roller right over that area and around it! I am rolling them right off of me! I can see black dots of varrying size, but sometimes I see nothing. Either way, lint roller is amazing. I've tried duck tape and clear tape.....not as effective. I have been motivated by reading this post by someone who was able to rid their entire family of invisible mites http://www.squidoo.com/invisible-bugs. I'm working on seeing a tropical parasite/ parasitic disease specialist but I still doubt their knowledge of our condition. (tiny black dots that bite....and invisible one's that move). Lastly, I have purchased some invermectin from a petstore website in australia that you don't need a rx for as well as some bird mite spray.

Mar 18, 2012
Bird Mite Epidemic
by: Angie

Dear IMIN2,

Thanks for the continued update. So glad to hear that you are feeling more up-beat!

It's an interesting question as to why there seems to be a possible bird mite epidemic. It may not be as wide-spread as we think, but just that those affected are congregating in clusters (like this website) as they seek out information for getting rid of bird mites or what seems like burrowing lice or a type of parasite. That would make the numbers seem higher than average.

Having said that, there absolutely could be a proliferation of the problem and I can make a few guesses as to why that might be the case.

First of all, mites and other pests seem to build up a tolerance to pesticides over time - just like we build up an immunity to the effects of things like antibiotics. So, it may be that they are becoming resistant to attempts to eradicate them.

Secondly, the way housing developments, etc., are built up in wooded areas, etc., may contribute to the cause of more birds building nests in attics/roofs or overhanging trees.

A third thought is that we have far more international/global travel than ever before in the history of man, which makes it a lot easier and quicker for us to "pass" things or contaminate new areas by bringing pests with us on our travels.

Who knows? I just hope that you are able to continue to see improvement and that you'll soon be completely free of the mites.

Mar 18, 2012
by: IMIN2

Angie, thanks for your advice about using the internal parasite cleanser.

Just a quick note to say that I have been trying the dry mustard powder mixed with olive oil and using it as a mask on my scalp overnight. It is more effective if it is kept from drying out, so I cover with a shower cap. I am still experimenting with quantities and have used more to make a batch that covers the whole scalp. My scalp felt warm and uncomfortable in a few places, and I thought I was having some sort of reaction to the concoction, but after waiting a bit, it was OK. The discomfort was situated in those areas where I know the mite infection is located. After doing this for three days, I am using a fine comb and can't find any evidence of the tiny mites, but I am going to keep going through the routine for a few weeks and monitor the situation. Another thing that is effective is to add a teaspoon of mustard powder to some hair conditioner and place in on your hair and scalp for two hours and rinse out. It isn't as messy and easily done. Also easier to do if you have longer hair!

If anyone else is going to try this, please be careful with how much you use as it can burn a bit. You have to monitor your reactions. I can honestly say that my general mood has improved and I feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

One question I have, is why is there a proliferation of these mites (I suspect bird mites on steroids). Have they also infested the dying bee population? Might be a connection here.

Mar 17, 2012
Hey, i'm crazy too!
by: Anonymous Dan

I have been reading through all of your comments, and a few of them stand out, and I would almost gaurantee a few of you have lice. In response to the most recent March 10, comment, Ok second entry...... by:Anonymous, without a shadow of doubt, I can tell you that you have body lice. And those sesame seed size bugs, they might get in your hair, but for sure they are in the seams of your clothing,probally your bedding, your vehicle,furniture..... As for myself, I'm in my tenth month of battling these horrible creatures,and they are everywhere in my environment, but I am making some head way, but it slow. This is, the most difficult I've ever been through. I refuse to hear dilusional parasitosis from another doctor. So I set out too learn all I can on my own, it's rough, there's ALOT of very poor information out there about it. I paid like 11 bucks for a little microscope that answered alot of my ?'s. I have to cut this short, hope it's of some use. My heart and prayers go out to all of you! Best of luck, and try to keep your chin up!

Mar 15, 2012
Fleas, Mites, etc.
by: Angie


Thanks for sharing your experience and what you've been using to help you.

I would continue with the internal parasite cleanse until you are completely clear of this infestation. Some cleanses are safe to use indefinitely (like Herbal Fiberblend) so you can use it for months on end without any adverse affects.

You mentioned that you have a lot of wildlife in your area. Have you had your home checked for a bird mite infestation? There could be something in the roof, attic, or surrounding overhanging trees that is causing you to be re-infected over and over.

You can get a free consultation with a Local Pest Control company to see if this may be an issue. Be sure to specify that you want someone experienced with bird mites.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Mar 15, 2012
by: IMIN2

I have been researching this topic online for awhile as I also have some sort of problem with burrowing mites in the scalp. I don't know what exactly what it is, but a brief history of my initial contact with the unknown pests is as follows. In the late autumn I found a stray kitten, which I was caring for. He was treated for flea bath several times, however he was more of an outdoor cat and one day after I let him outside, I didn't see him again. It was upsetting to say the least. About a three weeks after this happened, I was aware of fleas in the house, which I believe are now mostly killed (another story, another time another pestilence that was dealt with). A few months later I noticed the little black dots that dropped out of my hair, and I had lots of little bites on my neck. There also were miniscule black strands, and dots when squashed, were the consistency of greasy smudge. I don't know the life cycle of this infestation. When reading about Morgellons the website mentions this type of occurrence. Also the channels in the scalp, and the bumps, and thickened skin where the dots are incubating. I wasn't sure if they were related to the flea infestation, which was very persistent and difficult to get rid of or if the fleas themselves were infested with these mites and left them behind. There is quite a lot of wildlife living nearby our home in a nature conservation zone with raccoons, coyotes etc and we get raccoons and rabbits in the yard.

My routine to rid myself (I am confident I will, and that they can be conquered!) I take brewers yeast pills, which helps to repel fleas. Also I take multi vitamins, and iron pills as they feed off of you and this can be tiring. A parasite cleanse of the intestine is also highly recommended. To combat these things topically I have used Tea tree oil mixed with solid coconut oil rubbed into the scalp, slept with a shower cap on and washed hair in the morning washing with Lemon scented dish soap and rinsing with apple cider vinegar and rinsing again after using conditioner.

The results weren't totally successful but at least improved. I amped it up a little by using dry mustard powder mixed with coconut oil and rubbed it into the part of my scalp that was most affected. I used about a teaspoon of dry mustard powder (not the wet processed as it won't help) with a teaspoon of coconut oil which had to be softened. I feel like a mad scientist at times, but I try different things to see what works best. You have to be careful with mustard powder as it can burn the skin, but the coconut oil moderates the effect. As I try many different things, I understand it will take a long time to CURE me of this horrific blight but I see improvement and that's the most optimistic thing I can say. I have to thank the person who initially gave me the idea in the web page below. Good luck


Mar 11, 2012
MSM, Sulfur, Borax Baths, tea tree oil
by: Anonymous

What I have found to be helpful: If you are feeling crawling, especially on your face, try MSM lotion (found at your healt store ~ orange container smells the best, the others are not so good smelling). Make sure to use lotion around eyes and nose, in eyebrows and anywhere else you feel them. MSM lotion is only 5% natural sulfur, but will work and is fairly gentle. Try to keep it on all the time, at least once in morning and once before bed. MSM is easy but weaker than regular Sulfur lotions which will dry out the skin more.

Try Borax & peroxide Baths (20 mule team borax found at Walmart - use 1 to "up to" 2 cups Borax in bath water) plus 2-3% hydrogen proxide (1/4 cup "up to" 1 cup peroxide in water)
And, before bed try 50% tea tree oil mixed with 50% mineral oil and rub everywhere and anywhere you feel crawling = head, face (unless you use MSM/sulfur at bedtime on face), torso, legs, feet, "anywhere". If you have a hard time sleeping, try the tea tree mixture, or MSM all over and you should be able to get some relief.

It is hard to find the right combination of things for each person. Its been a very costly and life altering experience for me. And, as previously mentioned, not too many people come back to the sites after they find something that works for them. Its unbelievable that in this day there are no absolute cures for the various parisites we are battling. So, we persevere and pray. My thoughts are with you and wish you a shortened struggle with these beasts.

Mar 10, 2012
Try internal cleansing...
by: Angie

Once again I'm losing track of who's who. :)

This is to the person who posted earlier today that was stationed in Kuwait last year...

Sorry to hear you are having such a tough battle without making much progress. Thanks for letting us know some of the methods you've already tried without success.

Have you tried soaking in a bath tub with epsom salts or sea salt? You may find that helps you - it has helped others to some extent.

It sounds like you have only tried topical treatments. Let me urge you to try a natural internal cleanse, too. I just reported in my last newsletter about an experience I recently had where I couldn't get rid of a very unusual an itchy rash/bites on my back.

You can read the article yourself, but long story short, I finally took my own advice and used the Herbal Fiberblend and some other nutritional supplements and within weeks it was completely gone (after trying everything else!).

A good cleanse certainly isn't going to hurt, so it is well worth trying while you are waiting indefinitely for an alternative solution from a dermatologist or whoever you end up seeing.

I hope that helps!

Mar 10, 2012
by: Anonymous


Mar 10, 2012
Ok Second Entry.........
by: Anonymous

My last post was written in frustration and in a hurry....I want to go into more detail for this one. I am noticing that several of us have similar symptoms with some differences. Here are my symptoms, what I've done to "help" combat these monsters and what my next steps will be. Ok, Unlike lice, I do not have sesame seed sized bugs in my hair. I was deployed to kuwait in June of 2011 and noticed I had intense sparks of pain all over my body in November of 2011. I felt like I was being bitten constantly. I could feel things crawling on me and I was very uncomfortable. Doctor said I was crazy and needed counseling. I have hundreds of bright red dots of varying sizes alllll over my body. I feel movement and lots of discomfort around where my clothing is tighter on my body, and I am being bitten all day but especially at night. I am being bitten on my head, as well as all over my body. I do find eggs on my hair follicles like lice, but I have yet to find a lice. Instead, I am scratching a location where I'm feeling a painful bite and finding "black dots" that dont move. At first I thought that they were the fecal matter from the bugs, but they are most certainly what are biting me!!! They must play dead, because I know they are what's biting me. I have started to collect the bugs from under my fingernails onto scotch tape, placing the tape onto paper as proof. On two occasions I did see two of the black spots moving and wriggling around but they are so small that I find myself wondering if my eyes were playing tricks on me. In the beginning I did have little black splinter looking things logged into my skin that I had to dig out with a needle but I dont see them anymore. I like all of you have done all of the promethrin, rid...vaseline, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil, coconut shampoo, vinegar, olive oil, cellulite gel...and more! Monday of this week I finally lost my mind and shaved my head!! I could see several, several black dots fall off into the sink with my hair. Little did I know, all I did was cause the bugs to migrate to my body and take vengeance. I am being bitten with a furry, and now when I scratch where they bite me I am finding a good deal of blood. There is never a time when I am not feeling discomfort. Another notable symptom is a noticeable difference in the increased size of my pores/ hair follicles on my head, especially on the top front.

I was prescribed the invermectin, but was denied the pill when I went to pick it up. I have barely been approved to see a dermatologist...I will know in a week if I'm a candidate to even see one. In the meantime, I will attempt to go tanning to see if it will kill them off. The next step will be to set my skin on fire!?...If someone finds a cure to rid them entirely, please please please post it here.

Mar 02, 2012
parasites? black, red, inside me coming out and in my throat debilitating me, what are they?
by: lucinda

hi, have been reading comments, i do not have a rash or have seen a white parasite, i just have these tiny size look like red sometimes and black ones too size of a poppy seed or smaller like a dot coming out of me and in my throat when i cough up they are moving in my spit, which is debilitating me. i am seeing them everywhere, on petrol stations toilet seats, as i always check now before using toilets, and even at my friends house, its like there is an epidemic out there. i have been recently diagnosed with rickettsia, but i dont think they are from that. any body with any kind of rash or sensations under the skin should get a rickettsia test as that can lead onto lymes disease which you need to treat straight away. also i have been using bob-beck zappers for years for parasites, so i don't know what these are and why the zappers are not killing them?????? can anybody help me, my email is lucindadreams@bigpond.com. thank-you.

Feb 25, 2012
Drs won't give Ivermectin, often nothing!
by: Anonymous

It appears every one of us had seen our health care providers, and as you know, they almost never prescribe Ivermectin. Often, they offer nothing. And, who of us is prepared to show samples of our parasites? Even if you try to obtain some proof (extremely difficult), why should we have to go through this. It is not our responsibility to prove it. The doctors should be our advocates, not pooh poohing us as Parasite Psychosis idiots. A person knows their body and if something is invading it, we are the first to know. If our health is in jeopardy, or distress, our physician should be listening and doing all that he/she has taken his oath to do for us in our care and to ensure our well being. Its absurd. 8 drs down, now what? Do I go to the feed store and get horse ivermectin! Ugh!

Feb 24, 2012
For Long Term Infestations
by: Brian in BMore

If your parasite lays it's eggs on hair folicals and it gets fungal or extremely oily and whitish - you need to get Ivermectin Stromectol. Oral 5 tabs per dose (you need two doses) - take on very empty stomach with full glass of water.

Your skin goes full strength within 4 hours and stays full strength for 18 hours this cuts down by half each day over the next four days when it is fully gone morning of the fifth day.

@12 - 20 hours after ingesting the first dose, the mites will start to decay and either fall off or be absorbed and ultimately expelled.

You dr should have given you enough for a follow up dose to do five to seven days later (infestations who wants the chance of that again).

The day you take the first dose you need to do the house / clothes cleansing of all items possibly infected in the past four days. Other stuff touched an unable to vacuum should be bagged for two weeks.

If your doctor will not prescribe you Stromectol, tell them every web site out there shows it is the second least toxic and most effective (100%) - only wearing a sulfur oil birthday suit 24 hours a day for seven days straight is less toxic. If they want a living sample - possibly you can produce one immediately by blowing your nose right there for him/her in a white tissue - otherwise have some scaling / flaking areas (fungus looking) identified ahead of the dr visit. Fingernail / Toenails (Sides). Near your temples should be whitish eggs and there is of course your privates, which can be so painful that you forget how painful until they let go upon being paralyzed by the Stromectol. This is the area which may need the second dose the most (five to seven days after first dose is taken).

Don't buy the rosemary or neem oils - they do not help with these parasites. Out of all the stories here, I only here the complaints and needs, never have I heard of success stories through natural (other than sulfer oil) products or methods.

Also this topic is kinda wrong Scabbies burrow and create zig zag lines - crabs attach to hair and can infest so greatly that you find sunken in areas of your skin that might think are burrows.

I have had this problem since 2007 and have forgotten twice that I was unable to convince the doctors to give me the Stromectol and then this last 'awakening' - I was able to show the first treatment a week ago of the Permethrin 5% was ineffective because of how infested they are (Mouth throat nose indicates lung / breathing has been compromised).

For temporary relief for hands and feet Cornhuskers lotion tends to suck the oil out of the mites - don't repeat too frequently or you will callaus your hands yourself - leave some natural oils in your system.

I took my very first ever dose of Stromectol last night at 10:15 PM EST

Feb 07, 2012
by: Infested

These are mites. I still have them, but have got some traction on them by doing the following. Know that these mites live in clothing, carpets, on walls, etc. Just getting them off your body is insufficient. You must also treat your environment.
1. Get a plastic zip mattress cover for the bed.
2. Get rid of down items: pillows, jackets
3. Make friends with a good exterminator--one who will treat for mites. You need at least 3 treatments 2 weeks apart. Exterminator needs to use something residual and a growth regulator.
4. iron all clothing just before you wear it with a good steam iron. If you do it ahead of time, eggs can hatch, leaving you with the creepy crawlies all day long.
5. Bathe in a full tub with the following:
a. 1/4 c Dawn dishwashing liquid & 2 cups Epsom salts or
b. 1/4 Dawn dishwashing liquid & 1 scoop oxygen bleach such as OxyClean
c. 1 & 1/2 cups bleach (can do this maybe 1-2X week--very hard on the skin & some may be too sensitive to do this, but it works.
6. In the shower or bath, use a new, clean Scotchbrite sponge or similar to scrub everything. Use a brush in the hair under water. After bathing, put the sponge in the microwave oven for 2 mins minimum.
7. After bathing, cover your body with either olive oil or coconut oil to restore some moisture & fats lost in the bath.
8. Put all shoes in ziplock bags. Put diatomaceous earth in the shoes, under the insoles. Shake out excess. Can also put mothballs in the bags.
9. Burn incense all the time in the house. This really calms them down and reduces their numbers. They communicate with each other via pheramones. If you mess with their sense of smell, it really reduces their ability to function. Put those electric air fresheners in every room.
10. Get some concentrated oregano oil --wild mediterranian oregano--and put 3-4 drops under your tongue 4-5 times/day. This will let you sleep at night. Mites hate it.
11. Vacuum daily.
12. Don't bother with MD's--they're clueless. A naturopath might help. Your exterminator will help more.
13. use clean towels every day. Never wear the same clothes without washing.
14. In the laundry, wash everything in the usual detergent + 1/2 to 1 cup Borax AND 1-2 cups ammonia. This works pretty well.
15. Put mothballs (with parabenz---long name) in closets, pockets, shoes.
Hope this helps some of you.
16. Some of you may have a bird nest or rat nest in your building. If you can locate it and get rid of it, you will get better control of the mites.

Jan 27, 2012
i was told it was all in my head!!!!
by: sadly sarah

OH THANK YOU ALLL!!!!! im so very happy to have found ppl that have the SAME exact symtoms that i too have!!! i have tried it ALLLLL!!!!! from having my whole house sprayed to going to multipule dr.s to many different washes of strange and unusual things! but nothing has truly rid me of these horrible pests! yes, they have been deminished to managable at times but NEVER GONE!?!? i dont know where they have come from? ofcourse there are many who have speculated they r from foilage outside coming in and that they would die off once it got cold..... this was back in september 2011. its now january 2012. my wonderful dog zeba and a bunny that i rescued from a lawn mowing accident back last summer have now also come down with the same symptoms!?!? at first i was positive it WAS THE BUNNY..... and now i know different because i had given the animal over to friends to look after while on a vacation and they and ALL of there animals are still quit perfect!!??!! my dog has been to the vet multipule time with no relief. i wanted to know if anyone is experiencing these pests mostly in the dusk and evening / nightime hours? because this is the time when (for me) they are the worst! as soon as the suns setting i begin to see them and itch and tingle then the sting n burrow! i too have tried to pull out a "bug" with tweezers and they have some kind of "spikes" that make it near to impossibe? i can break off the "heads" but never fully get out the entire thing b4 its gone under the skin. then im left (in the case under my eyes) with the little red dots! and swollen puffy eyes that now im unfortunatly getting used to! yuck! please let me kmow if anyone else has found ANYTHING ELSE THAT CAN KILL THESE AWEFUL PESTS!!! THE FEW I HAVE IN BAGS DO HAVE WINGS AND APPEAR TO FLY/ JUMP AROUND , ONLY LOW TO THE GROUND .... AND AS WITH THE 44 YR OLD? I CANT SEE THE BLK. DOTS MOVE EITHER? WEIRD?

Jan 02, 2012
Lice, or it could be Demodex?
by: Anonymous

Ifter going to a doctor for a "second opionion" at the suggestion of my doctor, I have just received an article from the referral doctor that describes the night-itch, creepy crawly things as Demodex mites. (And ocular demodex for eye lash parasites) And based on the info he gave me, it fits my symptoms exactly. While all treatments discussed in this Burrowing Lice forum can control them or reduce them, the web sites I've reviewed for Demodex Mites state that "tea tree oil" scrubs might be the only thing that can actually get rid of them. Check out the Demodex topics just for a comparison to yours.

I am hopefull and will keep you informed.

Jan 01, 2012
burrowing parasite
by: Anonymous

try baking soda -- mix it with a little bit of water to make a paste -- add some epsom salt if your skin can take it. Leave it on for a while. The next day you should see specks on face that look like scabs because they have died. Don't pick at them. Let them come to the top on their own, then brush off. Hope that helps, please post if it does. I also use grapefruit seed extract full strength, but you can make a spray by adding water in a little spray bottle.

Dec 28, 2011
black specks...grrrrrrr
by: christina

my email is christinasegundo @gmail.com with no space. i have all the same symptoms and im 30 some of them that started out on my face looked like blackheads so i tried to pop them. then after that it was evil from there i have a horrible rash on my temples around my lips and then i have some on my body that are about the size of mole looking things. i have tiny black specks that im constantly combing out of my hair. i have a newborn ,a 2 yr old and a husband at home and they have none of these symptoms. i even think i seen one burrowed in the top of my eyeball. they itch like crazy. i have done everything. helppppppppppppp

Dec 27, 2011
burrowing lice
by: Anonymous

these are springtail mites
doc says you are dillusional
nothing works
but you know you are sane because you have carved them out of your skin but before you show someone they dry out and look like nothing larva pupa and adults
they love the joints and cracks
scabies on steroids
doc asks if you are on something
springtails are not supposed to live in humans
i have seen them
they are real bathe in cedar oil it helps

Dec 27, 2011
Parasites wont go away!
by: Anonymous

I live in Central New York. I am a 50 year old grandmother who loves to be around her grandchildren! But....now I have a parasite I am scared stiff to pass on. This parasite has ruined my Thanksgiving and Christmas!
First off, about 3 months ago I felt a sharp bite on my eyelid during the night. Then another bite during the night a few days later.
I had determined that I had(and most likely my husband who works with tenants and works on their apartments) lice. The first time we used OTC lice medicine, and there were tons of black bugs in the tub which we thought was the end of it.
But, I still felt small things crawling, so I used oil....the worst think I think we could have done because after that, I felt them everywhere.
Its been a consistent battle since early November and I am a wreck.
My doctor refused to see me when I said I had lice. Her and her nurse's comments were offensive and very demeaning.
The dr. did call in some expensive rx's that I also tried. They seem to work, then its back to feeling things crawl...just a little.

I have them in my eye lashes which is the worst. At night, I feel them crawling and sometimes they bite. I use Lice-Free to dry them out, but can't use much since its its in my eyes. I also use the "Lice Free" on other parts of my body which work temporarily. I do feel things fall off but never seem to find anything other than dehydrated white stuff.

The things that fall out are long and white. They will fall off my eyelashes when the lice free dehydrates them. But I went to an eye doctor and he gave me hydration drops and said he didn't see anything other than a piece of "debris" in my eye. But never answered my question of "what do I do to get rid of them IF THERE ARE LICE IN THERE?"

I'm a wreck and won't let anyone in my house, severely missing my grandkids who came over every day after school. I will go to their house and sit on a hard chair and swiffer before I leave.

I call them lice, because they are clear/white and hope they are just not completely gone...yet, since I do feel them in my hair, but also other places on my body!

This is a nightmare!

Does anyone have experience with this? Is this lice? Scabies? or what! I see pictures and they are all magnified of the parasites. Or black lice. My parasites are long and clear/white.

Please help!

Dec 26, 2011
Got these on Deployment!!!
by: Jessica

Thank god for this thread and your postings. I'm in the military and being crazy means a no go for having a job, now I know I am not crazy. I want to mention that I got these during Nov/December Southwest Asia.....and there are bait traps all over where I work and live. They are not liquid bait, they are granular. I have no idea if they are related, but I can't rule anything out. I have every symptom described, including breathing issues.

Please email me if anyone finds a cure or some ability for sanity! jesserinwilk at gmail.com

Thank you!


Nov 20, 2011
by: COURTNE503

I have had these problems for almost a year along with my 8month old son!!!!! i seriously can not believe what is going on and that nothing is being done about it! i keep trying to figure out how i got infected and where it came from!

I would like to take a poll< HAS ANYONE USED "TARRO LIQUID ANT" BAITS?????



Oct 26, 2011
Cedar oil and collembola
by: Anonymous

Check this out - Cedarcide

I have been suffering from some strange bites all over my body, thought it was bed bugs, finally went to the doctor, he did not know what it was but prescribed 5% permethrin cream just in case it might be scabies - and I had new bites while I had the cream on! I also had a couple bites on my face - scabies do not live on faces!
So I did search on the Net and found this site, did not order anything from them, but went to health food store and bought a couple of bottles of Texas Cedar Oil (it's only 3$ a bottle). I mixed it with olive oil, tea tree oil, sulfur pomade from Spanish section in Walmart and some shea butter - and put it all over my body. While I was doing it, little black dots showed up on my hands, I was washing them in the sink, but some of them just jumped off! My roommate has a dog and 2 cats, she said these are fleas, I even caught one on my towel and it looked like microscopic butterfly! The dogs were treated for fleas, so we figured out there are some fleas still in the house, and we'll have to treat my room, she has some fumigating device which breaks their reproduction cycle. We'll see what happens! I will continue using cedar oil remedy, it seems working and feels really good on skin! And I do see glitter on my body sometimes, this seems to be an indication of fleas.

Oct 21, 2011
getting bitten by something bizarre
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for HELP! I've been to the doctor thinking I had lice, who then sent me to a dermatologist that said I had follicitis and then 2nd visit said I had bed bug bites. I am getting bitten on my skin and they look little white round worms with a mucus on the end of them. I have also been bitten as I looked at my skin & nothing is there except a red bump.
Also, shiny little dropping are all over my body as well. I'm desperate and at my wit's end. Can someone out there please help me before I end up in a mental hospital!

Aug 07, 2011
black mite, bigger than scabies
by: Anonymous

I have them all over my body, head and in ears, and my adult family also,we all know its true and feel same symptoms, Helpful chemical free site
I have applied and bathed in salt, canola oil, borax, eucalyptus, teatree, lavendar, orange oils, lemons, and then rubbed down with neem and mustard oils- and would get some eggs and mites dead.
I also did a foot soak twice of mustard oil & orange oil and later felt dozens of eggs, like sand
Using info from that site -
bathed in 1 kilo/2 lb salt, 3-4 c vinegar, 1-2 c borax, 1/2 c olive oil and ccnut oil for an hour,
then got out and rubbed more of the the oils in,
I sat for maybe 3 hours on plastic, rubbing with ccnut oil, [soaks in to kill] and olive oil [suffocates as mites come out],
and got hundreds of eggs out..esp feet again.
I repeated this bath and rub down for a few days, to get all the small black mites and eggs that have hatched, each day there is less, and less. If I felt uncomfortable I had a shower, then rubbed with the oils again.
The skin must be kept oiled with ccnut and olive oil at all times, mites suffocate in it.Coconut oil possess healing properties and penetrates the skin quickly & supports the natural chemical balance of skin.
Applied topically helps to form a chemical barrier on the skin towards infection.
Mixing with olive oil or neem oil will give better results - buy at an Indian shop. Turmeric added is good, but stains everything til washed out.
Dermisil is also a good natural product to try, http://www.dermisil.com - try the scabies products, This bug seems to be a larger darker bug than scabies, but it lives under the skin the same.
The body needs to be built up, eat healthy, yes, to probiotics, fibre cleanse, no sugar, coffee, choc, sweets, sodapop etc
Eat sunflower seeds, molasses for zinc
Take vitB & mg
drink 2 T aplecidervinegar n 1/2 t soda daily
Daily -I am washing all linen, clothes in hot and putting all in dryer, plus spraying mattress, couches, floors with vinegar & teatree oil.

May 22, 2011
I had this same thing in 1995
by: Anonymous

There are two different things that this reminds me of 1 is what I had -- the parasite from a flea. Yes really, It is a hookworm and the black dots are the feces. It took my doctor and friend that I grew up with to tell me. No one else would believe me -- even the infectious disease doctor at UCLA. The cure was 3.58 cents. The same medication for pin worms. However, depending on how long you have had it, you may need medication for neuropathy because they damage nerve endings. years later and I still have nueropathy especially in summer. I have to remind myself that I know longer have this condition and continue my day. Because of world travel, people from third world countries have brought this to U.S. They just live with it. I am not kidding. It also comes in the plants they smuggle in for the kind of spices they eat. NO judgment toward them it is just true. The fleas get it, and the dogs and cats get it from the fleas, bedbugs, lice, etc. Then we get it. I have not been able to stay in motel rooms for the last two years since the invasion of bed bugs. You can also take herbs --Nature Sunshine has many products that these parasites hate. Pumpkin, Black Walnut, Blood Purfifier. They have a great web site. A more serious condition is called Morgellens Disease which is quite mysterious and I don't know much about. My son thinks that I had this, but somehow all the herbs that I took cured it. When I had it though everyone thought I was mentally ill. I knew that I had a parasite and became depressed. My original doctor said I was depressed and therefore had a nervous condition.
Was he wrong. I hope that help someone.

Apr 03, 2011
Living with Morgellons
by: Anonymous

This particular skin parasite is a primative burrowing louse that reproduces through spores. These spores appear as shiny black, blue or reddish dots on the skin. It has been given the name Morgellons and there is some research if you goggle "Morgellons life cycle" on the internet. They can infect every part of the body, from the hair, ears, face, nose and body. They are particularly difficult to treat on the feet, hands, nose and face. Medicated body wash and hand sanitizers can control them but the real cure probably lies in a medication such as the kind that treats heartworms in dogs. Poisoning the blood on which they feed will probably be the only longterm solution. This may require more than 1 or 2 months since the spores can live off the body for many weeks. Environmental control is important. Until the medical community recognizes a long term internal treatment (with drugs like Ivermecton for humans) this disease will continue to spread and cause havoc.
Good Luck!

Feb 06, 2011
by: rhonda

I am SOOOO glad I found this website - I feel like I am going insane - like you guys do!! No One believes me!!!! Day after day, i find tiny white flat parasites in the waistband of my BLACK or dark colored pants and all over my black or dark socks!! You cannot see them on your skin until they turn into the tiny black or red bugs and thus, one doctor and a dermatologist told me they "SAW NOTHING" and refused to treat. A nurse practitioner finally gave me pyrethrin 1% for head lice (she looked thru my hair and said she saw one) and permethrin 5% for the bugs I told her were biting me. I also took in a sample of one of the miniscule black bugs which she saw. I treated last Tues. and two days later, my pants and socks were covered again. My husband thinks I'm insane and since we had the "head lice from hell" ten years ago, the whole family had it - he refuses to look, listen, or in any way help me with this issue. In a home, you share everything else and I am soooo afraid that either he and/or my teenage daughter also have it, as I have also found the tiny, flat, parasites on my daughters black pants AFTER laundering them (on the waistband area). He will not allow me to talk to her about it and I am going INSANE!!! I have started vacuuming my entire body with the highest suction possible every day - but after a week of this - there has been no change. After the permethrin, I felt something walking through the hair on my hand and was able to "tape" a parasite coming out of my skin! Saw another one burrowing out of my face!!!! How come none of the doctors or dermatologist are familiar with this situation? I found an article online (old - from a medical journal) that said that the scabies DO burrow into your skin and that they DO lay their eggs on both your hair as well as your clothing fibers (they just need something fuzzy to lay them on). But honestly THANK GOD FOR THIS SITE AND ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE SHARED!! I am NOT doing well mentally with this - I swear I can touch a pair of black pants or socks and the next minute I can see the tiny white parasites - even though I have washed my hands immediately prior - they are living inside my skin!!!! I am afraid to touch anyone for fear of passing this on and no one understands. Am also afraid to sit on anything upholstered as I may pass them on that way as well. How come the medical community is turning their face away from this? I am going to try these anti-parasitic pills recommended on this site and hope and pray that God will take this nightmare away!!! May God help and bless you all!!!

Jan 05, 2011
Burrowing Parasite
by: Anonymous

I am updating my entry about the burrowing lice.
I had NO clue as to what they were, my first inclination was search the internet and that is when I came up with must be head lice and pubic lice...WRONG! I was sure the things came from the hotel we stayed in for our anniversary...Probably wrong. I still have the black/red dots that bite and burrow..but I think after months and months of research and trying every rememdy on the internet..that they are springtails and came from the dirt in our yard. Our property is very damp, and I worked in my garden with just thongs on my feet. (I know that the consensus is they they do not "invade" humans)
So this is my educated guess of what is my problem. I went to dermatologist..she basically laughed at me...so for two weeks I kept telling myself I am imagining all of this and did nothing.
One morning in the shower after washing my hair, I noticed the black dots all over my chest and ever since then, I have been doing everything imaginable to rid myself of these things and I know that I am not crazy even tho at times I still
question and then some show up in my eyebrows or legs and I know they are real. I have resigned myself to the fact that I may never be rid of them completely. I am so sorry for anyone who is experiencing this problem. For most, they are truly real! Good luck to all of you.

Jan 05, 2011
maybe the answer
by: Anonymous

Alot of your symptoms soundn like MORGELLONS DISEASE. There is a Morgellons research foundation.Look it up. I think it will interst you aLL. GOOD LOUCK

Jan 02, 2011
Hydrogen Peroxide
by: J A Northern CA

I have same as you all are discribing. Looking at them with hand held magnifier, seem like tiny sting ray looking things. If you get 1, put it on flat surface & add couple of drops Hydrogen Peroxide. They have violent reaction, but when its over with, looks like they have no substance. Like they dissolve. I have put the H Peroxide on sores on back of scalp, try to squeeze or pull them out, then put something on to suffocate them. Nu skin or super glue. But like you guys say, they never go all the way gone. Am going to Doctor. Getting stool samples examined @ lab for internal parasites. Results in couple of weeks.

Dec 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yea i know what your talking about when you mentioned the shiny skin. Its white circlish spots all over from my waist to my neck and out my arms, sometimes if you rub across your skin really hard it makes a few of the black circle thing come out then they go right back in. I went on a summer trip to Italy about two years ago and thats the first time it showed up. I asked my doctor about it, and she barely looked at it, and said it was a fungus from using a towel over and over, but i dont believe that. I dont itch to bad honestly its just the spots and the bugs that are bothersome the skin where the spots are seem to lose almost all their color. Just curious, but how many people on here traveled to Europe before they noticed these things. For a while i just waited hoping that it would clear up on its own, but it just got worse. I thought it may be some kind of ringworm so i was rubbing lotrimin on my whole upper body, and it kinda seemed to take care of it a little but when i stopped it just came back worse. After looking all over the internet this is the first thing that i have found that the people actually are talking about the same thing. Im going to go to a dermatoligist this weekend and see what they say because im tired of dealing with these, and after reading all these its kinda freaking me out a little more.

Nov 30, 2010
by: Jen

I have read these posts. I am so happy I have FINALLY found someone else with this problem! My 5 yr old son and I have had these parasites for 7 months now... Has anyone found out what they are? HOW TO GET THEM OUT AND FAR AWAY??? I have no answers neither does ANY DOCTOR??? Please let me know asap. My email jenfrostman@gmail.com or 414-659-2474. I am so desperate for any help@all... We are literally being eaten alive. The only thing that helps is neem oil,menthol, or vineagar but,they never leave completely??? The black dots and black almost like black lines are everywhere and not even an entomologist can tell me what they are? "debris" is what I am told over and over. Please help... Thanks Jen

Nov 08, 2010
Losing my mind!!!
by: Anonymous

(Contintued from last post)

2 things I would like to ask: Has anyone else noticed a "glistening sparkly shine covering all of the arms and hands? When i look to the side ( kind of at an angle), It appears as though my skin was just washed with some type of "glittery-sparkly soap". Also, 2 nights ago I finally witnessed these"things" (dark reddish colored)that would suddently be lodged inside my skin kind of, but for a few moments the "tip" or "head" of it would be sticking out thorogh my skin. I tried scratching it off -- vigourously-- not matter what thou it wouldnt come out. tried picking it out with my fingers-- no luck! Finally, I got a heavy duty sharp pointy nail clipper ( the kind similiar to Pliars), at first I had no luck-- but after a while I finally would get the surface of my skin open enough to have more acess to this "thing" . I finally was able to remove (pulling and gripping the tip of this thing extremely hard)a "splinter of it" or "small chunk of it"-- it came out in several tiny pieces. I repeated this process on several other sites on both the inside and outside of my arms. I can't say that I very sure that I removed the entire thing from any of the sites... I do know, however, that they all have seemed to scab over and some seem to look like you can practically see the parasite still there, underneath the scab. I have also experienced very similiar, if not the same , "things" on the back of my upper back and neck, especially at the hairline. Oddly though, as soon as i felt it I was able to use my fingers to "pluck" or "pick" it out instantly. Looks dark brownish/very dark red-- maybe even black small "splintery" flake of a wood chip. I dont know if the words I'm using are the best way to describe it-- Somebody help me!!! And, when they start to "burrow" inside my skin-- I would then see a light faded white raised bump -- oddly though, the raised bump was kind of long (1cm or 2 ), narrow and thing-- kind of like a tunnel. And, at the end the "parasite" would be almos visible , while still underneath the skin. WTF is going ON???? I truely feel as though our world is coming to an end and we are being invaded by aliens or somthing!! I know this isnt' the case, but damn it sure is freaking me out !!! HHHHEEEELLLPPPP!!!!!!

Nov 08, 2010
wow, I feel such a sense fo relief upon reading all of these comments!! I truely thought I was hallucinating and about to lose my mind!!
by: Anonymous

I want to first say "Thank you" to all of the people who have posted-- you guys have literally put my recent experiences into words for me-- something that I have struggled to do! When trying to describe to my mother and husband what I have been experiencing for the last 5 days, I would find myself appearing to be more "crazy" -- the more I desperately tried to put my experiences into words!!
I too have experienced exactly what you all have been describing.
I am totally freaked out and hesitant to go to my fam Dr, mainly because i am pretty sure that they will just begin to think i'm a little "kooky". Or that I'm having some sort of mental break down. However, I never, ever in my entire 27 years of life have experienced anything at all remotely close to what I am now. And, I have no "mental problems/nor have anything of the sort ever run in my family.

Aug 14, 2010
tiny black bugs
by: Anonymous

I too have gone crazy with itching scalp, eyebrows,arms legs. The Dr. I saw says it's not head lice or bed bugs, in fact, he found nothing at all. I've done the washing, cleaning,NIX, etc.etc. I can't find these bugs except today I pulled a little black speck out of my eyebrow. I have a long-haired white cat and think it's her fault. She's an indoor cat and does not have fleas. (Plays on the balcony way above ground.)
At least I know I am not alone.
Thanks for the info,
Going Nuts

Jun 30, 2010
little white things with all the itch
by: coryoo

I have been itching for 2 years straight. Doctor thinks I'm crazy. Has put me on pill for 2 years now and none worked. I'm in bad shape, feel like I wanna rip my head off. I scratch my head and these little white round things fall from my head. Guess what? I tried olive oil. It worked for my first day. Let's see how good it will be. I have stopped itching for one day. Let's see day 2. I hope it all goes away. Can any one tell me about these little white things? Are they lice eggs so small? Wish I had a microscope
to check this out. Anyway, thanks!

Jun 05, 2010





Jun 02, 2010
tiny lil black dots
by: Vic


May 08, 2010
itchyhair folicle tiny white/black/red parasites
by: Anonymous

I too have noticed a strange itchy bug that has come to visit my body too. I thought I was going nuts. At first I excused it with dandruff or hair products that flake and fall out of hair and irritate my skin, But after changing my hair products and washing everything it persisted. I started feeling itchy all over my body and examined my self, It seems to be a white circular but also flat parasite that is either attached to any hair in the body I do believe it burrows in the folicle. I have seen a black tiny rectangular/flat shaped parasite or speck. but as i find them I try to see if it has life or moves and do not see it move. the red parasite I believe is the cause or thing that is giving birthto the white egg looking thing. THe red I only saw a few thus far, but are more attached to the scalp near a hair folicle. I tried to remove one it was very difficult and then I lost site of its location. This parasite causes my skin to itch and burn. I contantly feel it on my head and face and can rub my face and have the white and black specks on hand. what is the remedy? i want my body back. These invaders got to go!

Feb 08, 2010




Oct 16, 2009
Itching, Rash, Sore Throat, Intestinal Problems...
by: Angie

Hi Jill,

So sorry to hear you are struggling with this itchy dilemma and possible parasites. It really doesn't sound to me like you have external parasites - lice, bedbugs, fleas, etc.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but your symptoms sound more like internal parasites or toxins.

Apart from the medicated shampoos, and other topical treatments, what else have you tried?

Have you tried a natural parasite cleanse yet? Are you taking any probiotics (good bacteria like acidophilus, bifidum, etc.)?

That's the first place I'd start. Consider cleansing with Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90 to eliminate parasites and toxins in your system that may be contributing to the itching and the rashes, etc.

Also, begin taking Florafood 3 times per day with meals. This will give your body a helpful immune boost so that your own system can fight back at whatever is ailing you.

You may want to try rinsing your hair/scalp with raw organic apple cider vinegar each day. I know it smells a little at first, but the smell dissipates fairly quickly and the benefit is worth it.

Be sure you get the unprocessed raw (cloudy) ACV, because the filtered kind most people use for cooking does not have the healthy properties that you need for healing. (Bragg's is a good brand).

Hope this helps you get some relief.
To your good health!

Oct 16, 2009
Similar Symptoms and age
by: Jill

I am 66 years old and experiencing what I believe is a parasite. It started Sept. 14 and is now Oct. 15th. I thought it was head lice and have been treating for that but my doctor can't see any signs of them; however, I know that ub addition to "moving things" in my hair and my nit comb catching around my ears and temples, there has been parasitic activity around my eyes and ears and also in my throat. It wakes me up in the middle of the night. I have also had a sore throat, sinus problems and intestinal upset during the past month.

My doctor is trying to tell me that it's a stress reaction and seems to think it's and possibly a skin reaction to the medicated shampoos and lavender scented fabric softener as I have also developed some rash type sores on my hands and fingers. She tends to think it's not really there despite all of my little black specs presented in zip lock bags - stuff that has come out of my hair.

There are raised bumps forming on my scalp and around my ears and forehead and even other parts of my body. This is not an imaginary disease.

I too have vacuumed, sanitized, laundered, dry cleaned. I'm one of those who washes and blow dries my hair every other day.

Now I'm at my wits end - all of my pillows, cushions, majority of clothes, bedding are all in plastic bags. I can't entertain or feel comfortable going to visit anyone in their home and have been making ridiculous excuses for not being at church.

The only other possibility mentioned by my doctors is fleas - we don't have pets but the people who owned the house before us had two dogs. Also I bought a chesterfield from a cousin with a cat. And I've also research bat bugs since there are always a lot of them flying around outside after dusk. And then there is always the bed bug possibility. Problem is at this age, it's pretty hard to see these tiny things with reading glasses or bifocals and a magnifying glass.

Needless to say, although I'm sorry that you have had this problem for so long, at least I don't feel as though I'm just a stressed out, senile senior. Sure wish someone could help. There are red "sores" on my head and forehead that seem to be very itchy off and on during the day and night and when I applied rubbing alcohol for 10 minutes, about 5 "bugs" came off. I think that they are actually in the sores. I know it sounds too strange but it is happening.

If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate them. Thank you.

Sep 25, 2009
not my imagination
by: Anonymous

here in switzerland i have caught a burrowing bug that nobody can explain or diagnose,it starts with a tiny black thing that u feel a bit stronger then a mosquito,after that it makes a red mark,small white balls i prejume are eggs,n i get a bit like manapausel sweats,it lives everywhere hair n skin,i can also comb my hair n find tiny black things......the problem is whenever i find the eggs etc it cristelizises,they are also sometimes dark red im bathing twice a day n havent let my hair down for 5 months not even at night,i feel if i dont bathe im liker a thing factory ....i hope somebody enlightens me soon

Aug 31, 2009
Reply to your response
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your note. Couple of quesitons? Do you find at the end of the hair folicle? I have them on other parts of my body.
I have tried everything...have you found an answer?
Thank you for your encouragement.

Jul 18, 2009
to Syble:
by: Anonymous

I have had the same experience you have with persistent, burrowing "lice".. had lice a few years ago, along with my 5 kids, after staying in a battered-women's shelter for a month.. they had an infestation while we were there.. it seemed that my kids all got rid of them.. the girls all dye their hair, which has been suggested by a nurse-neighbor to work.. the boys all keep military haircuts & seem to have no problem either.. I, however, can use a nit comb & get little black 'dots' off at any given time & have had little red sore spots that turn into scabs once you scratch at them.. and yes, it does seem some are elongated like tiny 'tunnels'.. I use cream rinse (cheap) first and leave on while I shower, then shampoo it off.. and use the nit comb.. at that moment, it seems my head is 'clean'.. but by 12 hours later, I can get more of the little black 'dots'.. and even the use of straight rubbing alcohol on the sores does not get rid of them.. they just dry up & more pop up somewhre else! I only have 1 or two sores going at a time usually.. but they won't completely go away.. just seem to move sites.. I don't have an answer for you, dear.. just wanted you to know that I am having the same exact experience & do NOT think you are 'imagining' it!! good luck!

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