Do I Have Parasites?

by Christine
(Florida, USA)

The big question is,

The big question is, "Do I have parasites?"

Do I have parasites? My symptoms started in March, I believe (it is now Oct.).

The symptoms weren't too bad at first...occasional bloating with abdominal pain.

Since I have Celiac disease and have had surgery for Endometriosis, I accepted this as just "normal" for me. However, the pain and bloating have increased over the months to the point where I have missed time at work.

The bloating is like nothing I have ever experienced - even before I went on a gluten free diet. There are days when I look like I am 6 months pregnant! The bloating and gas is SO excessive that I cannot fit into my clothes some days, and I have actually had to start wearing shirts that are more in a maternity style to fit over my bloated belly. It is SO frustrating (normally I have a flat stomach).

I am constipated most of the time, but also have bouts of the opposite going on. I continue to have abdominal pain. I have also experienced blood in my stool - both dark and bright red at different times.

I am so fatigued I can barely function some days. I also experienced joint swelling and pain in the summer. I should add that I have also gained some weight - maybe 7-10 lbs. - that I cannot seem to get rid of no matter how hard I try (this is NOT normal for me either).

I should add that I am vegetarian, and I eat mostly all natural or organic foods as I have severe allergies (including sulfites so I have to avoid additives and preservatives for the most part).

I have been taking acidophilus daily for years; take a good multi-vitamin daily, magnesium, flax oil and vitamin C daily as well. I get more exercise than the average person, too.

I have tried Fiber Smart for several weeks - which made no difference. I have also removed common allergy foods - like dairy - to make sure this isn't the problem (believe me, I am already aware that I am allergic to most of the common allergy foods and removed them years ago). This is not the problem.

I even stopped drinking anything carbonated out of a straw to see if this would lesson the bloating. Nope...the problem remains.

I am so frustrated at this point as the problem seems to be getting worse and nothing I have tried is helping to alleviate my symptoms. I have an appointment this week with a nurse practitioner, but I do not have health insurance right now. This means I have to go to the equivalent of the health department.

I have no idea
what their procedure is on getting diagnostic testing or lab testing done. I would imagine it could take quite awhile just to get these things approved IF the NP even feels they are necessary. She may blow it off as IBS and send me on my way.

This is my fear. It is NOT just IBS. Coming from the girl with a long history of intestinal issues (first diagnosed as IBS many years ago - before they realized that I have Celiac) - I KNOW this is different for me. That's why I wonder, do I have parasites?

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate your input! I need answers and a solution to this frustrating problem.


Dear Christine,

I'm so sorry to hear of the suffering you've been going through. As I'm sure you realize, I am not a medical doctor and can't advise you as one. I can only offer you some input and ideas that you may want to consider.

Do you have parasites? There's a good possibility that you do, but that is not the only option. This is a serious situation, and you want to know as much as possible about what is going on.

Besides parasites, one of the other possibilities is infection. You mentioned that you had surgery for endometriosis. In the vast majority of abdominal surgeries, scar tissue builds up and this can result in blockages that cause infections.

When you go to the nurse practitioner this week ask her specifically to check and rule out any possibility of infection or recurring endometriosis.

You also mentioned blood in your stool. This is sometimes caused by hemorrhoids internal or external, but can also be something more serious. That's why I think it is a good idea to wait to hear what the NP has to say about it all.

Shall we wait to see what she says before we start trying out other alternatives? I'll be happy to suggest some supplements for you to try if she gives the 'all clear' on the infection.

Meanwhile, why not take a notepad and begin writing down each day exactly what you DO eat and drink. (It almost sounds like you eat nothing but fruits and vegetables, but I suspect that isn't exactly true.) :-)

It will help me and my consultant friends to get to know you and your body a little bit better so that we can make the best and most helpful suggestions for you.

While we wait, I'm going to be praying for you and for the nurse you will be seeing that she will be helpful and knowledgeable concerning your situation.

Angie from

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Jun 29, 2012
Papaya Seeds for Parasites NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Trish,

Don't worry about "too much information." Usually it's a case of not enough information and people expect me to guess the rest! :)

I'm glad you've mentioned the papaya seeds because they are, in fact, a good option for parasite removal. I haven't thought about them for that purpose in ages and had to double check my facts (that's how long it's been!).

I do think 1/4 cup is far too many to take at one time. I'm not saying that it would necessarily hurt you to take that many in one go, but I don't believe it is necessary to get the desired results.

A teaspoon of papaya seeds, ground or chewed, should serve the purpose and if you find that unpalatable on its own, mixing with a teaspoon of raw honey would certainly help make it go down much nicer.

It does sound as though you are passing worms in your stool (which is a great result). It's usually suggested when using papaya seeds for parasite cleansing that you follow them with some type of laxative (cod liver oil, for example) to help get the affected parasites out of the system asap.

I'm accustomed to using Herbal Fiberblend for parasite cleansing (it contains pumpkin seed, another well known seed for getting rid of parasites, among many other antiparasitic herbs).

The herbs are all combined and mixed with pysllium fiber (as the natural laxative) and is very easy and convenient to use. I keep it on hand all the time and do a full cleanse at least once per year.

So yes, I think the raw papaya seeds are a great option. I hope you continue to find them helpful. If you still find you need that little something extra to help clean you out properly and help with all those symptoms, I would suggest you give the Herbal Fiberblend a try.


Jun 29, 2012
Papaya for Parasites? NEW
by: Trish

Hello! I read through most of this post and skimmed a few parts. I was looking for a recommendation to try papaya seeds for parasites. There has been some research that eating 1/4 cup of papaya seeds mixed with a little honey for 10-12 days can cure parasites and clear up the intestinal tract. I am not sure if I have parasites... but after hearing some of the side effects including bloating, gas, IBS like symptoms, sensitive stomach, acne, feeling tired, etc... it seemed like it couldn't hurt to try, since I experience ALL of these. I TOO have gained about 20-25 lbs over the past 3 years despite my extreme diet changes (eliminating most gluten, dairy and sugar and adding in more fruits, veggies and whole, organic foods). I have stopped wearing jeans or any fabric that hugs my waist because the pressure makes me so uncomfortable. Some days I look at my profile in the mirror and it DOES look like I'm several months pregnant. I've been eating papaya seeds for the past 3 nights before bed and have had very large, full stools the following day. I've also noticed the stools flecked with many white spots (some long and thin, some more round). I hope this isn't too much information... but I'm wondering if it's possible these could be parasites or worms coming out in the stool? And your overall thoughts on consuming the RAW papaya seeds.


Dec 29, 2011
Parasite Help NEW
by: Allison

I have been experiencing the exact same thing with weight gain and all and I'm and Olympic medalist. It's affected my career and I heard that parasites can cause allergies, IBS and many other crazy things. I travel a lot and when in hungary in the year 2007 I know I had a parasite. It was a bad one. Kind of have never felt the same since. I've had a series of problems. I treated it with blackwalnut and garlic on my own. Right now taking sups for parasite and yeast, but weight hasn't come off and inflammation is still there and acne etc. The bloat sometimes is so uncomfortable it's just not normal to look pregnant when you're not. I'm also a model so it's really bad. Any suggestions to make sure it's not PCOS or Hyperandrogenism like the doctors say would be great. I stopped birthcontrol and had surgery last summer and that is when I slowly starting having worse and worse problems. Never had allergies and just recently diagnoses! I don't believe I have allergies. It's for sure something else. If there is something specific you recommend for parasites in fish from hungary in the year 2007, please let me know. I'm wondering if I ever got rid of it or if I just need to go back on birthcontrol. Thanks.

Jan 03, 2011
I know how u feel
by: Anonymous

Read all of your comments, just wanted to let you know what I have been trying. Felt like I found a miracle when I was told by my chiropractor to address the hydrocloric acid in my stomach. I read all about hypochlorhydria that leads to cfood allergies and all my other symptoms. Also, if you don't have enough hydrochloric acid in your stomach it cannot kill bacteria and parasites in your stomach. So, I am taking betaine hcl in a supplement called Gatrone by Dynamic Nutritional Inc. My 14 yr old son even has the same symptoms and has had bacteria called camplobacter, I believe because he has the same issues. I have had symptoms since I was very young. Since I am taking this supplement it literally feels like someone has popped the balloon that was in my stomach! It all makes since when you start reading about it. Good luck to you. I KNOW HOW U FEEL!!!!!!

Oct 18, 2008
Thank you
by: Christine

Thank you Angie for all the time you have put into researching this stuff for me. You have been a blessing.
I too research as much as possible before i take anything as well. I prefer to educate myself and know what i am putting into my body. I will continue to do so until i find the right treatment for my current issues.
I used to carry an epi pen for my life threatening allergies...until i had the reaction to sulfites four years ago. It is the worst reaction i have ever had to anything! It was definitely potentially life threatening and VERY SCARY. Since the epi pen contains sulfites, i am no longer able to carry one. How crazy is that??? With this in mind, it is probably not a good idea to risk the walnut situation. I will figure something out and work around the allergies...i always do. It makes life a lot more challenging, but i always find a way. I am not willing to live with this nor do i think it is safe or healthy to do so.
Keep in touch! Thanks again.

Oct 17, 2008
It May Be Worth Trying!
by: Angie

I can't advise you, of course, but personally, I think it would be worth trying. I assume you have an epi pen or something that you carry with you in case of severe allergic reactions?

If you start with only 1/4 tsp. of the Herbal Fiberblend morning and evening, that should serve as a 'test' to see how you react. If you are okay with that after a few days, you can increase to 1/2 tsp. and so forth until you are up to 1 Tablespoon.

If you try the HFB and discover that you DO have a reaction, you can send it back and get your money back (the company is good about that).

If you can tolerate the HFB, then there's a pretty good chance you can tolerate the Para 90, too.

The BarleyLife should be no problem because of how it is made and processed, like I mentioned earlier. That along with the Redibeets and JustCarrots will be very helpful.

I'm someone who doesn't have too many allergies. I've only had a few over the course of my life so far. You know how much discomfort you can tolerate and are willing to tolerate in order to get this under control.

I know for certain that others suffering from Celiac disease have used these products and been helped, but every person is different.

I'm big on personal responsibility and education. When I decide to try any therapy, whether natural medicine or conventional medicine, I do as much research as I can and then assume the risks of my decisions.

The ultimate decision is yours. I'll cheer you on and pray for you whichever way you decide to go. :-)

If you decide you don't want to risk trying any of these, probably the only other thing I can recommend for your to consider would be to up the intake of your plant based oils (flax, olive, wheat germ, barrage) and add some triphala to help clear things out.

Also, drink as much raw, freshly juiced veggies as you can.

Do keep me posted on what you decide and how you progress! :-)

To your good health!

Oct 17, 2008
by: Christine

Thanks for the additional info!

I also have a tree nut allergy. This is what concerns me about the black walnut. Do you think it wouldn't be a problem? It would be super if i could take that! Very good news about the barley! I did not realize this.

I feel quite certain that the 8 lbs i have gained will come off once i get the intestinal issues under control. As for the allergies...who knows? Some i'm sure are for life, and the life threatening ones (Peanuts, nuts, sulfites)- i would not take a chance on. But hopefully things will improve at least! I desperately want to get the intestinal issues under control so i can feel healthy again. I am looking forward to having my energy back as well.

I will let you know how things go...

Oct 17, 2008
Barley Life is Gluten Free!
by: Angie

Hi Christine,

The BarleyLife is the juice of the young barley grass and does not contain any of the grain. It is gluten-free and safe for Celiacs.

Have you ever tried anything that had black walnut hull in it? Are you certain it would affect your peanut allergy? I called the company that makes it and they assured me that it is only the hull that is used and that the Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90 should not affect Celiacs or those with peanut allergies.

If you are concerned about the psyllium, take only 1/4 tsp. at a time and maybe even add a 1/4 tsp. of apple pectin if desired until your body adjusts. You can gradually increase until you are able to eliminate the apple pectin and take the HFB on its own.

Have you ever had a colonic or are you able to have colonics? That might be an option for you to consider.

Very strange about your weight. Although I'm very jealous and I wish my pounds would disappear, too. :-) I thought you were saying you gained 2 pounds since April which isn't extraordinary over a 7 month period. It sounds like you know your body pretty well, though, and realize that something isn't right about your weight. Maybe getting this colon issue cleared up will make a difference.

As I've told you, I'm not a health professional. But you know what I'm wondering? If you get your 'gut' in proper working order and truly healthy, maybe you will discover that you aren't allergic to as many things any longer. Let's hope and pray!

To your good health!

Oct 16, 2008
I Can Hardly Take Anything
by: Christine

Hi Angie,

Thanks for all of the information. I agree that the side effects of the medication is a definite deterrent. I would prefer to eliminate the source of the problem and promote healing rather than mask the symptoms as well.

This is what prompted me to take FiberSmart in the first place. It does not contain psyllium though, so i don't know if i can tolerate it or not. It does however contain a lot of Flax Oil.

Honestly, i think i was much more bloated and gassy while on the FiberSmart, so i am hesitant to go back on it right now. I seem to be doing better taking stuff individually (acidophilus, vitamins etc).

I did research the natural anti parasite options previously as well. The reason i have not started on any of them is the fact that they all seem to contain Black Walnut. Since i have a severe nut allergy, this is not an option unfortunately.

If you could possibly recommend one that does NOT contain Black Walnut (which seems to be the most important ingredient), i would appreciate it. I also have a peppermint allergy (among a million others) so you can imagine it can be hard to find natural treatments that don't have something i cannot take.

Barley of course would contain gluten and is not an option either. It's frustrating because my allergies do get in the way.

I do generally have bowel movements daily - sometimes even more than once a day. The problem is that it seems that it does not ALL eliminate as it should which in turn is causing things to get backed up (my x-ray confirmed this).

I believe this is indeed what is causing all the trapped gas and bloating (along with the possibility of parasites). No doubt this creates a toxic environment. It would stand to reason that if i could get things to move along better that i would no longer experience so much bloating. I even tried enzymes to help aid in digestion, in hope that this would help as well. It did not.

Someone else at the doctor's office suggested drinking prune juice mixed with ginger ale to produce a laxative effect and move things out if i can't take the Miralax. Any thoughts on this?

As for the weight gain. It is normal to gain a pound or two a year as we get older i believe. It is NOT normal to gain 8 in a few months time for no apparent reason. Like i said, the ONLY other time this has happened to me is when i had a cortisol imbalance years ago. I gained thirty pounds in a very short period of time. This went on for a period of time and than suddenly - almost as quickly as i gained it - all thirty pounds just disappeared...with no effort on my part. Honestly - it was almost overnight (oddly enough, i had a life threatening allergic reaction and the weight loss followed the stress of this ordeal). I do think that it becomes harder to lose weight in general as we get older, but i feel like when i resolve the intestinal issues, the extra weight will follow.

I look forward to hearing from you again.


Oct 16, 2008
As I Was Saying...
by: Angie I was saying (the comment section only allows 3000 characers). :-)

Secondly, and very important, is Herbal Fiberblend. You said that you'd taken FiberSmart before and you apparently didn't have any reaction to the psyllium, so this should be quite safe for you. Why do I think HFB will work when FiberSmart did not? Because HFB is full of 17 wonderful herbs that will not only cleanse out your colon and remove that build up, but the herbs can also have a healing effect on the lining of your intestines.

You can start with 1/2 tsp. morning and evening and gradually work your way up to 1 Tablespoon morning and evening. Keep up your water intake, of course. Also, do not take the HFB at the same time as other supplements or medicines. Leave about 1 hour between so that the HFB doesn't cleanse your supplements right out of your system. :-)

When you start having regular bowel movements, at least once a day you can consider adding Para 90. Para 90 is anti-parasitic and anti-fungal herbs in capsule form. This should remove any possible parasites and fungal infections you may have.

As you go on and begin to recover, it would be a good idea to start taking some concentrated whole food supplement powders like BarleyLife, JustCarrots, and Redibeets. They are very rich in nutrition and help feed the cells so they can heal. One of my mentors reminded me that it takes 10 times the amount of nutrition to heal than it does to just maintain.

All of the recommendations I've made can be purchased directly from AIM. I recommend their products because I know they are of the best quality. They're organically grown and processed for their highest potency.

You can get them at the cheapest wholesale prices when you purchase more than 1 item in your first order based on my referral. That's the best way to go if you decide to try this method. I'm very confident that it will help you tremendously. I can't guarantee results, of course, but the products are money back guaranteed, so you have no fear on that score.

My heart goes out to you and the discomfort you are experiencing. It is no fun feeling unwell, especially for such a long period of time.

By the way, you didn't mention your age, but could your gradual weight gain be attributed to getting older? I know that I discovered when I hit my late 30's I started to really struggle with maintaining my weight. Our bodies change as we age. This may not be applicable in your case, but I thought I'd mention it. :-)


Oct 16, 2008
No Parasites in the USA???
by: Angie

It always makes me laugh when people say that we are somehow protected from parasites if we live in the US. Americans tend to live in a bubble. Of course, there is immense research proving that we are just as susceptible to parasites as any other group of people - especially with the global world we live in these days. Enough of that!

As for the best treatment for you, that is for YOU to decide, but I will give you my recommendations based on my own research and the input I have received from my consultants who deal with these issues on a regular basis.

First of all, the Dicyclomine HCL 20 does not sound like something I would take. I had a quick look, and the side effects alone would certainly deter me if I were in your condition. Apparently it is supposed to control the spasms in your colon. This would only mask your problem, not heal it, which is what I would be looking for. The same goes for the Miralax and Gas-X. They don't fix the problem only attempt to soothe/hide the symptoms.

By the way, I had further consultation regarding the flax oil and there is divided opinion on this. Although the one consultant seemed to think it would aggravate your condition as a Celiac, the other one completely disagreed (fun, I know). This second consultant has dealt with many Celiacs and reports no history of any problems as a result of the use of flax oil. I wanted to clarify that and reassure you on that account.

In fact, she recommended that you take double the recommended dose of Essential Fatty Acids because of your inflammation and bloating. A good option is the AIMega capsules. They are Flax oil based rather than the fish oil.

Oct 16, 2008
I Saw The Nurse Practitioner...
by: Christine

Hi Angie,

Thank you for taking an interest in my health. I can't tell you how much i appreciate it.

I did see the NP today. She did an external exam and said she did not feel any tumors - good news of course.

She basically said what i expected: that because i have a history of Celiac Disease and possible IBS - that my intestines are irritated and that is what is causing the excessive gas and bloating (even though i am on a strict gluten free diet with no possibility of cross contamination).

She blew off the possibility of parasites since "we live in the United States" or an infection and even blew off the real possibility of adhesions from previous surgery. She did send me for an X-ray just to be on the safe side. The X-ray basically showed that things are backed up and not moving along properly and this is what is causing the bloating and gas (i already knew this, it is obvious).

Keep in mind that i took enzymes to aid in digestion for a very long time as well as Fiber Smart. Neither one seemed to make a difference.
Anyway, her solution was of course to medicate me.

She has put me on: Dicyclomine HCL 20 mg twice per day, Gas-X and then added Miralax after she got the results of the X-ray. Because i have so many allergies and generally don't tolerate medicine well, i am doing a little research to see what is in these before taking them. I am also thinking it might be a good idea to wait until the weekend - just in case i do react badly.

By the way, i gained another two pounds. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but i am now 8 lbs above my normal weight. This is not normal for me to gain like this (except when i had a cortisol imbalance several years ago). Needless to say, i have not taken any Flax oil today. Maybe i should stick with just a decent multi-vitamin and some extra C for now???

Thanks again for your help.


Oct 15, 2008
Thanks for the input!
by: Christine

Thank you for your input and your suggestions! I cannot take Fish Oil instead of Flax Oil as i am a vegetarian. I do not do any fish/seafood or even animal fats in other foods. I did not know that Flax Oil could aggravate things OR put the weight on (I am curious to see if i have gained any further weight since April when i last saw the NP).
My surgery for the Endometriosis was two and a half years ago (i actually had two surgeries, six months apart, the second one major). I realize that adhesions can form after surgery and even the Endo can come back. I have wondered if my current issues are related to this as well. I should add that before surgery, i regularly had dark red blood in my stool caused by the Endometriosis - so this is possibly the problem now i would imagine.
As for my diet...yes, i eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I also eat rice, rice tortillas, rice pasta occasionally, gluten free corn bread, and sometimes corn pasta, organic beans, lentils, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, tahini and hummus. I eat very little junk food and drink plenty of water.
I am seeing the NP today so i will let you know how it goes. I really appreciate your help and your suggestions. Everything helps at this point. I desperately need to find a solution to this problem.

Oct 14, 2008
Flax Oil and Celiacs
by: Angie

Hi Christine,

I just wanted to add something here for you to consider. I presented your situation to a Clinical Nutritionist friend of mine.

She suggested that you stop the flax oil immediately and switch over to fish oil. She commented that the flax oil can make you fat and that it will aggravate your condition as a Celiac, causing you some of the problems you are having.

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